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Episode 125: Winter Wonderland
At the Winterhaven Festival, Sabrina and Sharon feared the worse after both women had received mysterious letters. Megan
teased with Ryan with the notion that he would finally meet her boyfriend of six months. All three women found themselves
shocked and happy when Gregory Holloway arrived at the festival. Everyone questioned Gregory's motive for returning - including
Andrew Bradshaw. He accused his wife of having arranged Gregory's return to town and when she tried to deny the accusations
he shut her down. Sharon's declaration of not loving Gregory or having brought him back to town were in vain as Andrew
witnessed her and Gregory kissing. Nicholas traveled to Dallas to ask Jodi and April for their mother's hand in marriage. When
both expressed their concerns Nicholas worried it wouldn't be enough for Natasha to marry him.
Episode 126: The Tracks of my Tears
The following morning after the Winterhaven Festival, Angela revealed to her secret lover Justin Pierce that she had broken the
rules of their relationship. Angela confessed to Justin that she had fallen in love with him. He told her he didn't feel the same way
and that the only woman he loved was Brandi. Megan was rewarded for standing up to Sabrina and Sharon with a marriage
proposal from Gregory. Andrew confronted Sharon about her kiss with Gregory. He continued to accuse Sharon of having
something to do with his reunion and in the end he ordered her to leave his house. Madison Banning arrived in River's Edge
where she interviewed for a position at King Fashion. After more than a week of being apart Pamela confronted her son and his
failed attempts to forgive Sharon. Pamela forced Andrew to think about the actions and give his marriage a second chance.
Nicholas proposed to Natasha. In a motel a mysterious man committed suicide.
Episode 127: Waking up in Vegas
The news of Donald Tucker, a member of the Bradshaw Corporation Board of Directors suicide spread throughout the city.
Andrew and Sabrina worried about how they would handle the fallout. Gregory, Megan and Ryan flew to Las Vegas where they
met up with Savannah Pierce for Megan's wedding. Megan questioned her husband-to-be on his intentions regarding their
marriage. She assured him she would not play second fiddle to Sharon and Sabrina. Ryan met a cute flight attendant named
Sam who lived in Las Vegas. Natasha traveled to Dallas where she confronted her daughter's regarding their attitudes toward
Nicholas. Disappointed with them she revealed she had accepted Nicholas' proposal and that she intended to marry him with or
without their approval. Valerie and Josh met for coffee during one of his breaks. She asked him if he would ever consider dating
Ryan again considering their rocky past. Josh told her he wouldn't because of Brittany's interference in Ryan's life.
Episode 128: Valentine
Valentine's Day in River's Edge brought a mixed bag of emotions for many. Sharon - now a real estate agent and co-owner of
Garrett -Logan Realtors recalled the day Natasha offered her the job. Megan who had struck an alliance with Andrew hours
earlier revealed to Sharon that she had married Gregory and that he was off limits to her. Sharon assured Megan should she
want Gregory she could have him at any time. Having just made love in his office, Brittany revealed to her husband that she
wanted to have a baby with him despite the health concerns. Angela attempted to make amends with Justin but had no luck. At
the lighthouse Andrew attempted to reconcile with Sharon but she informed him she would be doing as he wanted - getting a
divorce. Bradley invited Jodi to have dinner with him. Alone on Valentine's Day and upset that Sam couldn't come to town Ryan
got drunk. When the bartender called Josh to pick him up the two shared a kiss in the parking lot.
Episode 129: Back at One, 121
Brittany met with Bradley and revealed to him her plans to have a baby with Ethan. When he advised her of the risks she
reminded him of the role he played in causing her not to be able to conceive a child. Bradley agreed to assistant her but did so
with reservations. Jodi arrived in New York City to meet with her editor. On her way to his office she thought back to the day Jillian
Malone Marshall died. She recalled the fact that she covered up how she died and that Jillian had tried desperately to tell her
something before she died. Amy Malone was assigned as Jodi's new editor. Ryan woke to find himself in Josh's bed and later
learned that they had sex on Valentine's Day night. The exes fought over their breakup and placed blame on one another.
Natasha saw Brandi in prison for the first time in five years. Natasha revealed that she was engaged to Nicholas and further
revealed it was all part of her plan to get even with Brandi. Natasha declared that she would see to it that Lewis know who his
mother really was no matter what she had to do in order to make it happen.
Episode 130: I Survived You
In a special stand-alone episodes, Megan Shirley Holloway, Savannah Pierce and Angela Bradshaw gathered at the cemetery
on April 25th as they had done for the last five years to memorialize their would-have-been rapist and murder.In 2005, seven
college aged females had been raped and murdered by a serial killer. Unbeknown to each of them at the time all three women
had connections to this man, a professor at STU Derek Jordan. While Savannah covered his reign of terror on the local news,
Angela and Megan had begun a sexual relationship with him. On that day in 2005 Derek lured all three women to the KJRE
news station and held them hostage. He planned to rape each of them, kill them and finally kill himself. When his mother
Penelope arrived she chastised the women for their role in Derek's death. All three defended themselves and reminded
Penelope that it was Derek who killed seven other women. Megan, unapologetically admitted that it was her who killed Derek
when he went to rape Angela. The women worked to process the events of the day - Megan confessed to best friend Brittany it
was her who had shot Derek. Angela meanwhile sought comfort and safety from Justin.
Episode 131: It Happens
In New York for continued work on her novel Amy insisted that Jodi join her for dinner and meet her fiancé. At the restaurant that
evening Jodi ran into Smoke Watson and exchanged pleasantries. However when Jodi learned that Amy's fiancé was April's
ex-fiancé she refused to stay and eat with the couple. Smoke revealed to Amy the reason Jodi hated him - he had fallen in love
with April's alternate personality Amber and knew that she had taken control after a failed attempt at integration. Ryan and Angela
came to blows after Savannah offered them a potential job in Las Vegas developing a new casino with her boyfriend, Preston
Miller. The news at BC continued to worsen when the Chief Financial Office delivered his resignation. Sabrina appointed Andrew
as the lead for finding his replacement. Later she met with Caress Banning Richmond regarding the company and the two
established a working-working rehearsal profile.
Episode 132: Undo It
For the sake of Amy's friendship with Jodi, Smoke made one last attempt to rectify their issues. After a walk through Central Park
and talking with him Jodi made a promise to move forward, but never to forgive him. Ryan and Angela continued to disagree
about the Las Vegas project and Angela stormed off. Later at the coffeehouse Megan shared with Ryan that Gregory had left for
Chicago to rescue his daughter Courtney. Ryan later went to Angela's apartment to make amends and saw her kiss Justin.
Kendra told Sharon to reconcile with Andrew.
Top Five Favorite Moments of 2010
Series Creator Josh Hawkins selects his Top Five favorite scenes and moments from 2010.
In 2005, Derek Jordan tormented an entire
town and one of his final three victims ended
his reign of terror. When Penelope Jordan
arrived on the scene at the cemetery to find
Angela, Megan and Savannah there it didn't
take her long to realize who was to blame for
her son's death. As the women defended their
actions and one another it was clear that their
friendship withstood the storm.
Faced with difficult economic times, an
employee suicide and her CFO's resignation
Sabrina was in no mood to play games with
her future step-daughter Caress. Sabrina
clearly spelled out the rules for their
interaction when it came to her company.
Cares was taken back when she learned
Sabrina would keep the Bradshaw name - well
that's our girl!
"Out of all of the men who have paraded
through your bed, Nicholas Pierce is the only
one you ever loved." And with those words
Natasha's plan for revenge was revealed. She
was only engaged to Nicholas to get close to
Brandi's son Lewis. The showdown that took
nine episodes to get to was worth the wait.
Brandi called her former best friend on her
tactics but deep down knew she had lost.
    Number Five        |        Derek's Murderer Revealed        |        Episode 130
    Number Four        |        Sabrina Bradshaw Banning        |        Episode 132
    Number Three        |        A Double Consolation Prize        |        Episode 128
Newlywed Megan Shirley Holloway wasted no
time in igniting her rivalry with Sharon
Bradshaw. Megan arrived at Sharon's office to
warn her - hands off her husband. It was the
beginning of a classic soap feud when Sharon
delivered the line, "Didn't your mother ever tell
you, don't play games with bitches who play
them better?" And with that it was game on!
    Number Two        |        Five Years of Plotting                        |        Episode 129
Ex-boyfriends Josh and Ryan came into one
another's orbit thanks to a bartender named
Joey and their breakup was up for discussion.
A drunken kiss led to drunken sex and the
next morning Joshua as Ryan called him
brought up the idea of could they had made it
work. As they fought it was clear the passion
was still alive and apparently so was the spark.
    Number One                |        Valentine's Day sEX                |                Episode 129
Top Five Favorite Moments of 2010
Which One Was Your Favorite?
Derek Jordan's Murderer Revealed
Sabrina Bradshaw Banning
A Double Consolation Prize
Five Years of Plotting
Valentine's Day sEX
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Megan/Sharon/Gregory/Andrew- I like the way you are shaping up this rivalry for this season.
I'm still not sure I am sold on Megan and Greg yet, but the set up is beautiful. I like that Sharon
and Andrew, have evolved into a good pairing, I did however not like the fact that he was so
quick to tell her that he thought she would just go back to Gregory
[Posted by Capekeintrich on 02.23.2010]

River's Edge is a place with a past, and even if this past doesn't pop up in current storyline, it
creates a sense of community, of reality.
[Posted by Kira on 09.04.2010]

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