The Weekly Edge        |        Volume 12, Issue 04      |       04/06/2013      |        Episodes 166: That Ol' Wind
Episode 165: That Ol' Wind
Characters Coming & Going

The Latest Character Casting Changes...
The morning after Pamela's memorial service proves to be quite the ordeal for some -
including Natasha, Preston, Angela and Alex.

"We've all seen in soap where people have sex when overcome with grief," teases
series creator Josh Hawkins and that's what has happened here.

Angela and Alex are share an intense history with one another. So to see them together
for the first time on the canvas is exciting. "I was able to leverage their roll in the hay to
explain some of their history and I"m excited about where this story is going."

Also look for Natasha to finally get a much need stress reliever when her summertime
fling arrives in River's Edge just in the nick of time.

"Preston being in town is going to open up a whole new can of worms for Natasha,"
promises Hawkins who also notes she is still technically Natasha Pierce!
Jacqueline Vanderbilt-Campbell Returns
Watch out Sabrina! It looks as though Jacqueline Vanderbilt-Campbell (Represented by Linda Gray) is
in town and she's headed your way.

"I'm continuing with the theme of character returns for Pamela's memorial service," states Hawkins.
"While readers didn't see Jacqueline at the service she was in fact there."

Readers will remember that Ms. Vanderbilt-Campbell took Sabrina to task during their first meeting
and shares a yet unexplored history with the late Phillip Bradshaw. Look for her to return as storyline
Andrew Bradshaw and Valerie Caldwell have tangled with one another in the courtroom,
the boardroom and in the pilot episode of "All Or Nothing in the bedroom. Now they are
once again set to tangle with one another, this time it will be done on the campaign trail.

"I was leery about telling a mayor storyline," confesses series creator Josh Hawkins.
However, when it's a story involving these two characters it was one that he couldn't
pass up. With so much history between these two and the fact that Andrew was
defeated by another woman from his bedroom in 2001, it only made sense to pair
Team Bradshaw against Team Caldwell for the River's Edge Mayoral Election 2013!
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