First and foremost I want to thank each one of you for continuing to visit
"All Or Nothing" through all the ups and downs that the series has seen over the last ten
years. As I have always said writing the series is a hobby that I love doing, just not as
often sometimes as I would like.

In the summer of 2001 I turned 17 years old and was about to become a junior in high
school. I loved to write and I loved a little TV show called "Dallas." It was my combined
love for both that led me to finding the now defunct "Return to Southfork" and what we
now all know as the EpiGuide. This was in June 2001 and by the time I returned to high
school "AON" was born.

I often look back at my life at that time - dealing with family troubles, battling high school
drama and wrestling with myself over the truth of who I thought i was at the time and
now know that I am. "AON" came to me when I needed an outlet the most. It came to me
when I needed a world that allowed me an escape. The characters of the series
provided me with that world that I have said before is like no other.

People come and people go, as did AON in 2006 after five years of being produced. I no
longer needed the world of River's Edge. However, "AON" and River's Edge were not
finished with me. In 2009, the series relaunched to a very sporadic posting schedule.
This series and the characters who make it come to life are never far from my heart or
my mind.

This venue has given me so much more than I ever thought possible. It has been
through this genre that I met one of my very best friends who I love and adore. It's taught
me things about myself and comforted me in ways no one will ever know. Thank you for
joining me on this journey and ask you to step with me to the edge...and leap.
November 2001
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