Represented By
Rebecca Budig
  • Frank "Big Daddy" Davis (Father)
  • Holly Davis (Mother)
  • Raymond Davis & Paul Davis (Brothers)
  • Roxanne "Roxy" McIntosh Davis (Sister-in-Law)
  • Fancy Dame Davis (Niece)

  • Brayden Wyatt Davis (Son)
  • Jodi Bradshaw & April Bradshaw (Step-Daughters w/Andrew)

    Relationship Status
  • Andrew Bradshaw (Married, 10/12/2012)

    Previous Relationships
  • Marriages
  • Andrew Bradshaw (Married, 10/12/2012; Engaged, 08/2012)
  • Gregory Holloway (Aborted Nuptials, 2007)
  • Andrew Bradshaw (Married, 2002; Divorced, 2003)
  • Flings & Affairs
  • Andrew Bradshaw (Slept Together, 07/2012)
  • Andrew Bradshaw (Kissed, 06/2012)
  • Russell Banning Sr. (Dated, 2007-2009; Engaged, 2009-2012)
  • Gregory Holloway (Dated/Engaged, 2006-2007)
  • Justin Pierce (Dated, 2003-2004)
  • Andrew Bradshaw (One Night Stand, 2002)

    Misc. Relationship
  • Friends
  • Natasha Garrett Bradshaw
  • Enemies
  • Madison Banning

    Crimes Committed
  • Hostile Takeover, Bradshaw Corporation (2002)

    Medical History
  • Physically Abused as a Child

  • Co-Owner, Garrett-Davis Media (2004-Present)
  • Majority Stockholder, Bradshaw Corporation (2002-Present)
  • Board of Directors Chairman, Bradshaw Corporation (2002-Present)
  • Chief Executive Officer, Bradshaw Corporation (2002-Present)
  • Former Waitress in Fort Smith, Arkansas (2002)
  • Former Jail House Secretary, Elk City PD (1997-2002)
    Sabrina Bradshaw      |        November 11, 1979       |        Series History: January 2002-2006; 2009-Present
    Sabrina Lauren Davis Bradshaw      |        In-Depth Character History
    Sabrina Lauren Davis is the youngest daughter of Frank "Big Daddy" and Holly Davis of Elk City, Oklahoma. She first met
    Andrew Bradshaw in early 2002 when he was stopped for speeding in Elk City. He was booked into the Elk City Jail and it
    was there that he met the incomparable, twenty-two year old jail house secretary Sabrina Davis.

    Sabrina who had been abused by her father as a child took an immediate interest in Andrew and fell for his charming
    ways. Andrew was able to convince Sabrina to assist him in breaking out of jail. In return for her help Andrew offered
    Sabrina a substantial amount of money, but she had other plans. Sabrina saw Andrew as an opportunity to get away
    from her abusive father and out of Elk City once and for all. She presented him with deal - in exchange for breaking him
    out of jail, he would marry her. Seeing no other way out with his family having turned their backs on him, Andrew agreed.

    In the early morning hours Sabrina made good on her promise and busted Andrew out of his cell. The two fled Elk City
    and drove all night to until they arrived in Fort Smith, Arkansas. After a night filled with passionate sex the Bradshaw
    billionaire followed through with his plan and made young Sabrina Davis his wife. He left for his young bride an envelope
    full of cash, took their marriage license and hightailed it out of Fort Smith and back home to River's Edge. Andrew's return
    to River's Edge saw his romance with Sharon Logan intensify and the couple celebrated Christmas 2002 together with
    their blended families.

    Heartbroken and afraid to return home, Sabrina took a job as a waitress in Fort Smith and slept at a homeless shelter at
    night until she had saved enough money to go to River's Edge and confront her husband.

    Sabrina arrived in River's Edge just as Andrew was marrying Sharon Logan. At the Bradshaw Estate where the wedding
    was occurring, Sabrina watched as Andrew was married to another woman. She immediately began to plot her revenge.
    During a Mother's Day luncheon in 2003. Andrew was horrified when Sabrina arrived at Pamela's house. Andrew stood
    by as Sabrina announced to the family and to Sharon that she was in fact Mrs. Andrew Bradshaw. Andrew confirmed
    Sabrina's accusations and admitted to everyone that he did in fact marry Sabrina during his time away from River's Edge
    the previous year. Andrew was arrested for bigamy charges after Sabrina alerted the authorities of her true identity. It was
    during Andrew's lowest point that he received a visit from Sabrina who informed him of her master plan. Andrew learned
    that Sabrina intended to stay Mrs. Andrew Bradshaw for as long as it took unless he gave into her demands. Sabrina
    revealed to her husband the terms of their divorce: a comfortable living arrangement, a cash settlement and most
    important to her half of his stocks in BC. At the time Andrew wasn't aware that Sabrina had convinced his heartbroken
    sister Leslie to also sell her stocks. Andrew granted Sabrina her divorce giving her his stocks in BC and oblivious to the
    fact that his half of his estate included April's stocks in the company as well which Sabrina took half of. Andrew along with
    the entire Bradshaw family were mortified to learn that they had been swindled out of their own company. After she
    combined her divorce settlement stocks, Leslie's stocks and those from April's proxy Sabrina Davis Bradshaw held the
    majority of stocks. Andrew who had stepped down as CEO of the company and replaced by his daughter Jodi in the role
    was terminated and Sabrina took on the position.

    Sabrina's scheming led to her bitter rivalry with both Andrew's mother Pamela Bradshaw, his daughters Jodi and April,
    his sister Angela and his wife Sharon. Soon after Sabrina first arrived in River's Edge she met a woman by the name of
    Clarissa Bryant. Clarissa had come to town to reclaim her ex-husband Jaxson Hayes, who happened to be engaged to
    Jodi Bradshaw. Clarissa felt sorry for Sabrina and allowed her to stay with her in her suite at The Southern River Hotel.
    The two began plotting with one another on how to take down the exclusive Bradshaw family. One night during a heated
    argument between Clarissa and Sabrina, Clarissa threatened to reveal Sabrina's plot for revenge to Andrew and Sharon.
    Before Sabrina could counteract her threats, Sharon arrived and a verbal fight ensued between she and Sabrina. When
    Sharon left, so did Sabrina. The next morning when Sabrina returned to the hotel suite she found Clarissa murdered!
    Sharon was quickly blamed for the assault, as Sabrina indicated that Sharon was aiming for her. When Sharon's purse
    was found at the scene of the crime she was arrested and put on trial.

    The trial began and as it did, Jodi Bradshaw was kidnapped. As the verdict was about to be read in Sharon's murder
    case it was revealed that Holly Davis, Sabrina's mother had come to River's Edge and killed Clarissa because she
    threatened Sabrina's happiness and chance to become wealthy and powerful. Sharon was released, but not before Holly
    tried to kill Sharon herself and Holly went to jail for Clarissa's murder.
Andrew Bradshaw
Married (2002; 2012-Present)
Justin Pierce
Lovers/Dated (2003-2004)
Gregory Holloway
Dated/Engaged (2006-2007)
Russell Banning Sr.
Dated/Engaged (2007-2012)
    Following Clarissa's murder and the revelation that it
    was her mother who had pulled the trigger, Sabrina
    began to focus on her work life and her role as the CEO
    of The Bradshaw Corporation. However, she her love
    life wasn't non-existent. She had fling with both Justin
    Pierce and Gregory Holloway.

    In 2006, Sabrina began seeing Gregory Holloway after
    she convinced him to not leave River's Edge after it was
    discovered that he had been having an affair with
    Sharon Logan since 2004. Heartbroken and with
    nowhere else to turn Gregory contemplating leaving
    River's Edge. However, Sabrina Davis Bradshaw soon
    learned of the affair and went to comfort Gregory. The
    two soon fell in love and became engaged.

    On the day of his wedding conflicted with feelings for
    both Sabrina and Sharon he made the decision to walk
    a way from Sabrina and left her at the altar and thus left
    River's Edge for good. Heartbroken, Sabrina vowed that
    she would never forgive Gregory for breaking her heart
    and to this day has very little do with him.
    Following the death of Jered Bradshaw, Sabrina became friendly with Andrew's first ex-wife Natasha. The two went into
    business together in 2004 when they purchased Garrett-Davis Media which The Weekly Edge newspaper and KJRE
    news station operate under.

    In 2007, Sabrina returned to Elk City when she learned that her father had taken ill. It was during her visit there that a new
    man found his way into her life. When she returned to River's Edge, she did so with a six-week old baby boy who she
    named Brayden Wyatt Davis. It was also in 2007 that she met Russell Banning Sr., Natasha's former brother-in-law who
    took over as Southern Texas University President. The two began dating and in 2009 became engaged. However,
    Russell's children took an immediate dislike to their future step-mother and did everything in their power to run her off.
    They were successful in early 2012.

    In 2012, while on a business trip to Chicago Sabrina and Andrew (recently divorced from Sharon) began to grow ever so
    closely. By the summer they had kissed several times and made love in an elevator during a rolling brown-out. Sabrina
    confessed to her best friend in late summer 2012 that she was falling in love with Andrew again. However, she was still
    surprised when he proposed marriage. Eventually the couple were married in October 2012.