Represented By
John-Paul Lavoisier
  • Jim O'Keefe (Father)
  • Andrea O'Keefe (Mother)
  • Brittany O'Keefe Richmond Pierce (Sister)
  • Erica Ryan (Half-Sister, Deceased)
  • Dinah Ryan Richmond (Half Niece)
  • Ethan Pierce (Brother-in-Law)
  • Douglas Richmond Jr. (Former Brother-in-Law)

  • None

    Relationship Status
  • Single

    Previous Relationships
  • Marriages
  • None
  • Texas Constitution Banned Gay Marriage & Civil Unions
  • Flings & Affairs
  • Dr. Joshua Marshall (Slept Together, 08/2012)
  • Dr. Joshua Marshall (Kissed, 02/2012)
  • Sam Scott (Dating, 02/2010-02/2012)
  • Dr. Joshua Marshall (One Night Stand, 02/2010)
  • Sam Scott (Slept Together, 02/2010)
  • Dr. Joshua Marshall (Ex-Boyfriend, 2005-2006)
  • Antonio Marzetta (Secret Lovers, 2004)

    Misc. Relationship
  • Friends
  • Megan Shirley Holloway
  • Brittany O'Keefe Richmond Pierce
  • Angela Bradshaw
  • Patrick O'Neil & Jason Forbes (High School Friends)
  • Enemies
  • Andrea O'Keefe
  • Jim O'Keefe

  • Ryan Bradshaw Interior Designs, Co-Owner w/Angela Bradshaw
  • Bachelors of Fine Arts, Southern Texas University (2002-2006)
  • Former Waiter, Cafe Cuban Coffeehouse (2002-2006)
  • Former Waiter, (2000-2002)
    Ryan O'Keefe        |        June 13, 1984        |        Series History: May 2002-2006; 2009-Present
    Ryan O'Keefe      |        In-Depth Character History
    Ryan was born to middle class and scheming parents Jim and Andrea O'Keefe. He was raised in Watersdale,
    Connecticut with his older sister Brittany. When Ryan started Watersdale High School he formed a quick bond with
    Megan Shirley who was also friends with his sister. Megan and Brittany were originally much closer than Megan and
    Ryan, however when Brittany graduated it left Megan with more time to spend with Ryan. During his senior year of high
    school Megan developed a crush on him. As Megan began to rebel and act out so did Ryan in 2001. While out one night
    at an eighteen and older nightclub Ryan and Megan ran into his sister. Brittany soon learned that Megan and Ryan were
    both intoxicated. Months later Ryan's future brother-in-law Douglas Richmond Jr. suggested to Brittany that they leave
    Watersdale and start a new life together. A showdown between Brittany and her parents occurred. Brittany announced
    she was leaving Watersdale, despite Ryan begging her to leave him alone with their parents.
Ryan O'Keefe (2002)
Ryan O'Keefe (2002-2006)
Ryan O'Keefe (2009-Present)
    Following Brittany's wedding and departure, Ryan and Megan cemented their close bonds
    of friendship in late 2001. It was during their Christmas vacation their senior year of high
    school that Megan learned why Ryan had always rejected her sexual advances - he
    revealed to his best friend that he was gay. In early 2002, Ryan revealed to his parents that
    he was gay and his parents kicked him out of their house. Megan's family allowed Ryan to
    move in with them and when he revealed in May 2002 that he was moving to Texas to be
    close to Brittany - Megan informed him that she too was going to come along, because he
    was her best friend and she loved him.

    Ryan traveled with Brittany and King Fashion to Monte Carlo for their Fall 2002 showcase.
    Before the fashion show Ryan came out to his sister who took the news extremely hard.
    Ryan told her the reasons he left Watersdale and that their parents had disowned him.
    Uncertain of how to process the information herself Brittany shutdown and withdrew
    herself completely. It was also during this time that Erica Ryan entered into this life. Erica
    who was revealed years earlier to be his half-sister had kidnapped Brittany on her
    honeymoon, held her hostage and tried to kill Ryan's sister. She had escaped prison and
    followed  Brittany and Ryan to Monte Carlo. Having never met Erica before Ryan was lured
    away from the hotel into a meeting with who he thought to be a fashion reporter. Erica took
    Ryan hostage and later she managed to also take Brittany hostage as well. Erica held her
    siblings in dimly lit, cold warehouse in Monte Carlo. Brittany demanded to know what Erica
    could possibly want now and she revealed the same thing she wanted before - Brittany's
    life! It was revealed during this time that during Brittany's kidnapping, Ryan's half-sister
    Erica and his brother-in-law had an affair that resulted in the birth of a child - Dinah Ryan
    Richmond. Brittany overcome with grief vowed to kill Erica for what she had done.
    At the same time of Erica's reveal, Ethan Pierce had begun to worry about Brittany's absence and when she didn't arrive
    at the King Fashion show his worry grew. In Texas, Douglas who stayed behind learned that Erica had escaped prison
    and alerted the authorities in Monte Carlo. Ethan managed to backtrack Brittany's steps and found the warehouse where
    Erica was holding Brittany and Ryan hostage. A standoff between Erica and Ethan ensued upon his arrival and Brittany
    saw this as her only opportunity. Brittany attacked Erica which caused her to lose control of the gun. Brittany picked it up
    and shot Erica - making good on her promise that she would kill her if she ever caused her family harm. Brittany and
    Ryan took custody of the baby and returned to River's Edge. Once home Brittany introduced her husband to his daughter.
    A second DNA test was performed that did in fact name Douglas as Dinah's father which left Brittany devastated.

    Following his kidnapping in Monte Carlo, Ryan moved into a four bedroom apartment with fellow college students and
    friends, Jered Bradshaw, Kendra Logan, Antonio Marzetta and Megan Shirley. Immediately his best gal-pal began
    shamelessly flirting with Antonio but it was Ryan who was able to lure him into bed. After a night of drinking Ryan and
    Antonio had sex. Afterwards, Antonio assured Ryan that he wasn't gay, but also showed signs of jealousy when Ryan
    mentioned other guys. After a serious talk about their relationship Antonio left River's Edge and moved to Seattle. He's
    not seen Ryan since.

    During the same time as his relationship with Antonio was beginning, Ryan also began chatting with River_Runner via
    Yahoo Messenger. Ryan and his chat buddy developed an unique friendship. Eventually he learned that River_Runner
    was in fact Joshua Marshall who was keeping his sexuality from his family. Josh did reveal himself as Ryan's online chat
    buddy until Jaxson Hayes and Jodi Bradshaw's wedding.  The relationship between Ryan and Josh was complicated by
    Josh's step-mother Jillian Malone Marshall and following a fight with Josh, Ryan slept with Antonio Marzetta. When Ryan
    pressed Antonio to define what their relationship was Antonio couldn't do that and eventually he left River's Edge.

    In 2005, Ryan and Josh began dating one another. After a year of dating Josh was set to begin his ER residency and was
    matched to a hospital in Indianapolis. He asked Ryan to go with him and thus began a strained relationship between
    Josh and Ryan's sister Brittany as she did not want him to leave River's Edge. Ryan decided to not go with Josh and
    ended their relationship. That same year in 2006, Ryan went into business with Angela Bradshaw. They opened an
    Interior Design studio, Ryan Bradshaw. Because of Angela's relationship with Megan and now the business, Ryan and
    Angela developed a strong friendship.
Josh Marshall (Ex-Boyfriend)
Brittany Pierce (Sister)
Erica Ryan (Half-Sister)
    Ryan had a chance meeting with Sam Clarkson in February 2010 on a flight from River's
    Edge to Las Vegas for Megan's wedding to Gregory Holloway. For the first time however it
    was Sam who initiated the conversation with Ryan and laid it all out for him to have - if he
    wanted it. As it turns out Ryan did want it and after landing in Sam's native Las Vegas they
    went on their first date. The two began a long distance relationship, however it was
    complicated later when Josh picked Ryan up from a bar because he was drunk and upset
    that Sam wasn't able to come out one weekend. The two ended up having sex, which only
    strained their relationship more.

    In 2012, Ryan learned that Josh had testicular cancer and vowed to stand by his ex-
    boyfriend during his medical crisis. Josh immediately began to go with Josh to doctor's
    appointments, chemotherapy treatments and caring for him at his home.

    In February 2012, Sam accompanied Ryan to New York City for a King Fashion fashion
    show. It was during a wedding vow renewal ceremony for Ryan's sister Brittany and her
    husband Ethan that he shared a kiss with Josh that was witnessed by Sam. The next
    morning Sam left NYC and broke up with Ryan because of his feelings for Josh.

    For much of 2012, Josh and Ryan continued to build their relationship and eventually had
    sex again in August 2012. However in October 2012 Josh found out that the chemotherapy
    had not worked and he still had cancer. Worried that his illness would impact his
    relationship with Ryan, Josh broke up with him. Ryan insisted that he was still in love with
    Josh and did not want their relationship to end. However Josh was insistent that they end it
    so that Ryan could be with a man that would be able to offer him everything he needed in a