Represented By
Jerry verDorn
  • Kenneth King (Former Father-in-Law, Deceased)
  • Eleanor King (Former Mother-in-Law)
  • Patricia King (Former Sister-in-Law)
  • Brandi Brashears Pierce (Daughter-in-Law)
  • Brittany O'Keefe Pierce (Daughter-in-Law)

  • Justin Pierce & Ethan Pierce (Sons w/Audrey King Pierce)
  • Savannah Pierce & Miranda Pierce (Daughters w/Audrey King Pierce)
  • Lewis Brashears Pierce (Son w/Brandi Brashears Pierce)

  • None

    Relationship Status
  • Estranged from Natasha Garrett Bradshaw Pierce (02/2012-Present)
  • Natasha Garrett Bradshaw Pierce (Married, 02/2012)

    Previous Relationships
  • Marriages
  • Natasha Garrett Bradshaw (Marriage License Issued, 02/2012)
  • Brandi Brashears Pierce (Married, 2002; Divorced, 2004)
  • Audrey King Pierce (Married, 1970; Divorced, 2002)
  • Flings & Affairs
  • Audrey King Pierce (Made Lover, 02/2012)
  • Natasha Garrett Bradshaw (Engaged/Dated, 2006-2012)
  • Brandi Brashears Pierce (Mistress/Engaged, 11/2001-05/2002)
  • Maggie Clark (Mistress, 1996)

  • Chief Executive Officer, King Fashion (2002-2012)
  • Chief Operating Officer, King Fashion (1993-2002)
  • Senior Executive Vice President, King Fashion (1980-1993)
  • Fashion Designer (1970s-2006)
    Nicholas Pierce       |        February 5, 1950        |        Series History: November 2001-2006; 2009-Present
    Nicholas Pierce        |        In-Depth Character History
    In 1970, at the age of twenty Nicholas Pierce was in the audience of a King Fashion show with his University of California
    at Berkley roommate Warren Spencer. It was on this day that Audrey King walked the runway and modeled the show
    stopping gown in Kenneth's first collection under his own label - King Fashion. While Audrey caught Warren's eye after
    the show it was Nicholas, who was the son of a struggling single mother, that took a keen interest in the event. In May
    1970, Nicholas graduated with honors from college and immediately returned to Timbercrest in hopes of landing a job
    with King Fashion. Kenneth appreciated his excitement for the industry and hired Nicholas. It was in the summer of 1970
    that Warren ended the long distance relationship that he had with Audrey.  Audrey received her last letter from Warren on
    July 1, 1970 and she never heard from him again.

    At a Fourth of July pool party at the King's home Audrey began to flirt shamefully with Nicholas, completely oblivious to the
    fact he had a secret crush on her since the spring fashion show. The two spent the remainder of the summer together
    and when it was time for Audrey to return to school in September she learned that she was pregnant. Audrey told
    Nicholas that she was pregnant and out of fear he avoided Audrey for several days. After those few days passed
    Nicholas asked Audrey to marry him and told her that they had to tell Kenneth and Eleanor. When her parents learned
    that she was pregnant Eleanor immediately insisted that Nicholas marry her daughter. Audrey said that Nicholas had
    asked her to marry him and she said yes as long as one of them gave their consistent. Kenneth told Nicholas and
    Audrey that he would give his permission on one condition - they must leave Timbercrest until the baby was born.
    Eleanor supported Kenneth's suggestion and she citied Patricia's recent behavior as bad press for King Fashion and the

    Audrey fought her parents proposal at first, but Nicholas insisted that her parents did have a point. He shared with her
    that it was best for the company that they go through with this. Kenneth King announced that Audrey would be spend an
    undetermined amount of time studying abroad. In September 1970, Eleanor accompanied Nicholas and Audrey to
    Houston, Texas where she gave her consistent for Audrey to marry Nicholas.

    Justin Nicholas Pierce was born in May 1971 to Nicholas and Audrey. By their second anniversary in 1972 a daughter
    named Savannah Eleanor was born. The couple returned to Timbercrest in the winter of 1972 and announced to the
    press that during her time away Audrey had married Nicholas Pierce and they the fashion world was introduced to Justin
    and Savannah.

    Audrey gave birth to two more children with Nicholas, another son named Ethan Joseph and a daughter Jessica Miranda
    in 1974 and 1977 respectively.

    By late 1980, King Fashion was well on its way to becoming the premiere fashion house in North America and Kenneth
    came to his daughter hat in hand. He apologized for having sent her away years earlier and thanked her for the sacrifices
    that she had made for the family and King Fashion. For her efforts Kenneth appointed Audrey as Creative Fashion
    Director for the company. Audrey remained in that position for twelve years. In early 1993, Kenneth King revealed his
    interest in retiring and wanted to turn the company over to Nicholas and Audrey in a 49%-51% split. However, before the
    official papers were drawn up he suffered a massive stroke that took his life. Audrey who had been in Milan at the time
    was distraught when she heard the news of her father's stroke. She rushed from Milan to be with him when he died, but
    she would be to late. Kenneth died with Eleanor and Nicholas by his side. When Kenneth's will was read Eleanor
    inherited full control of the company with 51% of the majority. The other 49% was left to Audrey and Nicholas was left with
    nothing of the company he had worked so hard to build. As her husband had originally planned Eleanor appointed
    Audrey CEO of the fashion house.

    King Fashion flourished under the watchful eye of Nicholas and Audrey until 1999 when sales begun to drop. Audrey was
    unable to successful gain a creative control on a collection and it had become apparent. King Fashion had grown into a
    glamorous couture fashion house and as the year went on the company begun to lose that standing. The Board of
    Directors, Eleanor, Nicholas and Audrey decided that a change needed to be made. A search committee begun
    searching for a new location for King Fashion headquarters. Sales had remained high in the southern region of the
    country and it was decided that the company would relocate to River's Edge, Texas.

    In December 2001, Nicholas traveled to River's Edge and began to see properties for the business and family home with
    a real estate agent by the name of Brandi Brashears. Brandi and Nicholas quickly hit it off and they even made love in a
    bedroom of one of the houses she was showing him. In 2002, when Nicholas returned back to River's Edge with his wife
    Audrey and their two children Justin and Ethan she began to speculate that her relationship with Nicholas was over and
    such began dating Ethan.

    After a fight ensued between Justin and Ethan that left Audrey comatose, Eleanor King revealed to Nicholas the contents
    of her will and learned that she was leaving King Fashion to an outsider. Nicholas manipulated the courts to allow him to
    divorce Audrey, take control of the company and marry Brandi.

    In 2002, Brandi gave birth to her son with Nicholas in Monte Carlo.

    In 2004, Brandi's marriage to Nicholas hit a rough patch as Audrey began to make a play for her ex-husband. At Jodi
    Bradshaw's wedding to Jaxson Hayes, Audrey revealed that she was able to walk and as a result planted a kiss on
    Nicholas which was witnessed by Brandi. Following their impulsive kiss, Brandi filed for divorce from Nicholas and
    prepared to flee the country with Justin.

    In February 2005, Brandi was sent to prison for her role in Jered's death. The following year Nicholas began dating
    Natasha Garrett Bradshaw, Jered's mother and Brandi's former best friend. He proposed marriage to her in 2010 and
    she accepted.

    As 2012, rolled around Patrica King, Audrey's MIA sister arrived in River's Edge and began blackmailing her brother-in-
    law. In February of that year during his marriage vows to Natasha he accidentally called Natasha by Brandi's name. The
    mishap resulted in their wedding being called off, however the Justice of the Peace had mistakenly filed the papers and
    they were legally married. At the same time it was revealed by Patricia that Nicholas had been paid for over thirty years to
    remain married to Audrey and that he knew of a codicil to Kenneth's will that gave Audrey full creative control and
    ownership of King Fashion that he kept from her. When Audrey learned the truth she fired Nicholas from the company
    and banished him from her life forever.

    Before Patricia was carted off to prison for extortion she hinted to Nicholas that a woman by the name of Caroline had a
    significant purpose in his life. He is currently trying to locate this woman.