Represented By
Melody Thomas Scott
  • Henry & Opal Garrett (Parents, Deceased)
  • Phillip Bradshaw (Former Father-in-Law)
  • Pamela Bradshaw McCarty (Former Mother-in-Law)
  • Felicia Garrett Banning (Sister)
  • Cares Banning Richmond & Madison Banning (Nieces)
  • RJ Banning (Nephew)

  • Jered Bradshaw (Son w/Andrew Bradshaw, Deceased - 2004)
  • April Bradshaw (Daughter w/Andrew Bradshaw)
  • Amy Malone (Daughter w/Andrew Bradshaw, Unknown)
  • Jodi Bradshaw (Daughter, Non-Biological)

  • Character Note: Andrew is the biological father of both Jodi Bradshaw
    and Amy Malone. In 1983 both Natasha and Jillian gave birth on the
    same day to baby girls: Jodi was born to Jillian and Amy was born to
    Natasha. Distraught over Andrew having ended their affair, Jillian
    kidnapped Jodi from the nursery of the hospital. Unbeknown to Jillian
    when she returned "baby Jodi" that she had mistakenly gave Natasha
    her daughter. As a result Natasha raised Andrew and Jillian's daughter
    while Jillian raised his daughter with Natasha.

  • Emily Rose Garrett Bradshaw (Granddaughter)

    Relationship Status
  • Estranged from Nicholas Pierce (02/2012-Present)
  • Nicholas Pierce (Married, 02/2012)

    Previous Relationships
  • Marriages
  • Nicholas Pierce (Marriage License Issued, 02/2012)
  • Andrew Bradshaw (Married, 1981; Divorced, 2001)
  • Flings & Affairs
  • Preston Crawford (Kissed, 07/2012)
  • Nicholas Pierce (Dated, 2006-2010; Engaged, 2010-2012)
  • Dr. Bradley Marshall (Dated, 2002)
  • John Sterling (Lovers, 1981)

  • Co-Owner, Garrett-Davis Media (2004-Present)
  • Co-Owner, Garrett-Logan Real Estate Agency (2006-Present)
  • Former Mayor, City of River's Edge, (2001-2004)
  • Former City Councilwoman, City of River's Edge, (1998-2001)
  • Former Co-Owner, Garrett & Brashears Realtors (1996-2004)
  • Real Estate Agent, (1986-2004)
  • Licensed Realtor, (1986-Present)
  • Bachelor Degree in Business, University of Houston (1981-1985)
    Natasha Garrett Pierce        |        December 22, 1963        |        Series History: August 2001-2006; 2009-Present
    Natasha Lord Garrett Bradshaw Pierce        |        In-Depth Character History
    Natasha Lord Garrett Bradshaw Pierce is the youngest daughter of Henry and Opal Garrett. She shares a middle name
    with her older sister Felicia, which is the maiden name of their beloved mother. In 1979 at the age of sixteen years old,
    Henry and Opal took in a foster child by the name of Brandi Brashears who at the time was only fourteen. Her parents
    had been killed in an automobile accident and Brandi had drifted from foster home to foster home until she settled with
    the Garrett family. Natasha immediately took a liking to Brandi, but her sister Felicia did not. In early 1981, Natasha met a
    business associate of her father's by the name of John Sterling who was from Oakridge. The two shared a connection
    that was not unnoticed by John's fiancé Diane. The brief love affair ended and Natasha continued on with her relationship
    with Andrew Bradshaw.
    In the spring of 1981 following their senior prom Andrew proposed to his high school
    sweetheart and she Natasha accepted. Because Natasha was considered to be under
    the legal age, Henry and Opal gave their consent for Natasha to be married and she
    took Andrew as her husband in the summer of 1981before they moved to Houston
    where they both attended the University of Houston. Unbeknownst to Natasha however,
    in the early winter months of 1982 her husband reconnected with a former REHS
    classmate by the name of Jillian Malone. Jillian had developed a never before
    mentioned crush on Andrew in high school and by the spring of their second semester
    at college Andrew had begun an affair with Jillian, a habit that would continue
    throughout his marriage to Natasha.

    As Andrew and Natasha's third semester came to a close in December 1982 their life
    forever changed when Natasha revealed she was pregnant. For Andrew things got
    even more difficult, as Jillian too announced her pregnancy with Andrew's baby.
    Natasha announced to the family that she was due in August of the next year, while Jillian revealed she was due in
    September. Andrew continued to have a relationship with both Jillian and Natasha, which proved difficult after Jililan
    dropped out of school and moved off campus in the spring of 1983. On Tuesday, August 2nd Natasha went into labor
    and Andrew paid a visit to Jillian. He told her that he was in love with his wife and had no intentions of leaving Natasha for
    her. When Jillian questioned their baby he accused her of sleeping around campus. He denied that Jillian's unborn baby
    was his child and ended their relationship. Devastated over the breakup Jillian went into premature labor and was
    rushed to the same hospital as Natasha. Andrew became a father on August 3rd when his twins: Jered Andrew and Jodi
    Lynne were born. In another room right down the hall Jillian also gave birth to a daughter who she named Amanda

    Jillian soon learned that Natasha had given birth in the same hospital as her and still upset over the breakup hatched a
    plan to kidnap Andrew and Natasha's daughter. On August 5th before her discharge from the hospital Jillian put her plan
    into action and kidnapped Andrew's daughter with Natasha. Jillian also left the hospital with her own daughter. The
    kidnapping of Baby Bradshaw devastated the family and became statewide news as the manhunt for the infant began.
    The infant was missing for three days until she was found at a church in River's Edge - unharmed. Jillian's grief over
    having lost Andrew and confused about her own actions prompted her to make a mistake that would change everyone's
    lives forever because Jillian placed the wrong baby in the church that fateful day. As a result of this mistake Natasha
    raised Amy (Jillian's daughter) as Jodi and Jillian raised Jodi (Natasha's daughter) as Amy. Andrew never put the
    connection together to realize it was Jillian who had kidnapped his daughter because he never heard from her again until
    years later.

    Natasha gave birth to her third child, April Dawn Bradshaw born in January 1985. Additional security measures where
    taken with April's birth. Andrew and Natasha have often said that the happiest time of his marriage was the two years
    between the time the twins were born and April. Four months after April was born, Natasha graduated with a degree in
    business from the University of Houston.

    By the late 1980s Andrew had completed his law degree and prepared for his bar exam. As the couple prepared for the
    next step in his career. The family also prepared for a return to River's Edge after an eight year absence.

    Once back in River's Edge, Natasha worked at raising her family and in 1986 became a licensed real estate agent. She
    started working at her father's firm and would eventually become co-owners of it with Brandi.

    In the summer of 2001, Natasha's world would be forever changed. Andrew began a second sexual relationship with
    Valerie. On August 09, 2001 Natasha and her daughter Jodi caught him and Valerie in bed. The couple who had just
    celebrated their twentieth wedding anniversary weeks earlier filed for divorce. Andrew's affair with Valerie coupled with
    the sudden death of his father alienated him from his children. He made one last ditch effort at his father's funeral service
    to reconcile with Natasha. She revealed to her husband that their marriage was over and there was nothing that he could
    say to change her mind.

    Around the same time the Bradshaw patriarch and a surrogate father to Natasha, Phillip Bradshaw died from untreated
    Stage Four cancer. His death left not only a hole in the hearts of the entire Bradshaw family and Natasha it also left a
    giant hole in the heart of the city.

    Phillip Bradshaw's death left the city of River's Edge without a mayor and the city council declared that a special election
    would resolve the matter. Having been considered a shoe-in for the position Andrew was thrown for a loop when
    Natasha declared her intent to run for the office held by her former father-in-law. Andrew accused Natasha of using the
    campaign as a form of payback for his affair with Valerie. Natasha contended that was not the case and claimed she was
    just as qualified as Andrew was to run the city. During the campaign Andrew took the opportunity to infiltrate Natasha's
    campaign efforts and asked her secretary Sharon Logan on a date. The two quickly become involved with one another
    and Andrew much to his surprise found himself falling in love with Sharon and she with him. On the eve of the election
    Andrew asked Sharon to marry him and she joyfully accepted. With his soon to be wife by his side on the night of the
    election, Andrew saw along with everyone else in River's Edge his ex-wife Natasha win the election. Andrew hit rock
    bottom as his children still continued to side with his mother and the loss of the election. Without warning or notice he
    fled River's Edge the morning after the election.
    An accomplished city councilwoman, Natasha assumed the office of Mayor in
    November 2001. While serving the city as their mayor, Natasha began a
    relationship with Dr. Bradley Marshall. However, she ended their involvement after
    she suspected that he was cheating on her with Brittany O'Keefe Richmond, who
    was later to be revealed than nothing more than a friend. In 2004, with one year left
    on her term as Mayor, Natasha announced that for personal reasons she would be
    resigning from office. A move that shocked the entire city. It was the same year that
    she began a friendship with Andrew's second ex-wife, Sabrina Davis Bradshaw
    and the year that her world once again changed.
    In 2004, Natasha suffered the loss of her only son Jered in a car accident the night of her daughter Jodi's wedding to
    Jaxson Hayes. Originally placed on life support, Natasha partnered with Andrew to take their newly discovered daughter-
    in-law Kendra Logan to court to be declared Jered's legal guardians. As the case was about to go before a judge
    however, Jered suffered a stroke and died.

    Natasha grieved Jered's death with her daughters, sister and Brandi by her side. She later learned that her best friend,
    Brandi Brashears Pierce was responsible for the accident and said nothing until months later. In 2005, Natasha testified
    in court of how Brandi stood by her side and watched her grieve the loss of her son and said nothing about the role she
    had played in his death. Brandi was found guilty of Vehicular Manslaughter. During the same time, April went missing. By
    Christmas though she had been discovered in Oakridge by none other than John Sterling himself. John called Natasha
    and she arrived at his home on New Year's Day 2006.

    She declared that she came unannounced with the purpose of taking her daughter home. John clued Natasha in on the
    fact that April referred to herself now as Amber and when she saw her mother, Amber demanded answers. Furious
    Amber informed Natasha that she grown tired of being a doormat in River's Edge. Natasha reminded April/Amber that
    her family loved her very much. Amber noted that their love was painfully clear they had waited months to find her now.
    Hurt and confused Natasha questioned how this person could her daughter. Amber delivered a stern warning - that she
    was not going back to River's Edge.

    After Amber argued with her mother she and John have an honest conversation. During which Amber's control is being
    lessened by April's attempt to become the dominate personality. Amber told John that she felt like everyone was
    controlling her every move and that she didn't  want to be in River's Edge because everyone knew who she was and what
    she had done. Amber told John that she left her home so she could be free. She says that she has been defined her
    entire life by people around her. Natasha entered the kitchen and Amber told her again she would not be returning to
    River's Edge with her. An argument between mother and daughter ensued and when Josh arrived to return a necklace
    left at his apartment Natasha jumped to her own conclusion. She immediately assumed that it was because of him that
    Amber did not want to leave Oakridge. An intense shouting matching between Josh and Natasha began. When John
    returned he demanded that for the sake of Emily that everyone stop. As thing grew more heated Amber collapsed and
    could feel a pain shooting through her entire body. She was rushed to the hospital were doctors confirmed that Amber
    had suffered a panic attack, but advised that it was brought on by something much more intense than the stress of the
    arguments. After the doctor consult anted with a colleague he rendered his diagnosis - that April was suffering from
    Disassociated Identity Disorder. The doctor offered to bring in a consultant to do further evaluations on Amber and
    assured Josh, Natasha and John that while physically April/Amber were fine, she was indeed mentally unstable.

    No expense sparred Natasha had a specialist flown into Oakridge where he later confirmed the earlier diagnosis that
    April did suffer from DID. As a plan of treatment he informed Natasha that they must work to uncover the root cause of
    why she created alters. He explained that he needed to identify the group classification April fell into and then work to
    integrate Amber with April and any other alters that she may have created. Natasha informed April/Amber of what had
    transpired and then informed her she would return to River's Edge. After more resisted attempts to not return home,
    Amber finally agreed.

    During April's integration, Natasha began dating Nicholas Pierce. The couple dated until 2010, when on Valentine's Day
    he proposed marriage. After a two year engagement, Nicholas and Natasha were set to be married in New York City in
    February 2012. At the same time of the wedding ceremony, Justin Pierce was pressuring his father Nicholas to testify for
    Brandi during an upcoming parole hearing. With the thought of his ex-wife on his mind, Nicholas said Brandi's name,
    instead of Natasha's during their wedding vows. Humiliated she left Nicholas at the altar and fled New York City to the
    Bradshaw family cabin in Canton, Texas.

    It was during her time in Canton that she met high school football coach Preston Crawford. After first putting off his
    advances, Natasha finally gave in. During the summer of 2012 she learned that her marriage license to Nicholas had
    been filed, despite the wedding being stopped and that she was in fact Mrs. Nicholas Pierce. When Natasha learned that
    Brandi had been paroled from prison she had a breakdown that Preston was able to talk her through. The couple ended
    up sleeping together and establishing  a summer fling. Natasha returned to River's Edge in October 2012 for the
    wedding of her best friend Sabrina to her ex-husband Andrew.
Former Mayor of River's Edge
2001 - 2004
Natasha Lord Garrett
Wedding Day 1981