Represented By
Bree Williamson
  • Paul Shirley (Father, Deceased)
  • Nelson Callahan (Step-Father, Deceased)
  • Caroline Shirley-Callahan (Mother)
  • Preston Callahan (Half-Brother)
  • Jessica Shirley (Sister)

  • Mason Holloway (Step-Son w/Gregory Holloway)
  • Courtney Holloway (Step-Daughter w/Gregory Holloway)

    Relationship Status
  • Gregory Holloway (Married, 02/06/2010)

    Previous Relationships
  • Marriages
  • Gregory Holloway (Married, 02/2010)
  • Flings & Affairs
  • Gregory Holloway (Lovers/Engaged, 2009-2010)
  • RJ Banning (Flirtation, 2008)
  • Derek Jordan (Lovers, 2005)
  • Antonio Marzetta (Lusted After, 2003)
  • Jered Bradshaw (Flirtation, 2003)
  • Ryan O'Keefe (Crush, Summer 2001)

    Misc. Relationship
  • Friends
  • Ryan O'Keefe
  • Brittany Pierce
  • Douglas Richmond Jr.
  • Angela Bradshaw
  • Savannah Pierce
  • Mariah Cortez (High School Friend in Watersdale)
  • Enemies
  • Andrea O'Keefe
  • Sharon Logan Bradshaw
  • Penelope Jordan

    Crimes Committed
  • Murdered Derek Jordan in Self Defense (04/2005)
  • Underage Drinking (Summer 2001)

    Medical History
  • Poisoned (Summer 2001)
  • Attempted Murder by Andrea O'Keefe (Summer 2001)

  • Field Reporter, KTT - Channel 4 News (2012-Current)
  • Evening News Anchor, KTTV - Channel 4 News (2009-2011)
  • Former Weekend Anchor, KTTV - Chanel 4 News (2008-2009)
  • Former Field Reporter, KTTV - Channel 4 News (2006-2009)
  • Bachelor Degree in Journalism, Southern Texas University (2006)
  • Former Waitress, Cafe Cuban Coffeehouse (2002-2006)
    Megan Shirley Holloway       |        December 25, 1983        |        Series History: May 2002-2006; 2009-Present
    Megan Shirley Holloway      |        In-Depth Character History
    Megan Shirley was born to middle class parents Paul and Caroline Shirley on Christmas Day 1983 in Santa Barbara,
    California. The following year Megan moved with her parents to Watersdale, Connecticut. While living in Watersdale,
    Megan's parents had a second daughter named Jessica. In 1991, Megan's father died in a warehouse explosion. Three
    years later her mother remarried a local businessman named Nelson Callahan.

    When Megan started Watersdale High School she formed a quick bond with siblings Brittany and Ryan O'Keefe. Megan
    and Brittany were originally much closer than Megan and Ryan, however when Brittany graduated it left Megan with more
    time to spend with Ryan. During their senior year of high school Megan developed a crush on Ryan in 2001. Megan
    began to rebel and she did so with Ryan by her side. While out one night at a 18 and older nightclub Brittany ran into
    Megan who was there with Brittany's brother, Ryan. Brittany soon learned that Megan and Ryan were both intoxicated. In
    the early hours of the next morning Brittany found Megan passed out on the bathroom floor. With Douglas' assistance
    Brittany had her admitted to the hospital where they soon learned Megan had been poisoned, perhaps even slipped a
    date rape drug at the night club. Doctors gave Brittany and Megan's family vague hope that she would survive the
    accident. Andrea saw Megan's condition as an opportunity to cause her daughter to suffer and then turn to her for
    comfort. Andrea after careful preparation pulled Megan's life support, but was stopped by an unidentified woman who
    knocked Andrea unconscious. Andrea learned that her plan and had failed but still continued with the lie and revealed to
    Brittany that Megan had died. Devastated Brittany turned to Megan's family and Douglas for comfort but very quickly found
    out that Megan was alive and safe. While no one ever found out about Andrea's role in attempting to kill Megan, Brittany
    had reached her limit with her mother. Douglas suggested they leave town together and for good. A showdown between
    Brittany and her parents occurred. Brittany announced she was leaving Watersdale, despite Ryan begging her not to
    leave him.

    Douglas and Brittany along with his family, Ryan and Megan were married later the next day at the Richmond mansion.
    Brittany promised Megan and Ryan she would send for him once she and Douglas were settled in their new life.
    Douglas surprised Brittany with a honeymoon in Paris and then revealed that they would be moving to River's Edge,

    Following Brittany's wedding and departure, Ryan and Megan cemented their close bonds of friendship in late 2001. It
    was during their Christmas vacation their senior year of high school that Megan learned why Ryan had always rejected
    her sexual advances - he revealed to his best friend that he was gay. In early 2002, Ryan revealed to his parents that he
    was gay and his parents kicked him out of their house. Megan's family allowed Ryan to move in with them and when he
    revealed in May 2002 that he was moving to Texas to be close to Brittany - Megan informed him that she too was going to
    come along, because he was her best friend and she loved him.
Megan Shirley (2002-2003)
Megan Shirley (2003-2006)
Megan Shirley (2009)
Megan Shirley (2009-Present)
The character of Megan Shirley was created by Richard "Richie" Rodrigez in 2001 on the now defunct webseries "The Lives We Live"
    In August 2002, Megan began college at Southern Texas
    University majoring in Journalism. She also started working
    at the Café Cuban Coffeehouse as a waitress. By 2003,
    Megan had decided to move in with fellow college students
    and friends, Jered Bradshaw, Kendra Logan, Antonio
    Marzetta and Ryan in four bedroom apartment near the STU
    campus. It was during this time that she shamefully flirted
    and lusted after both her roommates - Antonio and Jered.
    However, both men were involved with other people at the
    time and nothing with Megan ever materialized.

    In 2005, Megan Shirley began dating an English professor at
    STU by the name of Derek Jordan. Unbeknownst to Megan
    at the time, Derek was also dating Angela Bradshaw. It was
    around the same time that a string of rapes and murder
    began occurring on the STU campus.
    By February 2005 seven victims had been attacked by the serial rapist/murder and after weeks of waiting for his next
    attack, they seemed to stop - until April 25, 2005. On that date Derek entered the KJRE news station studios. Both Megan
    and Angela happened to be there at the studio and were unaware of their own separate connection with Derek Jordan.
    Also Derek had developed an unhealthy obsession with local news reporter Savannah Pierce who was covering the STU
    story. At KJRE Derek took the three women hostage with the intent of raping each one of them and then killing them. He
    revealed to the trio it would be the perfect ten killings and that the world would be a better place without them in it, that the
    world was a better place with all of them gone. Derek claimed he was doing good work - ridding the world of ten lying

    After over eight hours of being held hostage the women were able to catch a break. Derek took Angela from the other the
    two women with the intent of raping her and as he done this he laid the gun down. Megan saw this as the perfect
    opportunity. She grabbed the gun and turned it on Derek, within seconds he was dead. His victims watched as Derek
    died before they emerged from the news stations - survivors and forever friends.

    Before the women emerged they made a pact to tell the police that each shot Derek. None of them had a fear of being
    punished for their crime, but as Savannah explained it would help ease their consciences about the events of that day.
    The ordeal that Angela experienced with Savannah and Megan has bonded them forever and she remains close to the
    both of them. Angela with Megan and Savannah meet once a year - April 25th and remember the tragedy of that day. They
    think of that day now not as just a tragic event, but an event that brought them together. At their 2010 meeting Megan
    revealed to Derek's mother Penelope Jordan that she was the one who shot Derek.

    Following the tragic event, Megan sought counseling and graduated from college in 2006. Following her graduation she
    began working at KTTV as a field reporter.

    In 2009, she met Gregory Holloway at the Southern River Hotel. The two began having a secret affair that led to their 2010
    Valentine's Day wedding in Las Vegas. As of recent Megan has had to fight for her marriage against Sharon Bradshaw
    who was Gregory's mistress and the woman he came back to River's Edge to win back. Despite their connection,
    Gregory chose Megan over Sharon.