Represented By
Martha Byrne
  • Phillip Bradshaw (Father, Deceased - 2001)
  • Pamela Holland Bradshaw McCarty (Mother)
  • Andrew Bradshaw (Brother)
  • Angela Bradshaw (Sister)
  • Billy & Maria Holland (Maternal Grandparents, Deceased)
  • Phillip Sr. & Reva Bradshaw (Paternal Grandparents, Deceased)
  • Claire Monroe (Aunt)
  • Tristan Monroe (Cousin)
  • Jodi Bradshaw & April Bradshaw (Nieces)
  • Amy Malone (Niece, Unknown)
  • Jered Bradshaw (Nephew, Deceased)
  • Emily Rose Garrett Bradshaw (Great-Niece)
  • Sabrina Davis Bradshaw (Sister-in-Law)

  • Unknown

    Relationship Status
  • Lucas "Luke" Stevenson (Married, 08/2007)

    Previous Relationships
  • Marriages
  • Lucas "Luke" Stevenson (Married, 08/2007-Present)
  • Ethan Pierce (Married, 2002; Divorced, 2004)
  • David Barnes (Married, 1997; Divorced, 1998)
  • Flings & Affairs
  • Ethan Pierce (Lovers, 2002)
  • Justin Pierce (Engaged 2000-2002)
  • Dr. Bradley Marshall (Flirted 2001; Dated, 1982-1983)

    Misc. Relationship
  • Friends
  • Dr. Monica Elm Holloway
  • Enemies
  • Audrey King Pierce
  • Brandi Bradshears Pierce
  • Caress Banning Richmond

  • Attending, Centennial Medical Center - Nashville (2006-2012)
  • Attending, St. Luke's Hospital - Milwaukee (2004-2006)
  • Chief of Staff, St. John's Hospital - River's Edge (2001-2004)
  • Attending, Cedars-Sinai Hospital - Los Angeles (1994-2001)
  • University of California - Berkley (1985-1990)
  • Stanford University School of Medicine (1990-1994)
    Dr. Leslie Bradshaw Stevenson       |        March 25, 1967      |        Series History: 2001-2004; 2012-Present
    Dr. Leslie Bradshaw Barnes Pierce Stevenson        |        In-Depth Character History
    A troubled relationship with both of her parents, led their middle child and eldest daughter out of River's Edge and out of
    their lives for years. During her MIA years from River's Edge, Leslie made herself into a world renowned surgeon and her
    career took her all over the country. When she settled in Los Angeles, she met a man and the two soon fell in love and
    married. However, after a few years of marriage he began drinking and Leslie gave him an ultimatum - he would either
    get help and keep her or he wouldn't and she would leave him. Her husband made his choice and Leslie soon divorced

    After adjusting to life a single woman, Leslie met Los Angeles playboy, Justin Pierce at a benefit dinner for the hospital
    she was working at. The two soon hit it off and when she learned that his family business was relocating to River's Edge,
    she made the decision to come home as well. When she returned home, her mother gave Pamela grief for missing
    Phillip's funeral and not even calling. After an accident caused by an argument between her and Brandi, left Audrey King
    Pierce paralyzed Leslie feared for her safety. Having broken up with Justin, his brother Ethan proposed and Leslie
    married for him protection. The two slowly fell in love, however when he expressed interest in Caress Banning, she left
    town, divorced Ethan and has not been heard from since.

    Leslie returned to River's Edge in December 2012 remarried and with an agenda.