Represented By
Eden Riegel
  • Mark Logan (Father, Deceased - 1996)
  • Sharon Logan Bradshaw (Mother)
  • Andrew Bradshaw (Step-Father / Former Father-in-Law)
  • Chris Logan (Brother, Deceased - 1996)
  • Jenna Logan (Sister, Deceased - 1996)
  • Rick & Ellie Schatt (Maternal Grandparents, Deceased)
  • Jodi Bradshaw & April Bradshaw (Step-Sister / Former Sisters-in-Law)
  • Natasha Garrett Bradshaw (Former Mother-in-Law)
  • Pamela Bradshaw McCarty (Step-Grandmother)

  • None

    Relationship Status
  • Widow / Single

    Previous Relationships
  • Marriages
  • Jered Bradshaw (Married, 2004; Widowed, 2004)
  • Flings & Affairs
  • Unnamed Male Prostitute (10/2012)
  • Jered Bradshaw (Dated, 2003-2004)

    Other Relationships
  •     Friends
  • Jodi Bradshaw
  • Gabriella Blake (College Roommate)
  • Antonio Marzetta (College Roommate)
  •     Enemies
  • Brandi Brashears Pierce
  • Justin Pierce

  • Marketing Executive, Chic Cosmetics (2008-Present)
  • Former Marketing Associate, Tanner Fashions (2006-2008)
  • Former Intern, The Bradshaw Corporation (2005-2006)
  • Stockholder, The Bradshaw Corporation (2004-Present)
  • Masters in Business Administration, STU (2001-2006)
    Kendra Bradshaw    |        September 23, 1983      |        Series History: August 09, 2001-2006; 2009-Present
    Kendra Jo Logan Bradshaw was born September 23, 1983 the youngest child of Mark and Sharon Logan. She was also
    the youngest sibling to Chris and Jenna. In early 1996, her life would be forever changed. Her father, Chris and Jenna
    were involved in a car accident with a drunk driver that claimed their lives. Suddenly Kendra found herself an only child
    and saw her mother Sharon's life come crumbling down around her.

    In September 1996, Kendra met her best friend Jodi Bradshaw. Kendra had moved to River's Edge with her mother
    Sharon following the death of her siblings and father earlier that year.

    In 2001, Kendra competed for the title of Miss River's Edge but lost to her future step-sister / sister-in-law April Bradshaw.

    That same year, following his divorce from Natasha Garrett Bradshaw, Andrew Bradshaw began dating Kendra's mother
    Sharon. The two soon fell in love and became engaged. Following their wedding Kendra moved in with Andrew and
    became part of the Bradshaw family. Despite her mother's 2011 divorce from Andrew she still considers him to be like a
    father to her.
    Kendra Jo Logan Bradshaw    |        In-Depth Character History
Kendra Jo Logan Bradshaw
Represented by Kristina Sisco
(2001 - 2003)
    In 2001, Kendra moved into the dorms at Southern Texas University. There she met her
    college roommate Gabriella Blake who came to STU from the neighboring city
    Wandering Falls, Texas. They formed a quick bond and became fast friends. After their
    freshmen year of college ended the girls moved into a condo with Kendra's step-brother
    Jered Bradshaw, Antonio Marzetta and Ryan O'Keefe who were all students at STU. It
    was then that Kendra begin to develop feelings for Jered and that Jered began
    developing feelings for Kendra. The Bradshaw family opposed their budding
    relationship and made their opinions known. With Antonio and Gabriella's help Jered
    and Kendra were able to convince the family that they were not seeing one another -
    when in reality they were falling desperately in love with each other.

    During a spring break cruise, Jered and Kendra made love for the first time.
    Jered and Kendra began to sneak around River's Edge once the family expressed their disapproval of their romance.
    However, Kendra made the choice to come forward about their romance after they witnessed Katie Russell kidnapping
    Jered's niece Emily Rose. After Emily was returned home the couple agreed to no longer see one another, but that was
    short lived and they soon reunited.

    On the night of Jodi's bachelorette party, Jered and Kendra were caught by Jered's mother Natasha in a comprising
    position. She berated them for once again going against the wishes of the family and having a romance behind
    everyone's back. Jered and Kendra, unbeknown to their families traveled to Fort Smith, Arkansas that night and were
    married. Jered and Kendra made the decision to leave River's Edge and their family behind once Jodi's wedding was

    Their plan almost worked and the couple would have left town had it not been for a drunk driver hitting them at an
    intersection. The drunk driver was later revealed to be Jered's Godmother Brandi Brashears Pierce. The night of Jodi's
    wedding to Jaxson Hayes, both Jered and Kendra were life flighted to River's Edge area hospitals. While Kendra's
    injuries weren't life threatening, those Jered had suffered were.

    As it became clear that Jered would not be able to make his own medical decisions, his parent Andrew and Natasha
    began to make those decisions. Kendra however knew the truth - that she was his legal next of kin as his wife and she
    confided in Jered's aunt Angela and later her mother that she was Jered's wife.

    Once the truth was revealed, Kendra went against the wishes of Andrew and Natasha - she made her intentions known
    to the family and they were to remove Jered from life support. However, his parents fought against her and insisted that
    Jered would want a chance to fight for his life. They eventually ended up in court, however before a ruling could be made,
    Jered suffered a massive stroke and died.

    Following Jered's untimely death, Kendra moved from the condo that they had shared and back to an on-campus
    apartment.  She threw herself into her studies at STU and graduated earlier with top honors. As Kendra prepared to
    move from her on-campus apartment she ran into Justin Pierce at the Café Cuban Coffeehouse. It was during their
    conversation that Kendra remembered hearing Justin's voice the night of the accident and hearing him call out Brandi's
    name. Kendra shared this news with her step-father/father-in-law Andrew and then later with the police.

    Following Brandi's arrest for Jered's death and fleeing a crime scene, Kendra continued her studies. She obtained her
    Masters Degree in Business Administration all the while working as an intern at BC. In 2006, with her education
    complete and the memory of Jered still lingering, Kendra moved to Los Angeles to work at Tannery Fashions. Two years
    later in 2008, she moved to San Francisco were she became a Marketing Executive for Chic Cosmetics.

    Kendra still lives in San Francisco, but returns to River's Edge often.
    Kendra Jo Logan Bradshaw    |        Memorable Scenes - Episode 119: I Still Miss Someone
    Kendra Logan Bradshaw settled into one of the several empty
    lounge chairs at the Café Cuban Coffeehouse with a newspaper
    in one hand and a cup of black coffee that the waitress had
    brought minutes earlier, along with the instructions to holler is
    she needed anything else.

    She was about to start reading the classifieds when Justin
    Pierce announced his arrival, “Kendra…”

    “Justin…hello,” a smiled broadened across her face this time,
    unlike earlier when Megan had rudely interrupted her. “Would you
    care to join me for some coffee?”

    "Well just for a minute," he agreed.
    Kendra flagged for the waitress. “I’m supposed to be working but I seem to have hit a brick wall,” Justin laughed.

    “You’re not hiring by chance are you?”

    He shook his head no. “But congratulations on your graduation. I saw your mother earlier this week and she told me you
    graduated and early no less,” Justin added with a smile. “Is that what the classifieds are for?” he noticed her newspaper.

    “Oh…sort of,” Kendra replied. “After Jered…” she paused for a moment, “after Jered died I moved back to campus
    apartment and it’s the craziest thing but they won’t let you live there if you don’t go to school there,” she joked.

    “So apartment and job hunting,” he deduced, “those are two mighty daunting tasks. But you know there are a few
    apartment openings in my building…if you’re interested I could give you a reference.”

    “Well I may take you up on that,” Kendra told him. “As far as the job hunt...well Andrew offered me a entry level executive
    position at BC but I don’t know if want to take it.”

    “Why not?” Justin asked her. “That sounds like a great opportunity.”

    She shrugged her shoulders and admitted to him that it was, “It’s just every time that I look at Andrew or Natasha or my
    own mother for that matter, I see their disapproving glares that they gave Jered and I when we were dating. I just don’t
    know if I could handle that day in and day out.”

    “Yeah I know what that’s like,” he told her as an air of silence fell over them. “How have you been otherwise?”

    Kendra looked down at the floor and then back up at him. Her large brown doe eyes met with his and he could see how
    empty they were…it was truly and eerily look into her soul and Justin regretted even asking such a question.

    “Depends on the hour of the day…” she answered. “Lost. Confused. Angry. Hurt. And then there are days when I feel
    absolutely nothing…I feel empty and heartbroken.”

    He shook his head, “I am so sorry.”

    “Thank you,” she looked away from him and before he could respond to her the ringing of his cell phone filled the
    stagnant air hovering over them.

    “Excuse me,” Justin said as he stood up and took a few steps away from Kendra for some privacy.

    “Brandi…Brandi is that you?” he said into his cell phone. “Brandi I can barely hear you…”

    Kendra sat and listened. Brandi’s name was burned into her memory and the way Justin was saying her name was
    burned in her memory – she had heard it before…those exact words she thought. It was the way he said those words,
    they triggered something in her mind.

    "Brandi is that you?"

    Kendra quickly reached for her purse. She threw a ten on the table and left the coffeehouse. Justin hadn’t noticed her
    leaving. He was too focused on his conversation with Brandi.

    “She’s back?” he asked, “Brittany’s back? Okay…I’m on my way home.”