Represented By
Cameron Mathison
  • Nicholas Pierce (Father)
  • Audrey King Pierce (Mother)
  • Kenneth King (Maternal Grandfather, Deceased)
  • Eleanor King (Maternal Grandmother)
  • Patricia King (Aunt)
  • Ethan Pierce (Brother)
  • Savannah Pierce & Miranda Pierce (Sisters)
  • Brittany O'Keefe Pierce (Sister-in-Law)

  • Lewis Pierce (Step-Son w/Brandi Brashears Pierce)

    Relationship Status
  • Brandi Brashears Pierce (Married, 2004)
  • Angela Bradshaw (Affair, 2008-2009; 2010-Present)

    Previous Relationships
  • Marriages
  • Brandi Brashears Pierce (Married, 2004)
  • Flings & Affairs
  • Angela Bradshaw (Secret Affair, 2008-2009; 2010-Present)
  • Sabrina Davis Bradshaw (Lovers, 2003-2004)
  • Brandi Brashears Pierce (One Night Stand, 2002)
  • Dr. Leslie Bradshaw Pierce (Engaged, 2001-2002)
  • Maggie Clark (On & Off Girlfriend, 1997-2001)

    Misc. Relationship
  • Friends
  • Ethan Pierce
  • Enemies
  • Natasha Garrett Bradshaw
  • Kendra Logan Bradshaw

    Crimes Committed
  • Assisted in Brandi Brashears Pierce Fleeing (2004)
  • Destroying Evidence (2004)

  • Director of Public Relations, King Fashion (2003-Present)
  • Former Public Relations Manager, Banning Relations (2003)
  • Former Director of Shipping, King Fashion (2000-2003)
  • Former Fashion Designer (1998-2000)
    Justin Pierce    |        May 4, 1971       |        Series History: 2001-2003; 2003-2006; 2009-Present
    Justin Pierce     |        In-Depth Character History
    Justin Pierce is the firstborn of Nicholas and Audrey Pierce. Throughout all of his life his mother has favored Justin over
    his other siblings, however in recent years that favoritism has somewhat faded. Born in 1971, Justin was the reason that
    Nicholas and Audrey were exiled to Houston, Texas before he was born to avoid a scandal. He has four younger siblings
    including brother Ethan, half-brother Lewis and sisters Savannah and Miranda. A 1994 graduate of the University of
    Southern California with a bachelor's degree in public relations, Justin waited four years before joining the family

    In 1997, he began dating his father's mistress Maggie Clark who was an associate fashion designer at King Fashion.
    They had a strange on-again/off-again relationship that ended in 2001 when Justin met a doctor at Los Angeles County
    General by the name of Leslie Bradshaw Barnes. Leslie was suffering from a strained relationship and the two began
    seeing one another.

    Because declining sales in 1999 and the fact that his mother was unable to design a successful collection the Board of
    Directors, Eleanor, Nicholas and Audrey decided that a change needed to be made. A search committee begun
    searching for a new location for King Fashion headquarters. Sales had remained high in the southern region of the
    country and it was decided that the company would relocate to River's Edge, Texas.

    In December 2001, with the location in place Justin moved with his parents and Ethan to River's Edge. Upon their arrival
    Justin and the entire family soon learned that Nicholas had begun having an affair months earlier when he was in River's
    Edge scouting out the location for the company. It was revealed that his mistress was Brandi Brashears. Justin's mother
    made it clear to his father that she would not let him go without a fight and Brandi backed off. However, Brandi sat her
    sights on Ethan and they began seeing one another. After a family dinner with Nicholas, Audrey, Justin, Leslie, Ethan and
    Brandi - Brandi mistook Justin's bedroom for Ethan's and the two ended up having sex, all the while believing it was
    Ethan and not Justin. When the romp was later exposed Leslie ended her engagement to Justin and the Pierce brothers
    came to blows over Brandi. As the fight intensified between her sons, Audrey attempted to break it up and in her efforts
    became the victim. Audrey lost her balance, fell, and hit her head on the fireplace which rendered her comatose and later
    paralyzed. It was during Audrey's coma that her mother, Eleanor made a stunning gesture - she relinquished her 51% of
    King Fashion to Nicholas which made him the majority stockholder and CEO.
Dr. Leslie Bradshaw
Represented by Martha Byrne
Sabrina Davis Bradshaw
Represented by Rebecca Budig
The Women in Justin's Life
Brandi Brashears Pierce
Represented by Beth Ehlers
2002; 2004-Present
Angela Bradshaw
Represented by Michelle Stafford
2008-2009; 2009-Present
    Fearing that his mother would seek revenge on Leslie
    for her part in the fight Justin's brother Ethan married
    her to protect her. This led to Justin leaving River's
    Edge and King Fashion. He moved to New Haven
    where he began working with Caress Banning as a PR
    Manager in her firm Banning Relations.

    When Justin did eventually return to River's Edge he
    began dating Sabrina Davis Bradshaw and took over
    as the Director of Public Relations for King Fashion.
    After being together for a year, Justin ended his
    relationship with Sabrina when Brandi ended her
    relationship with Nicholas.

    During Jaxson Hayes and Jodi Bradshaw's wedding,
    Justin learned that Brandi had witnessed a kiss
    between his parents and he chased after her. However,
    when he found her it was to late - Brandi while under
    the influence had caused a car accident that eventually
    claimed the life of Jered Bradshaw. Justin hid the truth
    from Brandi about her role in the accident, but when the
    truth came out he conspired with her to flee the country.
    Before Brandi agreed to flee, she made Justin marry
    her so that he could not testify against her. However,
    they two have remained married during Brandi's
    incarceration and have remained in love despite his on-
    again / off-again affair with Angela Bradshaw.