Represented By
Van Hansis
  • Dr. Bradley Marshall (Father)
  • Valerie Caldwell (Mother)
  • Dr. Jason Marshall (Brother)
  • Lillian Ann Caldwell (Maternal Grandmother)
  • Maxine Marshall (Paternal Grandmother)
  • Victoria Caldwell (Aunt)

  • None
  • Emily Bradshaw (Considers to be his Surrogate Daughter)

    Relationship Status
  • Single

    Previous Relationships
  • Marriages
  • None
  • Texas Constitution Banned Gay Marriage & Civil Unions
  • Flings & Affairs
  • Ryan O'Keefe (Slept Together, 08/2012)
  • Ryan O'Keefe (Kissed, 02/2012)
  • Ryan O'Keefe (One Night Stand, 2010)
  • Ryan O'Keefe (Ex-Boyfriend, 2005-2006)
  • April Bradshaw (Dated, 2001; Crush, 2000-2001)

    Misc. Relationship
  • Friends
  • April Bradshaw (Best Friend)
  • Enemies
  • Brittany Pierce

    Medical Conditions
  • Diagnosed with Stage II Testicular Cancer (2012)

  • ER Resident, St. John's Hospital (2009-Present)
  • Former ER Resident, Indianapolis Hospital (2006-2009)
  • Doctorate Degree, The University of Texas Medical School at Houston
  • Bachelors Degree in Pre-Med, Southern Texas University
    Dr. Joshua Marshall     |        June 4, 1985       |        Series History: 2001; 2005-2006; 2009-Present
    Dr. Joshua Ray Marshall, M.D.       |        In-Depth Character History
    Joshua Ray Marshall is the youngest son of Bradley and
    Valerie Marshall. He has one older brother, Jason, who is
    also a doctor.  In elementary school he developed a close
    friendship with April Bradshaw who was also quiet and
AON "Did You Know"
The character of "Joshua" and his brother "Jason"
were named after series creator Josh Hawkins and his
older brother Jason.
Represented by David Tom
(2001; 2005-2006)
Represented by Scott Bailey
Represented by Eric Sheffer
    Their friendship began to change as they entered high school. April began to distance
    herself from Josh and he stood by on the sidelines watching as she emerged as one of
    the most popular girls in high school. After April won the Miss River's Edge 2001
    pageant, Josh warned her that her immediate popularity could cause her problems.
    However, April ignored his warnings and set her sights on Rodney Russell.

    With is friendship with April appearing to have come to an end Josh kept to himself a lot
    and did not make an attempt to let anyone else get closed to him. Josh became
    concerned when April suddenly stopped coming to school and more so later when he
    learned that she had left River's Edge. Josh who was now dealing with the fallout of his
    mother's affair with Andrew Bradshaw decided that it was time that he to leave town. He
    discovered where April was - in New Mexico at a home of pregnant teenage girls.

    Almost immediately upon his arrival in New Mexico April noticed something different
    about Josh's behavior. She pressured him multiple times to let her know what she
    could do to help him with whatever he needed - however he insisted that nothing was

    Josh told April upon his arrival at the home in New Mexico that he wanted to marry her
    and adopt her child as his own. However, much later Josh went back on his word and
    revealed to his best friend that he was gay and that while he did want to help her raise
    the baby, he did not want to marry her. Josh was crushed when April accused him of
    leading her on, the same way as Rodney Russell (the baby's father) had done in River's
    Edge. April insisted that Josh leave New Mexico - which he did.

    After leaving New Mexico, Josh moved in with his grandmother Lillian Ann Caldwell in
    Dallas. There he was concurrently enrolled in high school and a community college. In
    2005, he returned to River's Edge just as his father was set to marry Jillian Malone -
    whom he immediately clashed with. Once back in River's Edge he reunited with April
    and together they came to terms with his sexuality and his relationship with April and
    with her daughter, Emily Rose Garrett Bradshaw. Josh and April went so far as to make
    it public knowledge that Josh was in fact Emily's father when Rodney Russell returned
    to town to inquire about Emily's paternity.

    Josh continued his education at Southern Texas University and soon began an online
    romance with Ryan O'Keefe. While Josh tried hard to keep his sexuality from his father,
    his step-mother Jillian soon learned the truth.
    The fact that Jillian knew that Josh was gay only added more complications and strife to their already tense relationship.
    During, Jodi Bradshaw's wedding to Jaxson Hayes, Josh revealed himself to Ryan and the two began dating.

    In 2006, Josh was set to begin his residency and was matched at a hospital in Indianapolis. He asked Ryan to go with
    him and thus began the strained relationship between Josh and Ryan's sister Brittany. This request pitted Brittany
    against Josh as she didn't want Ryan to leave River's Edge. In the end Ryan chose to stay in Texas with his sister.
    Brittany and Josh are still at odds with one another. Josh and Ryan ended their relationship when he left town.

    In 2009, Josh returned to River's Edge to complete his residency. His hospital in Indianapolis had closed due to budget
    constraints. He immediately ran into Brittany who was not pleased to see that he had returned.

    On Valentine's Day 2010, Josh picked Ryan up from a bar and the two ended up having sex. They continued a strained
    and awkward relationship since that point.

    In 2012, Josh revealed to Ryan that he had testicular cancer and Ryan promised to help him fight it. In February of that
    year in New York City, Josh and Ryan kissed for the first time since their V-Day hookup.