Past Connections
  • Kendra Logan Bradshaw (Wife/Widow)
  • Andrew Bradshaw & Natasha Garrett Bradshaw (Parents)
  • Sharon Logan Bradshaw (Step-Mother/Mother-in-Law)
  • April Bradshaw (Sister)
  • Jodi Bradshaw (Half-Sister, Unknown)
  • Amy Malone (Twin Sister, Unknown)
  • Phillip & Pamela Bradshaw (Paternal Grandparents)
  • Caress Richmond, RJ Banning & Madison Banning (Cousins)
  • Felicia Banning, Leslie Bradshaw Pierce & Angela Bradshaw (Aunts)

  • Bella Sumners (Former Girlfriend, Deceased)
  • Antonio Marzetta (Friend / Former Roommate)
  • Gabriella Blake (Friend / Former Roommate)

    Character History

    The only son of Andrew and Natasha Garrett Bradshaw, Jered was raised as the
    twin brother of Jodi, however his true twin sister is Amy Malone. In his late teens
    and early 20s Jered was considered to be the playboy of River's Edge and he
    was until his heart was captured by step-sister Kendra. The two fell in love and
    eventually would marry, against the wishes of their families.

    Following their secret wedding and on the night of Jodi's wedding, Brandi
    Brashears Pierce crashed her SUV into Jered and Kendra's car leaving Jered
    seriously injured. As a result of those injuries Jered died, leaving behind a
    pregnant Kendra and a shattered family. For her role in his death Brandi was
    sentenced to prison for vehicular manslaughter.
    Phillip Bradshaw
    Past Connections
  • Pamela Bradshaw McCarty (Wife/Widow)
  • Andrew Bradshaw (Son)
  • Dr. Leslie Bradshaw Pierce & Angela Bradshaw (Daughters)
  • Jered Bradshaw, April Bradshaw & Jodi Bradshaw (Grandchildren)
  • Amy Malone (Granddaughter, Unknown)
  • Emily Rose Garrett  Bradshaw (Great Granddaughter)
  • Natasha Garrett Bradshaw (Former Daughter-in-Law)

    Character History

    Phillip Bradshaw married his childhood sweetheart, Pamela Holland and by
    doing so saved her from an abusive home. During their forty-plus year marriage
    her past was rarely mentioned. Together the couple had three children, raised
    their family and built an empire. Phillip served as mayor of River's Edge for
    seventeen years before he left office due to his death.

    Phillip was the backbone of the Bradshaw family and took great pride in this. In
    early 2001 he was diagnosed with cancer, which had went undetected for many
    months. When doctors were able to positively diagnosed his cancer it had
    progressed to stage four. Phillip made the decision to not treat his illness and
    began to put his final arrangements in order. Among those was a large sum of
    money to a man by the name of Kent Forrester. Having not told his family about
    his cancer when he collapsed and later died they were in shock. Pamela
    became bitterly angry that her beloved husband had kept his illness from her
    lashed out at her granddaughter April.

    Phillip shared a close bond with his son and former daughter-in-law Natasha
    but had a strained relationship with his own daughters.
|        Series History: 2001
Represented By
Lauren Woodland
    Past Connections
  • Alex & Addie Blake (Deceased)
  • Theresa Blake (Sister)
  • Antonio Marzetta (Ex-Boyfriend)
  • Ben Thomas (Ex-Boyfriend)
  • Michael Villareal (Ex-Boyfriend)
  • Rick Campbell (Ex-Boyfriend)
  • Jered Bradshaw (Friend / Former Roommate)
  • Kendra Logan (Friend / Former Roommate)

    Character History

    Gabriella Blake has proven to be a handful no matter where she goes. The
    blond vixen grew up in Wandering Falls, Texas where she attended high school.
    During her time at WFHS she was almost attacked by her former boyfriend Rick
    Campbell. Following graduation she attended Southern Texas University where
    she was paired with Kendra Logan as her roommate. The young woman hit it off
    immediately and a friendship was born.

    Gabriella helped Kendra and Jered hide their romance from their respective
    parents early on by claiming that Gabriella was dating Jered and Kendra was
    dating Antonio Marzetta, despite Gabriella was dating Antonio.

    Gabriella left STU after her sophomore year to return home to Wandering Falls
    for personal reasons. She still remains close friends with Kendra. Gabriella
    remains in Wandering Falls with her sister.
    Jered Bradshaw
|        Series History: August 2001-2006
    Gabriella Blake
|        Series History: 2002-2004
Represented By
David Fumero
Represented By
Jerry Douglas
    Holly Davis
    Past Connections
  • Frank "Big Daddy" Davis (Ex-Husband)
  • Raymond Davis & Paul Davis (Sons w/Big Daddy)
  • Sabrina Davis Bradshaw (Daughter w/Big Daddy)
  • Fancy Davis & Brayden Wyatt Davis (Grandchildren)
  • Patricia McIntosh Davis (Former Daughter-in-Law)
  • Andrew Bradshaw (Former Son-in-Law)

    Character History

    Holly Davis much like her daughter Sabrina married at a young age. The mother
    of three children: Raymond, Paul and Sabrina, she raised them in an alcoholic
    and often times abusive home. Holly had been a victim of domestic abuse at the
    hand of her husband before she left him in 2003. When Holly had learned that
    Sabrina had conned Andrew Bradshaw into marrying him she encouraged her
    daughter to go to River's Edge and claim her fortune.

    Holly arrived in River's Edge after she had left Big Daddy to ensure Sabrina was
    being treated the way she deserved to be treated. Sabrina assured her mother
    that everything was going to plan, even though Sharon was snooping around.
    However, Holly decided to go another route and hatched a plan of her own with
    Clarissa Bryant - to murder Sharon. At the last minute Clarissa backed out of the
    deal. After an arguement between Clarissa and Sharon, Holly summonsed
    Clarissa to Sabrina's suite and murdered her. Holly framed Sharon for the
    crime. Eventually the truth was revealed and Holly was sent to prison for
    Clarissa's death
|        Series History: 2003; 2005
Represented By
Kimberlin Brown
    Past Connections
  • Peter Hayes (Father)
  • Cynthia Hayes (Mother)
  • Dylan Hayes (Brother)
  • Danica Hayes (Sister)
  • Clarissa Bryant Hayes (Ex-Wife)
  • Jodi Bradshaw Hayes (Ex-Wife)

    Character History

    Natasha Garrett Bradshaw brought Jaxson Hayes to River's Edge in 2001 to fill
    in for her ex-husband at the Bradshaw Corporation after he left town. Jaxson's
    first case was for Caress Banning and he soon found himself attracted to Jodi
    Bradshaw. Early into his relationship with Jodi he slept with Caress.

    Jaxson proposed marriage to Jodi and she gleefully accepted. Jaxson neglected
    to tell Jodi not only about sleeping with Caress, but also about his ex-wife
    Clarissa. Lynne Becket soon arrived in River's Edge and befriended Jodi.

    The couple overcame the ordeal that Clarissa's arrival caused on them and
    married. Their happiness was shortly lived when Jodi's brother died in a car
    accident. Jaxson accepted a job Chief of Staff for Senator Charles Monroe
    without consulting Jodi first causing the first crack in their marriage. The couple
    attempted a long distance marriage for a little over a year but decided it best to
    end their marriage. Jaxson still lives in Washington D.C. where he continues to
    work for Senator Monroe.
    Derek Jordan
    Past Connections
  • Penelope Jordan (Mother)
  • Megan Shirley Holloway (Ex-Girlfriend)
  • Angela Bradshaw (Ex-Lover)
  • Savannah Pierce (Twisted Obsession)

    Character History

    An English professor, Derek Jordan was asked to join the Southern Texas
    University staff by Jillian Malone Marshall during Megan Shirley’s sophomore
    year. Derek noticed her flirty eyes during class and they began having a secret
    romance. Once the semester was complete Derek and Megan went public with
    their relationship.

    Shortly after going public with their romance a woman in an STU dorm was
    raped and brutally murdered, this was followed by a second and third. Derek
    pursued Megan to investigate the crime for the school paper. After the fourth STU
    student was murdered Derek began a sexual relationship with Angela
    Bradshaw and developed a fixation on KJRE news anchor Savannah Pierce who
    was covering the crimes. After the seventh murder occurred Derek, who was
    responsible for the crimes set his final plan into action and lured all three
    women to the KJRE studio where he held them at gunpoint. He declared that his
    intentions were to rape and then murder them, his most important victims. When
    Megan saw an opportunity she seized the gun and shot Derek, a fact that was
    not revealed publicly to anyone besides the three of them in early 2010.
|        Series History: 2006; 2010
Represented By
Heather Tom
    Past Connections
  • Jaxson Hayes (Ex-Husband)
  • Sabrina Davis Bradshaw (Former Friend)
  • Jodi Bradshaw (Former Enemy)

    Character History

    Clarissa Bryan was married to Jaxson Hayes when they were in law school at
    the University of Oklahoma. Like her husband Clarissa was very career driven
    and the couple agreed to start a family. After a night of partying Clarissa and
    Jaxson had drunken sex without protection and she ended up pregnant. When
    Jaxson's reaction to the pregnancy wasn't want Clarissa had expected she left
    their apartment furious. Clarissa lost control of her car and as a result
    miscarried the baby. The marriage slowly began to fall apart.

    When Clarissa learned that Jaxson had moved to River's Edge and was
    engaged to Jodi Bradshaw she showed up in town. Upon her arrival she
    befriended Jodi and tried to win Jaxson back. Clarissa formed an alias with
    Sabrina Davis Bradshaw and then eventually Sabrina's mother Holly. When
    Clarissa learned that Holly intended to murder Sharon Logan Bradshaw, Jodi's
    step-mother she turned on her alias with both Holly and Sabrina. Clarissa
    planned to tell Sharon of Holly's plan in an effort to score points with Jaxson.
    However, before she was able to alert Sharon of Holly's plan Clarissa was shot
    and later died at Holly's hand.
    Jaxson Hayes
|        Series History: August 2001-2006; 2009
    Clarissa Bryant Hayes
|        Series History: 2003
Represented By
Joshua Morrow
Represented By
Roger Howarth
    Dr. Jason Marshall, M.D.
    Past Connections
  • Dr. Bradley Marshall (Father)
  • Valerie Caldwell (Mother)
  • Dr. Joshua Marshall (Brother)
  • Jillian Malone Marshall (Former Step-Mother, Deceased)
  • Amy Malone (Former Step-Sister)
  • Jodi Bradshaw (Ex-Girlfriend)
  • Jaxson Hayes (Enemy)

    Character History

    Jason Marshall was primed to marry his high school sweetheart, Jodi
    Bradshaw, until it was discovered that their parents were having an affair.
    Confused and hurt over Valerie's betrayal, Jason dumped Jodi and moved to
    Norman, Oklahoma were he began college.

    Prior to Jodi's wedding to Jaxson Hayes, Jason returned to town with one
    mission - to make up for lost time and win back Jodi's heart. As to be expected,
    Jason clashed with Jaxson and the two began doing battle for Jodi's heart.
    Nights prior to her walk down the isle, Jason kissed Jodi causing her to rethink
    her decision to marry Jaxson. Jason thought for sure he would win Jodi's heart
    when he stole Caress Banning's journal detailing a night of passion she had
    with Jaxson, after he was engaged to Jodi. However, Angela stole the journals
    from Jason and burned them in order to protect her niece.

    As the wedding grew closer, Jodi decided it was Jaxson who she was in love
    with and who she would marry. She never told Jason this, but when he showed
    up at the wedding he was turned away. Angela later confronted him and told him
    to leave town and to leave Jodi alone, for she was no longer interested in him.
    Angela warned that Jason had best leave town and he did. He now practices
    medicine in Chicago.
|        Series History: 2001-2002; 2006; 2012
Represented By
Michael Muhney
    Jillian Malone Marshall
    Past Connections
  • Amy Malone (Daughter, Non Biological)
  • Jodi Bradshaw (Biological Daughter, Known)
  • Dr. Jason Marshall & Dr. Joshua Marshall (Former Step-Sons)
  • Dr. Bradley Marshall (Husband)
  • Andrew Bradshaw (Ex-Lover)

    Character History

    Jillian Malone was a classmate of Andrew and Natasha's in high school and
    Andrew's first lover after he married Natasha. Andrew got Jillian pregnant at the
    same time that Natasha discovered her pregnancy. Natasha and Jillian went
    into labor the same day and both had baby girls. Jillian kidnapped Andrew's
    daughter with Natasha and with her own daughter left the hospital. After keeping
    Baby Jodi for days away from her parents, Jillian returned the baby she believed
    to be Jodi, only it was not - she kept Andrew and Natasha's daughter and
    unknowingly returned her own daughter with Andrew. A life changing error, that
    Jillian took to the grave, as she had learned the truth years later.

    Jillian returned to River's Edge following Andrew's divorce from Natasha and
    was intent on telling them the truth, however she never was capable of doing it.
    She married Bradley Marshall and began building a life with him. When his ex-
    wife returned from the dead and began stalking her, no one, including Natasha
    (who she had become friends with again) or Bradley believed her. After being
    kidnapped by Valerie she followed her to a deserted mansion and fought with
    Valerie, who threw Jillian over the banister, to her death. In 2010, Jillian returned
    via a flashback, as Jodi recalled the day she died and the cover-up she and
    Bradley agreed to for Amy's sake.
|        Series History: 2002-2006; 2010
Represented By
Crystal Chappell
    Past Connections
  • Senator Charles Monroe (Husband)
  • Tristin Monroe (Son)
  • Pamela Bradshaw McCarty (Sister)
  • Andrew Bradshaw (Nephew)
  • Angela Bradshaw & Dr. Leslie Bradshaw Pierce (Nieces)

    Character History

    The younger sister of Pamela Bradshaw McCarty harbored feelings of hate for
    her sister for many years. When Pamela left their abusive home to marry Phillip,
    she left Claire alone to fend off their drunken father from beating her and their
    mother. One day after school, after their father had badly beaten her mother,
    Claire took an ax to her sleeping father and killed him. When her mother woke,
    she thought she had done the horrible act and killed herself. Claire kept the truth
    to herself for years.

    Because of their falling out Claire and Pamela never spoke again until 2002,
    despite the fact that Claire's husband Charles had been the Governor of the
    State of Texas for years before being elected to the United States Senate. Shortly
    after her arrival to the Governor's mansion, Pamela reached out to Claire, but
    she refused to forgive her sister. Following Phillip's death Pamela finally
    reached out to her sister in Washington DC and they reunited.

    Claire revealed to her sister how their parents died and the two bonded over
    their upbringing. When Claire's husband Charles was caught with another
    woman, Miranda Pierce her sister stood by her and helped work her marriage
    out. Claire currently lives in Washington D.C. where Charles is serving in the
    United States Senate.
Represented By
Jordi Vilasuo
    Past Connections
  • Yvonna Marzetta (Mother)
  • Jered Bradshaw (Former Friend / Former Roommate)
  • Kendra Brashears (Friend / Former Roommate)
  • Gabriella Blake (Former Girlfriend / Former Roommate)
  • Ryan O'Keefe (Former Friend / One Night Stand)

    Character History

    Antonio Mazetta came to River’s Edge for his freshman year of college at the
    same time that his mother Yvonne came to town to defend Sharon Logan
    Bradshaw. Antonio met Jered Bradshaw, Kendra Bradshaw and Gabriella Blake
    while attending STU and the foursome quickly became fast friends. Antonio
    helped Jered and Kendra early on in their budding romance keep it a secret
    from their respective parents by pretending to date Kendra, when in reality he
    was dating Gabriella Blake. Following Gabriella’s departure from STU he moved
    into a condo with Jered, Ryan O’Keefe and Megan Shirely.

    Megan quickly developed a crush on the Latin hunk and tried to no avail to get
    him into her bed. After Jered died he remained steadfast in providing a shoulder
    for Kendra to lean upon without strings attached. This was because Antonio had
    begun developing a strong friendship with Ryan. It was this friendship that would
    eventually lead him to question his sexuality. Following Jered’s death and Ryan’
    s budding romance with Josh Marshall the two men slept together – an act that
    continued for several weeks until confused about his sexuality he left town and
    moved to Seattle to finish college there. Antonio still keeps in touch with Kendra,
    but has not spoken to Ryan in years.
    Claire Holland Monroe
|        Series History: August 2002-2003
    Antonio Marzetta
|        Series History: 2003-2006
Represented By
Susan Flannery
    Miranda Pierce
    Past Connections
  • Nicholas Pierce (Father)
  • Audrey King Pierce (Mother)
  • Justin Pierce & Ethan Pierce (Brothers)
  • Savannah Pierce (Sister)
  • Lewis Pierce (Half-Brother)
  • Eleanor King (Grandmother)
  • Brandi Brashears Pierce (Sister-in-Law / Former Step-Mother)
  • Brittany Pierce (Sister-in-Law)
  • Senator Charles Monroe (Ex-Lover)
  • Claire Holland Monroe (Enemy)

    Character History

    In her younger years Miranda Pierce was every parent's worst nightmare! A wild
    child in Los Angeles, the former model now is a well respected PR
    businesswoman for King Fashion.

    Miranda's ties not only connect with the Pierce family in River's Edge, but also to
    those of the Holland/Bradshaw/Monroe family. In 2002, after spending time in
    New York City she traveled on business to Washington D.C. where she was
    introduced to Senator Charles Monroe. The two hit it off and before long they
    were involved in a steamy love affair. After breaking off their relationship Miranda
    returned to LA where she followed in her brother Justin's footsteps and took over
    the PR division of the LA based King Fashion offices.

    Still unmarried, Miranda remains a wild woman living up life to the fullest in LA.
    She has a soft spot in her heart for her youngest brother Lewis, as does her
    sister Savannah.
|        Series History: 2002-2003; 2012
Represented By
Maura West
    Past Connections
  • Lizzie Russell (Wife)
  • Rodney Russell (Son)
  • Katie Russell (Daughter)
  • Emily Rose Garrett Bradshaw (Granddaughter)

    Character History

    A native of River's Edge Jonathan graduated high school with Andrew Bradshaw,
    Natasha Garrett and Jillian Malone Marshall.

    He however was not among the popular kids and he never really socialized with
    that group of teenagers. He attended college in Alva, Oklahoma at Northwestern
    Oklahoma. It was there that he met his future wife, Lizzie. After graduation
    Jonathan returned with Lizzie to River's Edge. There he began working at The
    Weekly Edge as a reporter. Over the course of his career Jonathan moved up the
    ranks at the newspaper and established himself as a well respected member of
    the community.

    In 2001, Jonathan agreed to move from his hometown to Fairview, Oklahoma
    where Lizzie was from so that she could care for her sister. Jonathan and his
    wife dealt with their daughter's mental break when she kidnapped Rodney's
    biological daughter Emily Bradshaw. To this day Jonathan and his wife have not
    met their granddaughter.
    Katie Russell
    Past Connections
  • Jonathan Russell (Father)
  • Lizzie Russell (Mother)
  • Rodney Russell (Brother)
  • Emily Rose Garrett Bradshaw (Niece)
  • April Bradshaw (Enemy)

    Character History

    Once upon a time Katie Russell was a sweet and innocent high school student
    with big dreams of becoming a journalist like her father. Her dreams remained
    intact when the family moved from River's Edge to Fairview so that her mother
    could care for her ailing aunt. However, when Rodney revealed to his sister that
    he was the father of Emily Bradshaw, something snapped and Katie became
    obsessed with little Emily.

    Despite the fact that Rodney wanted nothing to do with the baby Katie had other
    thoughts about what was best for little Emily. She returned to River's Edge and
    began causing grief for April. Katie revealed to April that she was fully aware that
    Rodney and not Josh Marshall was Emily's father. When April denied Katie the
    chance to spend time with her niece - Katie kidnapped the young tyke. Days
    passed before Emily was returned safe and sound. Katie was taken into custody
    and at Rodney's urging charges were not filed. Katie currently resides in a
    sanitarium in San Angelo for her role in Emily's kidnapping.
|        Series History: 2001; 2005
Represented By
Scott Reeves
    Past Connections
  • Cassandra "Caress" Banning Richmond (Wife)
  • Dinah Richmond (Daughter w/Erica Ryan)
  • Douglas Richmond Sr. & Katherine Richmond (Parents)
  • Russell Banning Sr. (Father-in-Law)
  • Felicia Garrett Banning (Mother-in-Law)
  • RJ Banning (Brother-in-Law)
  • Madison Banning (Sister-in-Law)
  • Brittany O'Keefe Pierce (Ex-Wife)
  • Ryan O'Keefe (Former Brother-in-Law)
  • Erica Ryan (Former Sister-in-Law / One Night Stand)

    Character History

    Born and raised into the lap of luxury, Douglas was the All American boy next
    door and he when he stole the heart of Brittany O'Keefe he thought he had found
    the woman he would spend the rest of his life with. However, her mother Andrea
    caused the couple drama and following their fairy-tale wedding they traveled to
    Paris for their honeymoon. There they met Erica Ryan who would kidnap Brittany,
    pose as her in River's Edge and make love to Douglas. Erica was also Brittany's

    After a second kidnapping in Monte Carlo at Erica's hand, Douglas learned he
    had fathered a child with Erica the night they had sex. This fact, which he kept
    from his wife led to their divorce. Following his divorce Douglas left River's Edge
    and returned to work for his father in Watersdale. He stayed in touch with Megan
    and came face-to-face with Brittany when she enlisted his help in getting Brandi
    out of the country. Douglas has a broken engagement with his assistant and is
    now married to Caress Banning.
    Jonathan Russell
|        Series History: August 2001
    Douglas Richmond Jr.
|        Series History: 2001-2005; 2006; 2012
Represented By
Ty Treadway
Represented By
Melissa Archer
    Lizzie Russell
    Past Connections
  • Jonathan Russell (Husband)
  • Katie Russell (Daughter)
  • Rodney Russell (Son)
  • Emily Rose Garrett Bradshaw (Granddaughter)
  • Natasha Garrett Bradshaw (Friend)

    Character History

    A native of Oklahoma, Elizabeth "Lizzie" met her beloved husband in college and
    when they married she moved with him to River's Edge.

    Lizzie began a nursing career at St. John's where she worked up until her
    daughter Katie was born. She decided to stay at home until her children where
    in school. She then returned to work and it was there she formed her friendship
    Natasha Garrett Bradshaw who was a volunteer for the hospital at the time.

    In 2001, Lizzie's sister became ill and she moved with her family to Fairview, OK
    so that she could care for her. Lizzie and her husband dealt with their daughter's
    mental break when she kidnapped Rodney's biological daughter Emily
    Bradshaw. To this day Lizzie and Jonathan have not met their granddaughter.
|        Series History: 2001
Represented By
Dana Sparks
    Rodney Russell
    Past Connections
  • Jonathan Russell (Father)
  • Lizzie Russell (Mother)
  • Katie Russell (Sister)
  • Emily Rose Garrett Bradshaw (Daughter)
  • April Bradshaw (One Night Stand)

    Character History

    In high school Rodney truly had an ego the size of Texas. A football star who
    could have any girl he wanted in high school and did. After winning the Miss
    River's Edge pageant April Bradshaw became an object of his desire and he
    asked her out on a date following a football game. The two ended up having sex
    at the lighthouse and April soon informed him she was pregnant. Rodney
    however denied the claim that she was having his baby and kicked her out of his
    car at the lighthouse when she told him.

    Rodney soon left town with his family and only returned years after Emily was
    born. His sister Katie followed him and misinformed about the situation
    assumed that April was keeping Emily from her father. When Emily went
    missing April assumed Rodney was guilty, only to have it turn out that he had no
    idea that Katie had followed him. After Emily was returned Rodney agreed that it
    was best that Emily stay in River's Edge. He left town for a second time. His
    presence is currently unknown even though his sister resides in San Angelo
    and his parents still in Oklahoma.
|        Series History: 2001; 2005
Represented By
Brian Presley
    Erica Ryan
    Past Connections
  • Father Unknown
  • Andrea O'Keefe (Mother)
  • Brittany O'Keefe Pierce (Half-Sister)
  • Ryan O'Keefe (Half-Brother)
  • Dinah Richmond (Daughter)
  • Douglas Richmond Jr. (One Night Stand)

    Character History

    Erica Ryan grew up knowing that her mother didn't want anything to do with her.
    Raised by her grandparents Erica was the product of Andrea O'Keefe's one night
    stand with her janitor father. When Erica's father died it was his parents that took
    the tyke in leaving Andrea out in the cold.

    Despite being abandoned by her mother Erica still had a strong desire to find
    her and build a relationship with her. When Erica's half-sister Brittany moved
    from Watersdale her mother reached out to her. The two built a bond and
    hatched a plot to get rich.

    Erica followed Douglas and Brittany to Paris, where she kidnapped Brittany and
    posed as her in order to divorce Douglas and take him for half of what he was
    worth, including cash, stocks and his family enterprise. Brittany however
    escaped and Erica's plan exposed. A year later, Erica escaped and traveled to
    Monte Carlo where she took Brittany and Ryan hostage. She then revealed that a
    one night stand with Douglas while she was Brittany resulted in her pregnancy.
    Erica revealed her daughter. When Brittany gained control of the gun being used
    to hold them hostage she shot and killed her half-sister.
|        Series History: 2001; 2002
Represented By
Nancy St. Alban
    Hillary Watson
    Past Connections
  • Smoke Watson (Son)
  • Audrey King Pierce & Valerie Caldwell (Friends)
  • Amy Malone (Future Daughter-in-Law)

    Character History

    Hillary Watson arrived in River's Edge after the Governor appointed her to the
    bench of the River's Edge District Court. She came with her only son, who had
    survived a house fire that claimed the life of her husband years earlier, when
    Smoke was six years old.

    Hillary immediately became friends with fashion icon, Audrey King Pierce and
    encouraged her to stop complaining about her paralysis and get motivated to
    walk again. She also shared a mutual friendship with Jillian Malone Marshall, a
    woman by the name of Charlotte Dunphy. In addition, Charlotte knew a woman
    by the name of Renee Tyler who was in fact the presumed dead Valerie
    Caldwell. Hillary had employed Renee as her law clerk and when Renee
    returned to River's Edge with her memory Hillary helped her sneak around town

    Hillary left the bench following a motion from the District Attorney, Meredith
    Dobbins to have her removed from the case citing close personal contact with
    major players. Noting that she did have close ties to the case, she voluntary
    stepped down as the presiding judge and a day later submitted to the Governor
    her resignation. Hillary returned to Boston where she is a partner in one of the
    city's most notable firms.
|        Series History: 2003-2006
Represented By
Tracy E. Breggman
    Smoke Watson
    Past Connections
  • Hillary Watson (Mother)
  • Amy Malone (Engaged)
  • April Bradshaw (Former Girlfriend)
  • Jodi Bradshaw (Acquaintances)

    Character History

    Smoke Watson moved with his mother, Hillary to River's Edge when she was
    appointed The Honorable Judge Hillary Watson of the District Court in River's
    Edge. He enrolled at Southern Texas University and met April Bradshaw. On
    their first date Smoke learned that April had a baby and abruptly ended their
    date. Days later he went to April, apologized for the way he acted and asked for a
    second chance. She gave him one.

    Smoke grew to love April and following the death of her brother he wanted to be
    the rock she leaned on. He thought proposing to April would be what she
    needed despite her telling him that she did not want to get married. Smoke
    pushed anyway and April overheard him telling Angela that he planned to ask
    April to marry him. When April fled River's Edge, Smoke held out hope that she
    would return and when she did, she was diagnosed with DID and Smoke soon
    met Amber.

    Through her illness Smoke stood by April and didn't pressure her to marry him
    until he was sure she would be able to handle it. The next time he proposed
    April said yes. The stress of planning the wedding however allowed Amber to
    reemerge from integration and Smoke clearly saw that it was not April, however
    Amber was much more adventurous about the wedding and Smoke fell in love
    with her. On the day of the wedding, April took control and promptly stopped it.
    Smoke left River's Edge and now lives in NYC where he is engaged to Amy
|        Series History: 2003-2006; 2010
Represented By
Kyle Lowder
    Cassandra "Caress" Banning Richmond
    Past Connections
  • Douglas Richmond Jr. (Husband)
  • Dinah Richmond (Adopted Daughter)
  • Russell Banning Sr. (Father)
  • Felicia Garrett Banning (Mother)
  • Russell "RJ" Banning Jr. (Brother)
  • Madison Banning (Sister)
  • Natasha Garrett Bradshaw (Aunt)
  • Jered Bradshaw (Cousin, Deceased)
  • Amy Bradshaw (Cousin, Unknown)
  • April Bradshaw (Cousin)
  • Emily Rose Garrett Bradshaw (Second Cousin)
  • Douglas Richmond Sr. (Father-in-Law)
  • Katherine Richmond (Mother-in-Law)
  • Ethan Pierce (Former Crush)
  • Jaxson Hayes (Former One-Night Stand)
  • Casey Hudson (Former Lover)
  • Sabrina Davis Bradshaw (Enemey)

    Character History

    Caress is the eldest child of Russell Banning and Felicia Garrett Banning.
    Spoiled and pampered she first came to River's Edge in 2002 seeking legal
    assistance from her then uncle Andrew Bradshaw. Casey Hudson her former
    business partner and lover was suing her for sexual harassment. With Andrew
    MIA her aunt Natasha hired Jaxson Hayes to take her case. Caress developed a
    crush on the legal eagle and even though he was dating her cousin they had
    sex. Wanting to keep their relationship with Jodi protected Caress and Jaxson
    agreed to not mention their infidelities.

    In 2004, Caress was saved from a car explosion by Ethan Pierce and she
    developed an attraction to him. When Ethan assured her nothing would ever
    happen and that he loved his wife, Caress left town.

    She returned to New Haven and eventually married Douglas Richmond Jr.
|        Series History: 2002-2004; 2009; 2010; 2011
Represented By
Gina Tognoni
    Past Connections
  • Jake Marshall (Husband, Deceased)
  • Dr. Bradley Marshall (Son)
  • Dr. Jason Marshall & Dr. Joshua Marshall (Grandsons)
  • Amy Malone (Step-Granddaughter)
  • Valerie Caldwell Marshall (Former Daughter-in-Law)
  • Jillian Malone Marshall (Former Daughter-in-Law, Deceased)

    Character History

    Maxine Marshall lived in River's Edge with her husband Jake, a factory worker
    until his death. An educated woman she moved from Texas to Tampa, Florida
    where she taught Communications at The University of Tampa. She returned to
    River's Edge after her son Bradley married his second wife Jillian Malone.

    Maxine briefly taught Communications at Southern Texas University in River's
    Edge during her two-year stint. She competed with Pamela Bradshaw for the
    affections and attention of Travis McCarty and eventually lost out to Pamela when
    she married Travis.

    Maxine now lives in Miami, Florida where she teaches at a local community
Represented By
Kathlene Noone
Represented By
Marcy Rylan
    Past Connections
  • April Bradshaw (Multiple Personality)
  • Josh Denman (Lover)
  • Smoke Watson (Lover)

    Character History

    Following the death of her older brother April began to hear voices that
    encouraged her to accept the help she was being offered. When Smoke Watson
    proposed to April after she told him she was not ready to be married April finally
    accepted the help that she was being offered and Amber emerged.

    Amber traveled to Oakridge (Heart & Soul) where she settled for awhile. There
    she met Josh Denman who she had a one-night stand with. Amber recalled the
    name "Josh" as being April's best friend Josh Marshall and immediately pushed
    him away. Josh however broke through the walls Amber had put up and began
    to fall in love with her. When he discovered April's license he began to question
    who April and Amber really were.

    Josh convinced Amber who remained in control to stay with him in Oakridge and
    when John Sterling spotted Amber in town he immediately knew she was April
    Bradshaw and contacted her mother Natasha.

    Amber was eventually integrated with April and remained so until April's
    engagement with Smoke Watson. Amber reemerged and masqueraded as
    April. Smoke learned of Amber's reemergence but fell in love with her spirit and
    fullness of life. April was able to regain control before the wedding took place
    and after she left Smoke at the altar moved to Dallas where she went through
    integration for the second time.
|        Series History: 2005-2006; 2011
|        Series History: 2002-2006; 2009-Present
    Past Connections
  • Nicholas Pierce & Audrey King Pierce (Parents)
  • Justin Pierce & Ethan Pierce (Brothers)
  • Lewis Pierce (Half-Brother)
  • Miranda Pierce (Sister)
  • Brandi Brashears Pierce & Brittany Pierce (Sisters-in-Law)
  • Kenneth King (Maternal Grandfather, Deceased)
  • Eleanor King (Maternal Grandmother)
  • Patricia King (Aunt)
  • Angela Bradshaw & Megan Shirley (Friends)

    Character Profile

    The eldest daughter and second child of fashion moguls Nicholas and Audrey
    King Pierce, Savannah came to River's Edge in 2002 to be her tend to her
    wheelchair bound mother. She maintained a residence in both River's Edge and
    Palm Springs. In 2004, Sabrina Davis Bradshaw extended an offer to Savannah
    she couldn't refuse: anchor the evening newscast of KJRE with veteran news
    anchor Travis McCarty. Savannah left Palm Springs and made River's Edge her
    permanent home.

    Soon after assuming the job Savannah found herself entangled in a
    murder/rapist news story. Seven college age women had been found raped and
    murdered around the Southern Texas University campus. In April 2004,
    Savannah was taken hostage by the serial rapist/murder Derek Jordan at the
    KJRE station, along with Angela Bradshaw and Megan Shirley-Holloway. Derek
    had intentions of first raping each of them and then murdering the three women.
    During a brief moment when Derek didn't have control of the gun Megan
    grabbed it and shot him. In order to allow themselves to cope with the traumatic
    event all three women claimed they murdered Derek.

    After the hostage situation Savannah left KJRE and River's Edge. She worked for
    a time in Spokane, Washington where she hosted a morning news program. In
    2008 she moved to Las Vegas to co-host another morning news show. Here
    she met her boyfriend Preston Crawford.
Represented By
Laura Wright
    Savannah Pierce
|        Series History: 2002-2006; 2009-2011; 2012
|        Series History: 2002-2006; 2009-Present
  • Russell Banning Sr. (Father)
  • Felicia Garrett Banning (Mother)
  • Russell "RJ" Banning Jr. (Brother)
  • Cassandra "Caress" Banning Richmond (Sister)
  • Douglas Richmond Jr. (Brother-in-Law)
  • Natasha Garrett Bradshaw (Aunt)
  • Henry & Opal Garrett (Maternal Grandparents, Deceased)
  • Jered Bradshaw (Cousin, Deceased)
  • April Bradshaw (Cousin)
  • Amy Malone (Cousin, Unknown)
  • Jodi Bradshaw (Cousin, Non-Biological)

  • None

    Relationship Status
  • Single

    Previous Relationships
  • Marriages
  • None
  • Flings & Affairs
  • Unknown

    Misc. Relationship
  • Friends
  • Caress Banning Richmond
  • Enemies
  • Sabrina Davis Bradshaw

  • Fashion Merchandiser, King Fashion (2010-Present)
  • Assistant Designer, Elie Tahari (2008-2010)
  • Bachelors of Fine Arts, Fashion Institute Technology (2004-2008)

    Character Profile

    Madison Valentine Banning is the youngest daughter of Russell and Felicia
    Banning and the niece of Natasha Garrett Bradshaw. She attended college in
    New York City and was an assistant designer for Elie Tahari before coming to
    River's Edge to work for the prestigious King Fashion Design House as a
    fashion merchandiser. Upon her arrival in town she learned her father Russell
    was to marry Sabrina Davis Bradshaw. Having unresolved issues regarding the
    divorce of her parents Madison done everything in her power to stop the
    wedding. Eventually, she was successful as Sabrina ended her engagement
    and Russell left town.
Represented By
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Main Characters        |        Supporting Characters        |        Former Characters
Represented By
Peter Bergman
    Past Connections
  • Douglas Richmond Jr. (Son-in-Law)
  • Natasha Garrett Bradshaw (Former Sister-in-Law)
  • Cassandra "Caress" Banning Richmond (Daughter w/Felicia Banning)
  • Russell "RJ" Banning Jr. (Son w/Felicia Banning)
  • Madison Banning (Daughter w/Felicia Banning)
  • Dinah Richmond (Granddaughter, Adopted by Caress Richmond)
  • Sabrina Davis Bradshaw (Ex-Fiancé)
  • Felicia Garrett Banning (Ex-Wife)

    Character History

    Russell Banning Sr. grew up in New Hampshire and enjoyed a prestigious law
    career before entering the political arena as a New Hampshire State Senator,
    United States Senator and 2000 Republican Gubernatorial Candidate. Following
    the his defeat he entered the education field where he served as Manchester
    Community College President.

    Russell was the brother-in-law of Natasha Garrett Bradshaw as he was married
    to her sister Felicia. The couple divorced in 2006 and Russell moved to River's
    Edge to assume the role of President of Southern Texas University. He first met
    Sabrina Davis Bradshaw at a fund raiser for the college and began dating her.
    Eventually he proposed and she accepted.

    However his youngest daughter Madison took serious issues about his
    relationship with Sabrina and thought she was only with her father for his
    money. Russell and Sabrina's relationship came to an end after Madison cut
    Sabrina's wedding dress to pieces. He resigned his position at STU and left
    Russell Banning Sr.
|        Series History: 2009-2011
    Samuel "Sam" Clarkson
    Past Connections
  • Ryan O'Keefe (Ex-Boyfriend)
  • Joshua Marshall (Enemy)

    Character History

    Samuel "Sam" Clarkson is a native Las Vegas resident who worked as an flight

    Sam was first introduced in February 2010 when he met Ryan O'Keefe on a flight
    from River's Edge to Las Vegas. Ryan was going to Vegas for his best friend
    Megan's wedding to Gregory Holloway. After some initial flirting the two hit it off
    and spent the entire weekend in Las Vegas together.

    Sam and Ryan began a long distance relationship that had its fair share of
    problems - mainly the distance. On one occassion when Sam was supposed to
    come to River's Edge, but failed to make his flight Ryan got so drunk that his ex-
    boyfriend Josh had to come pick him up at a local bar. The two ended up having

    Sam's relationship with Ryan came to an end in February 2012 while in New
    York City for Brittany's fashion show. After having spent the night together, Sam
    witnessed Ryan kissing Josh. The next morning he ended his relationship with
    Ryan and left.
|        Series History: 2010-2012
Represented By
Brandon Beemer
    Madison Valentine Banning
|        Series History: 2011-2012; 2012
Represented By
Kate Linder
    Past Connections
  • Kenneth King (Father, Deceased)
  • Eleanor King (Mother)
  • Audrey King Pierce (Sister)
  • Nicholas Pierce (Former Brother-in-Law)
  • Justin Pierce & Ethan Pierce (Nephews)
  • Savannah Pierce & Miranda Pierce (Nieces)

    Character History

    The eldest daughter of Kenneth and Eleanor King, Patrica left home the day she
    turned eighteen years old. Patricia never expressed an interest in the fashion
    industry and thus her father paid little to no attention to her. In turn he flourished
    Audrey with his attention making Patricia hate her sister.

    The three time married and gambling addict returned to Los Angeles upon
    hearing about her mother's stroke in 2009. Having believed that Patricia was
    dead Audrey and Eleanor never mentioned her until her return.

    In early 2012, Patricia informed Nicholas that she had found papers in her
    father's belongings that indicated Kenneth and later Eleanor had paid Nicholas
    to stay married to Audrey. Also she found a codicil to Kenneth's will that gave
    Audrey and not her mother full ownership of King Fashion that was signed by
    Nicholas and a file about a mysterious Caroline who had ties to Nicholas. She
    blackmailed him for $5 million dollars. However, Nicholas only paid her $1
    million. Patricia took her leave and then showed the evidence that she had
    collected to Audrey, whom she tried to also blackmail. Audrey went along with
    the scheme, but informed law enforcement that Patricia was attempting to extort
    money from her and she was arrested.
    Patricia King Bishop Taylor Robbins
|        Series History: 2010-2012
    Maxine Marshall
|        Series History: 2004-2006
    Past Connections
  • Jillian Malone Marshall (Adoptive Mother, Deceased - 2005)
  • Andrew Bradshaw (Father, Unknown)
  • Natasha Garrett Bradshaw (Biological Mother, Unknown)
  • Dr. Bradley Marshall (Step-Father)
  • Sharon Bradshaw (Step-Mother, Unknown)
  • Phillip & Pamela Bradshaw (Paternal Grandparents, Unknown)
  • Henry & Opal Garrett (Maternal Grandparents, Unknown)
  • Jered Bradshaw (Twin Brother, Unknown - Deceased)
  • April Bradshaw (Sister, Unknown)
  • Jodi Bradshaw (Half-Sister, Unknown)
  • Kendra Logan Bradshaw (Step-Sister, Unknown)
  • Smoke Watson (Husband)
  • Jodi Bradshaw (Client / Friend)

    Character History

    Amy Malone was raised as the daughter of Jillian Malone and never knew who
    her biological father is. In reality, Amy Malone is truly Jodi Bradshaw the
    daughter of Andrew and Natasha Bradshaw. In August 1983, Natasha gave birth
    to Amy and days later Jillian, a scorned ex-lover of Andrew Bradshaw kidnapped
    both her daughter and Natasha's daughter. When Jillian returned the kidnapped
    babies, she returned the wrong baby to Andrew and Natasha.

    Following her mother's death Amy left River's Edge and moved to New York City
    where she know works as an editor for Double Day and is engaged to her
    unknown sister's former boyfriend Smoke Watson.
Represented By
Melissa Claire Egan
    Amy Malone Watson
|        Series History: 2001-2002; 2006; 2010; 2011
    Sharon Logan Bradshaw
    Past Connections
  • Rick Schatt (Father, Deceased)
  • Emma Schatt (Mother, Deceased)
  • Stephanie Schatt (Sister)
  • Craig Schatt (Brother)
  • Andrew Bradshaw (Ex-Husband)
  • Pamela Bradshaw McCarty (Former Mother-in-Law)
  • Travis McCarty (Former Step Father-in-Law)
  • Angela Bradshaw (Former Sister-in-Law)
  • Dr. Leslie Bradshaw Pierce (Former Sister-in-Law)
  • Kendra Logan Bradshaw (Daughter w/Mark Logan)
  • Jenna Logan (Daughter w/Mark Logan, Deceased)
  • Christopher Logan (Son w/Mark Logan, Deceased)
  • Jered Bradshaw (Former Step-Son w/Andrew Bradshaw, Deceased)
  • Jodi Bradshaw (Former Step-Daughter w/Andrew Bradshaw)
  • April Bradshaw (Former Step-Daughter w/Andrew Bradshaw)
  • Amy Malone (Former Step-Daughter w/Andrew Bradshaw, Unknown)
  • Emily Rose Garrett Bradshaw (Former Step-Granddaughter)

    Character History

    Sharon Bradshaw came to River's Edge in 1996 following the death of her
    husband Mark and two of her three children. She made the move with her
    youngest daughter Kendra. For her first several years in town Sharon not only
    worked for, but became close friends with Natasha Garrett Bradshaw and
    Brandi Brashears Pierce.

    In 2001, Natasha's ex-husband Andrew began dating and eventually proposed
    to Sharon. This caused an end to her friendship with both Natasha and Brandi.
    Soon after Sharon married Andrew she was diagnosed with breast cancer. As if
    that was not bad enough, Sabrina Davis Bradshaw made her way to River's
    Edge, claimed to be Andrew's wife and had him arrested for bigamy. Sabrina's
    arrival ignited a rivarlery between Sharon and Sabrina. In 2003, Sharon was put
    on trial for the murder of Clarissa Bryant. However it was later discovered that
    Holly Davis, Sabrina's mouth had framed her for the murder.

    Following the death of her step-son Jered, Sharon learned that she was once
    again suffering from breast cancer. She began an affair with Gregory Holloway
    that would eventually cause the downfall of her marriage.

    In 2012, Sharon learned she was once again suffering from breast cancer and
    left River's Edge.
|        Series History: 2001-2006; 2009-2012
Represented By
Jerry Douglas