Ethan Pierce       |        April 5, 1974      |        Series History: January 2002-2006; 2009-Present
Represented By
Trevor St.John
  • Nicholas Pierce (Father)
  • Audrey King Pierce (Mother)
  • Justin Pierce (Brother)
  • Lewis Pierce (Half Brother)
  • Savannah Pierce (Sister)
  • Miranda Pierce (Sister)
  • Kenneth King (Maternal Grandfather, Deceased)
  • Eleanor King (Maternal Grandmother)
  • Patricia King (Aunt)
  • Jim O'Keefe (Father-in-Law)
  • Andrea O'Keefe (Mother-in-Law)
  • Ryan O'Keefe (Brother-in-Law)
  • Brandi Brashears Pierce (Sister-In-Law)

  • None

    Relationship Status
  • Brittany O'Keefe Richmond Pierce (Married, 10/2006)

    Previous Relationships
  • Marriages
  • Brittany O'Keefe Richmond Pierce (Married, 10/2006-Present)
  • Dr. Leslie Bradshaw Pierce (Married, 2002; Divorced, 2004)
  • Flings & Affairs
  • Brittany O'Keefe Richmond Pierce (Engaged/Lovers, 2004-2006)
  • Caress Banning Richmond (Kissed, 2004)
  • Dr. Leslie Bradshaw Pierce (Engaged, 2002)
  • Brandi Brashears Pierce (Dated, 2002)
  • Kaitlyn Moore (Enaged/Lovers, 1998-2000)

    Misc. Relationship
  • Friends
  • Justin Pierce
  • Ryan O'Keefe
  • Enemies
  • None

    Crimes Committed
  • Assisted in Brandi Brashears Pierce Fleeing (2004)

  • Executive Vice President, King Fashion (1998-Present)
  • San Diego State University, Bachelors in Business Admin (1992-1996)
    Ethan Pierce        |        In-Depth Character History
    Ethan Joseph Pierce is the third child and second son of Nicholas Pierce and Audrey King Pierce. Born in 1974 he has
    an older brother Justin, two sisters Savannah and Miranda and one half-brother Lewis. Ethan never had the opportunity
    to know his paternal grandparents, however he shared a close bond with his grandfather Kenneth King and his
    grandmother Eleanor.

    Ethan obtained his Bachelors in Business Administration from San Diego State University in 1996 and spent the next two
    years traveling before he finally returned to Los Angeles in 1998 to start work in the family company. The same year he
    began dating Kaitlyn Moore an accountant from King Fashion. They became engaged in 1999 and were slated to marry
    on New Year's Eve of that year. However, she left Ethan at the altar and it was revealed that she had embezzled money
    from the company. In conjunction with declining sales in 1999 and the fact that his mother was unable to design a
    successful collection the Board of Directors, Eleanor, Nicholas and Audrey decided that a change needed to be made. A
    search committee begun searching for a new location for King Fashion headquarters. Sales had remained high in the
    southern region of the country and it was decided that the company would relocate to River's Edge, Texas.

    In December 2001, with the location in place Ethan moved with his parents and Justin to River's Edge. Upon their arrival
    Ethan and the entire family soon learned that Nicholas had begun having an affair months earlier when he was in River's
    Edge scouting out the location for the company. It was revealed that his mistress was Brandi Brashears. Ethan's mother
    made it clear to his father that she would not let him go without a fight and Brandi backed off. However, Brandi sat her
    sights on Ethan and they began seeing one another. After a family dinner with Nicholas, Audrey, Justin, Leslie Bradshaw,
    Ethan and Brandi - Brandi mistook Justin's bedroom for Ethan's and the two ended up having sex, all the while believing
    it was Ethan and not Justin. When the romp was later exposed Leslie ended her engagement to Justin and the Pierce
    brothers came to blows over Brandi. As the fight intensified between her sons, Audrey attempted to break it up and in her
    efforts became the victim. Audrey lost her balance, fell, and hit her head on the fireplace which rendered her comatose
    and later paralyzed. It was during Audrey's coma that her mother, Eleanor made a stunning gesture - she relinquished
    her 51% of King Fashion to Nicholas which made him the majority stockholder and CEO.

    Dr. Leslie Bradshaw who had been engaged to Justin ended her relationship and reached out to Ethan. When she
    expressed her fear that Audrey seek revenge on her for her role in all of this Ethan made her a promise - that he would
    not let that happen. In order to protect Leslie from his mother, Ethan married her in the chapel of St. John's.
Ethan Pierce
Represented by Winsor Harmon
Ethan Pierce
Represented by Trevor St. John
    What originally began as a marriage of convenience for Ethan and Leslie soon led to
    passion between them and they fell madly in love.

    In 2003, Caress Banning while driving on a country road had a car accident. Ethan who
    after a fight with Leslie was in the same area saw what had happened and he pulled
    her from the wreckage. Caress soon began developing feelings for the man who saved
    her in 2004 she kissed Ethan. When Leslie learned of this she sent Caress packing,
    straight out of town. When Ethan and Leslie tried to have a baby - she admitted to him
    that she had an abortion as a teenager. Ethan was mortified and said things that he
    would later come to regret, but the damage had been done and Leslie left town, filing for
    divorce on her way out.

    Ethan soon after developed a friendship with King Fashion designer and the recently
    divorced Brittany Richmond. The two bonded over work and their unlucky love lives.
    Ethan soon discovered Brandi Brashears' role in the death of Jered Bradshaw and
    conspired with Justin, Brandi and Brittany to help her flee the country. However, when
    Brandi turned herself over to authorities she never named Ethan or Brittany as

    In 2004, Ethan approached Brittany's brother Ryan and asked for his permission to
    marry his sister. Ryan gleefully approved and the two have developed a strong
    friendship since. Currently in 2012, Ethan is supporting Brittany's decision to try to have
    a baby despite the fact that she has been told it is incredibly dangerous to herself and
    an unborn baby to do so.