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    Natasha Garrett Bradshaw had since become Mayor of River’s Edge become a force to be reckoned with in business
    and in politics. On this night she wore a dark navy blue suit and she was calm, cool and collected. Brandi Brashears
    stood to her left in a red blazer and cream colored slacks.

    “I hope you know Natasha what I gave up to be here tonight with the both of you,” Brandi told her.

    “I don’t know what you gave up Brandi, so why don’t you tell me.”

    “I left Nicholas alone with Audrey, her mother Eleanor, Ethan and Leslie at my house. They’re having a dinner party to
    celebrate Eleanor’s arrival.”

    “Leslie is having dinner with Audrey? I hope that she doesn’t decide to poison the wine,” Natasha joked. “And if Audrey
    does poison the wine, you can thank me – since you’re here and not there to drink it.”

    “Good evening ladies,” the receptionist greeted them. “I’m Megan Shirley do you have a reservation?”

    “Yes it’s under Natasha Garrett Bradshaw.”

    “Actually they’re with me Megan,” Douglas came up behind them. “How are the two of you tonight?”

    “We’re doing fine Douglas,” Brandi responded. “Thank you.”

    Across the dining room, Dr. Bradley Marshall entered and stood in the lobby as Natasha, Brandi and Douglas took their

    “Good evening sir. Do you have a reservation?” Megan questioned.

    “Yes for Marshall.”

    “Bradley Marshall?” she questioned.

    “Yes that’s right. Is there a problem?”

    Megan shook her head, “No not at all. It’s just you’re the infamous Dr. Bradley Marshall is all.”

    “I am Dr. Marshall, but I wasn’t aware of the fact that I was infamous. What was your name young lady?”

    “Megan Shirley, I just moved to town and I’m getting to know everyone’s name. Your name and your reputation precedes
    you,” she smiled at him. “Right this way to your table doctor.”

    In the lounge of the club, Brittany stopped and looked into the dining room. “ Ryan I’ll be right back I see someone I need
    to speak with.”

    “You promised Brittany – no business tonight.”

    “I know and I’m so sorry. It will only take one minute I promise,” she assured him as she walked past the receptionist
    and straight to Bradley’s table – never once did she notice Douglas and his dinner party across the room.
    The shutting of the front door, caused Sharon to drop her reading and turn to foyer, “Andrew? Andrew answer me, please,
    is that you.”

    “Of course it is darling, who else would it be?”

    “It could have been Kendra,” Sharon replied. “She just called and wanted to know if she could come over and talk to us
    about something. I believe she said Jered would be with her. What happened at Sabrina’s? Please tell me she signed
    the divorce papers.

    “No she didn’t sign the papers,” Andrew replied. “I am beginning to think this is going to be a little harder than we
    originally thought.”
    Sharon seethed with anger, “Damn that little slut!” she said to herself as Jered and Kendra walked into the living room.

    “Is this a bad time?” Jered asked.
    “That’s classic Sabrina,” Andrew laughed at the notion. “Can you not think up something a little more original than that?”

    “You thinking I’m joking with you right now Andrew?” she questioned. “I am pregnant with your child and there is nothing
    you can do about it.”

    A sudden fit of rage over took him and Andrew suddenly reached down and grabbed Sabrina’s thin, tender wrists and
    slung her against the wall. “Oh there’s something I can do about it all right.”

    “Let go of me Andrew!” Sabrina warned him. “Because if you don’t I swear to God I’ll kill her Andrew, you know I will,” she
    threatened him.

    “If I let you go will you sign the damn papers Sabrina?” he asked her. “But either way – I know that you are not carrying my

    “Sign the papers? Hell no, I’m never going to sign those papers and let you go. Andrew you’re mine until death do us
    part…only death could cause me to part with you my beloved Andrew,” she whispered.

    He still had Sabrina pressed against the wall when a maid from the front desk opened the hotel suite door and saw the
    two of them. She looked for only a moment, closed the door and hurried off.

    Andrew released his grip on her and paced the floor. “Why won’t you sign the divorce papers Sabrina? Why are you still
    holding this horrible mistake of a marriage against me?

    Sabrina tossed her brown hair and screamed at him as she headed for the door, “Because maybe I don’t think our
    marriage was a mistake. No you get out Andrew and you take this disgraceful divorce settlement with you!”

    He yanked the papers from her hand and warned her, “You’re going to regret this little girl!”

    “I don’t think that I am Andrew. But you may very well regret ever meeting me. Because I can promise you the only way you’
    ll ever get rid of me – is by God’s hand alone.”
    “Hey Britt…it’s me,” Douglas told her voicemail. “Listen I know that we had dinner plans tonight, but I’m going to have to
    cancel. Listen just call me when you get this. I love you.”

    He slammed his phone down on the desk and reached up to finish tying his necktie.
    “What is this?” Sabrina asked as she took a drink that Clarissa Bryant Hayes had just poured for her.

    “Does it really matter?” Clarissa questioned. “It’s vodka and cranberry juice. Drink it…it will calm you down and since you’
    re not really pregnant with Andrew’s baby you’ll be fine.”

    “Shut up and don’t remind me that I’m not pregnant,” Sabrina snapped. “Did you see how he treated me tonight? He
    slammed me against the wall…I was utterly terrified. And you weren’t any help by the way.”

    “What would you have wanted me to do Sabrina? Burst out of the closet and blow both of our covers? You’re not the only
    bitch that has something to lose here you know!” Clarissa fired back at her. “Besides why the hell do you think the maid
    came up here when she did?”

    “You called her?” Sabrina asked.

    “Yes of course I did. Now listen to me…you have Andrew right where you want him. You need to make sure you sell this
    lie about you being pregnant.”

    “I know the plan Clarissa. I just…” she stammered, “Andrew isn’t stupid. He’s going to eventually catch on when I don’t
    start showing and he’ll want to see an ultrasound of the baby soon.”

    “Oh my God!” Clarissa rolled her eyes. “How many times do I have to tell you Sabrina to stop worrying about the minor
    little details?” she polished off her drink and slammed the glass down. “I have everything under control.”

    “Okay if you say so.”

    “I do say so,” Clarissa fired back. “Listen I have to go out and run some errands. Do you think you can sit here in your
    room and not leave until I get back?”

    Sabrina shook her head in agreement and stood up. “Do you think you could bring back something to eat? A pizza

    Clarissa grabbed her purse and headed for the door, “Yeah I can do that. Just remember – don’t answer the door for
    anyone Sabrina.”
    Writer's Commentary: When I write I need to have a very clear picture of what I'm writing. That includes who the
    characters are. Which is part of the reason why so many of the AON characters have been recast throughout the
    run of the series. That includes the character of Brittany O'Keefe Pierce. In the scene below a blond Heather Tom
    represented the role of Clarissa Bryant and now a brunette she represents the role of Brittany. Very Days of Our
    Lives of me I know!
    Nicholas, Audrey and Eleanor were sitting in the den when the ringing of the doorbell sounded through the house. “Well
    that must be your son and his trashy wife,” Audrey smirked across at Nicholas.

    “I’m warning you,” Nicholas told her as he stood up, “be on your best behavior or else Audrey.”

    “And if he hadn’t warned you Audrey, I certainly would be,” Eleanor sat her drink down. “Now you listen to me daughter…I
    will not have you sassing my grandson and his wife tonight, not one bit. This dinner is not about you, it’s about me. Do
    you understand?” she glared at her daughter. “I mean it Audrey, if you try anything you will answer to me.”

    “Hello ladies,” Ethan entered the living room with a smile and hug for his grandmother and mother. “I hope that you don’t
    mind we brought a few extra guests for dinner tonight. Grandmother this is my sister-in-law Angela Bradshaw and her
    boyfriend Chad Patterson.”

    “How do you do ma’am?” Angela shook his hands with Eleanor. “Ethan spoke very highly of you on the drive over. It’s a
    pleasure to meet you.”

    Angela looked across at Audrey and Leslie whispered in her ear, “Careful honey she bites.”

    “Audrey thank you for having us tonight,” Angela acknowledged and turned her attention to Nicholas. “Ethan tells me
    Nicholas that you finally made an honest woman out of Brandi Brashears. Is there any truth to that rumor?”

    “Of course there is Ms. Bradshaw,” Audrey interjected. “That rumor is completely truthful, my ex-husband to whom I was
    married to for thirty years put a knife right square in the middle of my back and on my deathbed not only conspired with
    my mother to steal my company, he divorce me and ended up marrying his whore,” Audrey announced. “And please let’s
    not discuss the rumor of how I ended up in this chair.”

    Before Audrey could continue Eleanor stood, “If everyone will please excuse us, my daughter and I have to speak in
    April looked from her address book to her cell phone, “Katie Russell…405-555-9191,” she whispered. She let out a deep
    breath and tried to stop her hand from shaking.

    “He has a right to know how Emily is doing,” she tried to justify calling Rodney’s sister.

    After four rings, she heard Katie’s voicemail and she told herself, “I just won’t do it.”

    “What are you not going to do April?”

    She spun around immediately and let out a few deep breaths, “Oh my God Jodi – don’t you ever do that again. You nearly
    scared me to death.”

    “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to,” Jodi replied. “Who were you calling just now?”

    April looked at her cell phone then to her address book and back at Jodi. “Mom’s out tonight for the first time since I
    brought the baby home and I was just a little worried.”

    Jodi shook her head and smiled, “You sister dear are a liar. I could always tell when you and Jered were lying about

    “I beg your pardon?” April questioned. “I’m not lying to you. Why would I lie to you?”

    “We’re sisters and I know these things April. Besides I told you not twenty minutes ago that I would be coming over to
    pick up some wedding magazines I left over her the other day. Don’t you remember? If you were worried about being by
    yourself, I will stay with you.”

    April turned from her sister and worked frantically to shove her address book and Rodney’s letter into her purse. “Yup you
    caught me Jodi,” she confessed. “I was just…I’m just having a bad night.”

    Jodi’s hand twisted around April’s arm and she spun her around as Rodney’s letter went floating to the floor, “What is
    going on with you April? Now, damn it I want you to talk to me,” she demanded, not noticing the fallen letter.

    Nothing is the matter with me, Jodi.” April replied bending over to retrieve the letter, “I just had a baby and I’m very moody,
    that’s all.”

    “What is that?”

    “It’s a letter Jodi and it’s none of your business so just leave me alone.”

    “Is Emily asleep?” Jodi asked.

    “Of course she is. Why?”

    “Because you and I are going to have a talk,” Jodi told her. “You’re keeping something from me and the last time you did
    that – you ended up running away from all of us and I’m not going to risk losing your again,” she assured her. “So you tell
    me what’s going on April and I pinky promise it won’t leave this room.”
    “I appreciate you doing these for me.” Bradley replied as he looked at the sketches, “They’re amazing, you have such a
    unique gift.”

    “Oh thank you,” Brittany blushed a little. “I’m just sorry that you won’t have the opportunity to share them with Natasha. I
    hope that you don’t hate me for what happened between the two of you.”

    He looked over a few more of the designs, “Well I can promise that I do not hate you Brittany. These dresses are amazing
    and you’re very talented. You know it’s been a real pleasure getting to know you over the last few weeks.”

    “Thank you…I feel the same way, she replied. “I do have one question though…if you don’t mind me asking…”

    In the lounge of the country club Ryan sat at the bar sipping a ginger ale and growing frustrated at his sister.

    “Hey there,” Megan smiled. “What are you doing here?”

    “Hey princess…” Ryan smiled at her. “Brittany and I were going to have dinner, but she apparently ran into a client and
    per her usual she’s taking forever.”

    “Ugh,” she frowned. “Well I’m about to go on break and get something to eat at the EDR. Do you want to go with me?”

    Ryan threw a five down on the bar and looked at his watch, “Yeah sure why not.”

    And as the two friends left, in the dining hall Pamela Bradshaw had arrived and put her personal issues with Natasha,
    Brandi and Douglas aside for the good of Phillip’s memorial.
    “It is never a bad time for you kids,” Sharon smiled masking her frustration over the Sabrina situation. “What’s on your
    minds tonight? Kendra said that you wanted to ask your father and I something.”

    Kendra looked at Jered, as Jered looked to Kendra.

    “Well speak up son!” Andrew told him. “It’s obvious by the way you two are looking at one another that something is going
    on. What it is?”

    “There’s this trip that Gabriella and Antonio are going on and they’ve asked Jered and I to go along with them,” Kendra
    shyly explained. “And we both really want to go, but we don’t have the money to cover it.”

    “What kind of trip are we talking about here? A road trip? A trip to San Antonio?”

    “It’s a cruise,” Jered answered. “There was a rep on campus selling them today and Gabriella picked up the information.
    Her dad wired her the money for her part of it this afternoon.”

    Sharon shook her head, “I’m sorry, but no, absolutely not Kendra. I can’t justify paying for a vacation right now for you
    when I’m already paying for your tuition and textbooks.”

    “How much is it per person?” Andrew asked ignoring Sharon’s objections. Jered handed his father the brochure which
    he read over quickly. “And I’m guessing that you’ll need a little spending money and gas money. You both meet me at the
    bank in the morning and I’ll take care of everything.”

    Kendra looked at her mother and then to Andrew, “Are you sure?”

    “No,” Sharon interjected. “Now Andrew…I told Kendra that we don’t have the money right now to send her…God only
    knows where.”

    “And I say that we do,” he told her. “Besides I think the two of them going out of town on a vacation with their friends is a
    good idea Sharon.” Andrew took Kendra by her arm, “Come on I’ll walk you both out and don’t worry about your mother,”
    he whispered to his step-daughter, “I’ll deal with your mother.”

    Sharon stood fuming and as the minutes ticked by the angrier she became with her husband.

    “How dare you defy me in front of my own daughter,” she fired at him as soon as he walked back in to the room. “I stood
    right here and told that I didn’t have the money to send her on a vacation and what do you do – override me like my
    opinions do not matter.”

    “We have the money to send our children on a vacation Sharon,” he told her. “Now drop it – it’s done.”

    “No it is done and I will not drop it Andrew. That maybe how you and Natasha raised your children, handing out money left
    and right as if it were candy, but I did not raise Kendra that way.” As she crossed the room she felt her boiling point slowly
    rise and she grabbed her purse. “I honestly wonder sometimes Andrew if you understand me, because right now I don’t
    think that you do,” she hissed at him.

    “Where are you going Sharon?” he called out to her.

    “I’m not sure,” she jerked around. “But I know for damn sure that I am not staying here.”
    “You don’t think we’re a little old to be pinky swearing?” April asked in much a more calm tone. “And everyone is right –
    I've made a mess of not only my life, but…”

    “But the life of Emily’s father too?” Jodi finished her sentence.

    April shook her head, “Yeah. I just found out tonight that he doesn’t want anything to do with our daughter. I haven’t even
    tried to call him and tell him that he has a daughter,” tears swelled up in her eyes. “I am such a horrible person.”

    “You are not a horrible person April,” her sister assured her. “If Emily’s father wanted to be here and be a part of her life
    then he would be. But you have to tell Bradley that Emily is his granddaughter, for everyone’s sake.”

    April wiped her face and questioned, “Bradley? Why would I tell Bradley that Emily is his granddaughter?”
    “Because she is,” Jodi stated. “Emily’s father is Josh Marshall isn’t he?”

    Jodi opened her arms and embraced Lizzie Russell in a huge hug, “You don’t know how good it is to see you Mrs.
    Russell. How are Rodney and Katie?”

    “Oh they’re doing splendid Jodi. I’ll make sure to let them know you asked about them. But tell me how’s your sister
    doing? It seems that is all Rodney can talk about these days is April and her pregnancy. I didn’t realize they were such
    good friends.”

    “April…” Jodi suddenly realized the truth. “April is Rodney Russell the father of your daughter?” she asked and realized in
    that moment if that were the truth it would change their entire family.

    She said nothing, because she didn’t have to. The tears fell from her eyes quicker and faster than they had earlier. It was
    a relief for the truth to come out and April felt a weight lift from her shoulders.

    “Look at me and answer my question April Dawn,” Jodi demanded. “Is Rodney Russell Emily’s father or not? And don’t
    lie to me.”

    “I am not going to lie you and stop thinking that every word that comes out of my mouth is a lie Jodi,” April fired back at
    her. “Yes – Rodney is Emily’s father. And you listen to me…you will not breath a single of word of this to anyone else. You
    promise me on our relationship, you won’t tell another person.”

    “April I can’t do that. He has a legal right to know about his daughter. I cannot even believe that you would deny him that

    “This is not your decision to make,” April assured her. “You have no idea what Rodney does or does not know Jodi. Emily
    is my daughter and as such I will decide if and when she learns who her father is.”

    “I cannot believe how stubborn you are being right now April. What kind of mother are you keeping that little girl from her

    “And you sister dear…” April came across the kitchen, “are being even more sanctimonious and self-righteous than
    usual. I have told you once and pray I don’t have to tell you a second time Jodi – she is my daughter and I will be the one
    to decide if and when she learns who her father is. Now this conversation is over – unless, you happen to be the one
    who Rodney through out of his car like a piece trash when she told him she was pregnant,” April fired at her.

    Jodi stood in complete and utter shock. She dare not speak another word.

    “I didn’t think so,” April added. “Not another word from you Jodi. I have made my decision, it is mine to make and it is final.
    Don’t you dare…say a word about Emily’s father ever or you will regret it sister.”
    “I have had it with you,” Eleanor slammed the door behind her. “I raised you better than this and if I didn’t then we both
    know your father did,” she shouted. “My God you would think it would kill you to be just even the slightest bit gracious out
    there to your guests.”

    “I refuse to be gracious to the woman who helped put me in this chair and her sister.”

    “Oh dear God Audrey…why must you continue to be so naïve about all of this?” Eleanor questioned. “Brandi and Leslie
    may have played a role in your accident, but they are not completely to blame. Your own sons contributed in putting you in
    that wheelchair.”

    “That was an accident. Justin loves me mother, he is my son and he would never hurt me.”

    “And you think that Ethan would? Those two boys fought one another. It was not some twisted scenario that you would
    like to believe that absolves Justin of any wrongdoing. Audrey you are an honest to God idiot and because I’m your
    mother I can call you that.”

    Eleanor locked Audrey’s wheelchair and placed her arms around her daughter’s waist. “Mother what the hell do you think
    you’re doing?” Audrey asked as Eleanor dropped her on the bed.

    “It’s time that you rested for a bit…for all of our sake’s,” Eleanor smiled. “Good night sweet girl.”

    “You’re leaving me here? I can’t move old woman.”

    “Yes well I’m very sorry about that,” Eleanor lied. “To think if only your beloved Justin or one of your other children were
    here…oh wait…Ethan is. I suppose it’s a shame that you blame him for your accident.”

    “I get what you’re doing mother,” Audrey told her. “Now let me up.”

    “Good night Audrey. Mommy will check on you in the morning. Sweet dreams…”
    “Excuse me, Mayor Bradshaw.”


    “Lee Gibson with The Weekly Edge – could I get a picture of you and your dinner party for the paper?”

    “That is a splendid idea.” Pamela smiled, “This will be wonderful publicity, lets the whole city know that we have not
    forgotten about Phillip.”

    “How about up front, by the water fountain how does that’s sound Mayor Bradshaw?”

    “It sounds picture perfect.” She smiled as the foursome took their spots next to the fountain, a few shots later; the group
    was breaking up when Douglas looked to the back of the dining hall, sitting next to the window.

    “Okay, so I’ll stop in later this week and you can recommend an OBGYN?” Brittany asked Bradley.

    “Of course it would be my pleasure,” he smiled. “I want to thank you for all the work that you did on the wedding dress
    designs,” Bradley handed her a check. “For you and all your hard work. It was greatly appreciated.

    “Oh Bradley, no I couldn’t.”

    “I insist. No matter what happened between the four of us, you and I are going to remain friend, no matter what,” he
    leaned across the table and lightly kissed on the cheek.

    “You get away from her.” Douglas Richmond demanded, making his presence know.

    “Douglas what are you doing here?” Brittany asked.

    “I was just about to ask you the same question. What’s going on here Brittany or should I assume it is what I think it is?”

    “Natasha what is going on over there,” Pamela hissed. “There are reporters crawling all over this place and your city
    councilman is making a scene with Dr. Bradley Marshall. I want you to stop this and stop it now Natasha!”

    She quickly made her way over to Bradley’s table. “Douglas perhaps we should just go and you can deal with this issue
    later,” she cut her eyes at Bradley. “Remember why it is we’re here in the first place.”

    “I think the Mayor is right,” Brittany chimed in, “for once. This is not the time, nor is it the place Douglas.”

    “See that’s where I think you’re wrong,” Douglas told her. “I think right here and right now is the perfect time and place for
    me to finally see you for the woman you are – her mother’s daughter – a scheming gold digging whore…”

    Brittany without thinking flung her hand across Douglas’s face, “How dare you! I am your wife!”

    Bradley stepped up, “That’s no way to talk to a lady, let alone your wife.”

    “Hey why don’t you mind your own business buddy,” Douglas told him. “From what I’ve heard you couldn’t even keep your
    wife happy, she went looking for it all over town.”

    “That is quite enough out of you Councilman Richmond,” Pamela announced. “Quite enough,” she repeated. “Natasha I
    told you to fix this and so far you’re not doing a very good job of it.”

    “You had better watch yourself buddy…” Bradley warned.

    Brittany turned to Douglas and saw the anger in his eyes and she knew what he was about to do. “Douglas don’t you do
    it,” she warned him and stepped between her husband and Bradley.

    Brittany felt Douglas’s fist to her face, the fist that was meant for Bradley and the impact of the punch sent her stumbling
    backwards…causing her to lose her footing just as Ryan and Megan returned to the dining room – in time to see his
    sister’s fragile, thin body crashing through the glass window of the country club.
All Or Nothing
Episode 61: Life Shattering Events
Original Posting Date: August 18, 2003
Writer's Commentary & Reposting Date: June 30, 2012
Previously on All Or Nothing
Season Three...Are You Ready?
    Writer's Commentary: So in rereading this episode I had to take a moment to think about why Andrew was being so
    mean and ruthless with Sabrina and then it dawned on me - Sabrina was never meant to be a long term character
    and she was certainly never meant to be the leading female character she is. During the Sabrina/Andrew scenes
    it's important to note that Sabrina was marked for murder, but fans outcry and love for the character saved literally
    saved her life. Spoiler Alert: Someone had to die - so long Clarissa!

    Leslie Bradshaw Pierce poured herself a glass of white wine and then thought aloud, “Probably not the best idea,” she
    laughed and poured it down the sink.

    “Leslie?” Ethan called out as he came through the front door of the Riverside apartment. “Are you here?”

    “Hey honey,” she smiled. “How was your day?”

    “It was fine and yours?” he took notice of the dining room – dimly lit lights, soft jazz playing and candles on the table.
    “What’s going on here a private party for two?”

    She kissed his cheek, “A private party for two…or four…” Leslie smiled nervously. “My sister and her new boyfriend are
    coming over for dinner. I hope you don’t mind.”

    “Oh…” he replied a little less enthusiast than before. “Any other night I would be thrilled to have your sister over, but I told
    my dad that we would come over for dinner tonight. My grandmother Eleanor is in town.”

    “And I’m sure that your mother is going to be there as well?” Leslie asked. “I have no problem with you going over there to
    see her and have dinner with her, but don’t expect me to go with you. I have no desire to go to your mother’s house to
    have dinner and make conversation with her like everything is all right.”

    “Leslie…” he sighed.

    “Don’t you Leslie me,” she told him. “Your mother’s hatred for me grows every single day and I will not subject myself to
    that unnecessary torture. Especially now that we’ve decided to try and have a baby.”

    “Leslie I know that you don’t like my mother and I understand your reasoning, but tonight is not about her. It’s about my
    grandmother. You know that she was always fond of you and she just wants to see you again. Brandi is going to be there
    and it could go a long way in mending fences between the two of you.”

    “I knew that would come back to haunt me one way or another,” she teased. “All right fine I will go to dinner – but just to
    see your grandmother. But what I am supposed to tell Angela?”

    “Tell her to come over to dad’s for dinner,” Ethan suggested. “I am sure there will be plenty for your sister and her
    “Emily just went down for the night, “April Bradshaw explained to her sister over the phone. “Okay Jodi I’ve written down in
    my planner – you and me are going to look at floral arrangements tomorrow. I’ll see you then…love you too.”

    April hung the phone and walked over to Emily’s crib. She looked down at her baby who had just finally dozed off minutes
    earlier after putting up a pretty noteworthy fight.

    “My God Emily…” she sighed, “you are beautiful.”

    She walked away from the crib and to the bookcase in her bedroom. She pulled out her yearbook from her junior year of
    high school and settled into the reclining rocking chair that Angela and Chad had purchased for her. She flipped through
    the pages of the annual, the black and white pictures staring back up at. A few she smiled back, a few she frowned at
    and then she saw his picture – Rodney Russell.

    April ran her fingers over the page and thought to herself, “Oh you silly girl,” she told herself and without thought tossed
    the book on floor, causing both a loud thump and a small letter to fall out.

    She quickly checked on Emily to make sure she was still sleeping and then retrieved from the floor the letter that was
    folded evenly four ways and had her name in blue ink on the first fold.

    “April,” she began to read softly to herself. “I honestly hope that this letter will find you and the baby happy and healthy. I
    know that I should tell you that I am sorry for the way that I treated you, but the truth is that I don’t want to lie to you
    anymore. The truth is I hope that you know how sorry that I am and that you are ten times the person that I will ever be.
    Please forgive me for everything that I have done to you and take care of our baby. Rodney.”

    April wadded the letter in her fist and felt hot tears run down her face.
    Writer's Commentary: April's scenes pick up soon after Emily was born. It's crazy to think of how old that character
    is now in present day. One of the most unexplored storylines in AON history is that of Emily's father - Rodney
    Russell and his relationship with April. Who knows maybe I'll be exploring that very soon.
    Writer's Commentary: It was so weird to be writing the latest episode of AON while reworking this episode because
    you see how far the characters have come. Bradley is having wedding dresses designed for Natasha, who just in
    present day ended her relationship with Nicholas who at this time was married to Brandi who would be responsible
    for Jered's death - THIS IS WHY I LOVE A SOAP OPERA!
    Writer's Commentary: Thanks for reading this vintage episode of "All Or Nothing" - To date I have been able to
    recover Episodes 21-40; Episodes 61-92 and Episodes 101-120 of the series. It's my hope to revamp and retool all
    of these episodes and get them published along with publishing new content. Please sound off in the AON Forum on
    what your thoughts are regarding the Vintage Episode w/Writer's Commentary collection!
    Writer's Commentary: In early 2006 the original AON website was hacked. During the rebuild (from the ground up) I
    learned things about the characters that I had forgotten over the years and I feel the same thing is happening with
    these old episodes. This next scene made me fall back in love with April Bradshaw. More times than not I look at
    Jodi as a leading female character and April as a supporting, however with this scene that may soon change.