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    “Have you seen this?” Leslie tossed to her husband a copy of the newspaper. “Your mother I think has finally crossed a
    line and that’s saying a lot for her.”

    “And what exactly makes you so sure that my mother is responsible for leaking these pictures to the press?” Ethan

    “Really?” Leslie sighed. “You can’t be serious right now Ethan. You and your brother are so wrapped up with your mother
    that you no longer can see straight where she’s concerned.”

    “All that I’m saying is anyone could have found these pictures and leaked them in. Hell for that matter anyone could have
    taken them and leaked them.

    “Yes and hell could be cold, but we both know that’s not the case. Audrey is responsible for leaking those pictures of your
    father and Brandi. I know it and anyone with common sense will know it.”

    Ethan shook his head, “Let’s say that my mother did somehow manage to get the newspaper to print these pictures –
    what I’m more curious to know is why you’re defining Brandi.”

    “Because we both have something in common – the fact that Audrey King Pierce hates us both and would do anything in
    her power to ruin our lives.”

    “Okay well you do have a point,” Ethan conceded.

    “Of course I do,” Leslie smiled and took the paper from Ethan. “Now let us stop talking about Brandi, your mother,
    newspapers and talk about us,” she smiled as she maneuvered her way onto Ethan’s lap.

    “Well I certainly like the direction that this going,” he said in between kisses.

    Leslie ran her fingers through Ethan’s hair and returned the kisses. “I’ve been thinking a lot lately about you and
    me…how we were thrown together and yet we beat the odds and fell madly in love with one another,” she paused and
    looked into his eyes. “I feel safe from everything when I’m with you Ethan. I love so much and I want...” she paused to

    “What? What do you want Leslie?”

    “A baby,” she answered. “I want to have a baby with you Ethan.
    “You want a straight answer?” April smirked. “Well gee mother thank you for having confidence in me that I wouldn’t give
    you one in the first place.”

    “April this is something that we cannot take lightly. In less than a week your entire life is going to change. I hope that you
    realize that,” Natasha told her. “Honey you’re having a baby and that means so much more responsibility for you.
    Especially for someone who’s as young as you are.”

    “Yes mother I understand that. Have you forgotten about that horrible teen mother boot camp that Pamela sent me to?
    Because I haven’t,” she assured her mother. “They drilled into my head the concept of more responsibility to the point I
    will never forget it! And don’t you dare even bring up the topic of adoption or I’m going to go off on you,” April promised her.
    “I am not giving away my baby.”

    “That’s not my intent April,” Natasha assured her daughter and took her hand in hers. “I would never ask you or suggest
    to you that you give away your baby. What I need to know sweetheart, what I must know is who the father of the baby is,”
    she told her.

    A look of horror came over April’s face and she questioned, “The father?” She closed her eyes tightly, turned away from
    her mother and thought back to that day nine months earlier at the lighthouse.

    “April? Say something honey,” Natasha pleaded with her and then suddenly her mind started to run away with potential
    scenarios. “Oh my God April…were you raped?”
    “What are you doing Brandi?” Nicholas asked as he shut the door of their bedroom behind him.

    “It’s not obvious? I’m packing my things because I’m leaving you Nicholas. You’ve made your views where Audrey and
    King Fashion are concerned extremely crystal clear to me and to your ex-wife.”

    Nicholas walked over and put his hand on Brandi’s shoulder and beamed, “But you’re pregnant.”

    “Yes that’s right,” she jerked away from him. “The doctor confirmed it a few weeks ago and I was just waiting for the right
    moment to tell you. But my pregnancy will not be an excuse for me to stay in this marriage.”

    “Never mind any of that,” Nicholas told her. “I’m ecstatic…over the moon that you’re going to have a baby. God this is
    such wonderful news!”

    “It is,” she replied, “for me. But not for you Nicholas. I don’t intend to stand around and watch as you bend to every wind to
    please that bitch you call your ex-wife just so you can keep control of that damn fashion house. Because if that’s what I
    have to look forward to for the next twenty years, then baby you can count me out!”

    “Brandi please don’t go,” Nicholas pleaded with her. “I don’t want you to go.”

    “Well then prove it to me Nicholas. Until then I’ll be at the Southern River,” she said coldly and walked out of their
  • Audrey paid the local newspaper to print pictures of Nicholas and Brandi having sex on the front page.

  • April and Jodi reached an agreement regarding the coffeehouse and April agreed to her sister's maid-of-honor.

  • Believing Bradley was having an affair with Brittany Richmond, Natasha ended her relationship with him.

  • Hillary Watson arrived in River’s Edge.

  • Brandi left Nicholas, but not before she revealed to him that she was pregnant.

  • Natasha demanded honest answers from April about her pregnancy.
    “Do you have any other questions for me Ms. Davis?” Meredith Dobbins, the District Attorney inquired as she began to
    gather her belongings.

    “I don’t think that I do,” Sabrina replied. “I just hope that everything goes as we’ve planned on Monday. I ain’t been inside
    a big, fancy courtroom before,” she finished, her Oklahoma accent clearly audible.

    “I’ve never…” Meredith corrected. “And there is nothing to worry about Sabrina. I predict that once Andrew and his team of
    lawyers see the deal that my office is proposing he’ll jump on it.”

    Sabrina nodded her head, “Whatever you say Ms. Dobbins. You’re the expert here.” As Meredith was about leave Sabrina
    stopped her, “Oh I do have one more question though.”


    “The laws…here in Texas at least…consider Andrew to be my husband correct?”

    “Yes. Under Texas law you are Andrew’s wife and he is your husband.”

    “Okay…so if Andrew doesn’t take that deal of yours, then I don’t have to testify against him if I don’t want to is that right?”

    It suddenly dawned on Meredith Dobbins that Sabrina Davis Bradshaw was not as she had originally suspected as
    dumb as she looked. “Legally under the law you’re not required to testify against your husband, that’s correct. But I will
    advise you right now that if at some point if I feel you taking the stand will uphold the letter of the law and since you did
    come to me with these bigamy allegations that if necessary I will compel you to testify Ms. Davis-Bradshaw.”

    “Okay,” Sabrina answered. “I won’t disappoint you Meredith I promise.
    “Mother!” April sighed. “What else is there that you want to discuss? Do you want to hear about where and when and how
    Rodney and I had sex? Or would you like to hear about him calling me names and then abandoning our child? I can tell
    you how I thought I could trust Josh and then I’ll finish that story up with how he abandoned me too.”

    “That’s not what I want April.”

    “Then what do you want? I made a mistake and I’m learning to live with it.”

    “Having a child is never a mistake April. It’s a blessing,” Natasha assured her.

    “A blessing? Maybe to someone who’s not seventeen years with a GED,” she fired at her mother on the verge of tears.
    “My child isn’t going to have a father. It’s already been dealt a horrible blow and she’s not even been born yet. Maybe that
    woman at DHS was right, maybe I’m not fit or ready to have a baby.”

    “You stop that talk right now April,” Natasha demanded. “Maybe your life hasn’t turned out as you’d planned but you come
    from a long line of strong and capable women.”

    April took a deep breath and smiled at her mother. “You think I’m going to make it?”

    “Oh you better believe that I do. This child will have more love than any child has ever had April. I admire you for having the
    courage to do this at your age. It seems as though you’ve known all along what you needed, more so than any of us. I’m
    sorry for putting my issues with your father ahead of you and siblings. I’ll never allow another man to come between me
    and my children ever again, I promise you that.”

    “Mom…don’t be so hard on yourself,” April replied. “You are a remarkably caring and giving mother. A little push every
    now and then,” she laughed, “but I love you a lot! And I only come from a long line of strong and capable women because
    that’s the only thing you’ve ever taught us. You did an outstanding job as my mother,” she smiled. “And if I’m half the
    woman you are, well then watch out world.”
    Douglas and Brittany walked side-by-side one another in the park. They were both silent as the heat of the Texas sun
    beat down on them. Sweat beads slowly began to roll down Brittany’s back.

    She finally broke the silence and questioned, “What is it that you want Douglas? Honestly I am in no mood to be out here.”

    “Why’s that Brittany? Do you have with Bradley Marshall?”

    She stopped mid-step and looked him directly in the eyes. “You know what I don’t need this from you right not and this is
    hardly the place to even try to start something with me,” she informed as she turned to leave.

    “Oh that’s it Brittany…just runaway when the questions get too tough to answer.”

    She turned back to her husband, “First of all I’m not running away, I’m walking away from someone who’s asked me an
    asinine question. Second, I won’t stand here and dignify your immature question with an answer. I’m done listening to
    your crap Douglas. If you think that I honestly cheated on you with Bradley Marshall then you are not the same man that I
    fell love with,” she paused to shake her head. “You are certainly not the same man that I left my family for. I’ve already told
    you once and by count, that is one to many times, that nothing happened between Bradley and me. We were having a
    business meeting, but you seem to want to believe the word of another woman, that you barely even know. What does
    that say about you Douglas? Don’t bother to come home or stop by my office or even try to call me until you are able to
    listen to reason. I promise you, I swear to God, on our entire relationship that nothing, nothing happened with Bradley.
    Brandi looked up at the woman, “I’m sorry do I know you?”

    “No you don’t. But I know of you,” the woman said as she cut her eyes to the newspaper. “May I sit?”

    “By all means,” Brandi gestured to the empty chair across from her. “Brandi Brashears Pierce,” she introduced herself.
    “And you would?”

    “Hillary Watson.”

    “Oh!” Brandi said in a tone of surprise. “As in the Honorable Hillary Watson?”

    “Yes Councilwoman,” Hillary assured her.

    “Well I highly doubt that you’re here to read me the riot act over my sexual indiscretions. So what is it that I can do for you

    “May I call you Brandi?” Hillary asked as her conversation partner shook her head yes. “I don’t know you from anyone else
    in this hotel,” she picked the newspaper up, “so it’s certainly not my job, here at least, to pass judgment on you. I just
    wanted to let you know that when I look at these pictures, I don’t see a woman in perpetual heat as they would suggest.”

    “Oh? And what is it that you see?”

    Hillary stood, “I see a woman in love with the man in those pictures,” she smiled. “If you’ll excuse me I have a meeting. It
    was a pleasure to meet you Councilwoman. I hope we’ll see one another again very soon.”
    Outside of River’s Edge a few miles, alongside Highway 51, Claire Holland Monroe stood and looked out across a large
    open and overgrown field. An unusually soft, heavy breeze swept through the field and hit her across the face – it was a
    welcome relief from the torturing Texas sun.

    Her mind was focused and her eyes locked on a rundown, vacant two bedroom cabin that she knew as her childhood
    home. The things that happened inside those four walls sent a cold, sharp and chilling shiver down her back and as she
    tried to look away, she couldn’t.

    “I’ve come this far…” she told herself. “Pamela needs to know the truth once and for all.”
All Or Nothing
Episode 63: My Child
Original Posting Date: July 23, 2003
Reposting Date: December 2, 2012
Previously on All Or Nothing
    “Anyone home?” Bradley asked as he tapped on Brittany’s office door.

    “Bradley,” she smiled. “Come on in. I’m not sure if you should be here though, Audrey doesn’t like clients to be here on
    the weekends.”

    He shook his head, “Right. I won’t stay long. I just wanted to stop by and see if Douglas grilled you the same way
    Natasha did me.”

    “Well he accused me of having an affair,” Brittany faced showed her pain and she turned away from him. “He didn’t even
    allow me the chance to explain.”

    “Brittany I’m so sorry. I just can’t help but think that somehow this is my fault. I should have never met with you outside of
    your office hours.”

    “No. Douglas and Natasha are wrong about what they think is going on. We are grown adults and should we want to
    have dinner with another as friends or business associates then so be it,” she told him. “I do not intend to be in a
    marriage with a man who thinks that he can dictate to me who my friends are and who I have dinner with.”

    “Well that maybe the case, but I love Natasha and I know how much you love Douglas.”

    “So what you’re saying then is because we love them that we shouldn’t be friends? That we can’t have casual dinner and
    conversation without the fear of them wondering what could happen?” Brittany stared across the room at Bradley and
    stated, “If our significant others cannot trust us, then they must not really love us.”

    “I think they’re doing this Brittany because they do love us,” Bradley concluded. “I should probably get going.”

    “Do you want the sketches for the gown?” she asked and he said nothing else as he closed the door behind him.
    “There’s nothing in the classified section today that would work around my college schedule,” Megan Shirley sighed as
    she tossed the local newspaper on the table and sipped her cappuccino.

    “Well at least that’s entertaining,” Ryan pointed to a picture of Brandi and Nicholas on the front page of the paper.

    “That’s filth Ryan. Someone should teach that reporter a lesson,” Megan replied as she gazed across the coffeehouse
    and thought about her job options.

    “Jered has your mother seen this yet?” Antonio Marzetta questioned.

    “Not sure buddy,” Jered replied. “I haven’t been home yet this morning. I stayed at my dad’s house last night.”

    “Don’t you get tired of bouncing from one house to the other?” Ryan asked.

    “It definitely gets old that’s for sure,” Jered told him.

    “Then you should do something about it man,” Antonio told him. “Living at home is great, but I like to come and go as I
    please and that is something my mother doesn’t understand.”

    Jered shook his head in agreement, “That gives me an idea. I have my friend, I have plan.”
April Bradshaw
Represented by Adrienne Frantz

Natasha Garrett Bradshaw
Represented by Melody Thomas Scott

Brandi Brashears Pierce
Represented by Beth Ehlers

Nicholas Pierce
Represented by Jerry verDorn

Dr. Bradley Marshall
Represented by Thorsten Kaye

Brittany O'Keefe Richmond
Represented by Jennifer Finnigan

Megan Shirley
Represented by Erin Hershey Presley

Ryan O'Keefe
Represented by Justin Hartley

Dr. Leslie Bradshaw Pierce
Represented by Martha Byrne

Ethan Pierce
Represented by Windsor Harmon

Douglas Richmond Jr.
Represented by Scott Reeves

Meredith Dobbins
Represented by Lesli Kaye

Sabrina Davis Bradshaw
Represented by Rebecca Budig

Hillary Watson
Represented by Tracey E. Bregman

Clarie Holland Monroe
Represented by Susan Flannery

Josh Hawkins
Series Creator & Executive Producer
    “Raped?” April questioned. “Mother! Oh my God! No I was not raped.”

    Natasha released a sigh of relief, “Then you had sex of your own accord?” she questioned.

    “I’m not having this conversation with you. Clearly if I wasn’t raped or attacked, then yes it was of my own accord,” April
    declared. “I need to go work on the nursery. If you’ll excuse me.”

    “I won’t excuse you April. I want you to stop right there young lady. You and I are going to have this conversation whether
    you like it or not.” Natasha stepped towards her daughter and with her razor sharp words said, “I have a right to know who
    the father of my grandchild is. Don’t you deny me that privilege April Dawn.”

    “And don’t you push me into doing something that I clearly do not what to do mother. All you or anyone else for that matter
    needs to know is that I am going to deliver a healthy and beautiful baby.”

    “So you don’t care about the rest of us or what we want is that what you’re saying April?”

    “I came back to River’s Edge because I love my family and I respect all of you. Why can’t you do the same thing for me?”

    “Because I am your mother and I have a right to know April. Please just tell me who the father of your baby is,” Natasha
    begged as she looked at a picture of Bradley and herself across the room.

    The limo slowly made its way down Natasha’s road, “I heard from Josh a few days before we left,” Bradley told her.

    “You did? Why didn’t you tell me Bradley? Did he say anything about April?” she questioned.

    “April…is Joshua Marshall the father of this baby? Is that why you won’t tell me the truth? Are you afraid that it will
    somehow hinder my relationship with Bradley? Because if that is the reason you needn’t worry about that any longer and
    just tell me the truth.”

    April ran her fingers through her hair. “Josh is not the father of my baby mother, Rodney Russell is,” she confessed. “Are
    you happy now mother?” she questioned as she lowered her head into her hands and began to cry.
    Brandi held her head high as she walked through the lobby of the Southern River Hotel. She could hear the whispers and
    the snickering and she put on a brave face for the spectators. She would not allow them to demean her even further. As
    she approached the front desk she could see the clerks pointing at her and then to the newspapers.

    “Have you nothing better to do than laughing at paying customers ladies?” she questioned with conviction. “Or shall I
    have you call your manager out and explain to him why I’m taking my business elsewhere?”

    “That won’t be necessary Mrs. Pierce,” one of the desk clerks assured her. “We apologize. Is there something that I can
    help you with?”

    “I would like to check into a suite please.”

    The clerk quickly began typing away on the keyboard and questioned, “Would you like a single or a double?”

    “Single,” Brandi said as she laid her credit card on the counter. “And could we hurry this process up a little? I find it hard
    to believe that you don’t already know who the hell I am.”

    “I’m going as quickly as possible Mrs. Pierce. Perhaps you would like to have a seat and I’ll send a bellhop over once
    your room is in order.”

    “Fine and please have someone send me over an iced tea, with no sugar and extra lemon.”

    Brandi made her way over to one of the large red velvet arm chairs and settled in for what she hoped would be a brief
    wait. On the table beside the chair she saw a copy of the newspaper with her picture staring back up at her. She quickly
    folded it and shoved it into her purse, “Oh that damn woman!” she cursed.

    “Is this a private pity party or can anyone join you?” a strange, unfamiliar voice questioned.
    The elevator doors pulled opened on the first floor of the High Point Towers Building and for a Saturday it was awfully
    crowded. So much so that Brittany didn’t notice Douglas as he made his way over to her.

    “Brittany,” he called out to her.

    She spun around to him and questioned, “Douglas what are you doing here?”

    “I’ve been waiting on your for a while now,” he answered.

    “You have? For how long exactly?” she shot back, worried that he may have seen Bradley leaving earlier.

    “Not that long. Can we go somewhere else? I have some things I want to talk to you about.”

    “Well that depends on what those things are,” Brittany told him.