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    “What is going on down here?” Bradley asked halfway down the stair. “Natasha? Natasha…” he called out, “did you

    “In the living room my love,” she shouted back sarcastically.

    “What is all this shouting about?” he entered the living room asking, as Natasha spun around to face him.

    “Does this mean anything to you?” she questioned, holding a framed picture of the them from Los Angeles months

    “Natasha you know that it does,” he replied. “We had that taken on the beach,” he walked towards her and abruptly
    stopped as she lunged the frame to the floor and glass shattered all over the hardwood floors.

    “Who in the hell do you take me for Bradley?” she questioned. “An idiot? A brainless bimbo? “ she yelled at him.
    “Because I am not one of those thing and I am not a victim and I am certainly not a woman who will be lied to or
    mistreated,” Natasha told him. “I though you knew that about me.”

    Bradley shook his head, “Natasha I do know all of that,” he told her. “Where is all of this coming from?”

    “I’ll tell you as soon as you tell me who the woman you had dinner with last night at the country club is,” she told him.
    “And before you answer that, I warn you to not even dare think about lying to me Bradley.
    At nine months pregnant, April’s swollen ankles were moving as fast as they could possibly move. As she burst through
    the doors at the restaurant inside the Southern River Hotel, she called out for her sister, “Jodi!”

    One woman turned around to see who was calling her name. April politely smiled, told the woman that she was sorry
    and continued on her mission.

    “Jodi Bradshaw…” she called out for a second and most importantly successful time.

    Jodi immediately stood up from her seat and offered it to her sister. “For crying out loud, literally April, what is going on
    with you?” she questioned. “Do you want the reporters and everyone in River’s Edge to know that I’m here?” Jodi asked
    as she pulled off her large sun hat.

    “That wasn’t my intention,” April assured her. “But sister dear, you’re doing a fine job of drawing attention to yourself, with
    that horrid looking hat,” she teased. “Do you have a minute to talk?”

    Jodi looked at her watch and then scanned the sea of bellhops, hotel guests and employees, “I suppose,” she paused, “I
    have a minute to spare.”

    “Are you sure? You look as though you’re looking for someone.”

    “Jaxson,” she told April. “He was supposed to meet me here with the wedding planner,” she explained. “But it appears
    that they are both running late.”

    “The wedding planner?” April asked. “Please tell me her name is something funny like Jennifer Lupez.,” she joked.

    Jodi shook her head, “I thought you were in a bad mood and now here you are cracking jokes. What is going on with you
    this morning?”

    “Hormones, excitement, nerves…hell you name it and I probably got it,” April said as she reached into her purse and
    pulled out Jodi’s proposal for the coffeehouse. “I do believe that this belongs to you.”
    Brandi Brashears Pierce gazed out the dining room window over the grounds of the Pierce mansion. The dew on the
    fresh cut lawn allowed it to sparkle, the birds were singing and the flowers in the flowerbeds were in full bloom.

    She heard Anna one of the maids enter the dining room and Brandi softly said, “God it is so beautiful.”

    “What is that Señorita Pierce?” Anna questioned as she sat a basket of freshly baked blueberry muffins and a fresh pot of
    coffee on the table.

    “Summertime in Texas, morning time in Texas, evening time in Texas,” Brandi laughed. “You name it Anna.”

    “It is a beautiful day,” Anna agreed. “Would you and Señor Pierce like lunch on the patio this afternoon?”

    “That sounds enchanting Anna, thank you. However, it will just be me for lunch today. I’m working from home. Señor
    Pierce is at the office all day,” Brandi explained as an idea suddenly came into her head.

    “You know Anna why don’t you take the day off and take your children to the park or the zoo,” she suggested.

    “Oh I wish that I could Señorita, but I really do need the hours. If it’s all the same to you,” she told her. “My youngest
    daughter needs braces and I’m trying to save up for those.”

    Brandi pondered for a moment and then smiled, “Well then it’s settled. You and I will just consider this a holiday, so that
    way you can enjoy this beautiful day with your kids and I promise you that you’re pay won’t be deducted,” she winked.

    “Oh!” Anna exclaimed with joy. “Mucho gracious Señorita! Mucho gracious!”

    Brandi smiled as Anna quickly left the dining room, untying her apron as she left. She turned to the living room and saw
    Audrey setting alone with her coffee flipping through the mail that had just arrived earlier.

    Brandi reached for the morning paper, glanced at the pictures and then began to make her way into the living room
    where Audrey sat all alone – the morning paper in hand.
  • Caress Banning revealed that she had romantic feelings for Leslie’s husband Ethan and later left River’s Edge for good.

  • April and Jodi discussed opening a coffeehouse near the university campus.

  • Kendra awoke in Jered’s arms at the lighthouse and questioned what had happened the previous night. Jered revealed
    that nothing happened and that nothing would happen until Kendra wanted it to.

  • Hillary Watson arrived in River’s Edge.

  • Leslie and Brandi reached a mutual understanding with one another.

  • At the Country Club, Sharon issued Sabrina a stern warning.
    “If the two of you will excuse me,” Jaxson stood up, “I see that our wedding planner just arrived.”

    April and Jodi watched him walk across the room, “We sure did have some fantasies didn’t we?” April asked with a
    smile. “And in every single one of them I was your matron of honor.”

    “And I was yours.”

    “Well then it’s settled, I have no right to deny you the opportunity to have me, your favorite sister as your matron of honor.”

    Jodi laughed at the notion, “You’re my only sister,” as she reached across and embraced her sister with a hug. “Thank
    you so much for agreeing to do this April.”

    “Well this is fabulous,” Dahlia Simons announced her arrival with Jaxson. “I’m the wedding planner, Dahlia Simons.”

    “Hi, I’m Jodi Bradshaw and this is my sister April.”

    “It’s a pleasure to meet you both. Will you be joining us April?”

    “It’s a tempting offer, but no I can’t actually. I told mom I would come by the house today, so I should probably be off,” she
    explained as she managed to maneuver out of her chair and kiss Jodi on the cheek. “You’ll call me later?”

    “Of course,” Jodi told her.

    “Okay then great,” she turned to the wedding planner and smiled, “it was a pleasure to meet you Dahlia and Jaxson I will
    see you later.”
    “Well that certainly doesn’t sound enjoyable Brandi. You’ll forgive me if I want no part of this conversation,” Audrey replied
    as she attempted to wheel herself away.

    “Not a chance in hell you sick, hideous, wicked creature,” Brandi roared. “You don’t get to turn your back on me – not after
    what you’ve done!”

    “I think you have forgotten your role in this house,” Audrey warned.

    “Well you want to know what I think Audrey? I think that you have finally pushed me over the edge, that’s what I think. You
    have tested my patience ever since I first moved in and it’s going to stop – right here and right now,” Brandi assured her.

    “Brandi I swear to God you’re criminally insane,” Audrey fired back at her. “And I will not set here and listen to you
    continue to ramble on. Now if you’ll excuse me, I do have work that requires my immediate attention.”

    “I told you Audrey that you wouldn’t turn your back on me again,” Brandi yelled at her as she grabbed the handlebars of
    her wheel chair and spun her around.

    “Anna! Anna!” Audrey cried out. “Anna! I need you immediately,” Audrey called out.

    “You’re wasting your breath dear, self-centered Audrey. I sent Anna and the rest of your servants home for the day. It’s just
    you and me all alone in this big empty house…” Brandi warned her.

    “Not hardly!” Nicholas announced his arrival. “What the hell is going on in here?”

    “Oh Nicholas,” Audrey gasped, “thank God you’re here. This lunatic that you married is trying to harm me…that’s what is
    going on in here,” she told as the three of them looked at one another. “I want her gone Nicholas,” Audrey declared. “I
    want this slut out of my house for good.”

    “If anyone leaves this house, it’s going to be you in a body bag if I had my way,” Brandi spit venom at her enemy.

    In one quick step Nicholas grabbed his bride around the waist, “Take a step back, Brandi. No one is leaving this house
    and especially not in any body bags.”

    “Clearly then you haven’t seen this morning newspaper,” Brandi told him as she threw it at Audrey.

    “Nicholas…I’m not kidding,” Audrey assured him. “I want her gone! Get her out of my house now!”

    “Brandi go get a drink of something and calm down,” Nicholas told her. “I want to speak to Audrey alone please.”

    Brandi was at her breaking point. Her lips trembled and her hands were shaking beyond her control, “I will be back,” she
    assured Audrey as she headed towards the foyer of the mansion and retrieved her car keys and purse.

    “Thank God you came in when you did,” Audrey told Nicholas. “There is no telling what that woman would have done to
    me had you not.”

    “Did you do this?” Nicholas asked her. “Did you send these pictures to the newspaper?”
    “I’ve never lied to you Natasha and I don’t intend to start now,” Bradley reassured her as he went to put his arm around

    “Don’t you touch me,” Natasha warned him. “I do not what those hands to ever touch me again.”

    “Okay then, that’s fine. You’re the one who burst into my house like a bat out of hell, you don’t what me to touch you or lied
    to you,” he recapped the situation, “so why don’t you tell me what the hell is going on or get out.”

    “Brandi and I had dinner last night…at the Country Club,” she revealed to him. “You were there, weren’t you my darling?”
    she asked.

    “I was,” he answered. “I had a business meeting.”

    “Business? Really? Since when does romancing a woman who is young enough to be your daughter considered

    “Her name is Brittany Richmond,” Bradley told her. “And it was business. I didn’t tell you because I knew you would get
    upset and over react, much like you’re doing right now.”

    “So you didn’t trust me then? Is that what you’re saying Bradley? If this meeting was, as you say business related, then
    why couldn’t I have attended? Do you not want your business associates to know that you and I are a couple?”

    “Oh Natasha for God’s sake, of course not,” he said in a condescending, unappreciated tone. “You know that I love you.”

    Natasha turned to him, raised her hand to slap him, “Don’t you take that tone with me,” she told him as Bradley grabbed
    her arm to stop her. “I know nothing of the kind. Now let go of my arm!” she demanded.

    Bradley released his grip, “I love you Natasha,” he said as she walked slowly out the front door she had just moment
    earlier crashed through. “I love you woman!” he yelled as the door slammed shut behind her.
    Brandi burst through the doors of The Weekly Edge newspaper office and began to yell out for the Editor – Melissa O’

    “I’m going to destroy you Melissa,” she declared as she finally burst into her office.

    “Well, I figured it was only a matter of time before Hurricane Brandi struck,” Melissa cracked. “Did the photos not do you

    “Oh you think that you’re clever and witty don’t you Melissa?” Brandi questioned. “Usually I like that in most people – but
    not a vindictive little bitch like yourself.”

    “That’s like the pot calling the kettle black, isn’t it Mrs. Pierce? You’re the one plastered all over the front page of the
    newspaper,” she cracked a smile. “Branded a home wrecking whore…a gold digger with no morals and no class and no
    respect for herself,” the newspaper editor taunted her.

    Brandi’s tender hand snapped quickly across Melissa’s face, “You shut your mouth or I’ll do it for you Melissa,” she
    warned her. I am no gold digger and I am no home wrecker,” she assured her.  “I have morals and I have self-respect for
    myself. I love my husband, very much and he loves me. Quite frankly I think it’s your Ms. O’Neils who has none of those
    things. You and I have known one another for years, I never expected you would do this to me.”

    “Clearly you don’t know me that well,” Melissa told her.

    “Cleary,” Brandi cut her eyes at her. “And clearly you don’t know me all that well either because I not only will never forgive
    you for this,” she shook her head and an evil smile wiped across her face, “I will make it my mission to destroy you and
    make you rue the day you ever crossed me you stupid bitch!”

    “Can I quote you on that Mrs. Pierce?”

    “Absolutely,” Brandi told her. “And for Christ sake Melissa…you’re a journalist learn how to spell’s m-o-r-a-l-s,
    there’s no e in the damn word.”
    “Alan thank you for meeting me,” Hilary Watson smiled. “How was your flight from Boston?”

    “Mother I have asked you countless times to stop calling me than,” he sighed. “Everyone I know calls me Smoke, why can’
    t you?” he asked with a long pause.

    They both sat in silence overlooking the River’s Edge skyline before Smoke finally spoke again, “Now would you mind
    telling what was urgent that I had to drop everything back in Boston and come here to River’s Edge, Texas?”

    “It’s summer and you know much I love the heat,” Hillary smiled. “Anyway…” she continued, “I received a telephone call a
    few weeks ago, but you were occupied with finals and with your break-up from Jenny that I didn’t bother telling you

    “I’m going to assume that there’s a point to all of this and you’re going to get to it sooner, rather than later?”

    “You know that your father and I lived in Dallas for a while right after we were married,” she explained. “Well I received my
    law degree and passed the bar here in Texas before your father’s company moved us back to Boston.”        

    “Mother please get to the point,” Smoke told her.

    “About a year ago I nominated myself to be considered for a position as a District Judge in both Massachusetts and here
    in Texas. A few weeks ago I received a telephone call from the Governor’s office here in Texas. Apparently the judicial
    nominating committee pulled my application and have appointed me to the bench here in River’s Edge,” she explained.
    “Payne County,” she clarified.

    The news caught Smoke off guard, “The bench?” he questioned. “As in you’re the Honorable Hillary Watson? What about
    an election?”

    “The judge that I’m replacing died suddenly and the rules specify that in those instances the judicial nominating
    committee may name a temporary appointment,” Hillary explained. “I’ll finish out her term, four years and then run for
    election myself. What do you think?”

    Smoke shook his head and smiled, “I think it’s wonderful Mom, congratulations!”
    Nicholas had calmed down a little with the help of a drink or two and he thought carefully before he spoke, “All right
    Audrey besides the obvious what else did you gain from this little escapade?”
    “I do believe you just answered your own question Nicholas,” Audrey replied from her wheelchair. “Revenge,” she turned
    away and began to wheel herself across the room. “You humiliated me by having your little affair with Brandi and I in turn
    have humiliated the two of you. My daddy used to say, do unto others, as you would have them do unto you,” she
    reminded Nicholas as her eyes locked with Brandi’s who had just returned.

    “I see this bitch is still here,” she said flatly.

    “Brandi you need to calm down,” Nicholas told her as he pulled her into an affection embrace. “You need to understand
    that this is Audrey’s home as well.”

    “Well it appears that the two of you have some things to sort out,” Audrey announced. “I’ll be in the pool house should
    either one of you need me.”

    Brandi’s tender, lean body jerked away from Nicholas, “You need to hold up and wait just one damn minute Nicholas,”
    she told him, her words filled the entire house. “This is my home, you are my husband  and Audrey’s right we have to get
    some things straightened out.”

    “Would you please calm down?” Nicholas asked. “Come over here and have a drink with me.”

    “I don’t want a drink and I sure as hell do not want to calm down Nicholas, so do not tell me to calm down again. I am
    furious with this whole situation and to be honest I’m a little ashamed of myself.”

    “Ashamed? You’re ashamed of our marriage Brandi?”

    “What we did was wrong,” Brandi admitted as Audrey listened from the hallway. “I am not ashamed of falling in love with
    you though. I’m ashamed of how we went about it and I’m ashamed that because of your ex-wife everyone in the whole
    city knows and by tomorrow…the entire state will know,” Brandi’s anger turned to tears of shame.

    Nicholas reached out to comfort her, “Brandi…”

    “Don’t you touch me, not after you defended her by saying this was her house…you have blatantly denied my wishes
    regarding her,” Brandi told him. “I’m going to say this one more time Nicholas, I want her gone! I want her out of this
    house and out of our lives. Why won’t you do that for me?”

    “Because I would lose control of King Fashion,” he told.

    “Oh the hell with King Fashion,” Brandi erupted. “My reputation as a businesswoman, a city council member and well
    respected member of this community is on the line,” her breathes became shorter and she gasped with every word she
    spoke. “I swear to you Nicholas, if that bitch ruins my career and my standing within this community and you do nothing
    but sit by and idly watch – then I swear to God you won’t have to worry about King Fashion, because I will take it away
    from you along with everything else I can get my hands on,” she assured him.

    “First off, don’t you make threats that you can’t keep and second, that bitch happens to be the mother of my children, your
    step-children,” Nicholas told her.

    “I never make threats that I don’t intend to keep,” she told him. “I am your wife. You left her for me and you asked me to
    marry you,” she reminded him. “You left the mother of your children for your whore and that is your cross to bear
    Nicholas,” her words stunned him. “Funny how it doesn’t sound so romantic now does it?” she threw the newspaper at
    him. “I’m serious Nicholas, you had better damn well get your priorities in line – because either she goes or I go on and
    baby when I go you’ll damn well know it.”


    “And by the way Nicholas, my loving husband…Audrey isn’t the only bitch in this house who’s the mother of your
    children,” she announced. “I’ll you again get your priorities in line Nicholas, because if you don’t then I’ll see to that you
    never hold our baby in your arms.”

    “Baby?” he questioned.

    “Yes,” Brandi answered in a calm, soft tone. “I’m pregnant. So you think long and hard about things Nicholas…either
    Audrey goes or I go…” she warned him.
    “April…April are you home?” Natasha called out from the foyer as she tossed the mail and her car keys on the table by
    the door. “I guess not,” she told herself.

    “I’m right here mom,” April appeared in the doorway. “You just have to give me a minute to get around. You remember
    what it’s like to be nine months pregnant don’t you?”

    “I do indeed,” Natasha smiled. “How has your day been so far? Were you able to meet up with your sister?”

    “Yeah, I met her this morning at the club. Her and Jaxson had a meeting with the wedding planner that dad and Sharon
    used,” April told her.

    “Dahlia Simons?” Natasha asked.

    “Yeah. Do you know her?”

    Natasha shook her head, “She planned my wedding to your father,” she told her. “I believe your grandmother’s exact
    words were that she was a miracle worker.”

    “April, there’s something that I need to ask you?” Natasha changed the subjected and her tone of voice.

    “Okay. It sounds like it’s important. What is it?”

    “It is extremely important April and you have to promise me that you’re going to give me an honest answer,” Natasha told
All Or Nothing
Episode 62: The Daily Redux
Original Posting Date: July 16, 2003
Writer's Commentary & Reposting Date: March 25, 2012
Previously on All Or Nothing
    Writer's Commentary: The opening scene of this episode takes places at the Southern River Hotel - which was
    named after another fictional Texas location. Fans of the original "Dallas" will recall that Clayton Farlow's ranch in
    San Angelo was named Southern Cross and went it came time for the locale hotel in River's Edge it only seemed
    fitted that it would be named Southern River Hotel.

    I have always loved the dynamic relationship between Jodi and April as sisters. It was one of my favorite
    relationships to write back during this time frame of the series as apparently now in present day as well.
    Natasha Garrett Bradshaw knew that Bradley Marshall was home, because she had parked her Mercedes behind his
    pickup in the driveway. She barreled through the front door and let it slam behind, as to announce her arrival.

    “Bradley Marshall! Bradley you get down here right this damn minute,” she yelled.
    “I thought that was your car I saw this morning,” Nicholas smiled as he entered Brittany’s office. “Parked in the same spot
    it was when I left last night.”

    “It’s been a very long night,” Brittany O’Keefe Richmond told him. “I must have lost track of time putting the finishing
    touches on the gowns,” she pointed to the manikin. “The next thing I knew it was nearly three o’clock so I just slept on the

    “Are you having problems at home?”

    “Something like that,” Brittany replied shaking her head. “But nothing compares to what you wife must be going through.”

    He examined the gowns Brittany had been working on, “The white one looks stunning.” He said stalling, “What problem
    are you talking about, regarding Brandi?”

    “Nicholas, you’re a smart man and playing naive may work at home or with your buddies down at the country club, but not
    with me.”

    “Brittany, I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve been coming home late, leaving early. I barely have time to
    kiss my wife good morning, or good-bye for that matter.”

    Brittany reached for the newspaper that was on the couch, “You know doing things like that, it can get you in trouble if you’
    re not careful.” She said handing Nicholas the paper, “I got to go change clothes and get a shower. I suggest that you
    read the front page.”

    He flipped the paper over and read the front page as Brittany had suggested that he do and said under his breath,
    Writer's Commentary: Thanks for reading this vintage episode of "All Or Nothing" - To date I have been able to
    recover Episodes 21-40; Episodes 61-92 and Episodes 101-120 of the series. It's my hope to revamp and retool all
    of these episodes and get them published along with publishing new content. Please sound off in the AON Forum on
    what your thoughts are regarding the Vintage Episode w/Writer's Commentary collection!

    Check back next week for Episode 141 - The conclusion of the AON Mini-Series Event in New York City.

    Until then...Happy Reading!
April Bradshaw
Represented by Adrienne Frantz

Jodi Bradshaw
Represented by Terri Conn

Brandi Brashears Pierce
Represented by Beth Ehlers

Natasha Garrett Bradshaw
Represented by Melody Thomas Scott

Nicholas Pierce
Represented by Jerry verDorn

Brittany O'Keefe Richmond
Represented by Jennifer Finnigan

Jaxson Hayes
Represented by Joshua Morrow

Audrey King Pierce
Represented by Colleen Zenk

Dr. Bradley Marshall
Represented by Thorsten Kaye

Andrew Bradshaw
Represented by Walt Willey

Sharon Logan Bradshaw
Represented by Kim Zimmer

Alan "Smoke" Watson
Represented by Kyle Lowder

Hillary Watson
Represented by Tracey E. Breggman

Josh Hawkins
Series Creator & Executive Producer
    Jodi looked at the proposal that April had extended to her, “Apparently it does. Thank you,” Jodi replied as she looked
    over the hotel lobby for Jaxson.

    “Aren’t you even going to look at it or read it?” April asked.

    “I know what it say April. I wrote it remember?”

    “Would you stop being so damn stubborn Jodi and just look at the proposal. If nothing else then at least the agreement
    page,” April told her. “You know sometimes you can be just as stubborn as dad.”

    Jodi looked at the very last page of the proposal and then back at her sister, “Is this for real April? Because if you’re
    playing a joke on me I am going to be very upset.”

    “I promise you it’s not a joke or a prank, it’s the real deal. Everything that you said yesterday about me and about wanting
    more for my baby was right. Like always, you were right.”

    “I don’t know want to be right April. I just always want what is best for you. Can you at least understand that?”

    April shook her head in agreement, “But how is it that you know what’s best for me even when I sometimes don’t?”

    “Just goes along with the job of being your big sister,” she winked at April.

    “I guess so,” April replied. “Here comes Jaxson, I should probably get going.”

    “Actually would you mind staying?” Jodi asked. “Like I said we’re meeting the wedding planner, Dahlia Simons, and I
    would appreciate it if you could stay…since you’re going to be matron of honor,” she smiled.

    “What? Are you asking me…” April paused, “you want me to be your matron of honor?”

    “Ladies,” Jaxson announced his arrival.

    “Hi honey,” Jodi kissed his cheek and then made room for him on the sofa lounge. “I was just asking April if she wouldn’t
    mind staying and meeting the wedding planner with us, considering she’s going to be my matron of honor,” she explain
    to him.

    “I still can’t believe you’re asking me,” April admitted.

    “Well who else would I ask?” Jodi laughed. “After all you and I have been planning my wedding since we were little girls.
    I've finally found my prince charming and now I want my little sister stand up for me. What do you say? Will you do?” she
    asked again.
    “Good morning Audrey,” Brandi entered the living room and said in a bright, cheerful tone.

    “Brandi,” Audrey simply responded.

    “Oh what’s the matter this morning Audrey, cat got your tongue?” Brandi questioned as she put her hands on the
    handlebars of Audrey’s wheelchair and faced her to the sofa.

    “Excuse me? Just what do you think you’re doing, you psychotic witch?” Audrey questioned as Brandi took a seat directly
    in front of Audrey.

    “Well you and me…we’re going to have a little this morning, right here and right now,” Brandi explained. “And when we’re
    done Audrey, you and I will have either reached a mutual understanding or have killed one another trying.”
    Writer's Commentary: I have always loved the rivalry between Brandi Brashears Pierce and Audrey King Pierce. It
    was mirrored much after the on-screen rivalry of Stephanie Forrester and Brooke Logan from "The Bold and the

    This scene is after Audrey's paralysis and the wedding of Nicholas and Brandi. She gave the pictures of Nicholas
    and Brandi having sex to the local newspaper in order to embarrass them publicly the way that they had done.
    “There you are,” Andrew smiled. “I’ve had the entire staff looking for you,” he told Sharon.

    “I was in the library reading. I was actually doing more thinking, rather than reading,” Sharon told him. “I’m sorry that you
    weren’t able to find me.”

    “Just as long as you haven’t left,” Andrew smiled as he knelt down and kissed Sharon on the forehead.

    “Well the jury may still be out on that Andrew.”

    He nodded his head, “Yes I guess you could be right.”

    “You know that I love you,” Sharon told him. “I’ve told you that countless times, including the night you spent in jail.”

    “And I hope that you know Sharon, that I love you,” Andrew said as he looked at their wedding picture.

    Judge Isaac spoke, “And by the power invested in me by the State of Texas, I pronounce you man and wife.
    Therefore what God has joined together, let no man put asunder. You may kiss the bride.”

    “You know I thought the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life was burying my children and my husband. But when
    I look at you my heart crumbles and it breaks,” Sharon told him. “And the pain of knowing what you done to me, to my
    daughter, to your children comes rushing back to me.”

    “How many times can I apologize to you, Sharon? Damn it!”

    Sharon put her book down and walked over to Andrew. She wrapped her arms around his waist and looked up at him,
    “You don’t have to apologize anymore,” she told him. “What you’ve done is wrong, both legally and morally. But I stand by
    what I told you that night in jail and what the vows that I made to you on our wedding day – in sickness and in health, for
    richer or poorer and through good times and even bad times.”

    “And these are certainly bad times,” he kissed the top of her head.

    “No these are just trying times,” she told him. “Just promise me that I’m the one and the only one.”

    “You are the only woman that I want to be with Sharon,” he told her.

    “And promise me that you’ll respect me…”

    “I promise that we’ll respect one another. And that we cherish the small moments and the time we have together.”

    “I love you Andrew and I’ll stand by you through all of this.”

    “Thank you Sharon…I love you too.”
    Writer's Commentary: Oh Andrew and the time of their pairing I would have said that they were one of
    my favorite couples. However, now one-hundred and forty episodes later I look back at their relationship and think
    that their relationship and the characters could have been taken in a complete different direction.

    Andrew and Sharon will definitely go down in AON history as one of the worst couples ever.