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    Mr. Richmond tell me a little about yourself,” Hillary Watson crossed her right leg over the other. “We’ve been talking
    about me for the last half hour and you know everything about me,” she smiled at him, “I know nothing about you.”

    Douglas leaned back in the plush, leather executive chair, “Well I can tell you that I’ve never studied at Harvard, that I’ve
    never obtained a law degree and that I’ve never been a District Judge before,” he teased after hearing the thirty-minute
    biography of the new District Judge of Payne County.

    “Oh but you have had quite an interesting time since your arrival in River’s Edge haven’t you?”

    “I see my reputation precedes me,” Douglas said.

    “As mine also has preceded me,” she smiled back at him.

    “You’re speaking of my wife and the shooting that happened last winter with my wife’s half-sister?”

    “You catch on rather quickly Mr. Richmond, I like that,” Hillary smiled. “And yes I was speaking in regards to that incident.
    Judge Isaac’s clerk briefed me on all the major players in River’s Edge earlier today. I hope that you and your wife are
    back together and happy?”

    “We are Judge Watson, thank you.”

    “Good, but please Douglas, call me Hillary. At least outside the courtroom that is,” she laughed.

    Hillary reached for her purse, “I’m very sorry that Mayor Bradshaw and Councilwoman Pierce weren’t able to join us but I
    need to be going. I have a meeting with the District Attorney and then a lunch date with my son. Will you please let the
    mayor know I would like her to contact my court clerk soon to setup a meet and greet?”

    “I’ll do that your honor and please don’t be a stranger to this office,” Douglas said as he firmly shook hands with the
    Honorable Hillary Watson.
    “Still in your robe I see,” Pamela said between sips of her coffee.

    “I’m sorry if my sleeping attire doesn’t fit your standards Pamela,” Claire Holland Monroe replied as she poured herself a
    cup of the coffee.

    “I didn’t say that Claire. Stop reading so much into things,” Pamela hissed back. “Let’s not fight this morning. Let’s just
    have a nice peaceful breakfast.”

    Pamela retrieved a letter that had been delivered earlier for her sister and handed it to her. “This came late last night I
    was told.”

    Claire inspected the envelope and noted the return label, “It’s from the court clerk. Charles didn’t waste a single minute
    that’s for sure.” She tore open the envelope, read the summons and then laid it back on the table.

    “Do you want to talk about it?” Pamela asked from across the table. “We can go out and have a nice quiet breakfast the
    club if you want.”

    Claire stood up from the table and walked across to the dining room window that looked out on the front lawn.

    “Quiet? Honey have you not bothered to even look outside this morning?” she opened the curtains. “Your front lawn is
    crawling with reporters and I’ll give you one guess on what they want.”

    “Are they still out there?” Pamela walked across and stood next to Claire. She looked out the window and shook her
    head. “I called the REPD last night and some good that did.”

    “Where are you going?” Claire demanded to know.

    “To go handle this maddening circus,” she said as she went into the foyer and threw open the front door.

    Pamela Bradshaw stood fearless on her front lawn. Her red hair glistened in the Texas sun. Reporters from across the
    state immediately began to shout questions at her.

    “Silence,” she roared with her hand in the air.

    Claire pulled away from Pamela and looked out the window, “Quite? Honey have you bothered to even look outside?”

    She asked, pulling the curtains back, “There is reporters all over your front lawn and I’ll give you one guess on what they

    “Mrs. Bradshaw would you care to comment on the status of your son?” a reporter from Houston questioned.

    “No!” Pamela responded, “As a matter of fact I would not. But I will make this official statement and I want each and every
    one of you to take heed to it. I do not now nor do I intend to make a statement regarding my son or the charges that have
    been brought against him.”

    Pamela spun around and began walking back towards her house as the reporters resumed their endless cycle of

    “And one more thing…” she turned back to all of them as cameras flashed and video rolled, “I want each and every one of
    you off my property in the next five minutes or I will have every law enforcement agent in this county here to remove you all
    Caress sat her luggage down by the door and turned to look around the living room one last.

    “This is the right thing to do,” she softly told herself as she laid an envelope addressed to Natasha on the table by the

    She reached for the doorknob and whispered, “I’m sorry.”

    As she opened the door she was stunned to see Leslie on the porch and she took a step backwards.

    “Are you making house calls now doctor?” she asked.

    Leslie shook her head and fired back in a cold tone, “Just making sure that you’re following through on your promise.”

    “And if weren’t? Do you honestly think you could railroad me out of town just because I have feelings for your husband?”
    Caress asked. “If you ask me Leslie I think you’re just a little scared. I think you’re afraid that a real woman might hook
    her claws in your sexy husband and not let go.”

    Leslie’s hand went across Caress’ face as quickly as the words she had spoken flew out of her mouth.

    “Well no one asked you Caress,” Leslie fired. “And if someone were to ask me I was sick and tired of your filthy and nasty
    tramp like mouth,” she hissed, “I would assure them that I was.”

    Caress stood motionless holding the side of her face as her taxi pulled up in the driveway.

    “Your ride is here,” Leslie told her. “Get your bags and get the hell out of River’s Edge before you make me angry.”

    Leslie watched as Caress stepped back inside the house to retrieve her purse and luggage. She stood firm with her
    arms crossed over her chest.

    “I shouldn’t have to say this but I’m going to,” Leslie broke the fiercely tense silence. “Don’t you even dare try to contact
    Ethan or I swear Caress, as God as my witness I will punish you if you do.”

    “You don’t scare me Leslie. All of this…” she gestured with her hands, “these threats that you’re making are empty and
    pointless. One day you’re going to regret doing this…I can only hope that I’m around to see it.”

    “Oh shut up…” Leslie demanded as she turned away from Caress.

    “It didn’t have to end like this Leslie, it really didn’t,” Caress said to her in a hushed whisper as she inched closer and
    closer to her.

    “You’ll be the one who is punished for this, that I can promise you,” Caress descended the steps of the porch as Leslie
    watched her hand the luggage to the taxi driver.

    Caress opened the door and turned around for one last look, “Have a good night…bitch!”
    April sat drinking her second glass of water and rubbing her stomach softly.

    “Well little girl,” she sighed, “where is your Aunt Jodi?” she questioned as a reporter from the Houston Herald
    approached her.

    “Excuse me, aren’t you April Bradshaw? The daughter of Andrew Bradshaw?”

    April rolled her eyes and slowly became more and more aggravated, “I’m sorry but I didn’t catch your name. Since you
    obviously know mine, I think it’s only fitting that I know yours. Wouldn’t you agree?”
    A smile broadened across the reporter’s face and in a very professional tone she stated, “Brianna Matthews.”

    April looked up at the reporter, “Well Ms. Matthews as a matter of fact I am the daughter of Andrew Bradshaw, one of the
    most influential and most powerful men in this city,” she paused, “hell quite possibly the entire state.”

    “Well if I could just ask you a few questions…”

    “No you may not ask me anything Ms. Matthew,” April informed her as she saw her sister walking across the room.

    “Now if you would ever so kindly and swiftly leave this establishment so that I can enjoy breakfast with my sister, it would
    greatly appreciated,” she finished as the reporter turned to leave.

    “And Ms. Matthews…you can quote me on that,” April grinned as Jodi cautiously approached the table.

    The Role of Jodi Bradshaw will now be represented by Terri Conn.

    Jodi made her way to the table and embraced April, “What was that all about?”

    “Nothing,” April rolled her eyes. “How are you this morning? And where exactly have you been for the last twenty minutes?
    I’ve had to fight off two reports and worry about where you were at!”

    “I’m so sorry princess, but my morning hasn’t been a picnic either. The front lawn at Dad and Sharon’s was filled with
    cameramen and reporter too. It was a mass media circus.”

    “You know I honestly wish now that I would have stayed at the God forsaken hell hole in New Mexico that Pamela shipped
    me off too,” April said as the waiter approached.

    “Can we a few more minutes please?” April asked.

    They waited until the waiter was out of ear-shot and Jodi said, “Please, please don’t say that April. I know that being the
    daughter of Andrew Bradshaw isn’t the best role a woman can play, but we just have to roll with it.”

    “How could he do that to Sharon?” April asked.

    “I know,” Jodi shook her head. “Bigamy! Our father is a bigamist April!”

    “You know the media is going to destroy him. I cannot believe that we are here again. His actions are going to take this
    family through yet another scandal.”

    “Listen I know that it’s difficult watching all of this going on around us, but April you can’t let yourself get worked up over
    this. This is stress that you don’t need, especially now that your due date is right around the corner.”

    “How do I do that Jodi? How do I not let this affect me and my baby?”

    “I don’t know,” she shook her head. “You just can’t let it get to you. When I saw Dad and Valerie Marshall in bed together
    last summer it hurt me so bad and if I would have let it, it would have destroyed me. April you have to live your own life
    and let our parent live theirs.”        

    “Easier said than done, sister dear, especially since I set at home all day wondering what the next bombshell is going to
    be,” April replied

    “Well you just need something to occupy your time and I think I have the perfect solution,” Jodi smiled as she reached for
    her purse.
  • Andrew and Sharon’s wedding bliss was short lived as Sabrina Davis arrived in River’s Edge on Mother’s Day and
    dropped a bombshell – she was Andrew’s legal wife.

  • Jaxson Hayes and Jodi Bradshaw announced their engagement to their families and friends.

  • The Bradshaw family dealt with April’s return, including her very apologetic grandmother Pamela.

  • As Audrey’s condition grew worse her daughter, Miranda, considered taking matters her own hands.

  • Ethan and Leslie dealt with the fact that they were now married and began to fall in love with one another.

  • Nicholas gained control of King Fashion with help from his former mother-in-law and then married his mistress, Brandi

  • Gabriella Blake from Wandering Falls, Texas arrived in River’s Edge as Kendra’s college roommate.

  • Bradley and Natasha continued to grow closer.

  • And now…Season Four…Explosion
    Writer's Commentary: When I write I need to have a very clear picture of what I'm writing. That includes who the
    characters are. Which is part of the reason why so many of the AON characters have been recast throughout the
    run of the series. That includes the character of Jodi Bradshaw - in this scene the third and fifth actress to represent
    the role of Jodi - Terri Colombino (ex-Katie, ATWT; ex-Aubrey, OLTL) debuts assume the duties from Lindsey
    McKeon (ex-Marah, GL)
    Yvonna Marzetta had yet to visit the country jail since becoming partners with Jaxson Hayes however on that morning that
    all changed.

    “Thank you officer,” she answered. “If I could just have a few moments with my client, I would appreciate it. I’ll call you
    when I’m ready to go.”

    “Of course ma’am,” the officer replied.

    “Good morning Andrew. Did you get any sleep last night?” she asked.

    “Is that some kind of joke Yvonne? Where in the hell is my wife,” he asked as him temper flared.

    “First let’s get something straight between us Andrew. You will treat me with the respect and dignity that I deserve,” she
    began. “I am not like the other women in your life Andrew. I’m not your mother or your ex-wife or any of your current wives.
    You have committed a crime and not only that but you’ve hurt my friend.”

    “Then what are you doing here Yvonne,” he cut his eyes at her. “And where the hell is my wife?”

    “I’m here because Sharon has asked that I work as your attorney and see if I’m able to get you released this morning. But
    understand this Andrew I will not tolerate your twisted mind games and your harsh words. I’m your lawyer and I strongly
    recommend you get used to hearing and doing what I tell you to do. Am I making myself clear?”

    Andrew shook his head and devilish smile came across his lips, “You’re good you know that?” he asked.

    “You haven’t seen anything yet,” she teased. “Officer…my client is ready to go home. I’ve made arrangements and his
    bond should be posted.”

    “You didn’t answer my question. Where is Sharon?”

    “I don’t know,” she gave him an honest answer. “She called me this morning and asked that I go to the bank to pick up
    the bail money and then come down to make sure you were released.”

    “That’s all she said?”

    “No. She said she would see you at home later today. I’m sorry Andrew but that’s all that I know.”
    Kendra looked at her watch and continued trying to wake Jered up.

    “Jered! Wake up…I’m late for class,” she said as she pulled her hair back into a ponytail.

    “What?” he mumbled under his breath.

    “We need to go,” she told him. “I’m late for my class!”

    “Skip it,” he said as he wrapped his arms around her waist. “Isn’t that what college students are supposed to do
    anyway? Go to class once or twice…take the final…and then you’re done.”

    “No…it’s not,” Kendra shot him a look. “Perhaps that’s how you and your sister do it, but some us have to work to get
    things in life. Not ever gets a free ride, Jered, because they’re a Bradshaw.”

    Jered stood up from the sleeping bag on the floor with nothing but a pair of boxers on and spoke, “What is the matter with
    you this morning Kendra?”

    Jered’s half naked body caught her off guard and she questioned, “Oh…what is that?”

    His eyes darted across the lighthouse, “Um…that is a very leading question Kendra. Do you want to maybe clarify?” he
    finished with a half crooked smile.

    “Don’t you be coy with Jered Bradshaw, I want to know what happened last night and I want to know right now.”
    Brandi Brashears Pierce stood in the in waiting room of the hospital with her cell phone held up to her left ear, “I’m sorry
    Douglas. Yes…go ahead and have Serena call the judge and setup a lunch date with her for the three of us. Thank you

    She dropped her phone into her purse and immediately began walking without looking where she was going and ran
    into her step daughter-in-law, Dr. Leslie Pierce.

    “I’m sorry,” she apologized without looking to see who it was.

    “No need to be,” Leslie answered. “It was just as much my fault as it was yours.”

    Shocked to see who the woman was Brandi said nothing. She stood motionless and was rendered speechless. Leslie's
    eyes darted across the waiting room and they both wondered who would speak first.

    “Are we just going to stand here and act like children?” Leslie finally asked.

    “I’m…I’m sorry I ran into you Leslie. I’ll watch where I’m going from now on,” Brandi said as she headed towards the

    Leslie watched as she left and her mind thought back to earlier…her confrontation with Caress before she left town.

    “Brandi…” Leslie called out for some unknown reason, even to her. “Do you happen to have a few minutes to spare?”

    Brandi glanced at her watch, “Um…a few yes. Was there something you needed?”

    Leslie shook her head yes, “A reconciliation.”
    “Serena, when Natasha comes in would you send her to my office please?” Douglas asked.

    The elevator doors opened just as he finished, “There won’t be any need for that Serena,” Natasha said with little
    emotion in her voice.

    “I can see you now Douglas…in my office,” she said.

    Natasha continued through the office and quickly approached her office, “Serena hold my calls please. The Councilman
    and I aren’t to be disturbed,” she instructed.

    Douglas followed her into her office and began, “Madam Mayor you missed the meeting this morning with the newly
    elected District Judge Hillary Watson,” he told her.

    “Can you shut the door Douglas?” she took her seat and leaned forward. “And take a seat please.”

    “What is this about Mayor?”

    Natasha intertwined her fingers together, “Douglas…” she began, “last night were you with your wife by chance?”

    Douglas looked confused and responded, “With all due respect Madam Mayor…”

    “This isn’t official business Douglas,” she stopped him. “Call me Natasha. I had a very dreadful night last night. I wasn’t
    able to sleep and I am not in the best of moods,” she was curt and to the point. “I don’t want to play games with you. I just
    want to know where your wife was at last night.”

    Natasha connected with Douglas’ eyes and the picture of Bradley with Brittany together was racing through her mind as
    she waited for his answer.

    “She was at a dinner with a client I believe,” Douglas answered.

    “A female client?”

    “I assumed so? Natasha what’s going on here?”

    Natasha stood up, retrieved her purse and began walking toward the door.

    “Where are you going?” Douglas questioned.

    “You need to have a long talk with your wife Douglas,” she told him. “Because believe me, she had a dinner date last
    night but it wasn’t with a female client,” Natasha revealed to him.
    Jered pulled his pants on and replied to Kendra, “I’m not being coy with you.

    “Well you’re certainly not answering my question.”

    Jered buttoned his shirt, “Kendra, wait a minute.”

    He reached for her arm, “You want answers then I’ll give you answers.”

    “Yes,” she answered. “I want to know what happened last night. I woke up and we were…” she pointed at the sleeping

    “Cuddling,” he laughed.

    “Yes as matter of fact we were,” she was direct with him. “Not to mention you were all but naked.”

    “Nothing happened last night Kendra.”

    “So you and I…we didn’t have,” she paused, “we didn’t have sex?”

    “We did not,” he answered. “Look I’m just coming off of a very difficult relationship…my girlfriend died remember. I want to
    take things slowly with you…if that’s okay.”

    “You’re willing to wait for me?”

    “I’m willing to do anything for you.” Jered said as Kendra kissed him on the cheek, “Even get you back to campus for your
    Government class.”
    April looked at the proposal, then to Jodi and then back again to the proposal, “Café Cuban Coffee House? What is this

    “It’s a very rough draft,” she answered her. “I typed it up at work yesterday.”

    “Okay…” April was still confused, “but what does it have to do with us?”

    “I heard through the grapevine that Cresent City Tea & Coffee House over by the campus is for sale.”

    “Okay.” April said slowly, “I don’t get it.”

    “You and I we are smart, intelligent women…”

    “You forgot beautiful,” April joked.

    “Of course…that goes without even saying,” Jodi laughed. “We’re adventurous women and we are Bradshaw women. I
    want us to buy the Cresent…rebrand it and run it together.”

    April shook her head slowly, “You just said we’re Bradshaw women…that means we are supposed to spend Granddad's
    hard earned money, set in a boardroom once a month and make thousands of dollars…just like the women before us. In
    fact, our elegant and often times wicked grandmother is the perfect example. Why would we want to open a coffee shop?”

    “Of course…typical April,” Jodi said softly. “I thought you had become a different person while you were away but clearly
    you’re still the same spoiled brat you always were. I want more out of life than being the office manager at the firm or
    serving as stockholder in BC.”

    She looked across the room and immediately began to smile, “Jaxson just walked in,” she said. “Would you just please
    look at the proposal again? Think about the baby and think about the examples that were set us. Is that same thing you
    want for your child?” Jodi questioned as she walked across the room to greet her fiancé.

    “Hey there.” Jaxson said as he pulled Jodi into a hug, “Did you lighten your hair?”

    “Yes I did.” she smiled, “Do you like it? I guess you could call it my young, mid-life crisis.” she teased.

    “Courtesy of your father I would presume?” he asked.

    “That’s part of it and the latest is the fight I just had with April,” she informed him. “But there is something that I wanted to
    talk to you about.”

    “What is it?”

    “I’ve been thinking a lot, especially last night because I couldn’t sleep at all,” Jodi began. “I know that you and I have
    talked about the date for the wedding, but I want to set one because I love you Jaxson Hayes and I cannot wait to become
    your wife,” she smiled.

    “So you want to get married this afternoon?”

    “Oh no, no…” Jodi repeated. “I have to find a dress, a location…there is so much preparation that has to be done…it’s

    “Maybe we should just poll our families,” Jaxson teased, “let them pick the flowers, the dress…everything.”

    “Stop it,” she smiled at him. “You’re going to have to take this wedding and everything that goes along with it seriously.
    I've waited my entire life to find the perfect man and now that I have him…it just means that everything else has to be
    perfect too.”

    “I want everything to be perfect too. I’ve waited a long time to find the perfect girl,” Jaxson kissed Jodi’s hand.

    “What date did you have in mind?”

    “The second of August,” she proclaimed. “I want the best birthday gift ever – I want to wake up on my birthday with my

    “You’re a hopeless romantic Jodi Bradshaw,” Jaxson began.

    “And that is why you love me, oh, so, very much.”
    “Attention ladies and gentlemen, Flight Number 2134 destination Havre de Grace, Maryland is now boarding, Flight
    Number 2134 is now boarding at Gate number 3A,” he intercom announced as Justin pushed his mother to the edge of
    the security checkpoint.

    “This is as far as you can go mother,” Justin said as the driver sat his luggage down behind him.

    “I know,” Audrey said softly, trying hard not to cry again. “And this,” she paused, “this is what you want right? To leave
    River’s Edge?”

    “I’m afraid so,” he replied. “Mother it’s for the best.

    The intercom announced, “Delta Flight Number 4822 – destination Timbercrest, California is now boarding at gate
    number 3C. Delta Flight Number 4822…”

    “I guess had better be on your way son,” Audrey concluded. “I spoke with Maggie Clark and she will be at the airport to
    pick you up when you land.”

    Justin leaned down and kissed his mother on the cheek, “This isn’t goodbye, and we’ll see one another again.”

    “I know Justin…” she looked at the driver. “All right take me home.

    “Just remember what we talked about Mother,” Justin called out to her; “something has got to save you from yourself.”
All Or Nothing
Episode 61: Explosion
Original Posting Date: June 19, 2003
Writer's Commentary & Reposting Date: February 05, 2012
Previously on All Or Nothing
Season Three...Are You Ready?
    Writer's Commentary: The following scene takes place at Natasha Garrett Bradshaw's home. Her niece, Caress
    Banning has been involved in a car accident during Season Three. Ethan Pierce who is the husband of Dr. Leslie
    Bradshaw Pierce witnessed the accident and saved her before the car blew up.

    Caress developed a crush on Ethan soon after the accident and let him how she felt. When his wife Leslie
    discovered this she forced Caress' hand and insisted that she leave River's Edge and her husband. This was the
    debut scene of Season Four titled "Explosion."
    Writer's Commentary: I remember when I created the role of Pamela Bradshaw - she was a total and complete
    bitch! In fact when she learned that April was pregnant she sent her away to a boarding school in New Mexico and
    lied to Andrew and Pamela about her reasons for doing so. April returned during Season Three still pregnant and
    with an ax to grind. This was the beginning of writing Pamela a little more sympathetic and not such a complete bitch.
    As Kendra Logan rolled over she could fell the sun shining through the top of the lighthouse on her bare back and she
    could hear the river crashing against the rocks.

    She rolled over and ran her hand across Jered’s stomach and a pang of uneasiness shot through her entire body.

    “Jered,” she whispered, “Jered wake up!”
    “Thank you for picking me up this morning Antonio,” Gabriella Blake slammed the car door shut as the wind blew through
    her straight strawberry blonde hair.

    “No problem,” he replied. “Did Kendra not want a ride to class?

    Gabriella flashed a seductive smile at Antonio hoping to buy a few minutes. She wasn’t sure of how to really answer that

    “No actually she didn’t,” Gabriella lied. “She had to run by the Student Union before class for something…I can’t
    remember what she said it was.”

    Antonio shook his head, “Well that’s cool…it gives you and me time to hang out together.”

    “You like hanging out with me?” she asked.

    “Oh yeah…why wouldn’t I? I mean look at you Gabriella – you’re smart and you’re fun to be around and there is no
    denying that fact that you’re totally hot.”

    “I like that…” she giggled, “I mean I like the fact that you’re straight forward with how you feel and that you want to hang
    out with me,” she paused.

    “Why the hesitation?”

    “Well the truth is I just need to make sure that it’s right for both us. I’m no angel Antonio. I’ve done things and have had
    things done to me in my past that…” she paused again, “let’s just say that I’m very cautious of who I get involved with.”

    He slid his arm around her, “No problem, I go it. You want to take things slow and I am more than willing to let you be in
    the driver’s seat,” he smiled at her. “We can go as fast or as slow as you want Gabriella – it’s totally up to you.”
    Writer's Commentary: One of my very best friends to date in real life is the creator of "Wandering Falls" Brandon
    Redding. We developed a friendship in 2001 that has carried through to date. We've been lived together, traveled
    together and been through a lot together.

    In 2003, he used the setting of River's Edge in a storyline for his lead character in Wandering Falls and in exchange
    he gave me a character to crossover on my series - Gabriella Blake. She came at the perfect time when Kendra
    was heading off to college and she was immediately identified as Kendra's roommate. In this scene as she begins
    her relationship with Antonio Marzetta she references her past in Wandering Falls when she was nearly raped.
    Writer's Commentary: If you're a new reader to AON - After Natasha discovered that Andrew was having an affair
    with Valerie Caldwell Marshall she decided to get revenge by running for the vacant position of Mayor of River's
    Edge. Natasha never meant to win the election, but she did. This tends to be Natasha's ammo and when she saw
    Brandi in prison in Episode 129 Brandi accuses her of such.
    Writer's Commentary: This scene marks the exit of Justin Pierce (Represented by Cameron Mathison). Audrey is in
    a wheel chair because of fight between Justin and Ethan that she got in the middle of and as such she hit her head
    on the fireplace and was paralyzed.

    Justin would later return to the series and Audrey would recover from her paralysis. In fact she took her first steps
    at Jaxson and Jodi's wedding in Episode 100.
    “Reconciliation?” Brandi asked thinking she heard Leslie wrong, she shook her head and a smile of amusement came
    across her face.

    “Leslie you don’t like me. Remember? I slept with your fiancé?”

    “Things change, Brandi. People,” Leslie paused, “people change.”

    “And you…you’ve changed Leslie? You publicly humiliated me at the country club when you found out I slept with Justin.
    Why would you want to even try to reconcile with me?”

    “You and I will probably never see eye to eye on certain things Brandi. But there is one thing that bonds us together – the
    fact that Audrey hates us both with a burning, sick and twisted passion,” Leslie explained.

    “That’s true.”

    “Brandi I’m not asking you to embrace me with open arms or anything like that. I don’t want us to go out and have a girl’s
    night or anything like that. I just want there to be peace between us, that’s all. Justin and Ethan have come to terms with
    everything that’s happened and there’s no reason that we can’t do the same. You’re married to Nicholas now.”

    Brandi looked across the room and then back to Leslie, “Well you’re right about one thing, Audrey cannot stand the sight
    or the mere mention our either one of our names. And the fact of the matter is if the roles were reversed I would feel the
    same way.”

    “But we do crazy, irresponsible things in the name of love.” Leslie cut in. “I know, remember, I married my ex-fiancées

    Brandi let out a laugh, “And I married the man I was having an affair with, who happens to be your father-in-law.”

    The two women began laughing even harder, “Oh what a tangle web we have weaved for ourselves.” Brandi smiled.

    “But you love Nicholas, don’t you?”

    Brandi extended her hand to Leslie, “As much as you love Ethan.”
    Brittany was sitting by the bay window that overlooked the city, the sun shone so brightly that it added a certain something
    to the design she sketching.

    “Mrs. Richmond,” her secretary announced via the intercom, “your husband is here to see you.”

    “Thank you, please show him in and hold all my calls.”

    Brittany smiled as Douglas entered the office, “Hello my darling,” she smiled.

    “Brittany,” he said coldly.

    “Let me finish this sketch and then we can go out and get some lunch,” she suggested. “How does that sound?”

    “I didn’t come here for lunch,” he was short with her and she could tell that he was upset.

    “What’s the matter with you? You’re being short with me,” she observed. “Why?”

    “Maybe, just maybe, Brittany I have damn good reason to be hateful, to be mad.” Douglas yelled.

    “Lower your voice, Douglas,” she demanded.

    “Why is someone else here with us? Is he here with us right now Brittany?” Douglas looked around the room.

    “Come out, come out wherever you are!”

    Brittany rushed across the room and shut her office door, “What is the matter with you Douglas? What are you talking

    “Where were you last night,” he questioned. “Or better yet who were you with last night at the country club?”

    “I told you I was meeting with a client,” she was short with him. “What is all of this about?” she asked. “I don’t like you
    integrating me one bit. I suggest you come to the point or get out of my office and go home and cool down.”

    Douglas slammed his fist on Brittany’s desk, “Damn it, Brittany! I am your husband. I have a right to know where you were
    last night and who you were with!”

    “That’s right, you’re my husband, Douglas, not my father,” she shot back as her anger reached the boiling point. “I’ve
    already told you I was with a client last night and you already know that I was at the country club. What exactly are you
    implying here Douglas? Because if it is what I think it is…well then you can go straight to hell,” she declared as her
    husband stood silent.

    “We have fought and struggled to find our way back to one another, time and time again. There have been to many
    roadblocks to even count and we’ve dodged every single one of them…” she lectured, “and now you dare stand here and
    accuse me of what I think you’re accusing me of…” Brittany shook her head and turned away from him.

    She crossed her office and threw open the door, “You get out,” she demanded. “You get the hell out of my office and you
    get the hell of my house until you have the good sense to come back to me on your hands and knees begging for my
    forgiveness,” she glared at him.

    “We’re not done with this…” he warned her.

    “We are so done with this!” she shouted at him. “You think I would lie to you? You think I would cheat on you…” she
    shook her head, “get out Douglas!”

    Sabrina looked up from her menu, “Ms. Logan…I don’t recall inviting you to sit with me.”

    “Nor do I recall inviting you into my life, but poof,” Sharon gestured with her hands, “here we are. Let’s just say we’re even
    and move forward, shall we?”

    Sabrina laid her menu down, “I will call security Sharon and have them remove you by force.”

    “Just as you called the police had them arrest my husband?”

    “I think you mean my husband Sharon,” she corrected her. “In all fifty states including the most important of all – right
    here in Texas.”

    Sharon sighed with disgust, “Why don’t you just stop it all right?” she demanded. “I have spent the last six years of my life
    waiting for a man like Andrew and I will damned Sabrina if I let you destroy what he and I have built,” she shouted as her
    words filled the country club and the manager approached the table.

    “Ma’am you need to calm down please,” he said as he placed his hand on Sharon’s shoulder, “or I’m going to have to
    ask you to leave.”

    “Don’t you touch me,” Sharon warned him. “If anyone should leave it’s her Landon,” she pointed at Sabrina.

    “I am so sorry Landon for Ms. Logan’s outburst,” Sabrina said in a sympathetic voice. “I think it would be best if she did

    “Oh shut up bitch,” Sharon hissed. “You’re about to find out that I’m your worst nightmare…and when you least expect it,”
    she smiled, “I will destroy you.”

    “Sharon is that threat?” Sabrina asked.

    “No Sabrina…it’s a promise,” Sharon told her as she got up from the chair and left the country club.
    Writer's Commentary: Yvonna Marzetta (Represented by Sandra Santiago) came to River's Edge as a friend of
    Sharon's from when she was married to her first husband and lived in San Angelo. She is the mother of Antonio.
    Writer's Commentary: Thanks for reading this vintage episode of "All Or Nothing" - To date I have been able to
    recover Episodes 21-40; Episodes 61-92 and Episodes 101-120 of the series. It's my hope to revamp and retool all
    of these episodes and get them published along with publishing new content. Please sound off in the AON Forum on
    what your thoughts are regarding the Vintage Episode w/Writer's Commentary collection!

    Check back next week for Episode 138 when Josh travels to Dallas with Ryan and tells April about his cancer.

    Until then...Happy Reading!
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April Bradshaw
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Kendra Logan
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Antonio Marzetta
Represented by Jordi Vilasuso

Gabriella Blake
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The Honorable Hillary Watson
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Douglas Richmond Jr.
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