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    A waitress topped Jered’s cup of coffee off and asked, “Are you sure the rest of your party is going to join you this

    “Yeah,” he replied, “they actually just walked in.”

    Jered walked over and greeted both April and Jodi with hugs and kisses.

    “Did you ladies buy out all of King Fashion?” he joked with them.

    “Well Jodi did,” April smirked. “Seems Mrs. Audrey King Pierce no longer designs maternity clothes…at least not any I
    would wear.”

    Jodi dropped her shopping bags and slid her arms around both Jered and April, “Is it just me or is it just wonderful
    having the three of us all back together again?”

    “I think it’s wonderful,” April smiled. “But this fat pregnant momma is tired and hungry.”
    Jered led them to their booth table near the back of the coffeehouse and proceeded to flag down their waitress for money.
    Natasha stood behind the podium and in front of here was a sign covered by a beige sheet. The crowd was minimal
    collection of reporters – Melissa O’Neils from The Weekly Edge, Autumn Lane from KJRE and a few other reporters from
    various outlets. Brandi and Jered took their places to the left of Natasha, her daughter April and Jodi followed behind.

    “If everyone would go ahead and take their seats please I would like to begin,” Natasha announced. She watched as the
    media done as they had been asked. Brandi looked straight ahead. It had been nearly two months since Jered had
    requested her help and it she was thrilled to do it, the work kept her mind off Nicholas and Audrey.

    “Thank you everyone for coming today,” Natasha began. “As all you may recall earlier this year I turned over my later
    father's real estate company over to my life-long friend and partner Brandi Brashears after I was elected mayor.”

    “Do you intend to resend that appointment now Mayor Bradshaw?” Autumn Lane interrupted.

    “No. I’ve assembled you all here today with Brandi and my children to announce a new chapter in our lives. My late father,
    Henry Garrett had always intended that my children, like his own, would take an active interest in the company. Today it
    give me great pride to announce,” Natasha paused as Jodi and April pulled the sheet from the covered sign, “Bradshaw,
    Brashears & Garrett Realtors.”

    “Mayor Bradshaw I’m afraid that I don’t follow.” Melissa O’Neils interjected.

    “I’m proud to announce to that my son Jered has obtained his realtors license and I feel that it is within the best interest
    of our company and my father’s legacy to bring him abroad as an partner and allow him to learn from a businesswoman
    who has a tremendous amount respect and success as Brandi Brashears has had.
    Sharon toyed with her wedding ring and surveyed the living room one last time – it was empty. For the first time in six very
    long years, the house she had moved into with Kendra when they first came to River’s Edge was empty.

    There was no living room furniture. She had donated it all to the Salvage Army along with the one and only television that
    they had. Her books, photographs and clothes had all been packed into boxes and the movers had just left for Andrew’s
    house across town.

    “You okay honey?” she asked as she entered into Kendra’s equally empty bedroom.

    Kendra closed her eyes and drew a deep breath before she spoke.

    “This is supposed to be a happy, joyous occasion right mom?” Kendra finally asked.

    Sharon approached her daughter slowly and kissed her forehead.

    “Of course it is. You know that Andrew is looking forward to us moving in with him.”

    She turned and faced her mother, “Then why does it feel like a part of me is dying?”
    “Well apart of us has died sort to speak Kendra,” Sharon replied to her daughter. “I’m not the same woman I was six
    years ago when we first moved here. Hell I’m not the same woman I was three months ago and that means you’re not
    the same young woman you were either.”

    “I know that,” Kendra answered. “It’s just that the last time we moved…” her voice trailed off.

    “Our entire family had been killed,” Sharon finished her sentence. “I know.”

    “Exactly,” Kendra answered. “And now here we are again…moving just after it feels like we’ve gotten settled into our life
    here. I just don’t know if I’m ready mom.”

    As Sharon pondered how Kendra felt they both heard the honking of Andrew’s SUV from the driveway.

    “That sounds like our cue honey,” Sharon said as she brought Kendra into a warm, loving hug. “I promise you everything
    is going to work out for the better. Andrew, Jered, Jodi, April, you and me…we’re going to be a family and that’s a promise
    baby,” Sharon told her daughter.

    Kendra stood up and looked around the room one final time. She reflected on the past six years and she made a
    decision to embrace the future.

    “Okay let’s do this,” she told her mother. “I just hope you’re right about all of this.”

    “I do to Kendra, I do to…” Sharon sighed as they left the house for the final time.
    Nicholas opened the envelope and saw pictures of him with Brandi, in their most intimate moments. He didn’t know what
    he could or if he should say anything all. He looked from the pictures, to Eleanor and then back to the pictures.

    “Audrey knows about the affair?” he finally asked.

    “Yes,” she sat back down beside her son-in-law. “It would appear that way. Nicholas this woman, in the pictures…are
    you still having an affair with her?”

    “I see,” she said under her breath. “And your feelings…what are they towards her? Do you love her?”

    “I do,” he replied somberly.

    “Do you love her enough to end your marriage with my daughter?” she questioned. “And before you answer know that if
    you say yes, then things will change Nicholas, drastically. If you understand what it is I’m saying.”

    “Nicholas do you still want to be with me?” Brandi questioned as she unbuttoned the buttons on his shirt.

    “Of course,” he kissed her neck softly, “I still want you Brandi.”

    Her coat fell to the floor followed by his tie and then her shirt.

    “But you have to understand that at least for the time being I’m still going to be married to Audrey.”

    “So I’ll be your mistress?” she asked.

    “Are you willing to go along with that?”

    As she reached for his belt she smiled, “I’m willing to do anything you want Nicholas.”

    “Kenneth once told me,” Eleanor brought him back to reality, “that power is something that you take.”

    Nicholas looked at her and shook his head in disbelief of what he thinks she is telling him to do.

    “You and I have always gotten along very well and let’s both face facts Nicholas…” she cut her eyes at him, “you’ve never
    fully loved Audrey the way you should have, but you loved King Fashion.”

    “Are you saying what I think you’re saying Eleanor?”

    “Yes I am!” she said without hesitation. “I am telling you to divorce her Nicholas. I may have not loved King Fashion the
    way Kenneth loved it, but I loved him and how dare Audrey consider giving away her shares like that.”

    “I can’t believe I’m hearing these words come out of your mouth,” he replied as Savannah approached the waiting room.

    “Clearly my actions over the last thirty years have proven to you what I am capable of,” she explained.

    “How is something like this supposed to work?”

    Eleanor thought for a moment and then explained, “If you petition the courts for a divorce then you’re voluntary giving up
    your rights to Audrey’s Power of Attorney. That’s where I’ll come in and once I’m named her new Power of Attorney…” she
    smiled, “I will simply sell you the shares.”

    “And two of your own?” he asked. “So that I maintain the majority, not the minority.”

    Eleanor shook her head and cut her eyes at him, “Fine. And two of my own,” she agreed. “Whatever I have to do to make
    sure that little bitch doesn’t give my husband’s company away.”
    “Did you see the news this evening mom?” Kendra asked as her mother finished hanging her daughter’s clothes in her
    new closet.

    “Are you talking about the piece on Natasha?” Sharon answered with a question.

    “Yeah,” Kendra replied. “I’m glad to see Jered is finally getting his life back on track. Bella’s death was difficult on him,”
    she said with a sigh. “Is Andrew going to be home for dinner tonight? He knows you like to set down together for dinner

    “Nicholas Pierce called this afternoon,” Sharon told her. “He went to his office to meet with him.”

    “Well in that case how about we order a pizza for dinner?” Kendra suggested with a huge smile.
    Brittany slowly emerged from the bathroom, shut the door and glanced at the clock.

    “Six, forty-five,” she said to herself. “Douglas where are you?”

    As she made her way across the bedroom to her bed, she couldn’t help but smile. She looked at the positive pregnancy
    test and told herself, “I need to wait. I have to be sure before I tell Douglas…I have to be sure.”
    Will there be anything else you would like this evening, Mrs. Bradshaw.” Rosa asked as she poured Pamela a cup of

    The lady of the home took a small sip of coffee, thinking if there was anything she needed or wanted the maid to do
    before she retired for the evening. Her thoughts where interrupted by the doorbell, “If you could get that door Rosa, I
    would appreciate it.”

    “Of course, Mrs. Bradshaw.” Rosa said as she exited the dining room.

    “Who could that be at this hour?” Pamela questioned cutting herself a piece of cake, her back from the entranceway.

    “When did you hire a maid Pamela?” A female voice asked.

    Pamela spun around, shocked to hear the familiar voice, “What are you doing here and what the hell do you want?” she
    questioned, her voice was clear, hateful and to the point.
All Or Nothing
Episode 41: Are You Ready?
Original Posting Date: November 17, 2002
Reposting Date: October 13, 2012
    “Am I reading this correctly Eleanor,” Nicholas asked.

    “Well I am not sure what part you’re reading,” she told him. “Read it aloud to me.”

    “I, Audrey DeAnna King Pierce, being of sound mind and body do hereby on this the fourth day of June in the year of
    nineteen and ninety-nine, declare these to be my last known wishes and do hereby revoke any other wills and
    testaments,” he read.

    “All right, go on,” Eleanor instructed.

    “To my husband Nicholas Pierce I leave all my real and personal property, not including my forty-nine percent ownership
    of King Fashion. In the matter of King Fashion, I leave my forty-nine percent ownership to Maggie Clark,” he folded the
    paper and looked at Eleanor.

    They both sat in silence for a moment, pondering the fact that Audrey did not leave to Nicholas or her children King

    “I’ve never particularly like the fashion industry,” Eleanor said in a soft tone. “And I never tried to hide that fact. However,
    not only did it afford me a remarkably wonderful life, my husband founded that company and because of that I love it,” she

    “I know you do.”

    “My daughter has never disappointed me in such a way as she has done with this will and testament. If she dies in that
    room…” Eleanor paused, “if she dies Nicholas then King Fashion should belong to you or one of my grandchildren. Not
    Maggie Clark.”

    “I agree completely Eleanor. I have no idea why in the hell Audrey would even consider leaving Kenneth’s company to
    Maggie Clark of all people. Hell she might as well have just given it to Sharla Tanner for God’s sake.”

    “Yes well let’s not even mentioned that strumpet’s name. Her entire team is just rejoicing in the fact that my Audrey is
    lying on what could quite possibly turn into her deathbed,” she informed Nicholas.

    “Sounds like something she would do. Eleanor we need to face the facts here. If Audrey does die in there…then we’ll
    lose half of King Fashion. I know Maggie and she would sell her mother if the price was right.”

    Eleanor stood up and paced the floor. She stopped mid-step and said, “That maybe the case and something has to be
    done, but before we go any further you should see this.”

    She reached into her bag and handed him another envelope.

    “I found this when I was in the safety deposit box,” she explained. “I hope you’re able to explain.”
    “Are you alone Nicholas?” Eleanor King asked as she entered the ICU waiting area.

    “Eleanor?” he stood up. “You’re back earlier than any of us expected. The boys are at the office and I just sent the girls
    down to get some breakfast,” he explained.

    “So you are alone then?” she questioned for a second time.

    Eleanor King had always carried a large purse and today was no different. As she sat down next to Nicholas he thought
    back to the day he had married Audrey and how definite she was when they had married. Nicholas respected Eleanor in
    so many was. In fact he probably respected her more than he did his own wife.

    “Yes I’m alone,” he finally answered her. “Why do you ask?”

    He watched as Eleanor pulled from her purse a white business size envelope.

    “Answer me a question, dear son-in-law,” she offered the envelope to him. “Has my daughter ever read your living willing
    or vice-versa?”

    Nicholas took a moment to consider Eleanor’s question and answered, “No. Why would you ask something like that?”

    “Because Nicholas, I think it’s time you read Audrey’s,” Eleanor smirked as his eyes locked on the envelope.
  • Andrew and Sharon were married.

  • After a fight between Justin and Ethan, Audrey was left in a comatose state.

  • Jered asked Brandi to help him obtain his real estate license after the death of his girlfriend Bella.
Previously on All Or Nothing
    Andrew entered the dark reception area of Jillian’s office and called out her name, “Jillian! Jillian! Are you here?”

    She emerged from her office and questioned, “Who’s there?” As the lights came on Andrew revealed himself to her and
    she asked, “Andrew? What the hell are you doing here?”
    Leslie signed out on the nurse’s logs for the day, when she heard Ethan’s voice calling at her. “Good evening, Dr. Pierce.”

    Ethan smiled as he pulled Leslie into a kiss on the cheek.

    “And good evening to you, Mr. Pierce.” Leslie smiled as Ethan pulled away. “How’s your mother?”

    “You didn’t stop in and check up on her today?” Ethan questioned.

    “No. Didn’t really have time, Bradley was off today.”

    Taking his wife’s hand, “Well she’s the same, grandmother got back into town this morning.”

    “Good.” Leslie paused, kissed Ethan’s hand and then continued “Can we go home? There is something I need to tell
    you, but not here.”

    “Of course, let’s go.” Ethan said as he led Leslie out of the nurse’s station.