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  •        After discovering her husband was having an affair Pamela fled River's Edge.

  •        Pamela was involved in a car accident that caused her to lose her memory.

  •        Natasha, Claire and the entire Bradshaw family launched a search for the missing Pamela.
    "You want to leave? But you came all this way," her daughter reasoned with her. "I think you should at least come in for
    the services and pay your respects to Pamela."

    "Well if I do that Kendra Jo then it means I'll have to see Andrew and Sabrina and Gregory...in case you've forgotten I I
    didn't party way with River's Edge on the best of terms," Sharon reminded her. "Not to mention that I'm not particularly
    crazy about the idea of my ex-husband seeing me like this," she ran her hand through her semi-shaved short hair.

    "You don't want Andrew to know that you have cancer?"

    "Actually no I don't. Because if he knows then he's going to feel guilty about the way we left things when I left," Sharon
    stated. "The same with Gregory and that is the last thing I want Kendra. In fact if I wanted them to feel guilty then I would
    have stayed..."

    "And not have runaway?"

    "Don't you throw me in my face Kendra," Sharon warned her. "I seem to recall you left this town once before too."

    She glared at her mother and frowned, "Yes well at least when I come back I hold my head high and face down my
    demons. Case in point..." Kendra pointed to the church, "I'm going to walk into the exact same church were my husband's
    funeral was held because Jodi and April need me."

    Sharon shook her head, "Well they don't need me now do they?"

    "No but did it cross your mind that I might?"

    "You're stronger than I am," Sharon told her as she walked towards her daughter. "I have my reasons for not wanting to
    be here, please try to at least understand what they are Kendra." Silence fell between them as Kendra reached into her
    purse for the car keys and handed them to her mother. "Thank you sweetheart..." Sharon smiled as she turned and found
    herself face-to-face with the one man she didn't want to see...Andrew Bradshaw!
    "I would agree dear. When was the last time..." she tapped her finger against her cheek and thought, "oh yes I remember
    now. It was the Fourth of July picnic in 2001. That was what six weeks, seven weeks before you decided to jump in bed
    with Andrew Bradshaw and literally screw your life away?" Maxine smiled.

    "Okay Mother that's enough," Bradley stepped in between the two women. "Valerie and I made our peace about that a
    long time ago. I think what you meant to say was that it's wonderful to see the mother of your grandchildren alive and

    "Of course son, that's exactly what I meant to say," Maxine glared from behind Bradley's back at Valerie with a smile.

    "Here's a trio that I didn't expect to see this morning," Josh Marshall smiled as he gave his mother a kiss on the cheek
    followed by a hug from his grandmother. "Are the three of you playing nice with one another today?"

    "Josh..." Maxine playfully swatted at him with a smile on her face, "of course we are. I was just telling your mother here
    how wonderful it is to see her finally. Now you stand up straight and let your Mimi see you. How many months has it been
    since you've been cancer free?"

    The truth was it had only been less than a month, but Josh's family thought it had been longer...much longer. "A few
    months now," he lied to his grandmother.

    "Oh that's good! I tell all my friends at bridge what a tough fighter my little Josh is," she kissed him on the cheek. "And
    handsome too. Just like his father!"
March 26, 2013
Written By: Josh Hawkins
    She stopped halfway down the sidewalk and turned to face the mod of reporters. "Everyone this will be the only statement
    that I will be making today. First and foremost I am deeply saddened by the untimely and horrific passing of one of our
    city's most renowned and beloved citizens. Pamela Bradshaw McCarty was by definition a pillar of our society. My
    thoughts and prayers are with her husband, her children and her entire family."

    "As it regards the decision by the River's Edge Election Board to not establish a new election date, I must stand by their
    decision and say that with the citizens of this great city in mind. Mayor Dobbins has went above and beyond her duties in
    order to extend her term for as long as she possibly. I'm sure that Andrew Bradshaw would join in publicly thanking the
    Mayor for that. Today is not about politics, elections or a campaign - but to honor the charitable work, the humanity and
    the memory of one of finest women in River's Edge."

    "Today I am not a woman who stands before you campaigning for mayor, I a woman who stands before you as a better
    woman for having known Pamela Bradshaw McCarty. Thank you."
    "You know I watched the news before we left the hotel and they said these clouds were
    supposed to have cleared out by now," Kendra Logan Bradshaw said to her her mother as they
    emerged from the rental car.

    Sharon Logan Bradshaw stepped out of the car, slammed the door shut and surveyed her
    surroundings. She had been gone since August but as her eyes took everything in it felt as
    though she might as well had been gone for years on end. Everything seemed different,
    because it was different she thought to herself. Gregory was no doubt committed to his wife
    and Andrew...well Andrew had done what she for many years considered the unthinkable - he
    had married Sabrina...again.

    "Mom are you okay?" Kendra asked. "You look a little pale."

    "I'm sorry sweetheart did you say something?" Sharon questioned as she walked around the
    car to her daughter. "It looks like rain doesn't it?"

    "I hope that it doesn't rain," Kendra sighed as she walked toward the church. "I remember it
    was so cloudy and dreary like this at Jered's funeral it makes the whole thing even more
    depressing than it should be."

    Sharon lingered by the car. "Kendra now that I've thought about it - I'm not sure this was the
    best idea. I think I'm going to go back to the hotel," she announced. "I don't really want to see
    anyone other than you and I certainly don't want Andrew or Sabrina to see me today of all days.
    I'm the last thing they need to deal with. Can you give me the car keys please?"
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  •        Friends and family remember Pamela Holland Bradshaw McCarty
    Thursday, March 28, 2013
    Maxine Marshall stood just outside of the St. Mark's church in downtown River's Edge with her
    son Bradley and thought fondly of the years she had lived there. But today her mind rested on
    the time she had spent doing battle with Pamela Bradshaw McCarty for the attention and
    affection of one Travis McCarty. Looking back now Maxine thought of what a silly fight it had
    been and as she often did in situations like this wondered - how it would all be so different had
    she won over Travis and not Pamela.

    "Do you want to go in and find our seats?" Bradley asked his mother as she turned around to
    survey the growing crowd and across the way she spotted her - walking towards them and
    Maxine could not believe her eyes.

    "Well...well...well...as I live and breath," Maxine sighed heavily as Valerie approached. "I knew
    the rumors of your resurrection were true my dear Valerie, but to see that you hath risen and
    walk amongst us is something entirely different all together," she smiled. "How are you dear?"

    "Hello Maxine," Valerie smiled. "It's been far to long since we've last seen one another. In fact I
    didn't even know you would be here today."

    Maxine shrugged her shoulders, "When Bradley told me about Pamela's death I was just
    devastated. I finally decided that I had to be here to pay my respects and of course to see my

    "Well regardless of what brought you to town, I'm very happy to see you," Valerie smiled. "It's
    been far to long since we've seen one another."
    Bradley threw his hands up in the air, “So I was mistaken. I apologize. Why is this such a big deal to you April? Why is it
    that you’re so dead set against me pursuing your sister?”

    "You know what April I don't know why I cannot win with you," he declared. "Why is this such a big deal to you? You're
    dead set against me pursing something with your sister. Why is that?"

    "Because you are old enough to be her father for God's sake Bradley. Not to mention that you're the father of her high
    school sweetheart and you dated our mother," April rattled off. "Do you need anymore reasons than those to steer clear of

    “I have feelings for Jodi,” Bradley admitted. “I can’t help that and I think if you would stop meddling in her life she would
    reciprocate those feelings."

    She shook her head and rolled her eyes. “I’m watching you,” April told him as she turned to walk away.

    “You’re watching me? What is that supposed to mean?” he laughed.

    “It means that you had damn well better not pull another stunt like you did at the Winterhaven Festival. Especially today,”
    April spun around and told him. “This is my grandmother’s funeral service. It is not the time and it is certainly not the
    place for you to make a pass at my sister. I’m warning you Bradley…you keep your distance or you will no longer be
    welcome here.”

    “You know I thought you liked me,” Bradley told her. “What would Josh say if he knew how you were acting right now?”

    "Don't you dare," she hissed at him. "Do not even think of bring Josh into this mess and shame on your for throwing him
    in my face like that. You've crossed line and would suggest you taking many, many steps back right now Bradley," April
    ordered. "You are a grown man and right now you are sniffing around my sister like a horny school boy...I suggest you
    stop it and grow up."
    “I just texted Sabrina and she said they just left the house. They should be here in about fifteen minutes or so,” Natasha
    told Emily. “I think I should go find your Aunt Claire and tell her. Do you want to come with me sweetheart?”

    “Sure,” Emily responded. As they began to walk towards the church hand-in-hand from across the parking lot of the
    church a woman called out to Natasha. It was a voice she recognized, but hadn't heard in a very long time.
    “You know what don’t answer that,” April told Bradley. “Because what you’re doing is painfully
    and embarrassingly obvious,” she assured him. “Did you actually think she was smiling at

    “Of course not,” Bradley lied to her. “I don’t know what you think you saw April but you're wrong."

    You weren't about to make a public declaration towards my sister?” she questioned. “At my
    grandmother’s funeral no less. Jodi wasn’t walking towards you, she wasn’t smiling at you,
    she wasn’t happy to see you Bradley – she was happy to our step-sister and her ex-husband.”

    Bradley threw his hands up in the air, “So I was mistaken."
    "Valerie! Valerie! Valerie!" a group of reporters approached mayoral candidate Valerie Caldwell
    as she walked down the sidewalk from her car across the street from the church where
    Pamela's service was being held.

    "Valerie do you have a comment regarding the decision by the election board to continue with
    the election next week?"

    "Ma'am do you think the election board should have delayed the election once again given that
    today is the funeral services for Pamela Bradshaw McCarty?"

    "Valerie do you think your lead over Andrew Bradshaw will hold steady after today?"
    "You've spoken with April and Emily this morning haven't you?" Valerie asked. "How are they

    "They're both doing pretty good. I guess as well as can be expected under the circumstances,"
    he answered. "I was over there earlier this morning and helped April get ready."

    "And she's doing okay? She's not showing any signs that we should be concerned about?"
    Bradley pressed. "Because if she is Josh then you need to tell someone."

    "I know Dad and she's doing okay," Josh shook his head. "I think we're going to make it
    through this entire ordeal without an appearance from that retched tramp Amber."

    "Who?" Maxine asked as she looked to each of them for an answer.

    "You know what Mimi it doesn't matter. Why don't we go inside and find our seats," Josh said.

    Bradley and Valerie stood together and watched their son enter the church with Maxine on his
    arm. There was only a moment of silence between the ex-spouses before Valerie stated, "Your
    mother is quite the..."

    "Easy now," he warned her with a smile.

    "I was going to say firecracker," she winked at him. "And that little crack about Andrew...I knew
    your mother never liked me!"
    "I did speak with the reporters, but I'm not campaigning. In fact I sent everyone home with strict instructions to not talk
    about the election and even closed the headquarters," she explained. "Regardless of what you, your mother or anyone
    else for that matter may think of me, I do have some level of decorum and class."

    "Says the woman who wrote an op-ed piece for this morning's newspaper," Bradley raised his eyebrow at her.

    "You saw that did you?"

    He shook his head. "I thought you said some nice things about Pamela and I think in the long run Emily's going to
    appreciate it," he stated. "The question I have though is Valerie - was it the truth or just a ploy against Andrew?"

    "You think what I wrote was a ploy for votes? I find that question to be rather insensitive and quite frankly out of line," she
    lashed back. "I wrote every word in that article and it was exactly how I felt about our granddaughter's great-grandmother."

    Bradley cocked his head to one side and a half smile appeared across his face.

    "Oh I know that look. You don't have to believe me Bradley," she fired at him. "Everything I wrote about Pamela was the
    truth. Whether you believe it or not. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going inside to find a seat and do me a favor...don't sit
    anywhere near me. Today is depressing enough as it is."
    "Oh damn!" Sharon cursed under her breath only loud enough that she heard it.

    "Hello Sharon," Andrew smiled at her. "Kendra how are you?"

    "I'm good thank you," Kendra replied. "I just saw Jaxson drive up. If you'll excuse me I'm going to go say hello," she told
    them and quickly turned to leave.

    "Andrew it's very nice to see you," Sharon lied. "I hate that it's under these circumstances though. I'm very sorry about
    Pamela. How are you holding up?"

    Her ex-husband solemnly nodded, "I'm holding up for the sake of Leslie and Angela. How have you been Sharon? I didn't
    know you would be here."

    "It's hard to lose a parent. What the girls are they holding up okay?"

    "They're good."

    The two ex-spouses stood in silence without so much a word between them. Sharon thought it was funny that they had
    so little to say one another. Here was a man she shared her bed with for years, helped raise her daughter and now they
    shared nothing, unless one considered the awkward and tense silence.

    "You look different," Andrew admitted to her. "I think it's your hair, it's so short."

    Sharon forced a laugh, "I know. I wanted something easy and manageable so I decided to cut it short again. I figured new
    town, new haircut, new me."

    "Where have you been?"

    "California," she replied. "I moved out to San Francisco and have been staying with Kendra." While I've been sick she
    thought to herself but didn't dare say aloud to him. "I hear you're running for Mayor again and against Valerie Caldwell no

    Andrew smiled for the first time that morning, "You heard right but the campaign has taken a backseat to the search for
    Mom and now this."

    "I bet," she sighed. "I just couldn't believe it when Kendra told me what had happened...that the great Pamela Bradshaw
    would go out like that..." Sharon shook her head. "It's heartbreaking really."

    "So you're good? Everything is okay?" Andrew questioned. "I shouldn't be worried about you?"

    She looked away from him and smiled, "No you shouldn't Andrew...because I'm no longer your concern now am I? I
    should go find Kendra and go inside. It was good to see you."

    "You too," he sighed as she started to walk away. "Sharon do you want to sit with the family? I mean after all you were part
    of this crazy and dysfunctional family for a long time."

    Sharon turned to face him, "That's very sweet of you to ask, but I think we both know that it wouldn't be appropriate."
    "I have to admit that you are the last person that I thought I would see here," Kendra smiled as
    she approached Jaxson Hayes for a hug outside the church. "It's so good to see you."

    "I was once part of the exclusive and infamous Bradshaw family that I should be here today if
    not for Jodi then to at least pay my respects to Pamela," Jaxson explained.

    "I felt the same way," Kendra smiled fondly as she recalled how good Pamela had been to her
    and Sharon years earlier. "I think it's very thoughtful of you to have thought of Jodi too. I'm sure
    she's going to appreciate you being here."

    "I hope so. Do you know if she's here by chance?"
    Kendra looked around the parking lot, "I don't think so. She's coming in a family car with her mother and aunt. I don't
    remember what time she told me it was scheduled to arrive though."

    Jaxson nodded his head, "I guess that's okay. You'll keep me company until she arrives?"

    "Of course," Kendra smiled. "How have you been? Where have you been? Are you still in Washington D.C. working for

    "No," he shook his head. "I stopped working for Charles about three years ago. I moved back to Oklahoma City and I'm
    working for the District Attorney's office. What about you? Has your mother convinced you to move back to River's Edge yet
    or are you still in California?"

    She chuckled with a dry and cynical sound, "I'm still in California. I moved to San Francisco in 2008 and my mom actually
    moved there last summer. You didn't know her and Andrew were divorced?"

    "They're divorced? No I didn't know that."

    "Really? I can't believe you aren't keeping up with all the gossip in River's Edge," Kendra teased him. "You and I should
    definitely talk more frequently, because I'm going to assume that you didn't know Andrew got remarried - to Sabrina."

    "No!? Now you're just making things up Kendra," Jaxson said as they both shared a laugh. "What is going on around
    here it's like the twilight zone or something? Andrew remarried Sabrina...you've got to be kidding me."

    "I wish I were, but I am not."

    "So are you dating anyone in San Francisco?"

    Kendra thought for a moment...

    He was dressed just like she had told him to be earlier that day – black button down shirt with a white wife beater
    shirt underneath and jeans. Neither the man nor Kendra exchanged words as he made his way past her and into
    her living room.

    From the living room the mystery man slowly began to unbutton his shirt. Kendra closed the door and followed
    him into the house.

    He looked across at her and questioned, “You have the money?”

    “I do,” she pointed to the fireplace mantle. “And just like we agreed last time there’s a little extra…if you let me call
    you Jered…” Kendra told him as she slid her black leather skirt down her body and onto the floor.

    "No," she told him. "I stay busy with work and it's hard to..."

    "Date someone when you're still in love with Jered?" he finished for her. "I'm sorry," Jaxson immediately apologized, "that
    was insensitive of me, especially today."

    "It's okay. It's okay," she reassured him. "It's truth and there is nothing wrong with the truth. I am still in love with Jered and
    I'm always going to be in love with him."

    The two shared a moment of silence before Jaxson asked, "Do you want to go inside? I can catch up with Jodi after the

    "Sure..." Kendra sighed. "That sounds like a good idea. I bet mom has found a seat somewhere in the very back of the
    church. You're more than welcome to sit with us if you would like."

    Jaxson smiled, "Yeah I think I would like that." The two of them started to walk towards the entrance of the church, just as
    one of the family cars pulled into the lot.
    The two quickly made their way across the parking lot, leaving the two sisters standing together with one another. Both
    were quiet and no doubt remembering the last time that they were standing outside this very church on a gray and cloudy

    “I hate this place,” April said to her sister.

    Jodi shook her head in agreement. “So do I,” she agreed. “But there’s not much that we can do about it now.”

    “Oh my God…” April sighed as she looked across the parking lot. “Jodi do you see what I see?” she pointed to Kendra
    and Jaxson walking towards them.

    “No. It’ can’t be,” Jodi said with a twinkle in her eye for the first time in days. “Can you believe that he came?”

    Jodi started walking towards Jaxson and Kendra across the parking lot with a smile on her face. From near the entrance
    of the church Bradley spotted Jodi in the distance walking towards him with a smile on her face. But the smile on his face
    fell when he saw her embrace her ex-husband Jaxson Hayes just as April stepped in front of him and stopped him in his

    “What exactly do you think you’re doing?” she questioned.
    Claire Holland Monroe emerged from the family car followed by her husband Charles, her
    great-nieces Jodi and April, her great-great niece Emily and Natasha Garrett Bradshaw who
    over the last several months had given her much more than a shoulder to lean on.

    “Natasha I haven't heard from the funeral director this morning. I think I’m going to go in and
    check with him to make sure everything is in place,” Claire said to the group. “Charles would
    you mind coming with me?”

    Natasha watched as Claire disappeared amongst the crowd and then she turned to her
    daughters and granddaughters, “I’m going to go see if your father and Sabrina have arrived yet.
    Emily would you like to come with me?”
    “And Katie?” Natasha questioned with a certain level of disdain for Lizzie’s daughter who just happened to have
    kidnapped Emily years earlier.

    Lizzie looked from Natasha to Emily and then back to Natasha before she replied, “Katie is still living in San Angelo
    where she’s been for the last several years,” Lizzie told her. “Is this your granddaughter?”

    Natasha smiled, “Yes this is Emily. Emily, sweetheart, this is Lizzie Russell an old friend of mine. Can you say hello?”

    “Hello,” Emily extended her hand to Lizzie. “It’s very nice to meet you Mrs. Russell.”

    Across the parking lot April had finished with Bradley when she turned to go rejoin her mother and daughter. As she
    inched closer and closer to where they stood she saw another woman with them who looked vaguely familiar. The closer
    she got to them, she could have sworn her eyes were deceiving her - because there her daughter stood face-to-face for
    the first time in Emily's life with Rodney's mother, Lizzie Russell, her biological paternal grandmother.

    "Well today just keeps delivering surprise after surprise," April's eyes met with Lizzie's and she bit down hard on her
    lower lip. "Lizzie I didn't expect to see you here today. In fact you're of the very last people who I thought would come back
    to River's Edge to pay their respects to my grandmother...all things considered," she smiled.

    Lizzie ignored April's last comment and answered, "It was important that I be here today to do just that April - pay my
    respects to Pamela. Your grandmother and I did quite a bit of charity work together when I lived here. I couldn't imagine
    letting this day pass without being here."

    "That's very nice," Natasha interjected. She picked up on the tension between her daughter and Lizzie, but for the life of
    her she didn't understand where it was coming from. "I'm sure Andrew will be thrilled to see you. I just texted his wife and
    they should be here any minute."

    April placed her hands on Emily's shoulders and pulled her daughter close to her. She wasn't sure if Lizzie Russell was
    playing a game with her, but she would be damned if she were caught off guard if she was.

    "I think I'm going to go on inside and find a seat," Lizzie suggested. "It was good to see you both," she said towards
    Natasha and April. "And Emily it was a pleasure to meet you finally. You're just as pretty as your mother," she said as her
    eyes locked with April's.

    They watched as Lizzie walked away and April leaned in to whisper to her mother, "What was that woman doing here?
    Especially talking to my daughter?"

    "She told you why she was here darling," Natasha sighed. "She came to pay her respects to your..." her words trailed off
    just as the family car arrived with the rest of the family. "Oh my God...I don't believe it..."

    "What?" April asked. "Mom what's the matter?"

    "Nothing I can't handle," she answered as she headed towards Travis's car all the while keeping her eye firmly planted
    on Rhonda Duncan who had seconds earlier stepped out of her own car.
    “Natasha Bradshaw!” the woman called out again. “Natasha!”

    She spun around and saw there standing before her none other than a blast from the past.
    “Lizzie Russell is that you?” she questioned. “How long has it been?”

    The two women shared a quick hug and Lizzie replied, “Far too long Natasha. How are you?”

    “Well under the circumstances I’m doing well,” she answered. What about you and Jonathan?"

    “Jonathan is good. We moved to Oklahoma City a few years ago for him to take a job with the
    newspaper there. Rodney joined the Air Force awhile back…”
    Natasha followed her and reached out to grab her arm for a second time, "Like hell you are," she spun her around so that
    they were face to face. "If you think I'm going to let you sit in the congregation for Pamela's memorial then you are even
    crazier than you appear to be. Pamela was one of the most revered, most beloved and most feared women in this city...
    but I think you already knew that."

    "Pamela Bradshaw McCarty was a prude who wasn't fulfilling her wifely duties with her husband," Rhonda assured
    Natasha. "As far as being one of the most feared women...well to each their own opinion I suppose because she never
    scared me."

    "I see," Natasha told her. "I've known women like you my entire life Rhonda and I've known what it is like to sleep next to a
    man who cheats on his wife because I did it for nearly twenty years and only once did I ever confront one of those women.
    Have you ever heard the term a woman scorned?" she inched closer to Rhonda. "Pamela may not have scared you, but
    you should be very, very scared of me right now. You walk into that church, you sit down in one of those pews and I
    promise you will regret it!" Natasha seethed with anger.

    "You don't have anything on me Natasha and just like Pamela didn't scare me, you don't either."
    Natasha quickly made her way across the parking lot and stopped directly in front of Rhonda.
    In the distance behind her Natasha knew that Travis's car had came to a stop and that they
    were likely to emerge from the vehicle and see her standing there with Rhonda.

    "Please tell me exactly what it is that you're doing here," Natasha demanded. "Did Travis invite
    you to his wife's memorial service?"

    "Of course not Natasha. Travis does have a certain level of class and dignity, which I'm sure
    you're not able to even comprehend," Rhonda replied as she moved past without haste, but
    with an unhurried purpose.

    "Oh no you don't," Natasha caught Rhonda's arm and spun her around. "Well apparently not
    enough class and dignity to inform you that it would be in your better interest not to show up
    here today. After everything you have done I cannot believe you would show up here today."

    "After everything I have done? The only thing I have done Natasha is commit adultery," Rhonda
    smiled. "Or are you saying that I'm to blame for Pamela's untimely demise?"

    "You know damn well that you are partially to blame for her death," Natasha hissed. "You may
    not have been driving the car when she crashed...but her blood is all over your greedy, man
    hungry paws."

    "Well I think you and I will just agree to disagree," Rhonda smiled. "Now if you'll excuse me I'm
    going to go find a seat...close to the front I wouldn't want to miss a minute of the show."
    "But I should," a male voice said from behind Rhonda's back. "I know all the dirty details about
    your Ms. Duncan," Jim Wilson stated. "And perhaps Ms. Bradshaw here would like to know
    exactly what they are before the service begins."

    Natasha cut her eyes at the man and questioned, "I'm sorry, but who exactly are you?" She
    looked to Rhonda, "Something tells me you know this gentlemen."

    "I'm your new best friend ma'am," he answered as Rhonda rolled her eyes. "Mrs. McCarty hired
    me last year to tail her husband and to find out who he was having an affair with. Once we
    discovered it was Ms. Duncan then she had me do some more digging. Would you like to
    know what I found out?"
    "I would love to know all the details about Ms. Duncan," Natasha smiled. "But at the moment I'm more concerned about
    my family and the interruption that she may cause this morning if she were to stay."

    Rhonda rolled her eyes, "You're like a bad cold sore that just won't go away aren't you? Fine I'll leave. But this..." she
    pointed at Natasha, "between you and isn't over. I never had an issue with you before Natasha, but you better believe that
    I do now."

    "Do your best," Natasha hissed at her. "Like I said I know bitches like you and if you think you can take me down then
    bring it on Rhonda. But something tells me that my new friend," she pointed at Jim, "has the goods on you and just like
    Pamela did. If I'm forced I will be more than happy to use them."