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  •        Jodi agreed to debut her novel "Sinful Dreams" during the Winterhaven Festival.

  •        On her way to Washington D.C., Pamela was involved in a car accident in Havre De Grace, Maryland.

  •        Bradley and Jodi kissed in a New York City hotel elevator.
    Friday, January 18, 2013

    "Good morning River's Edge I'm Nathaniel Grey and thank you for joining us for River's Edge:
    Live," the British born morning show host smiled into the camera from the new studio set at
    KJRE. "We have an exciting show planned for you this morning, but first we're going to head
    over to the news desk where Megan Shirley Holloway is waiting with this morning's top
    headlines. Megan good morning."

    "Good morning Nathaniel and good morning to you as well River's Edge," Megan began.

    Since premiering the show on New Year's Day earlier that month Nathaniel and Megan had
    worked to carve out a routine for the show, worked to define their on-air chemistry and the proof
    that they were doing something right was in the ratings - River's Edge: Live had become an
    instant bonafida hit. Of course the ongoing mayoral race and the search for Pamela Bradshaw
    McCarty certainly played a hand in bumping the ratings. Natasha and Sabrina could only hope
    that once the election was over and once Pamela was returned safe and sound the show
    would still continue to enjoy a solid foothold.

    "We do have two very important top stories that we want to bring you up to date on this
    morning," Megan continued. "A recent poll conducted by KJRE indicates that as we head into
    the final weeks of the mayoral race, candidates Andrew Bradshaw and his opponent Valerie
    Caldwell are neck-in-neck with only eight percent of registered voters undecided," she read
    from the teleprompter.
    "You're encouraged to call the tipline..." Rhonda Duncan repeated with a smirk as she reached
    for the remote and turned the television off. She lied back down on the bed and waited for a few
    minutes for Travis to emerge from the bathroom of her apartment. When he finally did he
    couldn't help doing so with a smile on his face.

    "Did I hear the news talking about Pamela?" he questioned. Since Pamela's departure, Travis
    had found himself spending a majority of his time at Rhonda's apartment.

    "You did. It was just the same old tired story that they've been going on about now for the last
    several weeks. It appears that you aren't the only one who doesn't know where the wicked
    witch of the south has disappeared off to."
    Angela sat down on the sofa and rested her head on her palm of her hand. "I wish that I did, but they know everything that
    we know. Sabrina has been very good about keeping everyone at KJRE updated on the latest," she explained. "You know
    Leslie if you're really that concerned as I think that you are you could come downtown with me today and help with the
    search. As opposed to staying hold up in this hotel room day after day...hoping for some good news," Angela snapped at

    Leslie stood up and walked across the room to the window that overlooked the river. "Just because I am not out
    canvasing neighborhoods with fliers day in and day out doesn't mean that I'm not doing everything I can do to find our
    mother," she informed Angela. "I've made contact with every possible hospital where I have a connection. Besides I told
    you when I came back last month that I had a certain number of things that I needed to do before everyone found out that I
    was back."

    "And I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume since you're still hiding out like a criminal that those things aren't yet
    completed," Angela fired back at her.

    "No they are not," Leslie answered. "And just so you're clear Angela I don't appreciate this tone you've decided to take with
    me this morning. I planned my return to River's Edge based on my own timetable and my needs. It's an tragic and
    unfortunate turn of events that our mother just happened to go missing during that time."

    Angela cut her eyes at her sister from across the room, "Shame on me...how could I have forgotten about your timetable.
    Leslie why don't you tell me when an acceptable time would be for our mother to go missing and I'll see if she can work
    that for you a little better the next time."

    "Clearly you're upset and under an enormous amount of stress so I'm going to forget you just said that to me," Leslie
    stepped from the window back towards her sister. "There are things going on in my life right now Angela that I just can't
    talk to you about and for that I am sorry. Coming back to River's Edge doesn't just impact my life alone - I have a husband
    to take into consideration and the reasons I've come home have repercussions for him as well."

    "How I could I forget...the mysterious husband you keep speaking of," Angela rolled her yes. "When is Luke supposed to
    show his face anyway?"
    "I told you he's finishing up some business in Nashville with his law firm. Once he's done with
    all of that he'll be joining me here in River's Edge and then I'll be able to do everything that I
    need to do."

    Angela nodded her head and looked in the opposite direction. "I know that's not what you want
    to hear right and I'm sorry," Leslie told her as she made her way to the sofa. "But I am doing
    everything that I can possibly think of to speed Luke up and search for Mother.

    After a long pause of silence between them Angela conceded. "I guess that is just something
    that I am going to have to deal with whether I want to or not huh?" her words trailed off and she
    ran her fingers through her hair. "It's just..."
    As Megan continued to talk B-Roll played of Andrew and Valerie at different campaign stops over the last two months,
    "Both candidates will be out amongst the voters today, while Mr. Bradshaw is speaking at and receiving an endorsement
    from the River's Edge Honor Society later this morning, Ms. Caldwell will also be speaking and receiving a ringing
    endorsement from the Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays of River's Edge, also known as PFLAG. The
    mayoral candidate will also be honored with the 2012 Volunteer of the Year award from the organization."

    "And while Mr. Bradshaw is out on the campaign trail today, he did announce earlier this week that his campaign efforts
    will be suspended for three days at the beginning of next week. The candidate will spend that time with his wife, Sabrina
    Bradshaw, helping with the search of his missing mother - Pamela Bradshaw McCarty," Megan continued as the
    camera cut away from the B-Roll and back to her.

    "Mrs. McCarty is believed to have went missing on or around November 22, 2012 somewhere in or around the city of
    Philadelphia. The Bradshaw family, friends, countless volunteers and most recently the FBI have been working tirelessly
    around the clock to find any information about her whereabouts. As of this morning there has been no further movement
    in the case though. If you know anything about the disappearance of Pamela Bradshaw McCarty you're encouraged to
    call the FBI tipline at 1-800-555-4511."

    "She's been gone for so long Leslie," Angela's voice cracked. "I'm worried that we started the search for her to late...I don't
    know where she is at or if she's okay and that worries me Leslie..." her voice faded out as tears for the first time began to
    race down Angela's cheeks. "I need her to be alright..." she said in an almost whisper as she leaned over and fell into
    her sister's arms.
    Sabrina Bradshaw sat and listened as Andrew continued his speech about the issues that faced River's Edge. She
    found the speech to be quite boring and a little bland for her taste, but that may just been because she had heard it
    already five times today.

    "And finally, Knights Stadium has served as a main attraction for both tourists and our families here in River's Edge. I
    remember spending the Fourth of July holidays watching my kids run around the baseball diamond waiting for the
    fireworks to begin - Knights Stadium is where memories have been made and where I want memories to continue to be
    He cut his eyes at Natasha and walked ever so slowly in her direction. "Are you accusing me of something Natasha?
    Because if you are..."

    She held her finger up to his lips and stopped him from speaking, "And if I were accusing you of something Travis then
    what?" Natasha pulled her finger back and looked at him directly in the eyes. "Surely you don't think threatening me is in
    your best interest do you? Because not only do you not scare me in the least and I am not intimidated by you at all."

    "Then what is that you want?"

    "I want her name," she answered. "And before you try to deny me that request...you should know that if you refuse to tell
    me her name or if you lie to me about who your mistress is...then I'll have you dragged downtown in front of every camera
    in this city and I'll tell them what I know and what you've been hiding."

    Travis cocked his head to one side, stared Natasha down and questioned, "So if I don't give you this woman's name
    you'll implicate me in Pamela's disappearance? Ruin my career?"

    "Yup," she answered. "Now I am through playing this cat and mouse game with you Travis. I want to know the name of
    the woman with whom you've been having an affair," she told him, "and I want her name right now."
January 27, 2013
Written By: Josh Hawkins
    Travis reached for his watch and wedding band on the dresser by the television and said nothing in response to
    Rhonda's last comment.

    "You never did answer my question though Travis," she told him. "I asked you why Andrew and Angela aren't making a
    much bigger fuss about you now know where their mother is at. They don't suspect that you should at least know where
    she was going or that something transpired between the two of you."

    He turned and faced her, "I told you they were satisfied with the questioning that the police did last month. Besides I did
    tell them that their mother and I had a disagreement, but what it was about was none of their business," Travis explained.
    "I didn't have anything to do with Pamela disappearing Rhonda and I sure as hell do not know where she's at."

    She thought for a moment. "I just don't want this to come back and haunt either one of us Travis. If you did know
    something about Pamela's disappearance you would tell me right?"

    "Of course I would tell you," he fired back at her. "Just like if you knew something about her disappearance you would tell
    me right?" Travis questioned. "I really wish you would stop worrying about all of this. Nothing is going to come back and
    haunt either one of us."

    Rhonda rolled her eyes, "I highly doubt the disappearance of your wife, the beloved," she mocked, "Pamela Bradshaw
    McCarty is just going to blow over Travis."

    "Well not if you keep talking about it and worrying about it won't," he assured her.
    Claire Holland Monroe could on one hand count the number of times that she truly felt worried
    in her life to the point of having absolutely no control over herself or her actions. There was a
    time when her son had gone missing in a department store when he was a toddler. There was
    the moment when she first learned Miranda Pierce had been sleeping with her husband
    behind her back and she wanted nothing more than to strangle the life out of her. Then there
    was the present – her sister, Pamela had been missing for what everyone believed to be fifty-
    seven days.

    “Do you want me to get you some coffee?” Natasha questioned. "Perhaps some decaf."

    “No I’m fine thank you,” Claire shook her head and took a seat on the sofa. “Natasha…”
    “Can I just say how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and for Pamela the last few weeks?” Claire stated.
    “You have been so helpful and accommodating about everything and I really want you to know that I appreciate it.

    “I appreciate you saying that Claire,” Natasha smiled, “but you know that you didn’t have to. I care a great deal for Pamela
    I always have and the truth is no matter how frustrating at times she can be, I always will. There is no other place I would
    rather be than knee deep in the trenches looking for her,” she continued as Claire tried to smile and remain positive
    about the entire situation. “We’re going to find her Claire one way or another. We just need to make sure we stay positive.”

    Claire nodded her head as Natasha’s assistant appeared in the doorway, “Ms. Bradshaw, Paul Morrison with Infinity
    Airlines is here to see you. Shall I show him in?”

    “Yes please,” Natasha said as she stood from her desk and walked across the room where she took her place next to
    Claire. When the executive entered she extended her hand, “Mr. Morrison thank you for coming to River’s Edge. I’m
    Natasha Garrett Bradshaw we spoke on the phone earlier this week and this is Claire Monroe.”

    “It’s a pleasure to meet you both,” the airline executive smiled. “Shall we sit? I brought my laptop and some documents
    that I hope will prove helpful.”

    Natasha gestured towards the conference room table on the other side of her office and the three of them quickly found
    themselves gathered around it. Mr. Morrison withdrew his laptop, a notebook and a slew of manila folders.

    “When we last spoke you said that you were going to bring a copy of the manifest from the flight,” Natasha broke the ice
    as the executive handed each of the women a copy of the document.

    “This top copy is the manifest from Dallas to Philadelphia,” he explained. “The bottom is the manifest from Philadelphia
    to Washington D.C. and as you’ll see Mrs. McCarty wasn’t on that second flight.”

    “Is there anyone that the manifest could be incorrect?” Claire questioned. “Or perhaps Pamela took another flight on
    another airline. This is the type of information that we’re looking for Mr. Morrison, please tell us that you can help.”

    “I wasn’t able to generate a copy of every manifest for every flight that left Philadelphia,” he explained. “Do you know how
    many hours that would take? How much money it would cost?”

    Natasha pulled offer her reading glasses, “Mr. Morrison with all due respect you’re sitting in a room with two of the
    wealthiest women in Texas and we are looking for an even much wealthier woman. The number of hours it would take to
    do as Mrs. Monroe has suggested is not a concern of mine nor is money.”

    “Then perhaps you should hire someone to do that work for you Ms. Bradshaw,” he suggested. “I’ve given you everything
    so far that I am capable of giving you.”

    “Not everything,” Claire interjected. “We’ve not been able to located Pamela’s cell phone or her luggage is that something
    that your airline would have?”

    The executive drew in a deep breath and frowned at the two women, “I’m able to answer your question Ms. Bradshaw, but
    I’m afraid that you’re not going to like the answer.”

    “And why is that?” Claire asked.

    “Mrs. McCarty’s checked luggage was recovered from the plane once it had landed in Washington D.C., however your
    sister must have accidently left her cell phone on the plane once she arrived in Philadelphia.”

    “So you have my sister’s cell phone?”

    “No ma’am the Washington D.C. luggage recovery office has your sister’s luggage, but her cell phone was stolen we
    believe on the 23rd of November from the Philadelphia office.”

    Claire rolled her eyes and stood up from the table. It was almost too much for her to bear and she could slowly feel the
    walls closing in around her.

    “Excuse me…” she sighed as she walked out of the room.

    Natasha thought for a moment, “Mr. Morrison I want to thank you for driving down from Dallas. Would it be possible for
    your Washington D.C. office to ship to me Pamela’s luggage?”

    “I don’t see why that would be a problem.”

    “Okay good. Then I’m going to have you work with my assistant to schedule a time for her to come to your Dallas office
    and review all of the airline manifests from every airline that left the Philadelphia. You can send any billable activity to me

    Natasha stood up and saw the airline executive out of her office. Once she was back seated behind her desk she began
    to think…this meeting had turned up a dead end and she was damn near sick and tired of hitting dead ends. She
    reached for her phone…

    “Yes Ms. Bradshaw?” her assistance answered.

    “Can you get Travis McCarty on the phone for me? Tell him it’s very important that I speak with him ASAP.”
    As Angela Bradshaw stepped off the elevator on the eighth floor of The Southern River Hotel
    she reached back to pull her red hair into a tight ponytail and yawned. The days since she had
    first learned Pamela was missing had ever so slowly, yet so quickly, turned into weeks and
    those weeks into a month. She could on one hand count the number of hours she slept a night
    and as she arrived at Leslie's suite she definitely could feel that weighing on her.

    "I was just watching the news. It doesn't sound like they have anything new to report," Leslie
    told her after an exchange of a much needed hug from her baby sister. "I hope you have a
    better update than they do. I've been rattling around this damn hotel for days on end and it's
    making me a nervous wreck," she smiled.
    "Well for starters why you haven't taken a leave of absence from work to help us search for your
    missing wife," she fired at him. "If my husband were missing I know that there wouldn't be
    anything that would keep me from looking for him and I know that I would be a hysterical mess.
    But you've been quite calm throughout this entire ordeal...almost to the point of disturbance. In
    fact the more I thought about things the more I realized that your lack of interest and urgency in
    finding your own wife is quite alarming," she stepped towards him. "And that made me

    "What?" he questioned. "What exactly did it make you wonder Natasha?" Travis continued in a
    heated tone.

    "It made me wonder why you haven't told anyone about the affair you were having before
    Pamela disappeared," Natasha announced.

    "I cannot believe you are standing here saying these things to me Natasha," Travis scoffed at
    their conversation. "You think that I was having an affair and that because of that I had
    something to do with Pamela's disappearance?"

    "No Travis I don't think...I know it for a fact because your wife told me, so don't bullshit with me
    Travis," she told him. "I made a few phone calls as well this morning and it seems as though
    when the police questioned you about Pamela's disappearance you neglected to tell them you
    were seeing another woman behind her back. I would suspect someone of your intelligence
    would know that withholding that type of information could be considered quite damning if they
    were to find out. I believe the police call that motive Travis."
    Valerie Caldwell was down in the polls. Granted it was only one point behind Andrew, but nevertheless she considered
    herself down. Before the news of Pamela's disappearance had broke she was leading by three points. Now she was the
    underdog fighting yet against the powerful Bradshaw family, the memory of the late great Phillip Bradshaw and a missing
    socialite that for one reason or another the entire town adored.

    But today was not about the polls or numbers. It was about her son - Dr. Joshua Marshall who stood beside her, today
    was going to be one of the greatest days of her campaign because of the endorsement she was to receive from the
    Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays of River's Edge. It was an honor to receive the endorsement, but
    the presence of her son made it all that much more special to her.
    Rhonda had barely been out of the shower for less than five minutes when she heard the doorbell and began to make
    her way across her apartment. The only person she was expecting was Travis and she had given him a key weeks

    "He must have forgotten it," she reasoned with herself as she opened the door and saw Natasha standing on the other
    side of it. "Natasha! This is a surprise..."

    "Is it Rhonda?" Natasha replied very calmly and entered the apartment sans an invitation. "You know Sabrina and I were
    quite baffled by your resignation..." she turned to face her former employee, "in fact we wondered why in the world you
    would have left such a lucrative position."


    "No...I'm going to be doing the talking if you don't mind," Natasha held up her hand to silence Rhonda mid-sentence. "I
    ran into Travis earlier today...well not so much ran into him, as I cornered him at the Southern River," she smiled, "and
    you won't believe what he told me Rhonda. He said that the two of you have been having an affair for years now and that
    Pamela knew all about it."

    "I know what you're thinking Natasha," Rhonda stuttered, "but I know nothing...nothing about Pamela's disappearance."

    "For some reason I just don't believe you Rhonda," Natasha told her. "I think you may know something and I'm not leaving
    here until you convince me otherwise."
    "Knights Stadium is an old structure, we all know this. It doesn't look nearly as
    good as The Knights play, we all know that too! But building a new stadium as
    my opponent has suggested in debates is not financially sound. I've done my
    homework on this issue and I know that we can't afford to build a new
    stadium, but we also cannot afford to leave the current stadium alone. I want
    to bring jobs to River's Edge..." Andrew smiled as the group applauded. "And
    to do that I need your vote this February!"
    Natasha entered the ballroom of The Southern River Hotel just as the applause slowly began to die down. Andrew had
    just received the public endorsement of the River's Edge Honor Society for his mayoral campaign and was halfway
    through his speech about brining jobs to the city. It was a scene that brought back memories of own campaign a decade
    earlier. But she wasn't there to reminisce about her own triumphs as mayor or even to support her ex-husband in his
    current bid for the office. Another man was on her mind and it was him who had brought Natasha to the ballroom.

    "Hello Travis," Natasha smiled as she approached Pamela's husband. "My assistant said she spoke with you earlier
    today. Do you have a moment to talk? In private," she added."

    He followed her into the lobby of the hotel and once they were alone in a secluded corner questioned, "What's going on?"

    Natasha arched her eyebrow, "Claire and I had a meeting with an executive from Infinity Airlines this morning.
    Unfortunately it proved to be yet another disheartening dead end. But it did get me to thinking about things."

    "What type of things Natasha?"
    "First and foremost I want to announce that I am a proud parent of a gay son
    and as such I proudly celebrate diversity. I want to thank the members of the
    River's Edge PFLAG chapter for their endorsement and their support as I
    continue the journey to become the next mayor of our great city," she smiled
    as the hundreds of supporters erupted with cheers, including her own son. As
    Valerie took in the crowd she made eye contact with Josh and his beaming
    smile was one of the proudest moments of her life.
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  •        The search for Pamela continues as Natasha, Claire and Travis head to Philadelphia for answers.
  •        Josh's future is revealed.
  •        Leslie sets out to find Brittany.