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    The Winterhaven Festival held a special place in Megan Shirley Holloway’s heart even though
    she hadn’t attended the gala since the 2009 return of her now husband Gregory. Tonight
    though, she thought to herself as she took Gregory’s arm, would be different.

    “Gregory do me a favor tonight will you?” she asked as they stepped into the impressively
    decorated Starlight Ballroom of The Southern River Hotel. “Try to be on your best behavior this
    year please,” she smiled up at him. “Let’s let someone else cause the drama tonight. Okay?"

    Her husband smirked at her with a look that she was all too familiar with. “I’ll behave myself if
    you promise that the night’s going to end the same way the night ended the last time we were
    here,” he told as he smacked her behind.
    Natasha Garrett Bradshaw sat with her back to the majority of the ballroom. She wasn’t quite
    in the holiday mood and if it hadn’t been for the debut of Jodi’s novel she wouldn’t even have
    come to the Festival. But she was there nevertheless for her daughter and she wondered if
    Jodi even knew it.

    “Do you mind if I sit?” a voice from behind her questioned. When Natasha turned around she
    couldn’t help but to smile at the sight of her eldest daughter.

    “Of course not,” Natasha smiled. “Please by all means. I was just sitting her wondering when
    you were going to unveil your novel,” she lied. “I can’t wait to see the cover. Are you nervous?”
    “That’s all that I know too,” Angela shook her head. “I’m just worried because the last time I talked to her was on
    Thanksgiving morning. Do you think that something could be wrong?”

    Before Natasha was able to answer, a waitress approached and questioned, “Excuse me. Are you Angela Bradshaw?”

    “I am,” she answered.

    “Ms. Bradshaw if you could come with me you’re needed at the front desk,” the waitress explained. “I was told that it was
    very urgent.”

    “I’m sorry but it’s going to have to wait. I’m in the middle of something here…” Angela began, but was cut off by Natasha.

    “Go…go,” she told her. “I’m going to go find April. But when you’re done here call me and we’ll figure this whole Pamela
    situation out.”

    “Okay. Thank you Natasha,” Angela sighed. “As soon as I’m done with whatever this is I will call you,” she assured her as
    she followed the waitress from the ballroom into the lobby of the hotel.
    Jodi Bradshaw looked at her watch and noted to herself that the night was halfway over. She
    was only minutes away from stepping on stage and unveiling her first novel for all of River’s
    Edge to see. From across the makeshift green room behind the main stage she spotted a
    mirror and walked across to check her lipstick one final time – a habit she had picked up from
    mother, who had picked it up from her own mother.

    Onstage Jodi could hear the thunderous applause as socialite Cricket Carter-Hawkins
    discussed the amount of money raised through donations, lavished praise and accolades on
    her father and Sabrina for sponsoring the gala, encouraged everyone to make sure they were
    registered to vote and teased her arrival for the reveal of her book. It was not only a big night for
    her professionally and Jodi knew the last thing that she needed was any further distractions.
    “Gregory!” Megan shrieked with a smile. “So I’m going to assume that’s you agreeing to not be a pretentious ass like you
    were the last time.

    “Only if you tell me one more time why we’re here?” he questioned. “And more importantly can you tell me why I had to
    purchase an entire table just for the two of us?”

    “We’re here because my new boss, Natasha Bradshaw’s daughter is debuting her new book and it would be rude if I
    didn’t attend,” Megan explained. “And as far as the table is concerned, Monica is coming and my new co-host Nathaniel
    Grey is going to be here.”

    The couple approached the Christmas tree where a photographer was taking pictures of individuals, couples and
    families. Megan looked up at her husband and straightened his festive red necktie and smiled.

    “Now if you play nice with the other children honey…” she teased him, “I promise you that the night will end and the
    morning will began just as it did the last time we were here.”
    Jodi shrugged her shoulders, “A little nervous I guess, but more excited than anything. It’s been an incredibly long
    journey to write the book and I’m just thrilled that it’s finally, finally ready to see the light of day.”

    “I’m sure that it will have been well worth the wait,” Natasha assured her. “I don’t say this nearly as often as I should Jodi,
    but I am so very proud of you and everything that you’ve accomplished.”

    “Thank you,” she responded softly. “I know you are and I appreciate you saying that very much.” Jodi shifted in her seat,
    crossed one leg over the other and told her mother, “I don’t know if April told you or not, but she took me to task on
    Thanksgiving for the way I’ve been acting towards you.”

    Natasha shook her head, “She mentioned it in passing. Your sister has been quite the enforcer lately it seems like.”

    “Oh. How do you mean?”

    “Well she was very, very clear that I was to not pressure you into asking for your forgiveness or understanding before you
    were ready to discuss the matters at hand,” she explained.

    Jodi couldn’t help but laugh, “I think she grew tired of waiting then because she certainly put me in my place on
    Thanksgiving. She’s become quite the little ballbuster hasn’t she?”

    Both women laughed at Jodi’s statement and both agreed that it was the truth.

    “Jodi I’m not proud of the way I reacted after the wedding, running off the way that I did,” Natasha told her. “It was wrong
    and leaving without saying anything to you or your sister wasn’t right. I’ve apologized to April for not telling you where it
    was I was going and I’ll apologize to you as well. But what I won’t apologize for is the fact that I left.”

    “I appreciate you saying that Mom,” Jodi acknowledged. “April said that when you left New York City that you felt as though
    you had to get away from everything. Why?”
    She thought for a moment and wondered who in the world it could be that Ethan had thought he seen. Audrey stepped
    closer to towards him and asked, “Who was it that you thought you saw Ethan?”

    It took him a moment before he answered, but when he finally did the mere thought sent sharp pains through his chest
    and chills through Audrey’s veins.

    “I swear to God I just saw Leslie.”

    Audrey questioned, “As in Leslie Bradshaw your ex-wife?”

    Ethan nodded slowly and looked back towards the bank of elevators, almost as if he were willing them to open once
    again with the woman he saw still inside.

    “Perhaps you saw someone that resembled Leslie,” Audrey told him. “I do believe that if your ex-wife were to return, you
    and quite a few others would know about it.”

    “So you think I’m just seeing things? That I’m randomly seeing women that look like Leslie?”

    “I don’t think you’re seeing things Ethan, but yes I do think you just saw a woman that looked like her,” Audrey explained.
    “Son we are at the annual Winterhaven Festival, which is being sponsored by the company Leslie’s father founded. If she
    were back in town for whatever reason her family and that entire ballroom would know about it.”

    Ethan looked back at his mother and they exchanged a polite, simultaneous smile with one another. “I guess you do
    have a good point,” he agreed. “Leslie hasn’t been back in River’s Edge for nearly ten years now…if she were to come
    back all of a sudden I would know about it.”

    “Exactly,” Audrey turned from her son and rolled her eyes at the mere thought of her former daughter-in-law being back in
    Town. That would be just her luck, she thought to herself, Brandi being released from prison and Leslie retuning to town
    all in the span of less than six months.
    “Here you go,” Brittany handed her brother-in-law a glass of champagne. “I’m going to
    assume by the disappointed look on your face that you weren’t able to convince Brandi to
    come tonight.”

    “Is it that obvious?” Justin questioned. “I really tried to convince her, but she wouldn’t budge
    one inch. You know what she’s like when her mind is made up.”

    “That I do,” she took a seat at their table and Justin followed suit. “It’s a shame that she didn’t
    come. I talked to her this morning myself and tried to reassure her that it would be fine."

    “She told me.”
    “Just why is she continually making herself a prisoner in that apartment? She does know that she can’t stay in there
    forever doesn’t she?” Brittany questioned. “I feel horrible for saying this, I do, but Jered Bradshaw’s accident was an
    unspeakable act…but Brandi did her time for her part in his death. She cannot go from one prison to another. It’s not
    healthy to her or Lewis or even to you.”

    “Brittany you’re not saying anything that I haven’t already thought to myself or told Brandi at least three times since she
    came home,” he responded. “But nothing I say seems to matter to her. She is convinced that anywhere she goes in this
    town she’ll be shunned and I can’t say that she’s wrong.”

    “I’m going to tell you something Justin and I don’t want you to upset with your brother for telling me this,” she began, “but
    Ethan mentioned that Angela Bradshaw made you an offer to leave town. Is that true?”

    Angela placed one hand on her hip and pursed her lips. “I came to find out how much it’s going to cost for you and
    Brandi to leave River’s Edge once she’s released from prison.”

    “You came here to find out much money it’s going take for Brandi and I to leave River’s Edge?” he repeated.
    “What exactly makes you think we would even want to leave? Where do you think we would go?”

    Justin shook his head and sighed. “I really wish he hadn’t done that,” he told Brittany. “But yes, Angela Bradshaw did
    come and offer me an undisclosed amount of money to leave town with Brandi.”

    Brittany looked away from her brother-in-law across the ballroom and saw Angela at a nearby table having a conversation
    with her brother and Natasha Garrett Bradshaw.

    “You’re not going to like what I have to say Justin,” she began, “but I think you should see if her offer still stands. See if
    she still wants to pay you and Brandi to leave River’s Edge.”

    “You’re saying that you want us to leave town?”

    “No I’m saying that I think you should leave town. You know how much I care for both you and Brandi, but I think that
    leaving River’s Edge maybe in the best interest of your family,” Brittany told him.

    “Okay…I’ll play along with this asinine suggestion and ask you the same question I asked Brandi,” he fired back at her.
    “Where would we go?”

    “I wasn’t going to say anything, but I’ve heard through the grapevine that Nicholas interviewed for a job in New York City
    and one in Dallas last month.”

    Justin shook his head, “So your suggestion is that I take Angela Bradshaw’s money and follow my father where he goes.
    Do you mind telling me why I should even consider that?"

    “Because your father and Brandi have a son together,” she told him. “You and Brandi need to face facts, there isn’t a court
    in this state that will give Brandi sole custody and there isn’t a court in this state that wouldn’t allow Nicholas to move
    across state lines. I’m not saying any of this to upset you Justin,” she reassured him, “I’m saying this because you need
    to do what is best for Brandi and especially for Lewis. Having a mother who’s a prisoner in her own apartment is not
    what is best for him.”

    “You know Brittany the reality of the situation is that everyone really needs to get over all of this,” he told her. “Brandi made
    a mistake and like you said she has paid for it – we all have.”

    “But you know as well as I do Justin, the people in this city aren’t going to get over it and truth be told if you were in their
    shoes you wouldn’t just get over it either,” she reached across and rubbed his arm. “I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it’s
    going to be. Either Brandi has to realize that and make the decision to move on with her life or she needs to find an
    alternate solution.”
    Yet as she turned from the mirror to review her remarks – there he stood, holding a dozen white roses…the biggest
    distraction of all.

    Bradley you shouldn’t be back here someone could see you,” she took the flowers from him, laid them down on a
    nearby table and quickly surveyed their surroundings. “What are you doing here?”

    “What do you think I’m doing here Jodi?” he questioned. “I wanted to see you and since you’ve been ignoring my
    telephone calls and avoiding me since we both returned from New York City, I figured I would hedge my bets here

    “Well you shouldn’t be here,” she sighed. “You know some men would take the hint that perhaps after I didn’t return your
    telephone calls or when I did try to avoid you in public that it meant I didn’t want to see you. Did that not occur to you at
    least once?”

    “Of course it did. I’m not an idiot,” he admitted. “What I am though is persistent, especially when it comes to something I
    want or as the case maybe here someone.”

    Jodi turned her head to one side and laughed lightly under breath. “So you’ve decided that you want me is that it?”

    “Yes I have decided that. I think we both know that I certainly enjoyed our time together in New York. I also think you
    enjoyed it as well,” Bradley told her. “In fact, I think you enjoyed it so much that it caught you off guard…in a good way of

    “Oh yes Bradley, because so many things that catch one off guard is in a good way,” she mocked him.

    He stepped towards her and smiled. It was a smile that she devastatingly irresistible and because of such, Jodi took one
    step…two steps backwards.

    “I’m going to tell you something,” he said in a hushed whisper.

    “What’s that?”

    “When I kissed you…I felt something that I haven’t felt in years…and it made me excited,” he confessed. “You made me
    feel excited,” Bradley smiled down at her. “And I think everything that I felt that night on the elevator…you felt it too.”

    He had backed her up against the wall and he place the palm of his hand against it. “I’m old enough to be your
    daughter,” Jodi countered in an attempt to free herself from his very much wanted hold against her. “I think we both know
    that whatever either one of us thinks is going on here, we can agree that it’s not right.”

    “Age is just a number Jodi,” he whispered to her. “And what we have here may not be right, but I sure as hell know that it's
    not wrong,” Bradley told her as he moved in so close that she could feel his hot breath against her neck. “And right or
    wrong…I think you want it…”
    Jodi quickly pushed Bradley away from here and locked eyes with her sister. “What are you doing back here?”

    “Funny I was just about to ask the both of you the same question,” April snapped. “Cricket was on her way back here to
    tell you they were ready for you onstage,” she continued. “Lucky for the both you I stopped her. Bradley I think you should
    either go take your seat or go home, but either way you need to leave…now!”

    “April don’t be rude,” Jodi snapped at her. “Bradley was just…”

    “Yes Jodi,” she stopped her. “I am a grown woman, with an eleven year old daughter. I am fully aware of what Bradley
    was just doing. And let us be clear on this,” she cut her eyes from her sister to Bradley and back to Jodi, “had I not walked
    in this room and someone had…the entire town would be aware of what Bradley was just doing,” she hissed at her

    “I think April is right, I’m going to go take my seat,” Bradley said to Jodi. “You know this may have not been the right time
    or the right place, but everything I said tonight I meant it Jodi,” he assured her before he politely smiled at April and left.

    Once he was gone Jodi immediately held up her hand to April and warned her, “Don’t start with me April. I am no mood to
    hear one of your lectures.”

    “We can’t always get what we want Jodi,” she told her. “Whatever it is that you’re doing with Bradley Marshall, you need to
    figure it out and damnit Jodi you need to do it quickly.”

    “Don’t you think I know that?” Jodi questioned. “What Bradley and I have going on between us is complicated. Can’t you
    understand that?”

    “I understand that you dated his son,” April told her. “I understand that when my daughter looks at that man, she thinks he’
    s her grandfather. Our family is intertwined with the Bradley Marshall and his children, I understand that. But what you’ve
    done is taken it to a completely different level of complicated. Don’t you stand there and cry about that when it’s you who
    put yourself in that position.”

    “Why can you not just give me some support?” Jodi asked. “Why is it that you think everything is either right or wrong
    anymore? My God ever since you came back to River’s Edge you’ve done nothing but act like a frigid crazy bitch to me!”
    she snapped at her sister.

    April looked to the floor and took a step back from her sister. The musical act was slowly coming to the conclusion of
    their song and she knew that they only had moments left with one another.

    “I’m acting like frigid bitch huh?” April questioned as she took a step away from her sister. “And here I was thinking that I
    was helping you not make some of the same mistakes that I’ve made time and time again when it comes to lusting after
    the wrong man.”


    “Ladies and gentlemen it my honor to introduce Ms. April Bradshaw…” the sister heard Cricket’s introduction.

    “We’re going to forget this scene,” April waved her hands in the air, “ever occurred. Do you understand me? We’re going
    to forget that I saw you kissing Bradley Marshall and we’re going to forget that you called me a frigid crazy bitch,” she told
    her. “But when your relationship or flirtation or whatever it is that you have going on with Bradley implodes around you, I
    suggest that you find some other frigid crazy bitch to tell your sob, sob story to.”

    “April I’m sorry…”

    She shook her head and continued towards the stage. “You may want to check your lipstick…it’s smudged.”
December 16, 2012
Written By: Josh Hawkins
    Natasha thought for a moment, “Because the last eleven years have felt like a perpetual, never
    ending nightmare. Up until that point in my life I had dealt with your father’s affair, the death of
    my only son, the destruction of a lifelong friendship and Jodi those are things I pray to God
    every night that neither one of my daughters has to experience…because it will break you."

    “And that’s what the wedding did?” Jodi asked. “It broke you?”

    Her mother shook her head and admitted, “Yes it did. When I heard Nicholas say her name in
    my wedding vows…it destroyed me and I know now that it was wrong and it was selfish, but
    the only thing I could think about was saving my own life and that…” she paused, “that it was I
    did. I had to figure out who I was…what my purpose in life was...and so I ran.”
    Jodi stood up from her seat and for a moment towered over her mother, before she bent down and lightly kissed her on
    the cheek.

    “I won’t say that I know what you went through because I don’t,” she told her mother. “I am thankful for your apology, that
    you felt comfortable enough to tell me why you went away and most of all,” Jodi smiled, “I am thankful that you’re here
    tonight. I think that I may have overreacted a bit and I’m sorry for that as well.”

    “Thank you.”

    “So because it’s almost Christmas and because I don’t want my little sister yelling at me anymore than she already
    does,” Jodi laughed, “I think we should hug one another and move past all of this. What do you think?”

    Natasha immediately stood up and wrapped her arms tightly around her daughter. “I think that is a wonderful
    suggestion,” she said as tears slowly streamed down her face. “Thank you so much for understanding Jodi. Thank
    “I saw you from across the room earlier and my first thought was…my God she has to be the
    most beautiful woman here tonight,” Josh Marshall said to April Bradshaw as he inched
    closer and closer to her table.

    April smiled up at him as she accepted a glass of champagne that he offered to her, “And your
    second thought?”

    “Well my second thought was that I really wanted a drink, but considering I’ll be going under
    the knife in less than twenty-fours…”

    “You brought me one instead,” she interrupted him and took a sip of the champagne.
    Josh took a seat next to his best friend and rested his chin on the palm of his hand. He gazed across the ballroom of The
    Southern River Hotel at Ryan who was seated next to his sister and with the rest of the Pierce family.

    “You don’t seem to be having a good time,” April concluded. “Are you not enjoying yourself at the annual Winterhaven
    Festival sponsored by The Bradshaw Corporation?” she mocked.

    His gaze uninterrupted by her question, Josh answered, “I can think of at least a dozen other things I would rather being
    right now. At the top of that list is sitting on my sofa watching an episode of The Good Wife.”

    April couldn’t help but laugh at the mere sight of her best friend watching some soapy television drama. “I’ve known you
    for years…” she smiled, “and yet I am always surprised when you say something like that. It has to be the gayest thing
    I've ever heard you say.”
    He took his eyes off Ryan, cut them across at April and clarified, “No the gayest thing you’ve
    ever heard me say my love is that I sleep with men.”

    “Touché,” she said with a light giggle. “So you want to tell me why you came tonight if you
    obviously didn’t want to be here?” April asked as she rested her head on his should with an
    ease that they both appreciated. “Or shall I assume it has something to do with either your
    mother’s campaign or a certain individual whom you’ve been staring at  all evening?”

    “I came for Mom’s campaign,” he answered sternly. “She’s half convinced that Andrew married
    Sabrina so that he would be able to play the loving family and devoted husband card during
    this damn election,” Josh told her just before a silence fell between them.
    They both began to watch the crowd of people going about their business…dancing with their partners, gossiping at the
    punch bowl or bidding on items at the silent auction. The room was dressed in silver tones with traditional Christmas
    trimmings and as she surveyed the room further, April found it be quite charming.
    “Are you all set for the trip tomorrow?” he asked her. “Do you need me to do anything to help?”

    April slightly nodded her head. “The only thing I need from you is to show up,” she whispered. “I’m dropping Emily off at
    Jodi’s tomorrow morning before school. Hopefully the two of them together will be able to make it on time.”

    “And then after you leave Jodi’s you’ll come pick me up?” Josh questioned as his eyes slowly drifted back across the
    room and landed on Ryan. He always thought his ex-boyfriend looked best when his hair was cut super short, styled with
    just the right amount of products and when he wore a traditional tuxedo. Josh imagined how the stubble on his face
    would feel against his own face.

    It took three snaps from April to bring him back to reality. “Instead of sitting here like a thirteen year old girl with a crush on
    a vampire,” she hissed at him, “why don’t you go over there and talk to him. I’m sure he would like to know how you’ve
    been and you could tell him about your surgery.”

    “I told you that I’m not telling anyone about my surgery,” Josh reminded her. “You promised me April that you wouldn’t say
    anything either and that includes to my parents or Jason and especially nothing to Ryan.”

    “I know what you told me Josh and I’m not going to say anything to anyone,” April reaffirmed. “Now if you’re done gawking
    at your lover,” she teased, “the least you could do is dance with me.”
    Audrey King Pierce stepped into the lobby of the hotel and declared, “Oh there you are! You’re
    wife and I have been looking all over for you Ethan. What are you doing out here in the lobby?”

    “Um…I had to take a phone call…” he answered in a distracted tone. “And then…I got

    “What’s the matter son?” Audrey stepped towards him. “You’re standing there looking as
    though you’ve seen a ghost or something.”

    Ethan turned his attention from the bank of elevators from across the lobby to his mother and
    uneasily muttered to her, “I think I may have. Does that sound crazy?
    “Natasha! Natasha!” Angela Bradshaw called out to herfrom across the ballroom.

    “Angela,” she smiled. “I’ve been meaning to come say hello all evening, but every time I started
    over you were with someone. How are you?”

    “To tell you the truth I’m a little worried about Mom,” she replied uneasily. “I wanted to know if
    you’ve heard from Mother by chance.”

    Natasha thought for a moment and finally with some hesitation answered, “Well not since
    before Thanksgiving. The last I heard from her was that she was going to the cabin in Canton
    for a few weeks and then to Washington D.C. to see Claire.”
    Their lips suddenly met with one another’s and it was a kiss that she had never experienced in
    her entire life. Her knees suddenly felt weak as the passion of their kiss intensified. With one
    hand Jodi grabbed ahold of his shoulder and with the other ran her fingers through his thick
    black hair. In an instant it was not only him kissing her, but she was also kissing him.

    Outside the greenroom, Cricket Carter-Hawkins had just announced the musical guest who
    had begun to serenade the guests with their rendition of Winter Wonderland. April Bradshaw
    quickly made her way into the greenroom and immediately cleared her throat loud enough to
    not only announce her arrival, but to also separate her sister and Bradley Marshall.

    “Clearly it would be an insult to my intelligence to ask what is going on here,” she declared.
    Angela Bradshaw stood outside of Suite #812 and looked down at the piece of paper that she
    was given at the front desk. She had read it countless times on the elevator ride up to the
    eighth floor.

    “Come alone…” she rolled her eyes and knocked on the door as instructed.

    After a brief wait, Angela heard the deadbolt turn, the door slowly began to pull open and once it
    was fully open she saw standing before her…

    “Oh my God!” she said under her breath. “Leslie…”
    Natasha turned onto her street and slowly cruised down Masters Road without a single thought about anything that had
    happened that night. As she pulled into her driveway the only things on her mind was a hot bubble bath, a glass of white
    wine and then bed…in that order.

    She killed the engine and stepped out of her beige Cadillac Escalade, obviously to the rental car parked outside her
    home on the streets. She was halfway up the sidewalk, when a mysterious woman walking towards her in the darkest of
    night called out her name.


    She immediately gasped and stepped back into one of her flowerbeds. As the woman slowly stepped closer the motion
    censored light on the front porch flickered on and revealed the mysterious woman as Claire Holland Monroe.
    “Oh honey I’m sorry to have startled you like this in the middle of the night,” Pamela’s sister told
    her. “But I just didn’t know where else to go Natasha.”

    “Good God Claire you nearly gave me a heart attack,” Natasha caught her breath, opened the
    front door of the house and stepped inside with her guest.

    “I’m sorry Natasha,” she apologized again. “Like I said I didn’t know where else to go and I
    knew that you still lived here…I didn’t mean to startle you.”

    “It’s okay Claire. Is everything alright?” she asked. “What are you doing here? Angela didn’t
    mention that you were coming in. Is Pamela with you?”
    “I wish you hadn’t said that,” Claire paused to catch her breath, her fears were stronger than ever. “Natasha I came
    tonight because…Pamela never showed up in Washington D.C. at Thanksgiving.”

    Natasha thought for a moment and recalled her own disappearing act earlier that year. “Well maybe she’s still at the
    cabin in Canton.”

    “I thought she might be so I flew into Dallas this morning and drove over to the cabin,” Claire told her. “Natasha she
    wasn't there and some man in the cabin next to hers said he hadn’t seen her since before Thanksgiving.”

    Natasha immediately wondered if the man Claire had talked to was Preston, but thought better of it because school was
    still in session…at least it was for Emily…but it was a Sunday…her mind raced.

    “I stopped at her house on my way into town, before I came here,” Claire continued. “I rang the doorbell half a dozen
    times and tried to use my key that she gave me the last time I was in town, but it didn’t work. Please tell me that you’ve
    spoken to her recently or that one of the kids have,” she nearly begged.

    “Claire…I haven’t talked to Pamela in nearly a month and I think the last time Andrew or Angela spoke to her was on
    Thanksgiving,” Natasha answered. “Do you think it’s possible…” she paused and hoped her mind could wrap around
    the thought of it, “that she’s been missing since then?”
    Havre De Grace, Maryland - Hartford Memorial Hospital, 12/17/2012 - 4:05AM (EST)
    Mariah Cortez began her usual walk from the nurse’s station at Hartford Memorial Hospital in
    Havre De Grace, Maryland to her patient’s room to do their routine four hour vital check. It was a
    slow night on her floor, with only three new patients and one regular – Jane Doe. As she made
    her way to Jane's room, Mariah had to admit to herself - she was quite fond of her.

    “Knock, knock…” Mariah entered the patient’s room and flicked on the dimmed night lights so
    she could see what it was she was doing. “I need to check your blood pressure and then you
    can go back to sleep.”

    “It’s alright Mariah,” the woman said. “I’m awake…in fact I haven’t even went to sleep tonight I
    don’t think.”
    The nurse wrapped the blood pressure cuff around the patient’s upper arm and instructed her to hold still why she
    pumped it up. After about a minute Mariah let the remaining air out of the cuff, pulled the Velcro lose and told her, “126/85.
    That’s a little high Jane. Is there something bothering you tonight? Is that why you can’t sleep?”

    “The nurse on the day shift told me that they were releasing me tomorrow,” she said in a hushed voice. “Do you know if
    that’s true?”

    Mariah looked over the chart real quick and answered, “Yeah. It looks like the hospital worked with social services and
    has arranged for you a bed over at Citizens Care Center on Market Street.”

    “A nursing home?” she sighed, then gave a resigned shrug. “I guess that’s what they do with people who can’t
    remember who they are and can’t pay their hospital bills huh? Ship them off to the old folks home.”

    “Oh don’t think like that Jane,” she told her. “The Citizens Care Center has some very good nurses that are going to take
    care of you. The doctors here just feel as though they have done everything physically they can for you. You’re still going to
    be coming over here to work with the psychiatrist through the outpatient clinic.”

    Pamela turned away from her nurse and could feel tears swell up in her eyes. “They’re not going to take care of me the
    way you have,” she told her. “And what about Caleb…will he still be able to come see me in this old folks home I’m being
    shipped off too?”

    “Of course he will,” Mariah told her. “I’ll come visit too as often as I can. I promise.” She bent down and wiped the tears
    from her eyes. “Please don’t cry Jane.”

    “Well honey I don’t know what else there is for me to do but cry. I wreck my car in the middle of Maryland…I don’t
    remember who in the hell I am…the only place and people I know I’m being taken away from tomorrow and to top it all
    off…I hate that damn name Jane. Please stop calling me that.”

    “Okay non-Jane,” Mariah smiled. “Listen I know that you don’t want to go to the Citizens Care Center and I promised
    Caleb I wouldn’t tell you this but he’s been working really hard to find a place more suitable for you. You may not
    remember who you are right now, but you will and in the meantime you have one heck of a good guy in your corner. He’ll
    put a good fight for you?”

    Pamela shook her head, “Thanks for telling me that. It makes me feel a bit better. I just wish I could remember
    something before my accident…where I was going…why I’m in Maryland…hell at this point remembering my name
    would be a start.”

    Mariah ran her hand over Pamela’s forehead and told her, “I’m going to go get you some warm milk because I think that
    will help you sleep. Is there anything else you need from me?”

    She thought for a moment. “Yeah there is. If I have to get booted up out of here tomorrow, I’ll be damned if I leave named
    Jane for crying out loud. What’s your grandmother’s name honey?”
    Mariah smiled, “It was Alexandra,” she answered. “She died a few years ago though.”

    “Alexandra…” Pamela thought to herself. “Were you anything like her?”

    “I like to think so, yes.”

    “If you don’t mind…could I use her name? When they wheel me outta here tomorrow I don’t
    want them to call me Jane or non-Jane,” Pamela cracked a smile. “Until they figure out who the
    hell it is that I am…I want everyone to call me Alexandra. What do you think?”

    Alexandra Doe?” Mariah smiled. “I think for the time being it’s going to fit you perfectly.”

  •        On her way to Washington D.C., Pamela was involved in a car accident in Havre De Grace, Maryland.

  •        Bradley and Jodi kissed in a New York City hotel elevator.