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  •        Claire Holland Monroe steps into action to find her sister.
  •        Bradley corners Jodi and demands to know how she feels about their New York City kiss.
  •        River's Edge plans for the Winterhaven Festival and the release of Jodi's novel.
  •        The Bradshaw, Pierce-King and Holloway families celebrated Thanksgiving in River's Edge.

  •        Pamela's flight from Dallas to Washington D.C. was rerouted to Philadelphia because of extreme weather.

  •        After renting a car in Philadelphia, Pamela entered Havre De Grace, Maryland
    “I will paint you to be nothing more than a mediocre journalist who perfected the art of screwing
    her male counterparts on your way to the top,” Pamela smiled with joy. “And believe me when I
    say that I will dedicate every resource at my disposal and every penny of my vast fortune."

    Pamela spun around and began to take her leave, “Once you’ve made your decision Ms.
    Duncan please let Jim know and he’ll be more than willing to take care of you."

    “You know what Pamela…” Rhonda stood up, “you’re a real bitch.”

    A smile brushed over her face – a smile bigger than Texas and she simply said, “Yes well tell
    me something that I don’t already know Ms. Duncan.”
    “What do we got guys?” a doctor at Hartford Memorial Hospital in Havre De Grace, Maryland called out to the two
    paramedics who burst through the doors of the emergency room.

    “An unconscious and unresponsive female Jane Doe in her early to mid-seventies,” one of the paramedics responded.

    “What happened?” the ER doctor looked around for an empty trauma room. “Let’s go to trauma two!”

    “A witness on the scene said the Jane Doe’s car hydroplaned and went flying down an embankment.  We’ve identified
    severe head trauma, possible broken nose, cuts, significant blood loss and she is borderline hypothermic from all the
    rain,” the paramedic concluded as she was wheeled into the trauma room.

    “All right everyone let’s do this on my count…1-2-3,” the team lifted Pamela from the collapsible gurney to the one located
    in the trauma room. “Someone alert ICU that we may need a bed once we have our Jane Doe stabilized…” the ER doctor
    called out. “Let’s get some heated blankets and saline in here stat!”

    One of the nurses hung a bag of heated saline and turned the paramedics. “Can one of you tell me why this patient is
    classified as a Jane Doe?”

    “The police searched for a driver’s license or credit card at the scene but haven’t found anything,” the paramedic
    informed the nurse. “There was a kid at the scene…we suppose he’s the one that called 911. He was pretty insistent
    upon riding in with us.”

    “And where is this kid at right now?” the nurse questioned.

    “He’s in the waiting room.”
December 01, 2012
Written By: Josh Hawkins
    There was only one other car on the highway Pamela had been traveling on. It was a Deep Impact Blue 2013 Ford
    Mustang and inside the twenty-two year old, Towson College senior listened to the latest release from Maroon 5. He had
    noticed Pamela’s car fly by him seconds earlier and when he looked up from his new iPhone he saw her taillights…then
    her headlights…then her taillights and then in a blink of the eye the car was gone.

    The young man quickly threw the car into drive and as he was about to take off he thought better of it. Instead he quickly
    dialed 911, gave the operator details of the crash he had just seen and reached in his backseat for the flashlight that he
    had left in his car from his recent move to Havre De Grace weeks earlier.
    “The paramedics told me that you were with the victim when she had her accident…” Mariah leaned against the door of
    the trauma room.

    “No I wasn’t,” he corrected her. “I pulled over on the Tydings Bridge to wait out the rain storm and saw the woman’s car
    hydroplane down the embankment. I called 911 and then went to see if I could help her.”

    “That’s very heroic of you,” Mariah told him. “She was lucky that you were there when you were.”

    “I guess…” he responded.

    “The paramedics said that she was a Jane Doe…do you happen to know what her name is?”
    Havre De Grace, Maryland - 11:23PM
    Pamela was settled comfortably into her rental car as a loud clap of thunder suddenly roared all around her and in the
    distance ahead a bolt of lightning shot straight through the sky over Havre De Grace, Maryland. She had been driving for
    nearly two hours and encountered only a mild thunderstorm and light rain.

    As a second bolt of lightning filled the dark night sky, she continued onward and cruised down Interstate 95 at seventy
    miles an hour.

    The radio was barely audible, but seconds before she turned it off there had been a warning of potentially torrential
    downpour and that there should be no one driving on the roads leading in or out of the city. Had Pamela continued to
    listen to the warning she would have known that cars still on the road were being advised to pull over on the side of the
    road to wait on the storm.

    A third…a fourth…a fifth bolt of lightning danced across the sky and the wind grew…the rain began to pepper down on
    Pamela’s car, yet she continued down the interstate. She passed a car on the side of the road…she ignored his flashing
    hazardous lights and as she continued onward the realization that something was wrong suddenly began to set
    in…Pamela’s instincts suddenly took over and as she crossed over the bridge of the Susquahanna River she knew that
    she needed to pull over…

    Pamela flicked the cruise control of the Jetta off and the speed of the car slowly, but not quickly enough began to drop.
    The rain continued to fall from the sky…faster and more frequent than before and Pamela felt the sudden need to stop.
    Without thinking she slammed on the brakes as the car sailed through a massive amount of water…and in the blink of
    an eye…in a split second Pamela lost control of the rental car…she was spinning out of control…terrified…and when
    she finally was able to get her bearings and was able to focus for only a split second…the only thing she saw in front of
    her was an embankment and trees…in that moment…she called out for God…

    As the rental car began to spin uncontrollably, Pamela tightened her grip on the steering wheel and prepared to brace
    herself for what was inevitably about to happen. The car continued to spin...the rain continued to fall harder and harder...
    thunder continued to roar all around her and she knew that this could be the moment that changed her life forever...and
    that's when it happened...some of the most defining moments and most important people in her life flashed before her
    very eyes...
one second...
    “What did you say?” Travis questioned her. “Are you saying that Phillip had an affair?”

    “I am,” Pamela responded. “And when he did step out on me I didn’t have to hire a private
    investigator to find out about it. He came to me confessed his sins and begged that I take him

    “So when I tell you that I’m sorry and admit that I screwed up why is it that you won’t believe me
    or accept my apologies?”

    “You’re not listening to what I’m saying Travis,” she said. “I’m saying that I don’t believe your
two seconds...
    “I was a good mother, wasn’t I?” Pamela asked of Andrew and Leslie. “Granted I had my faults,
    but everyone does.”

    “Of course you were a good mother,” Andrew answered her. “Why would you question that?”

    Before Pamela could answer Leslie quickly added, “But you’re about your faults. I know that
    you’re not proud of them, but they were there and I think more apparent to Angela and I.”

    Pamela reached across and took Andrew’s hand and then Leslie’s. “I know it’s only a start, but I
    need to hear you both say that you forgive me for my transgressions. I only did what I thought
    was best for you children and the family.”
three seconds...
    “Why are you here?” he clinched his mouth. “Angela sent you didn’t she?”

    “Among other things yes,” Pamela took a seat on the edge of the bed. “I’m also here because
    you missed four meetings with four very important clients this week at BC, your daughters
    haven’t talked to you in days, you just told me that Sharon’s gone and there’s one another
    reason…” she faked thinking and then fired, “oh yes that’s it, I’m your mother jackass.”

    “Your eloquent words never cease to amaze me Mom."

    “Oh shut up Andrew!” she scolded. “You know why I’m here. I talked to your sister this morning
    and I saw your wife yesterday. That poor girl is an utter mess.”
four seconds...
    “Ms. Davis you are so far out of your league right,” Pamela warned her. “My son will
    undoubtedly serve with annulment papers. I would suggest you sign them the moment they
    arrive and then you slither back to the trailer from which you have come.”

    “Oh Mother Bradshaw,” Sabrina smirked, “you won’t be able to get rid of me that easily. I find
    your threats over the top and empty. I can’t imagine you would follow through with any of them."

    “Is that fact?" Pamela questioned. “Little girl you aren’t even capable of imagining the things
    that I am capable. I don’t know where it is that you're from, but this is River’s Edge…it is my
    home” she warned her. “So if you waltzed in here looking for a fight…then I swear to God I’ll
    give you one.”
five seconds...
    “I have never been so ashamed of you,” Pamela hissed at her son. The glare in her eyes sent
    ice cold shivers down his back. “You lost your father’s company!” she screamed at him with a
    fury in her voice that he had never heard before. “You stupid, ignorant jackass!” she cursed.
    “The mere thought that you gave that woman your daddy’s company no doubt has him
    spinning his grave Andrew! You should be ashamed of your actions, because I know I am."

    “Don’t act as though I am the only one at fault here Mother. Leslie played a part in all of this too.
    No one asked her to bribe Sabrina into divorcing me.”

    "Your sister wasn't the one who infected this family with Sabrina," Pamela told him. "Don't you
    blame her for your indiscretions. You and you only brought this gold digging whore into midst."
six seconds...
    "Pamela...Pamela..." her voice called to her. "Sweet daughter take my hand and listen.

    “Now that you know the truth about what happened so long ago, you have to deal with it,” Maria
    Holland told Pamela in her dreams.

    “How am I supposed to deal with Momma? Claire murdered Daddy. You took not only the
    blame, but also your own life. How am I supposed to cope with that?”

    “Because your father hurt you Pamela, he hurt your sister and he hurt me,” her mother’s ghost
    whispered. “Claire must live with her actions and you shall not judge her or condemn her for
    them. Life is short Pamela Jean…you need to forgive you sister.”
seven seconds...
    “Hello my love,” Pamela ran her hand against the granite etching on Phillip’s headstone. “I
    know that I haven’t been here in a while and I apologize.” She knelt down to place the rose she
    had brought for him. “I feel so lost without Phillip…I question everyday why it was you had to
    leave,” she turned from his grave and took her eye caught that of her parents.

    Tears fell freely from her eyes and for whatever reason she screamed out in vain, “Why do you
    do this to me? Every person that I love you have taken away from me…my parents…my
    husband…” she cried out in the deserted cemetery. “What more do you want from me? Do you
    want my children next? Because if you do, if that’s what you have in store then I have news for
    you…I won’t let you have them. You’ll have to take me first!” Pamela shouted as a loud clash of
    thunder roared across the Texas sky.
eight seconds...
nine seconds...
    “Do you remember when I cried out in pain Mother? Do you remember all of the blood,” Leslie
    sobbed. “Do you remember my trembling hand in yours as you walked me into that hell?”

    “I don’t intend to stand here and listen to this Leslie,” she told her. “You made the decision to
    abort your baby – not me. Stop rewriting history.” Pamela told her. "I gave you the option to put
    the baby up for adoption," she reminded her.

    “I wanted my baby, but a bastard grandchild didn’t fit into your plans so yes I got an abortion to
    please my mother. Do you know that because of that blotched abortion you so forcefully
    pushed me to have; I won’t be able to have a child of my own? So congratulations Pamela,
    you've managed to drive me away yet again!”
    “You vile, disgusting bitch!” Natasha Garrett Bradshaw charged across the room at her former
    mother-in-law and in one fluid motion smacked her upside the head. “My daughter told me
    what you did and I have never hated anyone as much as I hate you right now.”

    Pamela held the side of her face and questioned, “What is it that you think you know Natasha?”

    “You know exactly what I know Pamela. But in case you’re having a momentary lapse in
    memory let me remind you…you threated April with an abortion and when she didn’t cave you
    had her shipped to a compound without my approval or Andrew’s? What kind of horrible
    monster does that to her own grandchild? It's no wonder that Leslie left when she was April's
    age...I can only imagine what you put your own daughter through."
ten seconds...
    “Why would you do this to me Phillip? Am I not good enough for you?” Pamela questioned. “Is
    it not enough that I helped you build a company? That I keep your home? Is it not enough that
    I raise your children?” she yelled at him from across the room.

    “Don’t you raise your voice at me Pamela,” he warned her.

    Pamela glared at him with a burning, reproachful eye, “Who exactly do you think you are right
    now?” her tone changed within a second and she put up her defenses. “Don’t you dare come
    into my house and dictate to me what I will or will not do – especially not after I find out my
    husband has been lying to me for months! That is not how this conversation goes Phillip…you
    cheated on me with another woman!”
eleven seconds...
    Pamela stepped lightly towards Phillip's headstone, "Well you probably know by now...he's

    "Were you not listening when I came here and begged for you to protect our grandson? To
    protect our son from going through this torture? To protect the family that you and I spent our
    entire lives building," she screamed. "What part of that Phillip did you not understand?" She
    choked back her tears and took a step backwards.

    "I brought you this rose..." she stepped closer to the granite headstone. "You selfish, selfish son-
    of-a-bitch..." she cried out. "He is dead now! And the only thing I knew that I could to do try and
    prevent that was to ask you for help...well a lot of good that has done me."
twelve seconds...
    By the time the young man was able to reach the embankment where Pamela’s car
    hydroplaned off the road the rain had started to turn to a light drizzle. At first he stood in the
    middle of the highway waving the flashlight towards where he thought the car could be. He
    soon realized that was probably not the safest tactic and he walked towards the embankment.
    As he got closer to the edge, his light landed on the rear end of the rental car.

    It was a newer model black or dark blue Volkswagen Jetta. From what he could see there were
    no license plates on the back of the car and he immediately thought it must be stolen or a
    rental perhaps. The light guided him down the embankment to the car – it was still running.
    The driver’s side of the car rested against a number of trees and when he shined the light on
    them they looked to be unfazed by the recent accident.

    Because of the placement of the Jetta he knew that opening either door on the driver’s side
    would be impossible. Instead of even trying he opted to open the passenger side front door.
    The rain had once again picked up and the wind began to blow even harder than it was earlier.
    After he managed to get the door open…the rental car paperwork that contained Pamela’s vital
    information - - her name, address, her one credit card and most important of all her driver’s
    license blew out  of the car becoming a silent and unknown victim to the rain.

    The young man called out to Pamela a few times but she didn’t respond. He shined the
    flashlight across towards her and that is when he saw her lifeless body still strapped into the
    car. There was blood running slowly down the front of her face and down her cheeks. There
    was blood on the steering wheel and her head rested against the shattered glass of her
    “Oh my God…oh my God…oh my God…” he whispered under his breath as he heard ambulance sirens in the distance.

    “Ma’am…ma’am…can you hear me?” the young man called out to Pamela. “Hang on…okay…” he ordered her. “I called
    an ambulance and they’re almost here. Everything is going to be all right…” was the last words he said before he turned
    from the car and threw up next to it. This was quite possibly the worst thing he had ever seen in his life.
    Havre De Grace, Maryland - Hartford Memorial Hospital, 11/23/2012 - 12:09AM
    “Hi I’m Mariah Cortez,” the nurse from the trauma room approached the young man in the
    waiting room. His brown hair was dripping wet, as was he. His shirt, jeans and sneakers were
    soaked and he was shivering.

    “We need to get you out of those wet clothes,” she told him. “Will you come with me?”

    The young man did as he was instructed and soon found himself wrapped in a heated blanket
    with a heated saline drip in his arm in an empty trauma room several doors down from where
    Pamela was at.

    “I brought you some scrubs to change into once we get your body temperature back to normal."
    He wrapped the blanket around him a little tighter, “No. I’ve never seen her before tonight.”

    “The police are outside and they’re going to want to ask you some questions. It’s pretty routine
    stuff when we have a Jane Doe,” she explained. “I’m going to try to hold them at bay for a little
    while longer. Give you a chance to get warmed up completely before they come in.”

    “Thanks,” he replied.

    “Sure,” Mariah smiled at him. “Could I at least tell them your name?”

    “Yeah of course,” he didn’t hesitate. “It’s Caleb…Caleb Campbell.”