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  •        Pamela takes refuge at the cabin in Canton.
  •        Megan is presented with an exciting new job opportunity.
  •        Andrew hires a campaign advisor to run his bid for mayor of River's Edge.
  •        Brandi was paroled from prison and returned home to River's Edge

  •        For Andrew's wedding to her best friend, Natasha returned home surprising her daughters.

  •        Kendra received a gentlemen caller, whom she paid for sex and called Jered.

    April poked the cake with her fork and smirked at the thought of Ian O’Connor. “We broke up a few weeks ago Mom,” she

    “Oh…” Natasha responded caught off guard. “April I am so sorry…I suppose the world didn’t stop turning just because I
    wasn’t here.”

    “Clearly it didn’t,” April laughed. “Just look around you…Daddy married Sabrina again tonight. The world continues to turn
    regardless of wherever you’ve been. And I don’t want you to beat yourself up about not being here for my breakup with

    “Was it mutual decision at least?”

    “It was. He was really involved in his father’s campaign for Governor and if the polls are any indication he’ll soon be
    moving to Austin,” she explained.

    “Speaking of campaigns,” Natasha smiled, “I’m guessing that you’ll be involved in your father’s over the next few months.”

    April shrugged, “We’ll see. We haven’t talked much about it yet, other than the initial conversation of him running.”

    Natasha sipped her champagne, reached across the table and took her daughter’s hand. “Your sister is quite upset with
    me right now,” she stated, “are you as equally upset with me as well?”

    “No I’m not,” she answered matter-of-factly. “I’m no one to judge. Especially when it comes to running away from things
    we don’t want to deal with it. I’ve been there and I know what that’s like,” April told her mother. “So no I am not even
    remotely angry with you. However, Jodi is completely different story.”
    “All of that said though,” April continued, “you do need to go easy with Jodi. She’s not like you and me. She’s never felt the
    need to run and just be alone with her thoughts.”

    “I suppose I did just disappear into the night didn’t I?” Natasha questioned.

    “Yes you did,” April assured her under no certain terms. “And for the record it scared the hell out of Jodi and me. You
    need to understand that Mom. We didn’t know where you were or if you were alright.”

    “I know I worried you girls and for that I am truly sorry,” Natasha told her. “But that wedding ceremony was just too much
    for me to take. I have never in my life felt so embarrassed, so humiliated and so devastated as I did in that moment when
    Nicholas called me Brandi…” she recalled. “It broke me April, it really broke me.”

    “And because of that you needed to run as far and as fast as humanly possible,” April replied. “I know what that feels like,
    but like I’ve already said Jodi doesn’t. You need to try and explain it to her. Don’t be mad at her because she’s mad at

    Natasha thought for a moment and finished her champagne before she said, “I hit rock bottom that night April. It was as
    though ten years of suffering and pain and trials and tribulations and disappointment came crashing down on top of me
    and the only thing that I knew was that I had to run…that I had to be alone so that I could find myself again. I did what I did
    that night for my own sanity and if your sister doesn’t understand that, well quite frankly that’s her problem and not mine.”
    “Then why did you ever agree to marry him in the first place?”

    “I wasn’t able to think rationally. All that I could think of was how much I hated Brandi. That hate consumed me to the point
    of where I was no longer happy or healthy and clearly at times not sane.”

    “Why didn’t you say something?” April demanded. “We could have helped you.”

    “I didn’t want help and I certainly didn’t want to burden you or your sister with any of this. These were my problems, my
    issues and I had no intention of unloading them on you or Jodi,” Natasha told her. “So that night after the ceremony, after
    my confrontation with Nicholas I knew that I needed to go…I needed to reflect on the last ten years of my life. I knew that if
    I didn’t go right then and find a way to put everything that I had been through that I never would.”

    “I’m sure all the drama that I caused didn’t help matters any,” April smirked and looked down at the floor ashamed that
    Amber had ever existed.

    “I can’t say that Amber didn’t factor into everything because she did,” Natasha told her. “I went to Canton to find myself
    and reconcile all of those feelings that were weighing me down.”

    “And were you able to do that?”

    Natasha smiled as she thought of Preston and the influence that he had made in her life during the time she was in
    Canton. “I was able to put a majority of things into perspective and most important of all I was finally able to come to
    terms, in many ways at least, with your brother’s death.”

    “You’re not saying that you’ve forgiven Brandi for what she’s done are you?”

    “No of course,” Natasha shook her head. “What Brandi did, covering up her involvement in Jered’s death is unforgivable.
    But I don’t want to dwell upon it any further and let it control my life the way it has for all these years now.”

    “It sounds as though you were able to get what you needed then out of this little sabbatical,” April concluded. “Even if I
    wanted to be mad at you I don’t think that would be possible.”

    Natasha smiled at her youngest child. “I hope your sister feels the same way, but something tells me that she won’t have
    the same reaction.”

    April stood up and walked over to her mother. From behind her she wrapped her arms around Natasha and kissed her
    cheek, “Just hang in there with Jodi,” she suggested, “eventually she’ll come around. In the meantime you know I’m here
    and I’ll do everything I can to see to it that she does.”

    “Thank you baby…” Natasha smiled.
    Friday, October 12, 2012 - 9:15PM
    Natasha Garrett Bradshaw kicked a number of silver balloons out of her way as she walked
    across the ballroom of Andrew and Sabrina’s wedding reception. She had seen her youngest
    daughter sitting alone from across the room and wanted nothing more than to be near her.

    “May I join you?” Natasha questioned.

    April looked up from her half eaten piece of wedding cake and smiled, “You don’t have to ask.
    Of course you join me.”

    “Well I didn’t want to intrude or overstep,” Natasha explained. “I haven’t seen Ian around here
    tonight. Did he not come with you?”
    “You came to see me?” Brandi repeated. “Is that fact?”

    “I did. We haven’t had an appropriate conversation since you were released and that’s my fault,
    I’ll admit to that,” Nicholas told her. “So I thought a visit was long overdue and Justin happened
    to agree with me.”

    “You told Justin you were coming over here?”

    Nicholas shook his head and took a seat on the sofa. “I’ve been avoiding you for far too long
    Brandi and I can’t keep doing that. We have a son together and whether I like it or not you and I
    will forever be connected with one another.”
    “I know,” Nicholas answered her.

    “He’s over at Ethan’s watching a baseball game or something. I’m sure that they wouldn’t mind if you stopped by if you
    need to see him about something.”

    “I was just at Ethan’s with Lewis,” he explained to her. “I knew Justin wouldn’t be here and that’s precisely why I came
    tonight. I wanted to see you Brandi…”
    Brandi wiped her hands on her jeans and headed into the living room. The doorbell ringing
    seconds earlier had caught her a little off guard and she suspected that Justin must have
    forgotten his keys.

    Nicholas?” she questioned after opening the door without checking to see who was on the
    other side of it.

    “Hello Brandi,” her ex-husband responded with a warm smile. “May I come in? Please?”

    She gestured for him to enter the apartment and once she had closed the door immediately
    told him, “Justin isn’t here tonight."
    She got out from the bed and wrapped herself in a beige silk robe before she turned to face the man she only thought of
    as a stand-in for her beloved Jered. “I don’t know who would catch us…but you should still put your clothes on and go.”

    “I don’t mind staying. Like I said you still have some time left,” he said as an unseen shadow of annoyance crossed his

    “That’s a generous offer and one that I normally would entertain Jered,” Kendra said from the doorway of her bedroom,
    “but I’m pretty tired and I have an early morning.”

    Her gentlemen caller shook his head. He finished dressing as Kendra slowly made her way down the stairs of her home
    and waited for him in the foyer.
    “And what moment would that be?”

    “What moment?” Roxi repeated with a laugh that filled the entire room. “That our Sabrina finally walked down that aisle
    tonight and got married! Regardless of the fact that it was your ex-husband that she married…”

    “And hers,” Natasha added.

    “You’re exactly right. So let’s just have a drink and relish in the fact that we finally got our girl hitched…once and for all.”

    Natasha couldn’t argue with that. “Well when you put it like that, then yes I would be delighted to have a drink with you.”

    “Hi baby,” Roxi smiled up at the waiter. “Could we get a glass of the very best champagne that you have in the building
    and ginger ale please?”

    The waiter scurried away and Natasha couldn’t help but question, “You’re going to make me drink alone?”

    “I am indeed,” Roxi confirmed. “I’ve been sober now for going on twenty-six years and while I would love nothing more
    than to have a glass of champagne I can’t risk going back down that dark and lonely hole again.

    Natasha nodded her head and praised Roxi for her nearly three decades of sobriety. It was remarkable to hear such a
    story of dedication, courage and self-restraint.

    “What shall we toast to?” Roxi asked after the waiter had returned with their drinks.

    Natasha thought for a moment and raised her glass, “How about to Sabrina…a woman that I think we both love like a
    sister and would protect like our own daughter.”

    A huge smile spread across Roxanne’s face and she raised her glass to Natasha. “I couldn’t have said it better myself
    honey,” she told her with a wink.
    “What exactly do you mean when you say you hit rock bottom?” April asked. “You’ve always
    seemed to have things so together…I think there’s more to the story that you’re not telling me.”

    Natasha titled her head to one side and thought of how she could explain this to her daughter.
    The truth was it almost impossible to explain, but she owed it to her daughter to try.

    “I never loved Nicholas,” she confessed. “After Brandi’s trial I sought him out and for years I
    thought if I were to marry him then somehow I would get my revenge against Brandi. But then
    he asked me to marry him and I continually put off the talk of our wedding until I couldn’t do it
    any longer,” Natasha explained. “I was happy with Nicholas…you girls knew it, Felicia knew
    and hell even Audrey Pierce knew it.”
    Natasha surveyed the ballroom before she glanced at her watch and winced at the time. She
    was about to collect her purse when Roxi Davis sat down across from her and smiled.

    “Can I buy you drink honey?” Roxi questioned as she motioned for one of the few remaining
    waiters circling the floor.

    “Roxanne,” she smiled. “I don’t know it’s getting late and I’ve had an awfully long day. I think I'm
    going to head home and sleep in my own bed for the first time in many months."

    “Oh come on…” Roxi urged her. “The way I see it is that you and I could not only use a drink,
    but also enjoy this moment together.”
    “Does that not concern you?” Sabrina sat up in bed and looked at her husband. “You and her have quite the history,” she
    reminded him.

    “No she doesn’t concern me Sabrina,” he said with a firm reassurance in his voice. “And our history has been pretty
    much played out over the course of the last eleven years. She’s not going to be threat to our campaign.”

    Sabrina settled back into Andrew’s arms, her mind still reeling and finally she suggested, “Maybe we should postpone
    our honeymoon and stay here so that we can start working on the campaign.”

    Andrew thought for a moment and looked deep into her eyes before he questioned, “You would consider doing that for

    “Of course I would, you’re my husband,” she brought herself up on her knees and leaned over to kiss him. As their lips
    parted from one another Sabrina smiled and softly whispered, “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you Andrew…nothing at
October 21, 2012
Written By: Josh Hawkins
    “That’s very true,” Brandi softly responded. “I don’t want our relationship to be awkward Nicholas and unfortunately we’ve
    both did things in the past…” she paused and sighed heavily. “What I’m trying to say is that…”

    “Mistakes were made on both of our parts,” Nicholas finished for her with a smile. “I think we should just leave whatever
    you were trying to say at that.”

    “All right then. You and I need to learn to coexist with one another and figure out how we’re going to hopefully co-parent
    our son. Do you think that’s something that we can do?”

    “It will definitely be a learning experience for me. I’ve never had to co-parent before,” he said with quiet emphasis.

    “But you’re willing to at least consider it?”

    Nicholas thought for a moment and finally answered, “Of course I am.”

    She lowered her head and smiled, “Thank you Nicholas, thank you so much. So where do we go from here? What are
    our next steps?”

    He returned her smile and said, “I’ll contact my attorney and let him know that we want to work out a shared custody
    arrangement, but first I want to run the idea by Lewis.”

    “Of course,” Brandi agreed. “He’s old enough to play a role in all of this and I want him too. I also want to make sure that
    our arrangement ensures that Lewis has time to spend with Audrey as well,” she revealed.

    “I’m sorry what did you just say?” he stared at his ex-wife, baffled.

    “Don’t give me that look,” she told him of a look she had seen far too many times during their marriage. “We both know
    that Audrey is a very important part of Lewis’s life…one that I might add you helped to foster. He cares a great deal about
    her whether I like it or not and I want to ensure that he doesn’t think that we’re not going to allow him to see Audrey when
    he wants.”

    Nicholas stood up from the couch and looked down at Brandi. “I have to admit that I never would have expected you of all
    people to take Audrey’s feelings into consideration like this.”

    “I’m not taking Audrey’s feelings into consideration, I’m taking our son’s feelings into consideration,” Brandi clarified.
    “Audrey and I will always hate one another for things that I’ve done to her and she’s done to me, but we’ve found common
    ground where Lewis is concerned.”

    “Well I have to admit that this does surprise me,” Nicholas smiled, “but then again you were always capable of doing that
    if I recall correctly.”

    Brandi nodded her head and walked with Nicholas to the door of the apartment. It had been weeks since her release and
    she had often wondered when he would turn up at her door and what would be said – only in her wildest dreams had
    she anticipated this turn of events.

    “I don’t know if Justin’s told you about what happened earlier this year in New York City…” Nicholas broached the subject,
    “and if he has or hasn’t is beside the point of this question, but does the name Caroline sound familiar to you in anyway?”

    “Caroline?” she repeated and thought for a moment. “No it doesn’t. Well not off the top of my head anyway. Why do you

    Nicholas shook his head, “It’s not important.” He opened the door and stepped out into the hallway. “You know I’m really
    glad that you’re home Brandi, I truly mean that.”

    “Thank you Nicholas. I’m truly glad to finally be home.”

    “I bet. I’ll be in touch with you soon,” he promised her as he made his way towards the elevator and Brandi went back to
    preparing her dinner feeling as though things for her were starting to fall into place.
    Kendra rolled over in her bed and her head collapsed against the softness of the pillow. She
    could feel the sweat beads racing down her neck, in between her bare breasts and down her
    stomach. She slowly exhaled and looked over at her bed partner. Her mind raced with thoughts
    of what she had just done...

    “I think you may have bitten me,” she told him.


    She rolled her eyes and repeated, “I think you may have bitten me on my neck.” The fact was he
    was cute with his brown hair and deep green eyes, but he wasn’t the sharpest knife in the
    drawer – Kendra knew that and she figured he did as well.

    “Oh if I did I’m sorry baby,” the man responded as he kissed her on the cheek. “You know I
    think we still have a few minutes left on your time if you want to go again…”

    Kendra reached for her cell phone and looked at the time. “Actually we’ll just call it good,” she
    told him. “It’s getting late and we don’t want anyone to catch us. You should probably get
    dressed and go.”

    The man setup in bed and threw his feet over the edge, “Who do you think is going to catch us
    Kendra?” he questioned even though she had stopped listening to him or caring about what
    he had to say.
    San Francisco, California
    The honeymoon suite at the Southern River Hotel was filled with a combination of red rose and
    vanilla scented candles. As Sabrina worked her way into Andrew’s arms she couldn’t help but
    smile – she was finally, once again and forever his wife…Mrs. Andrew Bradshaw.

    She brought his hand up to her lips and softly kissed it, “I love you,” she told him and he pulled
    her even closer.

    “Thank you for marrying me again,” Andrew whispered into her ear with a smile.

    “You’re welcome,” Sabrina replied, as she relaxed, sinking further into his cushioning
    embrace. “You don’t plan on leaving in the middle of the night this time do you?” she
    questioned with a laugh.

    “I can assure you that I’m not going anywhere ever again without you,” Andrew promised her.

    “Good. Because I was just thinking about all of the things that we’re going to do together…as
    husband and wife…”

    “We’re going to be pretty unstoppable you and I,” Andrew thought aloud.

    “That’s what I’m counting on, especially now that Valerie Caldwell's enter the race."

    He laughed as if sincerely amused at the thought of Valerie thinking that she could be the
    mayor of River’s Edge.