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  •        Pamela leaves River's Edge and encounters a mysterious, yet familiar man.
  •        Nicholas and Brandi are face-to-face for the first time since her parole.
  •        April offers Natasha some advice.
All Or Nothing
Episode 155: Better Than Revenge
October 21, 2012
  •        Pamela Bradshaw McCarty suspected her husband of having an affair and hired a PI to find out for her.
    “Right…” she sighed heavily and looked around the room. “And we’re just what going to sit here and wait until her little
    miss high and mighty arrives? You know on any other day of the week I would have pegged you for a different type of
    man,” Rhonda smiled. “But I can see that’s not the case. You’re nothing more than an old woman’s whipping boy,” she
    laughed. “Pamela snaps her fingers and you start dancing is that how it works? Back where I am come from we call men
    like you a little bitch.”

    Jim looked up from the newspaper and smiled at her, “You know Ms. Duncan that’s funny, because right here in Texas
    we call women that sleep with another woman’s husband the exact same thing.”

    “Sticks and stones Jim, sticks and stones,” Rhonda replied with sharpness in her voice. “Tell me how long you intend to
    sit guard here tonight holding me against my will.”

    “As long as necessary,” he told her without taking his eyes off of the crossword in the newspaper.

    “And what the hell does that mean?”

    “It means lady that you really have no idea what you’ve done or who you’ve done it to. Of all the men in River’s Edge who
    are married or single that you could have screwed around with – you picked Pamela Bradshaw McCarty’s husband.”

    “Are you under the impression that I’m afraid of Pamela McCarty?”

    “If you’re not Ms. Duncan, then that’s your funeral,” Jim assured her.
    “Especially when you take into consideration that I had to learn about your affair through credit card statements, phone
    records, hotel receipts and a private investigator,” Pamela rattled off. “Phillip may have cheated on me, but he came to
    me and was man enough to own up to what he had done.”

    Travis paused for a moment and thought, “Here’s what I think is happening right now,” he began. “I think you’re too proud
    of a woman to admit that you drove me away…that you drove me into the arms of another woman. What I don’t
    understand is why I’m not afforded the same luxuries in our marriage that Phillip was afforded. Can you explain that to
    me Pamela?”

    “And before you do,” he pressed on as a thin chill hung on the edge of his words, “let me tell you why I think things are
    different now versus then…”

    He stepped towards her, his guns now fully and finally loaded to capacity, “I think you don’t want to give me a second
    chance Pamela. I think if you were to give me a second chance then you would have to do two things. The first, you would
    have to admit that I’m no better than Phillip and second you would have to make room on top of that pedestal that you’ve
    placed the great Phillip Bradshaw on for your entire life. A pedestal so high that no matter how hard anyone tries they
    can't live up to the God like image you’ve manifested for this man,” he continued. “I think everything that you’ve said
    tonight is nothing more than a performance on your part. You never loved me, because you never had time to. You were
    always far too busy comparing me to your dead husband and continually worshiping the ground Phillip Bradshaw ever
    walked on to care about me…”

    Pamela stepped towards him slowly. She had stood there listening to his sanctimonious, holier than thou sermon and
    when she had reached her boiling point Pamela reached back and slapped him across the face harder than she had
    ever slapped another man in her life.

    “You shut your mouth right now you miserable bastard,” she order him. “Or so help you God in Heaven…I will kill you
    where you stand!”
    Friday, October 12, 2012 - 10:30PM
    Pamela stood on the porch and waited as Travis unlocked the front door of the home they had shared since their
    December 2004 wedding. The cool Texas air swirled around her as she thought of their life together – eight years of
    marriage and a bitter rivalry with Maxine Crawford for his love and affection, now in hindsight she considered it all a waste
    of time.

    It had only been four hours since she burst in on her husband and Rhonda Duncan, but as Pamela closed the door
    behind her and turned the lock, it felt more like it had been four days.

    When she turned back around to face her husband, Pamela found him halfway up the stairs and she immediately
    questioned, “Excuse me, but where exactly is it that you think you’re going?”

    Travis stopped mid-step and looked down at her, “I’m going to take a shower and then I intend on going to sleep
    Pamela. Whatever it is that you have to say can wait until morning.”

    “The hell it can Travis McCarty,” she fired back him. “You get down here right this very second,” Pamela ordered him. “We
    are going to have this out tonight and then when we’re finished, you my loving and unfaithful husband can pack your
    things and find somewhere else to sleep tonight – because I assure you it won’t be in this house.”
    Rhonda Duncan sat on the sofa in her apartment with her eyes glued to the PI , who under any
    other circumstances she would find somewhat attractive. She tried hard to wrap her mind
    around the events of that evening. After all of her years and all of them she had ever slept with
    none of their wives had ever caught her in the act as Pamela had done.

    “So tell me Dick…” she cut her eyes at him and sneered. “Do you do everything that Pamela
    tells you to do or is this a one-time only thing?”

    “My name is Jim ma’am and the answer to your question is yes. I do whatever Mrs. McCarty
    asks of me,” he told her. “And before you ask me why,” Jim continued, “it’s because the money
    is to damn good to pass up.”
    "What you did with that woman…that was a down and out act of betrayal. Don’t you dare call it a mistake again, because
    a mistake it was not.”

    “Call it whatever the hell you want to call it Pamela and I’ll admit that it was wrong,” he told her. “The truth of the matter is
    that I do love you, but I wasn’t getting what I needed from you. When I first started seeing Rhonda it was right around the
    time that we started drifting apart and don’t even try to tell me that we’ve not drifted apart from one another.

    Pamela shook her head, “I have no intention of doing that, but what I will tell you is that I’m appalled at the fact that you
    would try and blame your affair on me. Is that really the type of man you’ve become Travis?” she questioned as she
    stared him down from across the room. “If you were so unhappy with our marriage then you should have come to me and
    said those things. Instead, you went behind my back and started screwing your co-worker!”

    Travis stood up and walked towards her, “Can you just tell me what you want me to say? Because there is absolutely no
    reasoning with you over about all of this,” he raised his voice. “So if you would just tell me what to say we could both get
    on with our lives a lot quicker and that would be great!”

    “Don’t raise your voice at me,” she warned him. “And please Travis do not stand there and act as though you’re the
    injured party in all of this. If you were so miserable in our marriage…if you felt as though we were drifting apart from one
    another then you should have come to me and said those things. But you didn’t do that and as such you will suffer the

    Pamela held her hand up and took a step away from him. She could feel her heart beating faster in her chest and she
    could feel her blood pressure slowly rising by the second.

    “Instead of standing there trying defend yourself to me why don’t you take a moment and think of how you would feel if the
    roles were reversed,” she fired at him. “Why don’t you pretend that it was me who was in that bed with another man and
    then you think of how it would make you feel if I had the audacity to stand here and blame you for driving me there,”
    Pamela hissed at him. “Why don’t you think about that you son-of-a-bitch before you dare open your mouth again to
    Travis bit his bottom lip and shook his head in frustration before he sat down on one of the
    stairs. “I don’t know what I can say that will make you understand that what happened with
    Rhonda was a mistake Pamela,” he told her. “I’m sorry that it happened.”

    “That’s funny because when I walked in…”

    “When you barged in,” he corrected her.

    “Walked in, barged in or rode in on a flying unicorn it doesn’t matter,” she retorted. “The point is
    that you didn’t look a bit sorry. And for the record Travis let’s get at least one thing straight
    tonight – a mistake is forgetting to pick-up a loaf of bread at the supermarket.
    From the foyer and into the living room Travis followed behind his wife. He watched from a distance as she poured
    herself a drink and then threw it back such ease. The thought of her with another man ran through his mind and he finally
    admitted, “I don’t know how I would react if I caught you with another man. You’re my wife. You’re not supposed to be with
    anyone else.”

    “And you are my husband. You’re not supposed to be with another woman either, yet here we stand. You say that you’re
    sorry and you say that you love me, but the problem with those two things Travis is that I don’t think you know what either
    one of them means.”

    “I think we both know that I know what they mean Pamela,” he told her as he inched closer and closer into the living
    room. “What I did was wrong and for that I am extremely sorry, but if we try hard enough we can save this marriage. I’ll do
    whatever you tell me that you need, but what I won’t do is leave.”

    And that was the one thing Pamela wanted in that moment more than anything. She sat down on the sofa and thought
    about the details of his affair. She thought about all of things that Jim Wilson had been able to find out, yet there was one
    missing piece to the puzzle and she had to know the answer.

    “How long have you been having this affair with Rhonda Duncan?”

    “I don’t think you want to know the answer to that Pamela,” Travis responded.

    “Why’s that Travis? Is it because you don’t remember or is it because you’re too ashamed to admit it?

    Her husband paced for a few minutes and the silence hung over them like a dark thundercloud just waiting to rain down
    destruction around them. Finally Travis answered in a soft, monotone voice, “Three and half years.”

    The words hit Pamela with so much force that she leaned back on the sofa and closed her eyes. Three and half years
    she thought.

    “For three and half years you lied to me and you cheated on me with another woman,” she reaffirmed. “But you can still
    say that you love me? You can still say that you’re sorry? You can still call all of this just a mistake?” Pamela questioned
    in sheer disbelief.

    “I think you’re a pathetic, disgusting and immoral human being Travis. I think we should both look at the facts here and
    they are this,” Pamela stood up and walked towards him. “The facts are that you don’t love me, you don’t respect our
    marriage and the only thing that you’re sorry about is that I caught you tonight.”

    Travis couldn’t think of anything else to say and he continued to stand there and listen as Pamela continued her tirade
    against him. “What you have done here to us is humiliating, inexcusable and unforgivable,” she sighed. “I just cannot
    believe that I’m here in this place again.”

    He picked up on her last statement and questioned, “I’ve never cheated on you with another woman – Rhonda Duncan
    was the one and only, I promise you that.”

    “I’m not talking about you,” Pamela fired at him. “I’m talking about Phillip…” she revealed. “At least he had the good
    sense to come confess his affair to me before I caught him…which the same cannot be said for you.
    “What did you say?” Travis questioned her. “Are you saying that Phillip had an affair?”

    “I am,” Pamela responded. “And when he did step out on me I didn’t have to hire a private
    investigator to find out about it. He came to me confessed his sins and begged that I take him

    “So when I tell you that I’m sorry and admit that I screwed up why is it that you won’t believe me
    or accept my apologies?”

    “You’re not listening to what I’m saying Travis,” she said. “I’m saying that I don’t believe your
    Every inch of Pamela’s body shook as she stepped towards her husband. “Who in the hell do you think you are?” she
    questioned. “Don’t you dare say one more word about Phillip…in fact you should never, ever,” she screamed, “speak his
    name in my presence ever again or I promise you it will be the last words to ever come out of your mouth!”

    Pamela turned away from him and took a moment to try to compose herself. Suddenly everything had changed in an
    instance. “Phillip Bradshaw is the father of my children and I will not tolerate anyone, especially the likes of you speaking
    like that of him – not now and not ever! I maybe a lot of things, but the one thing that I am not is the woman who would
    dare ever speak of Grace or Vivian in same manner that you spoke of Phillip. Don’t you dare ever do that again,” she
    ordered him. “Do you understand me?”

    Travis knew a line had been crossed, but he didn’t regret what he had said – he felt it to be the truth and he’d made a
    career out of telling the truth. But nevertheless Pamela was right, she had never spoken that way of his ex-wives or the
    mothers of his children, so he replied in a hushed whisper, “I do.”

    “Good…then you need to go pack your things and get out,” she told him.

    “I’ve already told you that I’m not leaving Pamela. Besides I’m now curious to find out what’s made you angrier tonight -
    my affair with Rhonda Duncan or the fact that I’ve known since day one that there’s been three people in this marriage
    and not just two?”

    Pamela shook her head, “You just don’t know when to quit do you Travis?” she questioned. “I told you from the start of
    our relationship that I would always, always, love Phillip and that I would never change. And you’re right I did put that man
    on a pedestal. I worshiped the ground he walked upon, just as he worshiped the same ground that I too walked upon. I
    think you’re jealous that I never considered putting you on pedestal and I’m ashamed that you never did anything to
    warrant such a thought,” she sighed. “Phillip Bradshaw is today, yesterday and will forever be the great and only love of
    my life and you…well you were nothing more than idiotic mistake. If I could have traded places with Phillip and died
    instead him, I would have done that in heartbeat…in a second…without thinking…and Travis that is something I would
    never and will never consider doing for you for as long as we shall live,” she smiled.

    “We’re through…” Travis told her as he walked towards the foyer.

    “Oh you’re damn right we’re through,” she assured him. “I’m going to go deal with your little whore now,” Pamela
    followed behind him. “And when I return…” she spun him around to face her, “you will be gone and if you’re not then you’ll
    soon see the business end of my shotgun.”
    Pamela slowly began to pace the floor of the apartment, “No one held you against your will here tonight Ms. Duncan,” she
    softly began to recant her version of events. “You see my longtime friend and employee out there was with me when I
    found you in bed with my husband. You were so distraught with yourself that you weren’t able to drive and so even though
    you were caught screwing my Travis, out of the goodness of my heart I asked Jim to bring you home and to stay with you
    until you calmed down.”

    “That’s the story you’re going to tell the police when they show up to arrest you?” Rhonda asked.

    “Yes. It will also be the story that I tell your replacement when she interviews me for KJRE and the story that I’ll tell any
    other reporter who may ask,” Pamela smiled a wicked smile, “of course there will be far more tears and anguish, I can
    assure you of that.”

    “You really are delusional Pamela,” Rhonda told her. “Do you really think anyone is going to believe that story? I’m a well-
    respected and trusted journalist in this city…”

    “Ms. Duncan I believe that you underestimate the great people of this city and that is an unfortunate mistake on your part.
    You may be on television every night, but I was married to one of the most influential and powerful men this town has
    ever seen. When I walk into the room I command the attention of everyone it and I do that because this is my city.”

    “So the answer to your question is resounding yes – people will believe me when I brand you for the common piece of
    trash that we both know that you are,” Pamela finished.

    “You’re a miserable piece of work,” Rhonda fired. “It’s no wonder that Travis preferred me in his bed as compared to the
    shrill woman that you are.”

    Pamela arched her eyebrow and shook her head. “Yes well let’s discuss that shall we? I want to know how long you
    were sleeping with my husband. I’m curious to see how well your stories compare to one another.

    “Over three years,” she answered sharply. “And it was as your husband indicated to me on several occasions – three of
    the best years of his life,” Rhonda smiled broadly.

    Pamela looked off to the side and slightly chuckled as Rhonda stood before her with a smug look on her face that
    Pamela quickly slapped away.

    “You have to be one of the dumbest bitches I’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting!” Pamela told her as her body slowly
    started to shake.

    “I’m going to press charges against you Pamela,” Rhonda assured her. “No one does this to me and gets away with it.”

    “Funny because I was just thinking the same thing Ms. Duncan,” Pamela fired. “No one is ever going to believe you,
    because no one would believe that you are stupid enough to cross me.”

    Pamela walked towards the door of the apartment and then told Rhonda, “Go into your bedroom and start packing.”


    “Because you’re leaving River’s Edge tonight and you are not coming back here ever again,” Pamela informed her.

    “The hell I am. You’re not going to railroad me from my home,” Rhonda informed her. “And besides I can’t just leave my
    job I’m under contract.”

    Pamela reached into her purse and laid down on the coffee table a sealed envelope, “About that…I was able to speak
    with Natasha earlier tonight and she was more than willing to renegotiate the terms of your contract once she learned of
    your indiscretions. In that envelope there you’ll find a check and document releasing you of your duties at KJRE,” she

    “Natasha and Sabrina wouldn’t do that to me.”

    “Perhaps not under normal circumstances, but Natasha has also dealt with women like you once or twice before and
    come to find out she doesn’t want an employee on her payroll with questioned moral standards,” Pamela snickered. “I
    hate to say that I told you so, but I did tell you that you picked the wrong woman to tangle with.”

    “So what do you expect me to do Pamela?” Rhonda questioned. “Pack a suitcase and just disappear. Where am I
    supposed to go?”

    “Where you go Ms. Duncan is irrelevant to me,” Pamela assured her. “But you will go nonetheless, because if you don’t I
    will be forced to leak all of the information that Jim has uncovered over the course of the last several months to the
    press,” she revealed. “You see the key difference between you and I is that I do my homework. So while you were busy
    doing God only knows what, to and with my husband, I was busy finding out all about Rhonda Duncan…well-respected
    and award winning journalist.”

    “And what is it that you think you’ve found? An unpaid parking ticket? A bounced check from the seventies? What?”

    Pamela shrugged her shoulders, “If you’re not out of River’s Edge within the next seventy-two hours you’re going to find
    out. Ironically at the same time Mrs. Anthony Clark in Reno, Mrs. Robert Martinez in Memphis,” she began to recite names
    that Rhonda clearly recognized and as Pamela continued she sank slowly to the sofa, “Mrs. Patrick Butler in Knoxville,
    Mrs. Ross Myers in Spokane and Mrs. Michael Sanders in Salt Lake City will also be finding out what I already know.”

    From the sofa Rhonda questioned, “How do you know those names?”

    “Clearly listening and comprehending were never your strong suits,” Pamela laughed. “There’s not much I don’t know
    about these men, their wives, their children, their careers or you for that matter Ms. Duncan.”

    Pamela continued, “You see while you were laying on your back screwing my husband, I made it my personal mission to
    arm myself with as much ammunition against you that I could get my hands on, because that’s just the type of woman
    that I am. Unlike the wives of these other men you’ve had relations with…I will call a whore a whore.”

    “Those men are still married,” Rhonda told her. “You would destroy them just so you can get even with me? What kind of
    person are you?”

    Pamela stepped quickly towards Rhonda and told her, “When you’re able to look in the mirror and answer that question,
    then so will I.”

    “So that you and I are on the same page,” Pamela took a step back, “your choices here are to leave River’s Edge and the
    state or not. That decision is completely up to you.”

    “And if I stay you’ll expose my affairs?”

    “Honey I will not only expose your affairs, I will paint you to be nothing more than a mediocre journalist who perfected the
    art of screwing her male counterparts on your way to the top,” Pamela smiled with joy. “And believe me when I say that I
    will dedicate every resource at my disposal and every penny of my vast, ever growing fortune to do this.”

    Pamela spun around and began to take her leave, “Once you’ve made your decision Ms. Duncan please let Jim know
    and he’ll be more than willing to take care of you,” she said as she opened the door.

    “You know what Pamela…” Rhonda stood up, “you’re a real bitch.”

    Pamela Bradshaw McCarty looked to Jim and a smile brushed over her face – a smile bigger than Texas and she simply
    said, “Yes well tell me something that I don’t already know Ms. Duncan.”
    Pamela lightly tapped on the door of Rhonda’s apartment and then stood in the hallway as she
    waited for Jim to open the door. She could barely remember the drive across town from her
    own home to here, but Pamela knew that her night wasn’t over yet and as Jim opened the door
    she sensed it was really only just beginning.

    “Could you please wait outside in the hallway Jim,” Pamela whispered to him as she caught
    Rhonda’s eye from the entrance of her apartment. “I don’t think I’ll be long."

    “The only thing I’m going to need help with is calling the police and recanting to them how the
    one and only Pamela Bradshaw McCarty kidnapped me and held me against my will in my
    own home,” Rhonda told her with fearless vigor.