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  •        Andrew and Sabrina's wedding.
  •        Bradley confronts Jodi about their kiss.
  •        A shocking ending that no one will see coming!
All Or Nothing
Episode 153: Bless The Broken Road, Part IV
October 11, 2012
  •        Pamela Bradshaw McCarty suspected her husband of having an affair and hired a PI to find out for her.

  •        Josh learned that the chemotherapy didn't cure his cancer as he had planned.

  •        Brittany suffered through a miscarriage and postpartum depression earlier in the year.

  •        Natasha ran away from New York City after her failed wedding to Nicholas Pierce and has been MIA since February.
    Natasha had barely stepped out of Andrew’s dressing suite when she turned the corner and suddenly came face to face
    with her daughters – Jodi and April for the first time since her own miserable wedding to Nicholas and the first time in
    eight months.

    Jodi couldn’t help but laugh and turned to her sister, “Well look who it is April…our prodigal mother has finally returned
    and has made it oh so crystal clear where her priorities lie.” She folded her arms across her chest and questioned her
    mother, “Do you mind telling the both of us just where in the hell you’ve been for the last eight months?”

    “What did you just say to me?” Natasha fired back at her daughter. “I may have been gone for eight months but the last
    time I checked the both of you were grown women. But grown or not Jodi Lynne, you ask me one more question in that
    tone of voice, I’ll slap the taste right out of your mouth,” she promised her eldest daughter. “Now we can have adult
    conversation if you would and I will tell you where I’ve been.”

    “I think that’s a good idea,” April interjected herself into the conversation and in between her mother and sister for each of
    their protection. “Where have you been mom and why didn’t you call us?”

    “I was in Canton at your grandmother’s cabin,” Natasha explained. “And I didn’t call because I was…” she thought for a
    moment, “because I was lost and I needed to find myself.”

    “Well that’s just great mother!” Jodi told her. “While you were busy finding yourself did it never cross your mind to pick a
    phone or answer an email to let April and I know that you were okay? We have been worried sick since you’ve been gone.”

    Natasha shook her head and sighed heavily, “I understand and appreciate the fact that you were both concerned about
    me, but your grandmother knew where to find me if anything traumatic happened.”

    “Something traumatic did happen mother – in case you weren’t aware Brandi was paroled,” Jodi informed her.

    “I am fully aware that Brandi was paroled Jodi. And I am only going to tell you once more – lose your attitude,” Natasha
    scolded her. “I spoke to your grandmother after Brandi’s parole hearing and she explained to me that you had your father,
    your Aunt Angela, Kendra and one another to lean on.”

    “It would have been nice to have you here,” April told her.

    “Yes well as life has taught me over the last seven years…things aren’t always nice and they aren’t always as we would
    want them,” Natasha assured her daughters. “Did the two of you ever once, for a minute put yourself in my shoes?
    Nicholas humiliated me in New York City, humiliated me and pray to God that is a humiliation that you April never have to
    experience again and Jodi that you never have to experience at all. And then out of nowhere, without a warning Brandi’s
    parole hearing is announced…”

    Natasha turned away from her daughters, “I was broken. I was ashamed. I was embarrassed and I was this close to
    rock bottom,” she mimicked for them. “I did what I did for my sanity and I will not now, nor will in the future stand here and
    apologize for that to my grown child. The both of you need to stop acting like two little spoiler girls who didn’t get there and
    if you don’t, then I will start treating you both as such,” she warned the two of them and then took her leave.
    Sabrina stood in the bridal suite with only her sister-in-law. Everyone else had left and she took a deep breath and slowly
    exhaled why Roxi finished making the last minute adjustments to her wedding gown.

    “Good to see that Andrew’s girls were on their best behavior tonight,” Roxi pointed out as she collected Sabrina’s
    bouquet and handed it to her.

    Sabrina nodded her head and then looked to her sister-in-law, “You want to know what’s even better than that?”


    “The fact that you’re here with me tonight,” she told her. “The fact that you’ve been here with me for so many times that at
    this point I’ve lost count.”

    “Of course…” Roxi brought her into a tight hug. “You know I love you as much as I do my own daughter. There’s no other
    place I would rather be tonight than right here with you.”

    Sabrina took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. “I can’t believe that I’m about to marry Andrew Bradshaw,” She laughed.
    “After everything that I have put that man through over the course of the last eleven years…”

    “Well I’ve known you for well over half my life honey and I can say in all honesty, without question that this is the happiest I’
    ve ever seen you before.”


    “Hand to God sister, hand to God,” Roxanne raised her hand in the air and smiled her infectious smile that lit up the
    room and Sabrina’s heart.

    “Okay then…” Sabrina smiled, “I’m ready…”
    Friday, October 12, 2012 - 6:30PM
    Sabrina Lauren Davis Bradshaw looked at herself in the mirror in her bridal suite and smiled. She was there with her
    sister-in-law Roxi and her beloved niece Fancy, both of whom had come up from Elk City earlier in the week to help with
    the final preparation for her wedding.

    The television played in the background and as Sabrina checked her makeup one final time, she saw Valerie Caldwell’s
    reflection in the mirror from it.

    “Fancy turn the television volume up please,” Sabrina instructed as she walked across the room and listened as Megan
    Holloway delivered a recap of the events of that evening.

    “Again if you’re just joining us this evening Valerie Caldwell a prominent local attorney has just announced that she has
    filed the appropriate paperwork for her name to appear on the ballot this November for River’s Edge mayor,” Megan
    reported. “Ms. Caldwell’s announcement tonight ends speculation that Andrew Bradshaw would go unopposed in the

    “Honey what’s going on?” Roxi questioned from across the room. “The clock is a ticking…thirty minutes to go and we still
    have quite a few things that need to be done.”

    Sabrina looked around the room and then announced, “I can’t deal with that right now Roxi. I need to go and find Andrew.
    He needs to know about Valerie…”

    Roxi stepped in front of the door and held up her index finger. “The hell you say honey! I’m not letting you go anywhere. I
    don’t know who this Valerie woman is and I don’t care…you’re getting married in thirty minutes and that’s all you need to
    worry about.”


    “Sabrina…” she retorted and directed her sister-in-law away back to the center of the room. “You still need to let me touch
    up your lipstick and we have traditions that need to be completed before you sashay down the aisle and finally before
    your family, friends and me because Mrs. Andrew Bradshaw.”

    “I wouldn’t argue with her Aunt Sabrina,” Fancy told her. “This wedding has been all she’s talked about the last two
    months. If I didn’t know better I would say she’s more excited about you getting married than she would be if I were.”

    Roxi rolled her eyes, “That’s only because I’ve known this girl since she was knee high to a grasshopper.” Laughter filled
    the room and the door slowly cracked opened. “Sabrina I don’t know who this Valerie Caldwell is but she sounds like a
    real bitch! If you want after the wedding I’ll go and give her a piece of mind…but not until after you are finally and once
    again Mrs. Andrew Bradshaw!”

    “Here, here!” a female voice agreed from the doorway. “You must be the notorious Roxanne Davis that Sabrina speaks of
    with such fondness.”

    “Natasha!” Sabrina replied in a soft whisper before nearly bolting across the room. “Oh thank God you’re here…” she
    said as the two friends embraced in a long overdue hug.

    “Well where else would I be tonight?” Natasha questioned as she stepped back to admire Sabrina in her wedding gown.
    “You look magnificent my darling.”

    "How are things with the girls?" Sabrina nodded her head towards Jodi and April who had just entered the room.

    Natasha smiled and shook her head, “Let’s just say that they are both their mother’s daughters. But it’s not anything that I
    want you to concern yourself with right now. I’m very happy that they are both here today.”

    “Okay ladies…ladies!” Roxi ushered Natasha and Sabrina back into the bridal suite and closed the door. “Now that we
    are all finally here together and since we’re running short on time I think we should begin the something old, something
    new, something borrowed and something blue tradition,” she continued as Angela silently made her way into the bridal

    “Roxi I know you mean well, but we don’t have to do this,” Sabrina insisted. “I am just thankful that you’re all here with me

    “The hell we don’t have to do this honey,” Roxi responded. “I have waited nearly twenty-five years, one husband and a
    failed attempt to do this with you Sabrina Lauren Davis and as God as my witness…we are going to do this,” she told
    her. “Fancy why don’t you go ahead and get us started.”

    “Okay,” Fancy stepped forward and smiled. Sabrina’s niece was the complete opposite of her mother and nearly exact
    replica of her father – very quiet, very shy and very reserved even at the age of twenty-five.

    “Well I know how much you wanted Big Daddy to be here tonight,” Fancy continued, “but since he can’t I thought I would
    give you something borrowed. Aunt Sabrina I’m going to let you borrow my dad tonight and let him walk you down the
    aisle so you won’t have to go it alone.”

    Sabrina could feel the tears slowly swelling in her eyes as she reached out to her niece and embraced her in a hug.
    “Thank you Fancy that’s very nice and I love it.”

    “I guess we’ll go next,” Jodi announced. “It’s hardly a secret for anyone here tonight that we’ve not always seen eye to eye
    on a lot of things. However, that said it’s been made crystal clear to April and I that our father is in fact, in love with you.”

    “It’s in that spirit that we give you something new,” April held out a small rectangular box to her once and future step-
    mother. “And that we offer up to you a fresh start, a new beginning,” she clarified. “The three of us will never see eye-to-
    eye or agree on everything, but what Jodi and I will do is put forth the effort to try and to see eye-to-eye.”

    “And there will be times when we don’t agree with one another and we’ll argue or say things that we’ll undoubtedly
    regret,” Jodi continued, “but the one thing that you can be assured of is this…we will give you the respect we’ve not
    always shown to you and we will do so because it’s deserved.”

    Both Sabrina and Natasha wiped away tears from their eyes. Natasha looked across the room at her daughters and it
    was in that moment that she had never been more proud of the women that they had become.

    “Thank you…” Sabrina managed to finally say as she opened the box and revealed a blue garter with the initials SDB
    hanging from a piece of lace. “Hearing the both of you say those things means more to me than you will ever know and I
    promise that everything the two of you said…I feel the same way.”

    The group of women watched as Roxi presented Sabrina with a new pair of diamond stud earrings that she had bought
    earlier that week with her tip money from the karaoke bar she ran back in Elk City, Oklahoma. The only thing that was left
    was something old and all eyes turned towards Natasha who seemed like the most logical choice.

    “Well I didn’t even know that I would have to do this, but I thought I should be prepared just in case,” Natasha said from
    across the room. “Sabrina…my darling friend…I will be more than happy to give you something old…” she smiled, “my
    ex-husband!” Natasha stated with all honesty and candor that she could muster up before the entire room burst into a fit
    of laughter.

    “But seriously,” she continued as the laughter slowly died down and she pulled from her small clutch a piece of lace
    cloth. “My mother and Pamela gave me this on the day that I married Andrew,” Natasha explained. “And even now, nearly
    thirty years later I can still see them tying my bouquet together with this very lace…” she handed it to Fancy who slowly
    began wrapping the lace around Sabrina’s bouquet of white roses and baby’s breath.

    “I’m very happy for you my darling,” Natasha told her with sincerity in her voice and love in her heart. “Andrew is not an
    easy man to love…it takes a strong woman to love him, not care for and to not want to kill him when he screws up and he
    will screw up once or twice…” she assured her, “everyone in this room knows that. But the rewards for loving him are
    many and I know this because mine...” Natasha looked to her daughters, “mine are standing right there.”