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  •        Sabrina is presented with Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed & Something Blue
  •        Natasha comes face-to-face with her daughters for the first time in eight months
  •        Ryan reaches out to Megan for comfort following his break-up with Josh
All Or Nothing
Episode 152: Bless The Broken Road, Part III
October 10, 2012
  •        Pamela Bradshaw McCarty suspected her husband of having an affair and hired a PI to find out for her.

  •        Josh learned that the chemotherapy didn't cure his cancer as he had planned.

  •        Brittany suffered through a miscarriage and postpartum depression earlier in the year.

  •        Natasha ran away from New York City after her failed wedding to Nicholas Pierce and has been MIA since February.
    She entered into the darkness of the room as the door shut behind her. Pamela ran her hand along the wall until she
    found the light switch…

    “You have just about five second to get your hands off my husband!” Pamela declared as the lights in the room flicked on.
    Her husband and his mistresses scrambled to their feet from their bed and for the first time Pamela saw with her own
    two eyes what Jim Wilson had told her months earlier – Travis was having an affair.

    “Pamela?” Travis questioned as he reached for his shirt.

    “What in the hell is going on?” Rhonda questioned as her breath quickened and she reached for a sheet to wrap her
    naked body in.

    Pamela made her way further into the room and tried to process the Rhonda’s question. She stared at them with razor
    sharp glare that struck a fear in Travis and Rhonda that they neither had ever experienced.

    “Your worst nightmare,” Pamela answered Rhonda. “That is what the hell is going on here you senseless bitch.”

    “Pamela…Pamela…” Travis muttered uneasily and attempted to reason with her as he frantically buttoned his shirt and
    pulled on his pants. “Just give me a minute and I’ll explain…”

    “I would strongly suggest that shut your mouth Travis,” she warned him. “And do not, I repeat do not insult me by
    insinuating for a single minute that this is something that can be explained. I fully understand what is going on here you
    miserable bastard.”

    Pamela turned away from them and slowly took a breath. Both of her hands shook and she could feel her heart rate
    steadily increasing as her mind processed everything that had happened so far.

    “Ms. Duncan you need to put your clothes and get out,” Pamela order and gave her a look with a sardonic expression that
    only sent each of their tempers soaring.
    Pamela reached for the door and then pulled Rhonda hair back so that she was looking into her eyes. “Do you have any
    idea who I am? Are you really stupid enough to screw my husband and not know what is it that I am capable of?” she
    questioned as she pulled open the door and shoved Rhonda into the hallway followed by her blouse.

    “I know who you are,” Rhonda hissed at her. “You’re a goddamn lunatic and I’m going to have you arrested for assault!”

    “Go ahead Ms. Duncan. Have me arrested and we’ll both see how well that works out for you.” Pamela turned to her
    private investigator and she told him, “Please take this piece of trash back to her apartment and wait with her there until I

    “I’m not going anywhere with one of your goons,” Rhonda told her. “You can’t have him hold me against my will. I was
    serious Pamela, I will call the cops and have you thrown in jail for harassment, assault and kidnapping,” she threatened.

    Pamela stepped into the hallway and quickly backed Rhonda into a corner, “I dare you!” she hissed at her. “Go ahead
    and call the police. Tell them of all the things that I’ve done to you here tonight. You threatening to hide behind their
    protection does not now, nor will it in the future scare me Ms. Duncan. We both know that this little charade that you’ve
    been partaking in with my husband is not your first. You’ve played this part before and for whatever reason or another
    you've never been confronted for it. Well honey, I can assure you that this time is different.”

    “And why do you assume that Mrs. McCarty?”

    “Because on my worst day Ms. Duncan, I am not only ten steps ahead of you, I’m ten times the woman you will ever be,”
    she assured her. “Now you are going to put your clothes and you will go quietly with my friend here back to your
    apartment where you shall wait for me to arrive and deal with you once and for all.”

    “And if I don’t go quietly what happens then?”

    “Oh that’s simple,” Pamela forced a devilish grin at her. “If you so much as dare to try and make a scene on your way out
    of this hotel tonight, then the KTTV cameras that I arranged to be waiting in the lobby will catch your every action on tape,”
    she informed her. “As I’ve already said I am ten steps ahead of you on your worst day and this is your worst day Ms.
    After a few minutes of silence Josh finally raised his head up and his blood shot eyes met with Ryan’s. He drew in a
    deep breath and then told him, “I thought the chemo would work and I thought…” he shook his head, “no prayed that
    when I found it had, that you would be there with me. I imagined in my mind that it would be this sign that we were
    supposed to be together.”

    “We can still be together Joshua,” Ryan said as he stepped closer to him. “I want to be with you because I’ve been
    without you for far too long.”

    “I can’t…” Josh told him as his voice cracked. “I know that you love me…but I can’t…”

    Ryan took a step backwards and then another. “You want me to go?” he questioned and then turned around to walk
    away. As he reached for the door handle he said barely loud enough for Josh to hear, “If you love someone…set them
    His heart had skipped a beat, she thought to herself and couldn’t help but wonder if coming here had been a mistake.

    “I was in New York City for some business. I thought I would drive over and see you,” she told him. “I hope that’s not
    going to be a problem for you.”

    Douglas nonchalantly nodded at her and asked, “Is it going to be a problem for you?”

    “Ethan doesn’t know that I’m here. I deliberately kept it from him because I knew that he would object to my coming to
    see you tonight and not for the reasons you may think,” Brittany assured him. “Ethan and I have been trying to have a baby
    for over two years and…”

    “Wait a baby?” Douglas stopped her. “Is that even a possibility Brittany? I thought after the accident you couldn’t have

    “Things change,” she shrugged her shoulders. “I’ve undergone countless medical procedures to repair my damaged
    fallopian tubes.”

    Brittany felt her stomach slowly begin to knot and she was suddenly concerned that this may have not been her best idea
    to date. “In fact my doctors called my pregnancy in January a medical miracle,” she revealed to him.

    “Wait what?” Douglas questioned. “Brittany you had a baby?”

    “No…” her eyes met with his. “I had a miscarriage in February and then afterwards…I hit rock bottom,” she told him. “My
    doctors said that I was going through a form of post-partum depression.”

    “I’m sorry to hear that Brittany. Is there anything that I can do?”

    She shook her head and assured him that there was nothing that he could do and in fact that she had gotten better over
    the course of the last few months.
    “You didn’t miss anything,” Andrew told her. “But once the girls find out your home, you can add making sure they don’t
    strangle you to your little list. They are hot under the collar Natasha,” he warned her.

    “Like I said Andrew…I will deal with Jodi and April at another time. Presumably in the near future, but at another time

    Natasha strolled across the room, took Andrew’ bowtie and positioned him in front of the mirror. “At the moment I’m more
    interested in you my darling. You’re about to get married for what the fifth time? Are you happy?”

    “If I said that I was would that be egotistical of me,” he questioned as his whole face spread into a smile. “Because the
    fact of the matter is that I am very happy Natasha. For the first time in years it feels as though things are falling into place
    and that makes me excited.”

    “That’s good Andrew. I’m very glad to hear you say that.” Natasha finished his tie and then took a seat on the chaise
    lounge. From where she sat she looked up at him and issued him a warning, “Do not screw this up Andrew.”


    “Don’t act as though you didn’t hear what I just said. Don’t screw this up with Sabrina. She is my best friend in the entire
    world and she deserves some happiness. God knows there’s been enough men in her life that done nothing but brought
    grief to her.”
    Friday, October 12, 2012 - 6:20PM
    Pamela Bradshaw McCarty looked to Jim Wilson and told him, “Remember you need to stay
    right here until I tell you otherwise. Do you understand?”

    The private investigator who had worked with Pamela for the last eight months nodded slowly
    and watched as she slipped the keycard into the electronic lock of room number 618 and
    pushed open the door with such careful delicacy.

    "Whatever you need ma'am I have your back," he told her.

    The light from the hallway caused Travis and Rhonda to softly mumble to one another and she
    heard Travis call out, “If that’s housekeeping we don’t need anything.”
    “I don’t take orders from you or anyone for that matter,” Rhonda fired back at her.

    Without so much as a verbal warning, Pamela bolted across the room with the agility of a
    woman half her age. With her left hand she grabbed Rhonda by the hair and with her right
    hand she retrieved her blouse from the bed.

    “Oh my God! Travis! Get this woman off of me right now. Pamela you’re hurting me!” Rhonda
    screamed as Travis attempted to pull his wife off of his mistress with no success.

    “I suggest that you shut your mouth or so help me God I will do it for you Ms. Duncan,” Pamela
    warned her as they moved swiftly across the room towards the door of the hotel room.
    “Okay…okay…” Ryan repeated to himself. “We just have to figure out what happens next. Where do we go from here?” he
    asked with all the reassurance he could muster.

    Josh shook his head and couldn’t help but laugh, “Five minutes ago I told you to get out of my apartment that we were
    finished and now you think because I told you I still have cancer that I’m going to want you back? There is no we in this
    picture Ryan don’t you get that? I’m going to continue to fight this miserable disease and you’re going to leave.”

    “Don’t do this Joshua…” Ryan pleaded with him. “You and I we’ve built something here these last few months and I know
    that you’re upset…but don’t push me away,” he told him as tears began to swell up in his eyes. “I care about you…I love
    you and think that if you would just stop being so stubborn you would admit to loving me too.”

    He swallowed hard and fought back his own tears before he lied to Ryan, “I do love you. I appreciate what you’ve done for
    me I really do…” his mouth suddenly became dry and he found it hard to swallow. “But we both know…we’ve always
    known what would happen if the chemotherapy didn’t work and now…”

    “You think I care about that?” Ryan stopped him. “I care about you Joshua. I don’t care if you have two or one or none…I
    love you and that’s not going to change,” he assured him.

    Josh swallowed hard and shook his head, “You say that now Ryan,” he yelled at him. “But you’re twenty-eight years old
    and what happens tomorrow or a week from now or a month from now or a year from now when you decide that I’m not
    enough? What happens when you wake one morning and you realize that I’m nothing but damaged goods?”
    “You want an explanation?” Josh questioned as he walked slowly down the hallway towards
    Ryan who stood in the center of his living room. “Well first of all this isn’t like the last time we
    broke up. Because the last time I wasn’t fighting for my life or for my sanity for that matter,” he
    paused and thought for a moment. “You want an explanation, well here’s your explanation
    Ryan…it didn’t work.”

    “What are you talking about Joshua? What didn’t work?”

    “The chemotherapy Ryan,” he replied in a low, tormented voice. “I still have cancer.”

    Ryan stood there unsure of what to say. He felt like he was about to throw up.
    “Don’t say that,” Ryan told him. “You know that you’re not damaged goods. I would never think
    of you that way Josh. For fuck sake I am standing here telling you that I will love you no matter
    what and…”

    “And I’m standing here telling you to go!” Josh interrupted him with a raised voice. “You
    deserve…” he lowered his head and closed his eyes. “You deserve…you deserve something
    more…you deserve better than me and I don’t deserve to be constantly wondering if I’m
    enough for you. To be constantly wondering that if we I have to offer you is enough. That’s not
    fair to either one us.”

    They both stood in complete silence. They both thought of what the other had said.
    Watersdale, Connecticut
    “Your hair is darker than it was the last time I saw you,” was the first thing Douglas Richmond
    Jr. said to his ex-wife as she made her way into his office and closed the door behind her.

    Brittany Pierce nodded and confessed to him, “I decided to try this for a while,” she ran her
    fingers through her now brunette hair. “You still look exactly the same.”

    “I think you’re being kinder than I deserve,” he replied as they both laughed. “I have to admit
    that when my assistant told me that the one and only former Mrs. Douglas Richmond Jr. was
    outside my office my heart skipped a beat or two.”

    Brittany felt a little uncomfortable by his comment and she turned away from him.
    “No…I hurt the closest one to me…the one constant in my life for the last ten years,” she said with staid calmness. “I
    lashed out at Bradley. I said things to him that were unfair and that he didn’t deserve…I was furious with you, with him
    and what the two of you had done…”

    “You’re talking about the fight at the country club aren’t you?”

    “I thought that I had forgiven the both of you for it...but seeing the announcement and having Bradley there wanting to help
    me…it set me off,” she explained. “It took me a few days to come to terms with what had been said in the heat of the
    moment and then I realized why I had said those things in the first place. I’ve been carrying this anger towards the two of
    you…and even though I tried to push aside and hide it, it was still there and I realized that I couldn’t carry it around with
    me anymore.”

    “You have every right to be angry at us Brittany. What Bradley and I did was reckless, irresponsible and in the end it hurt

    “You’re absolutely right,” she agreed with him. “But for so long I repressed that anger and the resentment towards the
    two of you to a point that it just became a part of who I am. And when I miscarried my second baby…” Brittany’s voice
    cracked and she quickly regained control. “That anger and that resentment manifested its ugly self and I knew that I had
    to forgive you for what you had done.”

    “I don’t deserve your forgiveness,” he replied without hesitation.

    “Douglas it’s not about whether you deserve my forgiveness or not. But I don’t deserve to carry the anger, the resentment
    and the guilt around with me any longer.”

    Brittany walked towards Douglas and took his hand, “I forgive you,” she followed by a heavy sigh. “I forgive you…”
    “Douglas the reason I decided to come and see you tonight was because during my illness I
    received a birth announcement for your son,” Brittany told him.

    “Oh my God!” he gasped at the thought. “You didn’t? Brittany you have to know that was a
    mistake…I would never purposefully do something so thoughtless…”

    “I know, I know. I’m not here to chastise you for it Douglas. But the day that I received the
    announcement,” she exhaled and thought for a moment, “was the day that I did hit rock bottom.”

    “What do you mean? Brittany did you try to hurt yourself?”
    Natasha shook her head at him and smiled. “And running for mayor again…what brought that on? Persuasion of your
    own accord or that of your mother?”

    “My own accord,” Andrew answered. “And I’ll have you know as of eight o’clock this morning I’m unopposed. So as long
    as you don’t decide to run again…” he laughed.

    “You son-of-a-bitch,” Natasha laughed. “You never let an opportunity to throw that in my face go by do you?”

    “Hindsight is twenty-twenty Natasha. You were mad at me. I had just destroyed our marriage by sleeping with Valerie
    Caldwell and while I’ll admit in the moment I was furious with you, I’ve long since forgiven you.”

    “Wow! I should run away from home a long, long time ago. You’ve matured more in the last eight months that you have in
    the last eight years my darling.”

    The shared a smile between them and then Natasha stood from the chaise lounge. She leaned down and kissed
    Andrew on the cheek before she smoothed out her skirt.

    “Alright you’re all set with your bowtie,” she assured him, “cute as you were the day I married you,” Natasha added with a
    hearty laugh. “I need to go find the bride and as you’ve reminded me – our daughters.”
    Andrew I asked if I could come in,” Natasha repeated from the doorway. “Or do you consider it
    bad luck to see your ex-wife before you marry her best friend?”

    “Where in the hell have you been Natasha?” he asked as they embraced in a friendly hug.
    “You've had me worried out of my mind. Not to mention that our daughters are borderline
    furious with you Natasha!"

    “Well we can get to all that later,” she waved him off. “I’m more curious to hear about all the
    things that you’ve been doing the last few months. Visiting Jacqueline Vanderbilt Campbell,
    declaring your candidacy for mayor, proposing to Sabrina…” Natasha listed. “Did I miss
    “Natasha I have no intentions of hurting Sabrina.” He walked over and sat down next to her and
    when he spoke, he looked directly into her eyes, “I can’t explain how it happened or why it
    happened, but it happened this summer – I feel in love with her…for the first time in my life.
    When I look at her Natasha I don’t see her as the woman who wreaked havoc on our lives or
    as the woman who stole my father’s company…I look at her and I see a future.”

    “Well…I was not expecting to hear that,” Natasha said as her hands covered his. “And here I
    was thinking that if you were to ever remarry a former Mrs. Andrew Bradshaw it would’ve been

    “If you hadn’t ran away from home this summer it very well could have.”
    "I am so very proud and humbled to have the opportunity to stand before each and every one of you tonight. For some
    many years I have been blessed and fortunate enough to call this community my home. There have been so many of you,
    countless and selfless members of our community who have opened your hearts and your arms to me, to my mother
    and my sons over the last several years and tonight I publicly praise you and thank you.”

    “This evening with my son, Dr. Jason Marshall and my mother, Lillian Ann Caldwell by my side I officially placed my name
    on the ballot for the February election. Fellow citizens of River’s Edge, I am Valerie Caldwell and I’m asking your support
    and your vote this election as I actively seek the office of Mayor of our great city.”
    Two REPD officers opened the double doors leading out of City Hall for Valerie Caldwell, her
    mother Lillian Ann and her eldest son Dr. Jason Marshall. The setting sun provided an
    ambient orange glow as Valerie approached the microphones attached to a podium that bared
    the emblem of the River’s Edge city seal.

    "Good evening ladies and gentlemen and thank you all so much for coming out tonight,"
    Valerie smiled and waved. There were reporters from all the major local news affiliates, from
    the newspaper and a group of supporters that Lillian Ann had worked earlier in the day to
    round up for the event.

    Valerie looked out over the crowd. She missed her son and she missed Bradley too.
    Pamela slammed the door behind her and made her way back into the room where she found Travis sitting on the edge
    of the bed now fully dressed. She cleared her throat to announce her return.

    “Did you hurt her?” Travis questioned. “Answer my question Pamela. Did you hurt her?”

    She slowly lifted her head up and met his eyes, “And what if I did Travis? Is what I did to your mistress worse than what
    you’ve done to me?”

    Pamela shook her head and laughed at the irony of the situation. “I catch you in bed with another woman and you have
    the nerve to ask if I hurt her? If I hurt her?” she repeated. “You hurt me you son-of-a-bitch.”

    She turned from him and thought for a moment. “I would have at least thought you would have tried to explain your
    actions to me.”

    “I didn’t think you wanted to hear an explanation,” Travis started to make his way towards his wife and as he did she
    without a single thought flung her hand across his face. The snap of her slap echoed throughout the room.

    “What I wanted from you was to not break our marriage vows. What I wanted from you was to not disrespect our
    marriage. What I wanted from you was honesty and truth. Clearly those are things that you are not capable of!”

    “I never meant for it to go as far as it did Pamela,” Travis told her as a sharp pain ripped through his stomach. “I love

    “Liar!” she roared. “Liar! Liar! Liar!”

    Pamela intertwined her fingers and drew in a deep breath before she questioned, “During the course of our marriage at
    what point did I ever convey to you that I was stupid?”

    “I have never thought you to be stupid Pamela.”

    “Clearly you have. Because you’ve been having an affair with another woman for at least eight months that I’ve known
    about and then you stand here…and in one breath ask if I hurt your mistress and in another profess your love to me,” she
    seethed. “So yes I do believe that you at some point along the way thought that I was stupid.”


    “Just stop,” she told him. “There’s nothing more that you have to say right now that I care to hear.”

    She paced across the floor of the hotel room and thought for a moment. With each step she relived the entire ordeal and
    everything that had transpired.

    “Alright,” Pamela finally broke the silence between them. “We don’t have time for this right now. It’s nearly six-thirty and we
    should have already arrived at the museum for Andrew’s wedding.”