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  •        Pamela confronts Travis and Rhonda.
  •        Josh and Ryan have a discussion that will change their relationship.
  •        Valerie makes her announcement.
All Or Nothing
Episode 151: Bless The Broken Road, Part II
October 09, 2012
  •        Pamela Bradshaw McCarty suspected her husband of having an affair and hired a PI to find out for her.

  •        Josh learned that the chemotherapy didn't cure his cancer as he had planned.

  •        Brittany suffered through a miscarriage and postpartum depression earlier in the year.

  •        Natasha ran away from New York City after her failed wedding to Nicholas Pierce and has been MIA since February.
    Pamela Bradshaw McCarty gestured for the private investigator to enter her home
    and then instructed him to follow her into the living room where Jim Wilson found
    coffee and scones waiting for him. He surveyed her living room and quickly found
    himself impressed by the artwork in the room.

    “Jim are you able to tell me how I’ve managed to get here, to this place?” Pamela
    questioned. “To a point where I am having my own husband followed all because
    he has an inability to keep…it…in his pants? I am damn near sixty-nine years
    old…I should not be subjected to playing silly high school games like this.”
    She leaned back in her chair and crossed one leg over the other, “While Josh Marshall to you maybe another patient,
    another file on your desk…he is my best friend, the platonic love of my life, my soul mate and the only father that my
    daughter has ever known. I do not now, nor will I in the future, for one minute or one second acknowledge that this cancer
    will defeat him. I acknowledge and believe that he will defeat this cancer. So again I say, with all due respect, I think it
    would be in everyone’s best interest if we took a moment, cleared our heads and then continued this conversation with
    that in mind. Have I made myself clear?” April added as she channeled her inner Pamela Bradshaw McCarty.

    “Yes ma’am you most certainly have,” Dr. Greene replied as April settled back into her chair and Josh simply smiled at
    her. He was lucky to have April in his corner and this only reassured what he already knew.

    “Thank you,” she smiled at the doctor, “thank you so much.”
    Three Days Earlier, Tuesday, October 09, 2012 - Early Afternoon
    Jim couldn’t help but laugh at Pamela’s candor. If she was twenty years younger and if he didn’t have a wife…he could
    see himself going for a woman like her. But all he could do in that moment was smile at her as he reached for a scone
    and question, “Ma’am are you sure it’s a good idea to be meeting here?”

    Pamela reached for the television remote and flipped through a few channels before she landed on KJRE and the five o’
    clock news with Travis McCarty and Rhonda Duncan.

    “Does either one of those two tragic and unsuspecting individuals look familiar Mr. Wilson?”

    “Yes I suppose that they do,” he replied.

    “I’ve called you here because I would like an update on where we are with your investigation. I think eight months is
    ample time for you to have gotten all of your ducks in a row,” she cut to the chase. “I would hate to find out that you’ve
    done nothing but twiddle your thumbs and cashed my checks that I’ve sent to you like manna from heaven.”

    Jim reached into his briefcase and pulled out a folder that he preceded to hand over to his client, but not before he
    provided a rundown of the contents.

    “The last time we met I was able to confirm that your husband was in fact having an affair with Rhonda Duncan. Now the
    information in this folder will provide in-depth and detailed reports regarding their meeting patterns, where they like to
    meet and how often.”

    Pamela took the envelope from him and asked, “Why don’t you just tell me all of those things. I can read your handy work
    at a later time.”

    “During the week they tend to meet either early afternoons or late in the evening,” he gestured towards the television,
    “except for Friday.”

    “What’s different about Friday?”

    “Apparently your husband implemented a mentoring program last October,” Jim began to explain. “Every Friday during
    the six o’clock broadcast two senior field reporters anchor the news. It not only allows those reporters to gain valuable

    “But it also allows my husband and Ms. Duncan to sneak off from work to do whatever it is that they do together,” Pamela
    finished for him and all of the details slowly began to fall into place. “And you said that you know where they go. Where is

    “To the Southern River Hotel,” Jim answered. “Ms. Duncan usually arrives first and goes to the bar for a drink. Your
    husband arrives a few minutes later and goes up to a room that he keeps at the hotel.”

    “Room #618,” Pamela stated because she knew it well. It was the room Travis had stayed in when he first arrived in
    River’s Edge years earlier. “Do you anticipate them going there this Friday night?”

    “I don’t see why they wouldn’t.”

    She shook her head and instructed him, “Okay then. I want you to do whatever you need to do in order to get me a key to
    that room. Because in three days,” Pamela smirked, “in three days all hell is going to rain down upon my husband and
    Ms. Duncan.”
    April Bradshaw stood in the lobby of Forest park Medical Center in Dallas. She had just spent the last four and half
    hours in the car with her best friend and for the entire drive not one word had been spoken between them.

    She listened patiently to sister’s voicemail and then left her a message, “Jodi it’s April. I’m in Dallas with Josh for a
    checkup and Audrey King just called me…she won’t be able to pick Lewis and Emily up today after school. Would you
    send me a text message if you could swing by? Thanks.”

    April made her way back to where Josh was waiting to be called back to Dr. Greene’s office. She sat down and picked up
    a three week old magazine and flipped through it.

    “Thank you for coming with me,” Josh whispered to her. “With everything that you have going on right now, I really
    appreciate it.”

    “You needed me to come with you and I told you that I’m here for you,” April laid the magazine down and checked her cell
    phone for voicemails, text message and emails. “But I will tell you…” she turned to him and smiled, “we’re going to have
    to talk on the way back home or I might just lose my mind!”

    “I think I may have already lost mine,” Josh responded as the nurse arrived to take him and April to Dr. Greene’s office.

    Twenty minutes later they found themselves in the doctor’s office. He sat down behind his desk, opened Josh’s file and
    looked intently across at him. “Have you had some time to process everything?”

    Josh replied with a nod of the head, "I apologize for the way I acted the last time we saw one another. I just thought..." his
    words trailed off as he shook his head and cleared his mind. "I just need you to tell me what my options are here Dr.
    Greene? I need to beat this."

    "When you were diagnosed do you remember when I told you that eight out of ten people are cured by chemotherapy?"
    Dr. Greene questioned and Josh nodded his head. "Unfortunately you were one of those two remaining people."

    April leaned forward in her chair and questioned, "Did the chemotherapy do any good?"

    "It did some yes. The serum tumor markers have been reduced to a normal range which is the good news in all of this,"
    the doctor explained. "But I'm afraid that we're going to have to discuss surgery as our next step."

    "Surgery..." Josh said under his breath only loud for April to have heard him.

    "Having surgery can be extremely difficult and requires an experienced surgeon. Lucky for you I happen to be that
    surgeon," Dr. Greene continued.

    “I’m going to assume that there are substantial risks that are involved with a surgery like this?” April questioned. “And I
    think we would like to hear what happens post-surgery. Is Josh going to be cancer free?”

    “There are risks with any surgery Ms. Bradshaw where a general anesthesia is administered.”

    “With this surgery are you going to be removing one of my testicles?” Josh countered with great resistance. “And if that
    weren’t bad enough…what is the worst case scenario?”

    Dr. Greene pulled off his glasses, laid them on his desk and leaned forward, “The worst case scenario is that you die
    because you let cancer that is growing in your body spread to your kidneys and then through your entire body.”
    April leaned forward and held up her hand to stop all further discussion, "Did you
    say die?"

    She leaned forward and made eye contact with the doctor, “With all due respect Dr.
    Greene, Josh is a third year ER resident who is likely to be named Chief Resident
    in less than a year from now at one of the most premiere and honored ERs in all of
    Texas. Not to even mention that his father is renowned and respected doctor in his
    own right. I believe when he question what the worst case scenario is, he fully
    understands that death is the ultimate worst case scenario.”
    Brittany looked at Ethan from the entrance of his office at King Fashion and asked,
    "Are you still mad at me?"

    Ethan watched as she made her way into his office, closed the door behind her
    and leaned up against it. She had on a tight black leather skirt that fell right above
    her knees and a red silk blouse that they both knew drove him crazy.

    “I wasn’t mad Brittany, I just happened to disagree with you,” he corrected her.
    “There is a difference in arguing and disagreeing my love.”
    “That’s true. But it still doesn’t change that I am going to New York City tomorrow,” she told him. “I hope that you could at
    least try to understand why I need to go and be there.”

    “It’s not about understanding why you need to go Brittany. I do understand why you think you need to go. What it’s about is
    the fact that you hired a project manager to assistant you with projects like this.”

    “Ethan you’re absolutely right that is why I hired a project manager. But she’s in the process of moving here and HR hasn’
    t cleared her yet for hire,” Brittany told him. “You knew that when you’re mother made me the new Creative Fashion
    Director for this company that it came with more responsibilities. One of which is overseeing the opening of our new
    offices in New York City. I have a lot to prove to her and to myself to be quite honest.”

    Ethan rolled his eyes. “I know. I just wish that you could prove all of that here in River’s Edge and not halfway across the
    country,” he said as Brittany took a seat on the corner of his desk.

    She looked down at her husband and reassured him that she was fine. The timing of this trip to New York City was not
    lost on her and she knew damn good and well that it was not lost on Ethan either. Instead of proving herself to Audrey,
    she should be placing a grandchild in her arms Brittany thought to herself. Going to New York City and opening the new
    office there was the next best thing she figured.

    “Look at me,” she ordered him in a seductive voice that commanded his every attention. “I am fine. I’ve been seeing the
    therapist every week, I’m taking the medication that Bradley prescribed and I’m not going to let the timing of this trip
    cause a setback.”

    Ethan was about to respond when there was a knock on his door. “Come in,” he called out and Brittany stood up from his

    “Mrs. Pierce,” her assistant stepped inside Ethan’s office, “you told me to come and get you at one-thirty.”

    Brittany looked at her watch and sure enough it was half past the hour. “I sure did…” she looked to Ethan and silently
    mouthed, “I’m fine and I love you.”

    Once outside Ethan’s office and halfway down the hall back to her own, she told her assistant, “Go ahead and make the
    travel plans that we talked about for the New York City trip and I’m going to need a rental car.”

    “For the entire trip?” the assistant questioned. “Should I cancel your driver?”

    “No not for the entire trip. I’m going to pick it up Friday afternoon,” she informed her. “And also book me a reservation at
    the Watersdale Hotel in Watersdale, Connecticut for Friday night.”

    Her assistant made quick notes and asked, “Should I make myself a reservation at the Watersdale Hotel as well?”

    “No,” Brittany told her. “Once I leave Manhattan on Friday, you’ll have the rest of the day and the weekend off to do
    whatever you would like. And there’s one more thing…don’t mention any of this to Audrey or my husband. Do you
    Andrew emerged from City Hall and was met by a large group of reporters and
    photographers. The overcast skies casted a solemn mood over the city and it was
    not lost on Andrew at all. He had waited eleven years for this moment and when he
    reached for Sabrina’s hand he hardly believed that his wishes had come true.

    Sabrina drew a deep breath and slowly exhaled. Everything had happened so
    quickly over the last few months and she relished in that moment, when she could
    take a breath and if only for mere seconds relax a little.
    “Are you alright?” Andrew asked with a slight squeeze of her hand. “This is supposed to be a good thing you know.”

    She nodded her head, assured him she was fine and said, “This isn’t a good thing Andrew, it’s a wonderful thing. Let’s
    just go out there and do it!”

    He winked at his future wife and strolled toward the microphones attached the podium that had awaited him for eleven
    years. Today…this time…it was all different, he knew it, the media thought it and soon all of River’s Edge would know it
    as well.

    "Ladies and gentlemen my father once said, "A great city is measured by the quality of the lives of the people who live in
    it." My father, Phillip Bradshaw, believed those words and it was those words that he built a business upon, raised a
    family upon and it was by those words that he governed as mayor of this great city for 16 years upon.

    "I am very proud of my father's legacy, I am very proud of my family name, and I honor my parents here today and all that
    they taught me. As many of you know I grew up right here in this city. I went to school here, I raised a family here. It is here
    in this place that I learned to be prepared to take on tough fights and that making a real difference in people's lives is
    what matters most."

    “Fellow citizens, today with my soon-to-be-wife by my side and with the support of my daughters, I informed Mayor
    Meredith Dobbins, the City Council and now each of you, the great people of this city that my name will appear on the
    February fifth ballot for Mayor of the greatest city in the State of Texas…” Andrew announced with great pride and for the
    first time in a very long while, great humility.
    Valerie Caldwell looked at her watch and took notice of the time. She had been
    awake since five o’clock that morning. As the seconds ticked away closer to two in
    the afternoon, she slipped off her high heel and rubbed her soon to be swollen
    feet – nine hours and counting she thought to herself. The flight that morning
    hadn't been as bad as she thought, but the one back would be brutal.

    “Sorry about that mom,” her son Dr. Jason Marshall returned to the living room of
    his downtown Chicago loft. “It was the hospital. One of my residences had a
    question about a post-op patient and I couldn’t put her off.”
    “Of course not,” Valerie smiled as Jason took a seat across from her. “I was married to your father for nearly twenty
    years…I am all too familiar with the hours a doctor keeps. Especially when he’s as handsome and success as you have
    become the last few years.”

    Jason couldn’t help but become a little flush with embarrassment. He had moved to Chicago and Northwestern
    Memorial Hospital in mid-2011 after completing his residency in San Diego. In the short time that he had been in
    Chicago, Jason had made quite a reputation for himself.

    “Before I got called away you were going to give me an update on Josh’s condition,” he continued their conversation from
    earlier. “And I believe you were going to tell me why you showed up on my doorstep this morning without so much as a
    text message or an email.”

    Valerie thought for a moment and responded, “Your brother is with April Bradshaw today. They drove up to Dallas to meet
    with his oncologist Dr. Greene. I haven’t heard from him yet about what the doctor said, but I made him promise me he
    would let me know as soon as he did.”

    “And this Dr. Greene...he’s a good doctor?”

    “From everything that your father has told me, yes he’s a good doctor.”

    Jason shook his head in disbelief and leaned back in his chair, “I just cannot believe that the chemotherapy didn’t get rid
    of all the cancer. I was certain that it would.”

    “Yes well we all were. Unfortunately though it did not and we are back at square one. Your brother has been so brave and
    so determined to beat this that’s it been…” Valerie shook her head and searched for the right set of words, “well it’s been
    quite inspiring.”

    She took a moment as they both thought of Josh and his battle and then she added, “Which that leads to the other
    reason that I’m here son. I need you to come home. Back to River’s Edge,” she clarified.

    Jason thought for a moment and then laughed at the notion that he would return to River’s Edge. “You know my feelings
    about that place. There was a reason I left after your affair with Andrew Bradshaw eleven years ago mom and there is a
    reason I’ve only been back there two times since.”

    “I know that and I can respect your choices,” Valerie told him. “But I think you’re brother needs you there to be with him
    during this difficult time and…”

    “Josh and I just talked via FaceTime last week and I asked him if he wanted me to come home,” Jason explained to her.
    “He was very insistent that he didn’t need me there. In fact he said between you, dad, April and this Ryan O’Keefe…that
    he was a little overwhelmed.”
    Valerie stood up and walked across the living room and looked out across the city.
    “If you had let me finish then you would know that I want you to come home not only
    for Josh’s sake, but for mine.” She turned back to face her son. “I need your help
    Jason. I’ve decided to do something different with my life and the fact of the matter
    is that I cannot do it alone.”

    “What are you talking about?” Jason questioned. "You're talking like something is
    wrong and we both remember the last time you talked like this. Please tell me
    mother that this has nothing to do with Jillian or dad."
    “No! This has nothing to do with your father or Jillian Malone for that matter,” Valerie told him. “This is about me and my
    need for my family right now. On Friday I plan to make a very big announcement that will change my career forever. Your
    grandmother is coming in from Dallas and with everything your brother is going through, I can’t ask him to stand by
    me…so I need you to do it for me. To stand with me…” she told him. “I need you now more than ever.”