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  •        All Or Nothing Goes Back in Time...
  •        Brittany makes a decision to lie to her husband.
  •        What has brought Dr. Jason Marshall back to River's Edge?
All Or Nothing
Episode 150: Bless The Broken Road, Part I
October 08, 2012
  •        Pamela Bradshaw McCarty suspected her husband of having an affair and hired a PI to find out for her.

  •        Josh learned that the chemotherapy didn't cure his cancer as he had planned.

  •        Brittany suffered through a miscarriage and postpartum depression earlier in the year.

  •        Natasha ran away from New York City after her failed wedding to Nicholas Pierce and has been MIA since February.
    Jim Wilson was the best. He knew this because clients like Pamela Bradshaw McCarty and Nicholas Pierce told him
    often. He had spent the last eight months doing his best work to date for the aforementioned River’s Edge socialite.
    During that time he had followed her husband, followed her husband’s mistress, taken photographs, videotaped secret
    meetings and documented everything he had seen and heard along the way.

    It was during those eight months that the private investigator had often wondered, not when, but how Travis McCarty and
    his mistress Rhonda Duncan would react when confronted with the truth of their affair. He had known the reputation of
    Pamela Bradshaw McCarty for many years and she never struck him as the type to back down from a fight. He had
    thought of her declaration in the middle of the Silver Stallion when questioned what she would do if her husband was
    having an affair and her answer, “Hell hath no fury like a Texas woman scorned,” still rang the forefront of his mind.
    Indeed there were many things Jim Wilson had thought about and hoped for over the course of the last eight months –
    most of all he hoped that he was there to see all hell break lose.

    From across the room Pamela spotted her PI and slowly made her way to him. She did not smile, nor did she frown –
    she was stoic, she was patient and she was calm. As she inched closer and closer to him, they both knew what had
    brought them to The Southern River hotel lobby that evening and it was not the happy hour specials in the bar, although
    he was willing to bet she could use a drink.

    “Did you have any problems getting the room key?” he asked in a nearly hushed whisper.
    Valerie Caldwell was a woman of many talents. In the course of her life she had done some most incredible things –
    married a man who was the most wonderful father to her children, survived a suicide attempt, recovered from amnesia
    and made a name for herself as a prominent River’s Edge attorney. Yet as she prepared to emerge from City Hall with
    her eldest son Jason and her mother by her side she couldn’t help but recall all the terrible things she had also done in
    her life as well – a life altering affair with Andrew Bradshaw eleven years earlier, stalking her ex-husband’s former wife
    Jillian Malone Marshall and most of all the role she had played in Jillian’s death.

    Yet there she stood on the verge of yet another life altering moment. She was a proud daughter, an even prouder mother
    and a proud citizen of River’s Edge, Texas.

    Dr. Jason Marshall looked to his mother as they inched closer to the exit of City Hall. “Are you sure you’re ready to do
    this,” her son questioned just as he had done three days earlier.

    Valerie looked up at her son and smiled, “Yes Jason I’m sure,” she assured him. “However, I will understand if you’re
    having second thoughts about going out there with me tonight.”

    He thought for a moment and looked at both his mother and grandmother. They were two strong women and Jason
    knew better than to go against either one of them once they had made their minds up on something.

    “No I’m with you,” he told her. “Clearly this is something you want and it’s something that I want to help you get.”

    “As do I,” Lillian Ann Caldwell chimed in. “We’re going to stand by you and together Valerie there’s nothing we can’t do.”

    As the trio inched closer and closer to the door, Valerie reached down and took both of their hands in hers. “Then let’s do
    this…let’s tell all of them how we got here…to this place, tonight.”
    “So that’s it? Just completely out of nowhere you get to decide that we’re over and that’s it?”

    Josh shook his head and headed towards hi bedroom, “Yup that’s it…you and me…we’re over…”

    Ryan’s mind raced with one thought right after another and then without thinking at all he announced, “No I’m not leaving.
    Because I am not going to let you do this to me all over again. If you’re telling me that we’re over…then you’re going to
    have to give me an explanation this time and I’m not leaving until you do.”
    Pamela nodded her head and answered, “No as a matter of fact I did not. Your
    friend was very cooperative. Just as you assured me she would be."

    “Just like I promised she would be,” Jim added with a sense of pride.

    She studied the envelope that the desk agent had just moments earlier slipped a
    replacement room key into. Written on the bottom of it in black, bold number was
    the room number – the room where husband was no doubt screwing another
    woman. That thought made Pamela sick to her stomach.
    “Come in,” he called out as the door slowly pushed open. “I was hoping that you would stop by,” Andrew said without a
    look to see who was there. “I’m having a hell of a time with this tie and no one is able to tie it like you can.”

    “Well that’s good to hear,” Natasha announced her arrival and Andrew suddenly spun around to face her. “You know
    Andrew my darling you certainly have been a very, very busy boy since I’ve been gone,” she told him with a smile that
    could light up a room.
    Friday, October 12, 2012 - 6:15PM
    “He’s in Room 618,” she told Jim. “And before I go up there I want to thank you for your services, I couldn’t have done this
    without. But I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to stick around just a bit longer if you don’t mind.”

    “I don’t mind,” he answered her with a smile. He had thought his time with Pamela was over, but as luck would have it he
    was wrong.

    Not only would Jim Wilson get to see the fireworks he had hoped to see, he was still on the Pamela Bradshaw McCarty
    payroll. Between her money and the cash Nicholas Pierce was throwing at him to find a mystery woman he wasn’t sure
    even existed, Jim would get to take a vacation this year with his own wife and still have money left over by the bucket

    “All right then let’s get on with shall we?” she said with such an ease as if to indicate to him and anyone who may had
    heard her that she had done this once before. “I have a wedding to get to,” Pamela reminded him as they boarded the

    “And what exactly is it that you want me to do?”

    “I want you to wait outside my husband’s room once I go in…and when I need you,” the door of the elevator closed in front
    of them and she reached for the button marked six, “you’ll know it.”
    Josh Marshall heard the deadbolt turn and seconds later watched as Ryan O’
    Keefe made his way – uninvited and unannounced into his apartment. With some
    minor assistance from April over the last two weeks Josh had managed to avoid
    Ryan’s phone calls, text messages and unwelcome visits. But apparently he
    wouldn't be able to do that any longer.

    “Did you get my text message this morning?” Ryan questioned as he surveyed
    Josh’s apartment. There were clothes thrown from the living room to the bedroom,
    an empty pizza box on the kitchen counter and a sink full of dirty dishes.
    “Did you hear what I just said? Did you get my text message this morning telling you I would pick you up for the
    wedding?” Ryan repeated. “Not to even mention the two and half dozen other text messages I sent you the last few

    “I got them and I’m not going to the wedding Ryan,” he told him. “So if you’re still interested in going then you should go
    or better yet,” Josh paused and looked up at Ryan from where he sat on the sofa, “you should really just leave anyway.
    Apparently you didn’t get the hint.”

    “The hint?” Ryan asked. “What are you talking about? A hint about what Joshua?”

    Josh rolled his eyes and stood up from the sofa, “The hint that I no longer wanted to see you or talk to you.” He stood in
    the kitchen and stared across the room at Ryan. “I no longer have the desire or want to continue whatever it is that we
    have together…”

    “Whatever it is that we have together?” Ryan questioned as his mind reeled with confusion. “It sounds like you’re trying to
    break up with me after everything that we’ve been through the last few months.”

    “Oh I’m sorry…everything that we’ve been through?” Josh asked. “I’m actually quite certain that I was the one who had
    cancer and not you,” he said with a slight laughter in his voice at the irony of that statement. “Besides in order for me to
    be breaking up with you right, it would imply that we were an actual couple and we’ve not been that in years.”
    Ryan shook his head and questioned with certain trepidation, “What’s really going
    on here Joshua? Why are you saying these things?”

    He waited for an answer…fifteen seconds…thirty seconds, “Are you not even going
    to try and answer my question?" Ryan asked. "I thought we were going to make
    this work between us. You owe my an explanation Joshua."

    “I don’t think I owe you anything Ryan,” he fired back at him. “I think you should go
    and you should leave your key too.”
    Brittany Piece stepped off the elevator on the thirty-ninth floor of Richmond Towers in Watersdale, Connecticut. As she
    done so with such grace and elegance, she tried to recall the last time she had been there…the last time she had saw
    her ex-husband and then it all suddenly came back to her…

    “I’ve met someone,” she smiled at the mere thought of Ethan. “And I think if I would let myself we could take things
    to the next stage of our relationship.”

    “But you’re holding back?” Douglas questioned. “Why?”

    She thought for a moment, “I don’t trust him completely and I blame you for that. It might not be fair to me or him
    or even to you…”

    “But I betrayed you,” Douglas finished for her, “more than once.”

    “Yes,” Brittany shook her head. “I lost faith in you and because of that I put up far too many barriers in order to
    protect myself.” She walked across his office and allowed him to process the information, “It’s not completely your
    fault though, these are feelings I just haven’t sorted out yet for myself.”

    “What type of feelings?”

    “I accidently found an email to Megan that you had sent her a few days ago,” she admitted to him.

    “And did you read it?”

    “I did,” Brittany looked across at him, “some of it anyway. Listen I’m not here to play games with you so I’ll just ask,
    are you still in love with me? Because I think I’m still in love with you.”

    “Good evening ma’am may I help you?” a woman behind the receptionist desk questioned.

    "I'm here to see Douglas," Brittany answered her. "I can see myself in however. I know the way."
    "I do apologize ma'am but I can't allow you to go in without Mr. Richmond's
    approval. It's after business hours and you don't have an appointment," the
    receptionist informed her. "Who should I tell Mr. Richmond is here to see him this

    Brittany couldn’t help but to stifle a slight chuckle and when she answered, she did
    so in a tense, clipped voice that forbade any further questions, “Why don’t you tell
    him that the one and only, former Mrs. Douglas Richmond is here and then we’ll
    both see how fast he comes running.”
    Andrew Bradshaw had a problem and he found himself standing alone less than
    forty-five minutes away from marrying Sabrina. His problem - he had never been
    able to tie a decent looking bowtie in his entire life and tonight was no different. He
    had always relied on the women in his life to help him with this particular task, but
    there he stood staring in the mirror holding the bowtie and not a woman in sight.

    Just as he was about to give the old college try a knock on the door stopped in and
    Andrew thought it was his sister who had come to save him from his wardrobe