Previously on All Or Nothing
    "Here you are Mr. Marshall," the desk clerk at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City smiled at him and presented
    him with a room key. "If you need anything during your stay please don't hesitate to ask."

    "Thank you," Bradley replied and stepped to one side so Jodi could approach the counter.

    "I have a reservation as well under Bradshaw," she told the desk clerk. "Jodi Lynne."

    Jodi turned to Bradley and smiled. "It feels weird being back here," she told him as she looked around the lobby and the
    image of her mother racing through in her wedding gown sent shivers down her spine.

    "Oh that's right you're mother's wedding was held here wasn't it?"

    "If you want to call it a wedding. It was more like a lesson in how to humiliate someone you claim to love," she smirked. "I
    certainly hope that Amy's wedding goes much smoother than mom's did. It was a sheer nightmare," Jodi shook her head.

    "How's she been holding up?" Bradley asked. "I haven't seen here in months."

    "Yes well that makes three of us," she smirked. "April and I haven't seen or heard from her here since she bailed out of
    here after her failed wedding. My grandmother apparently knows where she's been hiding, but she won't tell April or
    myself where that is exactly."

    "I'm sorry Ms. Bradshaw," the desk clerk interrupted their conversation. "I'm afraid that I can't locate your reservation.
    Could it perhaps be under another name?"

    She thought for a moment, "I don't think so, but let's try...April Bradshaw or it could be under Natasha Bradshaw."

    "That doesn't sound like your mother," Bradley told Jodi as they both watched the desk clerk frantically search for Jodi's
    reservation and she shook her head in agreement.

    "I'm sorry Ms. Bradshaw but I can't seem to locate a reservation under any of those names. I apologize," the desk clerk
    told her.

    Jodi shook her head in disdain and told the woman, "Alright just give me whatever room you have available..."

    "Oh...I certainly do apologize Ms. Bradshaw..."

    "Don't tell me that you don't have any rooms available..." Jodi ran her fingers through her hair. "I've been traveling for
    hours and I had a reservation..." she sighed.

    "When are you going to have a room available for Ms. Bradshaw?" Bradley interjected.

    "Tomorrow morning we'll have a room for you for the duration of your stay," the desk clerk explained. "I can call a town car
    and they would be more than happy to take you to another hotel if you would like."

    "That won't be necessary," Bradley announced. "You can stay with me until they have a room for you. I have a suite," he
    said to Jodi. "I'll take the sleeper sofa and then we'll get you settled tomorrow."

    She shook her head, "That's very nice of you Bradley, but completely not necessary. I can just take the town car to The
    Plaza or somewhere. I'll be fine."

    "Jodi there's really no need for that," he insisted. "Could I get another key to my room for Ms. Bradshaw?" Bradley asked
    the desk clerk as she quickly went to work on his request.

    He turned to her and smiled. "See not a problem," Bradley said to her as Jodi pulled a piece of hair behind her ear and
    lightly bit her bottom lip.
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  •        Brandi comes face-to-face with Audrey for the first time since her release.
  •        Andrew and Sabrina face the wrath of Sharon.
  •        Josh and April get the result of his post-chemotherapy tests.
All Or Nothing
Episode 148: Rolling in the Deep
August 22, 2012

  •        Brandi appeared before a parole board and was granted parole.

    Angela Bradshaw stepped off the elevator on the third floor of the University Courtyards and walked towards Justin's
    apartment. She had spent the rest of the day following her lunch with Andrew thinking of his relationship with Sabrina
    and Brandi's impending release from prison. As the afternoon had progressed she made a decision there was only one
    of those two situations that she could help impact. Now she stood staring at the Justin's door and she knocked rapidly.

    He pulled open the door and took a step back when he saw her standing on the other side. "Angela what are you doing

    "May I come in please?" she ignored his question.

    "I was about to go out for some dinner," Justin told her. "Would you be interested in joining me?"

    Angela pushed past him and closed the door behind her as she made her way into his apartment. "I'm not hungry and
    this certainly isn't what you think it is," she cut her eyes at him.

    "So you're not here to screw my brains out?" he asked with smarmy grin.

    "No! I am certainly not here to do that Justin," she assured him with a disgusted look on her face. "Why would you even
    think that? We haven't slept together in nearly a year," Angela rolled her eyes at him.

    "You and I ended our highly dysfunctional relationship remember? And in case you've forgotten you are a married man."

    "I haven't forgotten that. Have you?" he smirked at her.

    "Don't do that Justin. Don't take that tone with me," Angela replied sharply. "I've always known you were married and
    contrary to how you may have viewed our relationship, I actually spent a longtime getting over you. Coming here today is
    not easy for me."

    "Yet here you stand. If you're not here to..." he gestured towards the master bedroom, "why are you here Angela? What do
    you want?"

    Angela placed one hand on hip and pursed her lips. "I came to find out how much it's going to cost for you and Brandi to
    leave River's Edge once she's released from prison."

    "You came here to find out how much money it's going to take for Brandi and I to leave River's Edge?" he repeated. "What
    makes you think we would even want to leave? Where do you think we would even go?"

    "Perhaps New York City where we both know your mother is opening another King Fashion office," she suggested.
    "Where the two of you isn't my concern. It's not relevant to me. Your wife is a convicted murderer and she's not welcome
    here. I just simply want to know how much it would cost me to get the two of you out of River's Edge."

    "She has paid her debt to society for the crimes she committed."

    "You honestly think that matters to me Justin? She could spent the next seventy years in jail and I would still think she
    deserved to rot in jail longer. If she comes back here once she's been released she is going to be the town pariah...we
    both know it!"

    Justin titled his head to one side and half of a smile emerged across his face. "This is new for me," he said to her. "I've
    seen you beg plenty of times sure, but never once have I ever seen you gravel like this Angela. It doesn't suit you really."

    "You're a bastard!" she fired at him. "And this is all just a game to you isn't it?"

    Justin shrugged his shoulders, "Well because I'm not taking you up on your offer. My home is here, Brandi's home is yeah I guess you could say that this is a fun little game for me."

    "All right," she sighed and turned away from him, "if that's how you see it." Angela turned and walked across the room
    and right before she made it to the door she spun back around to face him. "Just so you're we are perfectly
    clear...I am very good at playing games and this isn't over!"

    "What the hell does that mean Angela?"

    She glared across the room at him with burning, reproachful eyes. "Has anyone of the women you've taken into your bed
    Justin ever told you that you talk in your sleep?" Angela question with precise precision. "And while most of the time the
    things you say aren't very coherent, there are those times when you speak with such clarity and conviction..." she moved
    across the room with an ease about her, "has anyone ever told you this before?"

    He wasn't sure what it was she knew. But he could tell that she did know something and he wanted to hear it from her
    own lips.

    "Just what exactly is it that you think you know Angela?"

    She shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know," she bluffed. "But I'm sure you would like to know and should you stay in
    River's Edge once your wife has been released from prison..." Angela inched in closer to him and whispered, "I'm sure
    you and the rest of the world will know everything I know."

    "You'll expose yourself," he warned. "What would your mother say when she finds out you were screwing Brandi's
    husband for years?"

    "Of course," she acknowledged with effortless ease. "And whatever my mother or anyone else may think for that matter...
    well it's probably nothing that I haven't already said to myself or thought. But assured if my transgressions help in
    railroading your pathetic wife out of town, that might be something I would consider whole heartily."

    Angela took a step back and made her way to the door of the apartment. "I want you to think about what I've asked Justin -
    the price is yours to name."
    Sharon Logan Bradshaw took a deep breath when she heard the door of Dr. Stacey McQueen's office door open and
    then close behind her. The doctor made her way into her office and took a seat behind her desk.

    Sharon slowly exhaled and mentally began to prepare herself for what she knew was about to happen. It was all that she
    had been thinking about since that morning. There was only two possible outcomes, her chances were fifty-fifty and she
    knew that. It would either be good news and she would carry on with her life as if nothing were wrong or it would be bad
    news and it would take a moment for her to figure out what would come next...either way she was ready to hear whatever
    it was Dr. McQueen had to say.

    Sharon stirred uneasily in her chair, "You said on the phone you had the results of the biopsy?" she asked.

    With a simple nod of her head, Dr. McQueen indicated that she did have the result and that was why she had called
    Sharon back to her office. The two women had known one another for years. It was Stacey McQueen who had first
    diagnosed Sharon in 2003 with breast cancer and it was the good doctor who had stood by her, along with Gregory
    during her last biopsy in 2005 - now here they sat again.

    A sensation of intense sickness and desolation swept over her as she questioned, "It's not good is it?"
    From the kitchen of Justin's apartment his sister-in-law, Brittany was able to see all that was happening in the living
    room without being in the way of anyone. Her husband, Ethan was planted on the sofa in front of the television watching
    CNN, Justin was pacing the floor and wringing his hands because he was so anxious and in the dining room Lewis sat
    reading the young adult novel "Holes" by Louis Sachar from his summer reading list.

    Valerie Caldwell had called an hour earlier and explained that she had just left the state penitentiary and would be
    meeting with Brandi's parole officer before they arrived at Justin's apartment.

    "Justin are we expecting anyone else to join us?" Brittany asked from the kitchen. She had spent the last hour preparing
    iced tea, lemonade, potato salad and sandwiches. "I think I've made enough food for everyone here, but I just want to be

    Her brother-in-law was lost in deep thought and didn't hear when she called out to him. It wasn't until Ethan stood from
    the sofa and hit him on the shoulder that he snapped out of it.

    "What did you say?" he asked in Brittany's direction.

    "Don't worry about it," she came into the living room and leaned down by her husband. "Why don't you take him out for
    some air or something," Brittany suggested in a hushed whisper and ten minutes later she found herself alone with
    Lewis who was still at the dining room table reading his book.

    "Thank you for getting him out of here," Lewis said to Brittany once Justin was out of the apartment. He didn't look up from
    his book, he just continued to read and she couldn't help but smile.

    "Was he aggravating you?" she sat a plate of cookies that she had just pulled from the oven between the two of them on
    the table.

    Lewis bookmarked the page he was reading, laid his book down and picked up one of the cookies. They were oatmeal
    raisin which were his favorites and unbeknownst to him, as a favorite of his mother’s too.

    "A little," Lewis finally answered her. "He's been like this for the last few days.

    "He's just anxious about seeing your mom," Brittany told him.

    "I know that this is supposed to be a big day for our family, but..." his words trailed off.

    "Honey what's the matter? Are you looking forward to seeing your mother today?"

    The pre-teen broke off a piece of cookie and crumbled it with his fingers on the plate. He didn't make eye contact with
    Brittany, nor did he answer her question.

    "Lewis..." she pressed on and lifted his chin up with her index finger. “You know that you can talk to me about what you're
    feeling..." and with those words the young boy sat there with a woman who was more an aunt to him than a sister-in-law
    and started to cry.
    Andrew couldn't take his eyes off of her. Standing there she was perhaps the most beautiful woman that he had ever
    seen with the exception of his daughters and granddaughter. Tears were racing down Sabrina's face as they both knew
    what this moment meant - their lives were about to forever change.

    "Now is your one and only chance Andrew," Sabrina told him as she wiped her face with the back of her hands.

    "The only chance I want is the one to love you," he told her. "The way that I should have loved you ten years ago, the way
    that Gregory and Russell should have loved you. I hear everything that you're saying and I know your insecurities Sabrina.
    I can't promise you that every day for the rest of your life that everything is going to be perfect, but I can promise you that I'll
    spend every day for the rest of my life trying to make it perfect for you because I love you and I adore you..."

    Sabrina closed her eyes for a brief moment and let all of her fears, anxiety and worries go.

    She raced across the room and threw her arms around Andrew's neck and kissed him passionately on the lips. This
    was different she thought to herself and she concluded that he was right - about the time, the situation and their
    relationship - everything felt right.

    "And your children?" she questioned once they had pulled away from one another.

    "They will show you the respect that you deserve because you are going to be my wife," he smiled down at her, "I promise
    you that."

    "You promise me...right here and right now that this for keeps. You don't have an ulterior motive and you're not plotting
    anything against me. Because I'm not the naive, impressionable teenage girl you asked to marry you once already."

    "No you're not," he told her. "You're a beautiful, intelligent, sexy woman who I simply want to be married to," Andrew
    kissed her hand, "because I love you!"
    "Did Brittany tell you to get me out of there?" Justin asked his brother as they made their way to the courtyards.

    Ethan smiled and nodded his head. "Yeah. I think you were stressing Lewis out a little bit."

    Justin kicked around some lose gravel, "There's something I need to tell you Ethan. I had an affair with Angela
    Bradshaw," he announced.

    "You what?" Ethan starred at his brother, wordlessly. "For how long have you been having an affair with her?"

    "First I'm not having an affair. We've ended our relationship several months ago," Justin assured him.

    "Okay well that's good...I think. When did it start?"

    "In 2008 when I hired her to redecorate my apartment. It was supposed to be just a one-time thing but it turned into a lot
    more than that."

    "And you're sure that's it over?"

    "Yeah. Except she came to see me a few days ago."

    "What did she want?" Ethan asked. "I'm sure she knows that Brandi's being paroled today doesn't she?"

    "Oh she knows," Justin replied. "She wanted to know how much it would cost for Brandi and I to leave town."

    "She tried to bribe you? What did you say?"

    Justin shook his head and sighed, "I didn't. She left before I gave her my answer. But I'm thinking about running it by
    Brandi once the dust settles."
    "What the hell was that in there?" Megan yelled across the parking garage at Sharon. "Hey! I'm talking to you Sharon! I
    suggest you stop walking away from me."

    She stopped in her tracks and turned to face Megan. "Honey if you don't know what that was in there, then you had better
    damn well figure it out and quickly. I told you that I won't be bothering either one of you again and I meant that. Now let's
    just drop it!"

    "Oh well if you meant then I'm sure it's the truth," Megan rolled her eyes. " Oh wait no...I've heard this same line of crap out
    of your mouth once already. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!"

    "I suppose then you should just consider this a lesson learned Megan," Sharon turned, began to walk back to her car
    and Megan grabbed her wrist. She spun her around and they stood face to face for a second time.

    Megan seethed with fury, "You storm back into my life and decide you want to declare your love for my husband and then
    you simply blow it off as if it doesn't matter? I should slap you right across the face!"

    "You want to hit me?" Sharon questioned as she wiggled free from Megan's grip. "Huh? Then shut up and do it. Because
    I don't have the time to deal with you anymore. Gregory doesn't love me anymore, you're his wife and I get if you'll
    excuse me I have to go call my doctor and figure out a treatment plan..."

    "You're sick?"

    "Yes I am," Sharon answered. "But I don't think that you care one way or another. Good luck with your marriage Megan...
    something tells me that you're definitely going to need it."  
    "Can I kiss you?" he moved closer to her and as he did so she would have swore on a stack of Bibles that her heart
    skipped a beat. A man had not been this close to her since in a very long time.

    Jodi slowly shook her head yes as his lips pressed against hers, then gently covered her mouth. She was shocked at
    her own eager response to his touch...his hand on the small of her back and his lips on hers.

    The doors of the elevator opened on the twenty-ninth floor of the hotel and they pulled away from one another. Jodi wasn't
    in complete shock, but in shock nevertheless - she had just kissed Bradley and as the realization of that set in she
    moved away from him.

    "I have to go..." she said as she stepped off the elevator.

    She stepped out into the hallway and looked back at him. He was just standing there with his hands now in the pockets
    of his khaki slacks.

    If you don't want to go Jodi, then you don't have to go," he put his arm up to block the elevator door from closing. "If you get
    back on this elevator..."

    She shook her head, "I can't. I need to go," Jodi told him as he stepped back into the car. "I'll see you in the morning
    Bradley," the elevator doors closed and she made her way down the hall to her room. She reached into her purse for her
    keycard and once inside her suite leaned against the closed door.

    As she stood there, Jodi let her purse drop to the floor and she ran her fingers through her hair, "What the hell just
    happened? she softly whispered.
    "I want to be your wife Andrew!" she smiled at him. "Ask me the question. Ask me..."

    "Sabrina Davis Bradshaw...would you do me the great honor of becoming my wife...again?" Andrew held out the ring and
    she looked at it with awe. It certainly was not like anything she had ever seen in her life and it was certainly not the fifty
    dollar wedding band he had used the first time they had married.

    She took in a deep breath and slowly exhaled as she reached for the ring. Sabrina shook her head and smiled down at
    Andrew. She was thankful that this time he was on bended knee and not behind bars this time.

    "Yes!" she squealed at the top of her lungs. "Yes! Yes! Yes! I will marry you Andrew Bradshaw..."

    He wrapped his arms around her waist and spun her around the room. The kiss they shared sent spirals of ecstasy
    through her and she admitted to herself that this felt right. She had never experienced a feeling like this with Gregory or validated what she had known for weeks, but was to afraid to admit - Andrew Phillip Bradshaw, was her
    soulmate and finally after a decade apart they had found their way back to one another.

    "I can't wait to marry you," she said to him as they fell to the couch.

    Sitting on his lap on the sofa she ran her fingers through his hair. "I don't want to wait to be married to you," she said.

    "Then let's not wait," he kissed her cheek and grinned. "Do you wan to elope tonight."

    She shook her head, "No I don't want to elope," and playfully slapped at him. "We've done that once already...remember?
    I want the entire world to know that I'm going to be your wife," Sabrina smiled.

    "I want to start planning the wedding now...I want to have it as quickly as possible. I've waited before with Gregory and
    with Russell...I don't want to wait with you. Please don't make me wait."

    "I would never do that," Andrew pulled back a piece of stray hair behind her ear. He leaned in for a third kiss and within
    minutes their clothes made a trail from the living room to Sabrina's master bedroom...
    "Because I don't find it necessary to consult my mother with every detail of my love life," he popped back at her.

    "Don't sass me Andrew," Pamela warned him. "We are not talking about just any woman here. We are talking about
    Sabrina...the woman nearly ruined all of our lives ten years ago. I think if you're considering proposing to her again...
    bringing her back into our lives would have been something you would have warranted a conversation. I don't
    appreciate hearing it through second hand gossip."

    "Mother you live for second hand gossip," Andrew laughed.

    "You think this is some sort of joke don't you?" Pamela questioned. "Do you intend to marry this woman again Andrew?"

    "Yes," he answered her firmly and upfront. "It's my intention to marry her because I love her mother. I've already asked her
    to marry me and she's accepted my proposal."

    "You've done what? You have already asked her to marry you?"

    Pamela stood up from the chair and paced across Andrew's office. "Well would you do me a favor this time around with
    her and have the decency to make her sign a pre-nuptial agreement?"


    "No," she held up her finger at Andrew. "Don't you mother me and I might suggest you not forget what Sabrina is capable
    of and what she has already put our family through. She sent you to jail for God's sake...she single stole my husband's
    company...the company that I helped your father build with my own two hands..." Pamela shook her head in despair.

    "Now you listen to me," Andrew stood up and walked across the room to where Pamela stood. "I intend to marry Sabrina
    whether you like it or not, whether you approve of it or fact I'm going to marry her regardless of what anyone says...
    because I love her."

    He showed no signs of relenting and continued, "I didn't stand in the way of you marrying Travis. I didn't tell you to make
    him sign a pre-nup and I certainly don't expect you to stand in my way of marrying Sabrina. I am going to marry her
    because I love her," he repeated, "and everyone can get on board or not...I really don't care."

    Pamela looked up at her beloved son and drew in a deep breath. He may not have stood in her way when she married
    Travis she thought, but she wish now that he had. She knew girls like Sabrina...they turned into women like Rhonda and
    she hated those women!

    "Fine," she threw her hands in the air defeated. "I won't stand in your way. If you want to marry this woman again then by
    all means do it, but just know that none us of are thrilled about welcoming her back into this family...but I suppose we will
    because we love you."

    She pushed him to one side out of her way and left his office.
    Three Days Later
    Dr. McQueen shook her head and confirmed, "No Sharon it's not. I'm so sorry but I don't think we're going to be as lucky
    as we were the first time."

    "How certain are you about the results of biopsy?"

    "I had it checked three times just to be sure," the doctor responded, "and each time it was conclusive that the mass you
    found is cancerous. I'm so sorry..." her voice cracked a little. Sharon was a special patient for her and this news was
    devastating. "But I promise you, just like we did in 2003, we are going to fight this and we're going to beat it again."

    Sharon shook her head and reached for her purse. "I'm sure I will beat it again," she stood up from the chair and turned
    to leave.

    "Where are you going? I would like to start discussing treatment options."

    "And we will," Sharon turned back around and told the doctor. "But there's something I have to do first."
    Sharon burst through the door of Gregory's office and slammed it behind her. He immediately took attention and
    questioned what she was doing there. Sharon didn't respond. She had come to his office directly from Dr. McQueen's
    and now there she stood a woman who had just perhaps been giving a potential death sentence.

    "You said that you were in love with me," Sharon boldly met his eyes. "At the Southern River...during the Winterhaven said that you were very much in love with me and that is why you came back to River's Edge."

    "That's right I did say those things and that's why I came back here yes," Gregory admitted. "But Sharon that was damn
    nearly three years ago."

    "I don't care how long it's been," she told him. "You love me and I love you. I want to know what's stopping us from being

    "The fact that I'm married," he answered her question. "The fact that you were married when I said all of those things. You
    know the circumstances have changed. The fact of the matter is that we've just never had good timing," Gregory told her.
    "Where is all of this coming from Sharon?"

    "Screw our timing Gregory. I want to be with you and I think you want to be with me," she told him. "And there's nothing
    going on with me Gregory," Sharon assured him with a touch of resentment in her voice. "I've spent a lot of time reflecting
    on our relationship, my life and what I want out of it!"

    Gregory took a deep, unsteady breath and stood up from his chair. "Sharon when I came back here I wanted to pick up
    where we left off, but things are different now."

    "Exactly. I'm not married anymore. Andrew isn't in the picture and I finally realize what it is that I want from you...what I want
    for us."

    "I'm married Sharon," he reminded her. "And I happen to love my wife very much. You have to understand that there's not
    an us."

    She stepped towards him, "You might be married and you might love your wife - but you told me that I was the love of your
    life...not Megan, not your," there was a touch of desperation in her voice. "I am at a crossroad in my life
    Gregory and I want to know if we have a chance...if you would just listen to what your heart is saying and tell me..."

    "Tell you what Sharon? You're speaking in absolute riddles. You're standing here asking me to basically leave my wife...
    tell me why I should leave Megan, when you wouldn't even consider leaving Andrew when the two of you were married."

    She thought for a moment, "I love you Gregory and not choosing you when you said that you loved me that was a mistake,
    one that I want to rectify right now, if you will let me," she declared as his office door slowly opened. "And I understand you
    love your wife, but who do you love more - me or Megan?"

    "Well it would appear that I arrived at just the right moment," Megan announced her arrival as Sharon spun around to
    come face-to-face with the current Mrs. Gregory Holloway. "And I am quite interested in hearing my husband's answer to
    your question.
    "Oh honey..." Brittany quickly moved from her seat and squatted down in front of him. She reached up and wiped his tears
    away. "What's the matter? Tell me what it is that I can do to help."

    Lewis lifted his eyes, the pain still flickered there and he forced a smile. "I'm worried about seeing my mom for the first

    "That's understandable. Has your father or Justin talked to you about what's going happening?"

    He shook his head, "Yeah. But I'm still worried Brittany. I don't remember my mom. What if when I see her for the first time
    today that I don't feel the same way about her that I do about Audrey?"

    "Is that what you're worried about sweetheart?" she questioned. "Because if it is then that's understandable."

    "It is?"

    "Of course. Audrey has been the only mother that you've known your entire life. No one will ever take the love that you have
    for her away from you. Audrey has been a part of your life and will continue to be in your life."

    "Even though my mom's coming home?"

    Brittany shook her head and told him, "Look at me. Have I ever lied to you the entire time that we've known one another?"

    Lewis shook his head no.

    She smiled, "It is completely understandable that you're nervous and that you're having all these uncertain feelings about
    your mom's parole. But no one, no one in this family," Brittany assured him, "is expecting you to do anything that you're
    not comfortable with. Your father, your mother, Justin...we're all going to do things on your timetable."

    "Okay..." he sighed. "Brittany will you be here in case I get scared?"

    "Of course! I am always going to be right here for you Lewis. We're family and that means I will do whatever is in your best
    interests. You need to always know that honey," she opened her arms and took the young man in her arms.
    Megan closed the door of her husband's office and looked from Sharon to Gregory.

    "Does one of you want to tell me what the hell is going on here? Gregory?"

    She waited a moment and then continued, "No. Okay then how about you Sharon? You seem to have a lot to say today."

    "We were in the middle of something," Sharon told her. "Would you mind giving Gregory and I a moment alone to finish
    what we were discussing?"

    Laughter filled the room as Megan threw her head to one side and stared with sheer amazement at Sharon.

    "You have some nerve Sharon!" she fired at her. "There is not a chance in hell I am going to leave you alone with my
    husband. I'm not quite sure what is going on here, but I suspect that I won't like it once I do find out. And how dare you
    even have the audacity to ask me to leave..." she pointed to Gregory, "he is my husband, not yours!"

    "And do you mind explaining to me what she's doing here?" Megan questioned Gregory. "I thought we had an

    "We do have an understanding," he assured her. "And I was trying to figure out for myself what she's doing here when
    you arrived my love."

    "I came here unannounced and uninvited," Sharon interjected, "because I want to know if Gregory still has the same
    feelings for me that he did when he came back to River's Edge two and half years ago."

    Megan rolled her eyes and looked to Gregory. "Have you given this poor, desperate woman an answer yet to her
    question? Because from the sound of things, when I walked in the door you were questioning if he loved me or you."

    "That's right," Sharon answered as Megan pulled her hair up into a ponytail and glared at her nemesis.

    "Oh my God! You know what Sharon this is pathetic and embarrassing. I thought we were done with all of this foolish
    nonsense. Get this through your head once and for all," Megan raised her voice, "he's my husband!"

    "I thought all of this was behind us too Megan, but I'm at a point in my life where I don't want to look back and think what
    might have been. I understand that Gregory is your husband, I do, but I need to know if I have a place in his life...if he
    wants me to be in his life...if he loves me the way that I love him.

    Megan turned back to Gregory, "All right! All right! I'm going to play along with this insanity, but I am not leaving and you
    are putting an end to all of this right now - once and for all," she demanded him.

    "Sharon..." he started, "there was a time in my life when I wanted nothing more than to hear you say what you're saying
    right now. However things have changed, the circumstances have changed. Megan is wife because I love her. I love the
    life that I share with her and the one that we're continually building. I don't love you Sharon."

    Sharon stood without saying a word, she turned her head to one side and refused to look at either one of them. The
    sudden realization that Gregory wasn't in love with her slowly began to sink in and she realized that Megan was right all
    along - this was an embarrassing and pathetic attempt to win his love, a last ditch effort. She didn't belong here and
    finally she knew that.

    "Are you satisfied now? Will you please leave? "Megan asked of her.

    She shook her head, "I'm going...once and for all. I won't be bothering either one of you ever again," Sharon told them as
    she turned and left Gregory's office in much more deflated tone than when she had entered moments earlier.
    "Why would you even think about doing that? Don't you think Brandi's going to be curious about why Angela would offer
    the two of you something like that? Are you prepared to tell her about your affair?"

    "I'm not sure if I'm going to have a choice in the matter."

    "Why do you say that?"

    "Because apparently I talk in my sleep," Justin told his brother. "And I think I may have said something about Brandi's
    case...about the cover up..." he lowered his voice.

    Ethan shook his head, "Do you think Angela knows something about the cover-up?"

    "I don't know. She sure as hell indicated that she knows something."

    Justin thought for a moment, "Brandi can't honestly think that I have been celibate for the last seven years. Besides she'll
    just assume it's because Angela is a Bradshaw and that she's simply trying to protect her brother. Which she is," Justin
    added as he reached for his cell phone in his pocket.

    "Is that Valerie?"

    "Yeah..." he quickly typed a response to Valerie's message. "They're about fifteen minutes away," Justin told his brother. "I
    guess this is it..." he told Ethan as they both headed back into the complex.

    "Justin," Ethan stopped him, "if you think Angela knows something about what we did to help need to put a
    stop to it. Do you hear me?"

    His brother shook his head in agreement, "I know Ethan and trust me I'll take care of it...I promise."
    Jodi Bradshaw entered the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City with Bradley Marshall following closely behind. They
    had spent the majority of the afternoon sightseeing and the last few hours at 620 Loft and Garden near Rockerfeller
    Center for Smoke and Amy's wedding rehearsal.

    "Were you able to get settled into your suite before we left this afternoon?" Bradley questioned.

    She smiled up at him, "Yeah. I can't thank you enough Bradley for letting me stay with you for the last few nights." They
    made their way to the elevator and she continued, "I still cannot believe it took them three days to find me a room."

    Bradley shook his head, "Well like I already said, it was not a problem," he smiled. "Besides it was nice having you

    "That's very nice of you to say. You were a complete gentlemen and I appreciate your hospitality more than you know,"
    she assured him as they both stepped on the elevator.

    He pushed the button for his floor and turned his gaze to her, "What floor are you?"

    "The twenty-ninth," she answered and waited for the doors to close. "Amy looked really happy tonight. I thought it was very
    nice of her to ask you to give her away tomorrow night."

    Bradley thought for a moment and smiled, "I agree. I'm actually looking forward to it."

    "I bet," she smiled and looked over at him. She noted how handsome he looked in the olive green polo shirt he had worn
    to the rehearsal dinner. Jodi hadn't planned on the sight seeing with him that day or going to the rehearsal dinner, but as
    she stood there with him, she had to admit it was fun.

    "What?" Bradley asked her with a hint of laughter when he noticed she was staring at him from cross the elevator car.

    "Nothing," she shook her head. "I was just thinking about something."

    He shook his head no. "But I did want to say that you looked beautiful tonight," Bradley smiled.

    "Thank you," she blushed.

    "I mean it," he assured her and thought about the time that they've spent together over the last few days. "I've really
    enjoyed spending time with you."

    Jodi shook her head, "I was actually just thinking the same thing. This has been exactly what I've needed after these last
    few months."

    An undeniable magnetism had been building slowly between them since they had left River's Edge days earlier and now
    they both knew something was about to happen...but what she didn't know...until he asked her.
    Pamela Bradshaw McCarty had spent the entire morning with her friend Cricket Carter-Hawkins and the woman she
    detested more than anything in all of Texas - Rhonda Duncan. The three women, alongside twenty-two other River's
    Edge Honor Society members had worked tirelessly to fill over two hundred backpacks for children in need who were
    starting school later that week. It was a yearly event that Pamela had founded fifteen years earlier with Natasha and
    Brandi, she took great pride in its success.

    She stepped off the elevator at The Bradshaw Corporation and headed towards Andrew's office with long, purposeful
    strides. She looked around for his assistant but noted that it was nearly twenty-five minutes after noon and she had
    probably gone to lunch. Pamela moved across the reception area and knocked on her son's door hoping that he hadn't
    left for lunch yet - what she had to say couldn't wait another minute.

    "It's open, come on in," Andrew called from behind his desk and when he looked up he smiled.

    "Mother this an unexpected surprise. Come in and have a seat." Andrew secretly had hoped it would have been Sabrina,
    but unfortunately he knew better. She had been called into back-to-back meetings with finance and human resources for
    the remainder of the day.

    "Is now a bad time?" Pamela took a seat across from Andrew. "I don't want to bother you if you're in the middle of

    Andrew shook his head. "I was just about to go get some lunch. Would you like to join me?"

    Pamela shrugged her shoulders and sighed heavily, "Certainly not if you intend to speak to me the way your sister said
    you spoke to her a few days ago."

    Andrew leaned back in his chair and rolled his eyes. He looked at her intently and responded, "So you came here with a
    purpose I see."

    His mother nodded back at him and cross one leg over the other. Pamela didn't say a single , the look on her face told
    Andrew everything he needed to know - that she had spoken with Angela on more than one occasion and that she knew
    something was going on between him and Sabrina.

    "But before I speak my mind on what we're both not saying," she continued, "have you from the District Attorney today?"

    "I have. Valerie Caldwell arrived at the state penitentiary earlier today and Brandi was released into her custody."

    She shook her head negatively and curled her lip in disgust. "Well that's a travesty if you ask me," Pamela announced.
    "The mere fact that...that woman..." she rolled her eyes, "was granted parole is a slap in the face to you and Natasha and
    all of us who loved Jered."

    "I know," he responded in a somber tone. "We did everything that we could do to try and prevent it from happening but it
    wasn't enough."

    "I know that you did," she assured him. "But enough time talking about that wretched piece of trash. I'm much more
    curious about something your sister told me...apparently you've begun a relationship with Sabrina once again. Not to
    mention that Cricket Carter-Hawkins told me this morning she saw you a few days ago at Gorman Jewelers on
    Greenwood and Tenth."

    "Boy nothing gets past you does it mother," he told her as they both shared a smile. "I have begun a relationship with
    Sabrina," Andrew told her. "I hope that's not going to be a problem."

    "Oh it's not a problem. I'm just curious why you didn't feel the need to tell me that this was something you were
    Brandi Brashears Pierce stood a free woman, wearing for the first time since the conclusion of her trial a cotton t-shirt, a
    pair of Old Navy jeans and black flip-flops. Her hair was much longer than it was the last time she had been in Justin's
    apartment and it was now pulled back in a tight ponytail. She reached for the button on the elevator marked three and
    both women noted that her hand was shaking as she done so.

    "I don't think I've ever really thanked you," Brandi broke the silence between them. "You went up against the Bradshaw
    family and I know that wasn't easy for you. You've stood beside me every single step of the way..." the elevator dinged,
    announcing the arrival on the third floor, "and I just want you to know I appreciate it very much."

    The doors of the elevator pulled open and Valerie stood to one side to allow Brandi the opportunity to make her return to
    society and to the life she knew eight years earlier.

    "It's been nearly eight years..." Brandi looked over at her attorney, "since I've been inside my husband's apartment."

    "Was the last time you were there the night you confessed to the accident?" Valerie asked her as she reached for the
    open door button.

    "Yes it was," Brandi answered uneasily in a muffled tone. "Well I suppose there's no better time than the present."

    Brandi stepped out of the elevator and looked around the hallway. The paint was a different shade of yellow and as she
    turned to her left she saw the number of Justin's apartment. Her mind raced back to the time she had spent hiding out
    there after the accident, the conversation where she had begged of Audrey to look after her son and the night that
    changed her life forever...when she had decided to flee River's Edge with Justin. She felt as only days, not years had
    passed and she could feel her heart thumping in her chest...just as it was eight years ago, her life, as she had known it
    was about to change.

    Brandi pushed open the door and stepped inside Justin's apartment...her apartment she know thought to herself. She
    looked around the living room...everything was different than when she left - the color of the walls, the carpet beneath her
    flip flops and the sofa where her son was sitting. Her eyes met with his and for a split moment she lost her breath, as if
    someone had sucker punched her in the gut...she gasped for air and attempted to slowly come to terms with just how
    grown up he now was.

    When the door of Justin's apartment opened Lewis was on the sofa with Brittany. They had just downloaded the latest
    version of Angry Birds on her iPad and he was explaining the differences of each bird to the novice game player. Both of
    them raised their eyes from the game to the door and Brittany took Lewis's hand.

    "Here we go sweetie," she whispered to him. "I'm right here if you need me. We all are," Brittany assured him as Brandi
    made her way across the room. Along the way she reached out and without taking her eyes off her son, took Justin's
    hand and continued across to where Lewis sat.

    Brandi squatted down about a foot and half from where her son was seated. Tears filled her eyes and raced down her
    cheeks as the realization that because of what she had done eight years ago she had missed out on well over half of his
    life. He was beautiful and looked just like she imagined he would look...just as he had looked in all of the photographs
    that Justin and Brittany had sent to her over the years...and he looked exactly like she had dreamed he would.

    "Hello Lewis..." she brushed her tears away.

    "Hi," Brandi repeated as she wrapped her arm around Justin's leg. "I am so happy to see you son and want to be
    completely honest with you okay?"

    Lewis shook his head.

    "I'm not going to be good at this at first...being your mom," she clarified. "You're my son Lewis and there has not been
    one single day that has went by the last eight years that I didn't think about you. I want to build a relationship with you and
    I know that it's not going to happen overnight. I am willing to try and do that if you are."

    He looked up at Brittany and then to Justin and finally back to his mother. "I'm willing to do that yes."

    Brandi shook her head and smiled, "Okay.I am so relieved to hear you say that."

    "Could I ask you something?" Lewis questioned.

    "Of course," Brandi answered.

    "Would it be okay if I gave you a hug?"

    His mother swallowed hard and squeezed Justin's leg a little tighter than before. "A hug? Of course...of course...that
    would be okay..." she assured him as he leaped from the sofa and straight into his mother's arms for the first time in
    nearly a decade.