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    Sabrina looked around the cabin and took in the pictures along the fireplace mantle. The pictures were images of days
    gone by for the Bradshaw family: Pamela and Phillip sitting on the dock behind the cabin, Jered and his sisters when
    they were pre-teenagers holding a fish caught in the lake and as she came to the last one on the mantle it took her
    breath away – it was of Andrew with his arms wrapped around Natasha’s waist dancing as the sunset behind them. The
    pictures told of a family that once upon a time seemed to live a carefree life and Sabrina wondered to herself when all of
    that had changed.

    “I hope that I’m not keeping you from anything,” Sabrina called into the kitchen, as Natasha poured them two glasses of
    lemonade that had been meant for her outing with Preston.

    “Actually you are,” she responded, “but I’ll cancel now that you’re here.”

    Natasha appeared in the living room and handed Sabrina her glass. “Have a seat and tell me what’s brought you all the
    way up to Canton.”

    “You know I never knew that there was a Bradshaw family cabin up here,” Sabrina confessed.

    Natasha shrugged her shoulders.  “You mentioned that you hoped I was still happy after I found out what you came for,”
    she recalled. “So out with it Sabrina.”

    “I sent you countless emails and I several messages for you to call me,” Sabrina told her.

    “Yes well I stopped checking my emails and listening to voicemails after I realized, thanks to Nicholas, that in the eyes of
    the State of New York he and I are legally married,” she revealed.

    “What?” Sabrina shook her head. “How is that even possible? You both live in Texas.”
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All Or Nothing
Episode 147: The Edge of Glory
August 05, 2012

    Natasha looked at the picnic basket on the table in the kitchen at the cabin. It had been a week since her mini-breakdown
    and since that time she had spent every day and evening with Preston. Today they planned to go out on his boat and she
    had promised to bring with them an old fashion picnic lunch.

    She took a mental note of the items left to pack and as she walked across the kitchen to the pantry to retrieve some
    napkins she heard the slamming of a car door and seconds later a knock on the screen door.

    “Come in,” Natasha called out, thinking that it was Preston. She slowly made her way into the living room. “I’m almost
    ready to go…Sabrina…” she came to a sudden stop. “I thought you were…” her words faded. “What are you doing here?”

    Sabrina forced a smile, “Well that’s not exactly the reaction I was expecting, but I’ll take it. I needed to see you,” she told
    Natasha. “The truth of the matter is I needed to see you a week ago, but I wasn’t able to get out of town until now.”

    “And how exactly did you know where to find me?”

    “I made Pamela tell me,” she revealed. “But I don’t want you to be upset with her, because I basically forced it out of her
    through guilt and borderline blackmail.”

    “And because of that I can’t be upset with her?” Natasha questioned. “She broke my trust and you asked her to do it.”

    Sabrina stood completely still and looked across at Natasha.

    “If that’s how you see it, then yes that is what I did,” Sabrina assured her. “But do not think that I’m going to apologize for it
    and don’t you dare stand there and lecture me. You have done nothing short of dropping off the face of the Earth for the
    last five months. I needed to talk to my best friend, because regardless of what you may think Natasha, the world
    continues to turn. Now I have graciously given you your space, but I need you now,” she told her. “I know that’s selfish but
    it’s the truth. And for the record your daughters are fine, in case that was something you were concerned with.”

    Natasha crossed her arms over her chest and arched one eyebrow. “Are you finished?”

    She replied with a nod of her head.

    “To say that I’m not mad at you and Pamela is a lie, because I am a little upset with you both,” Natasha assured her. “But
    you and I both know that I find it far too difficult to ever stay mad at you for any length of time greater than five minutes.”

    Natasha walked across the room and pulled Sabrina into a huge hug. With her arms wrapped around Sabrina’s petite
    frame she whispered into her ear, “I am so happy to see you.”

    Sabrina shook her head and forced a painfully obvious smile at her best friend. “Well I just hope that you remember that
    after I’ve told you why I had to come see you,” she said to her as she walked past Natasha and into the cabin.
    Natasha somberly shook her head, “Nicholas wanted to be married in New York and that’s where we obtained our
    marriage license.”

    “But how is it legal? The Justice of the Peace never performed the actual ceremony.”

    “Oh well that’s the best part,” Natasha sighed. “There was a mix-up and she signed the certificate before the wedding,
    and then mistakenly filed the papers. So regardless of how everything went down between the two of us – Nicholas is in
    the eyes of the law my husband.”

    Sabrina sipped her lemonade and sat in shock. She could not believe what Natasha had just told her. After what
    Nicholas had put her through at their wedding and to think that she still in the end became his wife was astounding to

    “And let me guess, you’ve not told anyone this little bit of information?”

    Natasha shook her head, “No I’ve told someone.”

    “Jodi? April?” Sabrina asked.

    “No. I haven’t talked to either one of the girls since February,” she revealed. “I’ve been far too ashamed and embarrassed
    about the whole situation. You know that neither one of them ever liked Nicholas nor approved of our relationship. I just
    cannot stand to look at either one of them in the eye –knowing what a failure I’ve become.”

    Sabrina stifled a laugh and assured Natasha, “You are not a failure at anything. Do you hear me? You walked into that
    room prepared to marry Nicholas because you thought he was the man you wanted to spend the rest of your life with.
    Natasha the fact that he was stupid enough to call you by her name was his fault, his failure…certainly not yours.”

    Natasha crossed one leg over the other and smiled across at Sabrina. She could feel her heart filling with love for that
    woman. And it was the little things that she done that made Sabrina her best friend – like just then, not saying Brandi’s
    name in her presence.

    “I’m glad you’re here and you said that you needed me,” she changed the subject. “What’s on your mind Sabrina?”

    “Have you heard about the parole hearing by now,” Sabrina shifted uneasily on the sofa.

    Natasha nodded, “I have. It’s been in the local paper a few times. Have they made a decision yet on whether or not she’ll
    be paroled?”

    “Yeah they have,” Sabrina’s mouth suddenly felt dry and she took a long drink of lemonade. “The parole board approved
    her parole and they are determining when she’ll be released now. Andrew and Kendra were notified a few days ago,”
    she explained.

    Natasha looked at the pictures on the mantle. The love she had felt in her heart only moments earlier escaped out
    through every pore of her body. She knew this day would come, the district attorney had all but assured her it would
    happen in 2005 – but now it suddenly felt real, because it was real. The thought of Brandi only having served seven years
    for the life she took was mind boggling to her. Yet she closed her eyes…drew in a deep breath and thought of her son…

    “Natasha are you alright?”

    She shook her head and answered, “Surprisingly yes. I’ve had the opportunity to think about so many things while I’ve
    been here and the fact that the parole hearing happened during this time, I think it’s a sign Sabrina.”

    “What kind of sign are we talking about here?”

    Natasha looked across at Sabrina and stated, “I’m never going to forgive Brandi for what she did to my son and Kendra
    or for breaking my trust. I don’t intend to ever have a relationship with her again, but I’ve learned that I have to let go of the
    anger…” she smiled at her friend. “I have to let go of the anger,” Natasha repeated.

    Sabrina leaned forward and extended her hand out to her friend. “I am so proud to hear you say that honey,” she smiled,
    “so proud.”

    Natasha mouthed a silent thank you to her friend and then leaned back in her chair. “And I appreciate you coming all this
    way to tell me about Brandi in person – but I know that there’s another reason you’re here. What’s going on Sabrina?”

    She shook her head in dismay and admitted to Natasha, “You’re right that isn’t the main reason I came up here.” Sabrina
    thought for a moment – what she had to say was going to be difficult. “I kissed Andrew last week,” she finally announced
    and added with a heavy sigh, “twice.”
    Angela chuckled and shook her head at Andrew. “She kissed you? Your ex-wife and the woman who stole our father’s
    company kissed you?” she questioned. “And you think that this is somehow a good thing?”

    “I do,” Andrew reassured her.

    “Then you’re certifiable!” Angela lowered her voice and leaned towards her brother, “Just how in the hell could this
    possibly, even remotely be something good Andrew? Of all your ex-wives she’s the most devious and unpredictable!”

    “Sabrina has changed,” he defended her. “We shouldn’t judge her by what she did ten years ago Angela.”

    “And why not?” she hissed at him. “She stole our father’s company from us and she did that because you let her sink her
    claws into you once! Sweet Jesus what are you thinking?” Angela leaned back in her chair and shook her head at her
    brother. “Did you kiss her back?”

    He thought about his answer for a moment, “The first time, in Chicago, I walked away from her and the second time…”
    his thoughts raced back to the elevator during the brownout, “I did. I kissed her back.”

    “Oh my God! Oh my God! I truly think you have finally lost your ever loving mind Andrew.”

    Angela looked around the restaurant to ensure that neither one of them were drawing unnecessary attention to
    themselves. Angela knew the last thing either one of them needed was this getting out to the press!

    “Clearly you weren’t thinking with your brain…” she glared at him across the table. “Are you honestly sitting here and
    telling me that you are willing to head down the rabbit hole with this tramp all over again?!

    “Do not call her that?” he defended Sabrina.

    “Why? You certainly have.”

    “Things were different then. Sabrina was a completely different person and so was I.

    “I suppose you’re right,” Angela fired back. “Ten years ago when you unleashed that harlot into our midst she was
    nothing more than your vengeful, scorned wife who stole our father’s company. What is she now Andrew – your vengeful
    ex-wife who owns our father’s company?”

    “Would you get off of that Angela?” Andrew fired at her. “You and Leslie never gave a damn about daddy’s company.”

    “It was still my father’s company,” she hissed. “I call things just as I see them Andrew, you know that and when it comes
    to that woman…” her words faded as she sat in for the kill, “once a gold-digging slut, always a gold-digging slut!”

    Andrew shook his head at her with a disdainful look on his face. “That’s how you see this? You’re worried that she’s
    going to take something else from us Angela is that it? Well guess what honey…there’s nothing left for her to take!” he
    fired. “She owns the company, she owns the house…there’s nothing left for her…she already has it all and before you
    dare say it, I know, I gave it to her!”

    Angela stopped a random waiter as he passed by their table. “I’m going to need vodka martini,” she ordered and then
    looked back at Andrew. “I cannot believe this…it’s like 2002 all over again, except this time…” she leaned forward, “this
    time you are falling in love with her instead of falling out of love!”

    Her words stunned him and thought of whether or not he actually did love Sabrina froze in his mind. “I think you’re right
    Angela,” he told her. “I think I am falling in love with her.”

    Angela’s eyes met with Andrew’s and she said nothing as the waiter sat down their entrees in front of them and gave her
    the drink she had ordered only minutes earlier. Once the waiter had left their table she attempted to reason with her

    “Let me ask you something,” she started. “Does your sudden infatuation with Sabrina have anything to do with the
    rumors that are flying around town that you’re considering a run for mayor in November?”

    “What?” Andrew laughed at the notion. “Where did you even hear something like that?”

    “From Cricket Carter-Hawkins,” she answered. “Ryan and I ran into her last week playing golf. If your sudden interest in
    Sabrina is tied to your potential mayoral campaign and you think you need a woman on your arm during it – might I
    suggest one of your two other ex-wives for the role.”

    He laid his fork down and looked across at her. “And which one of my ex-wives would you suggest Angela? Perhaps
    Natasha who campaigned against me and won the last mayoral election I ran in eleven years ago? Or maybe I should
    ask Sharon, because it’s not painfully clear to me and everyone else in this city that she’s in love with a married man who
    does not love her back!”

    “When I asked you to lunch this is not what I had in mind,” Andrew told her. “I thought I would be able to come here and
    have a conversation with my sister about something very important that is happening in my life – clearly I was wrong.”

    “I am just trying to put everything that you’ve told me today in perspective Andrew,” she defended herself.

    “Well that’s not what I asked you to do Angela! I wanted you to be supportive and give me constructive advice, not
    insinuate that Sabrina would be nothing more than a trophy wife used as a ploy to get myself elected mayor.”

    Andrew stood from the table, tossed his napkin down and glared across at his sister. “You know who you’re starting to
    sound like don’t you?”

    “Don’t you dare…” she warned him.

    He shook his head at her, “Congratulations little sister, you are in fact your mother’s daughter,” Andrew hissed at her as
    left the table.
    “You kissed our ex-husband?” Natasha questioned.

    “I did,” Sabrina replied. “Twice.”

    “You said that already. When did this happen? Where did this happen?”

    “The first time was about a week ago in Chicago,” she answered. “Andrew and I went there to interview a candidate for
    the CFO position at BC. That morning on the plane we talked about our first meeting in Elk City, then we took Brayden to
    the zoo and that night in the hallway…”

    “I get the picture,” Natasha stopped her. “And the second time?”

    “The second time was at the office.” She thought for a moment and decided it was in her best interest to admit the entire
    truth. “It was in the elevator…it was late and we weren’t supposed to be there because the city scheduled a brownout,”
    Sabrina explained.

    “And let me guess,” Natasha chimed in, “the two of you got caught in the brownout?”

    Sabrina wrinkled her nose and offered up a fake laugh. “Yes we got caught in the brownout. You know I am glad you find
    this amusing, because I certainly don’t.”

    “How did the two of you get caught in the brownout?”

    “We were arguing about Jacqueline Campbell, left my office and seconds after getting on the elevator the brownout
    started,” she further explained. “I don’t know what happened Natasha. I honestly don’t know.

    “I’m sorry Sabrina but I fail to see what the issue is here. Neither you nor Andrew are married or in a committed
    relationship of any sort,” she reasoned. “So what’s the issue? You kissed Andrew…did you like kissing him? Did he like
    kissing you?” Natasha questioned.

    Sabrina stood up from the sofa and shoved her hands in the pockets of her jeans. She walked over to the mantle and
    stared at the picture of Natasha with Andrew again.

    “The issue,” she started with her back to Natasha, “is that I’m worried about how you’re going to react. I kissed Andrew,”
    she turned around to face her, “the father of your children.”

    She couldn’t control her sudden burst of laughter, “Sabrina you’ve done far more than kiss him. The two of you were
    married for crying out loud.”

    “It’s different now,” Sabrina told her. “I didn’t know you then…you weren’t my best friend when I first married Andrew. I
    don't give a damn about Sharon’s feelings, but I do about yours Natasha,” her voice cracked a little.

    “I find it admirable that you don’t want me to be upset with you,” Natasha told her. “Six months or a year ago I might have
    been upset. However, I don’t have the time and I don’t want to waste my energy worrying about who my ex-husband or ex-
    boyfriends are kissing.”

    “What about your current husbands?” Sabrina teased her. “Do you care who he’s kissing?”

    “Oh shut up!”

    Sabrina moved quickly across the room and bent down in front of her best friend and smiled. “Thank you so much
    Natasha. You don’t know how relieved I am to hear you say that. I’ve been a total wreck this week worrying about what you
    would say or how you would react.”

    "You're being over dramatic about all of this," Natasha told her. "Yes I will always care for Andrew and yes part of me will
    always love him because he is the father of my children," she admitted. "But I will never love him the way I once did, the
    way that I did when we were married. I don’t begrudge him any happiness."

    Natasha stood from her chair and walked into the kitchen so she could refresh their drinks. Sabrina followed closely
    behind her.

    "I will admit though I am very surprised to hear that you kissed Andrew," Natasha sipped on the fresh lemonade and
    noted that it could use some more sugar. "I never thought you would give him the time of day after everything that
    happened between the two of you."

    Sabrina shrugged her shoulders, "I've had the exact same conversation with myself over and over again. The truth is I
    don't know how to explain these feelings. I don't know where they've come from...but he's changed Natasha."

    "You've changed quite a bit yourself," she told Sabrina. “Don’t sell yourself short.”

    She nodded in agreement. "Something is going between us and at first Andrew didn't feel the same way, but that night in
    the elevator...we both felt something."

    Natasha sat the pitcher of lemonade back in the refrigerator and as she closed the door questioned, "Did you sleep with

    Before Sabrina could answer they both heard the screen door of the cabin open and slam close.

    "Natasha..." a male voice called out. "Natasha..."

    She smiled at her friend as if to say that this was her plans. "I'm in the kitchen Preston," she called back to him.

    "Preston..." Sabrina said to her in a hushed whisper and with an arched eyebrow.
    Bradley Marshall rushed down the stairs into the foyer of his house and threw open the front door.

    “You’re late…” his words trailed off as he realized the doorbell ringing seconds earlier wasn’t the taxi he had called for,
    instead it was Brittany Pierce – standing modestly on his porch with a look of sheer anxiety on her face.

    “Have I come at a bad time?” she asked as he stood with the door wide open letting the blistering summer hear in.
    “Bradley?” Brittany questioned.

    “No…no…” he shook his head and gestured for her to come in. “I called for a taxi and their running late,” Bradley
    explained to her. “You’re out and about,” he smiled. “It’s so good to see you like this. Come on into the living room and
    wait with me.”

    She followed him into the living room and as he took a seat on the sofa, she stood frozen in the doorway.

    “What’s the matter?” he asked her.

    Brittany shrugged her shoulders and announced, “There are quite a lot of things that I’m good at. However saying that I’m
    sorry, when I clearly am has never been one of those things.”

    She paused for a moment and walked into the living room. “I want you to know that I am incredibly sorry for the
    horrendous things that I said to you the last time we saw one another.”

    “You didn’t say anything that wasn’t true or that I haven’t said to myself at least once or twice for that matter,” he assured

    “Well regardless of what I said was completely out of line and downright cruel. I accused you having caused my
    miscarriages,” she reminded him unnecessarily. “It pains me to think of how that made you feel Bradley.”

    Tears swelled in her eyes as she realized all over again that she had hurt her friend. “I need you to know that I am so
    sorry and if I could take back what was said, I would do it. I swear to God I would.”

    Bradley could see the emotional toll all of this was taking on her. As the tears raced down her cheeks, he stood up and
    took a seat next to her. He knew words were the most powerful weapon and hers had hit hard, but he would never tell her
    that and the fact was she was better – that was all the apology he really needed from.
    Angela Bradshaw was a stunningly beautiful woman. When she entered a room, she done so with a powerful presence,
    it was a trait she had learned from her father combined with an ease of forcefulness which she had learned from her
    mother. Her strawberry blonde hair was a combination shade of the two colors and as she made her way across the
    dining room of Circos Cibi Italiani Restaurant she knew that the eyes of every man lusted after her and the eyes of every
    woman loathed her.

    "When my assistant told me that I had a lunch date with my brother I had just figured she was terribly mistaken," she
    smiled down at Andrew who been waiting on her nearly fifteen minutes, "yet her you sit."

    "Very funny," he snipped at her. "Maybe you should tell your assistant to start scheduled your meetings fifteen minutes
    earlier so you'll be on time."

    "Ha! Ha! You think you're so funny don't you?" she questioned. "I was involved in a very important business meeting I'll
    have you know."

    The waiter arrived to take their lunch orders. Andrew ordered the Fettuccine Dominick, a house special and Angela
    ordered the Linguine Pescatore, both were favorites of theirs.

    "I received a letter a few days ago from the Texas Parole Board," Andrew said after the waiter had left their table. "It
    appears as though they have granted Brandi's parole request."

    Angela sighed heavily and shook her head. "Andrew are you serious? I can't believe that she’s going to be released. It’s
    almost unimaginable."

    He shrugged his shoulders. "We knew this was something that could happen," Andrew told her. "I just hope for
    everyone's sake that she doesn't decide to move back here once she's out. Can you imagine?"
    "Hello," he arrived in the kitchen with a dazzling smile and took notice of the two women there drinking the lemonade that
    was meant for him. "I'm Preston Crawford...Natasha's neighbor," he held out his hand.

    "Pleasure to meet you," she returned the gesture. "I'm Sabrina Bradshaw."

    "Oh you must be one of Natasha's daughters," he assumed as walked he across the room and stood next to Natasha.
    He could smell the coconut scent of her shampoo and desperately wanted to kiss her, but thought it inappropriate and
    so he resisted the urge.

    Sabrina shook her head, "No, unfortunately I'm not one of her beautiful daughters," she smiled. "I'm Sabrina Davis

    "She's my best friend," Natasha finished for her.

    "Oh..." Preston responded as it registered to him where Sabrina fit into the puzzle that was Natasha's life. Over the course
    of the last seven days she had been filling him in on all the sordid details of her life. He knew it was something that she
    didn't do that often with many people and he felt honored.

    "I've heard quite a lot about you actually," he told Sabrina. "How long are you going to be staying in Canton? We were
    planning to go out on the lake today if you want to join us," he offered.

    Sabrina's eyes darted from Preston and then back to Natasha. She offered a smile to both of them and quickly made the
    connection - she would be an unwanted third wheel if she agreed to stay.

    "I'm actually not staying. I came up to go over some business matters with Natasha and should really be getting back to
    River's Edge. If I don't plan it just right I'll hit traffic before I get into the city."

    "You're more than welcome to stay Sabrina," Natasha interjected. "There's plenty of room on the boat and I've packed
    enough lunch to feed a small fleet of soldiers."

    Sabrina flashed a quick smile and assured them both that she couldn't stay. "I should really get back to River's Edge.
    Preston it was a pleasure to meet you."

    "Please the pleasure was all mean," he replied. "I'm going to run back over to my house I left my sunglasses on the
    porch," he told Natasha and quickly made his exit out the back door of the cabin.

    Once he was out of earshot Sabrina questioned, "All right Natasha time to spill...just who in the hell was that fine looking

    "Oh stop it!" Natasha waved her hand at Sabrina as if to dismiss her question entirely. "He is Preston Crawford and as
    he said himself we're neighbors."

    "From the looks of things the two of you are much more than neighbors Natasha. You and I have been friends for the
    better part of seven years and I've not once looked at you the way that man was looking at you."

    "You're right he's a little more than a friend," Natasha told her. "But I'm not ready to discuss it because I don't know what it
    is exactly I would be discussing."

    "But when you're ready you'll discuss it with me won't you?" Sabrina asked as they walked from the kitchen to the front
    porch. Parked outside they saw Preston's boat hooked to his tuxedo black Ford F-150.

    "Of course I will," Natasha assured her with a big hug. "Will you tell my daughters that I'm fine?"

    "No I won't," Sabrina shook her head. "I'm probably days away from telling them I'm involved with their father again, I'm not
    going to tell them I saw their mother and they haven't,” she smiled at her.

    "Point taken," Natasha told her with a laugh. From the porch she watched as Sabrina started down the steps and before
    she reached the last one she called out to her and questioned, "Are you falling in love with him? With Andrew," Natasha
    clarified, "are you falling in love with him?"

    Sabrina thought for a moment and with fearful clarity answered, “Andrew and I haven’t been together in nearly a decade.”

    “That’s true and there have been other men in your life,” Natasha added. “But are you in love with him?”

    “And not a single one of them compared to Andrew,” Sabrina told her.

    "That's not what I asked you Sabrina."

    She shook her head and smiled, "I'm not one-hundred percent certain that I was ever out of love with him," Sabrina

    Natasha walked down and stood with her friend. "If you love him...if you want him...then you don't wait, you don't waste
    another minute," she implored her. "If you love him then you tell him and let the chips fall where they may."

    The two women embraced with a tight hug and Natasha whispered into Sabrina's ear, "Don't waste another minute,
    because you might not have it to waste."
    Josh Marshall pushed open the door of his suite at The Southern River Hotel. His blonde hair was a wet disheveled
    mess. He was wearing black board shorts, with white flip-flops, no shirt and a towel draped over his broad shoulders.

    Ryan followed closely behind him and closed the door before he saw Josh collapse on the king size bed in the center of
    the room. He took a seat in one of the chairs near the window that overlooked the Brazos River.

    “I hate admitting when you’re right,” Josh stated from the bed, “but this is exactly what I needed.”

    Earlier that week Ryan had suggested a mini-staycation complete with spa treatments, poolside rest and relaxation,
    dinner and an overnight stay in what appeared to be the same room with one bed between them.

    They had just returned from spending the entire afternoon soaking up the sun by the pool. Ryan had enjoyed several
    margaritas while Josh was, because of his Procarbazine medication, regulated to drinking water with the occasional
    strawberry lemonade.  Ryan had arranged the entire staycation to celebrate the end of Josh’s chemo.

    Josh stood up from the bed and dried himself off with one of the towel taken from the pool. Ryan sat without saying a
    word, just simply watching Josh dry himself off. The water from Josh’s board shorts dripped down the back of his legs,
    raced down his calf muscles and Ryan’s mind ventured to impure thoughts – he couldn’t help but smile at those

    Ryan shrugged his shoulders, leaned back in the chair and took in the view, “What can I say? I know what you need even
    better than you do at times.”

    Josh rolled his eyes at Ryan and propped himself up on the bed still in his wet shorts. “Are you hungry?”

    Ryan hadn’t taken his eyes off of Josh since they had entered the hotel room. He thought for a moment before he finally
    answered, “I could go for something.”

    “Okay. I’m going to take a quick shower and then change,” Josh said without moving from the bed.

    “Not if I beat you there first,” Ryan laughed as he stood up and started to race across the room. As he passed by the bed
    Josh reached out and took his hand.

    Josh lightly pulled Ryan towards him with a mischievous smile that he knew Ryan couldn’t resist. Before either one of
    them realized what was happening, Ryan was straddling Josh and smiling back at him.
    Angela immediately thought of Justin and their relationship that had went on behind everyone’s back for so many years.
    The thought of Brandi coming back to River’s Edge was something she barely could fathom.

    “She would be the town pariah,” Angela assured him. “Surely she wouldn’t want that.”

    “I completely agree. But she does have a husband and a son here so there’s no telling what she’ll do. I think we learned
    a very long time ago that Brandi Brashears is capable of many things.”

    "You have a point there," she told him as she reached for her water glass. "I've heard rumors that Audrey is looking to
    open a King Fashion office in New York City, perhaps you should talk to  her and see if Justin would consider moving
    there with Brandi."

    "That's not a bad idea," Andrew told her. "I'll definitely look into that." The waiter arrived with a double scotch that he had
    ordered earlier. He reached for it and took a long swig - liquid courage he thought to himself.

    "There's another reason I wanted to have lunch today," Andrew admitted to his sister.

    "An ulterior motive?" Angela was intrigued.

    "If you want to call it that. I've actually been wanting to talk to you about this for little over a week now."

    "And what's stopped you?"

    "I had a pretty good idea of how you would react," he confessed.

    "You've not been worried about my reaction, you've been avoiding whatever it is, just like you did when we were children,"
    Angela told him.

    "I don't avoid things," he came back at her and Angela simply shook her head. "You know that I went to Chicago last week
    to interview Jacqueline Campbell for the CFO position at BC, well what you don't know is that Sabrina went with me."

    Angela rolled her eyes, “Oh dear God what did that woman do know?” she asked.

    “Excuse me?”

    She looked across at her brother and repeated slower than before, “What did that woman do know? Every single time
    that Sabrina’s name is tied to anything I know it’s not going to end well.”

    “For your information Sabrina didn’t do a damn thing Angela,” he assured her. “What’s happened this time I think is
    something good,” Andrew admitted. “I didn’t at first, but now that I’ve had time to think about it…” his mind raced back to
    their kiss in Chicago and he smiled, “I’m beginning to see it as something very good.”

    “Well don’t leave me hanging in utter suspense brother dear. Tell me what marvelous and miraculous thing Sabrina has

    “She kissed me,” he said to her, “twice.”
    Sabrina Davis Bradshaw was still in conflict with her emotions as she parked her car in the driveway of her Cedar Lane
    Hill home. Her conversation earlier that day with Natasha had helped provide some clarity, but after the four hour drive
    from Canton to River’s Edge she felt as though she hadn’t resolved anything about her feelings for Andrew.

    In fact, as she slowly gathered her belongings from the passenger seat and made her way to the house, she wondered if
    her feelings were now even more convoluted than when she had set out to find Natasha.

    Once inside her house she immediately noticed how calm and quiet it was. She glanced quickly at her watch and noted
    that it wasn’t time for Brayden’s bedtime and she didn’t even entertain the notion of him having fallen asleep early.  

    Sabrina made her way from the foyer and was headed toward the backyard when out of the corner of her eye she saw
    him standing there. It was clearly the answer as to why everything was so peaceful, serene and silent.

    “What are you doing here?” she asked of Andrew who was standing in the living room.

    “I thought we should talk,” he told her. “I sent Brayden out with the babysitter to a movie. I wanted some time alone with

    “I don’t think that’s a very good idea,” Sabrina fired at him. “Considering the last time we were alone together.”

    Andrew smiled at the thought of their elevator entrapment and the events that subsequently took place.

    “I think that’s precisely why we need some time alone…to address the elephant in the room. We owe it to one another to
    at least talk about what’s going on between us. First our conversation on the flight to Chicago and the kiss at the hotel
    and then the elevator…”

    “Mistakes!” Sabrina threw her hands in the air. “Every single thing you just mentioned was a mistake.”

    “I think you’re telling yourself that, but I don’t think you believe it,” he told her as came across the room towards her. “I
    don't see them as mistakes Sabrina and I think if you would be honest with yourself you wouldn’t either.”

    “What the hell does that mean Andrew? Do you not think I’m being honest with myself? I honestly know the man that you
    are and believe me what happened in Chicago and the elevator was a mistake,” she lied.
    “What are you doing?” Ryan asked, unable to deny the spark of excitement at the prospect of where this all could lead.

    They inched closer and closer to one another without a word exchanged between them.

    Josh leaned up and kissed the tip of Ryan’s nose, and then his cheek and finally, he satisfyingly kissed him softly on the
    mouth. “Do I really need to explain it to you Ryan?”

    Ryan shook his head and tugged vigorously at Josh’s board shorts as they continued to kiss. Josh scooted up on the
    bed as Ryan stood up and let his shorts fall to the floor. He ran his hands up Josh’s chest and then back down again…it
    sent shockwaves through Josh’s body and in a split moment he suddenly found himself on his stomach…
    Sabrina shook her head and took a deep breath. “Before you ask what we both know you’re going to ask…you have to
    promise me that this is for real…that this is for keeps…you promise me that you won’t leave me at the altar and you
    promise me that your children will respect me because I am your wife, because I will not accept anything less than
    that…” her lips trembled with a combination of fear and happiness. “I have a son to consider now above everything else

    “When you ask me…you had better be certain Andrew Bradshaw, because I deserve that…I deserve to be loved and if
    you cannot do those things, if you’re unsure about any of it…if you can’t commit to me and promise me those
    things…then you go…you leave right now…”
    Brittany rested her head on his shoulder and listened as he told her, “At one point or another in our lives Brittany we have
    all said things that we unfortunately regret. I know that I’ve certainly done it more times than I care to admit and I can
    promise you that I’ll do it again at some point,” he assured her. “What’s important is that once you know you regret what
    was said you apologize and then move on.”

    She sat up and looked over at him, “Well when it comes to you and saying things I regret afterward I tend to do it more
    than I should…remember your wedding?” They both thought back to her tirade during his wedding reception to Jillian
    years earlier.

    Bradley couldn’t help but smiling at the thought of his wedding to Jillian and how appropriate it was that Brittany had
    mentioned it on today of all days.

    “I do remember that,” he told her. “Jillian was furious with you.”

    “I remember,” Brittany sighed.

    “But what happened at your house was different…I take partial responsibility and apologize to you because I continued to
    push even after you had warned me not to. I had no right to act as I did…”

    “No,” she stopped him midsentence. “You had every right…you have every right to push me like you did. You’re like a
    father to me and God knows you’ve treated me like your own daughter for the last ten years. I consider you to be part of
    my family,” Brittany told him with compassion in her voice. “I couldn’t see that what you were doing was in my best
    interests at the time and so I lashed out. Don’t you ever say that you don’t have the right to do what you think is best for
    me, because you most certainly do,” she told him.

    Bradley leaned over and kissed her forehead softly. “Thank you for saying those things. I appreciate it very much and for
    the record I was never mad at you.”

    “Liar,” she whispered.

    “I think we should just chalk it up to a stressful situation and put it behind us,” he told her.

    “Okay. I’m glad to hear that because I’m going to need you for whatever the next step in my life might be,” Brittany assured

    “And what might those steps be?”

    “I’m not sure yet,” she said as she leaned up. “Come on…we have to get you to the airport and there’s no need waiting
    around for that lousy taxi. I’ll be more than happy to take you,” Brittany said with a reassuring smile.
    Andrew shook his head at her. “You think I believe that? I can see in your eyes Sabrina that you don’t even believe that.
    What’s going on here?”

    She shrugged her shoulders, “I have the foggiest. You’re the one who came into my home and sent my son away so we
    could be alone…you tell me what’s going on here Andrew.”

    He looked down at her and their eyes briefly met with one another’s before Sabrina jerked her head away from his gaze.
    He loved the fire that she possessed. It was like an energy he had never felt before and for the first time in years –
    perhaps since Jered had died he felt alive.

    “I can’t deny any longer what I’m feeling,” he told her. “When I’m with you…I feel for the first time in a very longtime alive.
    You bring out something in me Sabrina and its good…”

    “We’ve never brought out anything good in one another,” she told him.

    Andrew reached into the pocket of his slack and pulled out a small black velvet box. “I don’t think that’s the case

    Sabrina took notice of the box and she held her hand up to stop him, “Don’t you say another word…” she ordered him,
    “not before you tell me what the hell that is in your hand Andrew Bradshaw!”
    Jodi Bradshaw stood with her carry-on luggage in line at the River’s Edge airport waiting to board her flight to New York
    City. She had promised Amy months earlier that she would be at her wedding to Smoke and now that day had finally
    arrived. She only hoped that Amy and Smoke’s wedding ended better than April’s had years earlier.

    “Mother…” she said following Natasha’s voicemail recording. “This is your daughter and this is quite possibly my
    twentieth message. To say that I’m upset about not hearing from you in the last five months is well…the understatement
    of the year.” Jodi rolled her eyes and continued, “In case you were wondering April and I are still alive and well. I’m going
    to New York City for Amy Malone’s wedding and though you don’t find it necessary to tell us where you are, I find it
    important that you know where I am,” she snapped. “I have to go…”

    Jodi entered the plane and surveyed the first class accommodations. She prayed that it would be a near empty cabin.
    The last thing she wanted was a Chatty-Cathy sitting next to her the entire flight.

    “Hello and welcome aboard. My name is Faith…” the flight attendant greeted with an obvious fake smile that told Jodi she
    also was hoping for a near empty cabin. “Let’s see where you’ll be sitting tonight.” The flight attendant took Jodi’s
    boarding pass. “Okay Ms. Bradshaw it looks like you’re in Seat 3B,” Faith gestured towards Jodi’s seat and stored her
    carry-on bag for her without asking.

    Jodi pulled her iPhone out of her purse, stored it under the seat pocket in front of her and leaned against the window with
    her eyes closed. She heard Faith greet several other passengers and then she heard a male voice that she thought she
    might know.

    “Good evening,” he smiled.

    “Hello…” Faith greeted the passenger and Jodi however paid them no attention. “All right Dr. Marshall you’ll be in Seat 3A
    for the duration of our flight…”

    “Bradley?” Jodi sat up and smiled. “What are you doing here?” she questioned.

    “I would assume the same thing you’re doing here,” he replied. “I’m headed to New York City…”

    “For Amy’s wedding,” Jodi finished his sentence for him. “Well at least I know I’ll be in good company tonight,” she said
    as Bradley took the seat next to her for the flight to NYC.
    “Okay…I’ll admit that’s not exactly the reaction that I was hoping to get,” Andrew told her.

    Sabrina crossed the room shaking her head every step of the way. “You brought a ring to my house? You brought a ring
    to my house!” she repeated. “What is going through your mind right now?”

    He smiled at her, “I’ve fallen in love with you Sabrina.”

    “Fallen or falling?” she questioned. “There’s a pretty big difference between the two Andrew. And just what may I ask do
    you think is going to be different now than it was before? In case you’ve forgotten – we’ve done this already once and it
    didn’t work out all that well.”

    “It’s different this time,” he promised her. “We’re two very different people than we were ten years ago Sabrina.”

    “You think we’re different?” she asked him as the clarity she has desperately wanted earlier slowly began to settle in. “Oh
    God…next you’re going to tell me that you think we’ve changed too.”

    “I know we’ve changed Sabrina,” Andrew assured her. “We are two very different people than we were the last time we
    did this. When we were married, it was because of some pretty shitty circumstances that I caused,” he admitted. “I did
    what I thought I had to do and you did what you thought you had to do. But when you kissed me in Chicago…when we
    made love in that elevator…I felt different and I think you did too.”

    “You felt different because you’re ten years older,” she mocked and turned away from him.

    He caught her wrist and spun her around to face him. “Exactly. Older and wiser…” Andrew told her. “I love you
    Sabrina…and if you would just be honest with yourself I think you would agree that you are in love with me too.”

    She broke free of his hold and shook her head at him in disagreement, “No I’m not…” the words caught in her throat and
    as she ran her fingers through her hair she whispered, “Damn you! Damn you!”

    Sabrina turned away from him and buried her face behind her hands. She thought about what she was about to do and
    for a moment a small part of her advised her to as fast as she could out the front door and never look
    back…because that small part of her knew what was about to happen.

    “We’ve done this already once before,” Sabrina announced. “And I’ve been right here in this same damn spot two times
    since and both of those times have ended badly for me.”

    “And has it ever crossed your mind as to why they ended that way Sabrina?” he took her hand in his. “I love you,” Andrew
    told her for a second time. “I’m not perfect and you’re not perfect, but together I think we can be damn near close to
    perfection if we just forget all the history and the bullshit we’ve put one another through.”

    She looked at him and cracked a small smile, “I want to make a fresh start with you,” he told her.