Previously on All Or Nothing
    Natasha Garrett Bradshaw pushed open the front door of the cabin and felt the cool morning breeze swipe through the
    front porch. The sun was slowly rising in front of her and she noted to herself that she would have dinner on the patio that

    With her hands firmly wrapped around what had become her favorite coffee mug, she made her way across the porch in
    her bare feet to a light brown wicker chair that over the course of the last four months had become her favorite place to
    watch the sunrise.

    She closed her eyes and felt a combination of the cool breeze from the lake and the warmth of the rising sun on her face.
    This was the most serene place that she had ever been in her life – so much so, that she didn’t hear his car pull up…or
    his car door shut…or him slowly start walking towards the porch.

    “Good morning!” a man’s voice jolted Natasha out of her serene daydream and back to her reality. “I’m sorry I didn’t
    mean to scare you.”

    “Well you did,” Natasha answered in a harsh tone. “Can I help you with something?”

    The man smiled and stepped up onto the porch, “I’m Preston…” he extended his hand to her, “Preston Crawford.”

    Natasha stood firm and did not move toward him as she questioned, “Is there something that I can help you with
    Preston? Because this is private property…” she told him.

    “That is very true ma’am,” he withdrew his hand as Natasha continued to stare him down. “I just saw you here on your
    porch and wanted to stop by and introduce myself…since we’ll be neighbors,” he told her.

    “Neighbors?” she asked him.

    “Yes. I’m renting the Patterson’s cabin for the summer,” he pointed to the empty cabin next to Natasha’s and repeated,

    She stood mortified before this man who only had wanted to say hello. Natasha couldn’t think, let alone move or speak.

    “So…hello…” Preston repeated before he barreled off the porch and back to his car without another word between them.
    Canton, Texas
    “I very rarely find a woman who will drink scotch with me,” Preston told as he took a seat across the room. He was
    strikingly beautiful, caramel like skin, broad muscular shoulders and the iciest blue eyes she had ever seen in her life.

    Natasha swirled the scotch around in the glass and looked across at him. He had to barely be ten years older than Jodi
    and yet knowing this she found him quite attractive.

    “Clearly then you don’t meet nearly enough Texas women.” She raised her glass in the air towards him, “Cheers.”

    He mirrored her gesture and both at the same time took a drink. He watched as Natasha swallowed, not flinching once
    at the taste of the liquor.

    “Where does a woman, such as yourself Natasha, learn to drink scotch?” he asked.

    She smiled and thought for a moment, “From their mothers of course.”

    “Their mothers?” he repeated with a resounding laugh that filled the entire room. “I’m going to be honest and tell you that
    I wasn’t expecting that as your answer.”

    “Yes well…as I said you clearly don’t meet nearly enough Texas women.” She finished her drink and sat the glass down
    on the coffee table in front of her.

    “Clearly I don’t. Would you like another drink?”

    “No,” she stood from the sofa in one fluid motion. “I should probably be going and let you get settled in. Is your wife going
    to be joining you at some point?” Natasha asked and felt the words lingering in the air as Preston polished off his drink
    and stood.

    “No. My wife she passed away,” he answered her in somber tone. “Seven years ago last February.”

    “Oh…” Natasha lowered her head and looked away from him. “I am so sorry. I hope that you’ll forgive me for assuming.”

    “Of course I will Natasha. How could you have known?” he asked as he walked towards her. “I’m very glad that you
    stopped by and introduced yourself.”

    Natasha cracked a brief smile and shook her head, “Yes well, I’m very glad that you stopped by this morning and again I
    am so sorry for the way I acted.”

    “Please it’s already been forgotten,” he told her. “Besides how I could stay upset with a woman who baked me Banana
    Nut Bread and drank with me all in one night?”

    She pushed opened the screen door and could feel her cheeks turning a shade of red. “Yes well I hope you enjoy the
    bread and perhaps I could have you over one night for a drink…to return your hospitality of course,” she suggested.

    “Oh of course…my hospitality,” he repeated. “I would like that very much Natasha.”

    “Well all right then,” she slowly descended the steps of the porch. “Have a goodnight Preston!”
    As Bradley stood on the porch of Ethan and Brittany’s Pebble Path Drive house, he adjusted his collar. The hot and
    heavy Texas summer air was especially dreadful tonight.

    “Hey Bradley,” Ethan opened the front door and gestured for Bradley to come in. “I appreciate you coming on such short
    notice like this. I didn’t take you away from anything did I?”

    “No of course not,” Bradley answered. “I’m glad that you called. What’s going on? You sounded worried over the phone.”

    Ethan shook his head and rubbed his face. His back ached from sleeping on the sofa and Bradley noticed the black
    rings under his eyes.

    “When was the last time you ate? Or had at least eight hours of sleep?” Bradley questioned. “Ethan you know that you
    need to take care of yourself too.”
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All Or Nothing
Episode 144: Turning Tables
June 16, 2012
  •        The Bradshaw Corporation CFO quit. Andrew suggested hiring longtime family friend, Jacqueline Vanderbilt.

  •        Pamela suspected her husband was having an affair and hired a private investigator.

  •        After her miscarriage, Brittany suffered from postpartum depression.

  •        Natasha fled to Canton, Texas after her aborted wedding to Nicholas in New York City.
    Sabrina Davis Bradshaw stood in the doorway of Andrew’s office and watched him work. She stood completely silent,
    careful not to move and make a sound that would announce her presence before she wanted. She stood not knowing
    what he was reading, but his intense focus made her smile and as she stepped into his office, she cleared her throat so
    not to startle him unnecessarily.

    “Do you have a minute?” she asked as he looked up from his document. “You seemed so intensely lost in thought that I
    hated to disturb you.”

    Andrew looked up at her a smiled. “You’re not disturbing me Sabrina,” he offered her a chair across from him. “You want
    something to drink?”

    “No,” she shook her head, “I can only stay for a minute.” Sabrina held his attention for a moment and she thought of how
    easy the conversation between them had suddenly became over the last few weeks. It was not only seamless, but nice
    and extremely welcome.

    “I just got back from the hospital,” she announced.

    “Is everything all right?”

    “It’s Brayden,” Sabrina answered. “He was playing and he sprained his wrist,” she explained. “He’s more embarrassed
    than anything I think. So anyway…” she said a little flustered, “I just wanted to come by and tell you that I don’t think I am
    going to be able to go with you to Chicago like we planned.”

    “Oh?” Andrew responded. “Because Brayden sprained his wrist?”

    “Yes,” Sabrina shook her head.

    Andrew cringed at the thought and leaned towards her in his chair. “You know I remember the first time each one of my
    kids sprained or broke something,” he laughed, “it was definitely not fun. But Sabrina I don’t think you have a choice here
    – you need to come to Chicago with me and meet Jacqueline Vanderbilt.”

    “Andrew I just told you that I can’t do that. My son needs me here.”
    “I understand,” he sympathized with her. “But Jacqueline is only meeting with you because I’m Phillip Bradshaw’s son,”
    Andrew told her. “So unless you plan on appointing me CEO of this company, then you need to be on that plane to
    Chicago with me.”

    Sabrina slowly broke into an open, humorous smile at the thought of her giving up her position as CEO of The Bradshaw
    Corporation over a sprained wrist.

    “We both know that’s not going to happen,” she told him. “But I do applaud your efforts. Listen I am open to suggestions,
    so if you have one let’s hear it.”

    He thought for a moment and then answered, “Instead of flying commercial…we take the corporate jet and you bring
    Brayden with us.”

    “Take my five year old son, who just nearly broke his wrist on a business trip with you and I?” she laughed at the thought.
    “Something tells me that Ms. Vanderbilt would not appreciate a toddler joining our meeting.”

    “True and she’s also not going to appreciate the CEO not being there to convince her to move here to Texas and work for
    our company either,” Andrew told her. “You know you can bring your nanny with us and she can babysit at the hotel while
    we’re working.”

    Sabrina thought for a moment if Andrew’s plan could work and before she could respond he added, “I can sympathize
    with your situation, but if you’re serious about Jacqueline…”

    “You know that I’m serious about her Andrew, don’t’ think that I’m not. We both know we’ve been without a competent
    CFO for far too long. I just hate that I have to uproot Brayden…” she stood up and paced the floor.

    “What five year old doesn’t love flying in an airplane Sabrina?”

    She stopped in her tracks and spun around, “You think my presence is that crucial to this meeting?”

    “I know it is,” Andrew told her. “So you’ll bring Brayden along?”

    Sabrina tilted her head to one side and looked at Andrew – she looked at him differently in that moment than she had
    ever looked at him before. He wasn’t thinking about just himself, he was concerned about the company, her and probably
    most importantly her son.

    “All right,” she conceded to him. “I’ll arrange for the nanny to come along with us and I’m assuming that you’ll make the
    reservations with the corporate jet?”

    “Of course,” Andrew smiled as he watched her walk out of his office.
    Pamela slid into a booth at the Silver Stallion Saloon across from Jim Wilson, the private investigator she had hired
    months earlier.

    The days since their first meeting had turned into weeks and the weeks had turned into months. But as he had informed
    her earlier that morning – his investigation was complete. Pamela knew that he would not only confirm what she already
    suspected – Travis was having an affair. This much she already knew, what she wanted was a name – the woman’s
    name who was screwing her husband!

    “Were you able to cross reference the credit card charges like I suggested?” Jim questioned her immediately as he slid
    into the booth across from Pamela.

    She cocked her head to one side and said in a semi-hushed tone, “You would think that after all the money I have paid
    you I would warrant a simple hello.”

    Jim laughed, “You are absolutely right. I apologize. Hello Pamela…”

    “Hello Jim,” she returned the smile and was able to lighten the mood. “And yes I was able to cross reference the credit
    card statements to the corresponding airdates from the KJRE broadcasts as you suggested.”

    “That’s good work. What did you find out?”

    “I was able to come to an independent conclusion that my husband is indeed having affair. And I have a good idea of
    whom he’s having an affair with, but I would like for you to confirm that information for me,” she explained.

    “Because that’s what you’re paying me for right?” he questioned as he reached into his rugged and worn leather
    briefcase beside him. He laid a large envelope on the table and pushed it across towards her.

    “Everything that I was able to find out on your husband’s affair is in there.”

    Pamela sat simply staring at her name in red block letters, “PAMELA MCCARTY” and every memory she ever had with
    Travis – their courtship, their love and their life rushed through her mind.

    “And I trust that the name of the woman who’s been screwing my husband is in here,” she tapped her finger on the

    “Of course it is. I told you the first time we met I would find out what your husband was up to and I’ve done just that ma’
    am,” Jim assured her.

    “Well alright then,” Pamela said as she slid out of the booth and stood to her feet. She looked down at Jim and smiled,
    “You have been extremely helpful and proven to be very valuable to me – that’s not something I’ll soon forget.”

    “Thank you ma’am,” he replied. “Anytime I can be of service.”

    She shook her head, “I’m glad you said that, because once I find out who my husband has been screwing around with
    behind back…well…” Pamela laughed, “there’s going to be hell to pay and I’ll need some help collecting.”
    “I know…I know,” Ethan confessed. “Ryan’s been telling me the same thing. He comes over here every day and Bradley
    he is so good with her. Between the two of us we’ve been able to get her out of bed, eat regularly…but something
    happened today and I don’t know what it was.”

    “Did anything out of the ordinary change?” Bradley asked. “Was something said in passing that maybe she

    “Not that I know of,” Ethan thought back over the course of the day. “I can’t think of anything would have caused a set back
    like this. She’s been yelling at me, crying at the drop of hat…” he turned away from Bradley. “I am just so tired,” he said in
    a hushed voice so Brittany wouldn’t hear him.

    Bradley put his hands on Ethan’s shoulders and looked him square in the eye, “I know you’re tired and you don’t have to
    say it – but I know you’re frustrated too. Why don’t you let me go upstairs, see what I can find out and you get out of the
    house for a bit.”

    “And do what?”

    Bradley shrugged his shoulders, “Go see your mother…go get a drink with Justin…go get something to eat…just do
    something,” he suggested. “I’ll take care of her, I promise.”
    Natasha took her time walking from his cabin – Preston’s cabin – back to her own. The thoughts of the night replayed
    over and over in her mind as the gravel crackled under her sandals. The stars twinkled in the raven black night and the
    nearly full moon danced against the ripples of the lake between their cabins. She felt that Preston’s arrival could
    potentially complicate things for her – if only she allowed them, but as she approached the porch she wondered if he
    even thought of her in that way.

    She approached the porch and with each stair she pushed out the thoughts that her chance meeting with a much
    younger man would lead to anything other than common acquaintance and neighbor. Natasha turned and surveyed the
    environment one last time before going inside and it was then that she saw the headlights of a car in the distance. As the
    light approached closer and closer Natasha began to wonder if this was another woman coming to see Preston and she
    resolved that if it was…well she would cross that bridge if need be.

    The lights grew closer and closer and she was confused when the sedan came to a stop in front of her cabin. The only
    people that knew she was there was Julia, Preston and Pamela. The lights of the car flickered off and the door slowly
    swung open and as Natasha stood looking down from the porch she questioned, “Pamela?”

    “Hello Natasha,” Pamela pushed the door on the car shut and headed towards the porch. “I hope that you don’t mind me
    just showing up completely out of the blue like this. But…quite frankly…I didn’t know where else to go,” she confessed.

    “Is everything all right? Are the girls…” Natasha’s words trailed off at the mere thought that something could be wrong
    with her precious girls.

    “Oh Jodi and April, they’re just fine,” Pamela reassured her. “They are a little worried about their MIA mother, but I told
    them I had everything under control.”

    “Thank you,” Natasha sighed. “So what brings you here to Canton? You look upset,” she noted. “I can tell that something’
    s wrong Pamela.”

    She shook her head and headed towards the door. “Why don’t you make us some coffee Natasha and I’ll tell you all
    about it,” Pamela entered the cabin, with the brown envelope from Jim Wilson firmly tucked under her arm.
    Pamela sat on the couch and watched as the seconds slowly ticked away and turned into minutes. She could smell the
    aroma of freshly brewed coffee as it drifted from the kitchen into the living room and slowly engulfed the entire cabin. She
    wondered to herself how her life – after all these years had led her here and to this place.

    Natasha handed Pamela a cup. “I have cream and sugar if you want.”

    Pamela took the cup from her former daughter-in-law and shook her head no without saying a word.

    “Okay. Do you want to tell me what’s going on? I haven’t seen you look this distraught since Phillip died,” Natasha noted.
    “Something is wrong Pamela.”

    “Are you sure that you don’t mind me being here?” Pamela stood up and walked across the room with her coffee in hand.

    “You being here is fine Pamela,” she reassured her. “Something clearly has you upset and I want you to feel free to talk to
    me about whatever it is. Obviously there’s a reason you drove all the way up here from River’s Edge.”

    “I hired a private investigator in February to follow Travis,” she revealed.

    “What? Why?”

    “I suspected that he was having an affair,” Pamela answered. “And over the course of the last several months my
    speculations have turned to confirmation.

    Natasha stood and walked towards Pamela, stunned at her announcement. She not only knew Travis, she cared a great
    deal for him. He was more to her than just an employee at KJRE – he was her daughter’s step-grandfather. She
    considered him a friend, but as she reached out to Pamela – she knew that woman standing before her heartbroken
    was her family.

    “Can you believe that?” Pamela questioned. “Natasha I am damn near seventy years old and I still have to worry about
    my husband stepping out on me…I mean how ironic is that situation,” she laughed at the thought.

    “How certain are you that he’s having an affair?” Natasha asked.

    “Oh I’m beyond certainty Natasha,” she replied. “My husband is definitely screwing around on me. The only question that
    remains is with whom and the answer…” she pointed at the coffee table, “well the answer is inside that envelope right
    “You don’t even bother to knock anymore,” Brittany asked as Bradley entered her bedroom. “I should have figured Ethan
    would have called you. Of all the people in the world he could have called…”

    “What’s wrong with him calling me?” Bradley asked. “He wanted someone to come see you, who cares about you

    She stood from the chair and walked over to the bed, where she proceeded to climb under the covers. “Okay Bradley if
    you say so. But here’s the thing,” she turned her back to him, “I really don’t want to see you right now and I think it would
    best if you left.”

    “I only want to stay for a few minutes and just talk Brittany. Can I at least do that?”

    She shook her head and replied in a cold, distant tone, “Why not? Because even though I just said I want you to leave,
    you’re going to stay anyway.”

    “Why don’t you want me to stay Brittany? You know I only want to help…”

    “Well Bradley I want you to get the hell out of my house!” she replied.

    “I asked you to leave and you insist on staying. I tell you that I don’t want to talk and you insist that we talk so that you can
    help me – I just want to be alone,” she insisted. “So please leave.”
    “Pamela are you certain that you want to know who the woman?” Natasha questioned. “It’s one thing to know that your
    husband is having an affair, it’s an entirely different set of circumstances.”

    “Answer me something,” Pamela said as she settled into the deep leather cushions of the sofa. “Did you know that
    Andrew cheated on you during your marriage?”

    Natasha spun around and faced Pamela. She thought for a moment before answering…

    “Natasha I can explain,” Andrew told her as he climbed out of the bed. “If you’ll just let me explain…”

    “Shut up Andrew,” she fired back at him with fury in her eyes. “You have the nerve to stand there and tell me that
    you can explain. Please tell me first, what exactly it is that you’re going to explain to me you son-of-a-bitch?”

    “It’s not what you’re thinking Natasha,” he continued. “Please…”

    “I told you to shut up and meant it. How dare you patronized me by saying this is not what I think it is,” she fired
    back at him. “I think what this is…” she looked at Valerie in her bed, “I think you and this tramp, who I considered
    to be my friend, are in my house, in my bed naked…”

    “I think everyone underestimated me…present company included,” Natasha told Pamela. “I wasn’t as naïve as I was
    perceived to be all those years.”

    “So you knew Andrew had extramarital affairs?”

    Natasha shook her head, “Of course. I did his laundry for eighteen years after all and I’ve never worn a shade of pink
    lipstick,” she smiled. “And you what else – I knew that you knew Pamela.”

    Pamela cocked her head to one side and asked, “What is it that you think I knew Natasha?”

    “Let’s not be coy with one another. Not after all these years. I knew that you knew of Andrew’s affairs. Perhaps not all of
    them,” Natasha conceded, “but you know about the good majority of them.”

    “And you never said anything,” Pamela paused to catch her breath, “how come?”

    Natasha thought for a moment. She had asked herself that question a hundred times over the course of her life and the
    only answer she could ever come up with was, “Because I had a sister that lived halfway across the country, my parents
    were both dead and I had three children,” she explained.

    “Pamela, you and Phillip gave me so much more than your son – you gave me a family when I needed one the most. I
    never said anything about Andrew’s affairs until I was certain that I could stand on my own two feet outside the Bradshaw
    family. I never said anything until I knew my children were big enough to make form their own opinions about their father's
    actions,” Natasha explained.

    “I never said anything until I was certain that I would be able to stand on my own two feet. Pamela, you and Phillip, you
    gave me so much more than your name – you gave me a family when I needed one.”

    Pamela sat in stunned shock. Here before her was a woman that she had sorely underestimated for the majority of their
    mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship.

    “I just cannot believe that you not only knew about Andrew’s affairs, but you knew that I knew and you stayed,” Pamela told

    “I stayed because I loved my children and I wanted what was best for them,” Natasha told her. “I did what was right for
    them, not what I thought was right for me.”

    “And that was staying married to their father?” Pamela asked.

    “It was.”

    “And when you caught Andrew and Valerie in bed together in 2001 what made you decide that enough was enough?”
    Pamela asked.
    He ignored her bitter words and pressed on, “Ethan asked me to come over because he loves you and he knows that I
    love you. He told me that something happened today and it caused some type of setback. I’d like to know what
    happened, maybe I could help.”

    She crawled out of the bed and walked across the room, “Just because you’re a doctor Bradley, it doesn’t mean that you’
    re a shrink. For Christ sake I already have one of those,” Brittany fired at him.

    “Why won’t you leave? I don’t want you here and I promise you I do not want to talk about what happened today…and
    even if I did Bradley, you are the last person I would want to talk it over with,” she threw her words at him as if they were

    “Can’t you please just let me try and help Brittany? In whatever possible way that I can.”

    She shook her head and looked away from him. Bradley took the opportunity to inch closer to her and as he reached to
    touch her arm, she turned back to him and immediately pushed him away from her.

    “Don’t…do not touch me!” she warned him as her voice cracked and tears slowly began to race down her face. “Just go
    away! For Christ sake Bradley…what do I have to do or say for you to just leave me alone,” she screamed at him.

    He took a few steps backwards and their eyes met for the first time since he had arrived. The tears had made her eyes
    bloodshot red and he could see the pain she was going through. It took every effort in him to not overpower her and wrap
    his arms around her. His friend was hurting and she wanted absolutely no help from him.
    Natasha thought for a moment and finally answered, “I just knew, simple as that. It was time for a change and the kids
    were old enough then to form their own opinions. I may have known about the other women in Andrew’ life, but I had
    never seen what I saw that day ever in my life and I finally realized – that I deserved better.”

    “Do you think I deserve better?” Pamela questioned as her eyes rested on the envelope that had her name written on it.

    “Here’s the thing Pamela,” she sat down across from her, “it’s not about whether I think you deserve better – it’s about
    you knowing you deserve better. There comes a point when you know if something is right or if it’s wrong and no one can
    make that decision for you, only you can.”

    “Is that what you did when you left Andrew? Did you tell yourself that your marriage was wrong?”

    Natasha shook her head and cut her eyes at Pamela, “I never said that my marriage to your son was wrong,” she
    assured her. “His actions were wrong. But my marriage to Andrew was one of the best things that I ever did in my life and
    don’t you forget that I said that. Andrew is the father of my children, the only children that I will ever have and for that
    reason, a part of me will always, always love that man.”

    “That’s how I feel about Phillip,” Pamela confessed. “But this with Travis is different. I don’t have children to concern
    myself with…I married Travis because I thought he loved me and thought he wanted to be with me. I don’t want to
    question whether I deserve better than this, I know I deserve better than is.”

    “Then it sounds like to me you’re ready to open that envelope,” Natasha told her.

    Pamela leaned forward, picked up the envelope and turned it over. She ran her finger under the sealed flap and pulled
    out the Jim Wilson’s report.

    After a few minutes Natasha finally broke the silence and asked, “What does it say it Pamela?”

    She turned away from Natasha and covered her mouth with her hand. In a stifled tone she said, “It’s been right under my
    nose this entire time…”

    “What has? Who is Travis having an affair with?”

    “Rhonda Duncan.” Pamela stood from the sofa and walked across the room as Natasha processed the stunning news.

    “My husband has not only been having an affair, he’s been doing it with a woman who I befriended…who I invited into my
    home…who I made an effort to welcome into our lives…”

    “I cannot believe this Natasha,” Pamela tried to process this revelation.

    “I’m speechless,” Natasha replied. “I never would have thought that this would happen and then with Rhonda. I am so
    sorry Pamela. What are you going to do?”

    Pamela spun around, “I think I’m first going to throw-up and then I’m going to fight this pulsating urge to take a horsewhip
    to his lying, cheating ass and then, well then I’m going to get even!”
    Natasha stood holding a loaf of Banana Nut Bread that Julia had baked for her hours earlier. She was dressed much
    better than she had been earlier in the day when she was ambushed by – Preston – her apparent neighbor.

    “Knock…knock…Preston,” she called through the screen door and a sudden realization hit her – she hadn’t told him her
    name when he so politely came by to introduce himself.

    “Well look who’s here,” he said to no one in particular through the screen door, “it’s my neighbor. You know you are on
    private property don’t you?”

    Natasha forced a smile and wondered why she hadn’t grilled Julia about who Preston Crawford, mysterious neighbor
    who was renting the Patterson’s cabin was. Clearly she wasn’t herself and then there was a sudden realization –
    perhaps that wasn’t such a bad thing.

    “I’m Natasha Bradshaw,” she told him with a sincere smile, “and I come bearing gifts in high hopes that you’ll forgive my
    utter rudeness this morning,” she laughed.

    Preston stood for a moment and then pushed open the screen door, “Would you like to come in?”

    She thought for a moment, “Yes I would, thank you.”

    Once inside she took note of how much the cabin resembled Pamela’s and when she handed Preston the loaf of
    Banana Nut she watched as he disappeared into the kitchen.

    “May I sit?” she called out to him.

    “Of course,” Preston answered her. “Anywhere you would like. Can I get a drink? I just poured myself a single malt scotch
    when you arrived. I have…”

    “A single malt scotch is just fine,” she answered him.

    There she stood in the living room of a man who she hadn’t known all of ten minutes. The thought of what she was doing
    here raced through her mind and for a brief second she thought of bolting out the door from which she had just entered.
    Now here he stood before her, extending to her a glass of scotch…this was not how this was supposed to have
    happened Natasha thought. She was supposed to have come over, introduced herself, gave him the Banana Nut Bread
    and then left.
    Later That Evening - Several Hours Later
    “Fine…” she threw her hands in the air, “if you won’t leave then you look at me,” Brittany demanded. “You look at me and
    you look at what you have done to me. You have destroyed me,” she told him. “You and Douglas…the two of you did this
    to me…”

    “Did what to you?” he questioned. “What did we do?”

    “You broke me…” she shrieked at the top of her lungs. “The two of you shoved me out of window…” she reminded him.

    “You have made me this way and for some reason you think that you can just waltz in here and make everything better by
    talking?” she sobbed.

    “I thought we were past all of that Brittany,” he mumbled. “You are my best friend and if I thought being here caused you

    “Then you would what Bradley…leave?” she asked. “Because I have been asking you to leave me alone since you got
    here…to just get out and leave me alone…but by God here you still stand you self-righteous son-of-a-bitch!”

    “You’re right,” he finally conceded. “I’m going…but I just want you to know that I love you so much and I am so…”

    “Don’t…” Brittany stopped him. “Don’t apologize to me…you broke me and there are no words that can make up for that.
    So please don’t apologize, just go…”

    She turned away from him and leaned forward against the dresser where a birth announcement for Douglas and
    Caress's son Liam lay…
    Delivered in the mail earlier that day with the newspaper, her magazine and the cell phone bill…

    “Just go…” she closed her eyes and felt the tears race much faster down her face, “just go…”