All Or Nothing
Episode 141: Empire State of Mind, Part Three
An All Or Nothing Mini-Series Event
April 15, 2012
    8:15AM (EST)

    Audrey stepped off the elevator and surveyed the lobby for a sign of Brittany or Warren. As she looked across the
    crowded room she saw him sitting in a chair – right where he said he would be and she couldn’t help but think of the
    kiss that they had also shared…

    “Warren I can’t,” she managed to break free from his hold, leaving him standing there. The look on his face broke
    her heart. He looked as though someone had just kicked his puppy and Audrey knew she should walk away and
    as she did, it was then that she threw caution to the wind.

    She stepped back towards him and in one fluid motion; she freely gave herself to him and they could both feel the
    passion of their kiss. It was something that she hadn’t felt in years and she suddenly began to crave not only his
    touch, not only his kiss, but much more. As she ran her hands through his hair she fought with herself to continue
    or to break free…

    Audrey slowly made her way through the crowd of people and when she had finally made it to where Warren was at, he
    stood up and acknowledged her presence, “You look ravishing this morning,” he told her with a smile.

    She couldn’t help but smile, “Thank you Warren,” she told him as her cheeks turned a light shade of red.

    “Well I wouldn’t expect anything less than absolutely ravishing from her on today of all days,” Brittany appeared next to her
    mother-in-law. “Good morning,” she leaned forward and kissed her cheek.

    “Good morning my darling,” Audrey responded to her daughter-in-law. “Warren I would like you to meet my daughter-in-
    law and co-designer for the new collection, Brittany Pierce.”

    “Mrs. Pierce,” he extended his hand to her, “Warren Spencer. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. I’ve heard only good
    things from anyone who’s ever spoken of you.”
    7:45AM (EST)

    The bathroom door was cracked just enough to cast a light into the bedroom as Audrey King Pierce stood in front of the
    mirror. She stared at her reflection for a moment and as she turned away her eye caught a glimpse of what was a most
    unusual sight – that of Nicholas Pierce in her bed.

    He moved across the room to where Audrey stood, with only inches separating her lied to her, “Natasha called off
    the wedding tonight. We didn’t get married.”

    “What?” she questioned. “I don’t understand, why would she do such a thing?”

    “Does it really matter if you understand or not?” he asked as he put his hand on the small of Audrey’s back and
    pulled her closer to him.

    Her heart jolted and her pulse pounded as she managed to ask, “What are you doing?”

    As his hand moved up her back and as he pulled her even closer to him, he leaned in to kiss her and whispered,
    “Isn’t it obvious?”

    “I want to hear you say it,” Audrey was breathless as she spoke.

    Their lips met and between kisses he replied, “What I should have done years ago.”

    A smile broadened across her face as she recalled the events that had transpired the night before and while she still
    didn’t quite understand why Natasha had called the wedding off, she decided it wasn’t her place to worry about the
    logistics – it had happened.

    Audrey snapped her three carat diamond tennis bracelet on her wrist and smiled as she read the card again that had
    come with the gift earlier that morning, “To our beautiful mother – congratulations on the fiftieth collection. Love – Justin,
    Ethan, Savannah and Miranda.”

    She turned the mirror for one last look and as she turned from it, she draped her bag over her right shoulder and smiled
    at a sleeping Nicholas. She couldn’t help but think that because of last night something had changed in their
    relationship. For the first time in nearly ten years – he turned to her and not to Brandi or Natasha or any other woman who
    wasn’t worthy of his love.

    As she began to make her way out of the suite, Audrey’s cell phone began to vibrate in her bag and as she reached for it
    all she could think of was that everything was finally right in her world. Today was going to be an extraordinary day – it
    was after all her fiftieth collection under the King Fashion and as she answered her phone she was determined that no
    one and nothing would ruin this feeling for her.

    “This is Audrey…” she said with a vibrant smile.
    Patricia glared at him from across the room, “If I guess correctly jackass do I get my money or do I walk outta here and
    tell Audrey that for thirty years she was nothing more than a cash cow for you?”

    Nicholas overlooked her last comment and continued, “The PI is very good,” he explained. “A local guy back home and he
    found out that you’ve racked up quite the casino debts in Las Vegas and Reno.”

    She shrugged her shoulders, “I like the slots – there ain’t no harm in that Nicky.”

    “Nope there’s no harm in that Patricia. But you liked more than just the slots – you liked the tables and Keno a lot more
    than you did the nickel machines.”

    “Cowboy…” she snapped her fingers at him, “I lived my life the way that I wanted to live my life – I don’t need a ten minute
    recap of my greatest hits…okay. Cut to the chase or I’m outta here! Do you have my money or not?”

    Nicholas walked across the room to the closet and opened the safe that contained a few items – the first he threw on the
    bed was a copy of her debts in Las Vegas and Reno and two arrest warrants, “You’ve racked up over a half a million
    dollars in debt in Vegas and Reno, not to mention the two outstanding arrest warrants for check fraud.”

    Patricia shook her head, “That’s why I need your money to keep my mouth shut,” she told him. “Five million isn’t a lot
    when you think about it Nicky. Especially considering what the press would pay me to get their hands on all the dirty King
    Fashion laundry that I have,” she told him.

    “You’re not getting that much from me,” he flat out told her. “You give me all the documentation you have about my
    arranged marriage with Audrey, you tell me who Caroline is and in turn I’ll give you a million dollars in cash, I’ll make
    sure your debts are all taken care of and that those arrest warrants will just vanish away,” he offered her.

    She pondered for a minute and when he told her, “There are no other offers on the table Patricia,” the light blue Tiffany
    box on the nightstand caught her attention.

    “What’s that?” she gestured towards the box.

    “It’s Natasha’s wedding ring.”

    Patricia reached into her bag and pulled out a large brown envelope marked “Nicholas” and she held it up for him to see.
    “Everything about your arranged marriage is in this envelope – the canceled check stubs and bank statements,” she told

    Nicholas returned to the safe and took out the cash and laid it on the bed, “And the information about this mysterious

    “And I want the ring,” she gestured towards the nightstand.

    He thought for a moment and then shook his head, “Fine you can have the ring. What about the information about

    Patricia tossed the envelope on the bed, collected her reward and smiled at him, “You pay off the casino debt and make
    the arrest warrants vanish like you said you would and I’ll make sure you get the information that you need,” she smiled
    and pulled open the door. “Thanks Nicky!” she called out as he stood there fuming.

    Once she made her way halfway down the hall, she reached into her bag and pulled out her cell phone. As she listened
    to it ring out – she only hoped that the other person would pick up…

    “Hello this is Audrey.”

    “Audrey…” Patricia smiled, “it’s your sister. Don’t hang up…”
    9:15AM (EST)

    “Good morning,” Josh Marshall leaned over and kissed April on the top of the head. “How are you this morning?”

    “Hi,” April smiled up at him. “I’m tired actually,” she confessed. “I didn’t sleep well at all last night.”

    Josh shook his head, “Yeah I texted you and you never responded last night. I figured you had passed out.”

    “I did,” she told him between sips of coffee. “Were you able to find my purse?”

    “Well…I should…probably…” Ryan stuttered as he inched closer to Josh and without a second thought he moved
    forward their lips met.

    Josh was shocked at his own eager response to the touch of Ryan’s kiss that he dropped April’s purse to the floor
    and grabbed Ryan’s head, running his fingers through his hair, bringing him closer to him…

    “Josh…hey,” April snapped her fingers at him. “Were you able to find my purse last night in the ballroom? I asked at the
    front desk when I came down if it had been turned in and they said that it hadn’t.”

    He shook his head, “Yeah. It’s up in my room,” Josh told her as he noticed a plate of half eaten food. “Emily?” he pointed
    at it.

    April shook her head, “You just missed her. Savannah asked if she could go with her and Lewis to the fashion show
    today and I couldn’t say no,” she explained.

    He reached over and snatched one of April’s strips of bacon and flashed a devilishly cute grin at her before asking, “And
    how’s your mother this morning?”

    “I honestly don’t know. She sent Jodi and I away last night, said she needed some time alone. Jodi is actually up there
    right now checking on her, so we’ll both know soon enough.”

    April sipped her cappuccino and exhaled slowly, “Tell me something…” she told him, “anything at all.”

    “Well…I kissed Ryan last night,” Josh confessed with a smile.

    “What?” she asked as her sullen mood suddenly changed and they both shared a smile. “You kissed Ryan? Tell me

    Josh was about to dive into every detail of his kiss, but Jodi’s arrival stopped him, “Jodi?” he questioned. “Is everything
    all right?”

    Jodi shook her head, “No. April please tell me that you’ve spoken to our mother this morning?”

    “No,” April told her. “I haven’t seen her since last night. Why? What’s wrong?”

    Jodi sighed with exasperation, “She’s gone,” she finally said. “I spent ten minutes knocking on her door this morning and
    then finally convinced the maid to let me in her room, only to discover that she wasn’t there,” Jodi explained.

    “Maybe she went out this morning for breakfast somewhere,” Josh suggested and Jodi shook her head in disagreement.

    “All of her clothes and her luggage is gone too,” she told them. “I’m going to go talk to the concierge and the front desk to
    see if someone knows anything. Do you want to come with me?” she asked April.

    “Yes, yes…of course,” April told her. “Let’s go…” she looked over at Josh.

    “Go…go…” he told her. “I’ll catch up with you later. Let me know what you find out.”

    She forced a smile, “I will. Thanks!”
    9:25AM (EST)

    “I’m not ordering any coffee for you Patricia,” Nicholas told her. “Besides you’re not going to be here long enough to enjoy

    “Okay…I can get down with that,” she laughed. “We’re going to get right to the payday…I like that. So you brought my
    money – that’s a good thing for you Nicky.”

    “I didn’t bring your money,” he corrected her, “at least not all of it. I told you that it wouldn’t easy to pull out that much cash
    without looking suspicious.”

    “You don’t have the money?” she stood up and began walking towards the door. “I’m outta here then.”

    Apart of him didn’t care if Patricia did leave, but he knew if he allowed her to walk out of that room then her next stop
    would be wherever Audrey was at and he couldn’t allow that to happen.

    “I have some of the money,” Nicholas told her. “I hired a PI to look into your background,” he explained. “You care to take a
    guess at what he found?”
    9:00AM (EST)

    Nicholas Pierce stood in his suite – the bed was still made, the clothes he had worn prior to getting dressed for the
    wedding the night before still laid on the back of one of the chairs and on the nightstand he noticed the small velvet ring
    box that contained Natasha’s wedding ring…

    “Natasha, I don’t even know where to start.”

    “Not here…don’t start here,” she warned him.

    “I don’t know how to even try to explain this to you.”

    “That’s good, because you shouldn’t know how to explain this to me Nicholas,” she said as she looked away from
    his reflection, smirking at the notion that he would even entertain the notion that his actions were explainable.

    “You do not get to put a single thing into context,” she told him. “And you certainly do not get to walk in here and try
    to explain yourself,” she turned from the window and met his eye.

    He stood in silence reliving those moments and finally resigned himself to the fact that Justin must have placed the ring
    there at some point after the failed wedding and more importantly that his relationship with Natasha could be over.

    Nicholas crossed from the bedroom area into the bathroom when he heard a knock on the door and he quickly made his
    way back across the suite.

    “Natasha?” he said as he opened the door, but it was not her.

    “No such luck Nicky,” Patricia said between smacks of a pink piece of Trident bubble gum. “I ain’t your runaway bride.”

    His eyes locked with Patricia’s as he stood there in utter shock. Not only was she in New York City, but she was at his
    hotel and suddenly he realized that she had taken it upon herself to enter his suite without so much as an invitation.

    “You got any coffee Nicky? I haven’t had my required three cups yet and I can get pretty cranky if I don’t at least meet my
    daily quota. You know what I’m saying?” she laughed.

    “I don’t have any coffee,” Nicholas stuck his head out into the hall to see if anyone had seen her come into his room and
    when it was clear that no one had he shut the door.

    “Patricia what the hell are you doing here and how do you know about Natasha?”

    “You know I should’ve known you wouldn’t have any coffee in here…considering…”

    “Considering what?” Nicholas asked her.

    “Well Nicky, considering that you shacked up with my sister last night,” she winked at him. “When you gonna learn
    cowboy – there’s not much you or Audrey do that I don’t already know about,” Patricia smiled at him.

    “You followed us here from River’s Edge,” he stated.

    Patricia looked around the room and shook her head, “You’re damn right I did Nicky. You keep acting so surprised by
    these things,” she told him. “Listen baby…the jig, its up. I’m done playing games with you.”

    “You’re here for your money?” he asked as a smiled widened across her face.

    “Now…” she smiled at him, “now you’re catching on Nicky. And for Christ’s sake…call room services or something – I
    told ya…I want some damn coffee!”
    “I know that it sucks and I’m sorry,” Sam said as she put his toothbrush in one of the suitcases. “I don’t want to go…”

    “Then don’t,” Ryan smiled up at him. “Stay here with me.”

    “But I have to go,” Sam finished his earlier sentence. “This is a good opportunity for me and I would be doing myself a
    disservice to not take advantage of it.”

    “I guess I’m just being selfish then wanting you to stay,” Ryan admitted. “But what is this really all about? You told me just
    last week that you took yourself off call for the entire time that we were going to be here.”

    Sam shook his head, “I don’t want to do this right now Ryan.”

    “Then when are we going to do it Sam?” he responded with cold sarcasm. “Clearly you’re about to fly halfway across the
    world and when I get back home I’m swamped with clients – oh and not to mention the fact that we live thousands of
    miles apart,” he got out of the bed and retrieved his pants from one of the chairs near the window.

    Sam shook his head and thought for a moment before asking, “You want to do this now? Really Ryan?”

    “Yes I want to know why you were about to run out of here without saying a word to me.”

    “You really want to know what this is about,” Sam asked. “It’s about your ex-boyfriend, Josh Marshall.”

    Ryan tenses up and treaded carefully, as if he suddenly knew there was a ticking landmine in the room, “What about
    him? I didn’t know that he was going to be here in New York.”

    “You think that him being here is why I’m upset?” he asked Ryan. “I am upset because you went with him to Dallas
    without telling me and I’m upset that you kissed him last night.”

    Ryan stood in silence for a minute while he watched Sam gather the last few remaining items from around the room. “I
    can explain…”

    “That’s okay Ryan, because I not only don’t need an explanation – I don’t want one,” Sam told him. “I saw the way you
    kissed Josh last night and I thought to myself – does he ever kiss me that way and when I knew that the answer was
    no…I suddenly knew where I fit into this little triangle.”

    “So you’re just leaving then”

    Sam looked around the room for the last few items and then walked over to where Ryan was standing. “Yeah I’m just
    leaving, because whether you want to admit it or not…”

    “I don’t have feelings for Josh,” Ryan told him.

    “That’s the problem Ryan,” Sam assured him, “you do have feelings for Josh.”

    “And what makes you so certain that I do?”

    Sam leaned forward and kissed his cheek and smiled at him, “Because when you said his name just now, you’re eyes lit
    up in a way that they never did when you said mine.”
    8:02AM (EST)

    As Ryan O’Keefe slowly began to awake from his troublesome slumber the night before, his mind also raced with
    images and thoughts of the previous night.

    “Well…I should…probably…” Ryan stuttered as he inched closer to Josh and without a second thought he moved
    forward their lips met.

    Josh was shocked at his own eager response to the touch of Ryan’s kiss that he dropped April’s purse to the floor
    and grabbed Ryan’s head, running his fingers through his hair, bringing him closer to him…

    As he finally sat up in the bed, he rubbed his eyes and glanced across the room where he saw two suitcases setting by
    the door.

    Sam…” Ryan called out as he searched the floor for his shirt. “Sam?”

    From the bathroom, Sam wiped his mouth with a hand towel and washed the remaining toothpaste off of his toothbrush.
    Like Ryan, his mind to was racing with the thoughts from last night – from their walk in the park to him witnessing Ryan
    kissing Josh in the ballroom.

    “You’re awake,” Sam said finally coming out of the bathroom, fully dressed. “I hope that I didn’t wake you up.”

    Ryan overlooked what Sam was saying to him and immediately pointed out the suitcases, “Are you going somewhere?”

    He shook his head, “I got a call earlier this morning that I’m needed for an international flight that leaves in a few hours
    from JFK,” Sam explained.

    Ryan rubbed his eyes and yawned, “You’re leaving? I thought you were supposed to be on vacation and not working,” he
    stated, rather than ask.

    “I was…or I am,” Sam replied. “It’s an international flight to South Africa and it pays overtime and I really use that right

    “So you’re leaving the day of the fashion show? The main reason that we came here this week.”
    Brittany’s smile widened in approval and she looked from Warren to Audrey and back again, “Well apparently Audrey told
    you that flattery will get you everywhere with me,” she teased. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Spencer.”

    “Please call me Warren.”

    “Warren is an editor at Craze magazine,” Audrey explained to Brittany. “He’ll be shadowing you and I throughout the day.”

    “I assume there are worse things in life,” Brittany teased. “And when he’s done he’ll write a smashing review of the new
    line?” she asked.

    “That is certainly my hope,” Audrey told her. “Warren?”

    “As is mine,” he told the two of them. “Could I possibly convince the two most beautiful women in the room to joining me
    for breakfast? I would love to get your thoughts Brittany about what is going through your mind the morning before, quite
    arguably one of the biggest premieres of your career.”

    Brittany looked to Audrey, who smiled in approval. “Yes I think the two most beautiful women in the room would be more
    than willing to take you up on that offer Warren,” Brittany told him as he extended his arm to her and they began to walk to
    the restaurant.
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