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All Or Nothing
Episode 140: Empire State of Mind, Part Two
An All Or Nothing Mini-Series Event
February 26, 2012
    Ryan and Sam stood on the corner of Fifth and Central Park South, having just had dinner at The Plaza Food Court. The
    setting sun had given way to the moonlit night as they made their way into Central Park. The night air was cooler than
    either one of them had anticipated, but as they made their way back to the hotel the moment felt right.

    “I want to take your sister and Ethan out to dinner one night before we leave,” Sam told Ryan. “My gesture of saying
    thanks for the fiftieth time since we got here,” he smiled.

    “You know that you don’t need to do that,” Ryan told him.

    “I know but I want to,” he smiled. “Earlier today when we were checking in your sister gave me some words of advice in
    regards to our relationship.”

    “Seriously?” Ryan stopped walking and looked over at Sam. “For Christ’s sake…” he sighed, “I’m sorry she did that. I can
    only imagine what she said to you.”

    As they came to The Pond in the park they took a seat at one of the empty park benches and both looked out over the
    water. The reflections of the night skyline reflected beautifully against the still pond. Sam interlocked his fingers with Ryan’
    s and recalled his conversation with Brittany.

    “It was actually quite sweet,” Sam finished.

    “Brittany kills me,” Ryan laughed at his sister. “You know she has given that same lecture to every guy that I have dated
    since Josh.”

    “You haven’t talked to me much about your relationship with Josh other than saying that you dated a long time ago,” Sam
    said in hopes of getting more information. “Did the relationship end badly?”

    Ryan shook his head, “I wouldn’t say it ended badly, but it did end awkwardly I guess is a better word for it.”

    “You seem like you don’t want to tell me about it.”

    “No…I’ll tell you anything you want to know about…just some other time,” Ryan assured him. “I would much rather talk
    about something else that doesn’t include my ex-boyfriend or my sister,” he smiled. “We’re in New York City for crying out

    “Well then…I have an idea.”

    “Is that a fact?” Ryan ran his hand down Sam’s leg as they both leaned in for a kiss. “What is your idea?”

    “I want to take you on a carriage ride through the park and then after that…”

    “After that what?” he asked playfully, glancing at him.

    “We’ll go back to the hotel and see what trouble we can get ourselves into there,” Sam said with a wink as he leaned in
    for a kiss.
    “Friends and family, we are gathered here tonight to witness and celebrate the union of Nicholas Pierce and Natasha
    Garrett Bradshaw,” the Justice of the Peace began the ceremony, as Natasha beamed with happiness before Nicholas.

    “In the years they have been together, their love and understanding of one another has grown and matured, and now they
    have decided to live their lives together as husband and wife.”

    Nicholas looked at both Jodi and April before his eyes rested on his future wife. Her blonde hair was in a fishtail-braided
    topknot that Savannah had fixed for her only hours earlier. Her small veil clipped into her hair was a last minute touch
    added by Miranda and he thought of her beauty and her radiance.

    “Who brings this woman to be married to this man?” the Justice asked as April looked to Jodi.

    “My sister and I, her daughters,” Jodi answered as she gave Natasha’s hand to Nicholas and then took her place at her
    mother’s side as her maid-of-honor.

    “True marriage is more than joining the bonds of marriage of two persons; it is the union of two hearts,” the Justice
    began to read as Nicholas and Natasha gazed into one another’s eyes. “It lives on the love you give each other and it
    never grows old…”

    “I asked them for their permission to ask you to marry me,” Nicholas presented a diamond engagement ring.

    “You and I have overcome some great obstacles together. I love you Natasha. Our relationship feels right, at least
    to me it does. I hope that you feel the same way.”

    “Natasha…will you marry me?” he asked.

    “May you both be blessed with a lifetime of happiness and a home of warmth and understanding,” the Justice finished.

    “Nicholas…I’m going to have you repeat after me,” the Justice instructed as Natasha handed her bouquet to Jodi, took
    his hand and smiled at him.

    “I love you,” she mouthed to him as her eyes began to sparkle with happiness.

    “I, Nicholas, take you, Natasha, to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward…” she recited.

    Natasha smiled to herself as she anticipated finally hearing those words come from Nicholas’s mouth. She held his
    hand a little tighter as he began to recite his vows.
    Outside the ballroom Natasha stood with her daughters and her granddaughter Emily. Three generations of Garrett
    women in one place and she couldn’t help but smile at that thought. She closed her eyes and took the moment in.

    “Grandma…you look beautiful,” Emily told her as the doors opened behind her.

    “Thank you baby,” Natasha smiled. “I think that’s your cue my darling,” she pointed to the open doors.

    Natasha watched as Emily made her way down the white carpet lined with lit candles and pink and white flowers.

    She surveyed the ballroom and everything was as she had imagined it would be. She saw the altar adorned with flowers
    and awaiting her there was the man she was supposed to marry. She had prayed for a sign and had not received
    one…with her daughter by her side she told herself that this felt right, nothing could stop her wedding.

    “Are you ready mom?” April took her mother’s hand. “I think they’re about to start playing your song,” she smiled.

    “I’m ready…” she exhaled, “I’m ready to become Mrs. Nicholas Pierce.”
    “I made a mistake,” he admitted. “One that I am deeply ashamed of and I’m here Natasha begging for your forgiveness,”
    Nicholas explained as she looked at him with contempt and in that moment hatred.

    “Justin and I were discussing Brandi’s parole hearing right before the wedding and how her released could impact

    “You’re blaming your children for your asinine mistake and absolute disregard for my feelings?”

    “Of course not Natasha,” he muttered uneasily. “I would never do that and you damn well know it.”

    “No actually I don’t. Because suddenly there is a long list of things that I thought you would never do that has somehow
    come to pass this evening,” her voice was laced with indignation and righteous anger, as only a Texas woman could

    He chose to ignore her below the belt jabs at him and pressed on with his explanation, “Justin and I were discussing
    Brandi’s parole hearing…”

    “Clearly you are in need of having your hearing checked Nicholas,” she stepped toward him. “Because I told you that you
    are not allowed to put this embarrassing fiasco into context to fit your agenda and I do not now, nor will I anytime in the
    future care to hear your explanations.”
    “Why can’t you Audrey?” Warren questioned after she had all but rejected him.

    “Because…” she searched for the words but she said nothing. “I’m very busy. I have a fashion show…”

    His lips brushed against hers as she spoke…

    “Warren I can’t,” she managed to break free from his hold, leaving him standing there. The look on his face broke her
    heart. He looked as though someone had just kicked his puppy and Audrey knew she should walk away and as she did,
    it was then that she threw caution to the wind.

    She stepped back towards him and in one fluid motion; she freely gave herself to him and they could both feel the
    passion of their kiss. It was something that she hadn’t felt in years and she suddenly began to crave not only his touch,
    not only his kiss, but much more. As she ran her hands through his hair she fought with herself to continue or to break

    “What’s the matter?” he asked now holding her hands.

    Audrey shook her head, “I can’t do this. I want to,” she assured him, “but I can’t.”

    “Why not?”

    “Because…” she closed her eyes and shook her head, “any other time and any other place I could, but I can’t, not tonight.
    I have far too much invested and far too many things riding on this fashion show tomorrow. You practically said it

    “So that’s all that it is?” Warren asked her. “Because I feel something for you Audrey,” he told her. “Call it whatever you
    want to call it, but I feel it for you. And I think you feel it for me too.”

    Audrey shook her head, clearly rattled by the kiss that they had just shared. She took two steps backwards and told him,
    “I’ll see you in the morning.”

    Warren nodded his head, “I will see you in the morning…and just so you know Audrey,” his words stopped her in her
    tracks, “I don’t intend to walk away from you like I did once before.”

    She closed her eyes and smiled, “Good night,” Audrey called out to him, before turning back to him. “It was a pleasure to
    see you again.”
    Nicholas approached Natasha’s suite and lingered in the hallway before using the key she had given him upon their
    arrival and walking in.

    “Natasha…” he announced his arrival and said nothing else.

    Her visor veil laid on the king size bed and Natasha stood staring out the window. The suite overlooked Central Park and
    from the reflection of the window she could see him standing behind her. She pressed her hand against the cool glass
    and glared at him without even laying eyes on him once.

    “Natasha, I don’t even know where to start.”

    “Not here…don’t start here,” she warned him.

    “I don’t know how to even try to explain this to you.”

    “That’s good, because you shouldn’t know how to explain this to me Nicholas,” she said as she looked away from his
    reflection, smirking at the notion that he would even entertain the notion that his actions were explainable.

    “You do not get to put a single thing into context,” she told him. “And you certainly do not get to walk in here and try to
    explain yourself,” she turned from the window and met his eye.
    Natasha walked passed him towards the door and as she did she slid her engagement ring off her finger, toying with it
    in her hands.

    “You need to hear me out Natasha,” Nicholas continued. “Because I love you and I need you to please understand…”

    The ring fell to the floor – Natasha spun around to face him and without warning her hand smacked across his face so
    hard that he stumbled backwards, nearly losing his balance.

    “I am Natasha Garrett Bradshaw,” she roared the anger over it all finally set in, “and no man makes a fool of me the way
    you just did!”

    Her hands trembled as she took a step back away from Nicholas who stood holding his face.

    “You humiliated me,” her voice cracked.

    “And then show your face here begging and pleading for my forgiveness,” she lectured. “You of all people in this world
    Nicholas know the history between Brandi and me. I confided in you…” her voice continued to shake, “I told you things
    about myself, about my relationship with Brandi that I have never told another person about.”

    “I know that Natasha and that’s one of the reasons that I love you so much. We can make this work…we can work this

    “No,” she shook her head. “You could have called me any other name up there tonight,” Natasha told him. “Hell you could
    have called me Audrey and maybe then we could work this out,” she mocked his tone, “but you called me Brandi…” she
    paused allowing the realization of his actions to sink in.

    “Brandi,” she repeated. “The name of the woman who is responsible for an accident that killed my son,” her voice
    cracked again.

    “I’m sorry,” he told her in a hushed whisper. “I am so sorry…”

    “You called me her name,” she repeated in a catatonic tone. “I, Nicholas, take you, Brandi…” she repeated for him, “that’s
    what you said.”

    Natasha turned away from him and bent down to retrieve her engagement ring.

    “And if there was any humor about this situation,” she spoke softly and calmly, “it’s the notion that you think I would still
    marry you after what you’ve done. You humiliated me in front of my daughters, in front of family, in front of my friends…”
    she paused and held out the ring to him.

    “I, Natasha, do not take you, Nicholas as my husband…” she recited to him.

    “You take your ring Nicholas…and you take your pathetic, pathetic self and you get the hell out,” she ordered him.
    “Because not only will I never marry you…I will never love you again and I will never, never forgive you for this,” she said
    turning her back on him for the final time.

    He took the ring from her hand and watched as she opened the door to her suite. Their wedding ruined…their happiness
    shattered and their relationship torn to a million little piece…
    “Are you sure that it’s all right that we’re in here this late?” Warren Spencer questioned as he approached the edge of
    the runway with Audrey.

    Audrey looked over her shoulder and smiled, “Yes, Warren, I think it’s all right if we’re in here. In case you’ve forgotten,”
    she pointed at the name at the beginning of the runway, “I’m the King in King Fashion.”

    He nodded his head and smiled, “I suppose you do have a point,” he conceded.

    “Can I ask you a question?” Warren asked.

    “That depends,” Audrey told him, “is it on the record or off?”

    “Completely on the record,” Warren replied. “Insiders are saying that the Brittany King Collection is being considered the
    comeback collection for King Fashion.”

    “That’s a statement Warren, not a question.”

    “My question is this, do you consider this collection a make it or break it moment for King Fashion?”
    “I, Nicholas…” he began, “take you, Brandi…

    Natasha’s eyes immediately met his and she froze in the moment as several of those in attendance gasped in
    completely and absolute shock.

    “I, Nicholas, take you, Natasha…” he repeated quickly as Natasha’s hand dropped from his as she slowly realized what
    had just happened.

    “What’s the rest of it,” he demanded in a silent, yet forceful tone. “To be my wife, to have and to hold,” he suddenly
    remembered the remaining words.

    Jodi and April immediately took steps toward their mother who muttered under her breath, “Oh my God,” never breaking
    eye contact with him.

    “Natasha…Natasha…” he pleaded with her. “Please say something,” Nicholas begged of her. “I’m so sorry.”

    “Oh my God,” she said under her breath for the second time. “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God…” she looked to
    Nicholas and then to the congregation of her family, her friends, his children and then back at him.

    “Natasha…I am so sorry,” he inched closer and closer to her. “Please don’t let this…”

    “Get away from me,” she ordered him as their eyes met again and gone was the sparkle of happiness. They were now
    cold and destroyed.

    “You called me Brandi…” she whispered to him in utter disbelief. "How could you do this to me?"

    “And I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.”

    “You called me Brandi…” she declared in a faint voice allowing the revelation of it to sink in. Natasha slowly inched
    further away from him.

    She turned away from him and her eyes met with Sabrina’s…with Felicia’s…with Miranda’s…with everyone in the room
    and she slowly began to walk down alone.

    She had asked God for a sign that this marriage was a mistake and now here it was. Behind her she heard the
    commotion, but said nothing, did nothing…she just kept walking.

    “Dad you need to go after her,” Justin ordered him. “Make her understand that this was a mistake.”

    “Absolutely not,” April who stood barely over five feet tall declared, stepping in between him and her mother. “If you think
    you’re going after her Nicholas, then so help you God, you’ll do it through me first.”

    “April, please step aside. I need to go to your mother and explain,” he tried to reason with her. “I made a huge mistake
    and I need to make her understand that.”

    “The only thing that you need to do right now Nicholas,” Jodi stepped next to her sister, “is go straight to hell…” she drew
    back and fired her hand across his face.

    “Jodi,” Felicia scowled her niece. “That is not helping the situation at all.”

    “I knew this wedding was a mistake,” Jodi told Nicholas, her glare as cold as ice. “I knew from the moment you showed
    up in Dallas,” she declared. “You’re a bastard Nicholas Pierce!”

    “Well that may very well be Jodi,” he seethed with frustration, “but I have a right to talk to your mother and no one in this
    room is going to stop me.”

    He pushed past the sisters and raced down the aisle and into the lobby where he saw Natasha boarding the elevator.

    “Natasha! Natasha!” he called out to her. “Natasha please let me explain…” he begged as their eyes met yet again, just
    as the elevator doors closed.
    Madison Banning loved New York City. She loved it so much that as she sat at the MObar bar she wondered how she
    could have ever left the city for a place like River’s Edge. She spun around on her stool and surveyed the patrons to see if
    there was anyone in the room that caught her attention.

    “Of course,” she said underneath her breath, “nothing worth my time.”

    As Warren Spencer entered the bar all he could think of was the kiss he had just shared with Audrey. Forty-plus years
    later she still made him weak in the knees and he couldn’t help but to think that all of this wasn’t more than a coincides.

    “Manhattan Dry,” Warren sat down at the bar as Madison made one last survey of the room.

    Her eyes immediately landed on him and she polished off her drink. Madison slowly made her way down the bar and
    stopped when she arrived at the empty seat next to him.

    “Seat taken?” she asked in a soft, seductress voice.

    Warren looked at her from head to toe and knew in the back of his mind that this girl who was barely the same age as his
    daughter was complete and utter trouble.

    He shook his head no and offered the seat to her.

    “Thank you,” she smiled at him. “I’m Madison…”

    “Warren,” he replied. “What are you drinking?”

    “I’m sure whatever you’re having Warren will be perfectly fine,” Madison said with a smile and a wink.
    Lewis opened the door and found Emily standing on the other side in the hallway.

    “I saw Justin in the lobby downstairs earlier and he said you would be here,” Emily explained. “Are you going to ask me

    “Sure,” he told her as she entered Miranda’s suite.

    “Is your sister here?”

    “She and Savannah went to see if they could find my dad,” he told her. “Do you still think you’ll be able to come to the party
    tomorrow night with me – you know considering that my dad didn’t marry your grandma?”

    “I don’t know for sure,” Emily told him, “I’ll have to ask my mom and see what she says. And what was your dad thinking
    tonight anyway? He called my grandma your mom’s name.”

    Lewis rolled his eyes. He was only fifteen years old and he knew what a cluster this whole night had been. He couldn’t
    help but hear the conversation between Justin and Nicholas about Brandi’s parole hearing in the back of his mind.

    “I don’t know what he was thinking,” he finally said to Emily as he sat down on the sofa and leaned forward. “How’s your
    grandma? She looked pissed when she left the wedding.”

    Emily shrugged her shoulders, “My mom and Aunt Jodi are with her right now I think. Have you heard anything from your
    dad yet?”

    He shook his head, “Nope. Miranda just brought me up here right after everything happened and told me not leave.”
    The candles in the ballroom were still lit as Ethan, Brittany and the Justice of the Peace stood at the back of the ballroom.
    Everyone else had already left and the minutes ticked away.

    “I hate to press the issue,” the Justice of the Peace said, “but it is getting late and if the wedding is going to continue I’m
    more than happy to wait, but if not I should probably be going.”

    Ethan looked around the room as if though he was looking for an answer to magically appear. “You know I think the
    wedding will eventually happen,” he remained optimistic, “but I don’t think it will be tonight.”

    “I think Ethan’s right,” Brittany chimed in. “Let me get my purse and I’ll pay you for coming out.”

    Ethan watched as she walked to retrieve her purse and then began walking down the aisle to them with her checkbook
    and cell phone in hand.

    “It’s an out of state check so I apologize,” she explained. “But you shouldn’t have any trouble cashing it at the bank. And I
    would like for you to take one of our cars home,” she offered.

    “That’s not necessary Mrs. Pierce,” the Justice assured her. “I’m fine catching a cab.”

    “I insist,” Brittany handed her the check, “thank you for coming out. We appreciate it.”

    “Of course,” she turned to leave.

    “Wait!” Ethan said in a loud voice as he turned to his wife. “I have an idea,” he smiled.
    “You want to what?” Brittany asked her husband.

    “Renew our vows,” Ethan repeated. “This is the perfect time to do it Brittany,” he told her. “Our life together is changing –
    we have a baby on the way,” he smiled, “we should do this.”

    “You’re serious?” she asked him as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “You never, never cease to amaze me
    Ethan Pierce,” she beamed with happiness.

    “So that’s a yes then?”

    She shook her head, “Yes of course it is! Well that is if Eileen here is able to stay and perform the ceremony,” Brittany
    looked to the Justice of the Peace.

    “It would be my honor,” she smiled.

    “Okay…” Brittany said breathless. “There is just one thing that I need to do before we start…I need Ryan here,” she told
    Ethan who shook his head.

    “Ryan?” the Justice questioned.

    “That’s my brother,” Brittany explained. “Let me go call him really fast and I’ll be right back,” she smiled as she walked
    into the lobby to call Ryan.

    “You’re quite a lucky man Mr. Pierce,” Eileen told him as she began walking towards the front of the ballroom. “Just make
    sure you say her name correctly and not do anything as stupid as your father,” she advised with a laugh.
    Nicholas polished off his third drink before he left his suite and boarded the elevator. He wasn’t clear exactly where he
    was going, but he did know that he didn’t intend to stay in the room where he was supposed to be with his wife.

    As the elevator doors closed the ringing of his cell phone caught him off guard. He looked at the caller ID and rolled his
    eyes at the sight.

    “What in the hell do you want Patricia?” his raged filled voice echoed in the elevator.  

    “Well for starters,” she spoke matter-of-factly and to the point, “for you not to speak to me in that unforgivable tone.”

    “I’m in no mood tonight to deal with you Patricia,” he informed her.

    “Nicholas, darling…I understand that your wedding didn’t go as you had planned and I’m very sorry about that,” she
    apologized. “However, I don’t give a damn. I’m just calling to tell you that I expect my money first thing tomorrow morning.”

    Nicholas shook his head at the notion of paying anything, “You know what Patricia…go screw yourself and then…go to
    hell,” he said as he ended the call and the elevator doors opened to the hotel lobby.
Next on All Or Nothing
  •        Patricia continues to blackmail Nicholas and begins to play with fire.
  •        The Pierce siblings gather together for a toast and make Lewis a promise.
  •        Audrey's celebration does not go according to plan.
    “To say that the collection is a comeback, it implies that we left,” Audrey managed a small, tentative and brief smile. “King
    Fashion never went anywhere, so there’s no reason to make a comeback.”

    “Now you’re just talking in riddles Audrey. You know what I mean. King Fashion was nearly destroyed three years with
    Nicholas’s collection and everything since then has been…”

    “Has been what?” she cautioned him.

    “Mediocre,” he told her.

    Audrey shook her head in disapproval, “Nothing that has ever walked the King Fashion runway has been mediocre,” she
    hissed at him. “And you can quote me on that Warren Spencer.”

    “I didn’t mean to offend you Audrey. I was simply making an observation based upon…”

    “Upon what Warren?” she questioned.

    “The facts as I see them,” he said as he began to inch closer and closer to her with every word. “You know if memory
    serves me you once walked a King Fashion runway.”

    Audrey cut her eyes and shook her head, “You know damn well that I've walked a King Fashion runway once or twice in
    my life.”

    “Show me…” he said as his mind went back in time to the day they first met at the debut of Kenneth King’s first fashion
    line under the King Fashion label.

    “I beg your pardon?” Audrey’s laugh brought him back to his reality. “Warren? Warren?”


    “What were you thinking about just now?”

    He looked into her beautiful brown eyes and smiled, “The first time that I met you. Do you remember?”

    “Of course,” she slowly exhaled. “It was at the Beverly Hilton…it was daddy’s first collection and I…”

    “You were the showstopper,” he finished for her. “It was where the world and I fell in love with you,” Warren confessed.

    Audrey brushed her hair away from her forehead and blushed, “It was hardly where the world fell in love with me,” she
    told him. “It was however, where the world fell in love with my father.”

    “You are just as beautiful today as you were then,” he wrapped his arms around her midriff.

    “Warren…” she resisted his advances, “I can’t…” she said as she pushed away from him.
    “None of your siblings have told you anything?” she asked. “That sucks.”

    “Grown-ups suck Emily,” he told her as she took a seat next to him on the sofa. “Grown-ups suck…”he repeated.

    “What do you think we should do tonight since clearly there won’t be a wedding?” she asked him.

    “Runaway,” he suggested.

    “Lewis you’re silly,” she slapped his leg. “I was thinking more like watching a pay-per-view movie and ordering tons of
    room services…”

    “Charging it to my dad’s credit card?” he laughed.

    “Or we could talk about that text message you sent me earlier, before the wedding started,” she said.

    He shook his head no, “I don’t want to talk about that,” he told her. “Why don’t you text your mom and tell her that you’re
    here and I’ll tell Miranda our plans.”

    “Okay,” she began texting, “just leave out the part about room services – let that be a surprise for your dad,” Emily smiled.

    “And you know Lewis when you’re ready to talk about whatever is that’s bother you I’ll be here,” she assured him.
    Ryan emerged from the elevator and saw Brittany standing in the lobby waiting for him.

    “Hey what’s going on?” he asked her.

    “Oh there you are,” Brittany opened her arms for a hug. “It’s a long story, but Nicholas and Natasha’s wedding didn’t go
    exactly according to plan,” she explained.

    “Why? What happened?”

    “Like I said it’s a long story,” she repeated. “What’s important and the reason that I called you,” she smiled, “the Justice of
    the Peace was about to leave when Ethan asked if I would renew our wedding vows.”

    “Tonight?” Ryan asked.

    Brittany shook her head, “Yeah tonight. And I told him that I would, but I needed you here with me, so that you could walk
    me down the aisle.”

    “Just like the first time?” he questioned. “I would love to be here with you. Let me just call Sam really quick so that he can
    come down too.”

    “No…” Brittany told him. “I like Sam, I do, but I want it to be just you here with Ethan and I,” she told him as Ethan and the
    Justice of the Peace appeared in the doorway of the ballroom.

    “Are we good to go Brittany?” Ethan questioned.

    She shook her head and introduced Ryan to the Justice of the Peace, “Eileen this is my brother Ryan O’Keefe.”

    “Pleasure to meet you,” he extended his hand. “This was quite the last minute event,” Ryan laughed.

    Eileen looked at the three of them and gestured toward the altar, “Shall we get started?”

    Ethan took Brittany’s hand and smiled over at Ryan, “I think we’re ready,” he said.

    “We are gathered here tonight in the site of God and family,” the Justice of the Peace began, “so that Ethan and Brittany
    can reaffirm their love...” she recited as the doors of the ballroom burst open.
    “Oh…” Josh Marshall said from the back of the room, “Brittany…Ethan…I am so sorry,” he apologized. “The concierge
    said that everyone had left,” he continued to explain. “April left her purse…”

    “Josh?” Ryan stood up and turned around to see him standing there.

    Josh closed his eyes and shook his head, “You’ll are renewing your wedding vows and I totally just barged in like a bat
    out of hell…I am so sorry.”

    Brittany looked over at Ryan who acted as though he wanted to say something, but held back and it was clear to her that
    he was holding back for her sake.

    “Why don’t you stay Josh,” Brittany announced. “We should probably have two witnesses anyway,” she conceded.

    He took an abrupt step forwards and finally spoke, “I didn’t mean to interrupt Brittany. I’m sorry…I can go.”

    “I asked you to stay,” she repeated. “Please join us.”

    As Josh took a seat next to Ryan, the Justice of the Peace continued, “We are gathered here tonight in the site of God and
    family,” she repeated, “so that Ethan and Brittany can reaffirm their love to one another.”
    “Brittany Danielle Pierce…” Ethan began, “I adore you,” he told her as she began to blush. “I often find it hard to believe
    that there was a time in my life when you weren’t part of it. The truth of the matter is that before you came into my life I was
    lost. You found me and you have made me a better man for loving me and allowing me to love you. I look forward to the
    life that we’re continuing to build,” he smiled, “and recommit myself to you here and now – for better or for worse, for rich
    or poorer, in sickness and in health and forsaking all others, until death do we part,” he recited their original wedding

    She kissed his hand as Eileen looked to her for her renewal vows. Josh and Ryan sat side by side, their hands slightly
    grazing one another’s as Brittany began her vows.

    “Ethan…I too adore you,” she told him. “Perhaps more than I even should admit, but I can’t help it, I love you so, so much.
    And you say that I’ve found you when you were lost…well my darling you saved me when I needed to be saved. You
    restored my faith in love and in marriage when it had previously been destroyed,” she smiled. “And the wonderful thing
    about our relationship is that you love me unconditionally, with complete trust and without question. You are truly the
    greatest man that I have ever known, because you put up with my insecurities, with my quirks, my habits and with me.
    And tonight I recommit myself to you and to our relationship – for better or for worse, for rich or poorer, in sickness and in
    health and forsaking all others, until death do we part.”

    “By the power invested in my by the state of New York, I know pronounce you husband and wife – again. You may kiss the
    bride,” Eileen declared as Ethan kissed Brittany.
    Natasha stood in front of the bathroom mirror in nothing more than her bra and panties. The water in the sink had been
    running for a few minutes when she finally leaned forward and filled her hands with some mildly cool water.

    She had sent Jodi and April away, telling them that she would be fine and ordering them to leave her alone for the night.
    As she splashed the water against her face she suddenly felt calm, refreshing feeling come over her body.

    After drying her face with one of the hand towels and wrapping herself in a white terry cloth bathrobe she went into the
    bedroom of her suite and called the front desk.

    “Yes…hello…” she said in a hushed tone, “this is Natasha Garrett…would it be possible to arrange for a car within the
    hour?” she questioned.

    “Going where?” she repeated as she looked across the room for her luggage, “JFK…” she answered, “I’m leaving New
    York tonight.”
    “They seemed happy,” Josh stood in the now empty ballroom with Ryan.

    Ethan and Brittany had just left followed quickly by the Justice of the Peace. The candles were burning low and a few of
    them had even burnt completely out.

    “Your sister seemed happy,” Josh continued. “I was completely shocked that she asked me to stay,” he admitted.
    Ryan laughed, “You have the worst timing. And your face…oh you should have seen your face when you saw Ethan and
    Brittany up there,” he gestured towards the altar.

    “I didn’t know what to think,” Josh admits. “Especially after everything that has happened tonight.”

    “Yeah what happened with Nicholas and Natasha’s wedding anyway? Brittany said that it was a long story and never
    really told me anything else.”

    “Oh God,” Josh shook his head as he recalled what had transpired. “It was a disaster of epic proportions.”

    “Really? Was it that bad Joshua? Because you know you have a habit of over dramatizing things.”

    Josh glared at him, “Nicholas said and I quote, I Nicholas, take you, Brandi…not Natasha,” he paused and repeated, “but

    “I’m not even sure what to say about that,” Ryan laughed.

    “Well it’s not funny,” Josh scolded him. “Natasha is devastated,” he said. “Anyway…I should probably get back upstairs
    and see if April needs help with anything.”

    “So you came with April?”

    Josh shook his head, “Yeah. I know you weren’t expecting me to be here were you?”

    “No I wasn’t,” Ryan admitted to him.

    “Ian had a last minute schedule conflict and wasn’t able to come so she asked me,” Josh explained as they made their
    way closer to the door.

    “Are you feeling okay?”

    Josh nodded his head and said with easy defiance, “Nope! I am not thinking, talking or worrying about the cancer this
    week. I’m in New York City on vacation and I’ll worry about all that when I get home,” he smiled.

    “Spitting in the face of cancer I see,” Ryan teased.

    Josh slowly nodded his head and locked eyes with Ryan, as another candle burned out, “Something like that yeah,” he

    “Well…I should…probably…” Ryan stuttered as he inched closer to Josh and without a second thought he moved
    forward their lips met.

    Josh was shocked at his own eager response to the touch of Ryan’s kiss that he dropped April’s purse to the floor and
    grabbed Ryan’s head, running his fingers through his hair, bringing him closer to him…as Sam stood in the doorway of
    the ballroom watching speechless.
    Audrey stood again in the ballroom, her eyes locked on the King Fashion logo that was lit at the end of the runway. She
    couldn’t help but think of her father…his legacy…her children…their legacy and most of all she couldn’t help but think that
    Nicholas had in fact married another woman – she had lost him once again.

    She was lost in her own thoughts that when Nicholas threw open the ballroom doors she nearly jumped out of her skin
    with freight.

    “Oh my God!” she gasped. “Nicholas…you nearly gave me a heart attack,” Audrey told him. “What are you doing here?”

    Nicholas looked around the room – the runway was set, the chairs were in place and the only thing that was missing
    was Audrey and Brittany’s collection walking the runway.

    “I came to make sure everything was ready for tomorrow,” he explained with little emotion in his voice or on his face.
    “What are you doing here?”

    “The same,” she told him. “Why aren’t you with Natasha?”

    He moved across the room to where Audrey stood, with only inches separating her lied to her, “Natasha called off the
    wedding tonight. We didn’t get married.”

    “What?” she questioned. “I don’t understand, why would she do such a thing?”

    “Does it really matter if you understand or not?” he asked as he put his hand on the small of Audrey’s back and pulled
    her closer to him.

    Her heart jolted and her pulse pounded as she managed to ask, “What are you doing?”

    As his hand moved up her back and as he pulled her even closer to him, he leaned in to kiss her and whispered, “Isn’t it

    “I want to hear you say it,” Audrey was breathless as she spoke.

    Their lips met and between kisses he replied, “What I should have done years ago.”
Previously on All Or Nothing
  • Audrey's sister Patricia blackmailed Nicholas with the information that her parents, Kenneth and Eleanor King paid him
    to stay married to Audrey for decades.

  • Ryan began a long distance relationship with Sam a flight attendant who lives in Las Vegas.

  • Warren Spencer, Audrey's first boyfriend revealed to her that he would be writing an article about the New York City
    fashion show.

  • After six years together, Natasha prepared to marry Nicholas Pierce.