Pamela took the menu from the waitress and looked up at her, “Thank you.”

    “What can I get the two of you to drink this morning?”

    “I’ll have a ginger ale please. Travis…”

    “Coffee,” he answered as the waitress headed off to get their drinks. “Well this was quite the surprise Pamela.”
    She shook her head, “I know it was last minute but Sharon got called away to a showing and wasn’t able to join me,”
    Pamela explained. “So I thought I would surprise you.”

    Travis smiled at her from across the table, “I’m glad you did.”

    She laid her menu down and leaned forward, “Travis there’s something that I’ve wanted to ask you ever since the day of
    the press conference and I want you to tell me the truth.”

    Travis lowered his brow, “Why would I tell you anything other than truth?”

    She shrugged her shoulders, “The day of the press conference I remember specifically asking you at breakfast if you
    would be there and you said yes,” she started. “and you weren’t. Where were you Travis? Why weren’t you there like you
    said you would be?”
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  •        Nicholas reaches out to April and Jodi.
  •        Josh goes to Dallas to see April and have a second opinion.
  •        Natasha continues to doubt her feelings for Nicholas.
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All Or Nothing
Episode 137: In Another's Eyes
January 29, 2012
    Audrey King Pierce lightly knocked on Natasha’s door, “Your secretary isn’t at her desk,” she said.

    “No she’s not,” Natasha answered. “She called in sick this morning something or another about a twenty-four stomach

    “Oh that doesn’t sound good.”

    “You’re right I can’t imagine that it would be,” Natasha gestured towards one of the empty chairs in front of her desk.

    “Would you like some tea? I just brewed a fresh pot…there’s plenty.”

    Audrey nodded her head, “Yes that sounds nice. Thank you.” She watched as Natasha poured two cups of the freshly
    brewed tea and then offered it to her.


    Audrey simply shook her head no without giving a verbal response.

    “So what brings you by Audrey? What can I do for you this morning?”

    She sat the cup of tea down on the desk and laced her fingers together, “Natasha…” she began, “I’m in love with
    Nicholas and I have against my better judgment come here to ask you why you’re marrying him.”

    Natasha leaned back in her chair and took a sip of her tea, “Well you certainly are one brave woman to come in here and
    make that statement. I have to admit that I’m surprised and a little impressed Audrey.”

    “Well thank you Natasha but that isn’t an answer to my question. You’re marrying a man that was married to Brandi for
    God’s sake…that makes no sense to me why you would do that.”

    “I don’t believe I ever asked whether my relationship with Nicholas needed to make sense to you or anyone else for that
    matter,” Natasha told her.
    Nicholas rolled his eyes, “Oh fine…Patricia what are you doing here? Why are you following me and does your
    sister even know that you’re alive?”

    “None of that matters Nicholas,” she waived her hand in the air, “especially that part about Saint Audrey.”

    “Jesus! What does a girl have to do around here to get the bartender to notice her?” Patricia waved her hand in the
    air as Patsy Cline’s voice filled the bar.

    Nicholas clinched his mouth tighter and tighter as the minutes ticked away. “You obviously have a reason for
    following me all the way here so why don’t you tell me what is.”

    “Good God Nicholas you’re impatient,” she shook her head as the waitress finally approached the two of them. “I’ll
    have a Coors Light and my friend with the stick up his ass,” she smiled, “he’ll have…”

    “Double bourbon,” he told the waitress and then drew his eyes back to Patricia. “Out with it,” he demanded.

    “I have information baby that’s going to blow King Fashion straight to hell and back,” she smiled!

    Nicholas found himself standing in front of the bar pouring another drink and his mind raced with what information
    Patricia could possibly have.
    “Well he doesn’t love you obviously,” Natasha fired back at her. “Because he intends to marry me!”

    “Oh yes don’t I know it…” she gritted her teeth.

    “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Natasha questioned with a hint of hesitancy in her voice.

    “Let me ask you something,” she walked back towards the desk. “How much longer are you going to be engaged to

    “I don’t have to answer that.”

    “Well of course you don’t, but humor me.”

    Natasha looked out her window as rain clouds ushered in the mid-morning hustle and bustle of the city she could feel a
    sharp pain in her chest.

    “Audrey we haven’t set a date yet for the wedding. I’m sure we’ll discuss it after the New York show. I don’t see how any of

    “He intends to surprise you in New York with a wedding ceremony,” Audrey interrupted her. “My daughter-in-law is
    designing your wedding dress in my fashion house as we speak.”

    “Clearly you’re mistaken…”

    “I’m not,” Audrey noted the sudden apprehension in her voice. “In less than two weeks you will become Mrs. Nicholas
    Pierce…” she glared at her from across the room.

    A voice inside Natasha’s head cautioned her not to ask the next question but before she knew it the words were coming
    out of her mouth in broken pieces, “What…what do you want from me?”

    “To admit the truth about how you feel for him,” Audrey told her. “Do it for yourself, for Nicholas….set him free Natasha if
    you don’t want him because I do.”

    “You want me to apologize for falling in love with Nicholas and I can assure you Audrey that is not something that I am
    going to do. If anyone should be apologizing here it should be you.”

    “Ryan…it’s Josh. Did I catch you at a bad time?”

    He looked over the massive piles of paper on his desk and then at his Outlook that displayed something shy of three-
    thousand emails.

    “Just as good a time as any,” he sighed. “What’s up?”

    “I need to ask you a favor…” Josh started. “Could you meet me at the hospital for lunch today? There’s something I need
    to tell you.”

    Ryan glanced at his calendar, “I’ll have to push a few things around but yeah I can do that.”

    “Great,” Josh let out a huge sigh of relief. “I’ll see you then.”
    “The thing is that Natasha doesn’t even know that is what he’s planning,” Brittany revealed. “In fact when Nicholas told
    Justin and Ethan about his plans to surprise her in New York they tried to talk him out of it.”

    Audrey took a seat on the sofa and rubbed her hands together, “Yes that sounds like something my boys would do. You
    know…you must think that I’m pathetic,” she declared.

    “What? Why would you say something like that Audrey?”

    “Because here I am…damn near eleven years after that man left me for another woman and I’m still infatuated with him.”

    “You love him.”

    “Yes of course I do. I spent thirty years of my life with him and he’s the father of my children,” she reasoned, “of course a
    part of me would still love him. But the number of other women that he was with during our marriage…then Brandi and
    now Natasha…” she shook her head and closed her eyes to reflect on her volatile history with Nicholas.

    “Audrey clearly you’re still in love with him,” Brittany told her. “You should let Nicholas know how you feel. That even after
    everything that he’s done to you, that you still love him.”

    “Oh for God’s sake…Nicholas is many, many things Brittany, but he’s not stupid – you know this just as well as I do. He
    knows how I feel about him, he’s always known.”

    Audrey stood up from the sofa and walked back to the window.
    “You’re right he’s not stupid,” Brittany told her. “But sometimes it helps to just say what’s on your mind and in your heart. I
    really think if you feel this strongly you need to tell him.”

    She shook her head, “Did your mother ever tell you when you were growing up that actions speak louder than words?”

    Brittany rolled her eyes, “Yes but I think she may have meant it differently than most.”

    “Either way…my actions should speak volumes to Nicholas.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Well for starters I haven’t been with another man since we moved the company here to River’s Edge,” Audrey told her,
    “not even one.”

    “What else?”

    “I didn’t just raise Nicholas’ children with me,” she explained, “I didn’t just raise our children together…I raised all of his
    children. I raised Lewis,” her voice cracked.

    “He had an affair with Brandi and we divorced because of her,” Audrey shook her head. “There is no other woman in this
    world that I loathe as much as I do Brandi…but when Nicholas needed a mother for his child I was there…” her voice
    lowered, “if that doesn’t say I love you then I’m not quite sure what does.”

    Brittany walked across the room and placed her hands on Audrey’s shoulders, “I don’t know why Nicholas can’t see how
    much you care about him,” she said, “how much you love him.”

    Audrey shook her head, “Through everything that he has done to me…no matter what it was and no matter how furious I
    was with him, I still loved him.”

    “I wish there was something that I could do or say to make help the situation for you, I really truly do.”

    “There’s nothing that can be done by anyone including me,” she told her. “Nicholas is the only one who doesn’t see how
    much I love him and well…I think that’s his loss. I’m just thankful,” she smiled, “that you are not only my favorite daughter-
    in-law,” she winked, “but my friend as well.”

    “Well the feelings are mutual Audrey. I hope you always know that.”

    “I do,” she said as she drew in a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “Well I have quite the day ahead of me and so do you
    so I will leave you to it.”

    “Okay,” Brittany said in a hush whisper. “You come by anytime to talk about things…you hear me?”

    Audrey shook her head, “I’ll see you later my darling.”
    Nicholas pushed closed his office door and then walked across the room to the mini bar. He reached for one of the
    glasses and then the bottle of bourbon.

    As he slammed back the drink he stuffed his free hand into his pants pocket and pulled out a crinkled up napkin and he
    then slowly made his way over to his desk.

    “Lola’s Bar…” he said softly thinking back to that night in Dayton where he came face to face with her…his former sister-
    in-law…Patricia King.

    “All right Patricia you got me here…” he looked around the bar with a disgusting look on his face, “tell me what the
    hell it is that you want.”

    “Aren’t you the least bit curious as to how I would know you were all alone here in Dayton seeing the former and
    well current Mrs. Pierce?”

    “Knowing your track record Patty you’ve probably been following me for weeks, if not longer.”

    “Don’t act as though you know me Nicholas and don’t you call me Patty…I hate even more now than I did when
    my father used to do it.”
    Nicholas Pierce knocked lightly on Brittany’s door, “Good morning. How are you today?”

    “Good morning,” a smile broadened across her face. “How was your visit with Brandi?”

    He shook his head and though for a moment, “Informative to say the least. She’s looking forward to the parole hearing

    “Obviously yes,” Brittany answered. “Did you need something or was this just a friendly visit?”

    “Nothing gets by you does it?” he told her as a smile wiped across his face. “I wanted to check on the progress of the
    wedding gown project I asked you to work on.”

    She shook her head, “Of course...” Brittany paused for a brief second, “I should have the preliminary designs completed
    by the end of the day.”

    “Really? That’s amazing Brittany, thank you.”

    “Of course…it’s my pleasure. You can actually tell Natasha that she can come in tomorrow for measurements.”

    He shook his head, “Wow…you never cease to amaze me.”

    “Well,” she blushed, “thank you.”

    “I have a meeting I need to get to,” he lied. “I can’t believe this is all coming together. Can you believe I’m getting married
    in two weeks?”

    “I can’t…” she responded. “I’ll talk to you later. Bye.”

    Brittany stood from her desk chair, crossed the room to shut her office door and once that was done she looked across
    at Audrey who was standing gazing out the window.

    “I’m so sorry that you had to hear that,” she apologized.

    Audrey shook her head, “No need to apologize. He’s your father-in-law and he asked you to design Natasha’s wedding
    gown,” she reasoned, “I’m sure it would have been difficult to turn him down.”

    “I appreciate you saying that Audrey, I do…but this has to be incredibly difficult for you.”

    Audrey turned and met her eyes with Brittany, “The only thing that is difficult for me is hearing that he intends to marry
    Natasha Bradshaw the week of our fashion…” she said as she shook her head in utter dismay.
    “I’m marrying Nicholas because I love him,” she said in an attempt to convince not only his ex-wife but on some
    levels…on many levels in fact even herself. “You should understand that quite well since you’re still in love with him and

    Audrey drew in a deep breath and exhaled slowly. She had come there to have a civilized discussion with Natasha and
    she was determined to not turn this into a knock-down-drag-out screaming match between the two of them.

    “No…no I clearly know what it is to love him,” she smiled thinking of their former life together. “I know him Natasha and I
    know what it is to love him. I’ve watched the two of you for the last six years parade around this town and please forgive
    me for saying this but I don’t feel that your love for him is genuine.”

    “Oh really?” Natasha asked. “And you’ve come to this conclusion based on what Audrey? Watching us from across the
    room at the country club? The ten minute interactions you see of us together on the weekends when you come to pick up

    “I know what I see Natasha.”

    “Oh please! The only thing that you know about my relationship with your ex-husband is what we allow you to
    see…nothing more and nothing less Audrey. Besides you are obviously not the most ideal candidate to judge my love for
    Nicholas, again considering you’re still in love with him.”

    “See I think that’s where you’re wrong Natasha. I know Nicholas like you know Andrew…” she fired. “I’ve not only known
    that man since I was seventeen years old, but I have loved him every day of my life since. He is the father of my children
    and through all of the heartache that he has brought into my life…I can say without hesitation …that I have loved that man
    my entire life.”
    “Listen to me honey child…he’s going to want to know I’m here,” the woman told Nicholas’ assistant. “Just pick up the
    phone there,” she pointed at it on the desk and tell Nicholas that I’m here to see him.”

    “Yes ma’am I understand that he may want to see you, but you don’t have an appointment and he’s asked to not be
    disturbed,” the assistant explained.

    “Okay clearly I’m not getting through to you so I’ll tell you one more time bitch…”

    “Excuse me,” Brittany stopped and turned around. “We don’t tolerate that type of language in this office.”

    The woman shrugged her shoulders, “Sorry. It’s just that I need to see Nicholas and blondie over here apparently lost my

    “I didn’t do anything of the sort Mrs. Pierce.”

    “What’s your name?” Brittany asked.

    “Patty…Patty Bishop Robbins,” she told Brittany. “Tell Nicholas I’m here and I’ll assure you he’ll want to see me.”
    Pamela Bradshaw McCarty handed her valet ticket to the valet and waited for her car to be fetched from the underground
    parking garage.

    She stood there with her fur wrapped tightly around her body and she continued to think about why Travis would lie to her
    about the press conference…and then it dawned on her.

    “I swear to God…” she reached into her purse and pulled out her cell phone and scrolled through the address book.

    “Yes…hello…it’s Pamela McCarty,” she paused and corrected herself, “Pamela Bradshaw McCarty. You’ve done some
    work for my late husband Phillip before…” she smiled.

    “Yes I would like to see you as soon as possible.”
    Ryan O’Keefe entered the cafeteria of St. John’s Memorial Hospital and begun to scan the room for his lunch date.

    “Hey sorry I’m late,” he said as he took a seat across from Josh.

    “Nope right on time. I’m glad you were able to meet on such short notice.”

    “Well it sounded important and I was in the neighborhood,” Ryan smiled. “What’s going on man you sound stressed out
    on the phone.”

    Josh scratched the back of his head and yawned for what felt like minutes. “Look I know this isn’t the right way to
    probably tell you this but things have been today and there’s a chance at any minute my beeper is going to starting going

    “Josh I understand…you’re a doctor and you’re busy. We also dated so I know you’re stalling. What’s going on?”

    “A few weeks ago here at work I passed out.”


    “You know I just chalked it up to working so many hours and that I was exhausted…nothing a little sleep wouldn’t cure,”
    he explained.

    “And did that cure it?”
    “No it didn’t,” Josh lowered his head. “Our insurance here states that once a year we have to undergo a full physical
    examination and our new attending insisted that I take advantage of the opportunity.”

    Ryan laid his hands on the table and looked across at his ex-boyfriend, “What is going on?”

    Josh closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath that slowly escaped as he thought of how to put what he was about to
    say into words.

    “They found a lump that they are sixty percent sure is cancerous…” he closed his eyes and felt the tears burning
    underneath his eye lids.

    “Fuck…cancer?” Ryan said under his breath.

    Josh shook his head and opened his eyes, “I’ve um…I’ve been um…diagnosed with stage two testicular cancer,” he
    revealed as Ryan immediately took his hands.
    “Clearly we’ve reached an impasse here and if you think I’m going to apologize…well you’re wrong. I came here to say
    my peace and I did,” she picked up her coat from the chair.

    Natasha stood steadfast, her eyes locked on Audrey as she headed towards the door.

    “Audrey…” she called out to her, “before you walk out that door make sure you have all of whatever this is out of your

    “Thank you for the tea Natasha,” she responded. “I’ll see you in New York.”

    Natasha watched as she headed towards the elevator and with her mind racing with thoughts she followed Audrey into
    the abandoned lobby.


    Audrey rolled her eyes and sighed heavily, “Oh Natasha…haven’t we both said enough already?”

    She crossed her arms over her chest and looked her directly in the eye, “I don’t know how you’ve managed to ignore
    what's been right in front of you for the last six years.”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “You don’t even realize it or see it but Nicholas considers you to be a huge part of his life Audrey. In fact before we found
    out about Brandi’s parole hearing I asked him to let me adopt Lewis once we were married and he said no.”

    “Because he has a mother,” Audrey reasoned. “Granted I think that when it comes to who his mother is you and I could
    find a common ground.”

    “True. But that’s not why he told me no though. He told me that if would ever consider allowing someone to adopt his son
    it would be you and only you,” Natasha revealed to her.

    “He said that?”

    Natasha shook her head, “Yes he did. And the only reason that I’m telling you this Audrey is to ask this question. Are you
    going to be a threat to my marriage? Because if you intend to come between Nicholas and I once we’re married then you
    should be forewarned I’m not Brandi.”

    As the elevator doors opened Audrey questioned, “What exactly is that supposed to mean?”

    “It means that I’ll only tell you once to keep your distance from my husband.”

    “And if I don’t?”

    Natasha tossed her golden hair and grinned mischievously, “Well then as my former mother-in-law used to say…hell
    hath no fury like a Texas woman scorned.”
    “Do you know how hard it was to get in here to see you?” Patricia asked as she poured herself a drink from the bar.

    “You would think that you were God himself...” she held the drink up in the air, “although I’m not so sure that God isn’t a

    “What are you doing here?” he asked. “Audrey could have seen you. I told you at the bar last week that I would be in

    “And you haven’t been Nicky,” Patricia took a seat on his sofa and pulled off her hat. “Besides Audrey left a while ago. I’ve
    been watching the building all morning.”

    “Of course you have,” he gritted his teeth. “Who else saw you?”

    “Bridget or Bethany…I don’t know the girl’s name and it doesn’t matter. No one knows who Patricia King is and I’m fine
    with that.”

    She finished her drink and looked around his white uptight office, “You need some Patsy up in here Nicky.”

    Nicholas shook his head, “What do you want?”

    “Oh baby like you don’t know…”

    “What kind of information Patricia?”

    “Weren’t you listening Nicky…” she smiled, “yeah I like that Nicky…it makes you much more personable and it’s
    like I said…it’s information that will blow King Fashion to hell.”

    Nicholas cut his eyes at her and she looked at her purse on the table between them.

    “That’s how this is going to work?”

    “Yup it sure is,” she took a swig off the beer as he reached for his wallet and then laid down a fifty dollar bill.

    “That’ll start the conversation but just so you know…you had better hit the ATM midway through to get the full story.”

    “Start talking.”

    After a another swig of beer she started, “About three, maybe four months ago I broke into Eleanor’s house – you
    know the one in Timbercrest outside of LA. I rummaged through the living room, her office, her bedroom and then
    I went up to the attic.”

    “When did you do all of this?”

    “Keep up Nicky,” she reached into her purse for a cigarette, “Jesus! I told you a few months ago while she was in
    the hospital.”

    “So anyway…” she took a drag off the Virginia Slim, “I started going through all these boxes of old Christmas
    decorations, family photos and blah, blah, blah! I was just about ready to give up and leave when I saw in the
    corner a box that was labeled Kenneth and Eleanor’s Personal Information.”

    She put the cigarette in the ashtray, finished off her beer and let that news sink in for Nicholas.

    “And I came across a box from around 1970 and you’ll never guess what I found in it…or maybe Nicky you will.”

    “1970?” he questioned. “That’s the year that I met your parents and Audrey.”

    “Bingo partner it sure was,” she laughed. “Because in that box I found bank statements, canceled checks and
    even a college newspaper article by some guy named Warren Spencer.”

    “He was my college roommate,” Nicholas explained. “He wrote an article about Audrey’s first fashion show.”

    “Oh yes of course he did,” she laughed. “Everyone wrote about Audrey, everyone just loved Audrey. I was at that
    same fashion show too Nicholas but you don’t remember meeting me do you?”

    “Is that what this is about?”

    “Oh please…you think that’s what this is all about? Yuck! No this is about one of those canceled checks dated
    October 15, 1970…” she reached into her purse and handed him a photocopy.

    “Look familiar?’

    “It was a check from your father for something or another.”

    “Yeah…for something or another…and you know Nicholas as I kept digging in those boxes I found another check
    dated for November 15, 1970 and another and another and another…” she toasted him with her empty beer

    “I think you know the point that I’m trying to make and if you don’t Nicky…then I suggest you hit the ATM over
    there and I’ll continue to fill you in.”
    “I still don’t quite understand Pamela why you would think I would lie to you,” Travis told her in an attempt to avoid her

    “I don’t think you would lie to me, but you promised me that you would be at the press conference and you weren’t.”

    “Why is it Pamela that we are just now discussing this? The press conference was a week ago for crying out loud.”

    “Because I thought I could get over the fact that you weren’t there but clearly I’m not able to do that. It was an important
    day for our family and you should have been there Travis.”

    “And I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to be there. I got tied up with another story that I’ve been working on for weeks so I sent
    one of the other reporters in my place.”

    “What reporter?”


    “Who did you send in your place Travis?”

    “Cory Aylesbury but I’m sure you already know that,” he adjusted in his chair. “What’s all this about Pamela?”

    “I told you what it was about already,” she fired at him. “Why didn’t you send Rhonda Duncan in your place? This was in
    fact a story about one of your boss’s company and the other’s two daughters.”

    “I sent Cory Aylesbury…” he leaned back in his chair, “because I thought it would be a good opportunity for him. I’m sorry
    if that has obviously pissed you off in some manner.”

    “Don’t you put this back on me Travis. I don’t give a damn who you sent or why…”

    “Then why are we having this conversation Pamela?” he raised his voice slightly.

    “Because I am your wife, because this is your family and because you made a promise to me that you didn’t keep!” she
    shot back at him. “You said you were going to be there, you knew how important it was to me and you not only didn’t
    show up, you didn’t call either and you’ve let a week pass without even apologizing to me for those things!”

    Travis was about to offer his apologies for all of those things when his cell phone began vibrating on the table.

    “Answer it,” she gestured as she noticed who it was. “Clearly Rhonda Duncan and your job mean more to you right than
    your wife,” she said as she pushed herself up from her chair.

    “Pamela…don’t go,” he said silencing his cell phone.

    “Then you give me an honest and a genuine apology,” she spun around as the cell phone began to vibrate for a second

    “Well obviously something is urgent enough to warrant a second phone call. Apparently she doesn’t get the hint easily,”
    she turned back around to leave. “Pay the bill Travis and I’m assuming that I’ll see you at home sooner or later.”
    “I didn’t like how we left things last week Nicky,” Patricia held up her glass for another drink. “I don’t know how you felt
    about everything but I’ve just been torn up about how things were just left hanging.”

    “Patricia I just want to know what you want from me…”

    “You’re father gave me money after Audrey and I were married to help us get on our feet,” he defended. “That’s not
    a crime you know.”

    She shook her head and took another beer from the waitress.

    “Oh of course it’s not,” she shrugged her shoulders. “I once came to Daddy in the mid-seventies needing a little
    loan and he practically threw me out himself, but you married his princess so yes that does make sense.”

    “So then what do you think you have that will blow King Fashion to hell?”

    “After I found those first couple of checks I was curious so I kept digging and digging and turns out daddy sent you
    twenty-five hundred dollars once a month up until the day he died,” she revealed.

    “It was salary for the work I was doing at King Fashion.”

    “But here’s the thing Nicky,” she leaned forward in her chair, “you were retaining a salary from the company I have
    those records to in case you want to see them.”

    She lit another cigarette and took the hundred dollar bill he had laid down upon his earlier return and stuck it
    inside her purse.

    “And you know what is even funnier than that….well the very next month after daddy died Eleanor started writing
    you a check in the same amount…all the way up to…”

    “December 2001,” he finished for her. “I already know all this. What do you think you’re going to prove with this
    information Patricia?”

    “You know what…I’ve had a very long day following you all the way from River’s Edge…waiting on you at the
    prison while you visited with your ex-wife slash daughter-in-law and well there’s a cowboy over there at the bar who’
    s been undressing me with his eyes since I walked in the door.”

    “You’re leaving?”

    “Yup…but don’t worry Nicky baby…I’ll be in touch.”

    “And I’ve come to tell you Nicky,” she smiled.

    “See baby my theory is this…I think my Daddy and my Mommy paid you for damn thirty-two years to stay married to my
    little sister and you would have continued to stay married had you not gotten that blonde bimbo pregnant.”

    “You’re crazy,” he laughed. “You’ can’t prove anything that you just said. Not one word of it.”

    “Well maybe not, but I can certainly plant the seed of doubt now can’t I?

    “You’re going to tell Audrey?”

    “Perhaps…and perhaps…” she stood up from the sofa, “well perhaps I’ll go before she comes back.”

    “No, no, no,” he stood in front of her. “You were about to say something else and you changed your mind. What were you
    going to say Patricia?”

    A smiled wiped across her face and she laughed, “All in due time Nicky…I just wanted to stop by for a quick drink really
    and to let you know I was still around…keeping our little secret.”

    Nicholas grabbed her shoulders and locked in on them, “You’re not leaving until you tell me what else you know.”

    She lowered her voice and spoke with a directness he had never seen before, “Everything I know you stupid son-of-a-
    bitch you already know. We both know the truth…” she said.

    “Now you get your hands off of me or I will scream so loud that your security guard at the front desk will burst in here and
    so help you Nicholas if he does…”

    His nostrils flared with anger and he released his grip on her, “Good,” she sighed, “I’m glad you could see it my way.”

    “And Nicky,” she said opening the door, “I was serious…just think back over the course of the last forty years…everything
    I know, well you know it too my darling!”

    “I’ll be in touch…”
    “Knock, knock…did I come at a bad time?” Felicia Garrett Banning asked from the doorway of Natasha’s office.

    Natasha took her glasses off and laid them down on her desk, “Felicia! Did I know that you were going to be in town?”

    She shook her head, “No. Madison needed some assistance moving and since I helped get her here I thought it was
    only far I helped get her out of it.”

    “Sit down,” Natasha gestured at the chair in front of her desk. “You want some tea?”

    Felicia shook her head, “No thanks. I really can’t stay long the movers were finishing with the last few boxes and then we
    have to get to the airport.”

    “I feel terrible that Madison wasn’t able to settle into River’s Edge,” Natasha said. “It’s a shame.”

    She shrugged her shoulders, “You know it is what it is. I’m just glad that it wasn’t my daughter that drove her father away
    from the altar,” Felicia reasoned.

    “Very true,” Natasha raised her mug to her sister. “I’m heading out to New York City with Nicholas in a few weeks.
    Apparently according to his ex-wife who came over earlier today to admit that she still loves him, he’s planning a surprise
    wedding for us.”
    “A surprise wedding really?” Felicia asked. “After all these years I would think it’s about time.”

    “Yes, yes, yes…I know I’ve been with Nicholas for the last six years without a wedding. Audrey made that perfectly clear
    this morning.”

    “Okay…I won’t say another word,” she glanced down at her watch. “In fact you know I should probably be getting back I
    just wanted to pop in and say hi.”

    “I’m glad you did,” Natasha smiled. “I wish you could stay longer, but I understand.”

    “Give your big sister,” Felicia demanded.

    Natasha walked across the desk and wrapped her arms around her sister, “There are days that I miss you so much

    “I feel the same,” she kissed Natasha on the cheek.

    Felicia headed towards the door to leave and she turned around, “Two weeks in New York huh?”

    “Yup,” she smiled, “and I’ll be Natasha Garrett Pierce.”

    “Honey I don’t want you to answer this question, at least not yet anyway. I just want you to think it over and be sure of what
    you’re about to do.”

    “What about it?”

    “Are you ready to marry Nicholas and are you ready for everything that is going to entail?”

    “Oh Felicia not you too…”

    She held her hand up to stop her, “I just want you to think that over before you marry Nicholas is all. Will you do that for

    Natasha shook her head, “I can do that.”

    “Good. Okay well I have to go…I love you honey.”

    “I love you too Felicia.”

    Natasha walked back to her desk and settled into her chair as she watched her sister board the elevator and leave. She
    couldn’t help but think of the Felicia’s question and hear in the back of her mind Audrey’s words from earlier in the day.

    She looked at a picture of her and Nicholas together from the year at the Woman of the Year banquet. There stood two
    people in love with one another without a care in the world…

    “What does that mean? You don’t love Nicholas. You’re only marrying him to get back at me. Natasha I know
    you…I know how you think. It’s the same thing you did with the election. Andrew hurt you and you saw what he
    wanted most and you took it.”

    Natasha ran her fingers through her blonde hair as Brandi’s words now echoed in her head as well. She briefly let the
    thought that Brandi could be right enter into her mind but she quickly pushed that aside and reassured herself.

    “You love Nicholas. You love Nicholas. You love…” her words trailed off and she closed her eyes knowing that she
    couldn’t finish that sentence.