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    “Let…go…of…me” Madison ordered her.

    “Not a chance,” Sabrina told her through clinched teeth. “Wiggle and squirm all you want little girl,” she warned, “you’re
    not going anywhere. You want to talk about someone being out of her league…well congratulations.”

    “Just you wait until I tell my father about this.”

    “Oh please do,” she pleaded with her. “Do you honestly think that you’re a big enough woman to take me on? Madison
    you are nothing more than a naïve and weak little girl playing a game with someone who is far more experienced than
    you could ever image,” she spat with more venom and disgust for her future step-daughter.

    “No one!” Sabrina raised her voice inches from Madison’s face, “You hear me? No one threatens me and then walks
    away. You understand that?”

    “Let go of me you insane bitch!”

    “Keep it up Madison,” Sabrina warned. “You may think you know me, but you don’t know anything about me. You have no
    idea what I am capable of.”

    “Screwing men for money? It’s not that difficult to understand.”

    Sabrina tightened her grip on Madison’s arm. “I’m going to say this once, so I pray to God you hear it – I love your father
    more than I have ever loved another man in my life. And if you think that you or anyone else for that matter, is going to
    keep us apart then you’re dead wrong. I would walk through hell before I left your father…”

    “Well we’ll both see about that won’t we?” Madison smiled.

    “Little girl…” she warned as she relinquished her grip on Madison’s arm and pushed her across the room.

    “You think you’re going to stop me? Do you…” Sabrina questioned. “I don’t think you stand a chance in hell. I’m Sabrina
    Davis Bradshaw…and in case you weren’t already aware – I always get what I want.”
    One Week Later
    “Now will you please tell us what is going on?” Caress looked at her brother and sister from across the room. “He’s
    been so quiet ever since I got here.”


    “Don’t!” he ordered her as their eyes met. “Don’t you say a word,” he told her.

    Madison looked at Caress with a look of confusion on her face before she looked back at her father and defied his
    warning, “Excuse me…”

    “Shut up!” he roared.

    The volume in her father’s voice caused Caress to jump in her seat.

    It made RJ sit at attention on the sofa and Madison to freeze.

    None of them had ever heard their father speak to anyone in such a tone, let alone to one of them.

    “Do you have a problem hearing when someone tells you to do something?” he questioned. “I told you not to a say a
    word and what do you go and do? You open your mouth anyway…”

    “All right, what’s going on?” Caress stood up and walked across to her sister.

    “Why are you talking to her like this? Something has obviously transpired, so can I suggest just trying to calm down a
    little please and let’s have a rational conversation?”

    Russell shook his head, clinched his jaw and turned away from the three of them. He took a moment to try and calm
    down. He drew in a deep breath and slowly pushed it out.

    “The three of you are more than old enough to know that I loved your mother very much,” he begun. “In fact I still love her.”

    “Then why did the two of you divorce?” Madison asked in a timid whisper.

    He thought for a moment and answered, “Because we fell out of love and that’ doesn’t mean that I still don’t have
    feelings for her. She will always be part of my life…she’s the mother of my children. But we just don’t love one another
    the way a couple should love one another.”

    “You left her,” Madison pushed her limits. “You can say whatever you want to convince Caress and RJ that it was
    different but I know better, remember I was there.”

    “Madison!” RJ glared in her direction. “Keep your mouth shut for once.”

    Russell turned away from his children and stared out the window into the backyard. Even though his children could not
    see him they knew his face was filled with disappointment and fury.

    When he finally did turn back around to look at them, his eyes were filled with embarrassment and contempt.

    “It would serve you well to listen to your brother and I won’t tell you again…to keep your mouth shut!” he roared. “You
    have no idea how incredibly furious I am with you right now and you keep making it worse Madison.”

    “Enough!” Caress stood up, threw her hands in the air and declared.

    “Obviously something has happened that has made you this upset. I think we can all see that and,” she added, “I can
    only assume that it has something to do with Sabrina since you said she’s moved out.”

    “I know what this is about,” Madison whispered in the direction of her sister. “Sabrina and I got into a fight.”

    “Say it loud enough where we can all hear you,” Russell told her. “It’s painfully obvious that you’re not going to do what
    I've already asked you twice to do.”

    She looked at RJ and then up at her father, “Sabrina and I had a disagreement at my office last week,” she repeated.

    “A disagreement?” RJ questioned. “What kind of disagreement Madison?”

    “That doesn’t matter,” she lied.

    “Apparently it does matter Madison,” Caress chimed in. “He’s furious right now,” she looked at her father. “Why don’t you
    tells us what happened.”

    “Why? It won’t matter. Because obviously she came running home and told Daddy her side of the story,” she raised her
    eyebrows. “And now he’s called each of us here to scold us for what…being mean to poor little saintly Sabrina?” she

    “Madison…” Russell warned her as his nostrils flared.

    “And now come to find out while we’re here he’s going to try and repaint history and convince us that he loves Mom,”
    Madison repeated. “That the reason they ended up divorced had nothing to do with that little gold-digging troll he’s
    asked to marry him.”

    Without thought of the consequences, Russell turned around to face his daughter and in the moment slapped her
    across the face.
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  •        April makes a decision about returning to River's Edge
  •        King Fashion plan for the new fashion line premiere
  •        The stage is set: Madison vs. Sabrina - Patricia vs. Audrey - Pamela vs. Travis
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All Or Nothing
Episode 135: Take a Bow
July 3
1, 2011
    “Ms. Pierce this is quite the surprise.”

    Audrey King Pierce pulled her sunglasses off and smiled at the desk clerk, “Yes well I was in the neighborhood and
    thought I would drop in.”

    “Well it’s very nice to see you again,” the young woman handed her some paperwork. “Shall I let her know you’re here?”

    Audrey scribbled her name at the bottom of the document and answered, “Oh yes, please do!”
    April Bradshaw surveyed the crowded Starbucks and spotted Ian across the room.

    She pushed her way through the crowd and when she reached their table she brushed her lips against his and smiled.

    “This place is a zoo!” she felt his hand linger on the lower portion of her back. “Did you miss me?”
    “Enough out of you!” his whole body shook as Madison stumbled backwards.

    Caress and RJ looked at one another…they said nothing as Russell stood his ground.

    “You bastard!” Madison whispered. “How dare you!”

    “You’re a degenerate, immoral little girl masquerading as an adult,” Russell told her. “You think that your actions, that
    the words you say don’t have consequences?”

    Madison held her cheek as she listened to his angered laced words. “Don’t you ever let me hear you say anything like
    that about Sabrina ever again,” he warned her.
    “You were up early this morning,” Nicholas Pierce entered the kitchen and headed for the freshly brewed coffee. “Did you
    not sleep well?”

    Natasha Garrett Bradshaw hadn’t slept well in weeks to be honest with herself, but she lied when she looked at future
    husband from across the kitchen table.

    “No I slept fine. Just a lot on my mind is all.”

    Nicholas kissed her forehead and picked up the business section of weekend edition of The Weekly Edge.

    “What’s on your mind?”

    She passed him a pastry, “A little of everything I supposed. Jodi’s nomination…our wedding and Sabrina’s wedding,”
    she forced a smile, “but mainly Lewis.”

    “Lewis? What about him?” Nicholas laid the paper down.

    “Have you given any thought to how our marriage is going to affect him? I’m just saying that it’s going to be a rather
    significant adjustment for him and well for all us really.”

    Nicholas reached across and took her hand, “I wouldn’t have asked you to marry me Natasha if I hadn’t considered the
    impact it would have on my son,” he explained. “The last thing I want to do is upset him any more than he’s already

    “Good,” she flashed a relieved smile. “I’m glad you said that.”

    He shook his head, “And you know there is going to be an adjustment for you as well.”

    “What do you mean? I’ve raised three children Nicholas,” she cut her eyes at him.

    “When Brandi went to prison one of the things that she insisted Justin and I do was ensure that Audrey was there for
    Lewis when he needed a mother figure,” Nicholas explained.

    “I understand that,” Natasha told him. “But I’m here now and I will be a mother figure for Lewis. Nicholas you have to
    understand where I’m coming from.”

    The kitchen fell silent as they both looked at one another, unsure of what they should say.
    “After we’re married I want to adopt Lewis,” Natasha finally broke the tense silence. “Nicholas…say something.”

    “I…I…my son has a mother Natasha,” he finally spoke. “Whether you want to hear that or not I’m sorry but Brandi is his
    mother. I never allowed Audrey to adopt him so I’m not sure what makes you think I would allow you to.”

    “Because I’m going to be your wife,” she fired back.

    “His mother is Brandi and it’s not fair to her…”

    “You think I give a damn about what is fair to Brandi? Your son needs a mother who isn’t a convicted criminal.”

    Natasha stood up from the table and braced herself against the cabinet. “He deserves a mother who isn’t a convicted
    murderer Nicholas,” she attempted to reason with him. “Brandi has spent and is going to spend the rest of his
    childhood in prison. That cannot be what you want for your son?”

    “I agree with what you’re saying Natasha,” he had stood up and walked over to her. Nicholas wrapped his arms around
    her waist and kissed her on the cheek.

    “She is his mother and I’m going to be honest with you…” he told her, “if I was going to allow anyone to adopt Lewis it
    would Audrey, she raised him and the facts are she is the only mother he has ever known.”

    Natasha wrangled herself free of Nicholas’ hold. “Well I see where I rank. If you’ll excuse me…” she left the kitchen
    without another word.
    “Is this about your sister?” Eleanor questioned.

    “What?” Audrey asked in utter shock. “How did you know this was about Patricia?”

    “Give me credit for something Audrey,” her mother responded. “I’m Eleanor King for God’s sake there’s not much that
    goes on in Timbercrest that I don’t know about.”

    “True enough. Why didn’t you say anything until now?”

    “Why didn’t you?”

    “I don’t know,” Audrey replied. “When Patricia first arrived it was when you were so sick…”

    “You’ve let this linger for far too long Audrey. I’m in this bed and there is not a damn thing I can do about Patricia.”

    “I know that I should have handled it and I will handle it now.”

    “You see that you do Audrey,” Eleanor told her. “You have worked far too hard to bring this new collection to life and I’m
    not going to let your gold digging sister ruin it for you.”

    Audrey smiled, “Thank you mother. Rest assured…I will deal with Patricia.”
    Nicholas heard the front door open and then close. Natasha had left without saying another word and he knew that he
    had hurt her feelings but it was the truth.

    In the sink he ran some water in the empty coffeepot and when the phone rang he reached for the tee-towel.

    “Hello,” he answered.

    “Nicholas…” the woman on the other end responded. “It’s Valerie Caldwell. I’m sorry to bother you on a Saturday.”

    “That’s all right Valerie,” he told her. “Did you need something?”

    “I actually wanted you to hear it from me before you heard it around town…” she began.

    “Heard what?”

    “Brandi’s been granted a parole hearing,” she told him. “In eight weeks."
The Character of Madison Banning will now be Represented by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
    She picked up her purse from the chair and walked towards the door. As she reached to open it Sabrina turned one last
    time to look at a clearly shaken Madison.

    “Always,” Sabrina said softly this time before she passed through the doorway and out of the building.
    The sun beamed against the black pavement of the parking lot and the only thing hotter than it was Sabrina. She
    slammed the door of her and laid her head against the headrest.

    She took a deep breath of the hot air and closed her eyes tightly. She felt the heat in the closed up car swell around her
    and she quickly turned the engine over. The cool air of the air conditioner hit her in the face and she waited for her
    Bluetooth to sync with the car.

    “Russell…” she said nearly out of breath in the direction of the car speaker. “Are you at home?”

    “I just got here,” he answered her. “Sabrina, are you alright?” Russell asked. “You sound out of breath. Is everything

    “I’m still at King Fashion,” she told him. “I actually just left your daughter’s office…” she paused and wondered if this
    was worth making a fuss about. But she was smart enough to know it would only snowball out of control even more if
    she didn’t.

    “Russell I’m on my way home,” Sabrina told him. “Ask the babysitter to stay a little bit later tonight. We have to talk about

    She ended the call as quickly as she had begun it. She didn’t want to explain to Russell what had happened, not over
    the phone anyway.
    Brittany Pierce appeared in the doorway of Madison’s office as she attempted to settle back into her desk chair. She
    knocked lightly on the open door and took a few uninvited steps inside.

    “Madison…” Brittany announced her arrival.

    “Hi,” she looked up from her iPhone. “Come in…please,” Madison gestured toward one of the chairs in front of her desk.

    “Was that Sabrina Bradshaw that I just saw leaving?”

    “Yes, actually it was,” Madison answered in a calm, finally collected and reassuring tone. “She wanted me to apologize
    to you before you she left, but she won’t be able to make her fitting this afternoon.”

    “Obviously,” Brittany lingered in the back of the room before she walked across the room and picked up a picture frame
    from the floor.

    “Is everything all right between the two of you?” she adjusted the frame on the bookshelf. “Earlier it sounded as if there
    were an argument going on in here.”

    “You heard us?”

    “Everyone heard you,” she answered. “It was rather embarrassing and incredibly unprofessional,” Brittany lectured.
    “Sabrina Bradshaw is a client…my client nevertheless.”

    “And she’s my future step-mother,” Madison smirked.
    “That’s very true,” she acknowledged. “Believe me when I tell you that I can relate to overbearing mother types,” Brittany
    recalled her own mother. “But here is not the place to hash out whatever disagreements you may have with one another.”

    Madison shook her head, “I am very sorry and I can assure you that it won’t happen again Brittany.”

    “Let’s see that it doesn’t,” she cut her eyes at Madison. “You’re very lucky that no one else was here, especially any other

    She drew a deep breath in and slowly released it. Even when she wasn’t around Sabrina was still causing her grief.
    Madison could literally feel the hate for that woman growing inside her and she pushed those feelings down fast and

    “Again…I’m very sorry. It won’t happen again.”

    “Good,” Brittany adjusted her weight from her left foot to the right. “Did she at least say why she had to leave or can I
    assume that it had something to do with your argument?”

    “No it had everything to do with our argument,” she didn’t lie.

    “Okay,” Brittany sighed a bit and turned to leave. “I’ll trust that you will see to it that she reschedules for some time this

    Madison forced a smile at her boss and shook her head, “Absolutely.”
    Sabrina pushed closed the front door and called out for her fiancé, “Russell are you here?”

    She walked into the living room and found him sitting on the sofa. “There are you,” she reached up and wrapped her
    arms around him. He stood over a foot taller than her and as his arms wrapped just above her waist she felt protected.

    “I was so worried about you,” he kissed the top of her and she hugged him even tighter than before. “Sabrina…is
    everything all right?”

    “No…” she lowered her voice, “everything is not okay.”

    She broke free of their embrace and walked across the room to the patio doors. She could see Brayden playing with his
    babysitter…she loved her son more than life itself and she knew Russell felt the same way about his own children.

    “Okay…” he said from across the room. “Are we going to talk about it? I can’t do anything to help diffuse the situation if I
    don’t what the situation even is.”

    “The situation,” Sabrina lowered her eyebrows and met his eyes with hers, “is your daughter,” she revealed to him. “The
    situation is Madison.”

    Russell ran his hand across the lower part of his face, “What did she do?”

    Sabrina laughed under her breath at the thought of what Madison had done and she couldn’t stop herself from saying,
    “What hasn’t she done Russell? That’s the question you should be asking right now?”

    “No I think I had it right the first time Sabrina,” he stood firm.

    “I love you so much,” she told him from across the room. “I love you more than I ever thought possible to love another
    living person besides my son…”

    “And you know that I love you just as much.”

    “I do know that,” her lips formed a genuine smile. “That’s never been an issue or a question in my mind.” She turned
    away from him and peered out into the backyard.

    After a moment Russell finally spoke again, “Sabrina…”

    “She humiliated me today,” she told him in a soft whisper. “I was at King Fashion for my dress fitting and Madison was
    walking to her office,” she explained. “I spoke to her as clearly and loudly as I am talking to you right now and she
    walked by me without saying a single word.”

    Russell shook his head and thought for a moment, “Sabrina could it be possible she didn’t see you?”

    “Can you see me? From where you stand are you able to see me?”


    “Then no it’s not possible that she didn’t see me,” Sabrina told him. “If that was the only thing that had happened this
    afternoon, I would be fine…”

    “There’s more?”

    “Oh you’re damn right there’s more…” Sabrina told him as she launched into the events of that afternoon.
    Valerie Caldwell was about to head home when something stopped her – she couldn’t find her car keys. As she
    searched her desk for them the elevator door opened and she looked up.

    “I’m sorry we’re closed for today,” she called out.

    Yet a knock still came at her door, “Excuse me are you Valerie Caldwell?”

    “I am,” she answered. “However we’re closed for today…if you would like I can make you an appointment.”

    “Ma’am my name is Joseph Hill, I’m with the Texas Board of Pardon and Paroles. I would appreciate it very much if you
    could make a few minutes for me this evening.”

    Frozen where she stood she replied, “Of course Mr. Hill. What is it that I can do for you?”

    “Ma’am you’re the attorney of record for Brandi Bradshaers Pierce and we are officially informing you,” he handed her a
    letter, “that Mrs. Pierce has been granted a parole hearing scheduled for eight weeks from today.”
    Sabrina turned to the window, having just told Russell what had transpired in Madison’s office she reassured him, “I am
    not proud of how I reacted.”

    “Yeah…well that doesn’t help much now does it Sabrina?”

    “Don’t take that tone with me Russell,” she warned him. “I said I wasn’t proud of how I reacted, I’m not sorry. Madison
    and I are both grown women. I tried to reach out and make an effort not for my sake, but for yours.”

    “You physically attacked her...”

    “She called me a whore!” Sabrina spun around from the window. “She called me a whore,” she repeated, “and she did it
    with disgust and hate in her eyes.

    “I’ve been called a whore and gold-digger and slut…but only when I deserved it,” she raged. “I am not that woman
    anymore and I’ll be damned if your daughter or anyone else for that matter will ever have the opportunity to degrade me
    like that.”

    “And I know those things are true,” he touched her arm. “But do you think perhaps you overreacted perhaps just a little?”

    She met his eyes with hers and she shook her head, “Go to hell!”


    “No I mean it…” she lashed out at him. “No I mean it, go to hell! If you honestly can stand there and not see what it is that
    your daughter is trying to do to us then you’re not the man I thought I was going to marry.”
    Russell sat down on the sofa and looked at his future wife across the room. “I don’t know how to do this,” he admitted.

    “And you think that I do?” she asked. “I’ve been down this road already once in my life,” Sabrina told him, “I’m not going
    to spend the next nine years of my life defending myself to your children. I did that with the Andrew and his family, but I
    have a son now…” she shook her head, “I won’t do it Russell.”

    “What would you have me do Sabrina?”

    ‘You’re going to actually make me say it aren’t you?”

    Sabrina walked across the room and he finally said what she didn’t want to say. “Are you giving me an ultimatum? Is
    that what’s happening here Sabrina?”

    “I’m not going to say that it’s our marriage or your children,” she turned to face him. “I’m not that naïve to think I was in
    any position to tell you that it’s our marriage or your children…”

    She laid her hand on his chest and looked up at him, “I love you so much…but you have to make that decision because
    I'm not doing this again with Madison or Caress or RJ.”

    “They have to respect you there’s no question about that,” he told her. “Because I do intend to marry you Sabrina Davis
    Bradshaw,” he leaned down and kissed her.

    “I don’t want you to worry about this anymore,” he told her. “I’ll handle them one way or another.”

    “I’m relieved to hear you say that,” she ran her fingers through his hair and on tip-toes kissed him on the lips.

    “I love you,” he whispered to her.

    She kissed his cheek and wrapped her arms around his neck, “I know…”
    “Did I miss you?” he repeated. “You know we just saw one another last night…but yes I missed you so much.”

    April took the empty seat across from him. The Dallas Morning News was spread out on the table and she could smell
    the aroma of hot chocolate in the air.

    “Did you order this for me?” she sipped before he had a chance to answer.

    “You are very welcome,” Ian smiled at her. “You okay this morning?”

    She waved her hand in front of her, “Oh yeah just busy at the bank today and this morning Emily called me…she’s
    having a fabulous time at camp and it just makes me sad thinking that she’s growing up so fast.”

    “They tend to do that you know,” he told her. “Did you call your sister back yet?” he asked referencing Jodi’s call from the
    previous night.

    “She beat me to it,” April looked away and her smile faded away. “I really don’t want to talk about it right now if that’s

    “We don’t have to talk about anything that you don’t want to talk about,” he placed his hand on top of hers and squeezed

    “There is something I do what to ask you though,” he told her.

    “Okay,” she sat up straight in her chair. “Ask away.”

    Ian smiled at her from across the table, “My parents are having a dinner party next week and I was hoping that you would
    join us…as my girlfriend.”

    “Really?” she asked a little shocked.

    He shook his head, “Emily will still be at camp so I thought it would be…”

    “I would love to,” she answered him. “Yes I will gladly accompany you Ian O’Connor,” April said as she leaned across
    the table and kissed him.
    “And don’t you ever lay a hand on her again,” Caress stepped in between her father and Madison. "Unless you intend to
    go through me to do it," she warned him.

    “I don’t a damn,” she raised her voice at her father, “about what did or did not happen between Sabrina and Madison…it
    is no excuse for you to hit her.”

    “You slapped me,” Madison said in tears.

    “And the sad thing is Madison you don’t even know why,” he informed her. “Your mother and I divorced because our
    marriage had ran its course. One day…one day when you decided to stop being a thirteen year old spoiled little brat
    you'll understand that.”

    “I’m not going to stand here and take any more of this,” Madison stood up. “It’s painfully, literally, obvious that you’ve
    picked Sabrina over your own children.”
    “Is that what’s happening here?” RJ asked. “Are you telling us it’s Sabrina or us?”

    Russell shook his head and looked at each one of them. “Is that what you think too?” he asked Caress.

    “That I’m picking you over Sabrina? You’re the oldest and I know that I didn’t raise you to be disrespectful or ignorant.”

    Caress shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know what you’re doing. Because I never thought you would hit anyone of us
    either, but obviously you did.”

    Russell shook his head, “And for that I am incredibly sorry, but Madison you need to learn to keep your mouth shut,” he

    “I’m leaving…” she declared.

    “Wait!” he said firmly, stopping her in her tracks.

    “I’m going to tell the three of you this one time and then you can all leave…I divorced your mother and moved here
    because I didn’t love her the same way that I did on the days that each of you were born,” Russell explained.

    “That’s all of that story the three of you entitled to know. You are my children and I do not tell you how to lead your lives, I
    advise you and let you each make your own choices. You will show Sabrina the respect that she deserves as human
    being and you show her the respect that she deserves because I am your father and I love her…” he finished.

    “Now can I leave?”

    “You can…” Russell said as she headed for the door.

    “Madison,” he called out to her, “I’m serious about this…we won’t have this conversation again.”
    She made her silent entrance by simply pushing open the door and standing in the doorway, “Hello,” she finally spoke.

    “Audrey…I was beginning to think that you had forgotten all about me,” the woman teased. “I’m thrilled to see that’s not
    the case.”

    She entered the hospital room and pushed the door closed behind her. “Mother why must you always be so dramatic?”
    she asked.

    “Is that supposed to be a joke of some sort Audrey?” Eleanor King smiled up from her bed. “Have you been able to talk
    to my doctors?”

    “Not yet,” Audrey sat a vase of white lilies on the dresser across the room from her mother, “I have an appointment to
    meet with them tomorrow morning,” she explained. “The nurse out there though filled me in on your improvement.”

    “She was a fan of your father’s,” Eleanor waved her hand in the air. “Why are you here Audrey?”

    “Must I always have a reason to come see you Mother?”

    Eleanor cut her eyes at her daughter, “I’m bedridden not stupid.”

    “Very true,” she opened her briefcase and withdrew her iPad. “The final designs of the very first Brittany King Collection.”

    “This is for the upcoming fashion show?”

    “Yes,” she answered. “We’re in the final stages of securing a New York City location.”

    Eleanor slowly flipped through the collection of photographs and sketches that were part of the new collection for King
    “The Brittany King Collection,” Eleanor smiled at her daughter. “Very nice work darling,” she complimented her.

    “Thank you Mother. I mean God only knows that we could have made gowns out of a burlap sack and it would have been
    better than the trash Nicholas paraded down the last runway.”

    Eleanor waved her hand in the air, “Do not…” she warned, “remind me of that horrific collection. Your father is no doubt
    spinning in his grave at the mere mention of it!”

    Audrey sat down in a chair in the corner of the room, “There’s another reason that I’m here. Bravura magazine is doing a
    collection on Brittany and I for the upcoming fashion show and there is a slight chance that something may come up that
    I think you need to know about,” she crossed her legs and cut her eyes at her mother.
    Los Angeles, California