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    From the backseat of a black Cadillac sedan, Pamela Bradshaw McCarty crosses one leg over the other and gazes out
    the tinted window. The city passes her by like a slide show. The driver stops at a red light and her eyes drift to the end of
    the street to a building – The Bradshaw Building.
    “My husband built this company for our family,” Pamela seethed with anger.

    “There is no way in hell I’m going to allow you to control it for long. Do you understand what you’ve done here today? I’m
    going to make it my personal mission to bring you down little girl…I promise to God you will regret this one day
    Sabrina,” she warned.

    “Pamela…” Sabrina repeated.

    I didn't hear you come in," Pamela realizes that she's no longer alone. "I'm sorry."

    “Nothing to apologize for,” Sabrina tells her. “Is everything all right? You seem a little distracted."

    “Everything’s fine I just have a lot on my mind…” Pamela sat down in her seat next to Sabrina.

    I was actually thinking about the first time you and I were ever alone in this very room together. Do you remember that?"

    “Ha!” Sabrina laughs. "It's pretty hard to forget."


    We really went at one another's throat that day didn't we?"
    “Pamela, wait just one minute,” Sabrina called to her.

    “I want you out of my house. The bylaws of this company state that your home is property of The Bradshaw Corporation
    and it shall be the home of the CEO,” she announced.

    “You’re to be out by sun down and if not…” she walked towards Pamela and issued her own warning.

    “I will take pride in throwing your rich, old ass out!”

    “We certainly didn’t hold anything back that’s for sure,” Sabrina laughs. “I surprised you that day whether you’ll ever
    admit it or not. It was written all over your face."

    "No that was utter content and disgust," Pamela shares with her. "But..." she pauses for a brief moment and finally says,
    "you did, surprise me that is."

    "I did?"

    "Well of course you did. I was surprised that you could give as good as you could take," she laughs. "But what surprised
    me was that you done what no one every thought could be done - you took control of Phillip's company.

    “I was determined,” Sabrina recalls.

    "Determine doesn't even begin to describe what you were Sabrina...what you are. You were hellbent on getting back at
    Andrew, all of us for that matter for the way we had treated you. I left that day thinking, no knowing," she corrects herself,
    "that you were going to destroy what Phillip had worked so hard to build."

    Sabrina stood completely speechless – a feather could have pushed her over and she was finally able to speak,
    “Pamela…I don't know what to say,” she stutters.

    Pamela smiles back at her and Sabrina asks, "Are you dying old woman?"

    "Do what? Am I dying? Heavens no Sabrina. Please, you're not that lucky."

    Pamela situates herself in the Italian leather chair and looks up to her former daughter-in-law. "The fact of the matter is
    that I'm proud of you."

    "Oh I'm sorry what did you say?"

    "For God's sake," Pamela sighs heavily. "Are you going to really make me say it again?"

    "Yes," Sabrina shook her head, "I'm afraid you are going to have to repeat yourself."

    "The one thing I've never told you or anyone else for that matter is that I am proud of you. I don't condone your methods
    and I never will approve of the fact that you're running The Bradshaw Corporation, but if you take the latter of the sort of remind me of a young me."

    "Pamela," Sabrina said with little breath in her voice, "that could possibly be the nicest thing you've ever said to me.
    Thank you."

    "Well you're welcome. But Sabrina, if you ever so much as utter a single word of this I will deny it, just so you know."

    "Of course," Sabrina notices Andrew and Kendra arriving in the lobby. "Just you wait Pamela because you haven't seen
    anything yet."
    “This is Gregory,” he answers the phone.  “Thank you,” he pushes END on his phone and leans back in his chair. With
    his eyes closed her thinks back over the last few months and the living hell that his daughter has put him through.

    “I’m a little early,” Megan says from just outside his office and he realizes how selfish he was thinking that he was going
    through the Courtney ordeal by himself.

    Gregory Holloway gets up from his desk and walks around to greet his wife. He wraps his arms around her waist and
    pulls her close to him. He can smell the vanilla shampoo in her hair as he lightly kisses her neck.

    "Do you see me complaining?" he pulls her closer to him. "I'm glad that you're here."

    I can see that," she ran her hand on his back and returned his kiss. "How's the unpacking going?" she asks as they
    separate from one another.

    “Good…” he surveys the room.

    Not from the looks of it. When we get back home and get Courtney settled I'll come back down and help you."

    “I would like that.”

    “Good,” she lightly caresses his cheek. “You should take a nap on the plane. You look awfully tired."

    “I am tired,” he assures her. "Didn't you feel me tossing and turning last night."

    "Of course I did," she walks across the room and sits down on the sofa that had been delivered earlier that morning.
    "Gregory are you sure that you want me to go with you and Monica today to pick up Courtney?"

    "Don't you want to go?" he asks with a hint of concern in his voice. "I certainly don't want you to feel like I'm pressuring
    you to go."

    Megan toys with her wedding ring and looks up at her husband, "I just want you to be comfortable with all of this and of
    course do what's best for Courtney."

    "She's going to be living with us," he reminds her, "in a few hours to be matter of fact. You've been incredible the last few
    months," he takes a seat beside her, "with getting the offices opened and the house ready for Courtney. You're just as
    much apart of this as Monica and I."

    Their lips press against one another and Megan slowly parts with a smile on her face. "I hope you know that there's
    nothing I wouldn't do for you Gregory."

    His eyes sparkle as a smile breaks across his face and he whispers, "I love you so damn much Blondie."

    Megan brings his hand up to her lips and kisses it ever so lightly. She replies, "I know you do baby, I know you do."
    “Thank you Madam Secretary,” Sabrina says to Angela after she had finished calling the roll of stockholders.

    “I want to first begin by thanking you each of you for being here today. Especially Kendra, I believe that our meeting today
    is going to set BC on new course of both business ventures and leadership."

    Pamela adjusts in her seat and raised her eyebrow towards her son at the opposite end of the table. She shifts her
    attention to her eldest granddaughter and mentally notes that she had been extremely quiet since arriving at the last

    “In your folders you’ll find a summary of Cathy Tucker’s lawsuit against the company,” Sabrina explains.

    The documents details the case Donald Tucker's widow had brought against the company months earlier. Donald had
    been cherished member of the Board of Directors for many years. In fact he one of the last directors Phillip had
    appointed before his death. In 2010 on Valentine's Day he had taken his own life citing the economical downfall of the
    stock market.

    “Sabrina and I met last week with Mrs. Tucker’s new representation,” Andrew looks across the table, taking a dramatic
    pause before he reveals, "Valerie Caldwell."

    “You’re serious?” Kendra looks away from him and shakes her head. “Of all the lawyers in this town?” she questions.
    “Let me guess Gregory Holloway is her co-counsel?”

    “Thankfully he’s not,” Sabrina answers. “Andrew has spent the last week in meeting with our in-house attorneys," she
    looks up from her folder to acknowledge his efforts. "They all say and I'm in agreement with them that Cathy Tucker does
    not have a case suitable for trial."

    "What the hell does that mean?" Angela looks from Sabrina to her brother.
    “Valerie is going to have to prove that Sabrina and mother, the leaders of this company were negligent in their business
    practices," he explains.

    "And as you call know The Bradshaw Corporation was one of only a handful of companies in Texas to have turned a
    profit in twenty-ten," Sabrina notes. "Add to the fact that both your mother and I haven't taken a salary since two thousand
    and eight, I feel comfortable saying that we'll be able to have this lawsuit dismissed."

    Pamela waves her hand in the air, “All right that’s enough talk about the lawsuit. I think everyone here has been
    adequately updated on the status of the case,” she tells Sabrina. “Valerie is simply using this unfortunate death to fuel
    her vendetta against this family and this company.”

    She looks at Andrew, “Valerie Caldwell is an opportunist! She always has been and if you ask me she always will be. I’ll
    handle this,” she reassures the board, much the dismay of Sabrina.

    “Pamela I’m going to insist that you not do anything of the kind,” Sabrina firmly states.

    “Duly noted Sabrina…” Pamela purses her lips, “but nonetheless I will still deal with Ms. Caldwell. Now let’s move on.”

    Her fingers are intertwined together as Sabrina glares at Pamela.

    "You and I aren't done talking about this." Silence falls over the boardroom as Sabrina glances quickly through her notes.

    “Sabrina’s asked me to come back to work at the company,” Jodi breaks the awkward and uncomfortable silence. “In
    fact she asked me to assume the vacate seat on the Board of Directors.

    Sabrina is this true?" Andrew questions. "Did you ask Jodi to fill Donald's vacate seat. You never mentioned anything to
    me about this.

    Well Andrew I'm sure you were aware that I am still the CEO and don't have to ask for your permission, but yes it is,”
    she answer. She took a deep breath and quickly attempts to calm herself down, despite the fact she was furious with

    “I know, I know…” Jodi lays her hand on the coolness of the boardroom table, “it’s not how you wanted to announce it.
    But I’m tired of beating around the bush here.”
    “Jodi are you sure this something that you want to do?” Angela asks, as casually as she could manage.

    She had decided to may a true effort in remaining calm and not be so confrontational all the time. She had even
    practiced it the week before last when she approved the Las Vegas project for Ryan.  

    Angela continues, “I think I speak for everyone here when I say we’ll all stand beside you if this is something that you
    want but we all have our concerns."

    “She’s right,” Kendra chimes in. “None of us want to see you put in a position like you have been in the past."

    You mean when all of you put me in charge of this multi-billion dollar at such a young age because Daddy couldn't do it
    and Grandmother wouldn't do it?" Jodi words dripped with a harsh condescending reality for them all.

    "Yes Jodi Lynne," Pamela raises her voice, "that's exactly what your Aunt Angela and Kendra are talking about."

    "All right everyone," Sabrina taps the gavel, "let's take a short break and let everyone collect their thoughts.

    “That’s a good idea,” Kendra said as she stands from her chair and locks eyes with Jodi. “Can I speak with you for a
    moment, in private?”
    "Good morning Megan. How are you?"

    Dr. Monica Elm Holloway stood five feet, eight inches tall. Her raven black curls framed against her mocha colored skin.
    She was born in Annapolis, Maryland, a successful emergency room attending, she was well educated, a mother of two
    children and once upon a time the love of Gregory Holloway's life.

    "Monica," Megan replies with a smile. "Good morning. Gregory just went to get us some coffee. Would you like
    something? I can text him and have him pick it up.

    "No that's fine," she sat down next to Megan. "I don't want to be any trouble. Besides when we Gregory and I were
    married he was very clumsy when it came to things like carrying more than two cups of coffee at a time."

    "It hasn't changed," the two women laugh as they see Gregory returning in the distance.

    "Megan I 'm very glad that you're coming with us today. I'm sure that it means a lot to Gregory...I just want you to know that
    means just as much, if not more to me."

    “Of course,” she smiles. “I'm ready to do whatever I can do to help with Courtney. I meant what I said in Chicago," she
    reminds Monica, "I'm committed to this. Courtney and Mason and you," she smiles again, "well we're all a family now."

    "For better or for worse?"

    Exactly." Megan looks down the corridor of the airport and notes, "He must have forgotten something. He just turned
    around and headed back to the counter."

    The two women sat in silence for a moment before Monica finally spoke, “You know I have to admit when Gregory told
    me he had gotten remarried I never once thought it would have been someone like yourself.”

    Oh? That's sort of backhanded statement Monica," Megan cut her eyes at her. "I'm not sure how I'm supposed to take it."
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All Or Nothing
Episode 134: Let's Get it Started
May 7, 2011
    “Phillip…” a young Pamela sighed, “what are we doing here? You told your mother we were going straight to the new

    He waved his hand in the air, “Forget about my mother.”

    Phillip Bradshaw had just passed his bar exam and he was in the mood to dance with his wife, even if it was the middle
    of the day and in the middle of downtown River’s Edge.

    “We have our whole lives ahead of us red,” he twirled her around and she ended up locked amongst his strong arms.

    “You’ve not called me that since we married,” she smiled.

    “Is this not the most magnificent building you’ve ever seen?”

    Pamela titled her head back and held her hand to block the afternoon sun. “I suppose it is,” she finally answered. “How
    many floors does it have?”

    “Sixteen,” he told her. “And I just purchased it.”

    “It?” she shrieked.
    “Calm down woman…the sixteenth floor not the whole damn building,” he spun her for a second time and added, “not
    yet anyway.”

    “Oh not yet,” she laughed with him. “And my darling what do you intend to do with that sixteenth floor?”

    A final twirl found them face to face and he leaned in for a kiss on the lips. When they parted a cool post-spring breeze
    shifted through the plaza.

    “Build you an empire…”

    “Ma’am…Mrs. McCarty,” the driver repeats. Pamela looks up at him.

    “We’ve arrived?” she asked in a calm voice.

    “Yes ma’am.”

    “Well alright then,” she holds out her hand for assistance and once out of the car looks up at the building.

    “Is this not the most magnificent building you’ve ever seen?” she asks the driver and without an answer crosses the
    plaza as a cool pre-spring breeze blows by.
    Pamela steps off the elevator and her eye is immediately drawn to the portrait of Phillip that hangs outside the executive

    “Do me a favor red,” she recalled him saying to her one night lying in bed.

    “What is it darling?”

    “I want to convert the thirty-fourth floor into an executive boardroom,” he explained. “I want you to supervise.”

    “I’m sure that Phyllis can handle it. Have you even asked her yet?” she inquired about his assistant.

    Phillip shuffled in bed and threw his arm over his wife, “I don’t want Phyllis to do it,” he told her.

    Inside the boardroom, she runs her hand along the edge of the polished table. She closes her eyes and takes a deep
    breath, thinking of Phillip as she often does, despite the fact she was married now to Travis.

    Phillip Bradshaw,” she whispers to herself. He had been the love of her life and she would only admit this to herself,
    but he still was. Phillip was just as much today as he was the day she married the love of her life, her beginning and her

    “No man will ever hold a candle to you Phillip,” she whispered as Phyllis lightly knocks on the door.

    “Good morning Mrs.  Bradshaw,” she smiles at her.

    Phyllis Jones came to BC fresh out of college, twenty-one years old and she had remained a loyal employee – forty
    years of service and devotion.

    “Phyllis,” Pamela says as she opens her arm for a hug, “I’ve told you its Mrs. McCarty. Has Sabrina arrived yet?”

    “She hasn’t ma’am,” Phyllis replies. "Ma'am would you like some coffee?"

    "No thank you," Pamela answers. "Would you call Sabrina's office and tell I've arrived please?"

    "Of course."
    Megan..." her words suddenly dawn on her and how they sounded. "I mean no disrespect when I say that whatsoever.
    It's just that you're so young,” Monica told her. “You’re just a few years older than Mason…but that said, you’ve surprised
    the last few weeks."

    “I have?”

    "Of course. I was quite fearful when we first met but you've handled yourself with such grace and composure..." Monica
    was rarely without words, but try as she may she wasn't finding any today.

    Megan places her hand on Monica's knee, "I think I know what you mean and thank you."

    "And thank you," Monica squeezes Megan's hand as Gregory arrives two coffees in hand. "Did you leave your credit card
    at the counter again?"

    "He does that all the time," Megan chimed in. "You did didn't you?" she took her coffee from Gregory. "Thank you baby,"
    she whispers to him as he sits down beside her.

    Oh my God!" he sighs. "It's like having two of you all of sudden." He pointed at Megan, "Just so you're clear over there,
    she's my boss now."

    "Oh well she can have you," Monica rolls her eyes. "How are you this morning Gregory?" she changed her tone.

    "Nervous," he answers in somber voice. "Were you two playing nice while I was gone?'

    “When have we not played nice together?” Megan asked dug in her purse for their boarding passes.

    “Good morning ladies and gentlemen we’re going to start boarding flight number 79 to Palm Springs momentarily,” the
    gate agent announces over the intercom. “If you could take a look at your boarding pass…”
    Kendra shut the door behind her and leans her slender body against it. She watches as Jodi takes a seat in the chair
    behind the desk, neither one of them say a word.

    “Jodi please tell me that you know what you’re doing," Kendra finally breaks the silence. "Are you sure that you're ready
    to get caught up in all of this again?"

    “All of this?” Jodi asks. "I know that there's no need to remind you Kendra, but I will...this is my grandfather's company."

    Jodi gazes out the picturesque that frames the other city landmarks. Below the Dogwood trees that fills the park had
    already began to bloom and Jodi simply shakes her head.

    "Do you think I'm going into this with my eyes closed Kendra?"

    “Of course not…" she took a few steps towards the desk.

    "I've been considering this opportunity for several weeks now," she interrupts her. "Whether or that or not is irrelevant to
    my decision. I came here today knowing full well what Sabrina is capable of and knowing the advantage, as well as the
    disadvantages of taking on this responsibility."

    "Well forgive me saying so, but I'm not certain that you have," Kendra tells her.
    “You’re not what?” Jodi spun herself around to face Kendra. "And no I won't forgive you either. What gives you the right to
    even think you can say something like that to me?" she asks. "You're not certain..." her words trail off as she repeats
    what she had just heard.

    Enlighten me please Kendra as to how you've come to this conclusion of sorts? It certainly hasn't been from any recent
    conversations we've had."

    Jodi crosses her arms and returns to gazing out the window.

    There wasn't a bad view in the entire building and if there were, well Jodi had never found it. This building poccessed so
    many wonderful attributes that Jodi admired: history, family, beauty...there was so much to love about this building for
    her, it was where she had first met Jaxson.

    "I'm not sure I know what that is supposed to mean," Kendra walks across to an empty chair in front of the equally empty
    desk. She wore a pair of red open toe Louis Vuitton pumps from last season, a pair of white flared slacks and as she
    made her way across the room she regretting making a last minute change to the sleeveless black and white polka dot
    blouse earlier that morning.

    As she took a seat in one of the empty chairs, Kendra felt a chill on her bare arms, "Jodi..." she said softly.

    "You know something the mere fact that you don't understand what that means only proves my point," she tells her
    without looking away from the window. "Why do you care so much about whether I take this job or not?

    She spins around in the chair, "I mean honestly Kendra what is it you want from me? You didn't want me to write the
    book. You don't want me taking this job. So what exactly is it?"

    "Because we're family," Kendra answers without a moment's hesitation. "You are my best friend and you're the closest
    thing to a sister that I have."

    “Really?” she asks with a cynical and sarcastic tone. “You see I think you're doing this because you feel guilty."

    What is there for me to feel guilty about Jodi?" Kendra fires back. "I'm here aren't I?"

    See Kendra you knew all along what this was about," Jodi smiles. "You're here now."

    She shakes her head and suddenly realizes where the conversation is going. "I know that the last few years have put a
    strain on our relationship..."

    "You moved halfway across the country!" Jodi snaps. After a deep breath she tries to calm herself down before saying
    another word. "I needed you and you left. I went through my divorce practically alone," her voice cracks. "Do you know
    how hard that was for me?"

    "No I don't know how hard that was for you Jodi," Kendra throws her hands in the air and walks across the room. "Why
    don't you explain it to me. Because the death of my husband couldn't possibly compare."

    Kendra stands in the middle of the office, their eyes lock on one another and neither of them say a word.

    "We've grown apart," Kendra finally states. "But don't you dare sit there and lay all the blame on me. Let's not be naïve
    here..." she runs her hand through her hair and heads for the door.

    “Where are you going?” Jodi gets up from her chair again. "Say whatever it was you were going to say."

    "This right here, this is the first in a very long time that you and I have had a conversation with some real meaning
    behind it. Let's not be naïve about what?"

    As she opens the door Kendra tells her, "You're just like Pamela you know that?"

    She turns around and looks into Jodi's eyes, "You're right. I'm right. Let's just say that we're both right and be done with
    it," she concedes. "And if placing all the blame on me makes you feel better then fine - blame me, because right now I
    could care less."

    Kendra slams the door behind her as Jodi sinks into the chair. She closes her eyes and she rubs the temple of her
    forehead. She could feel the early stages of a headache forming and silently she wonders what she had just done.
    By the time that Josh Marshall arrives in the on-call room he realizes that he's either sleep walking or somewhere pretty
    close to it. He was entering his fourteenth hour of work and all he could do was think about sleeping.

    The on-call room has no windows for the same reasons that bars or casinos have no windows. There is one lumpy and
    worn sofa that could pulls out into a double bed if needed, a set of bunk beds, a desk with a chair and finally a stainless
    steel sink by the door.

    He collapses on the sofa and his eyes flutter..."Fourteen hours," he says as his eyes finally give way.

    When Dr. Zachary O'Connor pushes open the door the light from the hallway shines in Josh's face and he opens his

    "Shut the door," he mumbles half asleep.

    “Oh shit,” Zachary whispers. "Marshall is that you? I'm sorry

    “It’s okay,” Josh tosses the opposite way on the sofa. "I can't seem to get comfortable."

    Sorry to wake you up...I'll see you later," Zachary pulls open the door a crack and he hears from behind him Josh say,
    "Don't open that door again."

    “Where are you going anyway?"

    The call room downstairs," O'Connor answers. "I'm weird and won't sleep on the bunk beds. I prefer the sofa.

    "Well like I said I can't get comfortable," Josh stands halfway up and throws himself onto the bottom bunk. "Lay down..."

    "You didn't have to do that," Zachary tells him while he walks across the room. A childish smile wipes across his face
    and in the darkness of the room it goes unnoticed.

    "I told you..." Josh drifts into sleep for a brief moment and they both hear the PA call for Dr. Marshall.

    "Oh..." he whimpers, "you have got be kidding me! Shit!"

    "Why don't I go," Zachary suggests, his feet already on the floor. "I just got here and you're already halfway out of it as it

    "You don't have to do that," Josh protests as he slowly throws feet over the side of the bed. "I'll be fine. Besides you need
    sleep too."

    "How about I make you a deal?" Zachary suggests. "I'll take this page for you and in return you have coffee with me

    "Okay," Josh answers. "Coffee sounds pretty good. Why don't you come get me when you're done with my page."

    "I'll do that," he tells him with an added smile.
    Sabrina taps her French manicure finger nail against the boardroom table and glares across at Jodi who sits with one
    leg over the other

    “I’m sorry,” Jodi finally says with hesitation. “I should have let you preceded as you’d planned, so for that I ‘m sorry.”

    “You should have yes,” Sabrina replies. “Don’t forget Jodi that I’m in charge.”

    “I won’t Sabrina,” she assures her. “I told you already that I wouldn't."

    “Good,” she answers, pleasantly surprised. “Are things all right between you and Kendra? Neither one of you looked too
    happy after the break.”

    “We’re fine,” she tells her in a low, composed voice. “We have to be we’re sisters – we don’t have much choice in the

    “I suppose you’re right,” Sabrina stood from her chair. “Well…” with a smile, she added, “congratulations.”

    “Thank you,” Jodi also stood. “What happens next?”

    “I’ll take your name to the Board of Directors, they will vote for your immediate appointment to board and then we’ll
    announce it to the press.”

    “Nothing expensive,” she tells her. “A simple press conference, with a simple reception following. I don’t want the press
    to assume that we’re overspending money that we may need on down the road.”

    “Those are my thoughts exactly.”

    Sabrina opens the door and walks over the elevator with Jodi behind her.

    “Would you like to get a drink?” Jodi asks while they both wait for the elevator to arrive.

    "You know I would love to," Sabrina tells her, "but I can't unfortunately. I'm sorry. I have a fitting scheduled at King Fashion
    with Audrey," she finishes as they both board the elevator.

    Jodi forces a smile, "Well that's exciting for you. I'm sure you're looking forward to the big day. Perhaps we can do a drink
    another time."

    "Yes of course. I would like that very much," Sabrina tells her with a smile.
    From the doorway Sharon looks into Andrew's office and for a moment she thought about turning around and walking
    away but Andrew saw her before she could.

    “Sharon,” he looks up from his desk.

    "Hi," she forces a smile. "Can I come in?"

    "Of course." Andrew stands up and walks over the mini-bar. "Would you like something to drink?"

    No I'm fine,” she shakes her head.  “I was hoping that you would be here and that I wouldn't have to go on a wild goose
    chase looking for you.”

    “Well you found me,” he replies. “I’m afraid I was about to head home though.”

    “Oh…” Sharon sat down on the couch, “that’s good,” she paused and nervously twiddled her thumbs.

    “Can I join you?” she finally breaks the unbearable silence between them. "I want to come home Andrew. You're my
    husband and my place is with you. Putting everything that's happened between us aside," she tells him, "I want come
    home, if you will let me."

    “I want to home Andrew. With you,” she confirmed. “You’re my husband and putting blame aside we’ve been separated
    for far too long. I want to come home, if you’ll let me,” she smiled.
    Ms. Bradshaw," the receptionist at King fashion greets Sabrina. "How are you today?"

    "I'm doing fine, thank you. Is Audrey ready for me?"

    "You know I believe she is finishing up a meeting with Ms. Von Honson," she explains. "Let me check."

    The receptionist made her way back to her desk, Madison Banning emerged from a conference room adjacent to the
    lobby. She was finishing an email on her Blackberry and only took her eyes off the screen long enough to see a glimpse
    of Sabrina.

    As Sabrina turns away from the receptionist desk, she reaches into her purse to locate her cell phone and collides right
    in Madison, causing them both to stumble.

    "I am so sorry..." Sabrina immediately declares, unaware of whom she had just ran into. "Madison...oh my God, I'm
    sorry. I wasn't even watching where I was going," she apologizes. "Are you all right?"

    Madison sturdies herself, straightens her skirt and cuts her emerald tone green eyes at Sabrina with undoubtable
    contempt for her father's future wife. Without acknowledging Sabrina's apology or her own part in the accident she walks
    from the middle of the lobby to her office, slamming the door for added dramatic effects.

    Sabrina stands for a moment in shock and awe about what had just transpired between her and Russell's little bitch of
    a daughter. Her mind races for a moment wondering how she should handle the situation and before she could stop
    herself she was standing in the middle of Madison's office.

    "Excuse me?" Madison asks in a harsh, raw voice. "I don't recall inviting you in here and I certainly don't appreciate you
    just barging in unannounced or uninvited."

    "That's to bad bitch," Sabrina's inner voice screams, but she pushes it down and calmly walks to the center of Madison's
    office. The number of things that she didn't appreciate were countless.

    "I'm sorry," Sabrina lies. "I think that we have some things that need to be said to one another. I haven't had a chance to
    ask how you're settling in to your new apartment." She thought back to when she was Madison's age how she would
    have ripped apart anyone that had done what Madison had just done to her.

    "You're father told me that you're living with Ryan O'Keefe, that's nice."

    "It's fine," she answers. "He's fine. I'm fine...Look Sabrina I'm busy so you show yourself."

    "Do you know why I'm here today? Sabrina asks. "Or should ask do you care why I'm here today?"

    "No I don't...on both accounts," Madison looks up from her Blackberry. "Again...very busy. Cut the chase or get out."

    "I'm here for my wedding gown fitting..."

    "That's your wedding dress in the grand ballroom?" Madison's eyes met with Sabrina's for the first time. "The one that
    Audrey is designing?"

    "It is," Sabrina smiles.  

    "I've been meaning to ask you if you would consider being one of my bridesmaids at the wedding. My niece Fancy is
    going to be my maid-of-honor and your Aunt Natasha has agreed to step in, that is if you and your sister don't want to be
    apart of the wedding," she explains.

    Madison lays her cell phone down and leans against the sharp corner of her desk. She ponders the request with
    tempting smile. "You've asked Caress? What did she say?"

    "I've not asked her yet, I intend to however.

    She pushes off from the corner of the desk and walks across the room. Standing within inches from Sabrina's face she
    answers, "I would rather walk barefoot on hot coals across Texas before I stand up for you at your wedding," her words
    are soft, direct and dripping with venom and sheer disgust.
    “What’s changed?” Andrew walks over to the couch. “For the last fourteen months you've stood firm on wanting a

    “One that you initiated,” she reminds him. “I’m sorry…” Sharon quickly apologizes, “that’s not the point.”

    "No you're right, it's a very good point. I tried to put a stop to our divorce and you wouldn't let me. Something has had to
    change Sharon, just tell me what it is."

    “I’ll tell you what hasn’t changed,” her eyes boldly met his, “I had an affair with Gregory Holloway and I am incredibly
    sorry for that. I live everyday knowing that I hurt you and it kills me.”

    She bites her bottom lip in effort to not cry, “And you hear me when I say this, because it’s the last time we’re going to
    talk about it. Knowing that I hurt you, knowing that I made a promise to you and that I broke him…it devastates me,” she
    tells him. “But I’m done being punished for it.”

    Sharon sits down on the sofa and looks over at him with a dull sparkle in her eye, she tells him, "You changed me."

    “What do you mean?” he asks.

    “You asked me to marry you and it’s taken me this long to realize that our relationship isn’t just about us, it’s about our
    family,” she chokes back her tears even harder than before.

    “My daughter…” she places the palm of her hand against her chest, lowers her head and gives in to the tears.

    Andrew sits down next to her finally and wraps his arms around. Sharon can feel the warmth of his body next to hers and
    she's overtaken by a sincere comfort when he whispers to her, "It's going to be okay."

    “After everything Kendra has been through she doesn’t look at you and see her step-father,” she raises her eyes to his,
    “she looks at you she sees her father…her father,” Sharon repeats.

    The softness of Andrew's lips touch her forehead and when she finally lays her head against his chest, he smiles.

    "I love Kendra just as much as you Sharon," he explains to her. "As if she were my very own. But you know that we can't
    stay married just because of that alone. If that were the case Natasha and I would have never gotten a divorce."

    “No it’s not because of that,” Sharon raises up and insists. "I want to be with you."

    “Ten years ago…” she recalls with a smile, “you changed my life. I love you so much."

    “And I love you too."

    “Then what are we doing here? Can you forgive me for what I’ve done? I don’t want a divorce Andrew and I don’t want to
    live in a hotel another day. I want to come home and be with you.”

    Andrew's mind races back to the day he had asked Sharon to marry him…to the moment he realized he did in fact love
    her…and to the moment he vowed to himself he would remain faithful to her which he had done. It had never dawned on
    him that she would have been the one to be unfaithful.

    Without saying a single word he brought his lips to hers and they shared a kiss – Sharon felt her knees weaken as his
    mouth covered hers and his hands, for the first time in over a year began to explore her body.
    “I’ll make sure I let your father know," Sabrina fires back at Madison. "After all this was his idea."

    It took every ounce of Sabrina's being to restrain herself from hauling off and punching Madison square in the jaw. Her
    temper was one of the many things she had gotten under control over the last ten years.

    She knew girls like Madison and as she drew in a deep breath she realizes that she was once Madison. To slap her
    across the face would only be a single moment of pain, she was going to use her words instead - they stung deeper
    and last longer.

    “Please do,” Madison tells her as she prepares for a slap across her face...hoping for a slap across her face. It would
    only give her more ammunition to fight Sabrina with and when it never came she quickly stepped up her game.

    "We'll never accept you as our step-mother, let alone our father's wife," she announces. "RJ, Caress and I will just
    consider you the gold digging tramp who married our father for his name and his money."

    "My last name is Bradshaw," Sabrina reminds her. "And I'm the CEO of one of the largest companies in Texas. I don't
    need your father's name and certainly don't need his money."

    "Then don't marry him. I mean really Sabrina we'll never accept you and can you only image how long before that takes
    its toll on Daddy? He's inevitably going to dump you to the curb in favor of his children."

    “You know we’re never going to accept you as our step-mother,” she announced, “RJ, Caress and I. You’ll just be our
    father’s wife, who we don’t like. How long before you think he dumps you to the curb in favor of his children?”

    “I think that’s unfortunate for all you,” Sabrina tells her, "that you'll never accept me. But your father is a very smart man
    and I think he’ll catch quicker than you give him credit for. I’m really quite pleasant once you take the time to get to know

    “Somehow I doubt that.”

    “It’s quite true actually…if you don’t believe me you can ask your father."
    Madison’s face lights with a smile, “Well aren’t you a little skank?" she questions. “You're a piece of disgusting trash
    that worms her way in and out of men's bed like a flea jumps from dog to dog. You wormed your way into Andrew's bed,
    then to Gregory Holloway's and now to my father's."

    “See that’s where you’re dead wrong honey,” Sabrina’s voice hardens as she follows Madison across the room. “I didn’t
    worm my way anywhere, I went where I was invited,” she smiles, “where I was wanted.”

    You're like a dog in heat,” Madison tells her. “Do you know that?”

    "Well if I did worm my way into your father's bed, he doesn't seem to mind," Sabrina reassures her with confidence in
    her voice. "In fact he loves it very much...this morning in fact," she smiles.

    If it was a fight that Madison wanted, then it was a fight Sabrina would love to give her.

    “You’re trying to provoke me into doing something so that you can run back and tell my father,” Madison shakes her
    head in disgust.

    You know something Sabrina, I was raised to have a little class and dignity, unlike yourself obviously. So go ahead and
    try on your dress, but if you asked me you're just wasting your time.”

    Well it's a good thing that no one asked you, Sabrina shot back at her.

    If by some miracle...this wedding does happen, I can promise you Sabrina that you're going to end up regretting it. Take
    my advice and get out while you still can.

    Madison turns back to her desk and Sabrina could resist no longer. She lunges forward, grabs Madison's arm, locks
    down her grip and spins her around so that they are face-to-face.

    “What the hell did you just say to me?” Sabrina's eyes light with fury and rage, as she's never shown bfore.

    “Let…go……” Madison order her.

    “Not a chance,” Sabrina tells her through clinched teeth. “Wiggle and squirm all you want little girl,” she warns, “you’re
    not going anywhere. You want to talk about a bitch out of her league...well congratulations."

    “Just you wait until I tell my father about this.”

    “Oh please do,” she pleas with her. “Do you honestly think that you’re a big enough woman to take me on? Madison
    you're nothing more than a stupid, weak little girl playing a game with someone who is so far out of your league,” she
    spat with more venom and disgust than Madison Banning could ever muster.

    “No one!” Sabrina raises her voice inches from Madison’s face. “You hear me? No one threatens me and then walks
    away. You understand that?”

    “Let go of me you insane bitch!”

    “Keep it up Madison,” Sabrina warns her future stepdaughter. “You may think you know me, but you don't know anything
    about me. You have no idea what I am capable of.”

    “Screwing men for money? It’s not that difficult to understand.”

    Sabrina tightens her grip on Madison’s arm. “I’m going to say once so I pray to God you hear it – I love your father more
    than I have ever loved another man in my life. And if you think that you or anyone else for that matter, is going to keep us
    apart then you’re dead wrong. I would walk through hell before I left your father..."

    “Well we’ll both see about that now won’t we,” Madison smiles.

    “Little girl…” she warns as she relinquishes her grip on Madison’s arm and pushes her across the room.

    “You think you’re going to stop me? Do you…” Sabrina questions. “I don’t think you stand a chance in hell. I’m Sabrina
    Davis Bradshaw…and in case you weren’t already aware – I always get what I want.”

    She picks up her purse from the chair, walks towards the door and turns one last time to look a clearly shaken Madison.

    “Always.” Sabrina yells as she passes through the doorway and out of the building.