All Or Nothing
Episode 132: Undo It
August 17, 2010
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    “And I realize that now,” he admitted. “I loved April I did. I wanted to marry her but there was always something
    keeping her at a distance,” he explained. “Amber broke down those barriers and through her I got to know apart of
    April that I loved even more. I’m not naïve here Jodi, I know that April is not Amber.”

    “No she’s not. Not anymore.”

    Jodi shifted against the hard wood of the park bench. The sun had reemerged from the shield of clouds and in
    made her blond hair shine. She was tired of fighting and arguing with not just Smoke but with everyone about

    “I’ll admit I may have overreacted last night. Amy knows you have a history with me and she shouldn’t have
    blindsided me the way she did.”

    “That’s understandable and had I known it was you that I was coming to meet, please know that I would have done
    my best to given you a heads up.”

    “What you did…” she searched for the words, “you cheated on my sister. Spin it however you want but at the end
    of the day, that is what you did. I shouldn’t have to explain to you the damage that done to her. You should’ve
    known how that would affect her.”

    “I wish I could go back and do it over. You have no idea how desperately I want that…”

    “I know exactly what it feels like to what to do something over again. But the thing is that we can't. We can only
    look at the present and think of how it’s going to affect our future,” she smiled.

    “I’m tired of fighting and not just with you. I have spent the last six years fighting with everyone it seems like. With
    myself, with my parents and even at times April,” she sighed. “I’m tired.”

    “Then stop fighting,” he suggested. “You can’t hold onto these feelings of anger because they don’t help anyone,
    they only weigh you down even more.”

    “You’re right,” she admitted. “But I can’t forgive you,” Jodi shook her head, “I won’t forgive you. No matter how
    much it hurts to carry that around with me every single day. You knew…of all the people who stood by and
    watched from the sidelines how I nearly self destructed after finding out about Amber.”

    “You had just lost your brother and then everything with April happened,” Smoke recalled. “You felt as though you
    were losing her as well.”


    She turned away from him and tried to compose herself. It was much harder than she had imagined it would be
    and though she knew the hate she had for him would weigh her down, in that moment she felt a weight lifted from
    her shoulders.
Previously on "All Or Nothing"

    Angela shook her head. “We do have clients right here in town,” she reminded him. “There have been times that we
    were barley able to keep up with them.”

    “I remember and trust me it’s a vague memory. That was over two years ago when the economy was good. Do you
    remember that? People aren’t worried about decorating their houses Angela they’re worried about keeping them.”

    “My answer is still no. This hotel project could go on for years and what happens when the economy does turn
    around, what then?”

    “We’ll hire someone. An intern from STU,” Ryan suggested. “I don’t think we can just set around and let an
    opportunity pass us by like this in hopes that one day things are going to turn around. Now I’m done with this back
    and forth bull shit…”

    “Never will you hear me say the words I forgive you,” she said. “But I think we can perhaps move forward.”

    “Do you mean that?” he asked. “Because whether or not you believe me I have changed Jodi. I was devastated
    after I realized what I had done and apart of me wanted to contact her…”

    “No!” Jodi told him. “That would be a horrible mistake. I appreciate what you’ve said and I hope that Amy has
    taught you something about love, but you’re never to contact April. Do you understand?”

    “Of course.”

    “Okay. I should probably get going the car’s going to be at the hotel before to long,” she stood up from the park
    bench as the sun disappeared behind a bank of clouds. “If you don’t mind I’d like to walk alone.”

    “Sure,” Smoke answered. “One more thing before you go.”


    “Will you consider coming back for the wedding? I know that it would mean a great deal to Amy if you were there
    and I know that I would appreciate it.”

    She forced a smile. “I won’t say yes, but I won’t say no either,” Jodi answered. “Take care Smoke."

    “Good afternoon, welcome to the Southern River Hotel.”

    “Hi,” Kendra replied. “My mother has a room here and I should be an authorized occupant.”

    “What’s your mother’s name?”

    “Sharon Bradshaw.”

    The guest service agent typed the name into the computer and searched for the reservation. “Yes there’s Mrs.
    Bradshaw. How many keys would you like?”

    “One is fine.” Kendra took the key from her. “Just out of sheer curiosity when did my mother check in?”

    “Let me see,” she looked over the reservation. “It appears that Mrs. Bradshaw has been here for some time.”

    “I see,” Kendra shook her head. “Thank you.”

    “Of course it was my pleasure. Enjoy your stay.”

    “Hi!” Brittany O’Keefe Pierce stood in the doorway of Ethan’s office. “You know that we don’t get paid overtime

    Ethan faked a laugh and replied, “I’ve heard a rumor about that. What are you doing here?”

    “Well…I happen to know for a fact that Madison is shopping with her sister today and that your mother is with
    Savannah and Lewis,” she explained.

    “Justin called to let me know that he was going to see Brandi and your father is spending the day with Natasha…”

    “Oh really?” Ethan dropped a file on his desk. “All those things are factual?” he played along.

    “Mm-hmm,” she nodded her head. “And I just happened to remember a certain Valentine’s Day activity that we
    partook in one night here.”

    “Really? Yes that was a fun night,” he played along.

    Brittany pushed the door closed and locked it behind her…
  • The Bradshaw Corporation suffered difficult challenges that included the resignation of the Chief Financial Officer.

  • Sharon told Andrew on Valentine's Day that they would not be reconciling. She made it clear that while he may
    have started the divorce proceedings but she would finish them.

  • Savannah Pierce made an offer that Ryan couldn't refuse, but Angela could.

  • Smoke came face-to-face with Jodi years after April left him at the altar on their wedding day.

  • Angela began sleeping with Justin again.

    Jodi looked in the mirror and she did not like what looked back at her. She had spent a majority of the night before
    pacing her hotel suite and she wondered still this morning what she should do, if anything.

    From the nightstand, her cell phone buzzed and she saw it was April.


    “Hey!” April replied. “How’s my big sister this morning?”

    She turned and headed towards the door when he made one last attempt to reconcile with her one-
    time future sister-in-law. “Will you at least give me a chance to explain?”

    “Go to hell!” she shouted drawing the attention of onlookers. “No. You don’t get a chance to explain
    anything,” Jodi seethed. “You nearly destroyed April for your own personal satisfaction and as far as
    I’m concerned…” she shook her head in frustration, onlookers still staring. “Go to hell,” she
    whispered and left the restaurant.

    “Jodi…are you there?”

    “I’m sorry,” she apologized. “I’m a little spacey this morning to tell you the truth.”

    She wondered if she should tell April about her run in with Smoke and Amy. The mere thought…she shook her
    head and pushed the notion of Amber reemerging out of her head and listened to April tell her about the PTA
    meeting. Before she could ask her to repeat the last thing she had just, someone knocked on the door.

    “Oh there’s the bellman,” she told her as she opened the door and saw that it was not the bellman.

    “Listen I’m going to call you back from the cab,” she said. “No everything is fine...” Jodi told her sister as she
    locked eyes with Smoke.

    “What the hell are you doing here?”

New York City

    “May I come in please?”

    She held the door open for him, “You haven’t answered my question.”

    “I’m here hoping that we can talk about what happened last night. I told Amy the truth about what happened,” he

    Jodi crossed the room to the window overlooking Central Park.

    “Is that supposed to impress me? Did honestly think Smoke that if you came over here and told me that Amy
    knew a version of the truth that I was going to just throw my hands up in the air and tell you all is forgiven?”

    “It wasn’t a version of anything. It was the complete and honest truth Jodi.”

    “Yes well you’ll understand if I don’t completely believe you. How did you know where I was staying did Amy tell

    “She did,” he admitted. “Amy has a great deal of admiration for you and considers you to be a very good friend.
    She just wants the two of us to get along, that’s all.”

    “Amy had no business disclosing that information and I’ll make sure she knows that the next time I talk to her.”

    “Please don’t do that, I’m asking you…”

    “You honestly think that you’re in a position to ask me anything? Amy Malone may be a friend, but she’s first and
    foremost my editor. And if even if I were to entertain the idea of talking about anything that’s happened I have a
    plane to catch.”

    “Amy had her assistant rearrange your travel.”

    Jodi shook her head, “Well you’ve just thought of everything haven’t you?”

    “I just want to talk. Thirty minutes,” he suggested. “Jodi, please.”

    “All right, but not here,” she told him. “I will meet you down in the lobby in ten minutes I need to finish getting

    “Ten minutes,” Smoke repeated. “Thank you.”

    “I didn’t expect to see you here this morning,” Angela Bradshaw sighed as she entered her office that she shared
    with Ryan O’Keefe.

    It was a Saturday morning and neither one of them needed to be at work, yet here they both were.

    “Good morning,” he said to her from his desk. “I could say the same thing to you.”

    “We have a pitch Monday morning,” she told him. “Or did seeing the dollars signs last night at dinner cause you to

    Ryan smirked, “Some of us weren’t born into the lap of luxury.”

    Angela rolled her eyes and chose not to acknowledge the snide remark. “What exactly are you doing here?”

    “If it’s any of your business, which I don’t think it is, but I am getting copies of my contract.” Ryan paused for a
    moment, “I haven an appointment with Gregory Holloway on Monday afternoon.”

    “Are you serious?” Angela threw her hands in the air. “You were serious last night when you said you wanted out of
    your contract?”

    “Of course I was. Did you think I was joking?”

    “I just thought it would blow over. I don’t intend to bid this job for Preston…whatever his name is. I would strongly
    recommend you not throw away your career here in River’s Edge and our partnership for the chance at a quick

    “You make it sound like it’s a get rich quick scheme. Honestly Angela what do you have against bidding this
    project? Is it because it’s in Las Vegas?”

    “That’s ridiculous Ryan,” she paused. “I just have a lot going on right now both here at work and personally. I’ve
    been distracted and having a project halfway across the country wouldn’t help.”

    “You don’t have to tell me that you’re distracted,” he assured her. “I’m with you here everyday I can see that.”

    Ryan got up from his desk and sat on the corner of Angela’s. “Look I may have been out of line last night…”

    “Out of line?” she interrupted him.

    “Yes I may have been out line,” he conceded. “But we’ve been more than just business partners for the last six
    years Angela, we’re friends. Something is going on with you and I’m not sure what it is but you’re acting different
    again,” Ryan told her. “And I just thought that whatever was bothering you it had been dealt with.”

    “My personal life isn’t any of your concern.”

    “I know that. It’s just that this was the way you were acting last year and then after the Winterhaven it all stopped.”

    “Are you saying that I’m acting differently again?”

    “Yes. It started back in March,” he informed her. “It’s like you’re hiding something from me and I know it doesn’t
    have to do with work.”

    “Implying that it’s personal then?” Angela questioned. She thought of the night after the cemetery when she had
    arrived at Justin’s apartment.

    Her mind filled with thoughts of whether or not she could really tell Ryan the truth. Would he understand she
    questioned. “What I don’t share with you about my private life is clearly none of your business. It has nothing to do
    with my work here or this damn Las Vegas project, absolutely nothing.”

    Ryan shook his head, “All right then. You need to tell me why professionally it’s not in our best interest to sign this
    client, because I really can only see the benefits from this.”

    “Please tell me that you didn’t sleep here last night?” Andrew asked as he entered Sabrina’s office. In his hand
    were two steaming hot cups of coffee that he had picked up in the cafeteria just minutes earlier.

    “Practically,” Sabrina sighed. “I sure as hell feel as though I did that’s for sure.” She noticed the coffees and
    smiled. “Either you’re looking for a major caffeine rush or you knew I would be here…”

    “The security guard told me he saw you earlier when he made his rounds.”

    Andrew handed the cup with her name written on it, “Soy milk, no whip and no doubt disgusting…” he laughed.
    “Just like you like it.”

    She tipped her cup to him. “Thank you. This was very sweet.”

    “I just figured after the week we’ve had you could use it,” he explained. “I didn’t think you would be here on a
    Saturday though.”

    “Well that makes two of us for sure. I wasn’t able to get everything done yesterday before I had to leave. Literally I
    had to make myself leave last night.”

    “You’re not going to stay long are you?”

    “Just for awhile,” she answered. “Russell and I have an appointment at the Philmore this afternoon to select the
    location of the wedding.”

    He took a sip from his Styrofoam cup and without missing a beat asked, “I’m going to assume that you’ve already
    cross the county jail off your list.”

    “Understandable. Jacquelyn has only loyalties to herself though. She is one of the brightest financial minds in the
    country and never mind the fact she done business with my father over thirty years ago…” he paused, “Sabrina
    she's good.”

    “Yes well I’ll be the one who decides that.”

    “Right,” Andrew turned to leave.

    “Wait a second before you go,” she called out to him. “I’m going to be reallocating some funds the middle of next
    week. In my meeting Caress made some suggests…”

    “Don’t tell me she’s raising her fee? Hazard pay between the two of you?”

    “Hardly,” Sabrina snickered. “No I want us to be a position to make moves on some smaller companies and
    businesses in the region. We need to project a better image to the public and if we’re able to save some jobs that's
    all the better. Wouldn’t you agree?”

    “Of course, but we don’t want to overextend ourselves and our employees in the process.”

    “I wouldn’t dream of it,” she assured him. “And I need one more thing from you Andrew. I need you to call Jodi and
    have a father-daughter talk with her.”

    Puzzled he asked, “All right? Should I know what this is regarding?”

    Sabrina shook her head, “No. Jodi will let you know when you talk to her. Just whatever you do Andrew tell her you
    agree with me…it will go along way I promise you.”

    Sabrina laughed, “Yes something like that. Although all things considered,” she thought for a moment, “I have been
    a bride twice over and that little stunt that we pulled resulted in my only actual wedding ceremony.”

    They smiled at one another, “Then again you would have done pretty much anything to have gotten out of that jail

    “Hell to get out of that town,” he told her and then silence fell over the room. “I know that I haven’t told you this but
    I'm very happy for you. I hope that you and Russell…”

    “Thank you Andrew,” she stopped it and felt goose bumps on her arm. “I should really get back to work,” Sabrina
    told him. “Did you need something?”

    Andrew shook his head. “I have the list of candidates,” he pulled out his BlackBerry, “let me forward you the email
    from HR.”

    “You’re nothing if not efficient.”

    She opened the email and took a look at the list. There were five names listed: four men and one woman.
    “Jacquelyn Vanderbilt of the Vanderbilt family?”

    “She’s a cousin, but yes. Jacquelyn and my father did business together in the seventies and early eighties…”

    “I didn’t ask you to compile a list of associates of your father’s,” Sabrina stopped him. “I’m not going to have to
    defend myself and my actions day after day. If I wanted to do that I would hire your mother.”

    The mid-morning sun was shining down on Smoke and Jodi as they walked through Central Park near Fifth
    Avenue. It was a mildly cool morning and Jodi was thankful for that.

    “I love Central Park,” she broke the silence. “It reminds me a little of Texas.”

    Smoke cut his eyes at her and grinned, “Texas?”

    “Don’t laugh at me,” she told him. “What I mean is that Central Park is so big and there’s always something
    interesting to see. No matter how many times I come here I always manage to spend at least one afternoon just
    walking around the park.”

    “You’ll always see something,” Smoke added.

    Jodi nodded her head, “That’s very true.”

    They walked towards an empty park bench under a shade tree. The sun had drifted behind the clouds and a mid-
    morning darkness filled the sky.

    “What you did was unforgivable,” Jodi finally said.

    Smoke leaned forward and cupped his hands together, “We can’t control who we fall in love with Jodi. There was
    just something different about Amber…”

    “Of course there was. That was the problem. You know how hard April fought against Amber and you undermined
    the progress she made every single day. Amber wanted the attention. She wanted the love because it made her
    feel safe, it gave her security and those were all things that April needed. That’s why Amber was there.”

    Ryan took the seat across from her and smiled. “I ordered you a tuna on wheat,” he said. “You okay?”

    She shook her head, “No.” Her hands left the cup and Megan ran them through her hair. “This was our first fight
    Ryan and it was about his daughter.”

    “It was bound to happen sooner or later,” he reasoned.

    “Mom,” Kendra called out as she entered the suite. “Mother…” her voice lingered throughout the room.

    “Kendra?” Sharon appeared in the doorway smiling. “What are you doing here? I didn’t expect you until the day
    after tomorrow.”

    “Hi!” She crossed the room with a bounce in her step and embraced her mother with a long hug. “Sabrina called
    me yesterday and made arrangements for me to come into day,” Kendra explained. “Surprise!”

    “Oh really?” Sharon was skeptical of the gesture. “Sabrina Davis Bradshaw? Well if you say so,” she told her. “I
    don’t really who did what or how come…you’re here and that is all that matters.”

    Sharon closed her eyes and shook her head, “I have missed you so much Kendra. I am so glad you’re here.”

    “I’ve missed you too but I don’t know if you’ll be so glad I’m here after you hear what I have to say,” she warned half
    seriously. “Why have you been living in this hotel room since February?”

    “Who told you that?”

    “The front desk when I asked. Mother…”

    “Don’t…” Sharon leaned forward and lowered her voice. “Do not start lecturing me Kendra because I don’t want to
    hear it.”

    Her daughter rolled her eyes, “Oh mother really? You know that your over the top antics are wasted on me. You
    and Andrew have been separated for nearly six months,” she reminded her. “What is going on?”

    Sharon crossed the room and took a seat in one of the ivory armchairs. She cut her eyes up at Kendra and shook
    her head. “I see Andrew at least three times a week,” she informed her. “We’re going to counseling with Charlene

    “And how’s that going?”

    “Slow. Listen to me Kendra I want to make things work with Andrew I really do.”

    “Then what is stopping you? And so help you God if you say Gregory Holloway.”

    “No.” Sharon had replied her voice certain and exact. “Gregory may have been the root cause of my separation but
    I really hope that Andrew’s moved past that.”

    “Then what is it?” Kendra took the second ivory chair opposite the one Sharon was setting in. “If it’s not Gregory
    then what?”

    “Last Christmas after Gregory came back I saw a side of Andrew that I hadn’t ever seen,” Sharon explained. “His
    jealousy was out of control. A part of me actually thought for a moment, albeit a brief moment that I should be
    flattered. Her I was two men in love with me and my husband was jealous.”

    “He was jealous. But the reason he was jealous was because he didn’t want to lose you.” Kendra took her
    mother's hand and lightly stroked it. “He loves you and for better or worse,” she smiled, “and give or take a year
    here or there…”

    “He’s made me happy,” Sharon finished her sentence. “How did you get so smart?”

    “It runs in the family,” Kendra answered.

    “That’s right it does. So tell you mother, did you come home alone?”

    Kendra begun to blush, “Yes I came alone. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

    “Of course not, of course not. You know I would like to know if you ever plan to date again. I don’t want to sound
    crass Kendra but it’s been almost six years.”

    “Yes mother, thank you I had almost forgotten,” her reply dripped with sarcasm. “And for the record changing the
    subject will not make me suddenly forget, we were talking about your love life.”

    “Not anymore,” Sharon told her. “Why don’t you go unpack your suitcase.”

    She stood from the chair and began to make her way across to her bedroom, but before she disappeared, Sharon
    called out to her. “Kendra?”


    “Reconciling with Andrew, why is it so important for you that I do it?”

    Kendra returned to the sitting room and squatted down in front of her mother. “You really need to ask me that?”

    “I would like to know what you’re thinking is all.”

    Kendra raised her eyebrows and answered, “Because you’re my parents. Isn’t that what every daughter wants for
    her separated parents?”

    Sharon nodded her head in agreement, “I suppose you’re right…” She wondered if that was how Kendra saw
    Andrew, as her father and if was then everything just changed.

    “Excuse me?”

    “Don’t act like you didn’t hear me,” Ryan told her. “One way or another I’m doing this job and you can either do it
    with me or not I don’t really care at this point.”

    “Would you be pushing so hard for this job if it were in Chicago or New Orleans?” Angela questioned. “I highly
    doubt it. We both know why you want this job. You want to be in Las Vegas because that’s were Sam is at.”

    Ryan rolled his eyes, “So I can’t discuss your personal life but you can use mine against me? Is that how this
    works?” He shook his head. “You know what Angela,” he grabbed his bag from beside his desk, “go screw

    Megan Shirley Holloway wrapped her hands around the black mug. The warmth of the mug calmed her nerves. It
    didn't bother her that it was the middle of August the coffee was definitely doing what she wanted it to do. She
    glanced at her watch for no reason at all and her mind drifted back to the previous day...

    “Gregory?” Megan Holloway called out from the foyer. “Sweetheart are you home?”

    “In the bedroom,” he answered. “Can you bring me a bottle of water please?”

    Megan made her way into the kitchen where she quickly retrieved a bottle of water from the

    “Here you go…” she noticed the suitcase on their bed. “Sweetheart are you going somewhere?”

    “Chicago,” he answered her. “Courtney called me hysterical this morning. Apparently she's two
    months behind on her rent and the landlord is ready to evict her. It’s a big mess apparently…”

    “Apparently,” Megan said as she turned and walked out of their bedroom back into the kitchen.

    “What is that supposed to mean?” Gregory had followed quickly behind her.

    As she poured a bottle of water for herself into a glass, she wondered if this was even worth fighting
    over. It would end just as the previous conversations about Courtney had always ended. Familiar
    words lingered in the back of her mind, pick your battles.

    “Nothing Gregory,” she answered. “I’m not going to say a word because we both know how it will

    “Just for my own satisfaction Megan how exactly is it going to end?”

    She sat her glass on the counter. The thought of walking away crossed her mind but she had tried
    that and Gregory pushed back.

    “It ends when I point out the obvious, which is that both you and Monica spoil Courtney. I paid her
    tuition myself this semester and transferred a thousand dollars to her checking account. Has Monica
    stopped paying her rent?"

    "We both know the answer to that Megan," he somberly replied.

    "So Monica's paying her rent. You're paying her tuition and sending her spending money. Where in
    the hell is all this money going? She does realize that it's not growing on trees, yes?"

    "Of course she does. I don't know what's going on but this morning she was hysterical. Apparently
    her and Monica had an argument about something."

    "Money no doubt," Megan reasoned. "Perhaps Monica finally wised up and realized what a fool
    she's been played for. She's twenty-three years old Gregory it's time she learn to stand on her own
    two feet without you bailing her out every time she makes a mistake."

    “She’s my daughter!” he yelled. “Are you suggesting she live on the street?”

    “Absolutely not!” Megan fired back at him. “And do not,” she cut her eyes at him, “do not raise
    your voice at me.”

    They both stood in silence for a moment collection their emotions.

    “I don’t need to be reminded,” she began, “that she’s your daughter. But at what point in her life is
    she going to realize that you can’t swoop in every time she cries crocodile in tears and gets herself
    into trouble? And at what point are you going to realize that you need to let her grow up? If that
    means suffering the consequences for her actions then so be it.”

    “I don’t know,” he responded. “All I know is that she’s in some sort of trouble and I can’t sit back
    and watch without doing something. If she gets kicked out of her apartment she’ll have nowhere else
    to go.”

    “I’m sure she has friends who she can stay with until she found another apartment,” Megan

    “And if not then you bring her here or she goes to stay with Monica. Don’t stand there making
    excuses for acting as though she doesn’t have options. That’s what she wants you to do and see you’
    re already doing it.”

    “I couldn’t ask her to impose on her friends,” he reasoned. “And please Courtney and her mother in
    the same house, well that’s about as bad as suggesting she come here…”

    “What’s that supposed to mean?” she questioned sharply. “Don’t answer that,” Megan told him.
    “Because God forbid she set foot in my house! No, no, no…we couldn’t ask little Miss Perfect to
    come here and squander…”

    “Megan I’m warning you…” his voice was firm and unyielding.

    “You started this…but I’m going to be the one who finishes it,” she told him. “Because you are
    correct suggesting that your daughter come here and live with us was as asinine idea. Why would
    she come into my home and live when in the last year since we’ve been together she hasn’t even
    lifted so much as lifted her finger to try and get to know me. I haven’t even met your daughter!”

    “It’s a two-way street,” he fired at her.

    “How dare you!” she seethed with mounting rage. “Get out! Get out of my house. Go get your
    suitcase and you get the hell out!”

    “Megan…I’m sorry…” he apologized quickly. “I didn’t mean that…but she’s my daughter.”

    “I don’t give a damn. I have tried countless times to meet your children, countless,” she reiterated,
    “and every time they either come up with an excuse or you do. There’s only so much I’m going to
    do…but at least I’ve tried and for you to throw that back in my face…” she shook her head, “after I
    offered my home to your daughter…”

    “Then come with me tonight,” he asked her. “You can meet her then.”

    “I can’t,” she answered. “I can’t and it’s not because I don’t want to or because of what you said…it’s

    “What is it?”

    “Evelyn Roberts announced her retirement today. They presented me with an exclusive contract to
    take over the evening news spots with Chris Green starting next week.”

    “That’s next week,” he told her. “We’ll only be gone a day, two max.”

    “I can’t. There are things that the station has to do to get ready for me to assume Evelyn’s job when
    she leaves at the end of the week. I’m sorry I would love to go meet Courtney and help her through
    whatever issues she’s having, but for the first time since we’ve been together I’m saying no.”

    “I still have to go to Chicago.”

    “I know,” she headed for the door. “Have a safe flight and I hope that you’re able to deal with
    whatever problems your daughter’s having. Just know that after this little conversation that I rescind
    my offer, she’s not welcome in my home.”

    Megan flagged the waiter down. As he refilled her cup with fresh coffee she reached for her cell phone and thought
    of calling Gregory but decided against it.

    Instead she sent a text to Ryan, "Meet me at the coffeehouse ASAP," she read to herself and then settled back
    into her chair with nothing but her coffee and her thoughts.

    “I suppose you’re right. I don’t know what came over me you know. I haven’t even met this girl and she’s already
    driving me absolutely crazy.”

    “Where did you go after you left?”

    Megan shook her head. “I just drove around,” she finally answered. “When I finally did go back home Gregory was
    already gone.”

    “Have you heard from him today?”

    The waiter arrived with the sandwiches and refilled the cups of coffee. “Can I get you two anything else?”

    Ryan shook his head and Megan answered his question, “He sent me a text last night after he checked into the
    hotel. I don’t want to fight with him Ryan...” she sighed. “I don’t know what to do.”

    They both sat in silence for a few minutes, both picking at their lunch.

    “I called Angela a hateful bitch last night at dinner.”

    Megan looked up at him, “I know,” she smiled for the first time since he had arrived. When he called her an hour
    earlier the thought of actually getting her on the phone hadn’t crossed his mind.


    “Uh-huh,” she also sent me a text last night. “So things are going that good for you then either?”

    He shook his head. “Something is going on with her and I don’t know what it is. But there’s more to her not
    wanting to take this job than she’s saying. Have you noticed anything different about her lately?”

    Megan thought for a moment. “She was really shook up after meeting Penelope Jordan last spring. Do you think
    that has something to do with it?”

    “No. She started acting this way before then…” he thought for a moment. “She started acting really weird around
    me after she went to the conference in Denver in October or November of 2008. Do you remember which one I’m
    talking about?”

    “Vaguely,” Megan answered. “Isn’t that the conference where she said she met that guy from Houston? It is,” she
    answered her own question. “I remember now because he never called her.”

    “I don’t remember,” he told her. “But that had nothing to do with me. That conference didn’t have anything to do
    with our company. I’m telling you Megan something is going on with Angela and it’s directed towards me…”

    “And Savannah apparently,” she chimed in. “She was upset with her still this morning when we talked.”

    Ryan shook his head, “Something is going on with her and I’m going to find out what it is.”

    “What you’re leaving me?”

    He threw a twenty on the table and smiled, “Of course not, but you have a plane to catch.”

    “I do?” she asked surprised. “And where exactly is it that we’re going?”

    “We’re not going anywhere,” he told her. “You’re going to Chicago to make nice with your husband and meet your

    Ethan wrapped his arms around Brittany’s body and pulled her close to him. The smell of her shampoo filled the air
    around him, it was a sweet tangerine scent and he smiled.


    He shook his head, “Nothing,” he whispered. “I was just thinking about your trip to Seattle.”

    Brittany intertwined her fingers with his and looked up at him. “It’s going to be okay you know that right?”

    “I know it is,” he told her. “Bradley wouldn’t have recommended this doctor if she weren’t the best would he?”

    “Ethan! Do you really think that he would have? Bradley is my friend and he’s just as invested in this treatment as
    we are. He would never do anything that wasn’t in my best interest.”

    “I know that,” he explained. “It’s just…I guess it’s because I’m not going with you that has me worried.”

    “That’s understandable,” she kissed his hand. “But we can’t help it. This was the only time Dr. Meddine was able
    to see me and you have to go to New York.”

    “Right…” his voice trailed off. “What about your brother.”

    “What about him?”

    “Can he go with you and Bradley to Seattle? I would just feel a lot more comfortable if he was there too.”

    “I’m going to be fine Ethan…” she assured him.

    “That’s not the point. I’m not going to be there and I know that Bradley has your best interest at heart…” he
    thought for a moment of how to put his words.

    While Bradley Marshall may have her best interest at heart Ethan couldn’t help but know why they were in this
    position to begin with.

    “Then what’s the problem? Why are you being this way?”

    “Because…Bradley’s not your family. I’m your family, Ryan’s your family.”

    “And Bradley was the closest thing I had to family at one point in my life. All right? I still consider him a very
    important part of my life,” her tone was short and at the point of irritation. “So how about your let me worry about
    who goes with me and who doesn’t.”

    Brittany pushed herself up from the floor and walked across the room to retrieve her dress. “Bradley is going with
    me tomorrow,” she declared. “And you know what Ethan my issues with Bradley are mine. He’s not done anything
    to you Ethan but prove time and time again just how sorry he is about what happened to me.”

    She unlocked the door and was about to leave, “I’ve forgiven him and quite frankly that should be enough for all of

    “Did you get unpacked?”

    “Mm-hmm,” Kendra answered. “I could have stayed with Jodi. I feel like I’m sitting on top of you here.”

    Sharon shook her head, “Don’t worry about that because you’re not. Do you feel cramped? I can call down to the
    front desk and get a bigger suite.”

    Kendra shook her head, “No, this is perfect.”

    Her mother looked into her deep brown eyes and thought that her smile could light the world. Since she had moved
    to San Francisco in 2005, she had missed seeing her everyday practically. Sharon thought to herself that there
    was nothing she wouldn't do for her daughter, nothing.

    “Mom is something the matter?”

    “Not in the least bit,” she answered. “Kendra I did have a question though?”

    “Okay. About what?”

    Ryan settled into the corner of the elevator. University Courtyards had been one of his favorite apartment buildings
    and he hated the fact that he couldn’t afford to live there. The irony of the situation was that he could afford to live
    there if Angela would only agree to working with him on this project.

    Once the elevator stopped on Angela’s floor Ryan prepared to eat his words and after he rounded the corner he
    heard Angela’s voice and then a man’s voice…he stopped to listen.

    “I’ve missed you,” she told him in between kisses. The door to her apartment was standing open and her arms
    wrapped around Justin’s neck.

    “Miss me…” Justin replied. “You just saw me this morning.”

    “I know, but last night was just so much fun,” Angela giggled as Ryan peaked around the corner for a better view

    To his astonishment, his sudden suspicions confirmed.

    “Angela and…” his mind thought of how this impacted him. “Brittany!” he whispered under his breath. “Of course,”
    Ryan shook his head.

    Unnoticed by either Justin or Angela he boarded the elevator. From her apartment entrance, they heard the ding of
    the elevator and quickly went inside. As she locked, the door behind her Justin spun her into his arms and assured
    her no one had seen them. Only someone had.

    “Earlier you said you wanted Andrew and I to get back together because we’re your parents,” she allowed her
    words to trail off.

    “Yeah,” Kendra answered. “What about it?”

    “Did you really mean that or were just saying what you thought I wanted to hear?”

    Her eyebrow arched and a smile wiped across her face, “Mother when have I ever said anything because I thought
    that it was something you wanted to hear.”

    After a brief silence, “You really consider Andrew to be your father?”

    “No he’s not my father, Mark Logan is and will forever be my dad,” she explained. “But at this point in my life I’ve
    known Andrew since Jodi and I was in junior high. He surpassed any expectations that I ever had of him.”

    Kendra shook her head, “So yes I’m a very lucky girl to have had two men in my life like my dad and Andrew.”

    “You my daughter…” Sharon choked back her tears, “you are mother’s joy and I love you so, so much.”

    “You’re not so bad yourself,” Kendra attempted to break mood. “And I love you very much too Mommy!”

  •        Sabrina has a major announcement regarding the Bradshaw Corporation.

  •        Sharon makes strides in her effort to repair her marriage with Andrew.

  •        Josh collapses at the hospital.

  •        Megan arrives in Chicago and meets the former Mrs. Gregory Holloway and his daughter Courtney