Previously on ALL OR NOTHING
Arc Six: Simply Timeless

·         After a bitter divorce Brittany took to the bottle and began drinking heavily. Coupled with the fact that her only brother Ryan was gay she turned to Ethan Pierce for comfort and the two began developing something more than friendship.

·         Sabrina decided that a return to her Oklahoma roots was in order after Jered's death. She recently sat out on her adventure,   making one pit stop to see her mother in jail.

·         Following the wedding of his sister, Jered Bradshaw left town to start a new life away from River's Edge with his bride Kendra Logan. However, fate had other plans and in a tragic twist of fate, a drunken Brandi slammed into Jered's car which later resulted in his untimely demise. Brandi however has kept the truth hidden from Jered's family and has decided to runaway from River's Edge, forever!

    In the days, the weeks and the months since Jered's death his mother hadn't slept well. Couple that with April leaving town and her own nervous breakdown, she hadn't been sleeping well…at all.

    Glancing up at the clock above the mantel Natasha sighed under her breath and polished off her glass of wine. After sitting the glass on the table next to her she leaned her head back and closed her eyes, hoping to catch a quick nap if nothing else.

    Before she knew it she was sleeping there in the armchair in her living room and her mind seemed to suddenly become clear. She could feel a nice cooling breeze blowing around her and she opened her eyes. Someone was there. Someone was in the house.

    She wiped her hair off her forehead and called out, "Jodi? Sweetheart is that you?"

    No reply. She shook her head and rubbed her eyes, "I've got to get some sleep." She mumbled walking towards the wet bar and yawned as she poured herself another glass of wine. She sipped it as she turned back to her chair.

    "I could have sworn I heard something." She told herself as the French doors to the living room without warning blew open. "What the hell is going on?" Natasha asked spinning around.

    "Hi mom." His voice announced, "I've missed you."

    The wine glass fell from her hand to the floor, splashing all over her perfect white carpet and she gasped for air, "Jered? Jered is that you?"

Elk City, Oklahoma


    Turning left down the half-mile dirt road was something that Sabrina thought she would never do again. She certainly told herself that she would never return home when she left Elk City with Andrew in 2002.

    Raymond her older brother had told her back in 2004 their daddy had decided to stop drinking. That was a big reason she decided to make this journey home.

    Parking the champagne colored car in the driveway Sabrina pushed open the door and sat her leopard print Jimmy Choo in unsurprisingly mud, "Damnit." She cursed under her breath as the screen door came to a slamming close.

    "Is that my little girl?" She dropped her ankle back to the ground and a huge smile broadened across her face as big as the Oklahoma sky.

    "Oh…Big Daddy!" Sabrina shouted as she ran towards him and up the steps of the porch straight into his arms, "I've missed you Big Daddy."

    "I've missed you too, Sabrina." Frank Davis smiled, "Welcome home."

Episode 120: Wake Me Up When September Ends, Part II
By: Joshua Hawkins
October 11, 2006

    "So much for that picnic in the park, huh?" Brittany asked as she settled by the fire. "I love this time of year."

    "Oh yeah, why's that?" Ethan handed her a glass of ginger ale.

    She shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know really. When Ryan and I were kids we would dress up for Halloween and have this great big party, I love the holidays." Brittany faded away, "What about you what's your favorite time of year?"

    "November." Ethan answered, "Because I get to showcase my first collection."

    "And boy oh boy is it a beauty."

    "You really think so?"

    "Of course I do. It's outstanding. You're going to blow your mother's mind." She smiled, "You done wonderful."

    "I think you're pretty wonderful yourself." Ethan took the glass away from her, "You know I went and saw Brandi the other day and she apologized for getting you caught up in her mess."

    "I regret not telling you Ethan, I really do."

    "I know that and she explained that all to me. But that's not why I went to see her. It was one reason, but not the main reason."

    "Then why?"

    "I asked her to show me some houses that were on the market. Three, maybe four bedrooms, something with a lot of space."

    "That's a lot of space for one guy." Brittany told him, "I thought you liked living here in the condo?"

    "I do, but I just figured that you might like something more bigger and after you sale your house, well you're going to need a place of your own."

    Brittany sat up and shook her head, "I don't know what you are talking about Ethan."

    He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a small light blue box.

    "Ethan?" Brittany questioned. "Ethan?"

    "Oh my God!" Natasha smiled, tears streamed down her face as she rushed over to him. "You're really here, aren't you? I can't believe this, my precious boy."

    "I'm here, but I can't stay long." Jered informed her. "I heard what you said the other day at Charlene Ewing's office."

    Holding his hands in hers, "You weren't supposed to hear that Jered. I wish you hadn't."

    "That's the thing though Mom, I hear everything know. I watch all of you Jodi, Sharon, Grandma…my wife." He informed her, "I appreciate you and Dad finally coming around and accepting her."

    "I just wish that we would have done it a lot sooner. Then maybe you would really be here."

    "You can't predict that. My death was not because Kendra and I were running away and it wasn't to punish you for anything. We live our lives and we do things, we say things that we don't always mean and sometimes bad things happen, beyond our control."

    "But I'm your mother." She reasoned with him, "Those things I said to you, I should have never said. I drove you away that night and I have to live with that for the rest of my life."

    "And because of that you think you're a bad mother?" Jered asked, "You are the furthest thing from being a bad mother. You are a great mom." He told her, "My death was not your fault, it wasn't Kendra's or Dad's. It was the person who was driving that other car. She's to blame." Jered told her  as he started to fade away.

    "Wait! Jered, wait, don't go. Not yet, tell me who was driving the other car. You know don't you? Jered? Jered?"

    "Keep your promise Mother." Jered told her as he slipped away, "Avenge my death."

    "I don't know how." Natasha ran towards him, "Jered, I thought I did, but I don't. You tell me how and I'll do it, I swear to God I will."

    "The answers you're looking for…are closer than you think Mom. They're closer than you think."

    He was gone and Natasha jolted upright in her armchair, it had all been a dream she thought, but it felt so real. Looking around the room the French doors were open but her wine glass hadn't been moved. It was very surreal.

    Before she had a chance to catch her breath or her bearings the phone began ringing. She reached for it and answered, "Hello."

    "Natasha? This is Joy Evans."

    "How are Joy?"

    "I'm good, thanks for asking. Listen there's been some developments in Jered's case. Andrew and Kendra are here with me at the station and we wanted to come over and talk in person with you. Would that be all right?"

    "Of course it would. Please come on over, I'll start a pot coffee." Natasha hung up the phone, picked up the wine glass and headed towards the kitchen.

Elk City, Oklahoma


    "I just made a pitcher of ice tea, the kind like your momma used to make, you want a glass sugar-plum?"

    Sabrina could not for the life of her, no matter how hard she tried to remember the last time her father had called her "sugar-plum."

    "Just like Momma used to make?" She asked, "How long did you let it sit in the sun for?"

    "I see you haven't forgotten everything about your upbringin'?"

    "Of course not." Her answer was bittersweet. "You look real good Big Daddy. Fancy sent me some pictures couple weeks back, you've lost a bunch of weight."

    "Just laid off all those damn beers…" his husky voice faded to a hushed silence, "But my, my look at you. Now honey you look good, my little princess. Aren't you?"

    She smiled and her eyes glistened. It would not matter now or then what Big Daddy had put her through, she was his princess and in that moment she was beyond thrilled to be home, River's Edge was only a mere dot on her radar at the moment.

    "Did you stop by and see your momma on your way up?" Frank Davis handed her an iced tea with lemon, "Last time her and I talked she said she hadn't seen you." He sipped it, "Holly misses you too Sabrina, just like the rest of us."

    "Now there's something we can argument about later." She told him, "But yes I did stop in and see momma. Seemed to be doing all right."

    "Well I guess it just depends on who you ask around. That's all I'm sayin' on the subject."

    "Now Big Daddy, you best hold onto your horses. Whatever momma did she did of her own freewill, I never asked her to do anything…" She stopped and went over to the kitchen sink and looked out the window, "I'm not going to go ten rounds with you on this, just to go ten more later when Paul decides to corner me."

    "Sabrina all your momma and I are sayin…"

    "Big Daddy." She warned, "I'm not having this discussion with you right now. All right? I've been driving all day long just so I could get here before dark. I need to drive into town pick up a few things and I want to see Raymond."

    "All right, we'll drop the stuff about your mother for good. And no need to worry about Paul he took a job somewhere in Colorado a few days back."

    "He did what? I told you I was on my way a few days ago…we'll now that's very mature of him." She shook her head and reached for the car keys across the bar, "Is Raymond at the garage?"

    "Most likely." Frank replied, "I'll get on the phone and see for you sugar-plum."

    Brandi looked out the black tinted glass window of the limousine, "Do you think they're going to let us take off with the weather like it is?"

    "I don't see any reason why they wouldn't let us." Just told her, "I made some changes about the trip, we're flying straight through to Austria."

    "We're not switching planes?"

    "I just thought that if a plane went down it would be to obvious, draw to much attention to us. Besides if they ever find out you're responsible for Jered's accident, we'll be long gone."

    "So you keep saying." Brandi turned back to the window. "We're here."

    Justin took her hand and made her look at him, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

    She tried to turn away from him, but couldn't, "I don't really have much of a choice do I?"

    "You don't." He replied.

    "I don't have a choice, but you do." She announced, "I want you to stay in this car, let me board the plane and leave the country. There is no reason for you to go with me."

    "Is the fact that I love you not enough?"

    "No! That is not enough Justin. I did this and I should have to pay the price, not you. I will beg if I have too, but please don't make me. Justin if you say you love then love me enough to do this."

    "To leave you? No. This isn't some country western song, I'm not going to let you go alone."

    "Please, you could stay here and help raise Lewis. Keep an eye out for him, let me know how he's doing…please." She started crying as the driver stopped the car, "Don't come with me."

    Without speaking a word he opened the car door and before he could shut it the rain blew in. Brandi sat in silence and tears. He opened the door for her and held out his hand, "Come on Brandi." He yelled at her over the rain, "It's time to go."

    She stepped out of the limo and into what felt like a hurricane, "So you're answer is still no. You're going with me?"

    "I love you. I've loved you from the first moment I laid eyes on you and the facts are that I've lost you once already and I won't do it again. I can't Brandi. So yes I'm going with you, I'll go with you to the ends of the Earth and back again, just as long as I am with you."

    She looked at him, the rain had soaked his brown hair and he was so handsome, "All right then, let's get on board." She said softly.

    "Go on ahead, I'll get the bags."

    Brandi walked slowly towards the plane and then up the stairs. Once inside she felt the warmth from the heater and poured herself a drink: vodka, straight up.

    "So you think that's a good idea do you?" A male voice from behind her questioned.

    "When you're up against what I am…" she said spinning around expecting to see Justin.

    "Well don't let me stop you." The man told her, "Go ahead, drink."

    The heavy glass dropped like a brick to the floor and she stepped back, "Jered?"

    "Is there anyone here?" Felicia Garrett Banning called out, "Natasha, it's your sister. Are you here?"

    Natasha appeared from the kitchen, "Felicia?" She asked, "What on earth are you doing here? I didn't even know you were coming in." She paused, "Or did I?"

    Felicia shook her head, "No you didn't. It was a spare of the moment decision. RJ wanted to come and tour Southern Texas University."

    "I can't believe he's old enough to be looking at colleges already."

    "Well you're telling me. " She smiled, "You doing all right?"

    Natasha shook her head, "I suppose so. I'm glad you're here because Joy Evans just called, apparently there has been some sort of developments in Jered's case."

    "Really? Talk about perfect timing."

    "Yeah. Joy said that Andrew and Kendra were with her, so I don't really know what's going on."

    "Interesting. Fresh coffee?" Felicia pointed towards the kitchen, "I dropped RJ off t the coffeehouse I thought Jodi might be there but she wasn't."

    "Can I tell you something?" Natasha asked, "Something that happened recently."

    "You can tell me anything Natasha."

    "Earlier tonight before Joy called me, I had a dream."

    "About what?" Felicia sat her coffee cup down.

    "Jered. He came to me and told me to avenge his death. He said the answers I needed to do that, where close. Closer than I could ever imagine."

    "What do you think that meant?"

    "I don't know, but the next thing that happened was Joy's telephone call." Natasha answered as the doorbell rang out. "Well let's just hope that this is something that is going to be able to help us." She said as she walked towards the door.

    "I talked to your brother the other day and he gave me permission to do this, not that I really needed it but I knew it would mean a lot to you if he was on board."

    Brittany smiled.

    "We've both been through quite a lot together and separately with our exes, but I love you so unbelievably much." He admitted, "When Leslie left me I thought my life was over, I thought that was it and somehow you managed to wander into my orbit and I fell in love with you."


    "I want to wander through life with you forever. You and I, always. I want this to be it. I want to adopt children with you…"

    There it was. Brittany thought to herself. It didn't matter what he said after that she knew what her answer would be. He took so much time and caution, he planned just exactly what to say that she knew she couldn't live with out.

    "Ethan, Ethan….shhh!" She told him, "Don't say anything else. Just ask me, ask me the question."

    He smiled and got on one knee, "Brittany…will you be my wife?"

    Tears streamed down her cheek and she smiled, "Of course. Yes! I'll marry you." She slipped the engagement ring on and took him in her arms and whispered in this ear, "This is it, you and I forever."

    "Forever." He told her, "Forever."

    "Of course it's me." He answered, "What, I'm supposed to be dead?" Jered asked as she lowered her head, "I am dead! I will always be dead, thanks in part to you."

    Brandi trembled, she couldn't catch her breath and her eyes overflowed with tears, "Why are you here?" She finally raised her head, "Jered, why?"

    "You know why I'm here, don't play stupid Brandi. It never really suited you."

    "I don't know why…I swear…I…"

    "She's your best friend. I'm your godson and this is how it ends? After everything she's done for you?"

    "It was an accident." She trembled, "I never meant for it to happen."

    "That may have been the case then, but what about now? It's been months." Jered yelled at her, "Do what is right, because you'll never get away from this. Brandi I won't ever let you escape this, never!"

    She finally collapsed to the floor and he vanished, as quickly as he had come.

    Savannah Pierce settled in to the anchor chair solo for the first time since KJRH news began. She checked over her script, done a test run with the prompter and was ready to go.

    The opening sequence began and she could hear the announcer in the background, "This is the ten o'clock update with Travis McCarty and Savannah Pierce. Here is Savannah Pierce."

    She found her camera, smiled and began, "Good evening, thank you so much for joining us tonight, I'm Savannah Pierce, Travis  has the night off."

    Off and running like she had done so many times before, she loved this more than anything, certainly more than any man she'd ever been with.

    "That rain sure is coming down hard out there isn't Nathan?" Savannah turned to the meteorologist.

    "I'm telling you what Savannah it most certainly is and we've needed it for awhile…"

    Across town at the Southern River Hotel, Megan Shirley turned the volume of the TV down and paced the floor of Alex's suite, he had called half hour ago and said he was on his way home. He hadn't arrived.

    "Hey it's me." She said into her cell phone as lighting filled the black sky, "It's really starting to get bad out there I was just wondering if you were okay. Give me a call. Bye."

    She walked across to the window and looked out over the night sky, rain was beating against the glass, lighting bolts jolted across the sky and she was alone.

    After she turned the TV volume up again she decided a cup of coco would help her calm down, it had always done the trick before. As she heated the water she paid no attention to Savannah's warning.

    "This afternoon at a press conference held at headquarter, River's Edge Police declared that we are in fact dealing with a serial rapist and potential murderer. Detective Joy Evans had this too say…"

    Megan didn't need to hear that again, she had dealt with it all morning at school. No she wanted a hot shower and then decided she would wait for Alex in bed. He had to be home shortly, she just knew it.

    "Felicia this is a surprise." Andrew reached out to hug her, "What brings you to River's Edge."

    "RJ and I are here touring STU." She informed him.

    "Did Russell make the trip with you two?" Andrew asked.

    "No, just me and RJ."

    "Felicia you remember Jered's wife Kendra." Natasha introduced, "And this is Detective Joy Evans, she's taking over the case since Daniel's death. Joy this is my sister Felicia Banning."

    "Joy Evans, it's a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Banning." Joy smiled, "We should go in the living room."

    Once they were all settled, Andrew, Natasha, Felicia and Kendra, Joy spoke, "Kendra began remembering things from the accident tonight. Apparently there was third party at the site of the accident."

    Kendra interrupted, "Justin Pierce was there." She announced, "He and I ran into one another earlier today and he said something, something that jolted me back to that night."

    "Honey what do you remember?" Natasha asked.

    "Natasha, she remembers Justin calling out someone's name, the other person in the car…" Andrew eased into it, "he was calling out for Brandi."

    Natasha shook her head, "No." She looked around the room, "No. The both of you are lying. There is no way. I don't believe it, I refuse to believe that." She stood and walked around the room, "You're mistaken Kendra, there is no way Brandi was apart of this. No way, whatsoever."

    "I thought that at first, but then Joy told us something, none of us knew." Kendra reasoned.

    "What?" Natasha asked, "Joy what do you know? What are you all not telling me?"

    "Natasha before Daniel died he ordered the CSI division to inspect the SUV they found at the accident site. Because of his death the report got misfiled and then lost, I just found it a few days ago." Joy explained.

    "What did the CSI division find Detective Evans?" Felicia asked.

    "Small drops blood in between the passenger seat and the console. DNA tests were run and it was an exact match to Brandi Brashears Pierce." Joy revealed, "Natasha I've petitioned Judge Watson for an arrest warrant for Mrs. Pierce, effective immediately."

    "No. You're all wrong, this is all one big mistake." Natasha said as she walked towards the front door.

    "Where are you going Natasha?" Felicia asked.

    "I don't know, but I am not about to stand here, in my own home and listen to this. Brandi is my best friend, she's like a sister to me. And I do not for one single minute believe that she would…that she would…that she could do what you people are accusing her of and keep it from all this time, I just don't believe that." She slammed the door in tears and headed towards the car.

    As she ran across the front lawn the rain poured down on her head and once inside her car the water dripped down her face. She turned the engine over and adjusted the mirror.

    "Remember the answers are closer than you think." Jered's ghost appeared quickly and then vanished as Natasha broke down even more, those words ringing in her ears.

    Down the stairs and into the down pouring rain without thinking she called out his name, "Justin! Justin! I can't do this. I won't."

    Justin grabbed her shoulders, "What happened?"

    "He was on the plane, Justin. Jered was there and he's right…I can't hide anymore and I can't run." She sobbed, "My parents died in a car accident and never knew he was to blame, I will not allow my best friend to go through life like that, I just won't."

    "This is a huge decision you're about to make Brandi." Justin warned her, "Turning yourself over to the police is going to be huge."

  "But you said earlier in the limo that you loved me. Are you going to love me even if we don't fly away on that plane? Are you going to love me from behind bars? Are you going to help look after my son? You answer me truthfully before I do this, are you going to love me no matter what?"

    "I will love you wherever we are, wherever you are. I told you I didn't want to lose you again."

    She wiped her forehead off, "Okay then. Here's what you and I are going to do…." Brandi said taking his hand in hers.

Elk City, Oklahoma


    Sabrina pulled into the full service garage and honked her horn once…then just laid on it until her oldest brother emerged from inside the what she could only imagine was the pits of hell.

    "Hey big brother." She said with her Oklahoma drawl, "How are you handsome?"

    "Didn't think you were ever gonna make it here. For awhile there Paul and I had a bet going…"

    "And let me guess you lost?"

    "Oh hell no, I won. Shipped his sorry, pansy ass out here two and half days ago."

    "And here I thought I was the bad one." Sabrina wrapped her arms around his waist, she could smell the motor oil on his shirt but she couldn't care less. Nothing in the world could harm her now, not when she was in the arms of her big brother, he would protect her from…EVERYTHING.

    "So come on back, I was about to close down shop and head over to the Watering Hole."

    Her thin lips formed into a sly smile, "Oh I bet you were mister. Let me guess, one Ms. Patricia McIntosh is performing tonight I bet."

    "She performs every night and she hasn't been Patricia McIntosh in years, it's Tricia Davis."


    Raymond shook his head in disapproval, "She is the mother of my child, try and be nice please."

    "What? I was being nice, that was me being nice. I could've called her a piece of used up, unwanted, unattractive gutter white trash, hoity-toity bitch. But I didn't." She teased, "I only call 'em like I see 'em big brother."

    "Yes that's always been your strong suit." Raymond agreed, "Just a shame you didn't call that Andrew Bradshaw out for what he really was when you had the opportunity."

    "Oh yes, because I would much rather be here in Elk City, Oklahoma slinging hash at the diner, as compared to wearing a brand new pair of Jimmy Choo shoes and running a multi-million dollar company." She paused, "Money of which I have shared with all of you, even Paul willingly and unselfishly over the course of the last few years." Sabrina picked up a screwdriver and waved it at Raymond, "Andrew Bradshaw is the best thing that has ever happened to me."

    "You have and we appreciate it."

    "And it reflects, the garage looks great and Big Daddy seems to be doing okay." Sabrina explained.

    "So you've been to the house?"

    "First stop. He seems to be doing wonderful. How long has he been sober?"

    "Little over two and half years. He's tried really hard, especially when Fancy got older he wanted to set a good example for her."

    "Well isn't that noble of him. You know how good it would have been if he had done that when I was growing up." Sabrina sighed as she rummaged around in Raymond's toolbox.

    "We had a time of it, didn't we?"

    "We?" Sabrina sighed, "If by that you mean, me, myself and I then yes, we had a time of it."

    "His drinking was hard on all of us Sabrina, you know that."

    "Oh yeah right, just somehow I'm not buying what you're selling Raymond. You were always big enough to protect yourself against him and Paul had momma to go to bat for him, not me. Big Daddy beat on me like nobody's business."


    "Don't you Sabrina me, Raymond. You know good and damn well that's the truth of the matter." She stopped, "I did not come here to fight with you or Big Daddy, I came here because I missed you people."

    "Now there's a crazy thought." Raymond smiled, "What made you miss all of us?"

    She shrugged her shoulders, "Andrew's son died awhile back, car accident. Made me realize how important family really is, no matter how screwed up they are." She smiled.

   "Well speaking of screwed up, little lady why don't I shut down shop and the two of us mosey over to the Watering Hole, I'll buy you a drink or two."

    "She's gonna sing isn't she?"

    "A request of your choice little sister, a request of your choice."

    "Yeah, that's what I was afraid of."

    "KJRH-Channel 2 News." A recording greeted him on the other end of the phone, "Our offices are currently closed, if you would like to leave a message for Travis McCarty press one, Savannah Pierce press two…"

    Savannah was about to head out with the meteorologist Nathan for a drink when her phone begun to ring.

    "I should get that it's probably my mother warning me about the rain, again." She laughed aloud, "Savannah Pierce."

    "Hey. Just about to leave actually." She jotted down an address on a piece of paper, "Okay, I'll be right there."

    "You're mother?"

    "No." Savannah answered looked at the paper, "Instead of that drink I have another plan."

    The rainstorm hadn't let up all evening. Pamela Bradshaw shut the door behind her, closed her umbrella and water fell to the light hardwood floor. Moving boxes filled the living room, the movers had already taken all but one chair and a lamp. This would be a new beginning for her and Angela.

    As she walked up the spiral staircase she thought of a hot shower to warm her up after that bone chilling cold rain.

    In the bathroom of the master suite she turned the water in the tub on, thought about her wonderful evening of dinner and dancing with Travis McCarty and preceded to disrobe.

    Once the water was warm enough she stepped up the pulsating stream of water from the showerhead and in her head she counted back to the last time she had checked herself.

    "Far too long." She said aloud and proceeding to do the self-examination. First the left breast, which everything seemed fine.

    Then the right. She moved her hand over the area of her breast and that's when she felt…it, something. It was hard, big and for the very first time in her life, Pamela Holland Bradshaw was frightened.

    The water was still beating down as she took a few steps to the back of the shower and slowly slid down in the tub, her hand still touching it and she began to shake.

    "Thank you for meeting with us on such short notice." Justin handed her the envelope.

    "No problem, nothing more I like than a call this time of night, in a rainstorm no less." The Honorable Hillary Watson smiled.

    "Thanks for letting me use your bathroom." Brandi said her hair still damp.

    "Hello?" Savannah closed the door, "Justin?"

    "Hi." Brandi smiled, "Savannah thanks for coming."

    "No problem." She answered, "Justin this is Nathan Hill he works with me at the station."

    "Nathan pleased to meet you, Justin Pierce, Savannah's brother."

    "We should get started." Hillary stepped in.

    "Started?" Savannah asked, "What's going on?"

    "Brandi and I are getting married." Justin announced.

    "Tonight, right now and we need to two of you to be our witnesses."

    Natasha hadn't been there but once before. Shortly after Jered had passed away her and the girls including Kendra brought flowers a small cross. The rain was heavy and she pushed against the wind as she opened her car door.

    In the distance she could see headlights coming towards her.

    "Jered!" She called out rain beating against her face, "Jered." She sobbed, "The answers you said they were close."

    The lights came closer, "Is this what you were talking about?" She screamed out, "There's just no way, is this how it ends?" 

    His dark brown hair was still wet, Hillary stood before the two of them, Savannah on her side and Nathan by Justin.

    Brandi was crying again, "I love you." She told him and took the small piece of paper Hillary was giving her.

    "As freely, Justin, as God has given me life,
    I join my life with yours.
    Wherever you go, I will go,
    Whatever you face, so shall I face.
    For good or ill, in happiness and sadness,
    Come riches or poverty,
    I take you take as my husband, and will give myself to no other."

    "Seeing as there are no rings, I'll just cut to the chase." Hillary smiled, "By the power invested in me by the state of Texas, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Justin, you may kiss the bride."

    The lights came to a stop behind her car and Felicia stepped out, "Natasha, honey what are you doing out here?" She yelled out.

    "He said the answers…" Natasha screamed, "Jered said the answers were closer than I thought. Surely this isn't what he meant."

    "Natasha, I need you to get in the car. Kendra is asking for you."

    Natasha looked around one more time and softly whispered, "Okay. Okay, I'm coming."

    Natasha's hand was trembling as Felicia took it in hers. By the time they had gotten back into town the rain had let up a little. She pushed opened the glass door and Natasha walked into the police station.

    It was warm. Andrew and Kendra sat in two chairs by Joy's desk and across the room, Justin sat with a small Styrofoam cup of coffee.

    "Come on over here and sit down, I'll get you some coffee." Felicia told her.

    "I don't want any coffee." Natasha replied zombie like. "Why did you bring me here?"

    "Natasha, why don't you come sit down." Andrew offered her his hand.

    "No. You know something that I don't. Why are we here?" She spun around and pointed to Justin, "Why, why is he here?"

    "Joy got a phone call about twenty minutes ago…" Kendra began to explain.

    "No…" Natasha moaned softly as tears filled her eyes, "Please, don't tell me that…"

    They couldn't, there was no need. Joy opened the interrogation room door and led Brandi out. She was in tears and handcuffs.

    "What is she doing here?" Brandi asked quietly. "I don't want to see her, please…" she covered her face with her cuffed hands.

    Natasha held her stomach, "Oh my God…" her breaths were quick and short. "Is it true?" She called out across the police station.

    When Brandi didn't reply Natasha blew across the police station, "Look at me. Tell me Brandi that this isn't true…" She pleaded.


    "Okay sweetheart, come on. Let's get you back to the house." Brandi urged as she choked back her own tears. "I don't know how or when but Natasha it's going to get better, I promise you that."

    Holding up her finger she spoke, "One more second." Natasha leaned forward and kissed the casket softly and made her son this promise, "I will find the person who put you here Jered Andrew and when I do son I swear to the God in Heaven I will release fury and anger on them like they've never seen. I promise you that."

    Each and every word she spoke embedded its self in Brandi's mind and heart. "It's okay Natasha, let's go honey." She took her arm and was able to tear her away as Natasha let out yet another choking, gut wrenching cry.



    Everyone in the room disappeared, she was through running, through hiding and she lowered her head into her hands.

    "Tell them…tell all of them this is a mistake." She pleaded, "You would never do this, never…"

    Her face told a different story and the truth begun to slowly set in.

    Natasha questioned, "Did you? You give me an honest, did you murder my son?"

    Brandi blinked, nodded her head and spoke softly, "Yes. Yes and I'm so…"

    Natasha froze mentally, physically her whole body shook and she turned her back on Brandi for only a split second and spun back around.

    "How could….how could you…" she searched for answers as her hand raised and went across Brandi's face so hard she stumbled backwards, "how could you do this too me?" Natasha sobbed, as her knees finally gave out and she collapsed to the floor in Andrew's arms.

This has been "ALL OR NOTHING"

In Alphabetical Order

·         Rebecca Budig as Sabrina Davis Bradshaw

·         Beth Chamberlin as Valerie Caldwell Marshall

·         Crystal Chappell as Jillian Marshall

·         Terri Colombino as Jodi Bradshaw-Hayes

·         Marj Dusay as Pamela Bradshaw

·         Beth Ehlers as Brandi Brashears Pierce-Pierce

·         Jennifer Ferrin as April Bradshaw / Amber Ross

·         Jennifer Finnigan as Brittany O'Keefe Richmond

·         Winsor Harmon as Ethan Pierce

·         Justin Hartley as Ryan O'Keefe

·         Alexa Havins as Megan Shirley

·         Thorsten Kaye as Dr. Bradley Marshall, M.D.

·         Cameron Mathison as Justin Pierce

·         Cady McClain as Angela Bradshaw

·         Colleen Zink-Pinter as Audrey King Pierce

·         Eden Riegal as Kendra Bradshaw

·         Melody Thomas Scott as Natasha Bradshaw

·         David Tom as Josh Marshall

·         Jerry VerDorn as Nicholas Pierce

·         Walt Willey as Andrew Bradshaw

·         Marie Wilson as Mysterious Woman (Character TBA)

·         Kim Zimmer as Sharon Logan Bradshaw

·         Hunt Block as Gregory Holloway

·         Tracy E. Breggman as The Honorable Hillary Watson

·         David Canary as Travis McCarty

·         David Fumero as Jered Bradshaw

·         Kyle Lowder as Smoke Watson

·         Joshua Morrow as Jaxson Hayes

·         Suzanne Rogers as Maxine Marshall

·         Trevor St. John as Alex Cline

·         Laura Wright as Savannah Pierce

·         Jordi Vilasuso as Antonio Marzetta

·         Joshua Hawkins - Executive Producer, Head Writer & Series Creator

·         C. Brandon Redding - Storyline Consultant

·         Allan Craig - Contributing Writer (Heart & Soul)

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