Previously on ALL OR NOTHING
Episode 118: Bad Day

·         At Oakwood, Valerie kidnapped Jillian at gunpoint.

·         Ethan requested that Ryan meet him at King Fashion and Ryan learned that Ethan intended to ask for Brittany's hand in marriage.

·         After her unsuccessful attempt to reunite with Douglas, Brittany confessed that she read Megan's email and later Brittany gave Brandi the information needed for her and Justin to leave the country.

·         After a short conversation with Justin, Kendra began having flashbacks of the accident, leading her to calling Andrew in the middle of the night.

Southern Texas University
Garrett Dorms

    "You got over here quicker than I thought you would." Kendra tied her robe, "I appreciate it."

    "Well you said that you needed me and since your mother is away, I got over here as quickly as I could."

    "Thanks." She smiled, "You want something to drink?"

    Andrew shook his head, "No. Listen you sounded pretty shaken up what's going on?"

    "I feel asleep while packing and the next thing I know I'm having these dreams."

    "About what?"

    "The night of the car accident." Kendra replied slowly, "Andrew I think about it all the time, but not when I'm sleeping…I have dreams, but never…none like this, never like this one."

    Andrew led her over to the sofa and shoved a few boxes out of the way. "Kendra, what happened? What was the dream about?"

    She covered her mouth and looked away, "It was the night of the accident. Everything…I remembered everything down to the smallest detail." Kendra took a deep breath, "Justin Pierce he was there that night."

    "Was he driving?" Andrew remained calm, "Kendra answer me. Was Justin driving the other car?"

    "No." She answered softly, "But I know who it was…Andrew you're not going to like this and you may not believe me…but I swear to you on Jered's grave it was her."

    "Her?" Andrew asked, "Who?"

    Kendra took his hand in hers and looked him in the eyes as a bolt of thunder roared outside, "It was Brandi." She finally revealed, "Brandi was driving the other car. She's responsible for killing Jered."

Southern River Hotel

    It had been well over five weeks since the last drop of rain hit River's Edge and as the clouds rolled in the humid air rose. She couldn't believe Audrey King Pierce had moved to Texas.

    "Ma'am we've arrived. Would you like an umbrella?"

    "No." She handed him the fare, "Does this hotel not have a canopy?"

    "I'm sorry no. Like I said, I have an umbr…"

    "No, I'll be perfectly fine." She interrupted him, "If you would just get my bags please. Thank you."

    Pushing open the door the woman clutched her purse under her arm and sat one foot out…rain immediately hit it. She raced to the door and once inside searched for the registration desk.

    "Good evening."

    "Hello." She flashed a smile, "I called yesterday. You should have some reservations for me."

    She scanned the lobby and wasn't sure she heard him correctly, "I'm sorry?"

    "Your name miss?"

    "Oh of course. My name is…"
Episode 119: Wake Me Up When September Ends, Part 1
September 25, 2006

Next Day; Morning
Oakwood Mental Hospital

    "Are you here visiting someone?" A nurse asked as Jodi stepped forward.

    "Jillian Marshall." She answered and politely smiled.

    The nurse typed on her computer and then replied, "I'm sorry but it appears that Mrs. Marshall has checked out of the hospital."

    "I beg your pardon?" Jodi asked, "That's impossible, you probably typed it in there wrong. Her name is Jillian Malone Marshall."

    The nurse checked again, "And again I say, Mrs. Marshall is no longer under our care."

    "Since when?"

    "Well it appears since yesterday." The nurse read, "She was checked out by her aunt Cindy Malone. "

    Shaking her head, "Could I please see a copy of that report? Because I'm just finding this hard to believe."

    Jodi waited quite patiently while the printer warmed up and spit out the requested document, "There's a number listed at the bottom if you would like to try and get in contact with patient."

    She took the document and scanned over it, "Thanks I'll do that." And within minutes Jodi had done that. She called the number, three times and each time got the same response, "This number has been disconnected."

        "What is going on here?" Jodi asked as a light drizzle fell on her windshield. She reached into the floorboard and pulled out the picture from Hillary's office, recalling what Jillian had told her.

    "The woman Jodi who attacked me was…" Jillian paused, "it was Valerie Marshall. She's alive Jodi and you have to believe me. Please."

    "This is going to sound selfish, but I didn't want to bring her into it. I swear to you Jodi on my daughter's life that what I am telling you is the truth. Valerie is alive and if you think on it for a while, it's going to make sense."

St. John's Medical Center
Dr. Bradley Marshall's Office

    "Carlene, this is a surprise. Is everything all right with Jillian?"

    "Well sort of. Have you heard from her this morning?"

    "No." Bradley took a seat behind his desk, "Should I have?"

    "I would have thought so yes. Bradley, last night Jillian's aunt checked her out of the hospital."

    "Do what?" He asked, "Are you sure about this?"

    "I have a copy of the paperwork right here." She reached into her briefcase and pulled out a folder.

    He opened it and reviewed it very carefully, "I'm fine with this."

    "I'm sorry? I don't understand." Carlene replied, "Have you had a change of heart?"

    "Actually yes I have."

    "Bradley I really must advise against…"

    "I've already made up my mind about this Carlene. I've had a lot of alone time since Jillian's been gone to think about what I want."

    "What you should want Bradley is what is best for your wife." She reasoned, "I really think her staying at Oakwood is the best possible solution for the both of you."

    "Excuse me, Dr. Marshall." His secretary knocked, "This just came Fed-Ex for you."

    Bradley tore open the envelope and a smile broadened across his face. He hand the letter to her, "It's from Jillian." He said, "She's going to forgive me for everything that I've done and she's going to do it tonight."

    "Did you need something else ma'am?" The nurse from earlier questioned.

    "The name listed here." Jodi pointed to the discharge nurse's signature, "Can you tell me who that is please?" 

    "Yes ma'am, she's new. A temporary nurse her name is RayLynn."

    "I see." Jodi said with a hint of suspension in her voice, "I want to see Mrs. Marshall's room please, make sure that none of her personal effects were left behind. Would that be possible?"

    "One moment, I'll have to check with my superior."

    "Do that please." Jodi smiled, "And you make sure to tell her that it is Jodi Bradshaw Hayes asking."

    "Jillian…" Valerie whispered, "Jill…ian, wake up."

    Still groggy and dazed Jillian mumbled something before feeling a heavy and jolting slap across her face, "I said wake up bitch." Valerie lashed out as Jillian fell backwards on the bed wide-awake.

    "I'm awake. Lord…is there really any need for all of that?" Jillian asked, "You're the one who put me to sleep with that damn pill last night."

    "I know that Jillian. I told you I'm calling all the shots from now on." Valerie said with a hint of evil in her voice, "I wanted you to be well rested, that's all."

    "Well rested? For what?"

    "The end of your life as you know." Valerie smiled, "Today it's all over for you Jillian."

    It didn't even take her five minutes before the door was shut behind her and Jodi was alone in Jillian's room. She really hated throwing her name around like that but it was something that had to be done from time to time.

    "Okay Jillian I know you didn't leave here with your dear old auntie so you've got to give me something…anything to go on here." She looked around the room, in the drawers…the bathroom…the closet.

    "Just as I suspected." She opened the door and saw Beverly standing there, "Beverly how many patients leave their entire wardrobe here as a donations?"

   "Not many that's certain." The administrator answered.

    When Beverly turned around she saw Jodi lifting up the mattress, "What are you doing?"

    She fished around for only a few seconds, "Got it." She smiled with the cell phone in hand. "Jillian's claim that Valerie Marshall is alive, maybe true." Jodi reached into her purse and pulled out the picture. "Does the woman on the right look familiar?"

    Beverly studied the picture, "That's RayLynn, my temp nurse."

    "No it's not. Picture that woman without the glasses and with blonde hair and who do you have Beverly?"

    Their eyes met and Jodi answered, "Valerie Marshall." She headed for the door and was about to leave but offered up one last comment, "If Jillian is in anyway hurt, because of your incompetence, I'll see to it that you never work in this state again Beverly. And that's a promise you can take to the bank."

    Jillian blinked a few times with tears flowing down her cheek, "You're going to kill me aren't you?" She questioned, "You'll never get away with it…I'm serious once Bradley knows, once they all know that you're…"

    "Alive?" Valerie questioned, "It's okay after today the entire town will know. I'm not going to kill you Jillian. I want you alive to see all my hard work, all my planning come to life."

    "What plans? What hard work are you talking about?"

    Valerie turned away from her and grabbed the journal off the table, "The stupidest thing I could have done was removing the bracelets." She read from the journal, "What have I done? Oh God help me, please have mercy upon my soul and help me return the right baby."

    She might as well have punched her in the gut; Jillian could barely breath as she spoke, "Where…where did you get that." She was breathless, her heart pounded faster and faster, "How much do you know?"

    "Everything." Valerie smiled, "I know everything and I'm going to expose you for the backstabbing, kidnapping, lying bitch that you really are and then...your life Jillian, as you know it, as Mrs. Bradley Marshall will be over and you will finally feel the wrath of Natasha Bradshaw, just like I did."

    Jillian sat in stunned silence as Valerie wrapped a scarf around her head, put on her sunglasses and headed for the door, "I'm off to reclaim what is rightfully mine. Ta-Ta Jillian." She smiled.

    Jodi flew home from the hospital. She thought about calling Bradley, but knowing his history she figured he would just as soon lock her up than hear her out. So now she sat in her living room, the storm was brewing again…more rain.

    On her coffee table was the picture of Valerie and her cell phone she had given to Jillian days earlier. "Think Jodi." She told herself, "Come on…if you were a crazy psychotic bitch were would you take a hostage if you kidnapped them?" She asked and then clicked, "No…would she?"

    Valerie Caldwell Marshall sat the bag from Pier One at her feet and slid the glass door closed. The Mansion was just as she remembered it: beautiful, lavish and perfection. She walked down the hall passed the formal dining room that sat adjacent to the living room. She turned and saw the foot of the staircase and she began thinking back to her wedding to Bradley. She had walked down those stairs, right into that living room and became his wife. Today she would do everything she could; everything she had worked for would now come to pass. Valerie had a clear-cut mission: win Bradley back.

High Point Towers, Floor 28
Justin & Brandi's Penthouse

    "I'm ready mommy." Lewis Pierce appeared in the doorway carrying a backpack. 

    Brandi's hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail on the back of her head, "Are you sure honey?" She forced a smile for his sake and kissed him on the head, "Did you remember to get Mr. Fluffy?"

    Lewis shook his head and smiled, "Of course I did mommy."

    His smile took her breath away and in that moment, standing there with him she wanted to run with him in tow far away from this place, but she knew that Lewis couldn't pay for her mistakes.

    "Okay, because daddy's going to be here real soon and then mommy is going on a trip with Uncle Justin."

    "How come I can't go with you mommy?" Lewis asked as Brandi led him over to the sofa.

    "Well…" she searched for the words and pulled him close to her, "you see honey, this is a grown up trip and children aren't going to be allowed where I'm going."

    "But mommy I don't want you to leave. I want you to stay here with me."

    Jodi threw her car into park in front of the office at Motel 51 and glanced down at the picture from Hillary's office one more time.

    Inside the cool office, she heard the thunder roaring miles away, "Can I help you?" A man in his sixties asked.

    "I'm looking for a business associate of mine." She flashed a bright white smile, "Her name is Renee Tyler. She sometimes goes by RayLynn."

    "Well ma'am we don't usually release that information to just anyone…"

    She slipped two one hundred dollar bills on the counter and the information immediately became hers, "Around back, room 117."

    "Thanks." Jodi raced around the building to the room number and started banging on the door, "Open this door, Valerie." She shouted. "I know you're in there and the game is up."

    "Jodi?" Jillian called out, "Jodi I'm in here."

    "Jillian…Jillian are you all right?"

    "Yes… yes I'm all right. She hasn't hurt me yet, but she's going to." She yelled, "Jodi somehow you have got to get in here and help me."

    Outside the room Jodi looked around for something to break the window with, "Okay stand back. I found a rock to break the window with."

    Within minutes Jodi was inside the room, "Valerie's not here?"

    "No." Jillian told her as she headed for the table to retrieve the journals. Jodi couldn't see them, not now and not ever. "She sent a letter to Bradley this morning." She turned around, "You were around them when they were married, where would she plan a romantic reunion at?"

    Jodi thought for a moment, "She wouldn't go back there." She said to herself.

    "Where? Go back where Jodi?"

    She grabbed Jillian's arm and the two headed out the door, "I know where she's at. Let's go."

The Mansion
Outside River's Edge

    Bradley followed the directions and parked his car by the garage and walked around to the front of the Mansion.

    He pushed opened the door and called out, "Hello?"

    The foyer of the mansion was filled with light from the chandelier above, "Jillian." He questioned as he approached the foot of the stairs and saw the small note with his name.

    "Bradley, I'm upstairs in the master suite." He read and quickly rushed up the stairs.

    It was just like he had remembered it. The light blue adorned the room. The sleigh bed on the raced platform was the same. He saw her standing in the corner of the room, "Jillian."

    "No." Valerie turned slowly around, "It's not her, Bradley it's me." She spoke softly and took a few small steps toward him, removing her scarf, "I've brought you here today. Here, where you and I exchanged vows."

    "Oh my God." He reached out to touch her face, but ended up taking a step back, "How?" Bradley asked, trying desperately to put all the pieces together, "Valerie?"

    Jodi pointed to the Mansion from the main highway, "Up there. See the house in amongst the trees, that's the Mansion. Valerie and Bradley were married there."

    "You think they're there?" Jillian asked.

    "I do." Jodi answered, "Every year for their anniversary Bradley would rent the entire house. Have a cocktail party for family and friends and then they would spend the night there."

    "Okay then." Jillian drew a deep breath, "If you think this is it, then step on it Jodi. I've got to save my marriage and my life."

    She threw the car into parked and Jillian reached for the door but Jodi's hand on her free wrist stopped her, "Jodi?"

    "Just be careful do you hear me?" She warned, "Valerie's dangerous…"

    "I'll be fine. Wait here for me…" Jillian got out of the car, "and remember what I said, no police."

    Jodi shook her head, "Yeah right, like hell." After the car was parked away, she got out and dialed 9-1-1 on her cell.

    "I know baby, I know that you do. But mommy really has to go on this trip with your Uncle Justin, it's for the best." She quickly choked back tears, "So you're going to go spend a whole bunch of time with daddy. That sounds like fun huh?"

    "I guess." Lewis sighed, "I just wish I could go with you."

    Brandi was about to explain the situation again but the doorbell stopped her and instead she announced Nicholas arrival.

    "You've got good timing."

    "Well thank you Brandi. I always thought I did as well." Audrey smiled as she walked into the penthouse, uninvited. "Hi Lewis."

    "Hi." He waved to her, "My mommy's going on a trip soon and I can't go with her."

    "I know." Audrey smiled, "That's what I've heard. Lewis, why don't you run into your room and get that SpongeBob coloring book you like so much. Did you remember to pack it?"

    "Nope. Thanks Aunt Audrey." He called out from halfway down the hall.

    "Aunt Audrey?" Brandi questioned, "Never mind, I'm not even going to worry about it. I have to much on my mind as it is."

    "Good, because there is no need to."

    "Yeah, of course. Listen where is Nicholas? He was supposed to have been here almost fifteen minutes ago."

    "About that, Nicholas is feeling under the weather this morning. He went out in the rain last night for a jog, crazy man. He asked me to come by and pick Lewis up."


    "Well of course dear. You're more than welcome to call him and ask."

    "So I'm to assume then that you've moved back into the house with him?" Brandi questioned, "You don't waste one minute do you?"

Oakridge, Georgia

   A soft tinkle of piano played out in the background as Josh and Amber took their seats, oblivious to the waiters rushing around the elegant restaurant. Their waiter handed them their menus, flashed them both smiles and scurried off, leaving them alone.

    "So, what's good here?" Amber asked, scanning the menu for something that caught her eye.

    "I dunno, it's been a while since I've been here," the last time Josh was in the Rialto was on a date with Jessica, "Pretty much everything's good depending on what you like."

    "You know, there's this one place back h…" Amber cut herself off mid sentence. The very mention of her hometown and she shut down.

    "Why do you always do that?" Josh had noticed her secrecy.

    "Do what?"

    "Avoid talking about where you're from…it's like, you're hiding something, or something."

    "I just don't like to talk about it," Amber insisted, "It's nothing; honestly, I just don't see the point in living in the past when I've got my entire future ahead of me. And not one iota of my future involves River's Edge."

    "Yes." She smiled brightly, "It's me Bradley, I'm alive and I'm here."


    She shook her head, "I'm not one hundred percent sure, but I am, I'm alive." Valerie followed him out of the master bedroom to the top of the staircase.

    Neither one of them heard the sliding glass doors close as Jillian crept down the hallway.

    "I…I'm just confused…" Bradley stuttered, "I saw the car…I found your purse…we gave you a funeral…"

    "And I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that, I am." Valerie's voice softened, "But that day…at the river you never showed up. You told me Bradley that you would be there. You said that we…that we were going to make our marriage work and you never came…"

    "I fell asleep." He said under his breath, "I never thought you would do anything like that, never in my life."

    "And it was stupid and selfish, I am so sorry that I put you and the boys through all of that. And I'll never be able to take that back, those mistakes and the time that I missed with you and my precious, precious boys I'll never get it back. But I want to try." Valerie took his hand in hers, "That day at the river, you and I…we were going to reconcile I know we were. Bradley, you were going to forgive me for sleeping with Andrew, weren't you? Please, say something Bradley." Valerie begged.

    Bradley stood stunned still in awe she was actually alive, the love of his life was alive.

    "You wouldn't have forgiven me, right?" She asked, "Honey, say something. Anything."

    "Jillian was right."

    "I told you she was alive, Bradley." Jillian announced her arrival at the foot of the staircase, "Valerie get your hands off my husband."

    "What are you doing here?" Valerie yelled, "How did you get here?"

    "Doesn't really matter." Jillian answered taking one step at a time, until she was at the top. "All that matters is I'm here now. And Eskimos will skate in the pits of hell before you take my husband away from me." She warned. "You want a fight Valerie, then bring it on."

    "I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about." Audrey danced around the question, "And to answer your first question, yes I've moved back in. It is my home, after all."

    "You have no shame do you Audrey?" Brandi glanced down the hall and made sure Lewis was out of earshot. "Nicholas is in a vulnerable place right now and I don't think he needs you around, tempting him."

    "Me a temptress? Hardly." Audrey retorted, "Besides what business is it of yours Brandi? If Nicholas is vulnerable, if he is hurting it's because you put him there, all of this is your fault and I will not have you laying the blame off on me." She scolded, "You've done this, no one else, you."

    "I just don't want my son getting hurt."

    "And you think I'm going to hurt him?" Audrey asked in cold sarcasm, "Please Brandi give me credit where it is at least due."

    "What is that supposed to mean?"

    "It means," she cleared her throat as Lewis walked in the room and in a hushed whisper replied, "never mind what it means."

    "Aunt Audrey are you going to take me to see my daddy?"

    "Yes sweetheart…" Brandi replied, "Aunt Audrey is going to take you over to your daddy's and you know what else?"


    "She's going to be staying with the two of you while mommy's away. Don't that sound like fun?"

    Lewis shrugged his shoulders, "I guess so. It would be more fun if you came though mommy."

    She stroked his hair, "I know it would, but I can't. Okay, so you go with your Aunt Audrey and be a good boy okay?"

    "Okay mommy. I love you."

    Brandi bit her bottom lip and choked back her tears, "I love you too baby. So much." She wrapped him in her arms tightly, knowing it was the last time she would ever see her son again.

    "You got everything Lewis?" Audrey asked as she opened the door. 

    "I'm ready!" He smiled, "I'll race you to the elevator Aunt Audrey."

    "Okay, you take off. I'll give you a head start." She smiled, "I'll have Nicholas call you later."

    "Yeah, please do that." Brandi folded her arms across her chest, "Audrey."


    "I want you to take real good care of Lewis for me, okay? You've got to promise me that, because Nicholas is all he really has and I have a feeling that you're going to be apart of Nicholas' life for along time to come."

    "I'll do my best Brandi."

    "You had better, because if you don't…if you ever hurt my son, I'll destroy you."

    "Point taken." Audrey walked towards the elevator, "Go ahead and push the button Lewis." As the young man boarded the elevator Audrey turned back around, "And if you ever hurt my son, I'll destroy you. Okay?"

    Brandi shook her head, "Yeah, point taken."

Southern River Hotel
Angela Bradshaw's Suite

    "Have I told you how glad I am that you're moving back into the new house with me?" Pamela Holland Bradshaw smiled as she took a seat on the edge of Angela's bed.

    "You have." Angela smiled, "I'm glad that you asked me, I really am. You and I have lost so much time together and I really think this is going to be a good step forward for us."

    "You bet it is." Her mother replied, "Have you spoken to your brother lately?"

    Angela shook her head, "Yesterday morning we had brunch. Still no word on April, you know I think he's starting to get really worried about her."

    "April is a tough girl, she's a fighter, I think she'll be okay." Pamela reasoned, "But I do wish she would call, I miss Emily."

    "So does Andrew."

    "I'm sure he does." Pamela reached across the bed, "Well sweetheart I'll let you get back to packing, I have a dinner date with Travis."

    "You've been seeing an awful lot of him lately, haven't you?" Angela's voice faded to a hushed stillness.

    Shrugging her shoulders, "I guess, I don't know. Why, is my having dinner with Travis McCarty a problem for you?"

    A knock on the door stopped Angela from replying, much to her relief, "I'm just stating the obvious mother, that's all."

    The bellhop handed her a large security box in exchange for a hefty tip, "Really." Angela followed up.

    "What's that?"

    "Just papers. My passport, bank records, documents and stuff like that." Angela had, "I've kept it in hotel safe since I've been back."

    "Okay, well you have fun and I'm off to my dinner." Pamela kissed her daughter on the cheek, "That is if you have no objections."

    "None here." Angela walked her out, poured herself a glass of white wine and took a seat at the desk, the large security box staring her in the face.

    "It's over Jillian." Valerie declared as her archrival moved up the stairs, "Bradley will never love you like he does me."

    "I can talk for myself." Bradley announced, "Jillian I want you to go back home and wait for me there. All right?"

    "No it's not all right. Are you serious?" She retorted walking towards them, "She kidnapped me last night, from Oakwood." Jillian pointed her finger at her, "That bitch, knocked me unconscious in my own home and she held me at gunpoint, she's tried to kill me twice already. So no Bradley, I'm not going to leave you alone with her."

    "Is that true Valerie?" Bradley questioned as Jodi silently sneaked inside the sliding glass doors of the Mansion.

    Valerie spun around to face her ex-husband, "Of course it isn't. I would never harm anyone Bradley."

    "You deceitful lying witch." Jillian charged after her.

    Bradley stepped forward to stop Valerie.

    Valerie spun around, her fist closed and slowly rising.

    Jodi crept down the hallway, unnoticed.

    "Stay back." Valerie yelled as her fist laid into Jillian jaw, sending her stumbling backwards towards the railing.

    "Jillian, be careful!" Jodi yelled from the hallway. As Jillian's back hit the top of the railing sending her freefalling, feet over her head, then come crashing with heavy thud to the wooden floor.

    Valerie stared to the ground below her as Bradley began rushing down the stairs.

    "Is she bleeding?" Valerie asked with no reply, "Jodi? Answer me, is she alive."

    Jodi pulled back her blonde hair and looked up at Valerie, "What have you done?"

    Angela had just finished pouring her third glass of wine when she came across the sealed envelope. It had no writing on the front of it and for the life of her she could not think of what it contained.

    After taking a relaxing sip of wine she tore into it and unfolded the papers. Reading over it slowly she gasped aloud and immediately reached for the phone on the desk.

    "Front desk." The operator on the opposite end of the line answered, "Hello front desk."

    "I'm sorry…" Angela said slowly, her eyes still glued to the paper, "I need Gregory Holloway's room please. Immediately."

    Bradley stood perfectly still looking downward at his wife, "Don't touch her Jodi, I'm on my way."

    "I've called the police." Jodi announced to a shocked Valerie.

    "Why did you do that?" Valerie questioned.

    "Because you kidnapped her Valerie, that's why." Jodi began crying as Bradley checked for a pulse, "And now look what's happened."

    Valerie stepped closer to the broken railing and looked below, "It was an accident, it was just an accident…" she cried out as Joy Evans burst through the door, "I never meant for this to happen. I swear I didn't."

    Amber opened the door to the bathroom and headed straight for the sink. Standing at the mirror, she tossed her hair back out of her face and took a deep breath. She didn't know what was going on…her meal with Josh was going really well, and suddenly, she felt dizzy and faint. She had excused herself and made a quick run to the bathroom, where she proceeded to fumble in her purse for some aspirin.

    "You have to get yourself together," she muttered to herself, "Snap out of it. This is the last thing you need right now."

    "Stop trying to fight me, you know I'll win in the end."

    Amber felt like someone was turning thousands of tiny screws into her head, tightening them over and over. All she wanted to do was scream, but instead she held her breath, at least this way she wouldn't be disturbing everyone else in the restaurant.

    "You've had all the fun, it's my turn now."

    "It's show time."

    Amber tossed her long, curly, red hair behind her shoulders and smoothed down her sexy black dress. She checked her makeup in her compact mirror before strolling across the busy dining room, fully aware of the stares she was receiving from various men, and loving it. As she reached the table where Josh sat, she rested her purse on the table.

    "I was about to send out the search party," Josh joked, "More champagne?"

    "Keep it coming," Amber lowered herself seductively onto her seat as Josh poured the champagne. As she sat down, her hand caught the strap of her purse and knocked it to the floor, spilling the contents everywhere. Amber quickly leaned onto the floor to begin picking up her possessions.

    "Let me give you a hand," Josh got down onto the floor to help Amber pick up her stuff. As she gathered her makeup bag, Josh spotted a small laminated card that had slid under the table and reached for it. It was her driver's license. Her picture. The only difference was the name.

    "Hey Amber?" Josh looked up, "Who's April Bradshaw?"

Arc Six Finale
Episode 120

·         Natasha receives a heavenly visitor that sends her in a huge downward spiral.

·         Ethan makes his move!

·         Find out who the new mysterious woman really is and what business she has with Audrey!

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