Previously on ALL OR NOTHING

·         After a visit with Hillary in her office Jodi finally had a major clue in the mystery surrounding Jillian's claim that Valerie was alive and well, via a photography of Hillary and a woman appearing to be Valerie.

·         After being rocked by the death of Police Chief Daniel Williams, the entire town mourned his lost, including daughter Fallon. At the memorial service, Natasha recalled how calm and level handed Daniel always was, especially in times of crisis.

·         Sharon informed Gregory that what every they had was finally over, once and for all.

·         Brittany traveled to London where she came face to face with Douglas. Thinking that she was on the verge of mending their broken relationship, Brittany through everything on the line, only to learn Douglas was engaged. Heartbroken, she traveled back to Watersdale and got the supplies needed for Brandi and Justin to escape the country.

·         Valerie kidnapped Jillian from Oakwood!


Episode 118: Bad Day
September 11, 2006

Cafe Cuban Coffeehouse, Near STU Campus
Late Evening

    "Your shift about over?" Megan dropped her bag to the floor, "Because you and I have a date with some Calculus homework my friend."

    "Almost." Ryan answered taking his apron off, "I have to call Jodi real fast and tell her something, then I'm all yours."

    "I've waited so long for a man to say those exact words to me." She smiled, "Any word from April yet?"

    He shook his head and listened to Jodi's message, "Voicemail…Hey Jodi it's Ryan, I'm about to head out so if you need me to work tomorrow call me. Later."

    "You're picking up another shift?" She asked after he hung up the phone, "When?"

    "In the morning." Ryan answered, "It's no big deal. You know that all three of us agreed to pitch in and help out around the house. Antonio got a job with Ethan at the fashion house and we all don't have your wealth."

    "You know how I got my money." She defended.

    "Yeah, I know. That was pretty shitty of me huh?"

    "It's cool." Megan grabbed an empty table in the corner, "You sure you don't want to go home and do this?"

    "Positive. Antonio is probably there anyway. I don't have the patience to deal with him, not at the moment."

    "There's always the chance of running into Josh here you know."

    "Hardly. He's been so busy with Jillian's latest crisis and school, plus worrying frantically about Emily…he hasn't had any time for me lately."

    "You sound upset." Megan pointed out, "Anything I can do to help?"

    Ryan rolled his eyes, "Hell…I don't know Megs. It's like out of all the guys I could have fallen for…all the openly gay guys that is, I managed to pick one who says he likes kissing me, but likes girls more and the other is to afraid to tell his family the truth about who he really is."

    "Don't be like that." She warned, "When you first realized you were gay you didn't want to tell your parents either."

    "I know, I was there remember. My life." He joked, "But I also didn't go online looking for something…whatever Josh is or was looking for. Plus there's the whole kid thing." Opening his book he looked at the problem set, "My life is just as complicated as this damn problem. Is there an answer for that in the back of the book?"

    Megan laughed and took both his hands in hers, "Don't let this worry you. No one is telling you to make a decision now…but if you had to, I'm just saying going for the sure fire winner."

    "Who's that?"

    She smiled, "You tell me…"

Oakwood Mental Hospital
Late Evening

    "Good evening Mrs. Marshall." Valerie entered the darkened room and spoke with a heavy southern accent, "How's my patient tonight, huh?" She flipped on the light.

    Valerie was disguised with heavy makeup, a brunette wig and glasses but for those who knew her they could tell. Jillian knew.

    "What do you want?" Jillian asked with a hint of fear in her voice, "No one believes me. I've told them all you were alive and they don't believe me."

    Valerie pulled a gun out from the pocket in the back of the wheelchair, "You're going to do exactly what I say, or people will die. Do you understand?"

    Jillian shook her head, "Please don't hurt anyone here, they don't deserve it. This…whatever it is between you and I. I'll do anything you ask."

    "Good girl, very good girl."

    "What's going to happen?" Jillian asked

    "You and I are going for a little ride. Once inside the car I'm going to blindfold you and then take you somewhere, away. The other nurses are going to think that you've checked yourself out."

    "Okay. Just please don't hurt anyone. I swear I'll cooperate."

    "That Jodi on the phone?"

    "No." Ryan answered distantly, "It was Ethan. He sounded very cryptic."

    "What do you think is wrong? Anything?"

    Ryan shrugged. "Beats me. He just wanted me to come over to the office."

    "Right now?" She looked over the table, "Ryan we've got so much homework and that test next week, you can't leave me now."

    "I don't want to. But Ethan said it was important and I believe him." He grabbed his backpack, "Okay I won't be gone long, I promise."

    "You better not be." She warned, "And I swear if I fail this exam, it's on your head."

    "This is exactly where Antonio said you would be at." Brittany slammed her purse down and took a seat across from Megan, "Listen I did something the other day. I'm not proud of it, I should have never done and I apologize up front for doing it."

    "Um…okay." Megan replied with a raised eyebrow, "You want some decaf or something?"

    "The other day when I went with you to your interview…"

    "I got it by the way." She smiled.

    "Good for you." Brittany answered, "I dropped your purse, spilled it all over the floor and found an email from Douglas."

    "You read my email?"

    "I know I should've and it was a complete violation of your privacy, one that I swear to you Megan won't happen again."

    "It should have never happened in the first place." Brittany could tell this was upsetting her a great deal, "I don't believe you."

    "Megan, I'm sorry. Believe me I'm very, very sorry."

    "How much of it did you read?" Megan asked with no immediate response, "Brittany how much of it did you read?"

    "Not much, the first few sentences. Not nearly enough."

    "You didn't go on a business trip did you? Brittany did you go to London to see Douglas? Oh my God, you shouldn't have done that."

    She shook her head, "I know that, trust me I found out the hard way. I've paid for my mistake. " Brittany paused, "I really am sorry Megan. I hope you'll forgive me."

    "Just don't let it happen again. My friendship with Douglas believe it or not does not concern you."

    "You didn't have to hide it from me though. I would have understood."

    "I know that you would've. You were mad at him and so was Ryan, at the time I didn't think either of you would understand. So I kept it to myself and it just became this thing, we were all friends and just because the two of you didn't work out I don't think I should have to shut myself off to him."

    "Absolutely not. I would never ask you to do that Megan. You're a wonderful friend and I do sincerely apologize, I just didn't want any secrets between you and I." Brittany grabbed her purse, "So we're good here?"

    "Yeah. Just don't do it again. If you want to know something ask. Okay?"

    "Okay then." Brittany answered.

    "So you know about his engagement then?" Megan asked, "How you holding up?"

    Brittany stopped and spun around, "Fine. Really I am. I finally know where and with who I belong with."

High Point Towers, King Fashion Offices

    "Come on in Ryan." Ethan shut the door and offered him a drink, "You got over here pretty quick."

    "Well you said it was important." He answered, "So what's going on?"

    Handing him a drink, "You know your sister and I have been spending quite a bit of time together lately."

    "I've noticed, yeah. She really seems to be coming around, I give you a lot of credit for that Ethan."

    "Well I'm really glad that you do, because I know that the both of you don't talk to your parents much anymore."

    "Hardly at all."

    "Yeah. Listen, Ryan I'm just going to come out and say this…" he paused, "I love Brittany, very much."


    "I intend to ask your sister too marry me and I would very much like your blessing in doing so."

St. John's Medical Center
Dr. Charlene Ewing's Office

    "Dr. Ewing, Natasha Bradshaw is here to see you."

    Carlene Ewing had been a psychiatric in River's Edge for almost twenty-five years now. She was raised in the area and since setting up shop in town had become one of the most elite women. She was named Women of the Year three times in 1997, 1998 and 2000.

    "Natasha this is a surprise. Are you feeling all right?" Charlene looked to her secretary, "Push my other appointments and hold all my calls please."

    "I'm so sorry to just stop in like this."

    "Nonsense. I told you anytime that you needed to talk my door was always, always open." She paused, "What's on your mind?"

    "Just everything it seems like." Natasha answered, "I was driving to the studio and I had a urge to see someone, an old friend. Someone that I could talk to and not be judged…"

    "And you came here. I'm glad." Carlene smiled, "I know that you helped launch the new news station, so does it feel better to now occupy your time more?"

    Natasha shrugged, "Are you asking me how I feel?"


    "I don't feel…anything." She revealed, "I feel empty, alone…something huge in my life has happened…my son is gone and I feel like nothing has changed." She answered, "And that's what upsets me the most, more than anything."

    "Why? Why are you feeling that way?"

    She had fought hard to deny the truth but it was there, she knew the answer to the questions and decided it was now or never, she had to tell the truth.

    "Because nothing really has changed, Carlene. Long before Jered died I shut myself off to my family, I pulled away from them. I made an enemy out of Pamela, when she had been nothing but good to me for years. The only time I saw my daughters where when I needed them or they were in trouble. Nothing has changed, but in the same sense everything has."

    "Jered's death?"

    Running her fingers through her platinum blonde hair she sighed heavily, "You know the worse thing about this is…had he not died I would probably still be sitting here today."

    "How come?"

    "A couple of days before Jered died…he made it perfectly clear that if I couldn't accept Kendra as his girlfriend then he would leave town…"

    "Do you harbor any harsh feelings towards Kendra? Maybe you believe that she is the reason Jered is gone."

    "Wow!" Ryan's mouth dropped, "That was the last thing I expected you to say. I thought you wanted to talk about a job or you know Brittany's favorite color or something…" he paused, "marriage? Really?"

    "Really." Ethan answered, "You don't sound very happy about this."

    "No it's not that." Ryan finished the drink and sat the glass down with a heavy hand; "It's just that marriage is a huge step for both of you. She's just getting over Douglas and you're getting over Leslie."

    "They've both been out of our lives for a very long time, Ryan." Ethan reminded him, "Besides I don't believe either one of our exes are going to be a problem."

    "Maybe, maybe not. I'm just thinking out loud I suppose. Have you tested the waters about this? Do you really think Brittany's ready for this type of commitment again?"

    "I love her, Ryan."

    "When you say that I believe you Ethan, but Douglas loved her too. We both know how that worked out."

    "What's really going on here? What are you afraid of?"

    After a long heavy sigh Ryan answered, "I'm afraid that you maybe moving to fast, rushing in to this and the last thing Brittany needs is to be rushed into an engagement, into a marriage that might fail. We both saw her after Douglas left, do you think she could take another failed relationship, go through another divorce?"

    "I have no intentions of doing any of those things. Your sister and I have both been hurt and I think over the last few months we've helped one another heal those wounds."

    "I know you're not entering into this, whatever it maybe with the intentions of hurting Brittany, but what if something happens out of your control? What if Leslie walks back into your life five weeks, five month, five years into your marriage, then what?"

    "Then I stay faithful to my wife, Brittany." Ethan answered firmly, "Leslie walked out me on our marriage. She left me. Remember? Had that not happened, you and I wouldn't be standing here today, because I would still be her husband."

    "You want my blessing?"

    "I do. Brittany will want you to be on board with this, you and Megan are all she has now. I know that the three of your are very close, you've all been through a lot and she loves you both very much."

    "We're very protective of one another." Ryan told him, "We may fight like mad with each other, but the end we're all we have. That's just how it is."

    "And I realize that. I want to be apart of that relationship, I want to be apart of the family the three of you have built together." Ethan extended his hand, "I want to marry your sister and I want your blessing in doing so."

    Ryan studied the offer, "You want an awful lot don't you Ethan?"

    "I suppose I do." He shook his head.

    He took a few more seconds and accepted the gesture, "As long as you protect her, be good to her and honor your vows to her you're in." He smiled, "But seriously…"

    "I swear to God Ryan I'll do right by here. I swear to God."

    Megan was packing up her books when Kendra walked into the coffeehouse, "Hi Kendra!" A waitress called out, "I'll be right with you."

    "Thanks." Kendra walked to a corner booth that was out of the way and sat down. She was about to dive into the classified section of the Weekly Edge but was stopped.

    "I hope I'm not bothering you." Megan smiled, "Could I join you please?"

    "Megan, hi."

    "Thank you." She replied, "I won't stay long I have to go find Ryan, he's off somewhere doing God only knows what, when he's supposed to be with me working on homework."

    The girls both laughed, "Something on your mind?"

    "Actually yeah, Ryan, Antonio and I have been talking about the condo lately. We didn't want to put any pressure on you, but we've been paying on the loan lately and it's getting pretty expensive for us."

    "I've taken care of it." Kendra replied.

    "I'm sorry?"

    "Jered had a clause in his will that stated the loan on the condo was to be paid out of his estate. I've taken care of it Megan. The condo belongs to you, Antonio and Ryan, Jaxson should have contacted you with the papers."

    "He might have, I left my cell phone at home." Megan grabbed her bag, "I'll leave you to your reading." She paused, "Kendra thank you very much, I appreciate this more than you know, all of us do."

    Kendra smiled, "Goodbye Megan."

High Point Towers, Floor 28
Justin & Brandi's Penthouse

    "Come in. Sit down and tell me how it went." Brandi said.

    Brittany shook her head, "It went."

    "Yeah? So what does that mean? Did Douglas come back with you? Are you moving over there? I'm just so full of questions here."

    "And I don't have answers for them, I'm sorry." Brittany told her, "DeAnna is getting bigger he says and he's engaged to be married. A small minor fact that Douglas Sr. forgot to tell me about."

    "Oh my God. Did you see her? Was she pretty?"

    "Gorgeous. American. Doug wanted me to go over there and breakup their engagement, he doesn't like her father and thought my reappearance would ignite a fire in Douglas' heart for me or something."

    "But it didn't?"


    "I'm so sorry Brittany."

    "Well it's okay, you don't have to be because I'm ready to move forward. Douglas and I said our goodbyes for good this time and I realize where my future is at, now. More importantly, I know who my future is with."

    Brandi smiled. "Ethan?"

    She shook her head in agreement. "Listen we should get down to this. Here's the envelope, it contains all the information you and Justin will need to board the planes. It has your new IDs, passports, everything in there. You're ready to go."

    Brandi stared down at the brown envelope, "It's all inside here?"

    "Yup. You're sure this is what you want Brandi?" She questioned still holding it tight, "You know if you want to do something else you can, don't feel like Justin's way is the only way."

    "It's the only way. I have thought about this over and over and over again. Natasha will never forgive me for what I have done, Felicia will railroad to the ground and I'll never be able to live here anymore. I killed him Brittany." Tears swelled in her eyes, "I decided to get behind the wheel of my car…I decided to drive drunk, I'm responsible for Jered's death and I've covered it up all this time, I was his God mother for crying out loud. How I was capable of doing something like that I'll never know." She took the envelope from Brittany, "This is the only way out. You'll stay for awhile, talk with Justin about this won't you?"

    "Of course." Brittany replied, wondering if Brandi truly felt this was the right thing to do.

    "I did. But we came to an understanding, she loved me son." Natasha got up from the couch and walked to the window, "You know I'm not stupid. I've been through the stages of grief far too many times in my life and I have been able to survive and come out stronger every single time, but not now."

    "Who do you blame, Natasha? Perhaps if you let out that anger of blaming someone you might feel better."

    "Blame?" Natasha turned around to face the doctor, "I blame everyone. The spineless bastard who drove that car, I blame the doctors, the nurses, the janitor who mopped the floors at the hospital." She cried, "I blame them all." Her lips trembled on the verge of tears…a mixture between sadness and anger, "I blame God Carlene." She wailed sliding down the wall. "He's punishing me…he took my baby boy, my only son and he's punishing me."

    "What do you think God is punishing you for Natasha?"

    Her eyes filled with more tears and they flowed down her cheek, but she spoke steadily and very calmly. "For being a bad mother."

    "You think you were a bad parent?"

    "Yes I had flaws, but I lay blame where blame is due." She said still on the floor, "I blame Andrew as well. He and I both, him more than me, but nevertheless, he and I broke up our home. I don't know why I couldn't overlook it, God knows I did in the past."

    "Overlook what Natasha?"

    "His affair with Valerie Marshall." She answered, "He took an ax to our family, he tore it to hell. And then he married Sharon, twice." She almost laughed, "I should have just kept my mouth shut and then none of this would have ever happened." She gazed off, "Overlooked the obvious and put on my fake smile like nothing was wrong, like I had done time and time again, but I had had enough."

    "Andrew ruined your marriage." Carlene reminded her, "Jered's death was not a direct result of that."

    "Yes, yes it was." Natasha replied, "I could have kept my mouth shut and he and I would still be married. He wouldn't have ever left me…Sharon would not be his wife and Jered could have married Kendra, the right way and the judgment we passed on them wouldn't have been there." She spoke softly, "Oh God…" she said suddenly rising up from the floor.

    "What? What is it?"

    "I just realized something…he is punishing me…God is punishing me Carlene. I should have never divorced Andrew. I mean…he's not only punishing me but he's testing me as well."

    "Natasha perhaps you should set back down and let's talk this over some more. How is God testing you?"

    "I have to go." Natasha grabbed her purse, "I have to get to the studio and work. Work and my children, that's all I have left. That's all I will ever have. Thank you Carlene."

    "Natasha I really must insist that you stay longer and let's talk some more."

    She flung open the door, "I don't need to. I know what I have do…cut Andrew out of my life completely. I've done it once already my life and I'll do it again, no big deal." She smiled, "Thank you so much Carlene you're the best."

    The therapist watched as the elevator doors closed and then looked at her secretary, "Do me a favor, get Felicia Garrett Banning on the telephone for me please. Thank you."

    The waitress from earlier brought Kendra a cup of black coffee and tells her to call if she needs anything else. She is about to open the paper and begin reading the classifieds when Justin Pierce arrives.


    "Justin, hello." A smile broadens across her face this time, unlike when Megan arrived, "Would you like to join me?"

    "Well just for a moment, I'm supposed to be working on this new campaign."

    "You aren't hiring are you?"

    "That's right." He smiled, "Your mother said that you graduated, early no less, congratulations. Is that what the classifieds are for?"

    "Thanks." She answered, "Sort of…you know it's the craziest thing you can't live in the campus suites if you don't go to school there."

    "Apartment hunting. How fun!" Justin teased, "Maybe you could come by and look at the apartment below me."

    "I may do that." She replied, "As far as looking for a job, Andrew's offering me an entry level executive position at the corporation."

    "Well there you go."

    She shrugged her shoulder. "I don't know. It's just every single time I look at Andrew or Natasha, my own mother I see those disapproving glares they gave Jered and I, it's hard you know."

    "I know, believe me." Justin replied and the two of them fell silent, "So how have you really been."

    Kendra looked down and then back up at him, her large brown doe eyes were so empty…they truly where the window to her soul.

    "Lost. Confused. Angry. Hurt, I don't even know where to begin."

    He shook his head, "I'm so sorry."

    She shook her head, before she could respond his cell phone began ringing, "Excuse me."

    "Brandi. Brandi is that you, I can barely hear you."

    The name lingered in the back of Kendra's mind. Those words…they burned her memory she'd it before, obviously. But the way he said it, triggered something.

    "Brandi is that you?"

    Kendra shook her head and threw a ten on the table, "I've got to go, bye." She waved to Justin quickly heading out of the coffeehouse and straight for her suite on the STU campus.

    "She's back?" Justin asked still inside the coffeehouse, "Okay I'm on my way."

    Kendra had been packing boxes and going through stuff for hours since leaving the coffeehouse. She had tried to keep busy since her conversation with Justin but it seemed like that was impossible. His words kept haunting her.

    Now she was asleep, in her bed. Dreaming…

   "What happened?" Was the only words Kendra was able to say as she reached over and touched his leg, "Jered are you all right?"

    No response. "Jered?" She asked again, "Honey? Jered say something."

    The impact had thrown her head against the window and Kendra was able to bring her hand up to see if she felt any blood. "I have to get out of here." She told herself. "Jered can you open your door?"

    Kendra didn't dream much about the accident, despite Bradley having told her it wouldn't be uncommon, but Justin's words had stirred her like no other and tonight was different…

    Don't you fear when you dream Waking up is never what it seem Like a jewel buried deep Like a promise meant to keep.

    Her words from the funeral filled her head, as she tossed in bed…the images and the memories of the accident flooded her all at once…

    "Oh shit." Warning alarms erupted within him, "Kendra can you hear me? Kendra?" He asked and then felt her neck for a pulse, followed by Jered.

    "Brandi is that you?"

    She jolted upright in the bed, allowing subconscious to surface for the first time since that night, "That can't be." She whispered to herself.

    "Brandi is that you?"

    She heard the words in the back of her head again. This time she breathed deeply and reached for the phone. After three rings he picked up, "Andrew it's Kendra. I need see you, now please."


·         The reunion you've waited for: Bradley & Valerie.

·         The men in Ryan's life come face to face!

·         Angela is dealt a huge shock as secrets from her past began to unravel.