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  • Jodi recalls the night that Jillian died, six years earlier and meets her new editor in New York City.

  • Brittany encounters a woman that she has seen before who has ties to her husband.

  • The Showdown! Natasha and Brandi come face-to-face for the first time in six years!
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   He shook his head, “I did. It was a collection of reasons I suppose, but the biggest being that I couldn’t be there knowing…” his
voice trailed off, “knowing what I had done to that little boy.”

   Jodi reached across the table and touched his hand, “It’s okay. Let’s not talk about that because I know how hard it was on you.”

   Bradley shook his head, “Thanks,” he whispered. “What else is going on with you? The last I heard your book was almost
finished. Is that why you’re jetting off to New York tonight?”

   “Indeed,” she smiled. “I finished it just before Christmas. April was the first one to read it. I hope that you don’t mind that I wrote
about Jillian and her death in it.”

   “She was your friend,” he answered. “I’m sure that you handled it with respect and care.”

   “I did,” Jodi assured him as she noticed her hand was still touching his. “Well dinner has been wonderful Bradley. You’ll have
the waiter put it on my account please.”

   “No as a matter of fact won’t,” he laughed. “What kind of man would I be if I made the lady pay for her own Valentine’s Day
dinner? Like you said we’re practically family.”

   “That’s awfully sweet of you,” Jodi smiled. “I should really be going…”

   “You don’t want to miss your flight,” he stood. “Thank you for joining me tonight.”

   “Well thank you for having me, it was my pleasure. Perhaps we can do this again sometime,” Jodi suggested.

   “Perhaps we can.” He leaned over and kissed her cheek, “Travel safe,” he whispered.

   “Yes, thank you,” she replied unsure of what had just happened.
   “I know I did. I’m promising you right here that I won’t do it again.”

   “You shouldn’t have to promise me over and over and over that you won’t humilate me or hurt me. I’m your wife,” she shook her
head.  “I’m sorry Andrew but you’ve made this bed and know…” she paused, “well now you’ll lie in it.”

   “So you’re proceeding forward then with the divorce?” he called out to her.

   “Yes,” she said her back to him. “You should be hearing from Valerie Caldwell in the next few days or so.” As Sharon made her
way out the door, she wondered to herself how long she would be able to keep this charade going.
  • Gregory Holloway and Megan Shirley were married in Las Vegas.

  • Following the Winterhaven Festival, Angela declared her love for Justin and then left him.

  • Sharon and Gregory shared a kiss. Later, Andrew declared that his marriage to Sharon was over and kicked her out of the

  • In 2004, after an alternation with Valerie, Jillian Malone Marshall fell to her death. Valerie's part in the crime was kept
    hidden by Bradley Marshall and Jodi Bradshaw Hayes.
All Or Nothing
Episode 128: Valentine
February 20, 2010

   May 2006

  “I hope I haven’t caught you at a bad time,” Natasha smiled as she stood on Andrew and Sharon’s front porch. “Do you mind if I
come in?”

  “That depends on what you want,” Sharon told her. “I’m in no mood to discuss my husband with you,” she assured her.

  “Oh well I can’t imagine that you would be, all things considering.” Natasha took a seat in the living room, “You know though
Sharon, a part of me is relieved, almost anyway.”

  “So does that mean? You plan on moving in for the kill and take my husband, once and for all?”

  Natasha laughed at the mere suggestion, “I’m certain that I don’t know what that quite means, but no Sharon I’m not here to
take Andrew back in any capacity. Ice would have to freeze in hell before that would ever happen.”

  “Then why are you here Natasha?”

  “I have a business proposition for you,” she answered. “And I hope that you’ll take it under careful consideration.”

  Sharon took a seat across from her, “You want me to come back and answer your phones? Forget it. Not happened, not today
or ever.”

  She shook her head, “The mere thought that I would ask you to do such a thing Sharon is completely beneath me. I would like
to think that no matter our differences through the years, we’ve put them behind us.”

  “All right, I’m listening. What is your proposition?” Sharon finally conceded.

   February 14, 2010

  “Good morning Garrett-Logan Realtors,” a young woman with short brown hair answered the phone as Sharon past through the
front doors, waved at her girl and proceeded to her office.

  She looked over the sales figure for the month to date, approved the layout for the next weekend edition of The Weekly Edge and
before she knew an hour had past.

  “Excuse me, Sharon,” the assistant stood in the doorway. “There’s a young woman here to see you and I’m afraid she’s

  “Does she have an appointment,” Sharon glanced at her Outlook calendar. “I don’t see anything on here.”

  “Why Sharon,” the woman appeared, “won’t you make an exception just this once?”
   “Megan,” Sharon rolled her eyes and dismissed the receptionist. “By all means please do come and kindly leave the door open
behind you.”

   “You won’t mind if I go ahead and close it would you?”

   “Oh for God sake’s,” she muttered under her breath. “Please do whatever you’d like. What can I do for you this morning?”

   “I just came by because there was something that I thought you should be made aware of.”

   “Quite honestly Megan, I don’t really think there is anything from you that I need to be made aware of.”

   “But I think there is Sharon,” Megan smiled. “You see I wanted you to be the first person I told this to in River’s Edge.”

   “Told what to? Megan I’m busy, so if you need something get to the point.”

   “Gregory and I were married last weekend,” she presented her wedding ring as proof. “In Las Vegas,” she smiled proudly.

   “Uh-huh,” Sharon replied. “Megan please show yourself out. I honestly don’t have time for your adolescent games and cheap,
fake diamond rings.

   “I’m not joking Sharon and this isn’t game…unless you want it to be.”

   “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”she questioned. “Did Gregory send you here? Did he put you up to this?”

   “Absolutely not,” she answered. “Gregory and I were married last weekend in Las Vegas.”

   “That so romantic,” Sharon rolled her eyes. “Please get out!"
   “I’m not playing games with you Sharon and this isn’t a joke. I know why Gregory came back to River’s Edge. Llet’s be honest
here, woman to woman…”

   “Oh hardly…” she scoffed.

   “You know why he’s here too.”

   “Since we’re being honest with one another Megan,” Sharon walked around her desk and leaned against it. “Let’s not overlook
the fact that you’re at very best a double consolation prize for Gregory. A third place finish. Fourth actually,” she corrected, “if you
count his ex-wife.”

   “Whatever,” Megan sneered. “Sharon, you are a bitter old woman who got replaced by someone who is much more attractive
than you’ve ever been or will be,” she spun around to leave.

   “Not so fast missy,” Sharon spun her back around. “You’re not a dumb girl. In fact you’re very smart Megan. You outwitted Alex
Cline all those years ago, so I don’t know why you’re acting the way you are.”

   “Acting what way? I love Gregory!” she insisted. “And he is my husband, I am his wife and you Sharon Bradshaw had better
damn well get used to the fact and stay away from him! I mean it…”

   “Do not fool yourself Megan,” Sharon warned her. “Gregory has loved me for the last five years. I know it, he knows and my own
husband knows it. Lucky for you I don’t act upon it. But if I wanted to, oh if I wanted to, all I would have to do is tell him that I love
him the way he loves and you my darling dear would be gone…like that!” she snapped her fingers.

   “You’re crazy! You may think Gregory loves you, but he doesn’t. You know why I know he doesn’t? Because he married me, ya
crazy bitch,” she turned again to leave.

   “Megan…” Sharon called out, “you’re a little girl playing a woman’s game.”

   “Well that maybe the case,” she turned back to her, “but it is a game that I don’t intend to lose.”

   Sharon laughed, “Didn’t your mother ever tell you, don’t play games with bitches who play the better?”

   “My thoughts exactly Sharon,” she hissed softly. “My thoughts exactly!”
   Brittany curled into the curve of Ethan’s body and smiled as the fire crackled behind them. They could hear soft sprinkles of rain
pecking against the glass and they both smiled.

   “We haven’t done this in a very long time,” she whispered, as Ethan wrapped his arms around her.

   “Not since before our wedding night if memory serves me.”

   “Oh my God!” she laughed. “You are right, because I remember that Megan almost caught us just as I was putting on my skirt.”
They laid there in silence for mere minutes and Brittany said, “You’ve made me so very happy Ethan, I hope you know that.”

   “I do,” he kissed her neck softly. “You know you’ve made me pretty happy too. I don’t know where my life would have been had
you not came into it.”

   “I was with Douglas for so long that he was all I knew, but you Ethan, you’ve given me a new outlook on life. One that I never
thought possible, thank you.”

   “You don’t have to thank me Brittany. I’ve taken pleasure in giving you everything you need or want. I love you more than I ever
thought possible. When Leslie left me I shut down and I told myself never again would I give my heart to another woman in that
way and then you showed up.”

   “Ethan there’s something I wanted to talk to you about,” she interlocked her fingers with his. “I’ve been thinking about our
relationship among other things lately.”

   “What type of things Brittany?”

   “I’m going to reach out to Bradley to see if he can recommend a specialist,” she began. “I want to get more information on if I'll
be able to carry a child to term.”
   “Are you serious?” her husband asked with a huge smile on his face. “What brought this on?”

   “What do you mean? Ethan you’ve given me everything that I have ever wanted or needed,” she explained. “I want to give you
what I know you want more than anything else in the world, your own child.”

   “You’re everything I’ve ever wanted,” he reassured her.

   “I know that, but Ethan I see the way you are with Lewis, you love him. I want to give you that. I want to give you a child in every
possible way and it’s not fair to you that my past mistakes with Douglas have cost us that.”

   “I love you so much Brittany,” he told her. “And just the thought of you wanting to give me a child is the most romantic, selfless
gift that anyone has ever wanted to give me…”

   “But what…” she questioned. “There’s no question about this Ethan. I’ve thought about it for a very long time and Ryan is
supportive of my decision,” she paused, “I want to give you a child.”

   He stroked her hair and held her even tighter than before. “God I love you for that. I love the fact that you are willing to do
whatever it takes Brittany, but I don’t want you to do something that would put yourself in jeopardy.”
   “I won’t,” she promised. “I’m going to work with Bradley and he’ll find a specialist who will find a way for us to have our
baby…please say you’ll do this with me Ethan.”

   “I’ll never do that. I know how much Leslie’s leaving hurt you, I would never allow anything to hurt me or our baby,” she locked
lips with her husband.

   “I think we need practice. What do you say?” Ethan suggested with a smile.

   “Are you going out?” Angela closed the door of Justin’s apartment. “I thought I would come over. See if you wanted to get a pizza
and watch a movie or something tonight.”

   “You never gave me the impression that you wanted to do anything tonight,” he replied. “I’ve made other plans Angela.”

   She shook her head, “Yeah I suppose you’re right. Listen the way I acted that morning…Justin I don’t know what come over me.
Some of things that I said to you were…”

   “True?” he questioned. “Yeah I know. Some of things you said needed to be said,” he admitted. “You and I have been living in
our own little world inside these four walls for so long that it was just a matter of time before they closed in around us.”

   “No that’s not what I want,” Angela insisted. “When I saw Gregory it took me back to a place in my life when I wasn’t happy with
myself and I took that out on you. Please you have to understand, I’m begging here for your forgiveness. You know that I don’t do
that with anyone Justin, please…”
   “You told me that you loved me,” he reminded her. “Those were your exact words and we had an understanding that when we
felt it was going too far we would just walk away.” Justin grabbed his umbrella and jacket, “Now will you please get out!

   “Ms. Bradshaw good evening,” the college age hostess greeted her. “How are you this evening? Happy Valentine’s Day,” she

   “Good evening,” Jodi sighed heavily as she took off her coat. “It’s really starting to come down out there.”

   “Yes, I know.”

   “I believe my mother had reservations,” Jodi told her. “I’m supposing to be having dinner with her and Nicholas Pierce.”

   As the hostess checked the register, Jodi began scanning the room for familiar faces and saw none that stood out. “I’m sorry
but there’s a note that says your mother, Natasha, had to cancel this evening.”

   “Are you serious?” Jodi questioned. “Oh for the love of God!” she shook her head. “All right then…no worries, um…I suppose
then I’ll be dining for one.”

   “Oh…” the hostess responded. “Well since your mother canceled the reservation, I’m sorry we’ve given your table to another

   “Then I suppose you should find another one,” she demanded. “I’m Jodi Bradshaw, there has to be another table in this damn
club where I can have dinner,” she demanded as a hand touched her shoulder.

   “Easy tiger,” the man said with a smile. “That won’t be necessary. The lady will be joining me for dinner.”

   Sharon parked her car and opened her umbrella as the rain drizzled down around here. She pushed open the heavy door and
Andrew standing before her holding a single red rose.

   “What’s all this?” she questioned. Candles were lit along the stairs and rose petals led to the lodging quarters.

   “It’s Valentine’s Day and I wanted to spend it with my wife…” he handed her the rose. “That is if you’ll spend it with me. I know
that we’ve been having a difficult time these last few weeks…”

   “Yes we have.”

   “Sharon I don’t want to fight with you anymore. If you say your relationship with Gregory is over…”

   “It’s been over for years. Just because he came back to town doesn’t mean that I jumped into bed with him.”

   “No you just kissed him.”

   “There it is!” she declared. “I knew you hadn’t given up so easily.” She turned away from him and to the door before speaking,
“Why the sudden change of heart Andrew? You practically branded me a whore and threw me out of my own home,” Sharon
announced. “You told me our marriage was over and that you were tired of fighting. So before we do whatever it was you planned
to do here tonight, I want to know, what has changed.”

   Andrew’s mind flashed back to a conversation he had earlier in the day…

   “Mr. Bradshaw I’m not a stupid girl as your ex-wife Sabrina would like to think I am,” Megan Shirley Holloway announced
from the comfort of Andrew’s living room. “In fact I’m a very wise young woman.”

   “How so?” he handed his visitor a drink.

   “I’ve managed to marry Gregory Holloway last week and I do love him. But more importantly for you and me, I believe, he
loves me just as much…” she sipped her drink and announced, “He married me with no conditions and now prenuptial
agreement. I think a man of your status can appreciate what that says about his love for me.”

   “Is that a fact?”

   “Yes it is,” she smiled.

   “I don’t understand then why you’re here.”

   “Because I’m about to give you something that I think you want very badly. When we’re finished here I’ll be going to see
your estranged wife and announce to her my joyous news,” she explained. “You see Andrew I’m going to make it crystal
clear to Sharon that Gregory is off limits, now and forever.”        

   “And what happens Megan should she not concede? Then what?”

   “Then I suppose I’ll be forced to find something of hers that she loves as much as I love Gregory,” she ran her finger down
his chest, “and take it away from her. How does that sound Mr. Bradshaw?”

   “Andrew…” Sharon called out to him. “Answer my question.”

   “No Justin I’m not going to leave. I know what we agreed upon,” she insisted. “But damnit I fell in love with you, I shouldn’t have
to apologize for that.”

   “And you shouldn’t force upon me to love you back,” he fired. “I’m married and contrary to popular and public belief, I happen to
love Brandi very much Angela.”

   “Can you please explain to me Justin how it’s possible that you can love a woman who you only see once a week and get to
touch every other visit?”

   “Don’t you dare Angela,” he warned. “Brandi has been the only woman I’ve ever married and she’s the only woman that I want
to be married to, the only one I want to love.”
   “How can you love someone who has done all the terrible things she has Justin?” Angela questioned. “I can give you
everything she can’t and more.”

   “I thought we had an understanding?” he questions with confusion in his voice. “You want me to divorce Brandi and put her
ring on your finger, well that’s never going to happen, because…” he stopped and turned away from her.

   “Because why?” she took an abrupt step towards him. “Finish your sentence Justin.”

   “Because leaving Brandi, divorcing her, has never been an option for me. I’ve had many women in my bed, but none of them
have compared to Brandi.”

   “And now we’re done,” she choked back tears, “no one will ever compare me to Brandi Brashears, no one. That woman has
wrecked havoc on my family and I can’t believe that I was foolish enough to fall in bed with her husband.”

   “No,” Jodi shook her head. “That’s very kind of you Bradley, but completely unnecessary. This young lady was just about to find
an empty table for me to dine at.”

   “Not to worry,” Bradley assured her. “I’ve had a standing reservation for weeks,” he smiled. “So you’re in luck.”

   “Are you sure you don’t mind? It’s Valentine’s Day after all. Don’t you have a date that perhaps would be upset?”

   “And I was about to sit down to dinner, alone, so no I don’t mind.”

   Jodi linked arms, “Well then sir, lead the way,” she smiled.

   “Your waiter will be right with you.”

   “Thank you again Bradley,” Jodi told him. “I’ve been back in town less than twenty-four hours and my editor called this morning
to tell me that I was needed in New York…tomorrow!”

   “Tomorrow? Well what are you doing here?”

   She laughed, “My mother was insistent upon having dinner tonight with her and her fiancé. You can only see how well that
worked out.”

   “Did you say her fiancé? Nicholas Pierce?”
   “You would be correct,” as she toasted him with her wine glass. “Apparently he asked her last weekend. Can you believe that?”

   “No actually,” Bradley shook his head.

   “Thank you! Those were my thoughts exactly. April’s too for that matter. I can not believe that my mother is planning to marry
Brandi’s ex-husband. Not to mention that she’s going to be raising her son. I mean that sounds complete insane after everything
that she’s been through.

   “Wow!” he muttered. “That’s a lot of drama.”

   “Oh my goodness,” she ran her fingers through her hair. “I can’t believe that I’m dumping all this on you. Tonight of all nights.”

   “What does that mean?”

   “It’s Valentine’s Day!” she smiled. “The day for lovers and here I am unloaded all my family drama on you. After you’ve been so
kind enough to have me as your guest.”

   “I’m a good listener. What can I say?”

   “Well no more talk about Nicholas and Brandi,” she shivered. “I’ve had enough of that woman for a lifetime that’s for sure. Let’s
talk about you…” she smiled.

   “Oh I don’t know about that,” he laughed. “That smile right there, that’s not a happy, joyous smile that’s a devious smile. I
would recognize it a million miles away.”

   “What? There’s nothing devious about my smile or my interest in you,” she assured him. “You’re practically family afterall. My
grandmother tells me that you resigned from the hospital.”

   “I just realized that Gregory isn’t a threat to our marriage anymore and that you had no part in him coming back to River’s Edge,”
he told her. “Sharon I love you and I was acting like a jealous jerk…”

   “Well that is a start,” she told him. “But no matter how many candles you light, or how many roses you give me and no matter
what your intentions were here tonight the fact remains you wanted to end our marriage and quite frankly I don’t know if I can live
with a man who doesn’t trust me enough to stand and fight for me.”

   “Sharon…” he pleaded with her. “Please you know me. I’m jealous. I’m protective and I felt like we were going back to that
place…and I can never, never go back there again.”

   “I know,” she touched his cheek. “I never want you to go back either, but I thought we had come so far and the fact of the matter
is you humiliated me in my own home.”

   “Of all the bars, in all the city, you really had to walk into this one tonight?” Ryan held up a beer. “Shouldn’t you be working
tonight? Saving lives or something like that.”

   “You’re drunk,” Josh declared. “Hey Joey can you send over two waters please? Thanks.”

   “Joey!?” he laughed. “So you’re on a first name basic with the bartender huh? You don’t waste much time do ya Joshy boy?”

   “Now I know you’re drunk because you don’t remember Joey the bartender,” Josh laughed. “I can’t believe that you don’t
remember that weekend the three of us went to Houston and partied.”

   Ryan shook his head, “I don’t remember nor do I care too. What are you doing here? Why aren’t you off saving someone else's
broken heart.”
   “So that’s why you’re here huh?” he handed him a glass of water. “So who broke your heart this time Ryan?”

   “Well you’ll be glad to know it wasn’t you this go around,” he declared. “And you…you…you know what Joshy it’s none of your
damn business who it was.”

   “Is he all paid up Joey?”

   “Don’t worry about it I’ll take care of it,” the bartender told him. “Thanks for coming down Josh.”

   “You bet. I’ll send someone by in the morning to get his car.” Josh turned back to Ryan who had finished his beer and was
getting ready to leave. “Where do you think you’re going?”

   “Home,” he slurred and began making his way to the door.

   “Yeah right,” Josh laughed. “You really think I’m going to let you drive in your condition? Come on you’re going back to my place
to sleep this off.”
   “Screw that Josh,” he told him. “I’m going home…Sam may call.”

   “Well I don’t know who Sam is, but no one our age has a house phone anymore. So if he does call you’ll know it from where
ever you’re sleeping off your hangover.”

   Ryan wrapped his arms around Josh’s shoulders and they made their way to his car. As Josh opened the passenger side
door, Ryan’s lips pressed against his.

   As the rain began to drizzle down around them in the parking lot, they were both shocked at their own eager response to the
touch of one another’s lips and the rain fell harder and the kiss with each drop grew more passionate…