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  • Gregory Holloway returned to River's Edge with intentions to rekindle his affair with Sharon Logan, only to fall in love with
    Megan Shirley and propose marriage.

  • Nicholas traveled to Dallas to ask Jodi and April for their blessing in proposing marriage to their mother Natasha.

  • Joshua Marshall returned to River's Edge following a five year absence and a bitter break-up with ex-boyfriend Ryan

  • Madison Banning arrived in River's Edge to interview for a job at King Fashion.
     Natasha parked the rental car in an empty space next to her daughter’s car. She gathered her belongings and began making
her way to April’s townhouse. As the doorbell rang, she took a deep breath and tried to calm herself.

April exclaimed as she opened the door. “This is a surprise. What are you doing here?”

     “Hello my sweetheart,” Natasha embraced her youngest daughter with a hug. “I wanted to come see my girls. Is your sister

     “Yeah, she’s upstairs. Let me go get her.”

     Natasha settled in with her coat draped over her left hand, to keep Nicholas’ engagement ring hidden from her daughters.

Jodi came down the stairs, “This is a surprise. How are you?”

     “Well…” she began in a dull and troubled voice. “I wanted to see the both you. Because I need to know why exactly you
behaved so badly when Nicholas came to see you and ask for my hand in marriage.”
     “Boyfriend?” the attendant questioned. “I see…well I should probably go…”

     “Oh, I hope that I didn’t weird you out or anything. It’s just that…”

     “No,” he stopped him, “oh God no! That’s not it at all trust me,” he winked at him. “I have the same problem.”

     “Okay, if you say so,” he laughed. “I just can’t imagine someone as attractive as you has any issues finding a boyfriend.”

     “It’s true.”

     “Then I’ll take your word for it,” Ryan smiled at him. “So before this gets anymore awkward for the both of us…you would be?”

     “Sorry, Sam Anderson,” he introduced himself.

     “Well it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Ryan O’Keefe,” he said as they shook hands. “So Sam Andrew, where are you headed

     “Vegas actually, I’m done with my rotation.”

     “So vacation then?”

     “No,” Sam shook his head, “Vegas is home actually.”

     “Really? I would imagine that’s never boring?” they both laughed as Sam shook his head no. “Well listen here’s my card,
should you ever find that you need a room decorated or anything really, give me a call. And since you’re in Vegas and I’m in Vegas
this weekend…who knows,” their hands briefly touched for a moment.

     “This is probably against some FAA violation or highly unprofessional, one of the two, but I think I will,” Sam smiled as he
started to leave.

     “It was nice to meet you Sam.”

     “You too Ryan O’Keefe, Interior Designer,” he winked.
     “I need to know that you’re serious about this marriage,” she announced. “I know that you gave me this ring and asked me to
marry you but, well, I’m not going to be another Sabrina. I won’t be that woman that you leave at the altar.”

     “Megan…” he touched her face.

     “Please let me finish. I know that you said when you met me everything changed for you, but I can’t be a second or third place
finishing for you Gregory, there’s a not a chance in hell that I would ever settle for that.”

     “Listen to me,” he took her hand. “Do you see this ring? I’ve given this to you because make me feel something that I haven’t
felt in a very long time Megan. You make me believe that there’s hope for men like me to find women like you. I came to River’s
Edge last summer with one thing on my mind and you changed it all for me. Running into you, literally was the best thing that’s
ever happened to me.”

     “And there’s nothing that you want to tell me? I know first hand how secrets can destroy a family and I don’t want that for you
and I. So please, tell me right now everything I need to know…” her words trailed off in his mind as he flashed back to the Festival.

     Taking a step backwards, she composed herself, “Yes he does and I love him. So whatever fantasy you’ve been playing
around in your mind for the last three years, well…” she couldn’t finish her thought as he charged her and passionately kissed
her, as Andrew stood watching.

     “I love you,” he reassured her. “You’re the one I want. Believe me if I wanted Sabrina or Sharon Bradshaw I would have them,
because I’m a man who always gets what he wants and that’s you.”

     “All right,” she smiled. “That was all I needed to hear.”
     “That’s a horrible idea mother,” he said. “I don’t need my daddy running to my rescue because my attending is a jerk.”

     “Okay that’s fair enough.” She paused for a brief moment, “Shall we change the subject?”

     Josh shook his head. “You know who I ran into the other day at the market?” she asked. “Ethan Pierce. He said that you and
Brittany had a run in at the park awhile back.”

     “We did,” he confirmed. “Just the same crap from her that she was giving me five years ago,” Josh told her. “I was mean to
Ryan. I broke Ryan’s heart when I left. You know with her it’s black or white and there is no in between.”

     “You don’t think there’s any chance that you and Ryan might get back together now that you’re home?” she questioned, her
eyes full of curiosity and hope.

     “I don’t know,” Josh laughed. “Ryan will always be apart of my life because he was my first boyfriend, but other than that…I just
I don’t know if it’s in the cards for us to be together or not.”

     “Well, I guess we’ll have to see how it all plays out won’t we?” Valerie smiled, but her smile clearly masked the deep longing
question she wanted to ask her son…
     “How’s my baby tonight,” Valerie Caldwell took a seat across from her youngest son Josh Marshall. “You look tired,” she

     “I am tired,” he answered. “I think I’m working on hour fifty-two maybe. Doesn’t matter though, how are you?”

     “I’m good,” she replied. “I was surprised that you called and wanted to have dinner tonight.”


     “No particular reason. Just that you’re so busy lately,” she told him. “It was a welcome surprise.”

     “I wish we could’ve met somewhere else other than here,” he noted of the hospital cafeteria. “You don’t mind do you?”

     “Of course not,” Valerie smiled. “I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve shared a meal with your father in this
cafeteria. It brings back some of the best times of my life. And now,” she patted his hand, “now I get to make more with you.”

     “I talked to April last night,” he told her. “She said that Emily’s asking for me to come up the next time I have a few days off. April
wanted to know if you wanted to join me.”
     “He told you about that did he?” Jodi questioned as she took a seat across the room.

     “Of course he did Jodi,” Natasha answered. “He told me that he came to see you and do the honorable thing. He wanted to
ask my daughters, my daughters, for their blessing to marry their mother. I thought to myself, how thoughtful and never once did it
cross my mind that my girls would tell me no.”

     “Mom…” April tried to stop her.

     She held up her hand, “And to my shock he informed me that the two of you had the audacity to tell him that he did not have
your blessing to marry me.”

     “Can we explain?” Jodi asked her.

     “What exactly is there to explain young lady? I have been dating Nicholas for over three years. We’ve shared holidays and
birthdays together, I thought you both not only cared for him, but knew how much I care for him. How much I love him.”

     “Brandi’s ex-husband?” April questioned. “You are in love with Brandi’s ex-husband?”

     Natasha thought for a moment, “Yes. Don’t ask me to explain how or why the two of us fell in love, but we did. And rest
assured the both of you, it is not now, nor will it ever be your place to dictate to whom I fall in love with or to whom I marry.”

     “Did he ask you,” Jodi questioned. “Did Nicholas ask you to marry him, against our will?”
     “Really?” Valerie’s voice rose in surprise. “I wasn’t expecting that,” she admitted. “Well, I would love to go with you to them.
Perhaps we could stop by and see your grandmother as well.”

Josh shook his head, “It’s I have to find the time. This new attending has been riding my ass for the last few months. I don’t
know what his deal is.”

     “Which attending?”

     “O’Connor,” he answered her. “I guess he’s trying to prove something since he’s the new guy or whatever, but damn!”

     “Have you talked to your Chief Resident about him?”

     “No. I don’t think that’s the way to go.”

     Valerie tapped her finger on the table, “You know you’re father took a special interest in Dr. O’Connor, perhaps he could talk to
him for you,” she suggested.
     “You better believe he did,” she fired. “I am appalled and ashamed at how disrespectful the two of you were to Nicholas. And
I'm deeply hurt that neither one of you took my feelings into consideration when you so blatantly told Nicholas you would not give
him your blessing.”

     “Did you really come all this way to scold us for having our own opinions about this impending engagement?” Jodi
questioned. “I will not apologize or feel guilty for speaking my own mind. I think marrying Nicholas is a bad idea.”

     “Well, I’m sorry that’s how you feel Jodi, because…” she showed them her ring, “it’s going to happen. Nicholas asked me to
marry me and I said yes.”

     “You’ve always taught us that actions speak louder than words mother,” April fired. “What do Nicholas’ actions say about him?
Jodi and I are trying to protect you.”

     “Has it ever crossed your mind that I don’t need my children to protect me?”

     Jodi shook her head, “You are going to do whatever you want, April and I know that. So if you want to marry another Andrew
Bradshaw, then we can’t stop you.”

     “Nicholas is not your father,” Natasha assured them. “He loves me and I know that he wouldn’t hurt me the way that Andrew
did.” She paused, “Nicholas took your feelings into consideration, he came here, hat in hand, and the two of you spit in his face
and for that I ashamed.”

     “I’m done talking to you,” Jodi declared. “We are your daughters! How dare you mother, come here and treat us with disdain
and contempt. Nicholas asked us a question and he didn’t get the answer he wanted.”

     “All right,” April stepped in the center of the living room, “I think things have gotten a little too heated, so let’s all take a step
back and calm down.”

     “I suppose you’re right, things have gotten a little out of hand,” Natasha spoke softly.        

     “Nicholas has asked you to marry him and there’s nothing that Jodi or I can say to make you change your mind.”

     “No there’s not. I want to be married to Nicholas,” she told them.

     “I can’t deal with this right now,” Jodi declared. “I need some air.”

     “Jodi wait,” Natasha stopped her. “This is going too happened whether you want it to or not and I would much rather have you
with me than against me.”

     She ran her fingers through her hair, “Can you honestly stand there and tell me without hesitation or reservation that you are
madly and deeply in love with this man? You’re telling us that you want to marry this man and build a life with him. Mother, are you
prepared to help him raise his son that he has with Brandi?”         
As Natasha listened, the words suddenly began to sink in and the thought of her raising a child Brandi had brought into this world
suddenly hit her.

     “You’ve never even considered that have you?” Jodi questioned as she opened the front door. “Now do you see why I was so
hesitant to give Nicholas my blessing?”
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     In a rundown motel in downtown, a man entered into the room and shut the door behind him without locking it. At the table, he
sat down and pulled from his briefcase a yellow notepad of paper. From the nightstand, he took the ink pen and quickly began
writing, “My dearest Cathy…”
   The man folded his letter, placed it on one of the queen beds, and reached into his briefcase again. This time he pulled out a
small pistol wrapped in a handkerchief that Phillip Bradshaw had give him as a Christmas present some years earlier. With the
gun in hand, he walked to the queen bed opposite his letter and sat down.

   With tears in his eyes and a picture of his family in his hand his mind raced. He pulled the gun up to his temple and braced for
what he was about to do and before he done the unthinkable he called out to God for forgiveness and understanding.

   Then he pulled the trigger and collapsed on the bed, as blood soaked the comforter in the rundown motel.
   Andrew Bradshaw folded the paper and tossed it to the empty leather chair next to him. “This isn’t good,” he declared as
Sabrina continued to tap her finger on the desk.

   “Thank you for that bit of information,” she sighed heavily. “I’ve already realized how good this isn’t Andrew. But what would you
have me do?”

   “Has anyone called his wife?” he questioned. “My father hired Donald Tucker fresh out of college,” Andrew told her. “This
company is all that he’s known and then this happens…” his words trailed off.

   “I hope that you’re not implying that this somehow my fault Andrew? I didn’t know the stock prices were going to drop they way
that they did yesterday. I lost money too,” she defended herself. “Since 2008 I have put this company and the employees first.
Need I remind you that I haven’t taken a salary in the last two years. None of us could have forseen this dramatic turn.”

   “It’s not just the stock prices,” he told her. “He took a loan out on his 401K. I have a buddy down at the police station who said
that in his suicide note, that his 401K and the loan money were gone. He had nothing Sabrina!”

   “And how exactly is his poor money management my fault?” she objected. “Do not sit there and say that Donald Tucker had
nothing and this his only way out was suicide. I frankly don’t like the implications Andrew. I have done everything in my power to
keep BC up and running.”

   She got up from her desk and crossed to the window, “At the end of the day Donald Tucker had a very nice salary that was
coming to him week after week after week,” she spun around to face Andrew, “I made sure that happened. That is my
responsibility has CEO of The Bradshaw Corporation. Any bad financial choices Donald Tucker made were his fault, not mine!”
she sat down at her desk again. “I mean for God sakes Andrew, he was member of the Board of Directors.”

   “That’s a little harsh
Sabrina,” Andrew warned her. “Let’s make sure that the only anyone hears you talking like that it’s this
room and this room alone.”

   “What else would you have me do? I manage a multi-billion dollar company. I don’t have time to manage my employees and
their own financial futures.”

   Andrew shook his head, “I’m going to go call his wife,” he stood to leave.

   “Not with that attitude you’re not,” she warned. “Don’t you dare leave this office with that self righteous, holier than thou attitude.
You’ve had plenty of time to speak up and say what’s on your mind, I’ve given you that opportunity. So if Donald Tucker’s blood is
on my hands, it’s on yours as well.”
All Or Nothing
Episode 127: Waking Up in Vegas
     “Have I told you how grateful I am that you came out with us this weekend?” Megan called out from her bridal dressing suite at
The Venetian Hotel.

     “Yes about a hundred times,” Ryan adjusted his tie in the mirror. “Are you sure Gregory’s okay with me being his best man?”

     “Oh yeah,” Megan assured him. “Why? Are you okay with it?”

     “Of course, I just thought he might have, I don’t know flew his son in from Washington or something, that’s all.”

     “His son was busy working this weekend so he wasn’t able to come out, he tried to call him,” she explained.

     Ryan pulled on his jacket and checked himself one last time in the mirror. “It’s getting to be about that time Megan. I thought
you said Savannah was going to join us?”

     “She’s meeting us at the chapel,” Megan smiled as she emerged from the dressing room. “Well? What do you think?” she
twirled around the room, the train of her dressing floating through the air.

     Her smile brightened the room and that moment, she astounded him. Standing there in her white halter Chiffon gown, a
Brittany Pierce Original design, he was at a loss for words.

     “Ryan? What do you think?”

     “Wow! You are a vision. You are without question stunningly beautiful,” he took her in his arms and hugged her tight. “Can you
believe this is really happening? You’re getting married tonight!”

     “I know,” she adjusted her veil that hugged her back. “Are you ready?”

     “Yes, of course,” he searched around the room. “The wedding coordinator said that Gregory has the rings and the marriage
license. The flowers will be waiting when we arrive,” he took her hand. “One more thing,” he reached into his jacket and pulled out
his camera. “We have to have a picture,” he said as he extended his arm and took it himself.

     “Now,” Megan kissed him on the cheek, “I love you. You truly are the very best friend that I’ve ever had.”

     “Thank you,” he whispered. “And you without question are my best friend. I not only love you, but I adore you.”

     “Okay…okay, enough of that!” she took his hand. “I’m ready to become Mrs. Megan Holloway!”
    “I have a call to make.”

    “What’s his wife’s name?” Sabrina questioned without receiving an answer, “Answer me Andrew. What is her name?” she
fired again. “This is not your father’s office anymore, so don’t you dare come in here and lecture me about what you think is
morally right or wrong.”

    Andrew turned around and faced her, “Cathy,” he answered. “Her name is Cathy Tucker.”

    “Well all right then,” Sabrina settled in her chair. “I’ll make the call and offer her my most sincere apologies for the loss of her
husband. I want you to call your mother have her do the same thing and then assemble the Stockholders and the Board of
Directors,” she paused.

    “We have to stand united on this Sabrina,” he told her. “You and I most assuredly,” Andrew explained. “And my mother will back
whatever we suggestion. It’s time that all of us, as a company and family pulls together and show a united front.”

    “I know and we will,” she assured him. “Now let’s get to work.”
    “So, are you excited?” Gregory returned to his seat beside to his bride-to-be. “By this time tomorrow you and I will be married.”

    “Of course I am,” she answered. “I am thrilled that we’re doing this. But are you sure your children won’t mind not being at our

    Gregory shook his head, “I think you should be more worried about being the same age as my children,” he laughed.

    “No, that hasn’t crossed my mind at all,” she told him. “Age is just a number. I’m in love with you,” Megan reminded him. “No
matter how old you are or how young I am, I cannot wait to become
Mrs. Gregory Holloway!”

    He stole a quick kiss, “And I can’t wait for you to be Mrs. Gregory Holloway,” the couple interlocked their hands together. “I’m
glad that Ryan was able to come with us this weekend, I know how much he means to you.”

    “Yeah, he’s the best,” Megan answered. “I hope you’re not jealous of our relationship, because you know he’s gay right?”

    “I’m not jealous.”

    “Good. Listen sweetheart, there’s something that I need to ask you. Is that okay?”

    “Megan you can ask me anything,” he cut his eyes at her. “What’s going on?”
     Ryan sat near the back of first class, a few rows away from Megan and Gregory. With the seat next to him, empty he had taken
the opportunity to work on a presentation that he had the following week in Dallas with Angela.

     “Hello, can I get you something to drink sir?” the flight attendant asked, interrupting his train of thought.

     “Oh…” he looked up from his work and locked eyes with the most beautiful pair of baby blues he had ever seen, “um…” he
stuttered for a brief moment, “vodka and cranberry please.”

     “Of course,” the flight attendant smiled and began working his way back up the isle, but not before turning to catch one more
glance of Ryan in seat 8C.

     A few minutes had past and Ryan was preparing himself to talk to the flight attendant when he returned with his drink. In his
mind he told himself that he was a straight male and that he didn’t feel some sort of connection earlier.

     “Here you go. Vodka and cranberry,” he handed him the glass. “I hope that you don’t mind I went ahead and took the liberty of
mixing it myself.”

     “Oh, not at all,” Ryan smiled. “Thanks.”

     The flight attendant nodded, “So where you headed? Vegas or Los Angeles?”

     “Vegas actually,” he answered a little more confident than before. “My best friend is getting married this weekend.”

     “Well Vegas is certainly the place to do it,” he answered. “Are you married?”

     “Me?” he questioned. “No not married here, hell I don’t even have the boyfriend to get married, not to mention that it’s not legal.”
      The balcony off the chapel over looked the beautiful gardens at The Venetian hotel, Megan had wanted to marry outdoors if
the weather permitted. As Gregory stood there with Savannah Pierce and Ryan by his side, he knew he was granting her one of
her many wishes.

     As the sun slowly began to set in the sky, the wedding march music softly filled the garden air and Megan made her way
through the chapel and to the double French doors, which suddenly opened for her.

     Her eyes met with Gregory’s and his with hers. Neither of them could believe that a mere seven months ago their worlds
would have led them to this place and this time. As she approached Gregory, she fought back tears. She handed her flowers to
Savannah and took Gregory’s hand.

     “I love you,” he whispered to her and she smiled.

     The minister began speaking, but neither one of them heard what he was saying. They were lost in each other, in the

     “Gregory, will you take Megan to be your wife? Do you before God and these witnesses commit yourself to love, honor, and
trust her in sickness and in health, in adversity and prosperity, to forsake all other, and to be true and loyal to her so long as you
both shall live?” the minister recited the vow of marriage they had selected upon their arrival at the chapel.

     “I do,” he answered and tears began streaming down Megan’s face, as the minister repeated the same vows to her.

     “With all my heart,” she answered, “I do.”