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  • Nicholas Pierce traveled to Dallas where he visited Jodi and April Bradshaw to ask for their mother's hand in marriage.

  • Angela Bradshaw began a secret sexual affair with Justin Pierce.

  • In 2004, Sharon and Gregory Holloway began a two-year long affair. He returned during the Winterhaven Festival.

  • Madison Banning arrived in River's Edge to interview for a job at King Fashion.
All Or Nothing
Episode 005: Winter Wonderland
Morning After the Winterhaven Festival        

  Justin wrapped his arm around Angela’s bare naked body and pulled her close to him under the silk sheets. “Good morning,”
he whispered before kissing her neck softly.

  “Good morning,” she smiled as she slid her down Justin’s leg.

  “Did I tell you how amazing you looked last night at the festival?”

  Angela interlocked her fingers with his, “You did a couple of times. The last was right before you ripped my gown off and threw it
on the floor,” she laughed.
  “Oh…yes,” he kissed her again. “What do you say we have a repeat of that?”

  “I wish I could,” she purred, “but I have a meeting in two hours and as you know I don’t have anything to wear here.”

  “Then stay here and let Ryan take the meeting without you.”

  “No,” she stopped him. “I have to get back to my own apartment…”

  “Your apartment?” he laughed. “Angela your apartment is literally four floors down from here you will have plenty of time.”

  She pulled free from his hold on, “Justin I said no.”

  “What is the matter with you?”

  “There’s nothing wrong with me Justin other than the fact I have a meeting that I have to get ready for.”

  “If you say so,” he said climbing out of bed. “You didn’t have any problems staying here last night.”

  “That’s because I was testing a theory…”

  “A theory Angela, really?” he pulled on his pants. “What the hell does that mean?”

  She picked up her dress from the floor and slipped into it. “That didn’t come out like I meant it to,” Angela ran her fingers through
her hair.
  “Really?” he snapped. “Because it sounds like I’ve been some damn experiment you’ve been conducting for the last year and
half. Am I missing something Angela?”

  “Yes you’re missing something Justin!” she replied. “Something happened last night, Gregory came back and I started
thinking…about what I’m doing with my life.”

  Justin walked across the room, put his hands on her shoulders and kissed her neck. “Well why don’t you tell me what I’m
missing and maybe I can help you make the change that you’re looking for.”

  Angela closed her eyes and broke free of his hold, “Because making a change like the one I need to make with my life is
dangerous Justin.”

  “Dangerous?” Justin laughed. “What are you talking about?”

  “I want us to change,” she told him. “But you have commitments that I have no right to ask you to break.”

   “I’m married.”

  “You think I forgot that?" Angela questioned. "I want more Justin,” she headed for the door, “and you’re not ready to give it to me.
And you know what that’s fine with me. I knew what the rules were when we got involved.”

  “Angela what are you saying?”
  “I’m saying that I love you Justin. But you’re not ready to say the exact thing to me and leave Brandi...”

  “Then what Angela?”

  She turned away from him and placed her hand against the door, “Then we can’t be together anymore, because I need more

  “Than what?” he questioned with an uneasy despair in his voice.

  “Than just a continued one night stand,” her voice cracked. “I haven’t loved a man as much as I love you in a very long time…but
I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry, but we’re finished. I just can’t do this anymore,” she finished with the closing of the door.
  “What’s there to tell?” he asked her. “Gregory Holloway is back and Sharon’s gone, for good.”

  “Really?” she pulled open the curtains. “I’m going to open a window in here, it smells of stale booze and God only knows what

  “Why are you here?” he clinched his mouth. “Angela sent you didn’t she?”

  “Among other things yes,” Pamela took a seat on the edge of the bed. “I’m also here because you missed four meetings with
four very important clients this week at BC, your daughters haven’t talked to you in days, you just told me that Sharon’s gone and
there’s one another reason…” she faked thinking and then fired, “oh yes that’s it, I’m your mother jackass.”

  “Your eloquent words never cease to amaze me mom,” he dragged himself out of bed and pulled the curtain closed.

  “Oh shut up Andrew!” she scolded. “You know why I’m here. I talked to your sister this morning and I saw your wife yesterday.
That poor girl is an utter mess.”

  “Why did Gregory Holloway leave town again?”

  “As if I would know that. She's a mess because her husband apparently threw her out on the street like a sack of garbage.”
  “I’m done having this conversation with you,” she got up from the table. “I told you that I had absolutely nothing to do with
Gregory’s return last night. You seem to either not believe me or not give a damn. Either way, I'm done!"

  “You’re done?” he asked. “With what having this fight? Or are you done with our marriage?” She stopped in the doorway for a
moment, “Are you interested in saving our marriage Sharon?”

  "Of course I am,” she assured him. “More than anything I want to save what we have built.”

  "Then please explain to me Sharon, why you kissed Gregory last night?” Sharon stood stunned at Andrew’s accusation. "You
don’t have anything to say?”

  “What would you like me to say Andrew?” she questioned. “You’ve already made up your mind about what did or didn’t happen
between Gregory and me last night. So what would you like me to say?”

  “There’s nothing for you to say Sharon,” Andrew told her. “I spent a lot of time thinking last night about things…”

  “Really? I would have thought you spent the majority of your time trying not to fall off your barstool.”

  “You see when I saw you kissing that rotten son-of-bitch last night I thought to myself this is poetic justice,” he smiled at her.
“The hurt I felt when I saw you kissing him is exactly what Natasha must have felt when she caught me sleeping with Valerie.”

  “Of would find any possible excuse to bring her into this. I’m warning you Andrew,” her contemptuous tone sparked
with anger. “I want our marriage to work just as much as you do and that kiss you saw last night meant nothing. But do not sit
there and act like she wasn't as much apart of the reason I had an affair with Gregory in the first place.”

  “I think you’re wrong,” Andrew told her. “I think that kiss meant more than you’re willing to admit to me or yourself. And as far as
Natasha goes, you're looking for somewhere and someone to place blame on other than yourself."

  “Go to hell…”

  “I don’t have the patience or the desire to fight for our marriage this time.”

  “So what then…”

  “I want you out of this house by the end of the day Sharon,” Andrew got up to leave. “Our marriage is over,” he left the dining
room leaving her stunned.
One Week Later

[The role of Brittany Pierce is now being represented by Heather Tom]

  “Madison please forgive me for keeping you waiting,” Brittany appeared from an empty conference room. “Things have been
absolutely crazy around here this morning.”

  “Uh-oh, that doesn’t sound good,” Madison Banning said. “Do we need to postpone or reschedule our meeting?”

  Brittany looked around the room, “No, not at all.” She took her by the arm, “Why don’t you and I have a talk in my office.”

  “All right…” Madison responded with a hint of confusion. “Will Audrey or Nicholas be joining us?”

  “Not quite yet. I thought we could have a moment to talk, just the two of us,” she tried to explain. “You’re going to be interviewing
in a little bit with Justin, Nicholas, Audrey and myself. You should also know that there is also going to be one other person in the
room during your interview,” she paused, “Priscilla Von Honson.”

  “All right. Does she have a final say in the hiring?” she questioned. “I only ask because it’s highly unlike a fashion buyer to have
a say in the hiring of a designer.”

  “There’s a clause in her contract that allows her to sit in on and observe such meetings or as the case maybe today,
interviews,” she glanced at her BlackBerry. “Are you are aware of our current arrangement with Ms. Von Honson?”

  “Are you talking about the multi-million dollar bailout of Priscilla’s failing department stores across the country?” Madison
questioned. “Yes I’m aware. King Fashion remains the largest fashion house in the southwest, so when they bailout a
department store heiress who publicly humiliated them only years earlier it tends to make the news.”

  Yes well,” Brittany overlooked her asinine speech. “King Fashion is one of the largest fashion houses in the country…”

  “And once upon a time the world,” Madison finished for. “With all due respect Brittany I’ve turned down offers from Tanner
Fashions and Josselyn Cosmetics to be here today so let’s not play games, shall we. You clearly have an agenda for what is
about to happen today. So, before I go in that room and waste all of our time, I want to know what is going on.”

   “I hope that you don’t feel as though you have a sense of entitlement just because two other companies expressed an interest
in hiring you Madison.”

   “Not just hire,” she corrected. “I have two outstanding offers on the table, three if you count King Fashion. I told you Brittany I
didn’t come here to play games. So tell me what’s going on.”
  Pamela pushed open the front door of Andrew’s house and walked to the base of the stairs. “Andrew!” she called out. “Andrew
are you here son?”

  “I’m upstairs mother,” he called. “But don’t come up here. I don’t want any visitors.”

  “Well that’s not going to happen,” she began climbing the stairs. “You and I are cut from the same cloth. Tell me not to do
something and you know I’ll march right ahead and do it,” just stood in the doorway.

  “How did you get in?”

  “I broke down the door,” she stepped inside his darkened bedroom. “How do you think Andrew? I used my key.” She stood by
one of the windows and toyed with the curtain. “So…”


  “Are you going to tell me what’s going on or do I need to play twenty questions and hope I get at least one answer out of you.”
  Ryan thought for a moment and shrugged his shoulder, “Um…I don’t think so, no. Why what’s up?”

  “Well it’s just…” she showed him her ring, “Gregory asked me to marry him and I said yes! I’m engaged Ryan!”

  “Oh my God!” he gasped. “Megan is that real?

  “Beg your pardon,” she laughed. “Yes it’s real. All three karats of it,” Megan boasted. “Well…say something! Don’t just sit there
with your mouth all open acting all shocked.”

  “Of course I’m shocked,” he told her. “And jealous!”

  “Why because you don’t have one,” she waved her ring in the air.

   “Um, well yeah I am jealous you bitch!” he teased. “Gregory gave this to you?”
  Megan settled into a corner booth at the Café Cuban Coffeehouse and checked her cell to find a text message from Gregory.
“Meeting Ryan will call you later,” she smiled as
Ryan snuck up from behind and kissed her on the head.

  “Texting your lover?” he joked.

  “As a matter of fact I was,” she answered. “How’ve you been I haven’t talked to you in forever it seems like.”

  “I know. I’m sorry things have just been crazy busy at work. Angela and I are working to land a client in Dallas for a hotel chain…”
he waved his hands in the air, “anyway enough of that. Your text said that you had something you wanted to talk to me about.”

  “I do,” she giggled a bit. “Do you have any plans for next weekend by chance?”
  “No, Gregory asked to me to marry him and as token of that proposal, he gave me this.” Megan switched seats and took the one
by Ryan. “I love him Ry,” she assured her best friend. “Very much and he loves me. I honestly, honestly believe that.”

  “You’ve only been dating him for a few months Megan,” he worried. “Plus he has that history with Sabrina and Angela…and
Sharon Bradshaw!” Ryan reasoned with her. “I just don’t want you rushing into something and getting hurt.”

  “And I love you for having my back the way you do. But, I’m not going to get hurt. I am a lot of things but stupid and naïve isn’t one
of them. I know that he has this sorted past but, so do I…come on you and I almost shared a man once.”

  “Awe…Antonio,” he smiled thinking of his ex-lover. “What a man.”

  “Anyway,” she slapped him on the shoulder, “I love Gregory and he loves me.”

  Ryan took her hand and examined the ring, “If this is any indication of how much he loves you then, I’m happy for you.”

  “Really?” she asked as he shook his head. “Good because we’ve decided to fly to Vegas next weekend and just do it.”

  “Vegas?” his eyes lit up with excitement. “You know how much I love Sin City.”

  “I do,” she smiled. “And I know how much you love when someone else is paying for it, which is why I want you to come with me.
Would you?”

  “Of course,” he assured her. “I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else than with you on your wedding day.”

  “Thank you,” she kissed his cheek. “Well before we hop on a jet plane we have a million and one things to do.”

  “Of course and you know our first stop has to be King Fashion.”

  “Thank you! That right there is why you’re my best friend,” she grabbed her purse. “Come on let’s go!”
  “Don’t be over dramatic mother,” Andrew climbed back into bed. “A suite at the Southern River Hotel, which I’m paying for, is
hardly out on the street.”

  “It was a metaphor Andrew.” She stood up from the bed and walked around the room, “The fact that she’s at the Southern River
is the real travesty here.”

  “You are honestly not defending her?”

  “I’m not defending anyone or anything,” she assured him. “But really Andrew should people who live in glass houses thrown

  “She cheated on me with Gregory…”

  “And you slept with Valerie Marshall and no telling how many other women when you were married to Natasha. Sharon’s affair
with Gregory was four years ago. I had thought that the two of you worked all your problems out.”

  “I’ve tried to make amends for my past transgressions, with Natasha and with my children.”
Two Weeks Later

  “What’s all of this?” Natasha stepped out on the patio to find a romantic dinner complete with flowers, champagne and candles.

  “I thought I owed you a nice romantic dinner under the stars,” he explained. “You remember like the ones we used to have when
we first started dating.”

  “Just the two us,” she smiled. “It’s a perfect night for it, thank you,” she kissed him. “Look at the moon, my goodness it’s
beautiful. Thank you.”

  “For what?” he pulled out her chair.

  “For this,” Natasha gestured across the table, “It’s very sweet of you. I appreciate it.”

  “You deserve it,” he assured her. “I’ve been so busy at work the last few weeks and I wanted to make up for not being around as
much as I would have liked.”

  “I understand,” she assured him. “Madison is just thrilled about her new role at King Fashion.”

  “I know you understand and we’re all excited about her arrival,” Nicholas poured her a glass of wine. “It’s a little chilly out tonight.
I hope you don’t mind.”

  “Everything is perfect Nicholas,” she touched his hand. “I’m here with you and there’s no other place I would want to be.”
Next on All Or Nothing
  • Savannah Pierce returns to All Or Nothing as Megan, Gregory and Ryan land in Las Vegas.

  • Natasha confronts her daughters about their reaction to Nicholas' gesture and announces her answer to his proposal.

  • Sharon wrestles with her feelings for Gregory and makes her choice: her husband or her former lover.
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  In a rundown motel in downtown, a man entered into the room and shut the door behind him without locking it. At the table, he
sat down and pulled from his briefcase a yellow notepad of paper. From the nightstand, he took the ink pen and quickly began
writing, “My dearest Cathy…”

  Nicholas topped off her wine and took her hand in his, “There’s something that I need to tell you Natasha. I’ve been keeping it
from you for two weeks now,” he admitted.

  “All right, what is it?” she hesitate with intense security.

  “I want you to know that I should have told you when it happened, but it didn’t go as well as I had hoped.”

  “Okay. How about you tell me what it is Nicholas.”
  “For their permission,” he answered. “I asked them for their permission to ask you to marry me,” he presented a diamond
engagement ring. “You and I have overcome some great obstacles together. I love you Natasha. This…our relationship, right
here this feels right, to me at least. I hope that you feel the same way.”

  “Nicholas,” she choked back tears.

  “Natasha,” he began as the man in the motel room pulled the trigger and collapsed on the bed. “Will you marry me?” he
  Megan Shirley pulled her hair back as she straddled Gregory in his bed, “Good morning,” she whispered.

  His eyes opened and a smile broaden across his face, “Now this is one hell of a wakeup call,” he said before pulling her into a
deep kiss. “You know you were amazing last night.”

  She ran her hands over his bare chest, “Which time?”

  Gregory laughed, “You have a point. The way you stood up for me when Sabrina was ready to beat me with her stiletto.”

  “Please…” she kissed his neck and began working her way down his body, “Sabrina Bradshaw doesn't scare me.”

  He explored the hollows of her back, “Is that a fact?”

  “It is,” she assured him.

  “Well the way you went up against her was incredibly sexy,” he whispered. “I appreciated it very much.”

  “Really?” she teased him. “Well then why don’t you show me just how much.”

  “I would love that,” he told her, “but I had other plans for us this morning.”

  “Oh, like what?” Megan asked him.

  “I think it’s time that we move out of this hotel room and into something more permanent and bigger.”

  “We?” she asked. “What are you talking about Gregory? I have my own place.”

  He reached over to the nightstand, “I want you to be with me in every way,” he told her. “Megan will you marry me?”

  She couldn’t take her eyes off the diamond rock staring up at her, “Gregory are you…”

  “Serious? Yes,” he answered. “So...will you, marry me??”
  Sharon descended the stairs and made her way into the dining room where she found Andrew setting at the table. “Well good
morning,” she poured herself a cup of coffee.

  “Not really a good morning,”
he said very coldly.

  “True enough,” Sharon sat down across the table. “I didn’t hear you come home last night?”

  “That's because I didn't,” he sat the shot glass down next to the bottle of Jack Daniels. “What time did you make it home?”

  “After the festival,” she walked over to the pour him a cup of coffee. “Your mother and Travis brought me home in case you were

  “I wasn’t,” he told her. “I thought Gregory would have accompanied you home. Are you sure he’s not here right Sharon?”

  She handed him the coffee, “Don’t be ridiculous. How much of that have you drank this morning or have you even stopped since
last night?”

   He pushed the coffee away from him, “I don’t want any damn coffee.”

   Sharon went back to the end of the table and took a seat. “I forgot it’s all about what you want or don’t want isn’t it Andrew?” she
questioned. “Why don’t you go upstairs and take a shower, I can smell you all the way down here.”

  “You humiliated me last night Sharon,” he announced.

  “I beg your pardon? I humiliated you, is that a fact Andrew?” she replied with heavy irony. “You’re the one who acted like a
jackass last night,” she reminded.

  “And what were you acting like?”
All Or Nothing
Episode 126: The Tracks of My Tears
  “What about Sharon?” she questioned. “Have you fully taken responsibility for your role in what she did? Son…I am not telling
you what to do when it comes to your marriage, because I wouldn’t want you to do that to me. But, you have to evaluate the facts
about why Sharon turned to Gregory.”

  Pamela walked back over to the bed and put her hand on his head, “That woman,” she smiled, “she loves you in ways that you
assuredly do not deserve and I would just hate to see you throw that away.”

  Silence fell over the room before she spoke again, “Well that’s all that I wanted to say,” she kissed his forehead.

  “Just stopped by to give some food for thought?”

  “Of course, that’s what I do best,” she headed out the door and from halfway down the stairs called out, “I love you!”
  In the motel, the man folded his letter, placed it on one of the queen beds, and reached into his briefcase again. This time he
pulled out a small pistol wrapped in a handkerchief that Phillip Bradshaw had given him as a Christmas present some years
earlier. With the gun in hand, he walked to the queen bed opposite his letter and sat down.

  The night of the Winterhaven Festival I flew to Dallas to see the girls.”

  "My girls? April and Jodi?” she asked. “What for?”

  “I went to…” he looked up at the moon as it raised higher in the sky. The same moon that was lighting the man’s motel room
where he had the pistol pointed at his head.

  “I went to ask them…”

  “Ask them what Nicholas?”