• Eleanor King, Audrey's mother suffered a stroke that rendered her comatose.

  • Jodi Bradshaw Hayes began writing a semi-autobiographical novel about her childhood, Jered's death and her failed
    marriage to Jaxson.

  • Nicholas designed a collection that was a disaster for King Fashion and put the company in a tough financial spot.

  • Von Honson Department Stores, a major carrier of the King Fashion lines filed bankruptcy.

  • Audrey's never before mentioned sister Patricia arrived at Eleanor's hospital room, 30 years after leaving her family.

  • Jodi arrived at the prison to see Brandi, determined to gain answers that she so desperately needed.
All Or Nothing
Episode 124: Under Pressure
  Brittany burst threw the conference room doors and issued her brother-in-law a warning, “I’m in no mood Justin. So I
would recommend you not starting with me.”

  “Brittany,” he replied as calm as possible. “I wasn’t going to say a thing,” he lied.

  “Like hell,” she retorted. “I know that I’m twenty minutes late and Ethan sends his apologies but he won’t be able to join
us for the meeting.”

  “What?” Justin questioned. “What’s wrong with him?”

  “He’s doubled over in pain…that damn flu bug is going around,” she clenched her fists together and took a seat at the
table. “Where’s Nicholas? Shouldn’t he be here by now?”

  “That damn flu bug,” he answered. “And Mother is still in Timbercrest…”

  “Miranda?” she questioned?

  “Heavy winds in Denver, she’s stuck there for the remainder of the day,” he explained. “On a bright note it looks like she’ll
be here for the fourth.”
  She forced a smile, “Some holiday it’s going to be with Ethan and your father sick. Plus there’s no telling when Audrey’s
coming home,” she reminded him. “You know we missed the deadline to have her approve the fall line.”

  Justin rolled his eyes, “That’s what you think.” He slid a manila folder across the table. “As far as you are concerned
Audrey faxed these over last night.”

  “What did you do?” she questioned but the secretary interrupted their conversation. “This isn’t over,” Brittany warned.
“Yes, what is it Katherine?”

  “Priscilla Von Honson has arrived,” she announced. “Shall I show her in?”

  Justin took a seat next to Brittany who spoke in a hushed whisper, “Please.”
  “Applause to the both of you for not keeping me waiting,” Priscilla Von Honson made her entrance. Her long blonde locks
bounced against her back as she made her way into the boardroom. She stood only a mere 4’11 tall and at fifty years old, she
was once upon a time a powerhouse in the fashion industry. An American heiress to the wealthy Von Honson Department
store chains, but now like many around her she was suffering, because of a greedy Wall Street, that she admits to be a
resident of.

  “My assistant tells me that Eleanor has taken ill and Audrey won’t be joining us,” she took her seat. “That’s too bad
because I was always fond of your mother Justin,” Priscilla smiled. “And Nicholas? Did he not see fit to be here today?”

  “Nicholas and Ethan have taken ill,” Brittany explained. “And Miranda’s flight was grounded in Denver, they all apologize for
missing you today Priscilla.”

  “Well these things happen I suppose,” she waved her hand in the air above her head. “Do you mind if I smoke?”
  “Get out!” she seethed with anger. “I will not have you coming into this house of all places and trash our father’s life
work…I won’t allow it. So you get your purse and your march right out of here, the same way you marched in.”

  “Audrey…” she attempted to reason with her. “Really? You are still on that high moral pedestal that you climbed upon all
by yourself. How sad is that…”

  “I’m not joking Patricia! I’ve survived the last thirty years without you. What’s another thirty, huh?” she asked. “And don’t
you even think about going to the hospital to see Mother, because I will make sure you’re not allowed.”

  “You’ll regret this,” Patricia promised. “Audrey I promise you will. Because right now you’re blinded with anger because I
spoke against your beloved Nicholas, only he doesn’t love you and hasn’t for some time.”

  “Get out or I will have the pleasure of throwing you out.”

  “I’ll go,” she agreed. “Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

  Audrey watched Patricia walk out the door and the moment it was shut, she called the hospital. “Yes Dr. Conway…” she
waited for the page to be sent. “Dr. Conway, Audrey King-Pierce please make sure that the entire staff knows that my sister
is not allowed to see my Mother!” she ordered.
  Brittany minded quite a bit, but Justin replied, “Not at all.”

  “I usually don’t smoke in my day-to-day life,” she answered their unspoken questions. “It’s just during these types of
meetings I find it calms me in a way not much can.”

  Justin shook his head as the scent of cigarette drifted and hung in the air above them. “And exactly what time of meeting
is this Priscilla?” he questioned. “You’re assistant didn’t really clarify what it was you wanted with us today.”

  Priscilla cut her eyes at Brittany, “Isn’t he a cutie?” she laughed. “Justin, sweetheart is not painfully obvious as to why I’m

  “With all due respect Priscilla,” Brittany chimed in. Irritated with the meeting thus far, “I don’t think it is. Now we both
know,” Brittany gestured towards her brother-in-law, “that Von Honson filed bankruptcy earlier last month. And for the
record, Eleanor is not sick, her and Audrey are vacationing together.”

  “Sure,” Priscilla puff of her cigarette and exhaled slowly. “I want King Fashion to extend Von Honson’s a loan to cover her
debts,” she announced.

  Justin sat astounded at the request she had just made, “Priscilla I don’t know what to say to that,” he answered.

  “Well sweetheart…” she began but Brittany interrupted her.

  “Justin may not know what to say, but I most certainly do,” she fired. “You must have lost your God loving mind Priscilla,”
Brittany told her.

  “If it’s all the same to you Brittany,” Priscilla smirked, “I would just as soon deal with Justin.”

  “To bad Priscilla, you’re going to be dealing with,” Brittany channeled her anger from seeing Josh Marshall earlier in the
day. “Who do you think he is?”

  “More to the question, who do you think you are Brittany?” the department store heiress inquired.
  “Head Fashion Designer and in Audrey’s absence Acting Creative Director of King Fashion,” she informed her. “And how
dare you sashay your way in her looking for a handout after you and your company nearly ruined us!”

  “You nearly ruined yourself,” Priscilla questioned. “That line you all head Nicholas design was atrocious and appalling!” she
paused. “I had no other choice than to pull it off my shelves and I stand behind my decision.”

  “And I stand behind ours,” Brittany clarified. “There is no way that we’re giving you a bloody dime.”
  “You don’t know anything,” Jodi informed her. “Least of all the living hell that I have been going through,” tears
crystallized in her eyes. “I don’t know why you were behind that wheel drunk and I‘ve spent the last five years of my life
trying to figure out the answer…but I have come up empty time after time.”

  “And that’s why you’re here?” she asked. “Jodi I’m responsible for Jered’s death you know that, hell the entire state of
Texas knows that,” Brandi reasoned.

  Jodi shook her head, “I should have known coming here would be a waste of my time.” She stood up, “I know that you’re
responsible for Jered’s death, that’s not why I came here. I wake up every morning,” she raised her voice, “thinking that if I
had not married Jaxson then there would have been no wedding, no reception and you wouldn’t have gotten so drunk that
you got behind the wheel of a car and murdered my brother!”

  “Ma’am,” an officer walked towards Jodi, “ma’am you need to calm down.”

  Jodi cut her eyes at Brandi. “That’s why I came here. After all this time I thought you would have at least had the smallest
amount of compassion to tell me what made you drink so much.” As she turned to leave, Brandi had the same urge she had
the day her verdict had been read.

  “Jodi…” she called after her.

  “What?” she questioned. “Do you want to say something Brandi?” Nothing was said between the two women. “You’re a
disgusting coward you realize that don’t you? I came here in search of peace of mind and you’ve done nothing but cloud my
mind further,” Jodi told her. “This is the last time that you’re going to see me Brandi...” she frowned and walked out of the
prison for the first and final time.
 “I know you do Russ,” she patted his hand from across the table. “But it will be nice having RJ and Caress there. You know
RJ stopped by the house last night, he seems so excited about graduate school.”

 He shook his head, “I just hope that he doesn’t get burned out. I know how it works. I did when I was his age.”

 “You can’t control their lives,” she looked down at the tablecloth, “I learned that the hard way. Besides, RJ isn’t you.”

  Russell didn’t say a word, he wasn’t sure what he should or could say to that. “Listen there’s been something that I
wanted to tell you. It’s the reason I invited you to lunch today.”

  “And here I thought it was sparkling personality,” she finally smiled. “What is it?”

  “At the Bar-B-Q…” he smiled.

  “Russell, you’re blushing. What’s going on?”

  “I don’t want you to say anything and Natasha you have to promise that you won’t because I haven’t told the kids yet.”

  “All right,” she answered.
  “I intend to ask Sabrina to marry me,” he revealed.

  “Excuse me,” a female voice from behind him questioned. “What the hell did you say Daddy?” Caress Banning-Richmond
  Natasha signed the credit card receipt and handed the folder to the waiter, “Lunch was wonderful, thank you,” she smiled
at him. “So,” she turned her attention to her former brother-in-law, “are you going to be joining us at the Bar-B-Q?”

  Between sips of coffee, Russell Banning nodded his head, “If this rain decides to stop I plan on it. I’m looking forward to
it,” he smiled. “I’ve been meaning to call Sharon and thank her for the invite.”

  Russell had moved to River’s Edge four years earlier when his marriage to Natasha’s sister Felicia ended after over thirty
years of marriage. With a PhD in Business Education, the former State Senator took over as full-time President of Southern
Texas University following the death of Jillan Malone-Marshall.

  “Sabrina’s looking forward to it as well,” Russell revealed.

  Natasha shook her head and a bright smile appeared across her face, “I still cannot believe that you are dating one of my
best friends,” she told Russell. “I haven’t seen her this happy since…” she paused, “well I think you know.”

  Russell shook his head, “I know,” he replied somberly. “I think I talked the kids into attending the Bar-B-Q.”


  “Cassandra anyway,” he said of his eldest daughter. “Madison doesn’t want to leave London.”

  “Yes, so she said,” Natasha told him. “I spoke with Felicia the other night. They both seem to be enjoying it over there.”

  Russell shrugged his shoulders, “I just wish I could see here more often.”
  “Cassandra!” he rose from his chair and tried to hug her. “I didn’t know you were getting in today.”

  “Apparently,” she smiled at her aunt. “Natasha how are you?”

  “I’m good sweetheart,” she walked around the table and kissed her cheek. “Don’t overreact,” she whispered. “Your father
is very happy with Sabrina.” She turned back to Russell, “Well I have to get back to work. I have a house to show in twenty

  “No need to run off on my part,” Caress announced.

  Ignoring his daughter, “Thank you for lunch,” Russell kissed her cheek. “I’ll call you later and remember…”

  “My lips are sealed,” she motioned as if she was zipping them closed. “Caress you’ll come over later tonight for drinks?”

  Caress shook her head and when her father turned to her, she declared, “Over my cold dead body!”
  Priscilla quickly lit a second cigarette and took a few hits. “Are you going to let her talk to me that way Justin? I’ve been
giving you a lot of my money for a lot of years…long before she ever arrived.”

  Brittany’s intimidating glare silently warned Justin against what she was afraid he was about to do. “Brittany would excuse
Justin and I for a moment,” Priscilla asked before taking another drag of her cigarette.

  Justin shook his head at his sister-in-law and she quickly took her leave.

  “You know that I’m good for a loan,” Priscilla attempted to convince Justin. “This is the type of deals that Kenneth King
made with my father all the time,” she revisited the history. “Sweetheart…”

  “How much are you wanting?” he asked her unclear of what he should or shouldn’t do.

  Priscilla shrugged her shoulders and flashed him a smile, “A few million,” was her answer. “Plus…you write off all the debts
we owe King Fashion.”
  “Do you realize how much money that is Priscilla?” Justin shook his head, “Maybe Brittany was right…”

  “Oh come off that crap Justin. I remember when she was a no-name…your company and my stores made her a star!”
Priscilla fired at him. “You owe this to me!”

  In the lobby of King Fashion, Brittany paced the floor as her mind raced with what was going on in that room. As she
reached for her BlackBerry, her mind made up. She committed to the decision she was making and knew that she would
suffer some type of consequences. Her pink manicured nails scrolled down the phone log until she saw “Audrey – Cell” and
she quickly dialed the number.
  “You know Priscilla some people may consider this extortion,” Justin hinted at the boardroom table.
Priscilla rolled her eyes at him, “It’s business Justin – nothing more, nothing less.”
  “Yes,” Brittany sighed heavily, “I know what Nicholas told us Audrey, but I wouldn’t call if you it weren’t important…” she
listened a moment, “Priscilla Von Honson is here at King Fashion right now!”
   “Hello, I called earlier,” she said earnestly. “I think someone was supposed to put my name on some type of list. I’m Jodi

   “Have a seat and fill this out,” a woman pushed through a clipboard with an ink pen attached. “Who are you here to see?”

   She thought for a moment…if she wanted to leave now was her chance. However, she knew she had come too far to give
up now. “Brandi Pierce,” she replied. “I’m here to see Brandi Pierce.”

   Inside her cell Brandi sat leaned up against the wall writing a letter. “Pierce wake up…” a guard yelled at her cell door.

   “I’m not sleeping,” Brandi replied.

   “Good,” the guard replied. “You’ve got a visitor…let’s go.”

   Brandi quickly took note of the date and knew that it couldn’t be Justin. “Who is it?” she questioned.

   The guard looked down at her, “Who the hell do I look like Pierce, your damn social secretary?” she pulled open the cell
door leading to the visitors section.

   Brandi quickly searched the room and didn’t see Justin…as Jodi put the badge on shirt that read “Visitor.” As she opened the
door to the visitors section, Brandi was still searching for a familiar face and finally her eyes locked and she whispered, “Jodi?”
  “Oh for God’s sake!” she gasped at the thought. “Don’t be uncouth Daddy…it’s beneath you for crying out loud.”

  “Cassandra…I want you to hear me when I say this…” he paused for a moment. “I love Sabrina very much and I intend to ask
her to become my wife this weekend.”
  She shot him a withering glance, “At the expense of your children?”

  “Let’s not do this Cassandra.”

  She stood up from the table, “I don’t want this conversation now, because my husband and daughter are upstairs waiting
for me to join them.”

  “Dinah’s here?”

  “Of course Dinah’s here,” she smiled. “And you’ll have plenty of time to spend with her, but we’re very tired now, so…”

  “We’re not done with this conversation.”

  “Of course we’re not. We’ll meet for breakfast in the morning before the Bar-B-Q,” she told him. “I’ll call RJ and have him
meet us here.”

  “And we’ll talk like civilized adults?”

  “We’ll talk all right, civilized has yet to be determined,” she kissed her father’s forehead. “And do not think about calling
Madison to tell her this news, I just don’t think she could handle it.”

  Russell grabbed Caress’ hand, “I love you darling.”

  She closed her eyes, shook her head and pulled her hand away, “You don’t think I know that already? That’s what makes
this so hard Daddy. I’ll call you in the morning.”
 Jodi’s hand was shaking as she took a half step toward Brandi, “Hello.”

 “Jodi,” Brandi smiled. “How are you?”

 She shook her head, “I’ve been better. I would ask how you were, but you’ll understand if I don’t care how you are.”

 Brandi pointed towards an empty table, “Understandable. Would you like to sit down?”

 Jodi led the way over the empty table and took a seat across from Brandi. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that,” she
admitted. “I really do hope that you’re okay or at least as fine as you can be,” Jodi told her.

 “It’s been an adjustment,” Brandi admitted. “Does Natasha know that you’re here?”

 Jodi shook her head no. “She would be furious with me if she did.”

 “I’m sure she would. I don’t blame her though,” Brandi assured her. “I know that you don’t know this but during the week
we’re only allowed thirty minutes for visitation.”

 “Really?” Jodi asked a little surprised. “I guess you’re right I didn’t know.” Brandi forced a smile. “I spoke with Valerie
Caldwell this morning and she had them put my name on a list to see you,” she shook her head, “she didn’t mention anything
about a time limit.”

 “On the weekends we have an hour,” Brandi explained. “Usually Justin or Brittany will come and see me.”

 “What about Lewis?” Jodi asked. “Has he been to see you?”

 “The only time Lewis sees me is when he looks at pictures,” she answered. “The only mother he knows is Audrey and
Natasha of course…”

 Jodi shook her head, “Of course.” They both sat in silence for a few minutes. “I suppose I should get down to it huh?”

 “I’ll admit I’m definitely intrigued about why you’re here.”
  Jodi took a deep silent breath and reached into her bag, “The officer at the security desk where I checked in said I would
be able to give you this,” she handed Brandi a sealed brown envelope. “She cleared it through or at least I think that’s what
she said she was doing.”

  “Sound about right,” Brandi nodded her hand. “What is it?”

  “A manuscript…my manuscript to be honest,” she answered. “I started writing it awhile back,” she told her. “It’s a very
rough draft. Actually, it’s the reason I came to see you today.”

  “Oh?” Brandi began to open the envelope.

  “No!” Jodi stopped her. “I don’t want you to open it, not now.”
  Audrey took Patricia’s arm and led her into the hallway. “Hey now!” Patricia attempted to wiggle lose of Audrey’s grasp,
“Audrey I’m gonna tell you what I told the doc in there, you better let go of me.”

  “Shut up Patricia!” Audrey ordered her as she looked around for stalking reporters. “All right, now I want you to listen
very carefully. All right?”

  Patricia shrugged her shoulders, “Sure.”

  “I want you to go sit down in the waiting room and wait for me to finish with the doctor,” Audrey explained. “And
Patricia,” she warned as she started to walk away, “I don’t want you talking to a single sole out there. Do you understand?”

  “Who am I going to talk to Audrey? I don’t know anybody.”

  “Yes, well,” Audrey sighed, “let’s just say that’s never really stopped you before.”

  “Ms. Pierce is everything all right,” Dr. Conway stepped out of Eleanor’s room.

  Audrey rolled her and she muttered uneasily, “In a word…no. Dr. Conway, I must apologize that was my sister Patricia whom
I have not seen in over twenty years.”

  “Oh…” was all the doctor was able to say. “I had no idea Ms. Pierce.”

  “Of course,” Audrey sighed as she walked to the doorway of Eleanor’s room. “I have a lot on my mind right now with my
mother and my company,” she choked up, “and my step-son keeps calling every night wanting to know when I’m coming
home because he misses me…and then,” she turned to the doctor, “then she shows up.”

  “Is there anything that myself or one of the nurses can help you with?” he asked.

  She shook her head, “Patricia has a mouth on her and for the right amount of money she’d talk to a stuffed cat,” Audrey
explained. “So far I’ve done my very best to keep Eleanor’s condition concealed and away from the press.”

  “I’ll make sure to note that all medical assessments be given strictly to you,” he offered.

  “Thank you and I’m going to be going home for awhile, I trust that you’ll call if something changes?”

  “Of course, please take you time Ms. Pierce.”

  As she looked at her mother lying powerlessly in a hospital bed, “I’m afraid time may not be on our side Dr. Conway.”
   “All right,” Brandi laid it down on the table. “You said this is why you came to see me? I know that I don’t have any right
to question why you’re here. To be perfectly honest, with you Jodi, there are butterflies in my stomach, I’m very, very glad
that you’re here. But surely after all this time a book is not what has brought you here.” She paused for a moment, “I have
waited for this day Jodi…”

  “Brandi, don’t delude yourself into thinking that I’ve come here with the intent of forgiving you,” Jodi assured her. “What
you did was unforgivable and I will never be able to look you in the eye and say those words. I came here because I have
been battling something for a very long time.”

  “Okay,” a somber Brandi replied. “Well I owe you so much so whatever I can do to help.”

  “The night of my wedding I almost didn’t go through with it,” she revealed. “Did you know that?”

  Shaking her head, “Of course not. How would I have known something like that?”

  “I don’t know,” Jodi replied.  “Jered convinced me to marry Jaxson,” she explained. “And we all know how well that
worked out. I keep thinking about that night and what that if…” she paused, “it sounds ridiculous to even say out loud.”

  Brandi reached across the table and touched Jodi’s hand, which startled her. “I’m sorry,” she apologized. “We’re not
supposed to have any physical contact anyway,” Brandi explained. “Jodi there is nothing that you can say that would sound
anything remotely ridiculous. Please believe when I say that much at least.”

  “I know that you were responsible for Jered’s death,” Jodi told her. “I remember your testimony…”

  Meredith Dobbins crossed the courtroom, “So please Mrs. Pierce tell the court what happened during the reception
following the wedding of Jaxson and Jodi Hayes.”

  Brandi looked down at her hands crossed in her lap, “I consumed several glasses of champagne and became intoxicated.”

  “Intoxicated beyond the legal limit?”
  “Objection!” Valerie called out.

  “Withdrawn,” Meredith laid her hands on the jury box. “Mrs. Pierce prior to the night of Jaxson and Jodi’s wedding had you
ever consumed champagne?”

  “And at the time of the wedding what was your age?”


  “And when we subtract thirty-nine years of age from the legal drinking age in Texas, which is twenty-one we get a total of
what Mrs. Pierce?”

  “I’m not exactly sure,” Brandi answered.

  “Eighteen years, I’ve done the math. Mrs. Pierce in that time frame, do you believe that on the night in question you
consumed enough alcohol, in your own opinion to be legally drunk?”

  “Objection,” Valerie stood.

  “Sustained,” the judge answered. “The witness will answer the question.”

  “Yes in my opinion I should not have been driving,” Brandi answered softly. “I was drunk.”

  “I have known you my entire life Brandi…” Jodi pleaded.
  “No, stop!” she called out. “I know where you think you’re going with this Jodi and I won’t let you,” she insisted. “I’ve
caused you all too much pain.”
  “You could have at least let me seen her Audrey!” Patricia stormed into the living room of the Eleanor King’s mansion in
Timbercrest. “What do you think I was gonna do anyway?”
  “I don’t have the slightest idea about what you were gonna do,” she mocked her. “And you’ll forgive me for not welcoming
you with open arms after what…twenty years? Hhmm? Twenty-five? Thirty?” she questioned. Audrey stormed across the living
room and poured herself a drink, “My God Patricia! Mother had given up hope that you would ever come back here.”

  “Well…sorry to disappoint sister dear…but ta-da…here I,” she laughed. “Pour me a drink too why don’t you?”
Audrey rolled her eyes, “Pour your own drink,” she snapped. “After all I hear that’s what you do best…second only of course
to drinking.”

  Patricia cut her eyes up Audrey, “And just how in the hell would you know something like that little sister?”
  “The same way I’m sure you heard about Mother’s condition…through the grapevine of course.” Audrey took a seat in the
corner of the living room. “You ran from Los Angeles to San Bernardino…straight into the bottle. You honestly did not think I
haven’t known where you’ve been this entire time? Or why you’re here. Agua Caliente Casino ring a bell?”

  Patricia smirked at her sister, “Well, well the high and mighty Audrey preaches from her pedestal. You know Audrey, not all
of us had everything handed to us on a…”

  “Silver platter?” Audrey fumed with anger as she finished her sentence. “I have more than half mind to come across this
room and slap the taste out of your mouth you disgraceful little bitch.”
  “Oh! There she is…there’s the Audrey that we all know and love. If you think sister dear that you’re woman enough to slap
me and face the repercussions then I invite you to bring it,” Patricia laughed as Audrey didn’t move! “That’s what I thought.”

  Audrey shook her head. “How much Patricia?”

  “For what?”

  “Don’t play stupid with me,” she warned. “How much is it going to cost for you to leave Timbercrest again?”

  “You think I came back for your money?”
  Audrey thought for a moment, “Why else would you even remotely be here if it weren’t for more of my money.”

  “Our money,” she corrected. “I’m entitled to it just as much as you are.”

  “Oh like hell!” Audrey laughed at her. “These little games of charades that you’re playing might have worked on Daddy
when he was alive, but you drug his name through the mud! You were an embarrassment to him, to Momma, to me, to the
company and that’s not something I have ever forgotten.”

  “Oh the company can screw off,” Patricia told her sister. “That money leech you married ran Daddy’s company into the
ground faster than fast. If you gave a damn about King Fashion Audrey, you would have stopped him, but you didn’t. I’m not
stupid, I can read the financial papers, I’ve picked up a fashion magazine once or twice in the last thirty years…King Fashion
is the biggest joke in the industry.”
  “Cassandra,” he attempted to reason with his daughter.

  “No,” she held up her finger. “Am I the last or the first to know?”

  “You’re the first,” he replied. “I planned on calling Madison this afternoon.”

  “Well then I’ll save you the time and effort. You cannot marry that disreputable woman,” she glared across the table at
him. “Have you forgotten everything that she put Jodi through, not to mention Andrew and the entire family?”

  “They’re not my family,” Russell reminded her.

  “Yes well that maybe the case, but I am and Jodi is my cousin. I care for her a great deal, certainly more than I do Sabrina.”

  “So would you propose that I marry her instead?”
  “You’ve got balls Priscilla,” Justin told her.

  “I do. Perhaps even bigger than yours sweetheart,” she flirted. “You know we could compare, oh say tonight, I’ll show
mine if you show yours.”

  The intercom buzzing stopped the conversation, as Justin flirted a little back with her, “Yes Katherine.”

  “Mr. Pierce, I have your mother on the line and she insists that she speak with you.”

  “What line?”

  “One,” the secretary answered as Brittany reentered the room.

  “Hello mother,” Justin answered.

  “Is that viper of a woman still there?” Audrey questioned.

  “She most certainly is Audrey,” Priscilla laughed. “Viper of a woman am I?”

  “Indeed you are. Justin where the hell is Nicholas?” she demanded. “And do you want to tell me why Priscilla Von Honson
is in my boardroom and I have to hear about it from your sister-in-law?”

  “You called her?” Justin questioned.

  “Of course I did,” Brittany admitted. “You weren’t listening to reason and there’s no telling what Priscilla’s tried to con
you into.”

  Priscilla drew a long puff on her cigarette, “God you are an annoying little bitch Brittany. Has anyone ever told you that?”

  “Of course they have,” she smiled.

  “That’s enough from all of you!” Audrey roared. “Priscilla you listen to me…all right?”

  “What it is Audrey, I’m busy here.”

  “Put your cigarette out and get the hell out of my boardroom. Because let me tell you something, sweetheart,” she
mocked, “you’re quite the little bitch yourself and you are not, let me repeat very clearly so you can all hear me, not
getting one damn penny from King Fashion!” Audrey declared. “Justin, tell your father I’m coming home, clearly none of your
are capable of running my company,” she hung up.
  From under her mattress, she pulled out a clear tote box with a single piece of masking tape on the top labeled, “Brandi.”
As she opened it and searched for an ink pen Jodi’s words rang in her ears as fireworks often do after they’ve exploded.

  “So…” her cell mate Molly spoke from the top bunk, “one of my girls saw you had a visitor today. Some uptight blonde

  “Yeah,” Brandi answered.

  “Who was she? A new lawyer you got working for you?”

  Climbing back on her bed, she barely spoke, “Naw. Just someone I used to know before I got here, that’s all.”
Brandi knew Molly would continue to ramble on about her visitor so sh threw in a “yeah” and “mm-hmm” every once in

  However, her focus remained on the letter she was writing. It was no doubt the letter that would change the last five
years. Brandi didn’t know how it would change things, but she knew it would be off her conscience for the first time since
that night.

  As she wrote the name, “Jodi,” she knew that it was she and she only who was responsible for Jered’s death, but now
everyone would know why she was responsible. “I should have told you this when you were here today…” Brandi began.
  “Good evening sir,” a young woman no older than twenty smiled from behind the check-in desk, “welcome to Southern
River Hotel. Do you have a reservation?”

  His hair was dripping wet and as the woman took his identification and credit card, she blushed at how attractive he was.
“How long has it been doing this?” he asked her.

  “The rain?” she questioned. “It just started about half-hour ago.”

  “I’m betting you have some upset vacationers?” he flashed a pearly white smile at the young woman.

  Noelle shook her head, “Unfortunately so. Did you have big plans for the Fourth?”

  “Going to a Bar-B-Q,” he told her. “But I’m willing to venture that’s been canceled.”

  “Probably,” she handed him the keys to his room. “I’ve gone ahead and upgraded you to the penthouse suite per your
reservation,” she explained. “Have you stayed with us before sir?”

  He shook his head. “And you’re also familiar with the city then?”

  “Like it was my second home,” he smiled. “Thanks honey…”
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