• An accident caused by a drunken Brandi Brashears Pierce caused Jered Bradshaw to die from his injuries sustained
    during that accident.

  • Jodi Bradshaw Hayes began writing a semi-autobiographical novel about her childhood, Jered's death and her failed
    marriage to Jaxson Hayes.

  • During Hurricane Ike in 2008, Bradley caused the death of a nine-year-old boy.

  • Josh moved to Indianapolis to complete his residency in the ER.

  • King Fashion faced difficult financial times.

  • Justin Pierce and Angela Bradshaw began carrying on a secret affair.
   “It’s my understanding that the jury has reached a verdict,” the judge announced to the courtroom.

   The woman on the end rose and spoke softly, “We have your Honor.”

   As it had been outlined to her before returning to the jury box, she was to hand the piece of paper to the bailiff and
then he would in turn deliver it to the judge.

   With the document in hand, the honorable William Cleveland reviewed it, Brandi wanted to turn around tell Natasha how
sorry she was, but she knew it was not the time. In fact, as the judge handed the verdict back to the bailiff, Brandi knew
there would never be a time or a place for that conversation.

   “Will the defendant please rise,” Judge Cleveland ordered, as Brandi and Valerie both rose. “Madame Forewoman, will you
please your verdict to the court.”

   The woman on the end stood locked eyes with Natasha for a brief moment and then faced Brandi. Behind Meredith
Dobbins sat the entire Bradshaw family hanging on her every word. Jodi intertwined her fingers with Natasha’s and she laid
her head on her should.

   The forewoman spoke, “In the matter of the People of the State of Texas vs.
Brandi Kaye Pierce, Case Number 17943. We
the jury after hearing all of the evidence, find the defendant on Count One vehicular manslaughter a felony crime upon
Jered Andrew Bradshaw…guilty…”

   Jodi Bradshaw replayed the memories of Brandi’s trial in her mind countless times a day and as she sat in her car looking
at the light brown stones that now housed the woman who changed so many lives, it was no different.

   Four years had passed since that February verdict had been read, five years has past since Jodi had last spoken a word to

   “I don’t understand,” Jodi cried, “I don’t know how you could live with yourself knowing what you did. You are a vile and
disgusting woman who never, never loved any of us, especially my mother.”

   “That’s a lie!” Brandi fired back. “I cared for all of you and I do love you,” Brandi pleaded with Jodi.

   “You’re a damn liar,” she fired back. “I finally see you for the piece of disgusting gutter trash that my Aunt Felicia and
Audrey always said you were. You’re a selfish, worthless little bitch who isn’t capable of knowing what real love is.”

   As her mind bolted her back to reality, Jodi found herself standing at the check-in window. “Hello, I called earlier,” she
said earnestly. “I think someone was supposed to put my name on some type of list. I’m Jodi Bradshaw…”
All Or Nothing
Episode 123: This is My Now
   “Please come in Dr. Marshall,” the maid at the McCarty house ushered him. “Mrs. McCarty is awaiting your arrival on the
patio. May I you show the way,” she suggested.

   “That won’t be necessary, thank you though,” Bradley told her. Making his way through the house, he thought back to
his conversation with Zachary O’Connor days early. “Pamela,” he appeared in the doorway.

   “Bradley,” she smiled. “How are you?”

   “I’m fine thank you.”

   “Would you care for some lemonade? I thought we could enjoy this cool morning, not many more left of them from what I

   He took the pitcher from her, “Please, allow me.”

Pamela took one of the glasses from him, “I was surprised to hear that you wanted to meet so informally like this. You
know that as the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors for St. John’s I don’t normally take these types of meetings.”

   “I understand.”

   “And you also understand then that anything that happens or that is said here the board will be made aware of it.”

   “That’s my intentions,” he assured her. “I have nothing to hide from you or the Board of Directors, Pamela. I wanted to
meet with you one-on-one like this because I have a great amount of respect for you and I feel you should know what I’m
about to do.”

   “I appreciate that, I truly do,” Pamela sipped her lemonade. “I spoke with Valerie yesterday afternoon and she told me
that your meeting didn’t go as planned. Bradley, we cannot afford you not cooperating with her. I know that she may not be
your first choice of legal representation, but she does represent the hospital.”

   “I know and I highly intend to corporate fully with her. Our meeting turned persona, it shouldn’t have and I can assure
you that it won’t again.” He handed to her a letter sealed in a white envelope.

   “What is this?”

   “It’s my letter of recommendation for Dr. Zachary O’Connor,” he told her.

   “I see,” she answered, “for the attending position that’s opening up the first of July?”

   He shook his head, “I’m not sure how much weight it will carry based on…”

   “Based upon what Bradley? I do not want to hear that you’re considering resignation, because that would preposterous
not mention absurd.” She paused for a moment, “Surely you must know that have years of dedicated service to our hospital
that is not what I or the board wants to happen.”

   “And what about what I want?” he asked. “I have been a practicing medicine for the last twenty years and I’ve made
mistakes, because I’m human.”

   “Exactly, so why throw away a career over this one?” she shook her head and cut her eyes at him.
   The cool post-storm air hit Brittany in the face as she rounded a curve in the running path in the park. She glanced down
at her watch and noticed the time, “Better pick up the pace,” she thought.

   On down the path
Josh Marshall was wondering when the rain would finally set in for the day and as he adjusted his iPod
to the next track, he took his eyes off the path and ran literally into Brittany O’Keefe Pierce.

   “I’m so sorry…” he stopped and saw who it was. “Brittany…”

   “Well, look who it is. Hello Josh,” she greeted him. “I wasn’t aware that you were back in town.”

   “It’s good to see you too Brittany,” he said rudely. “And there isn’t really any reason for you to be aware that I was back
in town, is there?”

   “Still have you witty charm I see,” Brittany jabbed. “Are you here for a visit?”

   Josh shook his head, “No. I got in late last night,” he explained.
   “But not here for a visit though? How long are you planning on being in town?” she smiled. “I only ask so that I give my
brother fair warning that you’re here.”

   “That’s cute Brittany, very adult of you,” he smirked. “Last time that I talked to Ryan though, he was a grown man, right?”
Josh paused for a brief moment, “Or has something changed that I should know about?”

   “Don’t be brazen with me,” she warned. “I’m just curious to know what brings you back to River’s Edge.”

   “This sparkling repartee you and I have,” he joked. “Oh tell me Brittany, you’ve no doubt missed it just as much as I have.”

   “I seem to recall,” she ignored his comments, “that you couldn’t wait to hightail it out of here…to where I don’t
remember off the top of my head though,” she lied.

   “Indianapolis,” he told her. “And I’ve come back to River’s Edge to complete my ER residency.”

   Brittany looked up at the clouds rolling in, “That’s interesting I suppose. Isn’t that what you moved to away to do?”

   “Things change,” he told her.

   “Yeah,” Brittany shook her head and looked up at the clouds again. “I should really get going though it looks like the rain
could start any minute. It was nice to see you again.”

   Josh laughed silently, “You never were a very good liar Brittany,” he told her.

   “Excuse me?” she questioned. “What did you just say to me?”
   “Because Pamela, that one mistake cost a nine-year-old boy his life!” Bradley raised his voice. “My God…that could have
easily been Emily,” his words shocked even him. “Can you imagine what that couple is going through because of my faulty
error in judgement?”

   “You’ve come here to do more than recommend Dr. O’Connor, have you not Bradley?” Pamela sat her glass down, “How
long have you and I known one another?”

   “Years,” he answered.

   “Many years,” she corrected. “And during that time Bradley have you ever taken me for a foolish or incompetent woman?”

   “No ma’am, of course not,” he replied sternly.
   “Then why have you started now? You think that your resignation is just going to make this lawsuit disappear. I can assure
you Bradley that this case will find its way into the public spotlight and your resignation, no matter how I try and spin it will
come off as admission of guilt.”

   With his head lowered, he spoke softly, “I don’t know what do or where to go from here Pamela. I don’t…because of this
one mistake, I’m lost, not only as a doctor but a person. I don’t expect you to understand that, because I don’t. It has
haunted me for almost a year. I’m a mess, emotionally, physically and professional, I do know that I can’t stay and continue
like nothing happened.”

   “You’re right I don’t understand. You made an error in judgment, but by God, you stay and you fight. Don’t you just give
up because you’re afraid of the consequences.”

   “Screw the consequences!” he told her. “I’m not afraid of, I’m afraid of the doctor I’ve become and the one I’ll continue
to be if I don’t make this drastic move. My resignation is not just about this case Pamela,” he assured her. “Joshua is starting
his third year next month in the ER and you know that I can’t be there supervising him. It would be a conflict of interest.”

   “Then we’ll reassign you to another department.”

   “Really?” he questioned. “To what Chief of Staff?” he mocked. “Because that would look real good, don’t you think? A
malpractice lawsuit hanging around my neck and you think the board is going to allow me to resume my duties as chief?”

   “It’s still no reason to quit,” she assured him.

   “I built a career in one place, that’s almost unheard of in this profession.”

   “You built a career in one hospital because you are an exceptional physician Bradley,” Pamela reminded him. “That’s
nothing to be ashamed of and it’s certainly not something to run away from.”

   “I never said I was ashamed of it. My point is that even if this lawsuit weren’t hanging over my head I would still be here
today giving you my resignation.”

   “Oh I highly doubt that,” she snapped and then sat in silence for a few minutes, “You’re very serious about this aren’t
you?” Bradley shook his head. “All right then,” her head shook as she spoke, “I will present your letter of resignation to the
board at our meeting later this week.”

   “Thank you.”

   “Don’t thank me,” she stopped him. “It will however be my recommendation that they deny it pending the completion of
the investigation of this case,” she explained. “I’ll recommend that you remain employed by the hospital in some capacity
that will not interfere with Joshua’s arrival.”
   “I really wish you wouldn’t do that Pamela.”

   She raised her eyebrow, “There is a long list of things I wish wouldn’t have been done Bradley.” She assured him. “I have
to protect not only the vital interest and the reputation of the hospital, but also the financial implications as well. In
addition, I have a responsibility to do everything in my power to protect you as well. I hope that you understand that.”

   “I don’t think you leave me much of choice do you?”

   She smiled at him as they both stood, “No I most certainly do not.”

   “I’m glad we could talk,” he told her. “And the board will consider Zachary O’Connor for the attending position.”

   “He’s at the top of our list yes,” Pamela assured him. “We’ll be in touch, all right?”

   Bradley nodded his head and then showed himself the door.
Four Weeks Earlier

   “Audrey, darling, I know what you told me,” Eleanor King defended. “Yes, you know that I care for Brittany a great deal,
but I also cared for Nicholas just as much, if not more and he designed a ghastly and catastrophic collection last season.”

   “Mother please let’s not rehash this yet again,” Audrey retorted. “Nicholas designed a bad collection…”

   “It was more than just bad Audrey,” her mother reminded her. “The trade magazines practically laughed us out of us
business. No doubt your father was spinning in his grave.”

   “As I was saying,” Audrey ignored her last remark, “Nicholas may have designed one bad collection, but he has designed
countless other collections that were quite successful and made us quite a lot of money.”

   “Yes well very good for him. Brittany’s collection had best damn well put King Fashion back on the map or well I’m afraid
to say it…but we might as well pack up shop and retire.”

   “Well then I just suppose we’ll have to make sure that doesn’t happen won’t we?” Audrey sighed. “I have to go Mother, I
promised Lewis we would go to the park and this is the first Saturday in weeks that it hasn’t been raining. Shall we talk more
about this on Monday?”
   “I suppose,” Eleanor, sighed heavily, not feeling well. “Goodbye my darling.”

   “Mrs. Pierce,” the doctor tapped her on the shoulder, “Mrs. Pierce its Dr. Conway…”

    Audrey rubbed her eyes and looked around the hospital room, “I’m so sorry doctor, I didn’t mean to fall asleep,” she told
him her mind replaying the memories of her last conversation with her mother. “I apologize it’s been a long four weeks, but I
don’t think we’ve met, Audrey King-Pierce,” she extended her hand.

   “Dr. Thomas Conway,” he replied. “I’m the on call doctor, I work with Dr. Sampson. I was reviewing your mother’s chart
and was hoping that you could fill me in on what happened.”

   Audrey shook her head, “I don’t know all that much myself. My mother she’s from here, but I live in Texas now.”

   “Of course, just what you do know would be helpful.”

   “I talked on the phone with my mother around 3 o’clock on a Saturday four weeks ago…” she thought for a moment, “that
would have been 1 o’clock her time. She had just sent the maid home for the weekend and apparently sometime between
the end of our conversation on Saturday and Monday morning she suffered a stroke.” She told him, “That’s all that I know.”

   “I spent a great length of time with your mother’s primary physician earlier today,” Dr. Conway explained. “If in fact your
mother was down because of the stroke for that length of time there’s the possibility Mrs. Pierce that she won’t awake from
her comatose state.”

   “But,” Audrey stopped herself, “Dr. Conway is there a chance that she may wake up?”

   “There’s always that possibility yes. But, you have to understand Mrs. Pierce that if she did wake up there’s possibilities
she may have other medical ramifications from her stroke.”
   “Such as? Audrey asked.

   “Her brain activity may have been severely affected due to the lack of oxygen it received during the time she was down,”
he explained. “There’s a possibility of paralysis, she could have no speaking abilities…” he paused, “we however won’t know
any of this unless she wakes me up.”

   “And the bottom line is that she may never wake up, is that what you’re telling me Dr. Conway?”

   He shook his head, “I’m sorry, but yes that’s what I’m telling you Mrs. Pierce.”

   Audrey stroked Eleanor’s hair and tears began rolling down her cheek, “You know Dr. Conway no child should ever have to
make this decision about their parent…”

   “I agree,” he told her. “I’ll leave you alone to think Mrs. Pierce.”
   “Promise me that you’ll make this quick Andrew,” Sabrina stood behind her desk. “Brayden has a doctor’s appointment
this afternoon and then I have plans to meet Russell for an early dinner.”

   Andrew had barely made it in the doorway and she was already barking orders at him. “Why don’t I reschedule for in the
morning when I have your undivided attention,” he suggested.

   “No,” she waved her hands. “I’m sorry I’ve just been in meetings all morning with the accountants going over the budget
for next year and I am ready to pull my hair out. What do you have for me? I promise you have my full attention.”

   “I’ve had my sources scouting information about companies that are on the verge of filing bankruptcy,” he revealed.

   “Oh really?” she questioned. “At the company’s expense I hope not.”
   “Of course,” he lied. “We have the capital to go after a few of these companies who once turned a serious profit and
that are struggling, not only in River’s Edge, but also a few throughout Texas.”

   “Are you proposing that we swoop in and overtake these companies? Do you take us for savage pirates Andrew?”

   “I resent your insinuation Sabrina that you think that is how I see this company,” he defended. “I am however not about
to apologize for the fact that we are more financially stable than not only our competitors but other businesses across the

   “And I would like to stay that way Andrew,” she told him. “But you seem to forget that you and I are just two of a rather
large number of people who are not getting a paycheck for the next two years. We’re financially stable because of the smart
decisions that we’ve made thus far.” She took a seat at her desk, “I take pride in this company, as I am sure you do as well
and while I am as cut throat as the next executive I will not destroy one company in order to turn a profit.”

   “Even if that company was King Fashion,” he revealed. “Don’t you sit there and pretend that it doesn’t give you some type
of enthusiasm to go after them, because it does me.”

   “And that is one of the many reasons you and I differ Andrew,” she assured him. “My feelings for Justin Pierce have
absolutely nothing to do with his company. Besides what makes you think Nicholas and Audrey would even sell to us in the
first place?”
   “Everything has a price, even those two,” Andrew told her. “This is the right time Sabrina to streamline the company. We
could look at our subsidiaries and cut back the fat in certain areas. If we were to play our cards right and make big power
plays we could we could set ourselves for a huge financial gain once this recession is over.”

   “Or we could squander away all of assets and when the recession is over another company could swoop in and take us
over,” she forewarned. “Is that something that you’re interested in Andrew?”

   “Of course not,” he replied.

   “I didn’t think so. Tell your resources to put the information out there that we are ready to do business with any
company who wants to come to us with a proposal of buying them out,” she told him. “But I will stress to you Andrew that
there will be no hostile takeovers, not under my watch,” Sabrina warned him. “
Andrew, have I made myself perfectly clear?”

   He shook his head, “I’ll put the information out in the field. Thank you for your time Sabrina.”
   “You were never a very good liar,” he repeated. “Because you know exactly where I moved to when I left and quite
frankly I don’t think it was that good to see you…so I know you don’t think it was good to see me. Let’s not be modest with
one another, you don’t like me and the feeling…” he thought for a moment, “well it’s mutual honey.”

   Brittany nodded his head, “You’re absolutely right. It wasn’t all that good to see you Josh, after all you broke my brother’
s heart when you left town. And now, well now you tell me that you’re back and it just seems like all of this could’ve been

   “I thought Indianapolis is where I needed to be for my career,” Josh explained. “When I left for Indianapolis, it had
nothing to do with Ryan and if you remember I tried to convince him to come with me.”

   “Oh that yes, yes Josh I remember that all too well. You were trying to convince my brother to leave his family for you.
That was a very noble gesture.”

   “What kills me Brittany is that you and I used to get along. It was never my intentions to rip Ryan away from anyone. I
wanted him to come with me to Indianapolis because I loved him. I wanted to make a life with him. I just didn’t realize how
dependent you were upon him.”

   “I’m not dependent upon my brother Joshua. Do not for one second confuse love for dependency. You wanted to make a
life somewhere other than here. The relationship you and Ryan had been always about what you wanted and what you

   “Wow!” he smiled. “When did you become such a bitch? Is that what happens when you become Mrs. Ethan Pierce?”
   “You’re not worth my time,” she ignored the comment. “I don’t want you to get any ideas Josh,” Brittany warned him.

   “Don’t assume that just because you’ve rode back into town on your ivory horse that you’re going to sweep Ryan off his
feet again. He’s moved on from that relationship and more importantly he’s over you.”

   “That’s fine by me. I am ecstatic that he’s moved on with his life and I hear he’s very successful. So when I say this I want
you to hear me,” he spoke slowly, “I am happy for him. I did not come all this way to win him back. I have come home to
finish my residency. Rekindling some long lost love with your brother,” Josh told her as a clasp of thunder roared, “is the last
thing on my mind. Enjoy the rest of your run Brittany. I think that’s my cue.”

   Brittany turned to leave, but Josh’s voice stopped her, “Hey Brittany!” he called out. “Just so you and I are clear about

   “What’s that?” she questioned.

   “If…” he held up his finger, “if I wanted your brother back…I could have him and there wouldn’t be a damn thing you
could do to stop,” he smiled surreptitiously, “not a damn thing.”
   “Your daughter-in-law just arrived,” the hostess at The Chalkboard told Pamela as she led her to Sharon’s table. “Would
you like something to drink Mrs. McCarty?”

   “Glass of ice tea please,” Pamela answered her. “Hi Sharon, how are you?”

   “I’m wonderful, thank you and yourself.”

   Pamela waved her hand in the air, “Hospital business. I had no idea that when they asked me to chair the Board how much
it would involve. I swear Sharon, Phillip never did this much work.”

   “Well I just hope they know how lucky they are to have you.” The waiter sat down two ice teas for the women. “I think
we’re going to wait a few minutes before we order, thank you,” Sharon told him. “You will never believe who called this


   “Peggy Burkhart,” Sharon told her.

   “Really?” a smile wiped across Pamela’s face. “And…”

   “You were right, they want me to co-chair the annual Harvest Ball this October.”

   “Oh Sharon! That is fantastic, congratulations.”
   “That’s not all,” she piqued Pamela’s interest. “I’ll be co-chairing the event with Angela!” Sharon smiled. “I am so excited
you just would not believe.”

   Pamela smiled, “How wonderful is that? My daughter and daughter-in-law co-chairing the annual Harvest Ball, well I just
know it’s going to be amazing.”

   “Hello ladies,” Rhonda Duncan smiled, “So what is going to be amazing?”

   “Rhonda, how are you?” Pamela asked. “We were just talking about the annual Harvest Ball that’s held each October. It’s
become a River’s Edge tradition.”

   “I remember some people talking about that just after I arrived in town last year,” Rhonda smiled at Sharon. “I don’t
believe we’ve had the pleasure…Rhonda Duncan.”

   Extending her hand, “Sharon Bradshaw,” she smiled.

   “I am so sorry to the both of you,” Pamela apologized. “Sharon this is Rhonda Duncan, Travis’ co-anchor at the station.
Rhonda, this is my daughter-in-law Sharon.”
   “So nice to finally meet you,” Rhonda told her. “Come to think of it I’ve seen your picture in the family portrait that Travis
has on his desk.”

   Sharon nodded her hand and didn’t say anything. “Well I should get my lunch and head back to the station,” Rhonda
finally spoke.

   “Rhonda,” Pamela stopped her, “I’ve been meaning to call you. We’re having a Fourth of July Bar-B-Q at the house and I
would love for you to join us.”

   Sharon cut her eyes at Pamela, unnoticed to both women. “I don’t know what to say…I would love to, thank you so much
Pamela. I really need to get going though,” Rhonda bent down and kissed Pamela’s cheek, “Sharon it was lovely meeting you.
And Pamela, you’ll call me about the Bar-B-Q?”

   “Of course,” Pamela nodded her head.

   “Yes, it was nice meeting you too,” Sharon said softly as they watched Rhonda get her lunch and leave. “I’ll make sure to
put Ms. Duncan on the guest list.”

   “Do you have something against me inviting her to the Bar-B-Q? You’re acting awfully funny.”

   She shook her head, “No, not at all.”


   “She just comes off…” Sharon shook her head, “I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something there. Anyway…”
“Yes, anyway,” Pamela cautioned. “She’s new to town, she hasn’t even been here a year yet. Plus, she used to work with
Travis. Rhonda Duncan is completely harmless Sharon. All right?” Sharon shook her head, “And make sure she has an invitation
to the Harvest Ball too please, you can seat her at our table.”

   “Of course,” Sharon replied, but made a mental note to keep an eye on Rhonda. She knew women like her in the past and
there was something Ms. Duncan was hiding.
   Audrey looked out over the Hollywood Hills at the Los Angeles skyline thinking about what the doctor had just told
her…seconds turned to minutes and the word that hung in her mind was paralysis. She remembered the struggle she had
when it was her in the wheelchair. She remembered how many times she would have rather died than been confided to that
chair…she was helpless and she didn’t want that for her mother.

   She made her way to the nurse’s station, “Excuse me could you please page Dr. Conway for me please?” The nurse at the
station shook her head and Audrey thanked her. As she made her way back to Eleanor’s room she heard the page go across
the hospital, within five minutes he had returned.

   “The nurse said that you wanted to see me,” he said.

   “Yes, I did…” she answered. As she tried to speak, her mouth suddenly became dry and she was unable to speak. She
quickly took a sip of water and proceeded to begin again, “I would like to speak with a specialist about withdrawing the
heroic measures that are sustaining my mother’s life…” she turned away from Dr. Conway. “As soon….as soon, as possible

   “What the hell does that mean?” a female voice questioned.

   Dr. Conway spun around and questioned, “I’m sorry who you are?”

   Audrey immediately recognized the voice and knew that it shouldn’t be possible, but no doubt was. “Patricia?” she

   “Audrey…” the woman spoke again, “Hey! I asked you a question darling. Is that a fancy way of saying you wanna kill her?”

   Dr. Conway approached the woman, “I’m sorry but you’re going to have to leave ma’am. The ICU is for family only,” he
took her arm to lead her away.
   “You better take your hand off me, sir. I am family…Audrey tell him,” the woman pressed. “Audrey!” she raised her voice.

   “Shut your mouth!” Audrey ordered her. “It’s fine Dr. Conway, she’s family. This is my sister, Patricia King,” she told him as
she cut her eyes at Patricia.
   “Hello, I called earlier,” she said earnestly. “I think someone was supposed to put my name on some type of list. I’m Jodi

   “Have a seat and fill this out,” a woman pushed through a clipboard with an ink pen attached. “Who are you here to see?”

   She thought for a moment…if she wanted to leave now was her chance. However, she knew she had come too far to give
up now. “Brandi Pierce,” she replied. “I’m here to see Brandi Pierce.”

   Inside her cell Brandi sat leaned up against the wall writing a letter. “Pierce wake up…” a guard yelled at her cell door.

   “I’m not sleeping,” Brandi replied.

   “Good,” the guard replied. “You’ve got a visitor…let’s go.”

   Brandi quickly took note of the date and knew that it couldn’t be Justin. “Who is it?” she questioned.

   The guard looked down at her, “Who the hell do I look like Pierce, your damn social secretary?” she pulled open the cell
door leading to the visitors section.
   Brandi quickly searched the room and didn’t see Justin…as Jodi put the badge on shirt that read “Visitor.” As she opened
the door to the visitors section, Brandi was still searching for a familiar face and finally her eyes locked and she whispered,
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