• As the Bradshaw Corporation faced an uncertain economic future, Natasha reflected on the past and the role Brandi had in killing her son. Later, it was revealed that Natasha is now very much in love with Nicholas Pierce!
  • Sabrina has a new man in her life, a son Brayden Wyatt.
  • In 2004, following Jered's death April suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder and created an alter personality named Amber. After her integration she moved away from River’s Edge.
  • Jodi Bradshaw married the love of her life Jaxson Hayes in the summer of 2004.
  • Bradley was being sued for wrongful death in the case of a nine-year-old boy who died in his care during Hurricane Ike in 2008.
  • Eleanor King, Audrey's mother was in a coma in California.
  • Rhonda Duncan was revealed to be sleeping with a very married man in River's Edge.


The New Girl in Town
Written & Produced By: Josh Hawkins

    Irving, Texas

    April ran her hand against one of the Mustang sculptures at the exhibit in Irving as the Texas sun beaming down her. She glanced at her watch and wondered what was keeping him…it had been months, almost a year since she last seen him and she was growing quite impatient.

   “Why couldn't we have met at some place a little cooler?” a man's voice questioned as April spun around. “You know it’s about twelve degrees hotter than hell out here.”

   “Joshua!” she smiled and raced across the plaza. “Oh my God I’ve missed you so much…” April kissed his cheeks, her arms wrapped around his neck tightly. “Please tell me you’re straight again and ready to marry me.”

   “Sorry babe,” Josh Marshall winked at her. “No dice.”

   “Damn,” she cursed under her breath. “So it is true what they say then?”
   “What’s that?”

   “All the good ones: gay or taken,” they both laughed.

   “And in my case always gay and never taken," he smiled at her.

   April made a sad face up at him, “Still no luck in the love department huh?”

   “Not so much as a good slap on the ass,” he joked. “Now…I was being serious about the heat. Let me take you to a late lunch before you have to pick up Emily. What you say?””

    “I say lead the way my knight and shining armor, lead the way.”

    It was something that she only saw in the movies and she never thought it would happen to her. Looking down at the diamond engagement ring resting on her hand Lori smiled, she had finally found the man she was destined to spend the rest of her life with and just as she was about to kiss her future husband the door swung open and there he stood her first love…


    Jodi’s fingers lifted from her keyboard and her mind raced back five years earlier when the fictional scene she was just writing had been her reality.

    “Jodi! Sweetheart, it’s your mother…” Natasha entered from the kitchen. “Are you home?”

    “In my office,” she called out to her. “Hi Mom,” Jodi smiled. “What’s up?”

    “Well I was out running errands and thought I would stop in for a quick minute. You don’t mind do you?”

    Jodi shook her head, “Not at all, it’s nice to have a reason to take a break.”

    “A break, were you writing?”

    “Proofreading and re-writing some scenes from the book yeah,” she answered. “I don’t know why someone didn’t talk me out of writing that damn thing,” she hinted as she handed Natasha a glass of iced tea.

    “Your father told you he thought it would be difficult to write a semi biography of your life, including Jered’s death.” She sipped her tea, “What scene did I pull you away from?

You didn't pull me away from anything. Jodi drew in a deep breath, “I just reworked the scene where Jeffrey returns at the engagement party.”

    “Ouch! Well I know that can’t be easy, but you knew last year when you started this it would be difficult and you thought it would help cope with things. Do you still feel that way?"

    “No…no, it’s been very beneficial to relive these moments, almost theraputical. But I'm not going to lie some scenes are harder to write than others."

    “I know. Well, I don’t want to stay any longer Nicholas and I have dinner plans tonight at the club and I told him I would meet him at King Fashion.”

    “Okay. Have there been any changes in Eleanor's condition?"

    Natasha shook her head, “No. Audrey is still in Timbercrest and there hasn’t been any change.” She reached out and hugged her daughter, “Now you get back in there and finish those re-writes.”

    “All right,” Jodi smiled. “Why don’t you and Nicholas come over tomorrow night and I’ll cook dinner.”

    “That’s a great idea, I’ll let you know. Love you baby,” Natasha blew her a kiss.

    As Jodi walked back into her office she thought of her wedding day and she couldn’t help but feel responsible for Jered’s death. It was a feeling that had been tugging at her heart a lot recently. Her mind raced with thoughts of her conversation with her brother the day of the wedding.

“If only…” Jodi told herself and then quickly scrolled through her computer screen to the scene in her manuscript.


    “What if he shows up during the ceremony? I don’t want Dustin to see this look of confusion on my face if he stands up and objects to our marriage. I won’t be able to handle that,” Lori cried and Logan approached her.
    “Answer me this,” Logan told her. “Do you love Dustin more than Jeremiah?”

    Lori looked in the mirror at her reflection staring back at her, with Logan behind her his hand on her shoulders, she answered, “Yes.”

    “And who do you want to spend the rest of your life with?”

    Lori thought for a brief moment…

    Jodi stopped typing and much like her character she thought, “What would have happened if I had said Jason that night?”

    Her mind raced with what-if scenarios and she spoke aloud finally, “I could’ve prevented all of this…” she cried out as she bolted from her computer and out of the house with one destination in mind.

        St. John’s Medical Center

    Bradley looked around his office that he had been in for the last several years and his mind raced back through all the years he had spent here in this hospital. Dr. Zachary O’Connor appeared his doorway, young and eager, ready to learn…he reminded him of himself many years earlier.

    “Hey,” Zachary smiled. “One of the nurses said that you were looking for me.”

    Bradley motioned him in, “Have a seat. How’s it going?”

    Zachary rolled his eyes, “Crazy out there, you wouldn’t believe. This heat does something to these people.”

    He shook his head, “I know tell me about it. Listen Zachary there’s a reason I wanted to see you this afternoon. I’ve known you since you started here as an intern and you’ve come so far. I’m almost as proud as I am of my own sons.”

    “Thank you Dr. Marshall,” he smiled. “That means quite a lot to me.”


    “You know that since earlier this year I’ve been under an official investigation by the hospital for the death of the nine-year-old boy last September,” Bradley explained. “However, what none of the team knows is that a malpractice lawsuit has been filed by the parents of the deceased boy.”

    “Dr. Marshall…” Zachary spoke, “I had no idea. How are you holding up?”

    Bradley held his hand up, “I’m fine and that’s not why I called you in here today. In the morning Dr. O’Connor I intend to deliver two letters to Pamela Bradshaw McCarty. The first will my official letter of recommendation to the hospital board to appoint you as the new ER attending, just as we’ve talked about in detail for the last few months.”

    “Wow! I honestly don’t know what to say other than thank you Dr. Marshall, this means so much to me.”

    “You’re welcome and Zachary this is something that you deserve. You have demonstrated an extreme amount of potential as
an ER intern and then chief resident. I have no doubt that you’ll continue to grow as a doctor in the ER.”\
    “Thank you, I look forward to working with you.”

As you know however, effective at the end of July the board will be expecting you to have a few qualified candidates in mind to
replace you as Chief Resident, Bradley told him.

Of course, I look forward to that process and working with you and Dr. Morgan.

I'm sure Dr. Morgan will look forward to your meetings, however I'm afraid Zachary I won't be apart of that search committee, Bradly stopped him. “The second letter that I intend to deliver tomorrow is my resignation as Chief of Emergency Medicine, effective immediately.”

    It was as if someone had knocked the wind out of Zachary. “Dr. Marshall you’ve left me completely speechless. Are you certain
this is what you want to do?”

    He shook his head, “I am,” Bradley admitted. “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and talking with my sons about this…”

    “If you resign from the hospital isn’t that admitting fault?"

    “The hospital does not need the negative press that this lawsuit would generate and I have spoken with council and they will handle all of my legal expenses. Besides all of that,” he reasoned, “I’ve been working in this building since I was your age. I started out as an intern and worked my way up the ranks, it’s time for a change Dr. O'Connor."

    The young doctor stood up and extended his hand, “If you’re certain about this, then you have my complete support and respect, I think you know that goes without saying though.”

    He looked at the young doctor, “You really do remind me of myself when I was your age.”


    “Thank you sir," he smiled. "I should really get back out there we have a GSW that was about ten minutes out when I came in,” Zachary told him. “You won’t be a stranger here will you?

For you, Bradley extended his hand, anything.

    April took Josh’s hand in hers and smiled at him, “I cannot believe how long it’s been since I last saw you.”

    “Life has been busy.”

    “I’ll say, but you know it should never be to busy to stay in contact. You know, I told Emily last night that you were coming to town and you would not believe how hard it was to get her to agree to go
 to camp this morning. She kept insisting that if I didn’t have to go to work that she didn’t have to go to camp.”

    “I’ve missed that girl,” Josh admitted. “I guess work is going good then?”

    April shrugged her shoulders, “I suppose so. I don’t want to think about the bank though…I want to talk about you and figure out exactly why you decided to leave the residency program in Indianapolis and go back to River's Edge to finish your residency.

    Josh rolled his eyes and April spoke, “Did Bradley pull some strings? Because if you were going to leave Indianapolis I wouldn't have pegged St. John's as your first choice. It wasn't your first choice for relocation was it Joshua?”

    He shook his head, "No you've got it all wrong."

    “Oh, I do?" she asked. “Well then by all means, please set me straight.”

    He shook his head yes, “I got tired of Indianapolis is all. The program wasn't as challenging as I thought it would be and well..." he shook his head, "I miss home. River's Edge is my home, it's our home. My parents are both there and for some odd reason that I can't even explain to myself, let alone you I want to go back there. You know what I mean?"

    “No,” she answered coldly. “My parents are there also and my sister, but I have no desire to ever go back to River’s Edge. I can’t imagine raising Emily there.”


    “Well we both have different reasons for not wanting to go back there,” he told her. “After Jillian died I just wanted to escape from there, but now…now it feels like something bigger is pulling me back.”

    “Just as long as you don’t try and convince me to come back there,” she warned him. “Nothing and I do mean nothing good has come from River’s Edge in my life.”

    “That’s not fair April,” he defended. “We’ve developed a strong friendship and how can you say nothing good came from there…you have Emily.”

“Yes I do have Emily. But have you forgotten the hell that I went through with her? Rodney Russell practically branded me a whore when he found out I was pregnant with his daughter. My grandmother shipped me out of town so that I wouldn’t embarrass the family name. I love my daughter very much Joshua, but I almost lost her because of what happened there. Amber was born there and as far as I’m concerned she died there as well…”

    “April…I’m sorry,” he apologized.

    “No. I can’t ever go back there, I won’t!” she declared taking a moment to compose herself. “If you want my opinion,”

    “I don’t,” he assured her.

    “Too bad. I'm a brass, southern Texas woman…you’re going to get it. I think you’re running home to River’s Edge because you realized how much you still love Ryan.”

    Josh shook his head, “You’ve never been more wrong that you are right now,” he told her. “Ryan and I have been finished for several years. I don’t love him anymore and I certainly don’t want him back.”

    April shrugged her shoulders, “If you say so.”

    “I do, say so.”

    “It’s just I’ve been your best friend for what eleven years now? I know when you’re lying Joshua,” she held her hands up, “But I will drop the entire subject.”

    “Thank you.”

    “What do you say we change the subject and get out of here and go pick up Emily. She’s going to be ecstatic to see you…” April smiled as they got up from the table and left.


    King Fashion Design House

    “I want to thank you all for coming,” Nicholas took his seat at the head of the conference room table in the King Fashion boardroom. “This meeting is extremely important because of not only the health crisis that Eleanor is facing, but also as I am sure that you are all aware, the economy.”

    “How is Eleanor doing? Have you heard any additional news from Audrey?” Brittany questioned. “I was only able to speak with her briefly last night.”

    “I spoke with Audrey earlier today and the doctors say no change yet. She did however say that she’ll be returning late next week for a few days in order to approve the fall line.”

    Brittany shook her head as Justin spoke, “What if she doesn’t come back next week? I think I speak for everyone here and Miranda as well, but if Mother doesn’t approve Brittany’s line by the close of business next Friday, we’re basically screwed.”

    “Justin,” Miranda Pierce spoke from the speakerphone, “I think we are all aware of the situation that we’re in. Do you agree Dad?”

    Nicholas shook his head, “I do.”

    “And to Justin’s point," Brittany spoke, "I think if Audrey’s not back by Thursday night then someone take the collection to her.”


    “That’s out of the question Brittany,” Nicholas informed her. “Audrey has left me with very explicit instructions that none of you are to disturb her at this time.”

    “Oh Nicholas, are you serious!?” Brittany threw her hands up in the air. “You are aren’t you? Nicholas, let me make something perfectly clear to you, I didn’t slave over that damn drawing board for the sake of my health.”

    “I’m completely serious Brittany and I no that you didn’t, no need to remind me,” he confirmed. “None of you, including you Miranda are to go to Timbercrest. When Audrey’s father died, she was at a fashion show in Milan. She doesn’t want to be burdened with business now that Eleanor has taken ill.”

    “Brittany’s right Dad,” Ethan spoke. “As the Creative Fashion Director and the minority stockholder of this company Mother has to sign off on the line and if she doesn’t then as Justin said, we're screwed. You prefaced this meeting with talk of the economy...we cannot afford another failed line, much less not having a fall line at all."

    “Sharla Tanner would love that, ” Justin said under his breath.

    “I’m well aware of the financial responsibilities we have…” Nicholas assured all of them. "And as far as I'm concerned and
your mother is concerned for that matter, Sharla Tanner can go screw herself."

    “Well how about you start acting like it,” Justin told him as he stormed out of the boardroom. “This company is sinking faster than the Titanic did and you’re telling us that we can’t fly out and get Mother’s damn signature? She doesn’t even have to look at the damn collection if she doesn’t want to. It's painfully obvious she didn't look at your collection last season," he told Nicholas before leaving.

    Nicholas took a minute to let the dust settle, “Daddy I have to go I have another meeting,” Miranda announced as she hung up on her end of the phone and Nicholas looked at Ethan and Brittany.

    “Justin’s right,” Ethan told him.

    “Damnit Ethan,” Nicholas swore, “do you not think I don’t realize that?”


    Brittany stopped her husband, “Don’t you dare talk to him that way,” she warned her father-in-law. “Now we are laying everything that we have on the table so let’s face Nicholas, the spring and summer collections last were huge disappointments. The critics ate us alive and the consumers laughed in our faces.”

    “Brittany has invested a lot of long hours and hard work to restore our reputation in the fashion industry. She has made this fall line fashion forward and consumer friendly,” Ethan reasoned.

    “I know she has,” Nicholas told them both. “And I of all people am aware of our past failures,” he reaffirmed. “But we have been living with these reorganization changes for the last five years. Audrey has to approve the line and she’s laid down her ground rules for doing so. We have to respect her wishes now, more than ever,” he told them. “Now if you’ll both excuse me I have dinner date with Natasha.”

    Brittany looked up at her husband, “You’re very sexy when you’re defending my honor,” she smiled. “Thank you.”

    He kissed her on the forehead, “It’s always my pleasure to do so”

    “What are we going to do?”

    “I’m not sure yet, but I know mother and she won’t let the company suffer it means to much to her,” he declared. “What do you say we head over the club and have dinner, make it a date night?”

    “Well, that sounds perfect…” Brittany kissed him as her BlackBerry began to vibrate. “Oh! I need to get this, one moment. Hello this Brittany Pierce…”


    In the parking lot of the fashion house Justin stood next to his car while the Texas sun beat down on him, “Hey, it’s me. Can you be at my place in half-hour?” he questioned. “Me too…” he answered and then tossed his BlackBerry into the passenger seat of his car before speeding away.

    “Who was on the phone?” Ethan questioned.

    “Oh,” Brittany dropped the BlackBerry in her purse. “Ryan,” she told him. “I’m sorry but I need to take a rain check on our date night, I’m sorry. Ryan is having some kind of melodrama that I need to go and handle,” she kissed Ethan, “I’m sorry.”

    “Hey that’s okay. He’s your brother and he needs his sister, I understand.”

    “Thank you so much,” Brittany smiled. “I’ll call you later tonight, okay? I love you…”

    Oaklawn Cemetery

    “I was sitting in my office reworking some scenes in my manuscript,” Jodi kneeled down and wiped the freshly cut grass off Jered’s stone, “and one of the scenes was the one where you came to my dressing room the night of the wedding.”

    She pulled out the fading flowers and replaced them with new ones. “You remember what I ask you that night? I questioned if marrying Jaxson was the right decision and you convinced me that it was…” Jodi reached up and wiped away her tears as her mind drifted back to the fight that would eventually cause the downfall of her marriage…


    “Thank you for calling Helen,” Jodi spoke into the phone. “Yes, Helen…” she replied irritated, “I already told you I would tell him when he came home,” she assured the secretary as Jaxson entered their condo. “He just walked in the door…goodbye.”

    “Hey baby,” Jaxson smiled. “Who was on the phone?”

     “Helen Gibson. Does that name sound familiar?”

    Jaxson thought for a moment, “What did she want?”

    “She wanted to know if I would be conducting my own apartment search or if she should send an intern to start looking for us. Apparently, Helen Gibson is under the impression that you and I are moving, to Washington D.C. So I ask you love of my life, what the hell is she talking about?”

    “I wish she hadn’t called,” he avoided the question.

    “Yes, by the look on your face I would assume that much. Answer my question. Why does Uncle Charles’ secretary assume that we’ll be looking for apartments in Washington D.C.?”

    “Because we’re moving there. I accepted a job as your uncle's Chief of Staff in Washington D.C. this afternoon."

    Jodi held up her hand, “I’m…I’m sorry, you did what? Washington D.C.?  You have accepted a job halfway across the country without bothering to consult me or hell Jaxson, even tell me you were entertaining such an idea. You expect me to uproot our life and move to D.C. for your career?"


    “Don’t you think it’s time for a change? We’ve been married for almost a year and during that year we’ve had this cloud hanging over us…”

    “That cloud has been the death of my brother,” she reminded him. “How dare you use that as an excuse to go behind my back and do something this profound and this life changing without bothering to ask my opinion,” she told him. “I thought we were a team, I thought that our marriage was a partnership? I can’t pack up and move…not now. Brandi’s trial begins next week and who knows what’s going on with April or Amber or whatever the hell she’s calling herself these days!”

    “Jodi…this is going to be good…”

    “For whom Jaxson, you?” Jodi raised her voice at him. “You went behind my back and lied to me not only about where you were these last two days, but what you were doing." She shook her head, "I don't need this right now and I thought...I thought you of all people Jaxson would understand that."

    "Honey I know what you're going through, that's why I thought..."

    “NO!" she screamed at him. "You didn't think and that's obvious to me. Why you are having such a hard time realizing that is beyond me, honestly. Because you didn't think about me," she turned away from him. “I think you should stay at a hotel tonight…”

    “Jodi…please don’t do anything rash that you’ll regret.”

    “Like you did?” she questioned him. “I’m being completely upfront and honest with you Jax. I realize that in the moment that is something, you probably don’t understand, but nevertheless you will not stay here tonight. In fact, you may not stay here tomorrow night either…”

    “That’s fine. But you should know these two things,” he told her. “The first you’re my wife and I love you very much and second I am taking this job regardless of whether you like it or not."

    She shook her head, “Technically that’s three things Jaxson. Now get the hell out of my house.”


    A loud clasp of thunder jolted Jodi back into reality and she pushed her blonde hair out of her face.

    “Got lost there for a minute,” she told the slab of cement. “Things could have been so different had I just said what my heart was telling me to say. Oh Jered, I should’ve stopped the wedding. I should've done exactly the opposite of what I God I should have never married Jaxson," she braced herself against the grass. "And just maybe you would still be alive."


    Jodi pushed herself up from the ground and dusted off her knees. “I’m just as responsible for your death as she is…oh God!” she whispered. “Could I have changed what happened?” she questioned, “Could I have?”


    Travis and Rhonda walked side by side to the stage where they would deliver the news together later that evening. “Pamela said that the two of you had lunch the other day.”

    Rhonda shook her head, “We did. She thought that you might like to join us one afternoon in the future.”

    “Well I don’t know about that,” Travis chuckled as their eyes met. “I try to let my wife do all the socializing she can without me.”

    Rhonda leaned into him and began talking in a hushed voice, “It seemed like she wanted you there is all.”

    “Look straight ahead guys,” one of the crew members, yelled out. “Okay guys that’s a wrap see you both in about half-hour.”

    “As I was saying,” Rhonda touched his shoulder, “Pamela seemed to really what you at our lunch for some reason or

    Travis shook his head, “Really.”

    “Yeah,” she answered. “Did you have any plans after the six o’clock broadcast?”

    He shook his head, “Just getting a quick bite to eat perhaps at the Club,” he told her. “Why, did you have another suggestion?”

    The tip of her finger outlined his ear and she smiled coyly at him, “I just thought we could do what we did the other day…you
remember don’t you?”

    Travis shook his head, “Your hotel room…seven-thirty,” he confirmed as Pamela’s picture looked up at him from his desk.

    “It’s getting late you know,” April mentioned noting the time. “Didn’t you say that you were going to drive down tonight?”

    Josh shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know. I may drive halfway and stop somewhere for the night.”

    “Why don’t you stay here?” April suggested.

    “And sleep where on your sofa? No thanks.”

    “I mean for good,” she announced. “You would love Dallas and we have hospitals here that could use a good, strong doctor like yourself.”

    “That’s a tempting offer, but…”

    “You can’t,” she answered for him. “I know it was a stupid suggestion.”

    “It wasn’t stupid.”

    “Yeah it really was. I’ve just loved having you’re here today. Everything seems so much easier when you’re here,” April told him.

    He kissed her forehead, “You know that I would if I could, right?” April shook her head. “Okay, I should really get on the road. The movers are going to be arriving tomorrow afternoon at my new apartment.”

    “Well I’m glad to at least see you’re not moving in with one of your parents.”

    “No, no, no!” Josh shook his head. “I had enough of that when I had to live with them.”

    “Right,” she agreed. “Listen about earlier I didn’t mean to bite your head off or belittle your decision about going back.”

    “I know.”

    “And I didn’t mean to push the whole Ryan issue either. You know me…”

    “I do know you,” he hugger her tight. “I didn’t mean to imply that you didn’t think Emily was great either. I know better than anyone the struggles you faced with her and I certainly didn’t help matters back then either.”

    “First of all, it’s the struggles that we faced with her,” she corrected him. “Joshua, how you think that you didn’t help matters is beyond me. I was seventeen years old, abandoned by the father of my baby and shipped out of town by my own Grandmother. Honey, you ran away from home to not only find me but also to be with me.”

    “It didn’t really end up how we wanted it though did it?”


    “Back then no, but now yes,” she took his hand. “When you showed up in New Mexico and that place…you saved me, I know that I would not have survived had you not came,” she kissed his hand. “And when I needed you to help me fight Amber, you were there. My parents may think they are the ones who spearheaded my integration, but it was Joshua,” she told him. “You continuously save me and I am forever thankful for that.”

    He wrapped his arms around her tightly, “Thank you for that April, it means a lot.”

    “You’re welcome,” she answered. “But it’s getting to deep in here for me…so you must be on your way.”

    “Yes!” he smiled. “So when I get a free weekend, I’ll come down.”

    “I would love that and I know that Emily would too.”

    “It was great seeing her, thank you.”

    “Anytime,” she smiled. “Would you do me a favor and tell Jodi that I send my love, please.”

    “Of course,” he answered. “I better going.”

    “Yeah…right…go,” she forced a smiled. “I love you, Dr. Marshall.”

    “I love you too,” he blew her a kiss and closed the door behind him.

    April rushed across the room and placed her palm against the cold steel. Her breaths were short as she spun around and leaned against the door…she slowly began to slide down and when she hit the floor the tears began to flow.

    University Courtyard – Justin’s Apartment

    Oh! My God!” a naked and breathless Justin Pierce gasped. “That was…amazing.”

    “It certainly was,” the female voice told him as she climbed out of the bed, a silk sheet wrapped around her equally naked body. “Even better than the time before,” she smiled.

    The vibrating of a cell phone interrupted the mood, “If that’s mine throw it up against the wall,” she laughed from the bathroom. “Most likely Ryan calling to check up on me or something,” she laughed.

    “Naw,” Justin answered. “It’s mine actually…I need to take it too.” He answered, “Justin Pierce…I’m good thank you I’ve been anxiously waiting for your call…” as he listened the woman made her way back into the bedroom and stood in front of him. She dropped the sheet to the floor, smiled and held up three fingers at which point a smile broaden across his face.

    “Okay well, it seems like you guys have made up your mind and I don’t think there is anything that we can do to sway it…so I’ll contact you in a few days to finalize the pickup.” He ended the call and tossed his phone across the room, “Son-of-a-bitch!” he cursed.

    “Uh-oh, that can’t be good,” the woman teased. “What’s wrong?”

    “Van Honson’s Department Store filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy this morning,” he explained. “Their stores…probadly a hundred of them through the midwest carries King Fashion Originals…” he fumed with anger.

    “I’m fully aware of who Van Honson’s Department Stores are. The woman smiled at him, gave him a slight nudge so that he would fall down on the bed and then she climb on top of him…she began running her fingers over his bare chest.


    "You know how sexy you are when you're all angry?" she teased. "However, I thought we agreed not to talk business. Besides I'm ready for round know what they say about the third time..."

    “It’s usually the charm from what I hear,” Justin laughed as he positioned her.

    “And I can promise you it will,” she smiled.

    As he was about to enter her he stopped, “I have loved being with you this last year Angela,” he smiled up at her.


    She smiled back, “I’m glad, because I love being with you too sexy,” she told him as she lowered down and kissed him passionately.

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