Natasha’s hand was trembling as Felicia took it in hers. By the time, they had gotten back into town the rain had let up a little.
“We’re here,” Felicia told her sister as they got out of the car and headed for the glass doors that led into the River’s Edge Police

As she pushed open the door, Natasha could feel the warmth of the room hit her, but her body was still cold. Andrew and Kendra
sat in two chairs across the room by Joy’s desk. As she scanned the room, her eyes landed on Justin who sat in a corner alone,
with a small cup of coffee in hand.

“Come on over here and sit down,” Felicia directed her. “I’ll get you a cup of coffee.”

“I don’t want to sit down and I don’t want any coffee,” Natasha replied zombie like. “Why are we all here Felicia? Why did you
bring me here?”

“Natasha, come sit down,” Andrew offered her his hand.

“No!” She looked around the room again. “You know something that I don’t. Someone tell me right now, why we are all here.”
Her eyes met Justin’s for the second time since her arrival. “And why…why is he here?”

Kendra stood up from her chair, “Joy received a telephone call about twenty minute ago…” she started to explain.

“No…” Natasha moaned softly as tears filled her eyes and Jered’s words from earlier echoed in her head. “Please don’t tell me

They didn’t have too because there was no need. Joy opened the interrogation room door and led Brandi out. Her hands were in
front of her – handcuffed and tears streamed down her face.

As her eyes locked with Natasha’s she questioned, “What is she doing here? Justin? I don’t want to see her, please.” She
attempted to cover her face with her cuffed hands.

Natasha held her stomach and gasped aloud, “Oh my God!” Her breaths were quick and short as Jered’s words echoed again.
“This is he what he meant…” she recalled. “Is it true?”

When Brandi said nothing Natasha blew across the police station, “Brandi…look at me. Tell me that this isn’t true,” she pleaded
with her best friend.

“Okay sweetheart, come on. Let’s get you back to the house.” Brandi urged as she chocked back her own tears. “I don’t know how or when but
Natasha it’s going to get better, I promise you that.”
Natasha remembered the day they had buried Jered and she knew that Brandi
was thinking of the same moment.

Holding up her hand, she spoke softly, “Just one more minute please.” Natasha leaned forward and pressed her lips to the coldness of Jered’s
casket softly. Tears streamed down her face and they fell against the black metallic as she vowed, “I will find the person who put you here
Jered Andrew…and when I do son, I swear to the God in Heaven I will release fury and anger on them like they have never seen. I promise you

As Brandi stood there, looking at Natasha she remembered those words and how she felt the day she heard them. Every word
Natasha spoke embed its self in Brandi’s mind and in her heart. “It’s okay Natasha, come on let’s go honey.” Brandi took her arm and tried
leading her away from the casket just as Natasha let out yet another choking, gut wrenching cry.

“Brandi?” Natasha said her name as everyone else in the room disappeared. In the moment, Brandi knew it was over…she was
through running, tired of hiding the truth and she finally lowered her hands to look Natasha in the eyes.

“Tell them, tell all of them that this is a mistake,” she pleaded with her. “You would never do this, never…not to me…”

Nevertheless, as Natasha begged for this to all be a lie, Brandi’s face told a different story and the truth slowly begun to sink in.

“Did you? Did you murder my son and then lie about it?”

Brandi nodded her head and shook her head. “Yes.”

Natasha froze mentally, physically though her whole body shook with fear and anger as she turned her back on Brandi for only a
split second and then she spun around to face her. “How could…how could you do this to me? To my family,” she screamed out
wanting answers as her hand raised and went across Brandi’s face so hard she stumble backwards. “You monster!” she cried.
“How could you do this to me?” Natasha sobbed as her knees finally gave out and she collapsed to the floor in Andrew’s
arms…her world forever changed!

Five Years Later

One of the many reporter leaned against the cool wood lament wall of the Bradshaw Corporation boardroom. Chewing on the
end of her pen cap her mind really wasn’t on the press conference that Sabrina Davis Bradshaw had called earlier that morning,
no her mind was on the fact that she wanted a cigarette. The reporter rolled her eyes as someone announced Ms. Bradshaw’s
impending arrival.

“Who does this bitch think she is?” the reporter asked one of her competitors who just smiled politely and turned away.

“Good afternoon everyone,” Sabrina Davis Bradshaw greeted the room. The last five years had been good to her, financially and
otherwise. At the age of thirty Sabrina had spent the last five years not building an empire, more like cashing in on one and it
hadn’t been easy. “I don’t think I have to tell any of you that the times we are living in are difficult. We have seen companies
across the country and right here in Texas suffering because of this unstable economy and The Bradshaw Corporation is no
different. As the CEO of BC I have assembled you all here for three reasons, the first is that layoff rumors have been circulating
throughout the office, through town and the entire state. I want it to be known that The Bradshaw Corporation does not intend,
at this time to layoff one single person within our organization.”

As she spoke with elegance, grace and class Natasha Bradshaw couldn’t help but smile. Indeed things had changed in the last
five years for everyone in River’s Edge. Natasha heard Sabrina’s words, “this company was built upon a strong foundation of
family and I will do everything in power to ensure that my former-father-in-law’s legacy continues. Family is vital…” So much had
changed, lives destroyed and it all happened that one fateful, rainy autumn night…

“Natasha!” Brandi pleaded, the side of her face stinging from the slap. “Please…I know that I don’t have a right to ask, but please Natasha let
me explain.”

“Explain,” she responded more calmly than she ever thought she would be when this day came. “What exactly is there for you to explain? I
think we should start there…”

“Natasha…” Andrew placed his hand on her shoulder. “Let’s not do this here, not like this.”

Her eyes not moving she questioned her ex-husband, “When exactly would be a good time Andrew? Brandi says that she has an explanation for
what she has done and I am almost certain that I’m not the only one here who would like to hear it.” She cut her eyes at the woman who was
once her best friend, “I’m waiting Brandi,” she gestured around the room, “we are all waiting. So please do explain yourself…explain why you
said nothing for months about killing my son, all the while playing the role of my best friend."

Tears fell from her face to the floor as she shook her head in anger, at herself. “I don’t have an explanation,” Brandi sobbed. “I wish I did, but
there is nothing I can say to make you understand…”

“Your damn right there’s not,” Kendra finally spoke from behind Natasha. “You are despicable and vile human being. What you have done to
this family, to Andrew and Natasha…to me is appalling and unforgivable. You caused a car accident that killed my husband and then you stood
by and watched as he died and you said nothing!”

“It was an accident Kendra,” Brandi told her.

“Oh go to hell bitch!” Kendra lashed back. “You are vile, a disgusting person who I hope burns in the depths of hell for what you have done…”
She began crying as Natasha placed her hand on her shoulder.

Justin stepped in between Brandi and Kendra, “We all need to calm down and you all have to understand…”

“You are so wrong,” she corrected him. “I don’t have to understand one single, damn thing,” she finally raised her voice. “None of this, none of
it makes any sense to any one of us!” She reached forward and grabbed Brandi’s chin and forced her to look into her eyes. “You look at me…at
least have the decency to do that you piece of disgusting trash, I know my mother raised you better than that.” Natasha pushed her away from
her, “You sicken me Brandi, you truly do.” Shaking her head Natasha fumed with anger, “Do you remember what I said at the cemetery the day
that I buried my son? Do you?”

Of course,” Brandi answered. “You said that…” she choked on her words and her tears, “you made a promise to Jered to find the person who
caused him to die and make the pay for their crimes.”

Tears swelled in Natasha’s eyes for the first time, “That’s exactly right. The only thing I have to do Justin is to make sure that she pays for what
she has done to my family.” She turned and took Kendra’s hand in hers to leave, but spun around one final time, “And Brandi…you’ve known me
long enough to know that I always make good on my promises.”

“No, thank you for coming I appreciate it,” Sabrina shook her hands with the last reporter of the day. “You looked a little lost,”
she said as she approached Natasha. “I certainly hope that I wasn’t boring you.”

“Oh of course you weren’t,” she smiled. “No I just was thinking about what you were talking about up there…family.” Natasha
shook her head in an attempt to forget about Brandi. It was something that she had spent that last five years trying to do, but it
was difficult and those who loved her most knew it was. “I was thinking that you could join me for lunch before I headed down
to the news station. What you think?”

“You know I would love to, but I can’t today.” Sabrina waved at one of the reporters, “You know I promised Brayden I would meet
him for lunch today is all. You’re more than welcome to join us if you would like.”

“No. That’s very nice of you but I don’t want to intrude. Perhaps, I’ll call and see if Jodi is free,” she lied. “Listen you done good
up there, I’m proud of you. I better get going. You’ll call me tomorrow so that we can go over the budget projections?”

“Of course,” Sabrina assured her and then headed out of the boardroom. As she stood waiting on the elevator tapping her foot
against the marble floor her mind couldn’t help race back five years after Jered had died.

“Big Daddy!” Sabrina threw her hands up in the air.

“Sabrina? Are my eyes deceiving me?” Frank Davis shouted through his wooden screen door.

Tears swelled up in her eyes as she raced up on the porch, “Hello Daddy! I’ve come home,” she declared in a soft whisper.

As the elevator came to a stop, on the third floor, it jolted Sabrina out of her flashback and she smiled as she walked across the
lobby and into a small reception area. “Hello Ms. Bradshaw,” the receptionist greeted her.

“I have a lunch date with Brayden,” she announced.

“Sure. Just give me a moment and I’ll get him,” the woman disappeared behind the door and within a minute emerged with
Brayden. “Here we go…”

“Mommy!” the toddler screamed out in joy. “Mommy! Mommy!”

“Hey buddy,” Sabrina knelt down to his level. At three-years-old, Brayden Wyatt was getting taller than she had ever imagined.
“Are you ready to go to lunch?”

“Can I get an ice cream cone?” he asked.

“How about we wait and see how lunch goes,” Sabrina told him. “And then afterwards you and I can go downtown and see that
new movie you’ve wanted to see?”

“Yay!” the tiny tot screamed out with joy. “I love you Mommy.”

“I love you too, son. Okay so Brayden won’t be back until tomorrow morning,” she told the receptionist.

“Very good Ms. Bradshaw,” the woman replied. “We’ll see you tomorrow Brayden. Bye!”

“Thank you for meeting with me,” Dr. Bradley Marshall spoke across a shiny mahogany boardroom table. “When the hospital
attorney told me she had contacted you I thought I was dead in the water.”

She smiled back at him from across the table, “Well I’ve known Jeannie Miller since law school. So, I’ve had a chance to look
over the case and it seems that the petitioner may have a case here,” Valerie explained as she took a pause. “Are you okay with
me being the one to represent you?”

“I don’t have much of a choice,” he returned. “The hospital told me under no certain terms that it was going to be you and I’m not
really in a position to argue with them Valerie.”

“You always had a way of talking around the truth Bradley,” she told him. “Why don’t we first begin by you telling me why yyou
were working in the ER that day.”

“The first warnings for Hurricane Ike went out and the ER had several call-ins including doctors, so as the ER COS I took it upon
myself to volunteer,” he explained.

“Just so I’m clear we’re talking about the afternoon of September 12th?”

Bradley shook his head, “The hurricane made landfall early in the morning on the 13th. I was in the ER assisting the charge
nurse with triage patients.”

“And her name is…” Valerie questioned.

“Lacy Cooper ,” he told her. “We came across a little boy, nine-year…”

“The deceased in question?”

He closed his eyes, ran his fingers through his thick black hair, and said nothing.

“Bradley, are you talking about the petitioner’s son?” she asked him with no response. “Are you done talking now or
something?” she pressured.

“This must be fun for you?” he finally replied. “Sitting there acting helpful but all the while silently judging me…you’re no better
than me you know that don’t you Valerie?”

She reached across the table and collected her files, “All right we’re done here,” Valerie declared. “Just so we’re crystal clear,
Bradley you’re right you don’t have a choice about whether I’m here or not. So I would strongly advice you get used to the fact that
I’m your attorney and that it will be my job and my reputation that is protecting your medical career.”

He shrugged his shoulders and turned away from her, “You’ll have to forgive me if I’m not as thrilled about the prospect of
having you defend my career as you seem to be.”

Valerie seethed with anger, “You killed a child Bradley!”

“And somehow you think that’s different than what you done?”

“Hell yes I do,” she yelled at him. “Jillian’s death was an accident…we all agreed that it was and I seem to recall that you’re
medical expertise came into play then as well.”

“Screw you Valerie!”

“No screw you Bradley! You made a mistake just as I did and the only difference between the two is that you made it in the
workplace. Your mistake killed a nine-year-old boy so don’t you dare compare Jillian’s death to that," she shrugged her
shoulder, "my God I thought we had moved on from this, but apparently we haven't!"        

Rhonda Duncan looked at the fifty-five year old reflection looking back at her and she pressed her lips together. She snapped
the compact closed and dropped it into her purse. She wanted to make sure and look, her absolute best for her first one-on-one
lunch with Pamela Bradshaw McCarty…not many women were fortunate enough to have an opportunity like this unless they had
been born or married into the family. Yes as Rhonda Duncan scanned the country club, she knew this was a lunch date that
would be destined to change her life and Pamela’s for sure.

“Ms. Pierce,” the nurse placed his hand on her shoulder. “I’m sorry did I frighten you?”

Audrey rubbed her eyes and looked up at the boy who was surely no older than twenty-four, “What was your name?”

“Jeremy,” he answered.

“Yes, well you did frighten me Jeremy. What time is it?”

“Ten o’clock.”

“In the morning?”

“Yes ma’am. I’m sorry Ms. Pierce but sleeping in the patient’s room isn’t allowed and the doctor has asked that you step out
while he does a check-up on your mother.”

Audrey held her fist in front of her mouth to cover a yawn. “Mrs. Pierce when was the last time you got some sleep?”

“I was sleeping just fine five minutes ago before you waked me,” she snapped.

“Of course,” Nurse Jeremy smiled. “The doctor said he was going to take about an hour with your mother and then you’re more
than welcome to return. May I be so bold however to suggest that you go back to your hotel room and try to sleep for a few hours.
If anything happens we’ll call you.”

Audrey thought for a moment. The last time she had slept was the red-eye out to Timbercrest earlier in the week, it was the
night she got the call. “I’m staying at my mother’s home in the Valley. It’s about twenty minutes away from here. If anything and
Jeremy I do mean anything happens to her you’ll call me correct?”

“Of course,” he answered. “Please do your mother a favor and get some rest Ms. Pierce.”

“If anything changes…if my mother wakes up I want you to call me,” she looked around the nurse’s station. “Do you understand

“It’s Jeremy and I will call you immediately should something happen.”

As she walked away from the desk, Audrey smirked under her breath about the correction the twenty-four year old nurse just
gave her. She was however relieved that he forced her to leave Eleanor’s bedside. Since the call days earlier from a family
friend, that her mother had a stroke. As she made her way inside the elevator Audrey found herself leaning up against the wall,
paralyzed with anguish and that was feeling she knew all to well.

“I’ll have a Bloody Mary please,” Brittany O’Keefe Richmond Pierce smiled up at the waiter. “I don’t know what could be keeping
my friend,” she gestured towards the empty chair. “And they say women are always late.”

“Right,” he replied. “I’ll put your order in at the bar.”

“Thanks.” Brittany surveyed the room and concluded that all eyes rested upon her and the empty seat. “Bradley where are you?”
she questioned under her breath. Before she could scroll through her phone book, the hostess arrived with him.

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” he kissed her on the cheek.

“It’s all right you’re here now. Are you on shift, would you like a drink?”

“Love a scotch-neat please,” he told the hostess who went off to put the order in. “You look good today anything special I
should know about?”

She shook her head, as both drinks arrived, “Not at all. Are we going to talk about the big pink elephant at the table?”

“My meeting with Valerie?” he asked.

“It was today right?”

He shook his head, “It went as good as could be expected. I was cold and crude to her, she yelled at me and told me to go screw
myself basically and well…” he thought about it for a moment, “quite literally too.”

Brittany sipped her Bloody Mary, “I warned you not to antagonize her Bradley. I know that the two of you have your differences,
obviously but the hospital assigned her specifically to this case.”

“The board is just trying to force me out is all,” he informed her. “I’ve built my career in that hospital from my first year as an
intern all the way to Chief of Emergency Medicine.”

“You made an honest mistake it could have happened to anyone…”

“But that’s the thing it didn’t Brittany,” he sighed heavily. “I should have never accepted that ER chief position.”

“Bradley do you have a moment,” Pamela Bradshaw-McCarty asked from his doorway.

He looked up from this paperwork, “For you of course I do Mrs. Bradshaw. Please come in.”

“Thank you,” she shut the door behind her. “But Dr. Marshall I really must insist you call me Pamela or Mrs. McCarty now.”

“Old habits die hard, I’m sorry.”

“No harm done,” she smiled. “I just came from a very interesting meeting with the Board of Directors.”


“Yes it seems that your esteemed colleague Dr. Clarkson is leaving us at the end of the month.”

“Bruce Clarkson the ER COS?”

Pamela shook her head, “I’m afraid so. He seems to think that Reno, Nevada is more a fit for his talents as opposed to St. John’s here in River’
s Edge. And I’ll be quite honest with you, I’ve been through Reno not a whole there if you ask me,” she clasped her hands together. “But then to
each his or her own as I like to say these days.”

“Is there a reason you’re here Pamela?”

“There have been rumors floating around that certain members of the board have heard. People are saying that you have made it known that
you’re tired of sitting behind a desk pushing papers since Jillian’s death.”

“At times I am,” he answered. “Jason is off saving the world, Joshua is finally getting his act together it seems like.”

“Bradley the Board of Directors haven’t been pleased with the management of the ER since Leslie left and we want to find someone who will
run it the way we all know it should be ran.”

He thought for a moment, “Well I’m more than happy to recommend someone if that is what you’re angling for Pamela.”

“Honestly Bradley do you think I would come all the way down here to see you in person if all I wanted was a recommendation? We want you
to leave your post as Chief of Staff and become the ER COS, effective immediately,” she informed him.

“You really think that accepting that position was the worse career move you’ve ever made?” Brittany questioned.

As he polished off his drink, he raised his eyebrow, “It’s beginning to look like it.”

Pamela settled into her seat across from Rhonda, “I have to apologize for being late.”

Rhonda waved her hand in the air, “Oh, not at all,” she glanced at her watch. “I must say though I really appreciate the
invitation it was very kind of you.”

“Of course,” she smiled. “I just hate the fact that you’ve been in town for six months and this is the first time that we’ve had a
chance to meet face-to-face. Travis speaks so highly of you.”

“Well…” Rhonda blushed a bit, “I have the same admiration and respect for him just as he does me. Did he tell you that he was
my first co-anchor?”

“He mentioned that when Sabrina and Natasha were interviewing you for the position,” she noted as the waiter brought them
their drinks. “I know that I shouldn’t let this slip but I saw the other auditions and you were simply the best.”

Rhonda was about to thank Pamela when the buzzing of her BlackBerry stopped her. “Good afternoon, this Rhonda.” She
listened for a moment and then dropped the device back in her purse. “

“Everything all right?” Pamela questioned.

“That was the assignment desk at the station,” she answered. “I’m sorry but I’m afraid we’re going to have to cut this short.”

“Duty calls I understand…”

“Of course you’re married to one of us,” she finished Pamela’s sentence. As she stood up Rhonda thought for a moment of what
she was doing and then quickly pushed it out of her mind. “Thank you again so much for having lunch with me.”

“It was my pleasure. We’ll have to do it again very soon, perhaps next Saturday when you’re not on call.”

“I would like that very much Pamela,” she collected her purse from under the chair. “Why don’t I give you a call Friday?”

“All right then and perhaps Travis could join us…”

“Even better!”

Natasha pushed open the door to her home and looked around something was different this time. It was a feeling that she
hadn’t felt in a very long while…it worried her.

“Hello? Is someone here?” she called out making her way into the kitchen. “Hello?

“Hi,” he greeted her with a smile as she rounded the corner. “Sorry I didn’t mean to surprise you…well I did mean to surprise
you, just…”

She put softly stroked his cheek and whispered, “I know what you mean,” a smile wiped across her face as she saw the picnic
basket on the table. “What is all of this?”

“Sabrina called me earlier and said that you seemed a little lost in your thoughts this morning at the press conference and she
was worried.”

“I’m fine,” Natasha persisted. “It was just that she was talking about family and it made me think of the accident and April,” she
forced a smile. “Oh all right, I was throwing myself a pity party,” she admitted.

He reached up and kissed her forehead, “Well you know that any parties you attend I want to be there right?”

“Thank you, that’s very sweet of you.” Natasha made her away across the room and took a quick peek into the basket. “All my
favorites you said?”

He grabbed her hand and spun her around into his arms, where she finally smiled up at him. “All of your favorite Ms. Natasha
Bradshaw,” he smiled as his lips met hers. “I love you…” he said when their lips parted.

“And you…I love very much as well, Mr. Nicholas Pierce,” she smiled as their lips touched again.

Rhonda Duncan parked her car and looked in her rear view mirror to see if anyone had followed her. The moment her jeweled
hot pink Manolo Blahnik hit the pavement a clash of thunder roared in the distance. “Damn meteorologist,” she swore under her
breath as she climbed the wooden stairs to the second floor of Motel 51 outside of River’s Edge.

As she fished around in her purse for the key a smile broaden across her face, this was the happiest she had been in several
years…here of all places.

“What took you so long?” the male voice questioned as she opened the door.

“I was having lunch with Pamela,” she answered as she walked into the dimly lit motel room. “I was just thinking about how
happy I have been the last several weeks…”


“Well, could we not use my room at the Southern River every once now and again?”

“You know that’s not possible. What if someone where to see me?”

Rhonda shrugged as she unbuttoned the top button of his shirt, “We would just have to be very,” she kissed his neck and ran
her hand down his chest, “careful…” was the last words she spoke before she found herself underneath yet another married
man and oh did she feel good.
Episode 121: If I Could Turn Back Time
April 30, 2009
Written By: Josh Hawkins
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