Brittany O'Keefe Pierce        |        May 10, 1980        |        Series History: 2001-2006; 2009-Present
    Brittany Danielle O'Keefe Richmond Pierce     |        Character In-Depth History
The character of Brittany O'Keefe was created by Richard "Richie" Rodrigez in 2001 on the now defunct webseries "The Lives We Live"
Represented By
Heather Tom
    Brittany was born to middle class and scheming parents Jim and Andrea O'Keefe. She was raised in Watersdale,
    Connecticut  with her younger brother Ryan. In February 2001, Andrea revealed to her daughter a plan she had schemed
    up - Brittany would attend the an annual fund raiser hosted by Douglas Richmond Sr. and there she would meet her
    future and wealthy husband. Andrea told her daughter that in exchange for her finding Brittany a rich husband that Brittany
    would repay her mother. After much resistance Brittany agreed to attend the gala and there her life changed when she
    indeed me her future husband, Douglas Richmond Jr.

    Douglas asked Brittany to dance with him at the gala and by the end of the night on his boathouse he had asked Brittany
    to be his girlfriend. She revealed to her parents the following morning that she had accepted. Jim and Andrea saw
    nothing but dollar signs and Brittany saw their true intentions. She moved out of her parent's house and in with her best
    friend Megan Shirley. Angered with their daughter, Jim and Andrea fabricated a lie and told Douglas that Brittany wouldn't
    be able to date him because they forbid it. Based on what they had told him, Douglas ceased all communications with
    Brittany and when she found out about this she demanded answers. Douglas finally told her what had transpired and
    Brittany set him straight on the situation. Douglas apologized to Brittany for believing what her parents had told him and
    asked her to be his girlfriend once again.

    While out one night at a 18 and older nightclub Brittany ran into Megan who was there with Brittany's brother, Ryan.
    Brittany soon learned that Megan and Ryan were both intoxicated. In the early hours of the next morning Brittany found
    Megan passed out on the bathroom floor. With Douglas' assistance Brittany had her admitted to the hospital where they
    soon learned Megan had been poisoned, perhaps even slipped a date rape drug at the night club. Doctors gave Brittany
    and Megan's family vague hope that she would survive the accident. Andrea saw Megan's condition as an opportunity to
    cause her daughter to suffer and then turn to her for comfort. Andrea after careful preparation pulled Megan's life support,
    but was stopped by an unidentified woman who knocked Andrea unconscious. Andrea learned that her plan and had
    failed but still continue with the lie and revealed to Brittany that Megan had died. Devastated Brittany turned to Megan's
    family and Douglas for comfort but very quickly found out that Megan was alive and safe. Brittany revealed to Douglas
    what her mother had done and he suggested they leave town together and for good. A showdown between Brittany and
    her parents occurred. Brittany announced she was leaving Watersdale, despite Ryan begging her not to leave him.

    Douglas and Brittany along with his family and Ryan were married later the next day at the Richmond mansion. Brittany
    promised Ryan she would send for him once she and Douglas were settled in their new life. Douglas surprised Brittany
    with a honeymoon in Paris and then revealed that they would be moving to River's Edge, Texas.

    While Brittany and Douglas waited for their bags to arrive at Roissy-Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris they met a fellow
    American who seemed lost, confused and overwhelmed with her new surroundings. Brittany immediately befriended the
    young woman who introduced herself as Erica Ryan from Long Island. Erica shared a taxi ride with Douglas and Brittany
    to their hotel, Hotel Baltimore Paris where she was also staying. Once at the hotel the trio parted ways - Erica claimed
    her husband had already checked in for them earlier in the week when he had arrived, Douglas went to the bar for a drink
    and Brittany checked in alone and went up to her room. When Brittany arrived in her suite she found Erica there in her

    Douglas arrived and was concerned that he couldn't find Brittany anywhere. Erica revealed herself to Douglas - now
    wearing Brittany's clothes from earlier in the day and hair extensions. Douglas questioned what the hell was going on
    and Erica revealed that she would be pretending to be Brittany for an undetermined length of time. Erica explained that
    she couldn't tell Douglas the reasons behind the switch, but assured him that he would see Brittany periodically and if he
    cooperated with her she wouldn't kill Brittany, but warned if he did not that she would instruct her men to do away with
    her. Douglas reluctantly agreed to Erica's preposterous arrangement. As the honeymoon progressed Erica forced
    Douglas to romance her in very public places - candlelit dinners, strolls at the Eiffel Tower and dancing, during which
    Erica staged a very verbal and public argument. Brittany watched as the fight happen from a secluded area and fought
    with her bodyguards to escape but was on successful.

    Throughout her ten-day honeymoon Brittany was held captive in an abandoned warehouse by men hired by Erica to keep
    her locked safely away. Once a day at random times the men would blindfold Brittany and tie her hands behind her back.
    They would then show Brittany to Douglas as a sign of good faith to the arrangement. On the final day of what would have
    been her honeymoon Erica arrived at the warehouse. Brittany demanded to know who she was and what she wanted.
    Brittany offered up thousands of dollars for her safe return and Erica merely laughed it away. Brittany questioned what
    she wanted and Erica revealed who she was - Brittany's half sister, Andrea O'Keefe's daughter from an affair decades
    earlier. Erica recanted her father's affair with Andrea O'Keefe and how Andrea gave Erica to her father to raise but
    returned to Watersdale to be with her real family. Erica told Brittany that her father had died months earlier and she
    sought out comfort from Andrea and when Brittany turned her back on their mother, the two of them hatched a plan to get
    even. Before Brittany was able to question the story one of the men drugged her and placed her inside shipping freight -
    destination River's Edge, Texas.

    Erica and Douglas arrived in River's Edge - a new town where neither one of them knew anyone which only made it
    easier for Erica to pass as Brittany. They continued to play their game of charades, which included a second argument at
    the country club. When Erica and Douglas arrived home he demanded to know how long this game was going to go on
    for. Erica became hostile with Douglas as their fighting intensified and led to the two having sex in the living room floor.
    The next morning Erica revealed to Douglas that the next phase in her plan was about to begin and she sought out
    Andrew Bradshaw's legal assistance in filing for divorce from Douglas. When he was served with divorce papers Erica
    finally revealed her master plan to him and her true identity. Erica told Douglas she would divorce him in an extremely
    public divorce case. Douglas told her that it would make national news and when Jim and Andrea found out about it they
    would tell the world that Erica wasn't Brittany. Erica revealed that wouldn't be an issue - she then announced she was in
    fact Andrea O'Keefe's second daughter and that Andrea was prepared to testify to the world that Erica was Brittany and
    insist upon a DNA test to prove it.

    On the morning of the divorce case, Erica revealed her master plan to Brittany. She told her half-sister that by the end of
    the day she would have millions and then she would return and kill Brittany...or Erica she teased. Brittany knew that
    something had to be done, she knew that Andrea couldn't win. Brittany somehow managed to overpower one of the
    henchmen and steal his gun. After she shot him in the leg she fled the warehouse and headed to the courthouse. When
    she arrived she burst into the courtroom and without hesitation shot Erica. The bailiff immediately returned fire and a
    bullet managed to hit Brittany. She was rushed to the hospital where she met Dr. Bradley Marshall who assisted with her
    case. He assured Brittany her wounds were only superficial and that was a good thing because she was pregnant.
    Overjoyed with excitement Brittany told Douglas immediately, who decided to not tell Brittany about his affair with Erica.

    Erica finally revealed her true identify to the authorities and was taken into custody but not before she taunted Brittany with
    the fact that it was their mother who had brainstormed the plan to kill her! Brittany with great clarity assured her half-sister
    that if she ever saw her again or came near her family - she would kill her. When Andrea arrived in River's Edge to tend to
    Brittany's needs she banished her mother from her life once and for all and threatened to not turn over to the police, but
    kill her as well.

    In late 2002, Brittany was offered an opportunity to design at King Fashion. As a Junior Fashion Designer her first
    collection was inspired by the death of a local teenager named Bella Summer's titled "Bella's Inspiration." The collection
    won rave reviews and helped secure not only her place in the fashion community and at King Fashion, it also put the
    struggling  fashion house back on the map.

    With the success of the fashion line Brittany for the first time began to fell at ease and at peace with her life. Brittany was
    satisfied with where her relationship with Douglas was at and the excitement of the baby only fueled their intense
    passion for one another.

    Brittany's platonic friendship with Bradley however was a taboo topic for Douglas and Brittany. Unaware of his affair with
    her half-sister Brittany found it difficult to pinpoint Douglas and his jealous tendencies. Bradley's girlfriend Natasha
    Garrett Bradshaw also experienced the same feelings as Douglas did. The ramifications of Douglas and Natasha's ill
    placed jealously would cause Brittany the greatest heartache. At the River's Edge Country Club, when Douglas
    confronted Bradley regarding his feeling for Brittany the two got in a fight that resulted in Brittany falling through a second
    story window. Brittany was rushed to the hospital and Bradley would later learn that she had miscarried her baby with
    Douglas. Brittany's friendship with Bradley only became stronger when she learned that because of the fall she would
    not be able to have children. As a result of the accident coupled with jealous anger from Douglas and Natasha, Brittany
    deepened into a depression.

    Still suffering from depression in May 2002, Brittany received a surprise. Douglas had contacted his brother-in-law Ryan
    O'Keefe and convinced him to visit River's Edge. Unknown to Douglas and Brittany at the time Ryan had came out to his
    parents who kicked him out of their house and disowned him. Ryan arrived for a visit with mutual friend Megan Shirley.
    Thrilled with his arrival Brittany questioned how long they would be in town and Ryan let her know of his plan to stay

    Ryan traveled with Brittany and King Fashion to Monte Carlo for their Fall 2002 showcase. Before the fashion show Ryan
    came out to his sister who took the news extremely hard. Ryan told her the reasons he left Watersdale and that their
    parents had disowned him. Uncertain of how to process the information herself Brittany shutdown and withdrew herself
    completely. It was in that moment that evil returned into her life. Erica Ryan stepped back into the picture. She had
    escaped and followed Brittany and Ryan to Monte Carlo. Having never met Erica before Ryan was lured away from the
    hotel into a meeting with who he thought to be a fashion reporter. Erica took Ryan hostage and later she managed to
    also take Brittany hostage as well. Erica held her siblings in dimly lit, cold warehouse in Monte Carlo. Brittany demanded
    to know what Erica could possibly want now and she revealed the same thing she wanted before - Brittany's life!

    Brittany demanded to know what Erica meant she wanted her life. Erica told her that she didn't think it was that difficult to
    understand and she revealed that she already had Douglas. When Erica figured out that Douglas never told Brittany she
    became elated with joy. Brittany demanded to the truth and Erica introduced Ryan and Brittany to Dinah - her daughter
    with Douglas. Brittany took ill and was unable to comprehend the fact that Douglas had slept with Erica, much less
    created a child - Brittany vowed to kill Erica.

    At the same time of Erica's reveal, Ethan Pierce had begun to worry about Brittany's absence and when she didn't arrive
    at the King Fashion show his worry grew. In Texas, Douglas who stayed behind learned that Erica had escaped prison
    and alerted the authorities in Monte Carlo. Ethan managed to backtrack Brittany's steps and found the warehouse where
    Erica was holding Brittany and Ryan hostage. A standoff between Erica and Ethan ensued upon his arrival and Brittany
    saw this as her only opportunity. Brittany attacked Erica which caused her to lose control of the gun. Brittany picked it up
    and shot Erica - making good on her promise that she would kill her if she ever caused her family harm. Brittany and
    Ryan took custody of the baby and returned to River's Edge. Once home Brittany introduced her husband to his daughter.
    A second DNA test was performed that did in fact name Douglas as Dinah's father which left Brittany devastated.

    Brittany returned to therapy where she tried to work through forgiving Douglas for his affair with Erica. All the while she
    tried to be a mother to Dinah who was only a constant reminder of Douglas' indiscretions. Brittany decided to do right by
    her niece and she filed for divorce from Douglas in 2005. Douglas left town with Dinah and returned to Watersdale to
    work with his father.

    Newly single and her divorce behind her, Brittany continued her downward spiral into depression. As she worked to
    overcome the divorce, Ryan's sexuality and her part in Erica's death her constant became Ethan. He offered a friendly
    shoulder for Brittany to cry on and she leaned on him more than she liked perhaps. As time progressed their friendship
    developed into something much more  - it turned into love. As Brittany integrated herself into the Pierce family she
    developed a friendship with Ethan's step-mother Brandi.

    When a car accident claimed Jered Bradshaw's life Brittany searched for possibilities that Brandi may have been
    involved. On the day Jered died from his injuries Brandi confessed to Brittany that she was responsible and that Justin
    helped cover it up. Eventually Brittany found herself entangled in Brandi's mess. Justin, Ethan and Brittany worked out a
    plan to smuggle Brandi out of the country so she wouldn't have to face jail time for her role in Jered's death. Brittany had
    to seek out Douglas's assistance. Brittany used the opportunity to find out if Douglas was still in love with her as she was
    with him. Brittany asked Douglas if he was still in love with her point blank and she knew her future with Ethan depended
    upon his answer. Douglas told Brittany that he was engaged to someone and that while she would always be in his
    heart, he didn't love her the way he once did. Douglas agreed to loan Brittany the Richmond jet.

    In 2006, after a lengthy courtship Ethan and Brittany were married in Malibu. At the same time Brittany was planning the
    wedding her brother's boyfriend Josh Marshall asked him to move to Indianapolis with him while he done his residency.
    This request pitted Brittany against Josh as she didn't want Ryan to leave River's Edge. In the end Ryan chose to stay in
    Texas with his sister. Brittany and Josh are still at odds with one another.

    In 2008, after a disastrous 1980s inspired collection designed by Nicholas, Brittany was appointed Head Designer of the
    Women's Line. As Ethan's wife and a respected name in the fashion industry Brittany has developed a strong
    professional and personal relationship with her mother-in-law Audrey. The same year saw the opening of Brittany's
    mother ship boutique "Elegance."

    In 2010, Brittany revealed to Ethan that she wanted to give him a child. She has been working with specialists and
    Bradley to accomplish this goal.

    In 2012, Bradley revealed to Ethan and Brittany that she was in fact pregnant. That February, Ethan and Brittany renewed
    their wedding vows to one another. However, after a fashion show gala Brittany began cramping and bleeding. The
    following months after Brittany's miscarriage she began suffering from post partum depression. The depression was so
    bad that she ended up lashing out at her best friend Bradley Marshall and blamed him for inability to have children
    because of the accident that caused her first miscarriage. Once Brittany was better she released Bradley was not to
    blame and she forgave him. In October 2012, without Ethan's knowledge she traveled to Watersdale and forgave her ex-
    husband Douglas for his role as well.
  • Kenneth King (Father, Deceased - 1993)
  • Eleanor King (Mother)
  • Patricia King (Sister, Estranged)
  • Brandi Brashears Pierce (Daughter-in-Law)
  • Brittany O'Keefe Pierce (Daughter-in-Law)

  • Justin Pierce (Son w/Nicholas Pierce)
  • Ethan Pierce (Son w/Nicholas Pierce
  • Savannah Pierce (Daughter w/Nicholas)
  • Miranda Pierce (Daughter w/Nicholas)

  • Lewis Pierce (Justin's Step-Son w/Brandi Brashears Pierce)

    Relationship Status
  • Single

    Previous Relationships
  • Marriages
  • Nicholas Pierce (Married, 1970; Divorced, 05/2002)
  • Flings & Affairs
  • Warren Spencer (Lovers, Summer 1970)

    Misc. Relationship
  • Friends
  • Brittany O'Keefe Pierce
  • Enemies
  • Brandi Brashears Pierce
  • Natasha Garrett Bradshaw

  • Fashion Designer
  • Creative Fashion Director, King Fashion (1981-1993; 2002-Present)
  • Minority Stockholder, King Fashion (1993-Present)
  • CEO, King Fashion (1993-2002)
  • Former Runway Model
  • Jim O'Keefe (Father)
  • Andrea O'Keefe (Mother)
  • Ryan O'Keefe (Brother)
  • Erica Ryan (Half-Sister)
  • Dinah Richmond (Niece)
  • Nicholas Pierce (Father-in-Law)
  • Audrey King Pierce (Mother-in-Law)
  • Savannah Pierce (Sister-in-Law)
  • Miranda Pierce (Sister-in-Law)
  • Brandi Brashears Pierce (Sister-in-Law)
  • Justin Pierce (Brother-in-Law)
  • Lewis Pierce (Brother-in-Law)

  • None

    Relationship Status
  • Ethan Pierce (Married, 10/2006)

    Previous Relationships
  • Marriages
  • Ethan Pierce (Married, 10/2006-Present)
  • Douglas Richmond Jr. (Married, 07/2001; Divorced, 2005)
  • Flings & Affairs
  • Ethan Pierce (Engaged, 2006)
  • Douglas Richmond Jr. (Dated, Summer of 2001)

    Misc. Relationship
  • Friends
  • Brandi Brashears Pierce
  • Audrey King Pierce
  • Megan Shirley Holloway
  • Dr. Bradley Marshall
  • Mariah Cortez (High School Friend in Watersdale)
  • Enemies
  • Andrea O'Keefe
  • Natasha Garrett Bradshaw
  • Dr. Joshua Marshall

    Crimes Committed
  • Assisted in Brandi Brashears Pierce Fleeing (2004)
  • Shot Erica Ryan in Self-Defense (2002)
  • Threatened to Kill Erica Ryan and Andrea O'Keefe (2001)

    Medical History
  • Miscarriage (2002; February 2012)
  • Cramping & Bleeding (February 2012)
  • Pregnant (January 2012 - February 2012)
  • Depression (2002; 2005; 2012)
  • Damaged Fallopian Tubes (2002)
  • Shot (2001)

  • Creative Fashion Director (2012-Present)
  • Elegance Boutique Owner (2008-Present)
  • Head Designer of the Women's Line, King Fashion (2008-Present)
  • Fashion Designer, King Fashion (2002-Present)