Audrey King Pierce is the youngest daughter of Eleanor King and her late husband fashion icon Kenneth King. She was
    raised in Timbercrest, California a suburb of Los Angeles with her older sister Patricia. As children growing up it was
    clear to both Audrey and Patricia that Audrey was their parent's favorite daughter. Because of this it caused a serious rift
    between the sisters as they grew older. Patricia left home when she turned 18 and didn't return for decades.

    Audrey grew up in the shadow of her father and the fashion dynasty that he built. In 1970, at the age of seventeen it was
    Audrey who modeled the show stopping gown in Kenneth's first collection under his own label - King Fashion. The
    moment on the runway changed Audrey's life forever. In the audience that late spring day was twenty year old Warren
    Spencer a struggling University of California at Berkley junior majoring in journalism. Warren had been assigned the
    debut fashion show for the Life & Style section of The Daily Californian, the university's newspaper. With Warren was his
    Berkley roommate, Nicholas Pierce. While Audrey caught Warren's eye after the show it was Nicholas, who was the son
    of a struggling single mother, that took a keen interest in the event. After the fashion show Audrey and Warren began a
    long distance relationship. In May 1970, Nicholas graduated with honors from college and immediately returned to
    Timbercrest in hopes of landing a job with King Fashion. Kenneth appreciated his excitement for the industry and hired
    Nicholas. That summer Warren told Audrey that he wouldn't be able to transfer to UCLA as he had led her to believe.
    Audrey received her last letter from Warren on July 1, 1970 and she never heard from him again.

    At a Fourth of July pool party at the King's home Audrey began to flirt shamefully with Nicholas, completely oblivious to the
    fact he had a secret crush on her since the spring fashion show. The two spent the remainder of the summer together
    and when it was time for Audrey to return to school in September she learned that she was pregnant. Audrey told
    Nicholas that she was pregnant and out of fear he avoided Audrey for several days. After those few days passed
    Nicholas asked Audrey to marry him and told her that they had to tell Kenneth and Eleanor. When her parents learned
    that she was pregnant Eleanor immediately insisted that Nicholas marry her daughter. Audrey said that Nicholas had
    asked her to marry him and she said yes as long as one of them gave their consistent. Kenneth told Nicholas and
    Audrey that he would give his permission on one condition - they must leave Timbercrest until the baby was born.
    Eleanor supported Kenneth's suggestion and she citied Patricia's recent behavior as bad press for King Fashion and the

    Audrey fought her parents proposal at first, but Nicholas insisted that her parents did have a point. He shared with her
    that it was best for the company that they go through with this. Kenneth King announced that Audrey would be spend an
    undetermined amount of time studying abroad. In September 1970, Eleanor accompanied Nicholas and Audrey to
    Houston, Texas where she gave her consistent for Audrey to marry Nicholas.

    Justin Nicholas Pierce was born in May 1971 to Nicholas and Audrey. By their second anniversary in 1972 a daughter
    named Savannah Eleanor was born. The couple returned to Timbercrest in the winter of 1972 and announced to the
    press that during her time away Audrey had married Nicholas Pierce and they the fashion world was introduced to Justin
    and Savannah.

    Audrey gave birth to two more children with Nicholas, another son named Ethan Joseph and a daughter Jessica Miranda
    in 1974 and 1977 respectively.

    By late 1980, King Fashion was well on its way to becoming the premiere fashion house in North America and Kenneth
    came to his daughter hat in hand. He apologized for having sent her away years earlier and thanked her for the sacrifices
    that she had made for the family and King Fashion. For her efforts Kenneth appointed Audrey as Creative Fashion
    Director for the company. Audrey remained in that position for twelve years. In early 1993, Kenneth King revealed his
    interest in retiring and wanted to turn the company over to Nicholas and Audrey in a 49%-51% split. However, before the
    official papers were drawn up he suffered a massive stroke that took his life. Audrey who had been in Milan at the time
    was distraught when she heard the news of her father's stroke. She rushed from Milan to be with him when he died, but
    she would be to late. Kenneth died with Eleanor and Nicholas by his side. When Kenneth's will was read Eleanor
    inherited full control of the company with 51% of the majority. The other 49% was left to Audrey and Nicholas was left with
    nothing of the company he had worked so hard to build. As her husband had originally planned Eleanor appointed
    Audrey CEO of the fashion house.

    King Fashion flourished under the watchful eye of Nicholas and Audrey until 1999 when sales begun to drop. Audrey was
    unable to successful gain a creative control on a collection and it had become apparent. King Fashion had grown into a
    glamorous couture fashion house and as the year went on the company begun to lose that standing. The Board of
    Directors, Eleanor, Nicholas and Audrey decided that a change needed to be made. A search committee begun
    searching for a new location for King Fashion headquarters. Sales had remained high in the southern region of the
    country and it was decided that the company would relocate to River's Edge, Texas.

    In December 2001, with the location in place Audrey and Nicholas relocated to River's Edge with their sons Justin and
    Ethan. Upon her arrival Audrey learned that Nicholas had begun having an affair months earlier when he was in River's
    Edge scouting out the location. After awhile Audrey learned that the woman was real estate agent Brandi Brashears.
    Audrey made it clear to her husband that she would not let him go without a fight and Brandi backed off. Audrey thought
    she had won the fight soon learned that Ethan had begun to see his father's mistress. After a family dinner with Nicholas,
    Audrey, Justin, Leslie Bradshaw, Ethan and Brandi - Brandi mistook Justin's bedroom for Ethan's and the two ended up
    having sex, all the while believing it was Ethan and not Justin. When the romp was later exposed Leslie ended her
    engagement to Justin and the Pierce brothers came to blows over Brandi. As the fight intensified between her sons,
    Audrey attempted to break it up and in her efforts became the victim. Audrey lost her balance, fell, and hit her head on the
    fireplace which rendered her comatose and later paralyzed. It was during Audrey's coma that her mother, Eleanor made
    a stunning gesture - she relinquished her 51% of King Fashion to Nicholas which made him the majority stockholder
    and CEO.

    When Audrey woke from her coma she learned that she would be confined to a wheelchair, that Ethan had married
    Leslie Bradshaw and that her mother had betrayed her by giving Nicholas her shares in King Fashion. The final shocker
    for Audrey was that Nicholas had filed for divorce and intended to marry Brandi. Her world in shambles around her,
    Audrey placed squarely on Leslie and Brandi.

    Audrey adjusted to her life in the wheelchair and she learned to live without Nicholas as her husband. However, terms of
    her divorce did give Audrey half-ownership of the Pierce estate in River's Edge. Nicholas asked to buy her half of the
    property but she refused. Audrey took up residency in the pool house. Over time Audrey learned to work amicably with
    Nicholas at King Fashion, developed close friendships with Brittany O'Keefe Richmond and Hillary Watson.

    Audrey's friendship with Hillary gave her the desire and drive to learn to walk again. In 2004 at Jodi Bradshaw's wedding
    Audrey revealed to family, friends and the entire town that she was able to walk. Audrey convinced herself that she would
    be able to win Nicholas back if she were able to walk. During the reception Audrey kissed Nicholas while the two danced.
    Brandi witnessed the kiss and began to drink heavily. Audrey soon learned that Brandi's marriage Nicholas was falling
    apart and she played a play for her ex-husband. However, Nicholas assured her that a reunion between the two of them
    would never happen. Audrey knew she had lost Nicholas and she fled to New York City to be alone.

    Audrey eventually returned to River's Edge soon after she learned of Nicholas' divorce from Brandi. She returned focused
    on the company and not Nicholas. In 2008, Audrey defended a collection designed by Nicholas that put King Fashion on
    the brink of financial ruin and gave reason to doubt it's creditability as a premiere fashion house.

    Because of her severe error in judgement, Audrey decided to move forward with her life. She witnessed Nicholas fall in
    love with Natasha Garrett Bradshaw. In 2009, Audrey learned her mother Eleanor had suffered from a stroke. While she
    tended to her mother's ailing health Audrey received another shocker - when her sister Patricia resurfaced in Los

    In early 2012, as Nicholas prepared to marry Natasha, Audrey confessed to her daughter-in-law Brittany that she was still
    in fact in love with Nicholas and that she had not even kissed another man since their divorce over ten years ago. Audrey
    issued Natasha a warning and asked her to not marry Nicholas if she did not love him.

    In New York City in February 2012, Audrey ran into Warren Spencer a man that she first met in 1970 when she was a
    model for King Fashion. The two shared a kiss, but Audrey put the brakes on anything romantic between them. Later,
    after his aborted wedding to Natasha, Nicholas kissed Audrey and they made love. Later Audrey discovered that she was
    the rightful owner of King Fashion and that Nicholas knew, yet never told her. She also learned that Nicholas was paid by
    her parents for thirty-two years, the duration of the marriage to stay married to her.
    Audrey King Pierce     |        Character In-Depth History
Represented By
Colleen Zenk
  • Kenneth King (Father, Deceased - 1993)
  • Eleanor King (Mother)
  • Patricia King (Sister, Estranged)
  • Brandi Brashears Pierce (Daughter-in-Law)
  • Brittany O'Keefe Pierce (Daughter-in-Law)

  • Justin Pierce (Son w/Nicholas Pierce)
  • Ethan Pierce (Son w/Nicholas Pierce
  • Savannah Pierce (Daughter w/Nicholas)
  • Miranda Pierce (Daughter w/Nicholas)

  • Lewis Pierce (Justin's Step-Son w/Brandi Brashears Pierce)

    Relationship Status
  • Single

    Previous Relationships
  • Marriages
  • Nicholas Pierce (Married, 1970; Divorced, 05/2002)
  • Flings & Affairs
  • Nicholas Pierce (Made Love, 02/2012)
  • Nicholas Pierce (Kissed, 02/2012)
  • Warren Spencer (Lovers, Summer 1970; Kissed, 02/2012)

    Misc. Relationship
  • Friends
  • Brittany O'Keefe Pierce
  • Enemies
  • Patricia King
  • Nicholas Pierce
  • Brandi Brashears Pierce
  • Natasha Garrett Bradshaw

  • Owner & CEO, King Fashion (2012-Present)
  • Fashion Designer (1993-Present)
  • Creative Fashion Director, King Fashion (1981-1993; 2002-2012)
  • Minority Stockholder, King Fashion (1993-Present)
  • CEO, King Fashion (1993-2002)
  • Former Runway Model
    Audrey King Pierce      |        July 14, 1953     |        Series History: December 2001-2006; 2009-Present